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Vo] ume XIV.—Number 47.
Mrs. William Holmes Made
Chairman Newly Organized
Chowan Hospital Auxiliary
Chairman Appoints Sev
eral Chairmen of
Next Meeting Is Called
For Wednesday, De
cember 17
Orgonization of the Chowan Hos
pital Auxiliary was effected Wednes
day afternoon of last week when 60
interested women met at the nurses’
home at the Naval Air Station.
Mrs. J. W. Davis acted as chair
man pro tem, and introduced I Miss
Frances Tillett, business manager of
the hospital, who in turn presented
Mrs. C. J. Devine, Mrs. H. W. Rogers,
Mrs. Selby Harney and Mrs. Braden
Van Deventer. These ladies repre
sented various Norfolk hospitals and
gave - valuable information regarding
the organization and work of their
The constitution and by-laws were
read and accepted, after which the
following officers, were unanimously
elected: *
Chairman, Mrs. W. D. Holmes, Jr.;
vice chairman, Mrs. Emmett Elliott;
secretary, Mrs. J. Lester Forehand,
and treasurer, Mrs. Rodney Harrell.
Mrs. Holmes subsequently appoint
ed the following chairmen of various
Finance, Mrs. Frank Wood; sewing
and supply, Mrs. W. W. Byrum; ward,
Mrs. J. W. Davis; grounds, Miss Re
becca Colwell; motor corps, Mrs. W.
D. Pruden; nurses, Mrs. J. H. Conger,
Sr.; publicity, Mrs. R. H. Vaughan.
Several organizations did not have
4. representative at the initial meeting
and a & refjfuestetf tfcat
sentatives be present at the next
meeting, which will be held Wednes
day afternoon, December 17, at 3
o’clock at the nurses’ hojne so that
every part of the county wilt have a
member included in the hospital and
its service to the community. The
chairman has announced that mem
bership is open to any person desiring
a part in the organization.
Following is a list of the members
who attended the organization meet
ing: '
Mrs. Albert Byruln, Mrs. West W.
Byrum, Mrs. J. H. Conger, Sr.,. Mrs.
J. W. Davis, Mrs. E. N. Elliott, Mrs.
R. F. Elliott, Mrs. John Graham, Mrs.
Webb Harrell, Mrs. • Leroy Haskett,
Mrs. W. P. Jones, Mrs. J. Clarence
Leary, Mrs. S. V. Lewis, Mrs. J. A.
Powell, Mrs. R. H. Vaughan, Mrs. W.
M. Wilkins, Mrs. L. P. Williams, Mrs.
Marvin Wilson, Mrs. Martin Wisely,
Mrs. Frank Wood, Mrs. James E.
Wood, Mrs. John Wood and Mrs. W.
Henry Gardner, wives of members
of the board of directors and physi
cians, and the following representing
yarious groups: Mrs. E. C. Alex
ander and Mrs. Fred Ashley, Chris
tian Church; Mrs. E. L. Belch, Center
Hill Baptist Church; Mrs. G. M. Belch,
Home Demonstration Clubs; Mrs. W.
J. Berryman, W. M. S. of Baptist
Church; Mrs. Millard F. Bond, Jr., 4
Methodist Church; Mrs, W. T. Byrum,
Mrs. J. E. Copeland, Mrs. H. E. Har
rell and Mrs. V. E. Jordan, Happy
Home Church; Miss Rebecca Colwell,
Home Agent; Miss Virginia Early,
nurses; Mrs. W. O. Elliott, American
Legion Auxiliary; Mrs. Roy Emmin
izer, Macedonia W. M. M.; Mrs. B. W.
Evans, Evans Church; Mrs. J. Lester
Forehand,' Dime Society; Mrs. Wal
lace Goodwin, Enterprise Club; Mrs.
I. E. Halsey, Jr., Beech Fork Club;
Mrs. A. B. Harless, Baptist Circle;
Mrs. Rodney Harrell, W. M. S. of
Rocky Hock Church; Mrs. W. A. Har
rell, County Council; Mrs. C. J. Hol
lowell, W. M. S. of Ballard’s Bridge
Church; Mrs. R H. Hollowell, Cho
wan Woman’s Club; Mrs. W. D.
