North Carolina Newspapers

    Volume XVII .—Number 8. ,
Hospital Expected
To fie Completed
Architect Marion Ham
Speaker at Auxiliary
Meeting _
At a meeting of the Chowan Hos
pital Auxiliary Wednesday of last
week members of the organization
heard Marion A. Ham, architect for
the new Chowan Hospital, reveal in
formation regarding progress on the
hospital now under construction. Mrs.
M. F. Bond, Jr., chairman, presided,
with a very large number .present.
Twenty-nine local organizations were
represented at the meeting.
Mr. Ham, who was introduced by
Judge Marvin Wilson, a member; of
the Hospital Board of directors, told
the group that the new hospital is
now 80 .per cent complete, and that by
March 15th the interior of the build
ing will .be finished. The Architect
stated that he hoped the entire build
ing would be completed by May. The
hospital is provided with rooms and
wards to take care of 35 patients and
the floors in the entire building are of
(Bids for the new Nurses’ Home will
be received on March 10. Plans for
this building call for adequate rooms
to accommodate 19 nurses, and a re
ception room that will seat approxi
mately 100 people.
The Auxiliary, which has already
made plans for furnishing a complete
nursery, has as its project for 1960
the grounds supervision and planting
at the new hospital. The grounds
committee, which is composed of Miss
Rebecca Colwell, Mrs. John Wood,
Mrs. R. H. Vaughan and Miss Frances
Tillett, expect to prepare the grounds
early in the spring for a later plant
ing of grass.
Mrs. J. W. Davis, Chairman of the
blood bank program, reported on blood
bank day held Tuesday of last week.
She stated that an urgent call is out
for Wood donors when the bloodmo
bile appears again in Edenton and
urged those who have not already con
tributed, to volunteer .to do so.
Mrs. J. H. Conger was appointed
to represent the Auxiliary at the next
Community Chest meeting.
, Serving chairmen, Mra E> N. Elli-
SSi ahrf-MwrW.' fT Meeluns reported
that 107 pieces had been made since
the beginning of the year.
Valentine tray favors were made
by pupils in Miss Lena Jones’ room.
lions Os Edenton
Sponsor New Club
At Colerain Friday
Group of 10 Local Lions
Attend Meeting For
Edenton’s Lions Club sponsored a
Lions Club at Colerain with the or
ganization effected at Colerain Fri
day night W. E. White was elected
president of the baby club, with oth
er officers being D. Perry Hughes, L.
M. Brinkley and C. B. Darden, vice
presidents; U. S. Hassell, secretary
treasurer; Jimmie MdCallum, Lion
tamer, and John Boyd, tail twister.
Paul T. Worrell, J. L. Parker, B. D.
'Lowe and Grover C. Hughes were cho
sen as directors.
The new club was organized by Nor
man Trueblood, International Counsel
lor, special representative of Lions
International. Nineteen charter Mem
bers were enrolled, and the charter
will remain open until charter night
• is observed on April 7. It is expect
ed that in the neighborhood of 40
members will be enrolled in the dub.
Edenton lions attending IFriday
night’s meeting in Colerain were Hec
ran, Kenneth FI oars, Ernest IWard,
Maurice Bunch, Jr., Mayor Leroy Has
a -ii ter - - —i
Keii, xictvwooQ uuncn.
The Colerain Club is the second to
be sponsored by the Edenton Lions
. Club, the first one being the Hert-
Plans Are Progressing
For Cooking School
(Members of Groups 1 and 2 of the
Edenton Tea Party Chapter, Daugh
ters of die American Revolution, are
busily engaged in making arrange
ments for-the cooking school to be
e . ‘ . - * ... ..
P i'lr l l|l | iii l'ifP' liiiii tV' 1 11 Ml * i* Sr
l mmmsm - .-. .-. ,V.->.v ..
Edenton Marine Corps Air Station blood donors had a heart on Valentine’s Day, when they joined
Chowan County people in contributing 90 pints of blood for the Red Cross. Pictured above are, front
row, kneeling, left to right, Pfc. A. Sulfridge, Pfc. R. J. Buchanan, Cpl. T. B. Mitchell, Sgt. P. Wemyss,
Pfc. C. DeAngelis, Sgt. J. L. Watson. Second row, J. Gallagher, FD ARC, Sgt. W. fi. Kellar, Pfc. T.
M. Truax, Lt. Col G. W. Nevills, Ist Lt. D. L. Edwards, Pfc. H. J. Taft, Pfc. R. T. Anderson, Cpl. H. T.
Rose, M /Sgt. C. C. Reid. Third row, Pfc. H. Gadra, Pfc. D. R. Decker, Pfc. R. D. Holden, Cpl. M. R.
