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    Volume xVll —Number 5.
Lions Club Presented 1
Charier for Cub Pack
At Meeting Monday
Presentation Made By j
Scout Executive Wil- |
liam Sutherland
Annual Minstrel of Club
Planned During
Edenton’s Lions Club was presented
a Cub Pack charter by W. A. Suther
land, Field Scouting Executive for the
Albemarle counties at its meeting
Monday evening. This charter was
granted by the National Council of
the Boy Scouts of America to the lo
cal Lions Club which is sponsoring
the Cub 'Pack in Edenton.
“In presenting this charter”, said
Sutherland, “I wish to thank the
Edenton Lions Club for their splendid
effort and interest in behalf of Cub
bing here. As you know, the work
primarily centers around boys of 8,
9 and 10 years of age and is under the
supervision of den mothers.”
Mrs. Horace White, Mib. Clyde Hol
lowell and Mrs. Robert Boyce have
been appointed to work in this capaci
ty with the boys, and their parents.
The programs for the Pack consist
of character building, recreation, mak
ing items of handicraft, physical cul
ture, patriotism, also a midget circus
and other forms of amusement for the
A Pack meeting is held once month
ly, while the den meetings are called
each week with the den mothers and
the parents, at which time the activi
ties are planned and subsequently car
ried out. At the monthly meetings,
reports are made of the weekly ac
“Under the leadership of Lions Club
■ President Hector Lupton as -institu
tional representative, with* the com
aaittee comprising R. E. Aiken as Cub
Master and If 'Clarence Leary, chair-,
man; J. R. Byrum and Scott Harrell,
I am certain that we will experience
a banner year of Cubbing in this
community,” said Sutherland. “We
are proud of the part Lionism is play
ing in the building of the future gen
Mrs. Martin Wisely and Miss Ruth
Byrum appeared before the club in
behalf of the North Carolina Sym
phony Orchestra, which will present
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Ham And Egg Dinner
For War Veterans
Movie Also Feature of
Free Affair Scheduled
Next Tuesday Night
Veterans of both world wars are in
for a treat Tuesday night, February
’ 7, at 7 .-30 o’clock, when a free ham
and egg dinner will be served in the
Community Building at Small’s Cross
Roads. The affair is sponsored by
Edw. G. Bond Post, No. 40, American
Legion, and it is hoped all veterans
wiH he present to enjoy the evening.
Commander John W. Graham stated
that an extra feature of the meeting
will be a full length feature movie,
“Eternally Yours,” starring Loretta
Young and David Niven.
PTA Meeting Will
Be Held Feb. 7th
Mib. Leon Leary, president of the '
Edenton Parent-Teachers association,
calls attention to a meeting of the or
ganization to be held Tuesday after
noon, February 7, at 3:30 o’clock in
the school library.
Mrs. Leary States that very im
portant business is scheduled to be
conducted, and for that reason urges
all members to attend.
Nafcro Is Jailed For
Stealing Milk Truck
Vernon Harris, 22-y»ar-old Negro,
is in Chowan County jail on a charge
of stealing a milk truck from Jimmy
Church, proprietor of the Albemarle
Dairy. The. truck was taken from in
front of the Church home on Broad
street and found wrecked in a ditch
.on Paradise road.
——— ■
1: > Unanimity Lodge, No. 7, A. F. &
A. M., will meet tonight at 8 o’clock
in the Court House. Hubert Williford,
master of the lodge, urges a full at
rjrmfin x, •.r)' •
Succeeds Dowell
At the winter meeting of the
board of directors df the North
Carolina Merchants Association
held in Raleigh last week, Thomp
son Greenwood was elected execu
tive secretary to succeed Willard
L. Dowell. Greenwood has been
assistant secretary since 1947 and
will assume his new duties March
1. He is a former Edentonian,
having been a newspaper corre
spondent and member of the
Edenton school faculty while liv
ing in Edenton.
Junior Woman’s-Club
Card Party Feb. Bth
Annual Affair Will Be
Herd at Hotel Joseph
" <
Edenton’s Junior Woman’s Club is
now making arrangements for the
annual card party, which will be held
at Hotel Joseph Hewes Wednesday, .
February 8, at 8 o’clock.
Mrs. William P. Jones, chairman of <
the committee is stressing the fact ]
that there will be a limited number !
of tables in order to avoid crowded ;
conditions and discomfort which has ]
prevailed at former parties held at i
the hotel. '
Members of the club are now selling
tickets and anyone desiring to arrange <
a table is asked to contact any of l
the club members. Players are re- J
quested to bring their own cards.
