North Carolina Newspapers

    Volume XVll.— Number 4.
Herbert C. Bonner
Calls For Revision
Argues For Division of
Various Peanut Pro
ducing Areas
Interested In Saving the
Farm Program, Not
Destroying It
Congressman Herbert C. Bonner has
called for a revision of the entire
peanut program. *
Speaking from the floor of the
House last week, he voiced his opposi
tion to the Agricultural Committee
resolution which would increase the
production of cotton" and peanuts in
the face of today’s “great surplus in
both crops.”
The First North Carolina Repre
sentative, declaring that he is “inter
ested in saving the entire farm pro
gram—not destroying it by patch
work”, proposed that the peanut con
trol set-up be changed and that a pro
gram similar to the tobacco program
be instituted.
Such a program would divide the
peanut producing areas according to
types of peanuts produced and the
acreage allotments would be made on
the basis of need and demand for pea
.nuts by types rather than by the pres
ent method of national consideration
of all types.
Illustrating the ineffectiveness of
the present system and the undesir
able aspects of the Agricultural Com
mittee’s proposal, Mr. Bonner pointed
out that the Production Credit Cor
poration purchased 86 per cent of the
Runner-type peanuts grown in 1948.
“And yet, in this additional amend
ment, it provides for the growing of
additional Runner-type peanut*;” the
Congressman asserted-
He explained further tlwA sin*
Spanish-type area farmers are divert
ing to Runner-type peanuts “which
will further confuse this situation.”
In the Virginia-type area there is not
a suffcient production to meet the
• great market demand, Mr. Bonner de
“Therefore,” he maintained, “in
stead of reporting out this amend
ment, the entire peanut program
should be revised.”
He suggested that the peanut pro
ducing areas be divided into the Vir
ginia-type area, the Runner-type area,
hnd the Spanish-type area. The allot
ments should then be made according
to the need and market demand for
the individual types, he said.
In his opening remarks Congress
man Bonner mentioned the 1950 cot
ten acreage allotment program. “I
shall not discuss this, but the diffi
culty being experienced by those who
. have been allocated acreage is due to
the fact that the State. Committee and
the County Committee in the majority
of cases failed to carry out the law.
That is”, he continued, “to reserve 10
per cent for State adjustments and 15
per cent for county adjustments, or
• vice versa.”
The additional acreage proposed by
the amendment will only be that much
additional cotton for the government
to purchase, he explained.
Directors Os 6. &L
Re-elected For Year
Annual Meeting Held In
Court House; Consti
* tution Revised
That there is no little interest in
the Edenton Building A Loan Asso
ciation is reflected in the good at
tendance at the annual meeting held
Tuesday night in the Court House.
AH of the directors were re-elected
and axe as follows: A. C. Bynum,
T. C. 'Byrum, J. W. Davis, IF. W.
Hobbs, R. C. Holland, J. P. IPartin, G.
iB. 'Potter, J. Clarence Leary and R.
xP. Badham. These directors will
elect officers and the organization
perfected at the next meeting on
'At Tuesday’s meeting it was agreed
to revise the constitution, under Which
the association has operated lance
1905. Under the revised constitution
*. new set of by-laws will be drawn
Edemton’s Rotary Club will meet in
the Parish House this (Thursday) af
wsmoon itio clock. rTe»iaeni oeorge
Twiddy urges all Rotarians to at
tend,. ... . '
j Improvement j
Plans are going forward for the
widening of Oakum Street from
the new colored high school site
out to Highway 17. The present
ditch, which is far out of line will
be closed in order to make the
street wider and a storm sewer
laid along the proper line. From
the school site to the highway a
new ditch will be dug.
The work will most likely get
underway early next week so as
not to hold up any work on the
new school building.
Chemical Society
Names Chestnutt
At Wake Forest
Edenton Student Given
Honor For High
At a meeting last week of Gamma
Epison, honorary chemistry fraternity
at Wake Forest College, James Chest
nutt, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Chest
nutt, was nominated to an honorary
membership in the American Chemical
The honor is accorded free each
year to one outstanding member in
each chapter of the chemical society.
It includes the membership, subscript
ion to several national chemistry mag
azines and the semi-annual convention
Young. Chestnutt has attained-high
distinction in the field of chemistry.
While at Wake Forest, he has main
tained a 3.0 quality pqint ratio on
over 30 hours of chemistry, while
carrying many other extra curricular
responsibilities as well. He is a mem
ber of the Euthalien Literary Society,
treasurer of Lambda Chi Alph Fra
ternity for two years, Inter-fraternity
Council for two, keeper of the cult
in Gamma Sigma Epison, honorary
chemical fraternity and instructor in
organic chemistry laboratory.