I Maness, Pfc. C. R. Kreis, Pfc. R. H. Huddleston, Sgt. W. E. Hesse, Pfc. G. R. Decker. Fourth row,
I Pfc. R. J. Looney, Cpl. R. P. LalChapelle, Sn. D. D. Barker, Cpl. R. L. Elzeer, Pfc. R. K. Heverling,
, Sgt. V. F. Lukasik, Pfc. A. R. Thiede, Cpl. O. W. Chambers. Fifth row, Pfc. L. W. Ingham, Cpl. J. L.
■ Thompson, Gpl. F. J. Custer, S /Sgt. E. C. Gardner, Pfc. W. T. KuHca, Pfc. C. R. Wakefield, Pfc. C.
Boyer, Sn. M. A. Achelpohl and Pfc. E. R. Evans.
Wake Forest Chorus
Scheduled To Appear
i In Edenton March 4
l•■ " V
1 Sponsored By Edw. G.
I Bond Post of Ameri-.
can Legion
■ Music lovers are in for a treat Sat
• urday evening, March 4, wfi6n the
• talented Wake Forest College Choir
1 will present a program at Edenton
’ High School under the direction of
• Prof. Thane McDonald, director of
• music at the College.
The choir is made up of 38 mixed
• voices selected from the larger Glee
1 Club of 75 voices.
Its appearance in Edenton is spon
- wpH fi_ Bond Post, No.
1 40, American Legion, for the benefit
: of the junior league baseball team.
During a period of seven weeks Prof-
J McDonald and his choir will present
25 concerts in North and Souht Caro
lina and Virginia.
The choir has achieved an enviable
reputation during the past two yeans
for its execellent renditions of the
finest sacred music, ranging from the
solemn liturgical chants of the Rus
sian church to the brighter rhythmical
arrangements of the- southland spirit-
F uals. The choir’s repertoire has been
' increased this year to include such fa
vorites as Gershwin’s “Emlbraceable
You” and Cole Porter’s “Begin the
• Beguine.”
The program in Edenton will 'begin
at 8 o’clock and will include sacred
and secular music. Tickets are now
on sale and the Legionnaires hope
i many will attend, thus hearing a
- splendid musical program and at the
- same time helping a worthy cause
I —our young boys.
John W. Graham, commander of
. the Post, has appointed the following
■ committees to be in charge of the
• concert:
i General Chairman —West Byrum.
Publicity—Willis McClenney, J. M.
. Boyce, Bill Cozart and Sam Allen.
Arrangements—Richard Davis, Wil
liam S. Elliott, Thomas Francis, Shel
ton Moore, Walter Bond, Maurice
■ Bunch, Jr., Nick George and Charles
i White.
Tickets —• Wesley Chesson, Edward
• Wozelka, George Alma Byrum, Wen
: dell Copeland, Kermit Layton, Henry
Allen Bunch, John Lee Spruill and
i Logan Elliott
Accommodations—William Holmes,
’ J. L. Chestnut*, Paul Holoman, R. F.
. Elliott, R. E. Leary, R. C. Holland,
, O. B. Perry and W. S. Privott.
Coon Hunters Club
Will Meet Tonight
i "■ i
i Chowan County's Coon Hunters’ 1
• Club win meet tonight (Thursday) in *
the Court House at 7:30 o’clock. 1
According to Willie G. Joyner, sec- 3
retary-treasurer, some important mat
, ters are scheduled to be discussed, iso *
1 that all members are urged to attend. 1
> Non-members are aslo cordially in
■ vited. . i
'At the meeting tonight (Thursday) ]
i of Unanimity Lodge, No. 7, A. F. & :
t A. SC the third degree will be con- <
AU Maaonßl
ajce urged
Edenton, Chowan County, rtorth Carolina,Thursday, February 23,1950.
Hicks Field Sold to Commissioners of Edenton In
1723; Instrument Executed In 1914 Establishes
Fact That Tract Is Property of Town
In the expectation of awarding a
contract for a new white high school
in March and, of course, the necessity
of selecting a site, two documents
were dug out of the county’s old
records which many did not know
were there. For instance, it has long
been the general impression that
Hicks Field was given to the town to
use for recreational purposes only,
but a deed made in 1723 shows that
the Hicks Field plat was sold to the
town and not presented as a gift of
Robert Hicks.
There b®». also been an impression
that the Sand was given to the school
trustees. The fact is that the town
did donate the land for construction
of a farm life school, but a provision
was made that if it was not used for
a farm life school, then the land
should again become the property of
the town.