Holmes, Jr., Junior Woman’s Club;
Mrs. 'David Holton, Methodist * So
ciety; Mrs. J. M. Jones, Sr., St. Mary’s
Guild; Mrs. Rudolph Jordan, Ryland
Demonstration Club; Mrs. O. C. Long,
Rocky Hock Demonstration Club;
Mrs. Charles Newcomb, Catholic
Church Society; Mrs. Roy Parks,
Happy Home Club; Mrs. Brjytowe
Perry, Advance 1 Demonstration Club;
Mrs. W. D. Pruden,' American Legion
Auxiliary; Mrs.*, George W. Smith,
ByrdOwaonatration Club; Miss Fran-
JdL Waff, W. M W M. of BP M«idon”a
Church; Mrs. A. D. Ward. Sr., War
wick Missionary Society; Mrs. Paul
belle Window, Wants Home Demon-
Stration Cteb; Mrs. Thomas Wood,
|_ No Hunting _J
Information'from Captain J. T.
Brown, Chief staff officer, U. S.
Navy,- is to the effect that in
order to safeguard property
against fire and other hazards
accompanying hunting, hunting
is prohibited on the Edenton
Naval Air Station without ex
press permission from the Com
mander Naval Air Bases, Fifth
Naval District.
This information was received
by The Herald early this week.
1947 Christmas Seal
Sale Scheduled To
Start Next Monday
Mrs. C. E. Kramer Act
ing as Chairman
This Year
Next Monday, November 24, the
1 1947 Christmas Seal drive will begin
in Chowan County, with Mrs. C. E.
Kramer acting as chairman for Mrs.
J. A. Moore. The same plan has been
adopted as in previous years, with
groups of seals sent through the mail
l in the hope that contributions will be
returned promptly tq Mrs. R. C. Hol
land, treasurer.
Officials of the drive point out the
great need for funds with which to
combat tuberculosis, so that it is
hoped Chowan will be even more gen-
j|j .previous v-ars ,
Mrs 4 . Kramer Is very much encour
aged at the outset of the drive in that
the Junior Woman’s Club will assist
i and she has the support of other
In the county schools Superinten
dent W. J. Taylor will be in charge,
while in the Edenton school Mrs. W.
J. Darden will direct the drive. Min
isters of the colored churches have
agreed to use their efforts to secure
contributions. The colored Woman’s
Club has volunteered its services
among the Negro people, while Prof.
D. F. Walker will again have charge
in the colored school.
Everybody is urged to buy the seals
and in event anyone is missed, Mrs.
Holland or Mrs. Kramer will be de
lighted to sell any number of the
Edenton Aces Draw
Curtain On 1947 Grid
Season Friday Night
Added Color Planned
With E. City Band In
Leading Role
Edenton’s Aces will ring down the
curtain for the 1947 football season
Friday night at 8 o’clock on Hicks
Field when they meet their arch
rival, the Elizabeth City Yellow
Extra color will be provided for this
game, a feature being a parade down
Broad Street by the famous Elizabeth
City High School Band.
The Edenton Student Council has
also arranged to select a “Miss Eden
ton’’ who will present a trophy to
“Miss Elizabeth City” between the
halves as a trophy of friendship be
tween the two schools. The two girls
will also be in the parade riding in a
convertible automobile. The visiting
band will also furnish entertainment
.pi* the football field between the
The game will be the 20th time the
two' schools have met on the grid-,
iron, with the Yellow Jackets winning
16 of the games. The last game the
Aces won was in 1987 by a score of
19-0. This year, however, the two
teams, according to comparisons, are
more evenly matched, if they play in
their top form, though the Aces will
start the game as somewhat the un
derdog. - <
Both teams have Sheen affected bjf
injured players, so that a hard-fbught
game is anticipated. It 1» hoped that
a large number of fans will turn
oat to witness the final game of the
two' s
iron, 5
16 of
Edenton, Chowan County, North Carplina. Thursday, November 20.1947*
J. A. Moore Dies In
Duke Hospital After
Very Brief Illness
Mailt Attend Funeral
At St. Paul’s Church
Monday Afternoon
Funeral services for John Augustus
Moore, who died Saturday at Duke
Hospital, where he was a patient for
a few weeks, were conducted from
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, of which
he was Senior Warden, Monday af
ternoon at 3 o’clock by the Rt. Rev.
Thomas H. Wright, Bishop of the
Diocese of East Carolina, Rt. Rev.
