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Volume XX.—Number.l2.
' 'Mfj,: •sr"
Plans Being Made To
Wage War On Rats
And Mice In Chowan
Pests Average sls Dam
age Per Family Per
Year In County
Success Will Depend on
Amount of Coopera
tion Given
A rat and mouse control campaign
will be conducted in Chowan County
April 1, says C. W. Overman, County
Agent. Every family must cooperate
in order to make this campaign a suc
“Warfarin Bait will kill both rats
and mice,” says Mr. Overman. “It
will be .mixed dry and will keep for
several weeks if kept dry. The bait
will be put up in SI.OO packages.
The cooperator will set up feeding
Stations according to directions giv
en on each package.. The bait will
be placed in shallow containers and
stations will be located where rats
and mice run. A small amount of
bait must be put out every day as
long as the pests take it. It will
begin killing the pests in about four
or five days after they begin taking
it, therefore, the feeding must con
tinue as long as they take it and
when they stop taking the bait it will
be an indication that they are killed
out in that area.”
Based upon National surveys, rats
and mice eat and destroy approximate
ly $150,000 worth of feed and other
materials each year. In addition to
this, they undermine foundations of
buildings, they carry disease to both
humans and livestock and they also
mesg up more than they actually eat.
On this basis the destruction by rats
and mice amounts to approximately
an average of $15.00 per family per
year in Chowan County. Many fami
lies oto not havp rats while on some
farms there is damage of more than
SIOO per year.
It is hoped that every family, both
white and colored in Chowan County
that has rats and mice on their prom
isos, will participate in this campaign
by ordering and putting out bait ac
cording to instructions. The pests
travel from house to house and from
farm to farm unless every family co
operates there wall still be some left
for seed. “We will not get all of
them at the best,” says Mr. Overman,
“but by conducting a campaign once
or twice a year we can hold the popu
lation down as low as possible. Watch
for next week’s article in this paper
and you will be informed where to
place your order for the bait. We
hope to be able to have a house to
house canvass by community leaders.
If this is done the leaders will be on
a voluntary basis spending their time
without compensation to help you
and your neighbors get rid of these
destructive rodents. Please give us
your full cooperation and let’s do a
good job.” -
Rotarians Attend
Inter-City Meeting
Almost every member of the Eden
ton (Rotary Club attended the inter
city meeting held in Williamston Fri
day night, which was more or less
“ a family affair.” The Edenton chib
is the “father” of the Windsor Club
and the Windsor Club is the “father”
of the Williamston Club.
A delicious turkey dinner was ser
ved in the Woman’s Club building and
an interesting program planned which
included the Rev. R. W. Kicklighter
of Elizabeth City as the principal
speaker. *>
The* Woman’s Auxiliary of the Wil
liam H. Ooffield Post,. No. S2BO, Vet
erans of Foreign Wan, will meet to
night (Thursday) at 8 o’clock In the
"VtFW home. 'All members are espec
ially urged to be present , ,
jjtooms NeededJ
Because df the many inquiries
Mpg received for information
■bout the forthcoming Pilgrimage
of Colonial Edenton and Country
side on April 10 and 11; there- is
a possibility that Edenton will be
taxed to the Unit to accommodate
visitors. v ,
In order to care for aa many'
people as possible, the Woman’s
Club is trying to make advtnce
preparations to rant rooms dur-
Pk»»»2. , *
[Wins Scholarship]
John Dobson, son of Mrs. C.
Delmas {Sawyer, was notified
Wednesday morning that he had
I been awarded a $3,000 scholarship
at Duke University. The scholar
ship was won in regional scholas
tic competition.
Young Dobson, a member of the
, senior cfiss at the Edenton Jun
, ior.Senior High School, has also
T been named on the all conference
basketball team.
Womanless Wedding
Will Be Presented At
I School Friday Night
> Affair" Sponsored By the
MYF of Methodist
Members of the (Methodist Youth
' Fellowship of the iEdenton Methodist
Church will present a IWlomanless
. Wedding in the Edenton Elementary
School auditorium (Friday night, March
i $7, at 8 o’clock. This hilarious come
dy is packed with fun and is expect
" ed to attract a large crowd.
A small admission fee will be charg
' ed, the proceeds of which will go into
: the church’s building fund for the
purpose of adding Church School
The cast of characters will be as
Tiny Cats, the bride—(Lloyd Bur
ton. ;
T: Fltrerton Barley, the bridegroom
—(Rohert Marsh.
First Usher—Chaplain J. I* Swin-
Mr. Henry Wheaithearts —Uncle of
the bride —Bill Harry.
Mrs. Wheatbearts —Aunt of the
bride—George Bail.
Mrs. Nosey Toadvine, a neighbor—
Billy Leaser.