Chestnutt plans to continue his
work in Chemistry.
Pocahontas Plan To
Hold Valentine Dance
Affair In Edenton Arm
ory Saturday Night,
February 11
Though organized only a few
months, members of the Degree of
Pocahontas will sponsor a Valentine
dance in the Edenton armory Saturday
night, February 11. The dance will
begin at 8 o’clock and continue until
Music for dancing will be furnish
ed by Eddie Sample and his orchestra
of Elizabeth City. A feature of the
dance will be a dancing act by Miss
i Mary E. Upton of Norfolk. Miss Up
ton is an accomplished dancer who
has appeared: on television and radio,
as well as other entertainments and
is very much in demand on various
programs. Members of the -local 'Po
cahontas feel very fortunate in being
able to secure Miss Upton to appear
as a feature of the evening.
Mrs. 'Hoskins Bass, Jr., is in charge
of the sale of tickets and table reser
vations. She has placed tickets on
sale at the Colonial Motor Court, Tri
angle Restaurant, Bridge Turn Ser
vice Station and the Gulf Service.
Members also have tickets for sale.
Mrs. Bass should be contacted for
table reservations by calling 153-J.
Tables will not be reserved later than
10 o’clock on the night of the dance.
Mrs. Horace White, Pocahontas, is
in charge of decorations and the pro
The dance is sponsored in order to
, raise funds for the treasury and it is
hoped many will attend.
Mr. and Mrs. Watts Poe of Chapel
Hill announce the birth of a son,
Watts Poe, Jr., in Watts _ Hospital,
Durham, Wednesday of last week.
Mrs. Poe is the former Miss Norma
Perry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 0.
D Pamr
a W •Jr •
Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina,Thursday, January 26,1950~
Utah Centennial Chorus Will Sing In Edenton ,
The famous Utah Centennial Chorus will appear in Edenton the
first part of February. The group features special piano, violin and
quartet numbers and has received great acclaim from a tour of the
Central Atlantic States Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints. The group has presented many radio, television,
school and club programs. The choir is composed of missionaries of
the church, who donate their own time and talents so that music
can be heard free of charge. They will appear before the Edenton
Rotary Club on Thursday, February 2, and in the Edenton High
School on February 3. The chorus is under the direction of Elder
Surge Huff of Springfield, Utah.
Makes Decision After Being Assured By Highway
Chairman That Chowan River Bridge Has
Been Approved For Reconstruction
J. 'H. McMullan early this week in
formed The Herald that he will not
seek re-election to the General As
sembly for the next term. He made
this definite decision after receipt of
a letter from Dr. 'H. W. Jordan, chair
man of the State Highway and Pub
lic Works Commission, in which
Dr. Jordan stated that the Chowan
River bridge has been approved for!
The primary reason for Mr. McMul
lan seeking election as Representa
tive in the last session was his inter
est in an adequate bridge over the
Chowan and a desire to do all he pos
sibly could to remedy the present
.condition. According to Dr. Jordan’s
letter, Mr. McMullan does not see
where he could do any more about the
matter, and hence his decision not to
be a candidate in the next election.
In announcing his decision, Mr. Mc-
Mullan made the following statement:
“To the people of Chowan County:
Two years ago I announced that I de
sired to go to the Legislature in the
hope that I might aid in the move
ment to have the Chowan River bridge
rebuilt and brought to the standard
of .the best in modern bridge construc
tion. You very graciously granted
my request and sent me to the Leg
islature. As soon as I arrived in Ra-
I leigh and canvassed the situation, it
| became apparent that there was little
likelihood that the bridge would be
rebuilt immediately because the funds
allocated to our territory were not
adequate for the purpose. I discov
ered that past Legislatures had placed
, the proceeds of the gasoline and oil
inspection fee collections in the gen
eral fund. This amounted to $22,-
500,000 a year. So I introduced HB
No. 678, which provided that this
fund should be taken from the gen
eral fund and diverted to the highway
fund, and that same be earmarked to
take care of the inequalities in the
cost of building large bridges and
other similar projects. This bill was
formally endorsed by Dr. H. W. ojr
dan, chairman gs the Highway Com
mission, and the Committee on Roads
was favorable to the idea, but it was
Six Edenton Lions
At District Meeting
Six Edenton Lions attended a dis
trict meqting of Lions International
held in Goldsboro early this week,
■ where internationally known Lions
■ were on the program.
The Edenton group was composed of
President- Hector Lupton, Ernest
Ward, Percy Smith, Earl Harrell,
West Leary and Dr. Wallace Griffin.
