North Carolina Newspapers

    Volume XIV. —Number 34.
Rape Charge Against
Chowan White Man
Is Dropped Tuesday
Ardell Byrum, However,
Held For Possession
Os Illegal Liquor
Weldon Hollowell, prosecutor for
Chowan County Recorder’s Court,
asked for a nol pros with leave
Tuesday for Ardell Byrum, Chowan •
County white man, who was charged
with assault to commit rape and car
nal knowledge of Lorraine Annette
Williams, his 9-year-old
ter. He was held, however, for trial
in Recorder’s Court on September 16,
on a charge of possessing non-tax
paid whiskey.
Byrum was arrested Friday when
his wife called Sheriff J. ,A. Bunch
and related the child’s statements
made to her by the child about her
stepfather. He was not home at the
time but by means of the radio was
picked up at Belvidere by State Pa
trolman John Wagner. Byrum was
jailed but denied the charge when
However, the little girl was later
questioned and a record made of her
statements, in which she told a lurid
story of Byrum’s actions with her.
Competent witnesses at the question
• ing heard Mrs. Byrum say to her
husband, “as much as I love you,
how could you do such a thing to my
own flesh and blood?” Later, how
ever, Mrs. Byrum stated that her
daughter had been angry with her
stepfather and that the child’s orig
inal story was not true, and appar
ently on these grounds the prosecu
tor decided to ask for the nol pros.
The incident has caused a great
deal of comment, some expressing the
belief that if no action is taken, the
case should be investigated by the
grand jury.
Several'who have read the answers
to detailed and extensive questions
asked the girl, and which are record
ed as a matter of public record, ex
press-no little surprise that the story
should so suddenly take an opposite
turn and the original testimony dis
carded entirely as untrue.
Football Practice
for Edenton Aces
Now Under Way
Coach Lindsay Believes
Prospects Bright For
Strong Team
At the call of Coach Tex Lindsay
about 40 high school boys reported
at Hicks Field Monday afternoon to
start football practice for the mak
ing of the 1947 edition of the Eden
ton High School Aces. A light work
out was gone through and while
Coach Lindsay was gratified to see
so many boys respond to the first
call, he confidently expects in the
j neighborhood of 50 or 60 boys to
1 make bids for berths on the squad.
Another practice was held Tues
day, when Coach Lindsay began dis
tributing uniforms. Practices will
be held each night there is a base
[ ball game, said Lindsay, as well as
more, frequent practice sessions as
the opening of the season draws near.
The first game for the Aces will
be Friday,. September 9, when the
Kinston team will invade the local
gridiron to open the season.
Coach Lindsay is of the opinion
that prospects are bright for a strong
team. Lost through graduation are
Sam Ross, Dick Hollowell, Ralph
Ward and Pete Manning, a quartet
of powerhouses, but Lindsay is very
much encojiraged with the material
he has to work with and believes he
can develop creditable replacements
for the four vacancies. He further
believes that some of the newer boys
will put in strong bids for positions
on the team which last year’s
veterans will also be trying to hold.
Salary For Substitute
Teachers Is Announced
The State Boprd of Education has
f set the salary for substitute teachers
| in the public schools of North Caro-
I; lina at five dollars per day.
K- Any teacher, white or colored, who
I* desires to do substitute work in the
JCdenton Administrative Unit during
O the coming year is requested to com
, municate \Wth Superintendent John
**%. A Holmes. A list of available sufy
f* Stitute teachers yrith their respective
fields will be prepared and furnished
all nrincinals and teachers in city
| Hold On To’EmJ
Beginning September 2, the
Bank of Edenton will cash ter
minal leave bonds for World War
II veterans, about which many
inquiries have. been made at the
Though the bank will cash
these bonds, officials, as well as
the government urge holders of
the bonds to refrain from cash
ing them, in that the bonds bear
2Vi per cent interest and are
considered an excellent invest
The bonds are not transfer
able, nor will they be accepted
for collateral for borrowing
26 Given Certificates
In Swimming Course
At Special Exercises
Interesting - Affair Held
At Swimming Pool on
Tuesday Afternoon
At a special ceremony held in the
Edenton pool Tuesday afternoon, 26
boys, girls and grown-ups received
their Red Cross proficiency certifi
cates after a splendid demonstration
of water skills learned under Red
Cross instruction.