Utah Chorus Guest
Os Rotarians Today i
Featuring the program at the Ro- ■
tary Club meeting today (Thursday) i
will be the famous Utah Centennial
Chorus, now on a nationwide tour. 5
President George Twiddy states that 1
the group will present an hour-long ]
program, singing while the Rotarians 1
are eating. The singers will be served 1
at the conclusion of the meeting.
All Rotarians are urged to attend. ,
Rhett. Miller Injured
In Automobile Wreck
Rhett Miller, popular member of
the 1949 graduating class of Eden
ton High School, was seriously in
jured about 3:45 o’clock Strnday
morning on the Hertford causeway
when the car he was driving failed
to negotiate a sharp curve. The car
left the highway and crashed into a
tree stump, which demolished the car.
Young Miller, son of R. A. Miller
and a student of State College, was
home for a week-end following com
pletion of examinations, and was
traveling toward Elizabeth City when
the accident occurred. With him were
two Marines, one of whom was less
seriously injured and the other one
was not hurt
The injured youth was taken to the
Chowan 'Hospital, where it was learn
ed that his leg was broken at three
places. Earl Hughes, the injured Ma
rine was also treated at the hospital
for a lacerated hip.
E. S. Askew Will
Seek Senate Seat
E. S. Askew of Merry HiM was in
Edenton Tuesday morning of this
week, at which time he announced
that he will be a candidate for the
Senate from the First Senatorial Dis
trict , ♦
County, North Carolina, Thursday, February 2, 1950.
- JBjjdb >■ |
Pictured above is Miss Elizabeth Upton, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Quinton C. Upton of Norfolk, who will present a feature danc
ing attraction at the Valentine dance sponsored by the Degree of
Pocahontas Saturday night, February 11. Miss Upton is a student
at Mollie Lang Shoemaker’s Baton and Dance School in Norfolk
and aside from appearing on numerous programs in Virginia and
North Carolina, she has appeared on television from Station
WMAL-TV, Washington, D. C.—(Photo courtesy Virginian-Pilot).
School Scheduled
For Foodhandlers
In Han County
Sponsored In Interest of
Better Health In
A foodhandlers school sponsored by
the PaSquotank-Perquimans-Camden-
Chowan District Health * Department
is being planned for Chowan ’ County
early in March. This school will be
conducted on two successive days.
The school is not only for persons
actually employed at present in food
handling establishments but also for
anyone considering part time jobs in
summer months, such as the beaches,
officials said. Two classes will be
held on each of these days, one at
9:30 A. M., and one at 7:30 P. M.
Speakers on the program will include
Dr. B. B. McGuire, District Health
Officer; Mrs. N. K. Allen, Laboratory
Technician, Elizabeth City; Miss Re
becca Swindell, Supervising Nurse; K.
J. Eyer, R. T. Daniels and J. L. Batts,
Sanitarians, District Health Depart
ment. In addition to speakers, sever
al food handling films will be shown,
demonstrations conducted, etc. Class
es will last approximately 90 minutes.
It is hoped that all school lunch
room personnel will have an oppor
tunity to attend. Notices will be for
warded to food handling establish
ments prior to the school.
Full cooperation of operators is ex
pected, officials said, pointing out
that the great need is for foodhand
lers to understand and apply the
scientific knowledge available in pro
tection of the public health. The
Health Department staff feels that as
a public health agency it has a great
er responsibility in alleviating the
problem of sanitation difficulties
than just the routine sanitary inspect
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By Robert L. Johnsopt, Chairman Citizens Committee for Hoover Report
With your own money worries and problems of making your own
budget balance, you have probably given little thought to the colossal
financial structure of the government.
You very likely take it for granted that the richest government in
the world, spending this year more than $42 billions, must be operated
with super-perfect accounting routines, controlled by financial wizards.
You may suppose that accountability for the last penny is clear, and
that a financial statement of the condition of the country is immedi
ately available for examination and check.
But this is not what the bi-partisan Hoover Commission found after
a thorough survey of the government’s operations in the fiscal field.
You as a stockholder in the corporation, must want to know what the
Hoover Commission found. The Commission wrote:
“The time has come when the budgeting and accounting system of
the federal government must be modernized. Some of its fiscal con
cepts come down from Alexander Hamilton. They were archaic when
the total expenditures of the government were $4 billions per annum.