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Byrum cele
■ brated their.soth wedding anniversary
Tuesday night when many friends
called at the home of their daughter.
The couple was married 50 years
in the Center Hill Baptist Church by
the late Joeiah Elliott.
Unanimity Lodge, No. 7, A. F. &
A. M., will meet tonight (Thursday)
at 8 o’clock in the Court House. All
members are urged to attend.
R. P. Elliott, William P. Jones and
Hector Lupton, members of the Cho
wan County ABC Board, attended a
Board held in
■. . -.■'wit! i - ,I*■
found that this money had already
been appropriated to general purposes
and so was not available at that time.
So our only recourse was to induce
the Highway Commission to find the
money elsewhere or wait until an
other session of the Legislature to
have this bill passed. I found the
Highway Commission, and particular
ly its chairman, Dr. Jordan, highly
sympathetic and was given assurance
that the bridge would be rebuilt
whenever the funds were available.
“I have no desire to go to the Leg
islature other than to promote this
project and resolved that I would not
be a candidate for re-election if this
project was assured. So I withheld
my announcement until I had defin
ite assurance that further legislation
was not necessary.”
On January sth Mr. McMullan
wrote the following letter to Dr.
“As previously advised, my main
purpose in going to the Legislature
last year was to promote the re
building of the Chowan River bridge.
I have no political ambition, but I am
deeply concerned with the economic
development of my State -and local
community. The present Chowan
River bridge is entirely inadequate to
meet the traffic demands of this im
portant gateway to the Albemarle
and something should be done imme
diately to widen and modernize this
present highway menace. I uSe the
word menace advisedly, for I never
cross this bridge without a conscious
ness of great personal hazard, and I
feel sure that the more than 2,500
operators who cross this bridge daily
experience the same feeling. I do
not want to go to the Legislature
again and will not be a candidate un
less I feel it necessary to the promo
tion of this cause that Ido so. The
purpose of this letter is to ask that
you advise me if it is the definite pur
pose of your Commission to under
take the, reconstruction of a modem
bridge at this point in the near fu
ture. If your answer is yes, I will
not he a candidate and would like to
(Continued on Page Four)
Umbaugh Featured
In Look Magazine
An article “Babies by Proxy,” ap
pears in -the January 31 issue of Look
magazine which deals with artificial
insemination a3 carried out by Ray
mond Umbaugh, who is now operating
in Texas.
Mr. Umbaugh did similar work at
the Edenton Marine Air Station when
the base was under the supervision of
the Town of Edenton.
Junior Woman's Club
Sponsoring Card Party
Edenton’s Junior Woman’s Club will
sponsor a bridge party, which is
scheduled to be held Wednesday night,
February 8 Hotel Joseph Hewes.
The affair will begin at 8 o’clock and
a limited number of tables will be
available in order to allow ample room
for those who play.
Mrs. W. J. Daniels, Mrs. George
Harrell, Mrs. Clara Preston and Mrs.
Charles H. Wood are in New York,
where they are purchasing merchan
dise for Tots & Teenß, Badham Bros,
and Preston’s. The ladies expect to
return home Friday.
.si. ■•%*, : >. i-... •'
Status Os Edenton
Marine Corps Air
Station Unchanged
| Reports Tardy |’
Mrs. Percy Smith, chairman of
the Chowan County March of
Dimes, up to Wednesday morning,
did not have sufficient complete i
reports from canvasses to determ
ine the progress of Chowan Coun
ty’s drive. ‘
While Mrs. Smith has heard
from some of canvassers, no re
ports were complete, but the
amounts were not so very encour- J
aging. -
The chairman urges canvassers (
to complete their work and turn '
in their reports as soon as possi- 1
ble. «
Bloodmobile Will •
Be At Parish House:
Tuesday, Feb. 14th :
Volunteers Needed In l
Order For County to .
Reach Quota *
The board of directors of the Red <
Cross Bloodmobile Program of Cho
wan County met recently to complete
plans for the next visit of the blood
mobile scheduled at the Episcopal
Parish House, Tuesday, February 14.
Dr. Wallace Griffin, chairman of Cho
wan County’s Blood Program, presid
ed. Miss Margaret Margrove, field
representative of the American Red
Cross, was also present.
Mrs. Jimmie Davis, chairman of
Volunteer Services, reported her com
mittee of volunteers in complete readi
ness to carry out their numerous and
various services in making the pro
gram successful.
Mrs. Joe Conger, Jr., club repre
sentative, again offered the help of
the Junior Woman’s Club in recruiting
blood donors for the February and
May visits of the bloodmobile.
A report on public information was
also given by Dr. Griffin in the ab
sence of Mrs. Jimmie Earnhardt, pub
lic information chairman.