Coach Tex Lindsay, recreational di
rector of the Town of Edenton, wel
comed the parents present and con
gratulated . the successful candidates
upon the completion of the swim
ming course.
After a swimming skill demonstra
tion supervised by Peter Carlton, Red
Cross water safety instructor, Geddes
B. Potter, chairman of the Chowan
County Chapter of the American Red
Cross, spoke briefly and urged the
candidates to continue on to the high
er courses of study to the extent that
many could eventually qualify for
certification as Junior Life Savers,
Senior Life Savers and Water Safety
Those who received certificates
from Chairman Potter were: Jimmy
Dozier, Ray Rogerson, Stuart Holland,
Pat Carlton, Mrs. Elizabeth Flynn,
Charlotte Leary, Sarah Ashley, Mary
Browning, Ben Browning, Douglas*
Holland, Ted Wright, James Edwards,
Bobby Whiteman, Julie Wiehe, Bobby
Bunch, Evelyn Bunch, Jasper Holmes,
Mike Malone, Billie Russell, Frank
Northcott, Snookie Dail, Charles Has
sell, Jack Wright, Alfred Wright,
Bobby Wright and Buddy Batton.
J. N. Pruden Chosen
Attorney For Town
Councilmen Also Con
sider Operation of
Swimming Pool
Meeting in special session Tuesday
afternoon, Town Council appointed J.
N. Pruden as Town Attorney, an ap
pointment which was deferred when
other appointments were previously
Mr. Pruden succeeds John W. Gra
ham, who because of his duties as
District Solicitor, is required to be
out of town much of his time.
At the special meeting operation of
the swimming pool at the Naval Air
Station was also considered. Tex
Lindsay, the town’s recreational di
rector, has been in charge of the pool
since it was opened by the Town, but
with football season in the offing,
much of Coach Lindsay’s time will
necessarily have to be .devoted to
football practice at a time when the
pool is used. For that reason, the
Town Councilmen at Tuesday’s meet
ing decided to employ a manager for
the pool, as well as a guard, whifh
was deemed sufficient for the proper
operation of the pool for the remaind
er of the swimming season.
Mayor Leroy Haskett appointed
Councilman Jordan Yates and Gra
ham Byrum to employ a manager and
guard, with the manager required to
make daily reports to the Town and
to see to it that certain rules and
regulations are carried out by those
who use the pool. It was also decided
to keep the pool open daily from 1
o’clock in the afternoon until 9 o’clock
at night.
' It was reported that in some cases
swimmers refuse to take a shower
bath before entering the pool and in
other instances some neglect to treat
their feet in the disinfectant bath.
Those who refuse to comply with
regulations will be barred from the
Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, August 21,1947.
' IPISKr Hfi Kg
i* - J
■v*. *
- -*5 ,*? j, i ■t .se-J
The driver of thit truck lott control of it becaute in braket were
defective. It ran up on the sidewalk and plowed through the tide of
a home, killing two persons. In addition to the terrible toll of motor
vehicle deaths and injuries last year—33,soo killed, 1,150,000 injured
—she total economic watte amounted to almost two billion dollars.
Brakes, tires, lights, windshield wipers and other safety features
should be periodically checked at a safeguard against accidents. A \
recent nationwide testing program disclosed mechanical defects in
one out of every three cars examinedo v I
Overman Sumbits
Correction Relative
To Dairy Statement
Apologizes For Refer
ence About Milk Ship
ped In From West
County Agent C. W. Overman this
week submits a correction in connec
tion with a story released last week
regarding the milk situation in Cho
wan County and the opportunity for
some dairying industry in the county.