Mrs. Übika Scraitchfieid—Corporal
Sis Eatzer Oats, the baby—(Rev.
Earl B. Edwards.
Hominy Grits, a colored nurse—
Norman Leonard.
Pappy Rock’n Rye, grandfather of
the bride—Rufus Calloway.
Granny Rye—Jimmy Earnhardt.
(Mrs. Oats —John Goodwin.
Mr. Tumipgreen, soloist—Charlie
(Shucky (Stringbeans, ring bearer—
Walter Holton.
Miss Muddy Riceiffield, maid of hon
or—Ben (Perry.
Mr. Percy (Birdseed, beet irian—
Hugh Thigpen.
Adam.Tumipseed, official splicer—
George Thompson.
Mr. Knowzie Oats, father of the
bride—John (Skiles.
(Pete and Re-Pete Comsmut —(Boots
Lassiter, Brad Williford.
(Flower Girls—(Ben Browning, Jer
ry Downum, Jimmy Ross, Charles
Knox, Billy Moore and Robert Earl
Bridesmaids—Dr. Richard (Hardin,
J. R. Dulaney, A. 18. Harless, Dr. A.
F. Downum, Jesse (Harrell and the
Rev. James MacKenrie.
Dr. Downum Elected
Red Cross Chairman
Other Officers Elected
At Meeting Held Fri
day Night
lAt a meeting held in the Municipal
Building Friday night Dr. A. (F. Down
um was elected chairman of the Cho
wan County Chapter of the Ameri- t
can Red Cross, to succeed Geddes Pot- <
ter, who recently resigned. <
Other officers elected were: Gilliam "
Wood And Mrs. E. N. Elliott, vice '
chairmen; Mrs. Lena 'Leary, secre
tary; Mrs. Joseph Tborud, treasurer; '
Bill Perry, home service officer and 1
R- "L. Pratt, vice home service offi- 1
cer.‘ . -1
i 1
Unanimity Lodge, No. 7, A. F., A
X.M.; will meet tonight (Thursday)i]
at 8 o’clock in the Court Hoyee. C. T.h
Griffin, master of the lodge, urges all 1
members to attend 1 1
~Edenton, QiowanCoimty,North Carolina, Thursday, March 19,1953.
Answer The Call
The other day, I heard a man talking about doctors. To his way of
, thinking, doctors were all a bunch of fake*. They didn’t know what watt
I wrong with a person, but just guessed at it and then charged exhorbi- 1
tant fees.
Another fellow said Jie had about the same opinion of lawyers; they l
were all in cahoots with each other, and just took a person’s money for
nothing. The judges were in cahoots with the lawyers, he said, and
helped the lawyers rob their clients.
Another fellow said all the churches nowadays were filled with hypo
crites and sinners, and religion just didn’t' mean anything anymore. (Said
he had rather not even be a member of a church; that he was better than
99 per cent of the church members and was ashamed to associate with
Another fellow said schools weren’t what they were supposed to be,
either. Said children didn’t 10am anything now except how to play ball,
or sing or do some tomfool things like that. Back in’ his day, he said,
schools really “learned” the kids something.
Another fellow said the Red Gross was, just a lot of graft; said all the
. officials got thousands and thousands of dollars a year out of the funds
I contributed by individuals throughout the nation, and people in need
• (didn’t get anything.
■ (Needless to say, when those guys get tick, get into trouble, see death
approaching, or feel the heavy hand of disaster, they will be the first to
call the doctor, see the lawyer, send for the preacher or call on the train
i ed young people when they need an employee, and pray for Red Cross re
lief when disaster strikes.
We try to increase our own importance by covering others with dirt.
Then we can say, “(Look at Me! See how big I am beside this pile of
> dirt!” '
The American Red Cross has its imperfections, but it still is the great
est agency in the world dedicated to the relief of human suffering and
Junior Class Os
Chowan High Will
i Stage Play Tonight
“The Big Blow-up” Ex
pected to Provide Fine
Evening-of Pleasure
Tonight (Thursday) at 8 o’clock
■the Junior (Class of IChowan High
‘School, under the direction of Miss
Louise Wilson, will present a three
ast comedy, “The Big Blow-Up” by
Robert St. Clair, in the school audi
An evening of suspense, excitement
and laughter is guaranteed.
The entire action of the play takes
place in a small town hotel with the
following cast of characters:
Ellen Parker, the landlady, Jac
quelyn Bunch; “(Beans”, her high
school age son, Roger 'Spivey; Melin
da,, the new maid, Zenovah Hugo;
Mugsy Morris, a young criminal, Ray
Jordan; Cora Johnson, a young school
teacher, Peggy Turner; Terry King, a
detective, Jack Bunch; (Sandra Field,
a nervous young lady, Xlvis Perry;
Margot Richard's, a refined young
lady, Carolyn Spivey; Katie Lee,
“(Beans’ ” girl friend, Oudda Lane;
Douglas IBlake, (Sandra’s fiance, .Ches
ter Winslow; Mr. Field, (Sandra’s irate
father, Elbert (Bunch; Mrs. Field, her
anxious mother, Esther Mae Jordan.