Thomas C. Darst, former Bishop of
the Diocese of East Carolina, and the
Rev. Harold W. Gilmer, rector of St.
Paul’s Church. Interment was in
the family plot in the old churchyard.
The hymns used were “Oh, God, Our
Strength In Ages Past”, “The Fight
Is' Over, the Battle 4 Won” and
“Gloria Excelsis”.
.Mr. Moore was born in Edenton,
the home of generations of his for
bears, on December 19, 1878, the son
of John A. and Mary Skinner Moore.
He spent his boyhood in Halifax and
Littleton and after his graduation
from the University of North Caro
lina he located in Henderson, where
as secretary -of the Henderson &
Harriet Mills he engaged in the
textile manufacturing industry in
which he attained a position of lead
ership as director in recent years of
the Institute, of Textile Technology
at Charlottesville, Va., former presi
dent of the North Carolina Cotton
Manufacturers Association, former
member of the executive committee
and board of directors of the Cotton
Textile Institute and various other
groups. He moved to Edenton from
Roanoke Rapids, where he had been
president of the Patterson Mills, in
1930, and at the time of his death
was an official of the Edenton Cotton
Mill and of the Sterling Mills at
Mr. Moore was a lifelong and de
voted member of the Episcopal
freely of his time and
wise counsel in the administration of
the church program in the nation,
the diocese and the parish. He was
a delegate for many years to the
Triennual National Convention and
never missed a meeting of the Dio
cesan Convention. He took a deep
and generous interest in every ac
tivity of value to his community, and
his loyalty, his integrity and high
standard of duty, generosity, his
kindness and his capacity for warm
friendship were outstanding charac
teristics of his personality.
He is survived by his wife, the,
former Miss Mabel Vann of Frank
linton; two daughters, Miss Elizabeth
Moore of Edenton, and Mrs. Carter
Rowe of Boston, Mass., a son, John
A. Moore, Jr., of Edenton and Frank
linton, one grandson and two sisters,
Misses Elizabeth and Carrie Helen
Moore of Littleton.
The funeral was attended by a
large concourse of friends, anil while
the family requested no flowers, more
than a hundred telegrams were re
ceived by the bereaved family.
Mary Van Kirk Appears
In Concert At Ahoskie
Members of the Edenton Commun
ity Concert Association will be in
terested to know that Mary Van Kirk,
contralto, will appear in a concert at
the Ahoskie High School auditorium
Monday night, November 24, at 8:30
o’clock. Singing the great contralto
aria, “Erda’s Warning,” from Wag
ner’s “Rheingold,” she won the Met
ropolitan Auditions of the Air and
became the then youngest member in
the history of the Metropolitan Opera
Members of the local association
are entitled to attend the concert, and
it is expected quite a few will go to
Ahoskie to hear the artist.
As has been the custom for many
years, the congregation of 'St. Paul’s
Church will make a Thanksgiving
offering of food. These gifts of food
will be used to' decorate the church
for the Thanksgiving Day service,
and will then be distributed to the
needy of the community.
Those who are planning to con
tribute something for this service
are asked to bring it to the church
so the decorating committee
may use it.- *
' —r ; ?
Mjrs. Paul Holoman, president of
the American Legion Auxiliary, an
nounced a meeting which will be held
at her home, 208 North Broad Street
Fridfcy night at 8 o’clock. Mrs. Bolo
man states that matters of great im
portance will come up for discussion,
so that every member of the Auxili
ary is purged to attend. >
Many Masons Attend
Joint Meeting Held
In Edenton Tuesday
Delightful Affair Held
At American Legion
Hut at Base
Over 200 Masons from the First
and Second Districts gathered in
Edenton Tuesday, the highlight being
the presence of Luther T. Hartsell,
Grand Master, and Wilbur L. Mclver,
Grand Secretary.
Both Grand Lodge officers met with
a large number of subordinate lodge
officials in the Court House Tuesday
afternoon, when both explained lodge
workings and answered questions
relative to various lodge problems. At
the conclusion of this meeting Mr. Mc
lver took a number of group pictures.
At 7 o’clock a fried chicken dinner
was served at the American Legion
hut, the Legionnaires very generously
turning over their headquarters for
the occasion, while they met at the
Court House instead-
The meeting was very delightful in
every respect, being highlighted by a
splendid address by Grand Master
Hartsell. In his remarks he empha
sized the simple fundamentals of
Freemasonry, saying it was a simple
institution demanding three things,
duty to God, duty to constituted gov
ernment and duty to our fellowmen.