“The supply of milk for the Town
of Edenton is being trucked in from
Suffolk and it is my understanding
that the milk is being shipped from
the West into Suffolk to provide this
supply,” stated Mr. Overman in an
article.last week.
“The Greenfield Dairy of Suffolk,
which is supplying Edenton with
milk, informs me,” says Mr. Over
man, “that all of its milk is coming '
from local dairies around Suffolk
rather than being shipped in from the
West, as was stated in last week’s
report. They also state that these
dairies are Grade A.
“Some months ago the Greenfield
Dairy was getting some milk from
other states, but they have been able
to work up local production sufficient
to take care of their trade for the last
several months.
“Apologies to the Greenfield Dairy
and any other dairy for my lack of
information.” «
G. I. Coulbourn, manager of the
Greenfield Dairy,„ has written Mr.
Overman regarding the matter and
has furnished Edenton customers with
a copy of the letter, which follows:
“We read the newspaper article en
titled “Milk Situation Discussed
Here.” Your program to increase
local milk production is good. We
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Group Os Chowan
Doys And Girls At
4-H Short Course
Audrey Pearce Repre
sents County In State
Dress Revue Tonight
Six Chowan County 4-H boys and
four 4-H Club girls are in Raleigh
this week attending the 4-H Short
Course at State College. The boys,
who include Aubrey Harrell, Carroll |
Evans and Jack Leary of the Rocky,
Hock Community, McKay Phthisic l
of the Edenton Community, Charles
Lee Overman of the Yeopim Com
munity and Herbert Raye Lane of
the Jtyland Community, were ac
companied by Assistant County Ag
ent Robert S. Marsh, who will re
main with the boys during the week.
\ The girls, including Audrey Pearce,
Ruth Rogerson, Madge Copeland and
Judy Hollowell, were accompanied by
Assistant Home Agent Miss Hazel
Shaw. It is interesting to know
that Audrey Pearce will represent
Chowan County in the State dress
revue tonight (Thursday).
G. C. Norman, who gained nation
wide publicity as the magician who
cured Stephen Richardson of a hex,
is with the carnival now showing in
Edenton. Known as “Collins, the
Miracle Man,” he says he is now in
contact with four hex cases in Cho
wan County, though he charges no
fee for consultation.
Edenton Colonials
Clinch Pennant In
Albemarle League
Win Six Out of Seven
Games Played Dur
ing Past Week
W. L. Pet.
EDENTON 41 14 .745
Colerain 35 22 .614 1
Hertford 27 28 .491
Suffolk 23 33 .411 ,
Windsor 23 34 .404
Elizabeth City 19 37 .339
Winning six out of seven games
during the past week, the Edenton
Colonials clinched the Albemarle
League pennant and will be one of
the contenders for the league cham
pionship, which will be decided by a
seven-game semi-final series, and
then a seven-game play-off series to
decide the championship.
Since Wednesday of last week the
Colonials defeated the Elizabeth City
Senators three times, Colerain twice
and split in a two-game series with
Suffolk, winning in Edenton Monday
night and dropping Tuesday night’s
game played in Suffolk.
Edenton> 2, Suffolk 5
In Suffolk Tuesday night, the Vir
ginia outfit snapped a long winning
streak of the Colonials by taking the
long end of a >5-2 count. Lester Jor
dan and Herman Dowdy were the op
posing moundsmen, each giving up :
nine hits. The Colonial bingles came,
however, when they failed to produce
runs. The victory shoved the Suffolk
outfit half a game ahead of Windsor
for fourth place in the standing, the
hottest fight at present, for the priv
ilege of taking part in the champion
ship series.
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Nelle Perry Winner j
Os Bathing Beauty
Contest In Wilson
Local Girl Picked From
Group of Beauties
Nelle Perry, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. O. B. Perry, was declared win-
I ner in the bathing beauty contest held
in Wilson Thursday afternoon in con-
I nection with the Wilson Tobacco Fes
tival. Miss Perry won out over a
group of beauties entered from vari
ous sections of the State.