The deed executed in 1723 from
Robert Hicks to the Commissioners of
Edenton, and found in Book C, page
49, follows:
August 11, 1723—Robert Hicks to
the Commissioners for Edenton a
Deed for Land adjacent thereto.
This indenture made this 9th day
of August, 1723, between Robert
Hicks of the Free inert of Chowan in
the Province of North Carolina on
the one part and Christopher Gale,
Golf Club Oance
Next Friday Night
Affair Will Begin In Of
ficers Club at Base
At 9 O’clock
Announcement was made early this
week that the Marine Corps Air Sta
tion Golf Course will Sponsor a dance,
which will be held in the Officers’
Club at the base Friday night, Febru
ary 24, starting at 9. o’clock.
Music will be furnished by a good
orchestra and members have been is
sued invitations to attend and bring
friends. It is hoped a goodly number
will attend the affair in order to help
raise funds for the club.
R. L. Pratt Patient
In Veterans Hospital
Captain Robert L. Pratt, veteran
member of the Edenton Police Depart
ment, was taken by ambulance Mon
day morning to the veterans hospital
at Kecoughtan, where he is now a
Mr. Pratt was the victim of a heart
attack Friday, and apparently stood
the trip to the hospital satisfactorily.
Godwin Speaker For
Ruritan dub Meeting
D. H. Berryman, a member of the
program committee of the Chowan
Ruritan Club, announced early this
week that PJlston Godwin, Gatesville
attorney, will be the speaker at the
next meeting of the club. All Ruri
. John Lovick, Edward Mosely, Esq., &
Nichols Crisp Gent., on the other
Witnesseth, Whereas the said Rob
ert Hicks hath by Patent from the
Lords Proprietors of the said Prov
ince dated the 10th day of March,
1721. One hundred acres of land ad
joining on the back by the land lay’d
out for a Town called Edenton, bound
ed as by his Patt: Recorded may ap
' pear.
Now this Indenture Witnesseth
Tha*. said Robert Hicks for the better
accommodating of said Town witlif
conveniences of Estovers and Pastur
age to encourage the further settle
ment thereof as also in consideration
of the sum of Seven Pounds & Ten
Shillings in hand paid by the said
Christopher Gale, John Lovick, Ed
ward Mosely & Nicholas Crisp Hath
Granted and Sold by these presents
doth Give, Grant, Bargain, Sell, Ali
' ene, Enfeoff convey & confirm
• to them the said Christopher Gale,
John Lovick, Edward Mosely &
, Nicholas Crisp & their Successors as
Fee Fees in Trust the one-half of his
said one hundred acres of Land Viz:
that half thereof which Butts to the
land to the said Town Land Divided
by a line of marked trees the breadth
of the Town Land so far as to include
(Continued on Page Five)
District Meeting”™
Os Scouts Tonight
Plans and Activities For
1950 Scheduled to Be
The February meeting of the West
Albemarle District Committee, Boy
Scouts of America, will be held to
night (Thursday) at 8 o’clock in the
Municipal Building.
Plans and activities for 1950 will be :
discussed, and with an increase in in- .
terest among the boys and leaders in
the district, a full attendance is ex
(Field Scout Executive William A. |
Sutherland will be present at the
Joe Wheeler Signs
With Newßem Club
Joe Wheeler, former star of the
Edenton Colonials, will again wear a ,
New Bern uniform in the Coastal .
Plain League during the 1950 season. ;
It was reported this week that i
Wheeler signed a contract with mana
ger Harry Land which calls for a
boost in salary. Last season Wheeler i
had a batting average of .297 and was ]
considered a most dangerous man at i
bat by opposing teams. He played
both infield and outfield positions.
1950 Fund Raising
Drive Starts March 1
Genial director of music at
Wake Forest College, Prof. Mc-
Donald will direct the Wake For
est Choir which will present a
I concert at Edenton High School
Saturday evening, March 4, at 8
o’clock. The concert is sponsored
by the American Legion Post for
the benefit of the Junior League
baseball team.
No Request Made
For Appropriation
At Fish Hatchery
Herbert Bonner Informs
Herald of Action
( Congressman Herbert C. Bonner
has announced that he will not ask for
appropriations this session of Con
gress for the artificial propagation of
shad at the Edenton Hatchery.
The announcement followed an in
vestigation into such a program and
a memorandum from the Fish and
Wildlife Service which deemed arti
ficial propagation of shad, which has
been discontinued entirely by the Ser
vice, inadvisable at this time.
Reporting that the shad has a very
high natural reproductive capacity,
the Wildlife Service opined that the
solution to the declines in shad runs
lies not in propagation but in a furth
er study of the biology of the fish.