He said everything in the system of
Freemasonry points to one of the
above three requirements. “We
must,” he said, “place within the
hearts of those on the inside of the
lodge the precepts of Masonry there
by making the member a better man.”
A number of other guests also made
brief remarks during the meeting.
■ W. O. Elliott, master of the local
lodge, called the meeting to order and
then handed the gavel to H. A. Cam
pen, deputy Grand Master for the
Second District, who acted as toast-.
: master. A rising vote of thanks was
tendered the Auxiliary ladies for the
splendid dinner and their cooperation.
Norman Mm WM
Present Concert At
High School Tonight
Proceeds of Affair Will
Be Given to Chowan
Expectations are for a large crowd
to gather in the high school auditor
ium tonight (Thursday) when
Norman Cordon, Metropolitan Opera
baritone, will present a concert for
the benefit of the Chowan Hospital.
Mrs. David Holton, chairman of
the Fine Arts Committee, has done
a splendid job in arranging and car
rying out plans for the concert which
is awaited with great enthusiasm on
the part of music lovers and those
interested in the hospital. Mr. Cor
don is offering his services free, so
that it is hoped the auditorium will
be filled to capacity.
Tickets may be obtained at the
door by those who not bought
them in advance.
Mr. Cordon will begin his concert
at 8:30 o’clock.
Dance For Benefit
Os Band Nov. 28th
In Edenton Armory
Affair Planned By Lo
cal Junior Woman’s
Plans have been completed for the
Junior. Woman’s Club dance which
will be held Friday night, November
28 in the Edenton armory from 9
until 1 o’clock. Roy Cole and his
orchestra from Chapel Hill has been
secured to provide the music for the
The club is sponsoring the dance
. for the benefit of the Edenton Band
and it is anticipated that a large
crowd will support this worthy
Drinks and sandwiches will 1 be sold.
Mrs. C. <M. Speight, Mrs. Walter
Holton and Mn. C. B. Mooney are in
charge of table reservations, and
Mrs. John Kramer, chairman of the
ways and means committee, suggests
that everyone planning to attend
the dance, make their reservations
ss early as possible.
Special Meeting; Os Town
Council Scheduled Tuesday
To Discuss Parking; Meters
[Drive PostponedJ
Hermit Layton, chairman of
the American Legion war mem
orial and Legion Memorial Home
drive for funds has' been extend
ed for ten days.
Constant rain has made the
house-to-hoyse calls most diffi
cult, according to Mr. Layton and
his committee, so that it was
deemed necessary to continue
the drive.
_ Mr. Layton asks all who have
not made their pledges to read
the display announcement on an
other page of The Herald and
use the printed pledge coupon
at once.
Five Candidates For
Soil Conservation
Committee Named
Election Scheduled to Be j
Held During Week
Os December 1-6
Five local farmers have been nom
inated for candidates for members
of Chowan County Soil Conservation
Committee according to Lloyd C.
Bunch, Supervisor of the Albemarle
Soil Conservation District. These
men will be voted on in an election
to be held the week of December 1 to
6, 1947, as provided by changes made
in the State Soil Conservation Dis
trict law by the last legislature.
The three men receiving the highest
~tf vetes wilt be evicted* .
The candidates are: R. H. Hollo
well, J. A. Webb, Jr., L. E. Twine,
I. Lester Harrell and Lloyd C. Bunch.
The Soil Conservation Committee
will have the responsibility of rep
resenting the people of this county
and developing and directing a soil
conservation program. The chair
man of this committee will represent
this county on the Albemarle Soil
Conservation District Board of Sup
ervisors. The committee will set up
annual soil conservation goals and
with assistance from personnel of
agricultural agencies develop plans
for meeting these goals. In short,
they will provide a medium through
which any agency, organization or in
dividual interested in soil conserva
tion can work in reaching the farm
ers of this county.
The candidate receiving the highest
number of votes will serve for a per
iod of three years, the next highest
for a period of two years, and the
third highest for one year. Candi
dates are nominated by submitting
a petition to the State Soil Conser
vation Committee in Raleigh. The
signatures of 25 qualified voters re
siding within the county are neces
sary to place a name in nomination.