The bathing beauty contest was
sponsored by the Kiwanis Club and
Miss Perry’s beautiful trophy was
presented by Dr. Charles Armstrong
of Salisbury, president of Kiwanis
International, who flew from Chicago
to Wilson to confer the honor and
enjoy the festival.
Miss Perry was accorded the great
est amount of applause by the audi
ence throughout the elimination
phase of the contest and her ap
plause became more pronounced as
the various contestants were elim
Mayor Leroy Haskett named Miss
Perry to represent Edenton and took
no little part in her entry and ulti
i mate success as the winning beauty.
Mayor Haskett also selected Miss
Hazel Boswell to represent Edenton
In the Tobacco Queen contest, which
went to> a girl from Wilmington.
| Goal In Sight |
J. H. Conger, president of the
new Chowan County Golf Club,
reports the goal of 60 members
practically assured. Early this
week Mr. Conger stated that 55
had joined the club and paid the
initial SIOO payment, which lacks
only five more to insure construc
tion of the course at the Naval
Air Station.
Mr. Conger stated that a bud
get of $6,000 is necessary and
with only five more members
needed to raise the amount, he
feels absolutely certain that this j
many members will be secured
after several more prospects have (
been solicited.
Challenge Issued To
Members Lions Club
Cast Bread On Water
Peter Carlton Speaker
At Meeting Monday
“If there is any one here tonight
who doubts that famous saying about
‘casting one’s bread upon the waters
and it returning many fold,’ I chal
lenge you to try it in the laboratory
of your own personal experiences.”
These were the challenging words of
Peter A. Carlton, Executive Secretary
of the Edenton Chamber of Com
merce and Merchants Association in
his address to the members of the
Edenton Lions Club on Monday night
during their supper meeting in the
Lions den, located in the Mitchener
Building. Backing his theme on
“Let’s Be Neighborly,” Mr. Carlton
made use of Bible quotations, anec
dotes and humorous stories. He urg
ed the Lions not to forget that a
sense of humor can lift them out of ‘
many a difficult situation. He point
ed out the value of a united stand on
community problems as against be
ing “lone wolves.” He ended by say
ing, “Let‘s be neighborly, fellows—
keep a good sense of humor—join the
fun by joining a team of good neigh
bors in church work, community work
or any other worthwhile project and
make your lives worth living.”
Visitors from the Rocky Mount
Lions Club included Louis K. Day,
Roger C. Derby and Wilbur J. Pierce.
Headed up by Mr. Day, Lion Presi
dent of the Rocky Mount club, the
contingent is making a good will
tour of all the 64 Lions clubs in Dis
trict 31C. The Edenton Lions club
was the 14th on their list. They plan
to visit all by the end of the year. So
far they have travelled a distance of
2,060 miles.
Other guests Nftroduced were Andy
Beck of Edenton by Carroll Goodwin
and C. C. Ward of Rocky Mount by
Walter Holton.
President West Leary welcomed all
the visitors and extended an open in
vitation for their return.
A delicious meal was served by a
committee headed by Mrs. Leroy H.
Haskett. The other members includ
ed Mrs. Geddes B. Potter, Mrs.
George Dail and Mrs. Peter Carlton.
Schools In Edenton
Open September 8
Pre-registration For All
Going to School For
First Time
All schools in the Edenton City Ad
ministrative Unit will open on Mon
day, September 8, according to Sup
erintendent John A. Holmes. Schools
included in this unit are the white
and colored schools in Edenton, Can
aan’s Temple, Ryan Grove, St. John’s
and Virginia Fork.
In the Edenton schools, both - white
and colored, there will be prerregis
tration for all first grade children
and for all children entering the
Edenton schools for the first time.