Now, with a government which spends over S4O billions per annum,
theV are totally inadequate.”
The existing system, the Commission decided, is confusing both to
Congress and the oublic. It therefore recommended an entirely new
structure, designed to tell Congress and the public these things:
On Budgeting: What is the money wanted for?
On Accounting: What does the taxpayer get for it?
The 1949-50 budget, the Commission found, does not give an under
standable plan for Government expenditure. Its 1,626 pages, of
1,500,000 words are badly organized. For example, it carefully item
izes a request for $114.53 for a minor expenditure in the Bureau of
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' T
Community Chest
Meeting Called For
Tuesday, Feb. 14th
r Hoped Large Number
Will Attend to Decide
r 'Herbert Hollowell, chairman of the
. of Commerce Community
t Chest Committee, announced early
r this week that a range merits have been
> completed for a meeting to be held in
the Court House Tuesday night, Feb
s ruary 14, at 8 o’clock.
I Mr. Hollowell stated that the prin
cipal speaker for the occasion will be
i R. L. Sheetz of Norfolk, who is man
, ager of the Norfolk Community Chest
? and he will explain the program and
t be prepared to answer any questions
which may be asked in order to en
> lighten anyone on the purpose and
i function of a community chest.
i Several months ago the Chamber of
- Commerce appointed a committee, of
. which Mr. Hollowell is chairman, to
, investigate the possibilities of form
- ing a community chest. The idea was
- presented to a number of local organi
, zations and discussed among indi
The committee made a recommenda-
I I tion that a public meeting be held to
' discuss the idea and it is hoped by
’ Mr. Hollowell and his committee that
' at the February 24 meeting the mat
ter will be finally decided—whether to
- organize a community chest or not.
t Os course it is hoped that a large |
- number of citizens will attend the
: meeting, so that a definite decision
- can be made. Mr. Hollowell said that
; each civic club has been requested to
t have at least two members appointed
to attend, and that anybody interested
i in the movement is cordially invited
3 and to ask any question which is not
- clear on the operation of a community
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11 1
Contract Is
For Colored School
At Cost Os $224,900
Good Example |
If Chowan County people would
rally to the appeal for the March
of Dimes as well as Marines at
the Edenton Marine Corps Air
Station, there would be little
doubt about Chowan County meet- I
ing an,J even exceeding the quota
of $2,200. Unofficial reports
reaching The Herald early this
week were to the effect that con- (
tributions at the base passed the
$l,lOO mark.
A unique scheme at the base is (
a jar for every state in the Union,
where native sons may drop in
their contributions, with a re
port that Arkansas was in the
Scout Ceremony
In Edenton Armory
Next Tuesday Night
Program In Celebration
Os Scouting Annivers
ary In Edenton
Edenton’s armory wil be the scene
of a gala celebration Tuesday night,
| February 7, at 6:30 o’clock when the
40th anniversary of the Boy Scouts
of America will be observed. The
1 program will consist of food, Cub and
Boy Scout fun and Scouter fellowship.
Ceremonies and demonstrations will
be put on by the Cub Pack sponsored
by the Edenton Lions, Scouting skills
will be demonstrated by the Boy Scout
troops sponsored by the Edenton Ro
tary Club and the Hertford Lions Club
and an investiture ceremony will be
conducted by Troop 156 of Edenton
accepting Troop 169 of Rocky Hock
into the Scouting family.
At a meeting held Sunday after
noon in the Municipal Building, a pro
gram of activities was planned for the
celebration of Boy Scout Week in the
West Albemarle District. This will
be highlighted by the Annual Meeting
at the Armory Tuesday night, at
which time H. A. Oampen, recently
elected District Commissioner, will be
the master of ceremonies. Words of
welcome to the assembled Cubs,
Scouts and Scouters are to be given
by J. L. Chestnutt, who is the retiring
District Chairman for the district.
This will be followed by an opening
ceremony by the Cubs of Pack 159 un
der the leadership of R. E. Aiken, Jr.,
of Edenton. Troop 156, under the su
pervision of Charles W. Overman,
will conduct an investiture ceremony
for Troop 169 of Rocky Hock which
is a new troop entering Scouting with
O. C. Long, Jr., acting as Scoutmas
ter. Pack 159 will then demonstrate
some phases of Cubbing to the assem
j bled group followed by a demonstra
tion of first aid, knot tying, pioneer
ing or some skill that is a part of
Scouting by Troop 155 of Hertford
and by Troop 156 of Edenton.