Farm Bureau Hears
1948 Peanut Program
Discussed By Leaders
Chowan County’s Farm Bureau
held a meeting at the Cross Roads
community building Tuesday night,
which was attended by Tom Scott,
chairman of the State AAA Com
mittee, and R. Flake Shaw, executive
vice president of the North Carolina
Farm Bureau.
During the meeting Scott and
Shaw gave some pertinent informa
tion relative to tj>e proposed peanut
allotment program for 1948.
Library Hours Forced
To Undergo Change
Until the new boiler in the Muni
cipal Building is installed, thus fur
nishing heat again for the Shepard-
Pruden Library, Mrs. Sidney Mc-
Mullan, librarian, has announced that
the library will be open only two
hours each day, from 11 to 12 A. M„
and in the afternoon from 3 to 4
Notice will be given when the
usual schedule will be resumed.
All colored women interested in the
Chowan Hospital are asked to meet at
Brown-Carver Library Saturday af
ternoon at 2 o’clock in order to or
ganise a Hospital Auxiliary.
Py Christmas
551.50 Per Year
Those Favoring Meters
Also Requested to Be
Contribution of SSOO Is
Given to Edenton’s
Band Fund
With a great deal of business con
fronting them, Town Counciltnen were
held in session Tuesday night until
after the midnight hour. The meet
ing was held a week later this month
due to being postponed last week on
account of the Armistice Day holi
It was expected that a delegation
would be on hand Tuesday night to
ask that the present parking meters
be removed or disregarded. However,
a letter was presented from Peter
Carlton, secretary of the Chamber of
Commerce and Merchants Association,
stating that at the request of David
Holton, one of the'merchants, and at
the direction of H. A. Cam pen, presi
dent of the association, a request is
made to hold a special hearing for a
large number of merchants relative
to the question of parking meters
and that such meeting should be held
Monday night, November 24. This
particular date,- however, apparently
was not convenient for the Council
men, so it was agreed to meet next
Tuesday night, November 25, to wait
upon the committee or delegation in
terested in the matter. The Council
men Were informed that a petition
had been signed by a large number of
merchants, in whose behalf the spe
cial meeting was called.
Several of the Councilmen reported
that they have heard far mo»e favor
able comments about the meters than
they have criticism, and Mayor Has- .
kett reported that* he had--made iEn
quiry not only in rural Chowan, but
in nearby towns, where he learned
that business is also considerably off
despite the fact that meters are not
used. R. L. Williams, who lives on
the Suffolk highway, was present,
saying he understood that the Coun
cilmen intended to remove the meters
and he wanted to register his ap
proval of them, pointing out the ad
vantages to him personally and sim
ilar opinions advanced by people in
his neighborhood.
Town Councilmen realize that an
effort will be made to have people
present at the special meeting who
object to the meters, so that if those
who favor the meters are interested
in seeing them remain, they, too,
should show their interest by attend--'
Mrs. L. A. Patterson, spokesman'
for a delegation from the PTA, made
a plea for a contribution to the band
fund. Mrs. Patterson pointed out that
only $90(1 more is needed to reach’
the $6,000 goal, but that very few
more prospective contributors re
main. She also explained how the
$6,000 will be used, going for instru
ments, rent, salary of a director and
incidentals. After considerable con
sideration, Town Council voted to ap-H
propriate SSOO for the purpose. Thiffl
amount will come from E. & Wl
Another request for an appropriaH
tion was made by Walter Holton, repH
resenting the American Legion. Mrfl
Holton explained that the Legion i,S
planning to erect a war
which will be a credit to the towH
and also will be available for
and social affairs. Town
went on record as favoring a
bution, but that the amount should
determined at a later date. H
Albert Byrum and Ernest
appeared in behalf of a
problem on North Broad Street.
cent flooding of the section was
(Continued on Page Five)
C. C. Goodwin Expressel
Appreciation For HeM
In Arranging ParadH
Carroll Cason Goodwin,
of the parade committee in the
istice Day celebration last week,
sires to thank all members of
committee and all those who
cipated in any way. “Although
clement weather greatly reduced
attendance and caused some
minute confusion,” said Mr.
win, “the participants and commaM®!
members deserve a round of MHH
plause.” IfflH
Serving on the committee witkfljH
Goodwin were Oscar Duncan,j9H
Skiles, A. E. Jenkins, Nick GoflH
and Robert L. Pratt. JflHf

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