That is in line with a bill Mr. Bon
ner introduced last week which would
authorize the Fish and Wildlife Ser
vice to make a 3tudy of the shad situ
ation specifically in the Albemarle
1 and Pamlico Sounds and their tribu
, taries.
Fifty thousand dollars was appro
priated this year for a study of shad
on the East Coast as a whole. The
Wildlife 'Service reported that the
study is now being conducted and it
is hoped that it will lead to suggest
ions for the up-building of shad runs
in eastern North Carolina.
Artificial propagation was discon
tinued after it failed to show any val
ue in the maintenance of shad runs.
Statistics show that in some sections
where artificial propagation was em
ployed the number of fish caught
reached an all-time high after the ar
tificial practices had been discon
Meeting Os Farm
Bureau On Friday
Special Program Is Ar
ranged By Overman
On Peanuts
Edgar E. Hollowell, secretary of the
Chowan County Farm Bfireau, calls
attention to a meeting of the organi
zation which will be held Friday night
at 7 o’clock. The meeting will be held
in the Community Building at Cross
County Agent C. W. Overman has
arranged a special program on pea
nuts and a -report will probably be
made of the State Convention held
last week. All members are urged to
attend. . ~
$2.00 Per Year.
J. Meredith Jones, Jr.,
Acting as Chairman
This Year
Machinery Set Up at
Meeting Held Tues
day Night
At a meeting held Tuesday night in
the Municipal Building machinery was
set up for the 1950 Red Cross fund
raising campaign in Chowan Counity.
The goal this year is $2,650, and
chairmen for the various areas have
been named. The drive will begin
Wednesday, March 1.
J. H. Conger, Jr., is chairman for
the industrial concerns with a quota of
$375. C. H. Wood, Jr., chairman of
business establishments on the east
side, has a quota of $230 and George
Alma Byrum, on the west side has a
quota Os $325.
Dr. J. H. Horton’s quota for the
Negro business section is $75. Robert
Smith will have charge of canvassing
the Edenton Cotton Mill, where the
quota is SSO. For the east side resi
dential section Mrs. J. M. Thorud is
chairman with a quota of $175, while
Mrs. J. M. Jones and Mrs. Martin
Wisely for the west side residential
section have a quota of S4OO.
E. H. Wiggins is chairman for
North Edenton, where the quota is
SSO. For Westover Heights the quota
is SSO, with Mrs. Ted Boutwell as
chairman. Mrs. Elizabeth Brotton is
chairman for Morris Circle with a
quota of SSO. Mrs. Annie Bootwright
is chairman for Albemarle Court,
where the quota is $35.
At the Marine Corps Air Station
Mr. Gallagher will be in charge of
contributions with a quota of $l5O.
Mrs. J. A. Hines is chairman for the
colored residential section on the east
side with a quota of $75, while Mrs.
M. M. Tillett will be in charge on the
west side with a quota of SSO.
J. Clarence Leary, Jr., is in charge
of contributions in the rural section
for white people with a quota of S4OO.
J. B. Small will handle the Negro rur
al section drive with a quota of $l6O.
Geddes Potter is chairmen of the
Chowan County Red Cross Chapter
and J. M. Jones, Jr., was named by
Mr. Potter as chairman of the 1950
i fund raising drive. Hector Lupton
has been named publicity chairman
and Marvin Wilson represents the
Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Le
roy Haskett represents the Town of
, Edenton. •
Referee’s Hearing
On Housing Project
Adjourned Tuesday
Eric Norfleet Will Con
tinue Hearing on
March 24
Hearings were begun in the Chowan
Court House Monday and Tuesday in
a suit brought by the U. IS. Fidelity
& Guaranty Company for declaratory
judgment to determine liability, if
any, on a performance bond given by
C. B. Mooney to L. A. Patterson in
connection with the construction of
35 houses at Westover Heights. The
hearing Monday and Tuesday was the
first phase of litigation between
Mooney and Patterson, and Mr. Nor
fleet adjourned the hearing until
March 24.
Named defendants with Mooney and
Patterson are 26 material furnishers
or sub-contractors, and at the adjourn
ed hearing Mr. Norfleet will hear evi
dence of those who furnished material
for the houses.
Patterson charges that Mooney
failed to carry out his contract and on
the other hand Mooney claims that
$40,000 more went into construction
than the original contract called for.
The litigation has aroused a great
deal of interest and at the hearing
this week a large battery of attorneys
and creditors were on hand when both
Mooney and Patterson testified.
After serving as chief of police at
> Selma for over two years, E. R. Tol
! ley has resigned. Mr. Tolley was a
former officer for the Edenton Police
Department before going to Selma.

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