A District Court of Honor for the
Scouts who have advanced in rank or
presented satisfactory evidence of
completing one or more of the merit
badges that are an integral part of
, the Scouting program, will be con
ducted by Oscar Duncan, District Ad
vancement Chairman. Courts of Hon- ;
or are always a highlight in the
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VFW Post WHI Meet
On Weekly Schedule
Changed From Twice a
Month to Every Tues
day Night
Henry G. Quinn, commander of tlie
local VFW Post, announced this week
that the post will .meet weekly in
stead of twice a month as heretofore.
The meeting will be held every Tues
day night instead of every second and
fourth Tuesdays. Mr. Quinn also an
nounced a new regulation for the
ViFW club room, which will be open
every Tuesday night for members on
ly and one night a week for teen
agers only, with members of the PTA
furnishing chaperones at all times.
The local post has acecpted a chal
lenge from the Hertford Post in a
r membership drive.
_ $2.00 Per Year.
Greenville, S. C., Con
cern Lowest Bidder
For Construction
17 cIass”ROOMS
Modern Building Will
Remedy Deplorable
At a joint meeting of the Chowan
County Commissioners and Edenton
school trustees Saturday morning a
bid was accept- il f >r the construction
of a new colored i ;h school on a site
just north of the present colored
school on Oaku> Street.
Four bids so work on the building
were accepted which total $224,900.
The general contracting bid was
awarded McCoy Helgerson of Green
ville, S. C., for $180,620. The same
concern was awarded the plumbing
contract at a cost of $11,890.
The W. M. Wiggins Company of
Wilson was awarded the heating con
tract at a cost of $17,490, while R. J.
Boyce, Edenton electrician, was
awarded the electric wiring contract
at a cost of $8,900.
The total figure of $224,900 does
not include the architect’s fees of 5%,
nor does it include any of the cost
of equipment for the building and cost
of the site. Frank W. Benton of Wil
son is the architect.
The school will be a two story fire
proof building with 44,000 square
feet of space. Members of the school
trustees and County Commissioners
feel that they received a good bid,
which figures about $5.11 per square
foot, somewhat below the cost of
nearby school buildings which are not
The building will contain a combi
nation gymnasium and auditorium
with a large stage and standard size
basketball court. There will be four
shower and locker rooms for the phy
sical education and athletic program
and large storage rooms.
Space will be provided for 17 stand
ard class rooms, plus a home-making
department 22x60 feet which will be
designed according to State require
ments. There will be a library 22x54
feet, as well as a health clinic and
first aid room, a men teachers’ and
women teachers’ room, ample toilet
facilities for boys and girls on both
floors. A principal’s office will be
provided, together with storage rooms
for books, institutional supplies and
janitorial supplies. The furnace room
will be equipped with a stoker to
furnish steam heat and a fuel room
will be large enough to store a year’s
supply of fuel.
There will be standard stair tow
ers at both ends of the building, so
that when completed the building will
not only be attractive, but will solve
a much needed school problem among
colored people for a number of years.
It is expected that a contract will
be let for a new high school for white
students sometime in March.
Work is now going forward on wid
ening North Oakum Street and the
open ditch will be piped in front of the
school property. It is expected that
work will begin on construction of the
building early in February.
World’s Day Os Prayer
In Methodist Church
Friday, February 24
Friday, February 24, will be ob
served as World’s Day of Prayer in
the Edenton Methodist Church, when
one of the objectives will be to have
all denominations represented. Miss
Mamie Hogg is in charge of the pro
gram and especially urges all organi
zations to be represented at the meet
ing. She will announce the hour of
the meeting later.
Rotarians Entertain
Edenton Boy Scouts
Edenton Rotarians entertained Boy
Scouts at the Scout Cabin Tuesday
night in celebration of the 23rd anni
versary of Scouting in Edenton. The
party, which was a very enjoyable af
fair, was aranged by the Scout Com
mittee of the Club.
Refreshments were served with a
feature being a birthday cake decora
ted with 23 candles.
Chowanoke Council, Degree of Po
cahontas, will meet in regular session
Friday night at 8 o’clock in the Red
Men’s hall. Mrs. Horace White, Po
cahontas, says plans for the forth
coming Valentine Dance will be dis
. cussed, so that all members are urged
i to attend.

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