All white children 'and all colored
children entering the Edenton schools
for the first time are requested to
report to their respective buildings
on Friday morning, September 5,
between the hours 9 and 12. “Be
sure that all beginners are accom
panied by someone who can furnish
the information necessary for regis
tration,” says Mr. Holmes.
Unanimity Lodge, No. 7, A. F. ft
A. M., will hold its weekly meeting
tonight (Thursday) at 8 o’clock in
the Court House. William O. Elliott,
master of the lodge, requests a large
$1.50 Per Year.
Walter Holton Is
Named President
Albemarle League
Regular Season Sched
uled to End Next
W. H. Oakey, Jr., of Hertford, re
signed as president of the Albemarle
League as of Thursday of last week
following decision of the Windsor club
directors that they would not agree
to his three stipulations regarding
the interpretation of the league laws.
Mr. Oakey notified all directors of
the league of his resignation, pointing
out that he had continued in that ca
pacity since the Windsor incident
only on the assumption that Windsor
and all other clubs would abide by the
stipulations he requested following
Windsor’s reinstatement into the
league. He claims that a Windsor
director agreed to the terms three
weeks ago, but that later Windsor
directors repudiated the agreement,
and Mr. Oakey stated that he could
no longer serve as president under
those conditions.
Following Mr. Oakey’s resignation
Walter Holton of Edenton, vice presi
dent, was elected president for the re
mainder of the present season. Fol
lowing his election, a meeting was
held in Edenton Saturday night, at
which time it was decided to extend
the season to August 24, which means
that what rained out games are not
played through August 23 will be
To decide the league championship
a semi-final series of seven games '
will be played with the top four
teams participating, after which the
two winners will enter the play-off in
a seven-game series for the cham
pionship. To decide the semi-final
opponents, the two leading team,
Edenton and Colerain, will draw from
third and fourth place teams to de
cide, the opponent. * Edenton ""has
clinched the league pennant, with
Colerain next, followed by Hertford.
The fourth position is still in doubt
with Windsor and Suffolk both fight
ing for the opportunity to take part
in the play-offs.
Tonight (Thursday) Edenton is
scheduled to play at Hertford, while
Friday night the locals will play in
Elizabeth City. Saturday night Hert
ford is scheduled to play on Hicks
Field and the final game is scheduled
to be played in Hertford Sunday.
The semi-finals are scheduled to be
gin next Monday, though the pairings
will hardly be known hhfore the latter
part of this week.
President Holton also announced
that Marvin Beal had been employed
as an umpire to replace B. W. Wright
who resigned. Mr. Beal umpired
Monday night’s game in Edenton and
the game was conspicuous in that no
arguments developed during the en
tire game.
Ed Bond Post Votes
To Erect Memorial
Home On Edenton Lot
Adopt “Build or Bust”
Slogan at Meeting
Tuesday Night
Twenty years of talking of, wish
ing for and doing without was clim
axed Tuesday night at the regular
monthly meeting of Edward G. Bond
Post, No. 40 of the American Legion,
when it w*as decided to erect an Am
erican Legion Memorial Home in
memory of Chowan County’s war
dead and for use of Chowan’s living
war veterans.
The new and permanent Memorial
Home is to be erected on the Post’s
building site, located in the heart of
Edenton’s waterfront.
Kermit Layton was appointed
chairman of the combined Finance
and Building Committee. Mr. Layton
invites all interested persons to meet
with the committee tonight (Thurs
day) in the office of Dr. George Craw
ford at 6:30 o’clock to plan for an
intensive campaign to raise funds
and select plans for the proposed
1 building.
Members of the Post realize that
1 the time is ripe to undertake the
project, and have adopted the slogan
1 “build or bust:”
Edenton’s Rotary Club will meet
this (Thursday) afternoon at I
: o’clock in the Parish House. PnesU
: dent Richard Elliott is very anxious
t to have a full attendance in order
, to bring the Edenton club up higher
> in the Governor’s monthly standing
of attendance in the district.

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