Entertainment between acts will be
rendered by "the “Musical Quintet,” of
Chowan High School, composed of:
Britton Byrum, Leon Privott, Jack
Evans, Sammy Byrum and Stuart Hol
The public is cordially invited to
attend. A small admission will be
The play is presented by special
arrangement of the Ait Craft Play
Company of Cedar Rapids, lowa.
Hospital Auxiliary
WH Meet Friday
Mrs. J. N. Pruden, Sr.,
Will Be Principal
'The Chowan Hospital Auxiliary will
meet Friday afternoon, March 20, at
3 o’clock in the Nurses’ Home. A
special program has been arranged for
this meeting which includes an ad
dress by Mis. J. N. 'Pruden, Sr., who
will speak on the subject “Early Doc
tors of the Albemarle.”
.The nurses’ aid program is also on
the agenda, so that Mrs. Martin Wise
ly, president olf the Auxiliary, urges
all members to make a special effort
to be present. A tea will follow the ,
business session.
The Dime Society of the Edenton
Baptist Church will meet Tuesday
night of next week at 8 o’clock with
Mrs. L. E. (Francis. All members of
- society are urged to attend.
Gtee Club To Present
Miss Gherryblossom
: On Fridayjllarch 20
Performance Will Be
..Dedicated To Class
* Os 1921
The Glee Club of Eden ton Junior-
Senior High School plans to present
its fourth musical comedy, “Miss
Gherryblossom,” by J. W. Dodge in
the Elementary School auditorium
Friday night, March 20, at 8 o’clock.
The yearly musical production has be
come a tradition in the Edenton school,
and has been a regularly scheduled
event since 1949, with the exception
, of the spring of 1952, when the mov
ing of the school into its new quar
ters on Hicks Field prevented the an
nual production being staged.
This year’s offering, “Miss Cherry
blossom” should have a particular in
terest for Edentonians, as the show
has been given in Edenton once before.
In the spring of 192)1 the (Senior Class
of Edenton High School presented this
same %nusical comedy in place of a
Senior Play. Miss 'lva Pearson and
Mrs. J. W. Davis coached that pro
duction, and the leading role was
sung by Margaret Williams now Mrs.
Clarence Cates.
“Miss Cherryblossom” tells the
story of Evelyn Dames, whose parents
died in Japan of a fever epidemic
when she was an infant. (Her father’s
secretary absconded with her prop
erty and abandoned the child to the
care of Kokemo, proprietor of a Tea
Garden, who named her Cherryblos
som, brought her up as a Geisha, and
contracted her in marriage to Togo,
a wealthy politician. (How she met
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BPW Club Meets
At Hotel Tonight
Officials Scheduled to
Take Part on Inter
esting Program
Mrs. Annie Mills, presidient of the
Edenton Business and Professional
Women's Club, calls attention to the
dinner meeting to be held tonight at
7 o’clock in the dining room of the
Hotel Joseph Hewes.
A feature of the meeting will be
short talks on “(Local Government,” by
four town officials including Mayor
Leroy Haskett, who will speak on
the framework of the city govern
ment; R. N. Hines, who will talk on
public works; John Mitohener, Jr.,
who will talk on the city budget, and
John A. Holmes, who will tell about
the local school system. \
The club feels fortunate in being i
able to secure these town authorities, ]
which presents an excellent oppor- i
tunity for members to get first hand :
how the management; of our city is
executed. Therefore, a g-.od repre- t
sentation is expected. i
11 Homes And Three
Public Places Will
Be Opened For Tour
m . %■
Clinic Speaker
(: '■■■ .
Speaking at a post graduate
course on coronary artery disease
at the Chowan Hospital nurses’
home was Dr. William Stroud,
heart specialist.
Week Os Study
At Baptist Church
Classes Arranged For
Church Members of
All Ages
March is Study Course Month for
Baptist Training Union Members
throughout the Southern Baptist Con
vention. With this in mind, the Train
ing Union Department of the local
Baptist Church is conducting a week
of study and enlargement beginning
this Monday night, March 23, at 7
o'clock. Classes are being arranged
for each age group which will provide
gsod and usable instruction for every
member of the church.
Since this course is designed pri
marily for church members, it is
hoped that those church members
not now enrolled in the Training Un
ion will come out and join the BTU
members in this week of helpful
study; and, will become members of
the training organization. A new
union is being organized for those
church members of age 17 and up.
This is a wonderful opportunity for
those who desire to grow in service.