J. M. Boyce, recruitment chairman,
reported that 150 donors who signed
for the first visit of the mobile but
had to cancel their registration he
felt sure would again volunteer on the
February visit. He also stressed the
urgent need of more recruiters in or
der that the county will again reach
the quota of 100 pints. Particularly j
would he like to call donors’ attentions j
to the small type card mailed to them
recently. This card can prove to be
a priceless reward in time of need and
should be carried at all times. In case
a donor should need emergency trans
fusions, precious minutes will not have
to be wasted in typing or finding
suitable donors. It may save a per
son’s life some day.
Dr. George L. Crane, Medical Ad
visory Committee chairman, gave an
interesting report on the distribution
of Red Cross blood in this hospital, in
which he stated from November 15
through January 19 the hospital has
given 27 pints of this blood to 19 re
cipients. This blood has been used for
the following conditions; Caesarean
(Continued on Page Seven)
Hearing On Flood
Control Postponed
Announcement Made By
Congressman Her
bert Bonner
Congressman Herbert C. Bonner on
Saturday announced postponement of
the Chowan County flood control hear
ing scheduled for January 30 at Win
ton, N. C.
He said the hearing would be held
either February 27 or March 6, the
exact date to be announced later.
Postponement of the meeting fol
lowed a talk with District Engineer
Col. G. T. Derby, of Norfolk, in which
it was decided that January 30 would
' be too early a date for the hearing.
“There would be insufficient time
, to notify all the persons necessary
■ and make all the other arrangements
should the meeting be held this
’ month,” Mr. Bonner explained after
his talk with Col. Derby.
A ■
Information Is Brought
Back From Washing
ton Tuesday
Edenton Group Confers
With Bonner and
A committee from the Edenton-Cho
wan Chamber of Commerce conferred
Monday afternoon with Senator Frank
Graham and Representative Herbert
Bonner in Washington, D. C. The com
mittee was composed of President
George Twiddy, J. H. Conger, Henry
Gardner, David Holton and Marvin
Wilson and the main purpose of the
conference was to discuss the status
of the Marine Air Base located here.
Dr. Graham and Mr. Bonner in
formed the group that they were in
close contact with authorities in the
Navy Department and that the situ
ation in regard to the Base is un
changed, and that no orders relating
either to its permanency or abandon
ment have been issued by the authori
No little interest has been aroused
in Edenton concerning reports that the
base will be closed so that the infor
mation brought back by the Edenton
delegation is very encouraging.
Crowning Os ‘Royal
Family’ Feature Os
VFW Show Friday
Larry Qhurch and Can
dy Smith Win Contest
As King and Queen
“It’s A Date,” VFW-sponsored local
talent show, attracted a goodly num
ber of people at the two presentations
Thursday and Friday nights in the
Edenton school. The show provoked
a great deal of laughter, and while
a little drawn out, appeared to be en
joyed by those attendin.
A feature of the show was crown
ing the Toyland royal family, which
took place on the stage Friday night.
Larry Church, son of Mr. and Mrs.
James Church, was crowned king and
Candy Smith, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Ralph Smith, was crowned queen.
' Prince was Billy Cozart, son of Mr.
and Mrs. William Cozart and Bar
bara Morris, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
William Morris, was crowned prin
cess. Tommy Parker, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Edword Parker, was crowned
duke and Gayle Oliver, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. John Oliver was crown
ed duchess.
N.C. Little Symphony
ScheduledFor Feb. 21
Two Programs Will Be
Presented In School
North Carolina’s Little Symphony,
sponsored by the Junior Chamber of
Commerce, will appear in Edenton
Tuesday, February 21. Two programs
will be presented, a free concert for
school children at 2:30 o’clock, and
again at night for adults at 8:30
o’clock. Both concerts will be pre
sented in the high school auditorium.
Members of the Junior Woman’s
Club will assist in staging the con
certs, with the work assigned to the
Fine Arts Committee, which includes
Mrs. T. B. Smith, Mrs. C. B. Mooney,
Mrs. Joe Conger, Jr., Mrs. Frank
Holmes, Mrs. John Kramer, Mrs. Wil
lis McClenney, Miss Elizabeth Moore,
Mrs. Meredith Jones, Jr., Miss Ruth
Byrum and Mrs. William Cozart.
Already it has been announced that
53 children from Columbia will attend
the children’s concert.
M. L. Hofler left early last week
for a Norfolk hospital, where he will
be given treatments and in the mean
time be observed closely as to how
much, if any, progress has been made
in the condition of his health.
Mr. Hofler was in a hospital dur
ing the month of November and since
he returned home has been under the
care of Edenton doctors.

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