So, no matter what age one might
be—there is a place for all in this
up-building program. A cordial wel
come awaits all.
March Os Dimes Now
Amounts To $1,713.26
White and Colored Ru
ral Sections Still to
Be Heard From
This week D. IF. Walker, prin
cipal of the Edenton colored
schools, presented a check for
73.57, which represents March
of Dimes contributions made in
the Edenton colored schools.
This amount brings total con
tributions to $1,713.26 as of Wed
nesday of this week. An error
was made in last week’s figure,
making a difference of $2.14. The
amount reported was $1,641.83,
but when the money was counted
in the bank it amounted to sl,.
639.69. The figure used last we*k
was taken from reports from can-.
vaasers, so that there must have
been a slight duplication or else
a mistake made in marking con
tributions on envelopes.
At any rate the contributions
now stand at $1,713.26, with still
reports to be received from both
white and colored rural sections.
Baptist WMU Will
Meet At Sandy Cross
The Woman’s Missionary Union of
the Chowan Association will convene
in an all day session at Sandy Cross
Baptist Church in Gates County Wed
nesday, March 25, beginning at
10 A. M.
All churches in th© association are
expected to be represented at this
’' WPer Year.
! Added to List Are Elli
son House and Green
field Plantation
Problem Arises to Ac
commodate Visitors
Edenton Woman’s Club which is
sponsoring the third Pilgrimage of
Colonial Edenton and Countryside to
be held April 10th and l'lth is happy
to announce that two homes, not
previously listed as opening for the
tour, have been added to the list,
making a total of 11 homes and three
public places. The two homes are,
Greenfield Plantation, home of Mrs.
George Collins Wood, and the Ellison
house, home of Mrs. Fred P. Wood.
From the tremendous number of in
quiries being received concerning the
Pilgrimage, it is very possible that
the hotel, tourist courts and tourist
homes will not be able to accommodate
the tourists anticipated, and Mrs. R.
N. Hines, chairman of the Pilgrim
age, asks that anyone having rooms
that they would be willing to rent
during these two days bo contact her,
at her home, phone 392. Anyone de
siring folders to be sent friends or
relatives, can have them sent by call
ing Mrs. W. J. P. Earnhardt at 590.
The Pilgrimage is being given wide
spread publicity through the folders
which have been sent to all tourists
who registered for the tour in 1951,
and folders have been sent to travel
agencies, hotels, motels, the State
(News Bureau, and other places
throughout the State, as well as other
states. Information concerning the
1 Pilgrimage will also be given from
several radio stations.
In this issue of The Chowan Herald,
and in the next two issues, a list of
the homes and public buildings to be
open for the tour, will be given with
a brief history of each.
Today’s installment of homes is as
St. Paul’s Church—W. Church St.
Open 10 A. M„ to 9 P. M.
The parish, organized under the
first Vestry Act in 1791, has the old
est charter in the State and the second
oldest church building. This build
ing, begun in 1736, during the ad
ministration of the Society for the
Propagation of the Gospel, was com
pleted some thirty years later. Twen
ty-five years of neglect after the Rev
olution necessitated extensive repairs,
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Civic Calendar
Pilgrimage of Colonial Edenton
and Countryside Friday and Sat
urday, April 10 and 11.
Degree of Pocahontas Easter
dance Saturday night, April 4, in
the Edenton Armory.
(Spring term of Chowan County
Superior Court begins Monday
morning, March 30.
Glee Club of Edenton Junior
iSenior High School presents
“Miss Cherryblossom,” a musical
comedy, in Elementary (School au
ditorium Friday night, March 20,
at 8 o’clock.
Lions Club meets Monday night
at 7 o’clock.
Chowan County Negro 4-H
Clubs present program at White
Oak School Sunday, March 22, at
3:30 P. M. %
Red Men meet Monday night at
7:30 o’clock.
Lions Club Minstrel Friday
night, April 10.
VFW meets in Post’s home on
old Hertford Highway Tuesday
night at 8 o’clock.
Rotary Club meets this (Thurs
day) afternoon at 1 o’clock in the
Parish House.
Junior-Senior play at Chowan
High School Thursday night,
March 19, at 7:30 o’clock.
Home demonstration club radio
program on WGAI Thursday,
April 2 at 12:45 P. M.
Unanimity Lodge, No. 7, A. iF„
& A. M., meets tonight (Thurs
day) at 8 o’clock in the Court
American Legion Auxiliary
cake, pie and candy sale at P & Q
Super Market Saturday, April 4.
Twenty-fifth District Federa
tion of home demonstration clubs
meeting in the Edenton High
School auditorium Wednesday,
April 8, at 10:30 A. M.
Dime Society df the Edenton
Baptist Church will mtiet at the
home of Mrs. L, E. Francis Tues
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