North Carolina Newspapers

    Volume XX, —Number 42.
Plans Now Shaping
Up For Local Talent
Show On November 6
‘Fabulous Follies of ’s3’
Will Be Presented In
School Auditorium
Jaycees, Woman’s Club
And BPW Club Spon
soring Show
Plans are going forward for the
■“Fabulous Follies of Fifty-three,”
which will be presented in the Ele
mentary School auditorium Friday
night, November 6, under the sponsor
ship of the Edenton Woman’s Club,
the Business and Professional Wo
men’s Club and the Junior Chamber
of Commerce. Mrs. Frank Holmes, a
member of the Woman’s Club, wrote
the follies and is also doing the di
recting. The cast is composed of all
local talent and the evening promises
good entertainment, as the show is
chock full of hilarious comedy, danc
ing, singing and attractive back
The curtain will rise promptly at
8 o’clock with a chorus composed of
Tressie Bunch, Evelyn Jackson, Kath
ryn Cozart, Mary Harding, Lib Lay
ton, Nellie Jones, Kathryn Goodwin,
Juanita Stokes, Virginia Perry, Betsy
Chesson, Kathryn Forehand and Jack
ie Ricks. The group will do a song
and dance routine to “There’s No
Business Like Show Business.”
The following will participate in the
“Old Fashioned Walk”, Laura Satter
field, Molly Wisely, Peggy Holmes,
Lena Harrell, Grace Sawyer, Ruth'
Vaughan, Ruth Bennett, Corinne
Thorud, Paul Partin, George Alma By
rum, Lewis Leary, Gilliam Wood,
Dickie Dixon, Pete Manning, Jimmy
Ricks and Bill Cozart.
A skit, “Modern Mama,” is expect
ed to draw many laughs. The charac
ters are: Judge, Tom Byrum; Cindy
Lou, Jane Holmes; Catfish, Wesley
“A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody,”
will be a chorus and dance composed
of Ruth Conger, Carrie Earnhardt,
Martha Leary, Ruth Phillips, Arlene
Fallis, Dotty Turveville, Sarah Boyce,
Marion Cross, Dorris Boyce, Nancy
Wood, Betty Dixon and Mary Shep
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Forest Ranger White
Collects Over 200
Bushels Pine Cones
Sent to Nursery to Pro
duce Many Pine
F. V. White, Chowan County For
est Ranger, says there is more to this
business of forestry than meets the
eye. Take pine cone collection work,
for instance. Every fall the Division
of Forestry goes out and collects the
pine cones which become the “moth
ers” of millions of tiny pine seedlings
grown in the state-operated nurseries.
Mr. White has just collected over 200
bushels of loblolly pine cones for this
The cones are gathered as soon as
the seeds inside have matured, but
while the cone itself is still closed.
The closed cones are then taken to the
nursery and put into drying sheds.
When the cones open the seed is col
lected and eventually planted.
From the planted seed springs the
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Mrs. Martin Wisely
Will Be BPW Speaker
The Edenton Business and Profes
sional Women’s Club will hold its
monthly meeting Thursday night, Oc
tober 15, at the Barker Community
House, beginning at 8 o’clock.
A feature of the meeting will be a
talk by Mrs. Martin Wisely, who will
tell the group of her. recent visit to
her native home in England.' Mrs.
Wisely will also show colored slides to
illustrate her talk. t
Mrs. Evelyn Jackson, president of
the club,.urges all members to take
this opportunity to hear Mrs. Wisely,
who delighted the club members when
she told of another visit to her home
several years ago.
The Ladies’s Auxiliary of William
H. Coffield Post, No. 9280, Veterans
of Foreign Wars, will meet tonight
(Thursday) at 8 o’clock in the VFW
Home, Mrs. Ellie Mae Parrish, presi
dent, urges all members to attend.
. • iif"; ■ "* J 'v v ■
12 Are Awarded 1953
Safe Driving Awards
In order to stimulate safe driving,
State Patrolman Mack Rogerson and
Van B. Pierce, who are stationed in
Edenton, were authorized to issue
1953 safe driving awards, which en
titles the holders to a free pass to
the State Fair in Raleigh October
Patrolman Rogerson was authoriz
ed to issue five awards and Patrol
man Pierce seven, which were as fol
Patrolman Rogerson—William El
■ ton Boswell, farmer; Mrs. Myrtle
Barrow Hollowell, housewife; Hector
Lupton, newspaperman; Arthur Lewis
Pollinger, a Marine; John Albert
Wynne, Jr., colored school teacher.
Patrolman Pierce—Miss Ann Jane
Partin, Miss Edna Louise Snell, Dav
id Benjamin Browning, Jr., Oatman
Branning Perry, Andrew Jerome
i Fleming, T-Sgt. Thomas H. Scrugg,
i and Mrs. Eliza Knight Elliott.
Annual Halloween
Parly Scheduled To
Be Held October 31
) _
Woman’s Club Expects
1,500 Children to Eta- *
joy Affair
The playground committee'of me
Edenton Woman’s Club aaounees
' that plans for the annuajHjlHoween
Party being made. Thevp«rty will
be held at the children's playground
at Hicks Field on SlKfrday iftgh t, Oc
| tober 31. t
' There will be v §.'blg par£3e with chil
’ dren dressed in "RaTrelMfen costumes,
, along with decorated bicycles and
. wagons, which will be headed by the
Edenton Junior-Senior High School
j Band. The children are urged to com
! pete for the costume prize, as well as
’ the prize for the best float. All
' floats are restricted to those not mo
-1 tor driven.
Arrangements are being made to
include all the entertainment and re
| freshments that the youngsters have
I enjoyed each Halloween since the. par-
Ities have been given. The club wo
men are expecting approximately 1500
children on hand for the affair.
; Aces Meet Tarboro
In Another Home
Game Friday Night
; Local Outfit Faces Very
! Rugged Schedule Re
! mainder of Season
With a record of one victory, a tie
! game and three defeats thus far this
• season,- Edenton’s Aces are scheduled
* to meet Tarboro High School in an
> Albemarle Conference game on Hicks
Field Friday night at 8 o’clock. The
* Aces have been defeated by Roanoke
- Rapids, Chowan College Freshmen
• and Elizabeth City. They tied Wil
-1 liamston and won a conference game
• from Columbia.
Little is known about the strength
of the Tarboro aggregation. They
! were defeated last week by the Hert
ford Indians by a score of 25-6, but
Hertford is believed to be one of, if
not -the strongest outfit in the con
, ference. Coaches Ben Perry and Al
ton Brooks are putting the Aces
through strenuous drills and are some
■ what optimistic that they will add an
s other game to the win column Friday
- night. •.
r The Aces have a rugged schedule
for the remainder of the season, for
i after Friday night’s game they will
1 meet the Hertford Indians on Hicks
> Field October 23. Then on October
. 30 they lace the rugged Ahoskie team
> on Hicks Field. The final two games
on the schedule will be played in
t Goldsboro November 6 and the last
( game in Plymouth November 13.
, Edenton’s up and coming high
l school band will be on hand Friday
i night and it is hoped a large crowd
of fans will turn out for the. game.
l Edenton Junior Chamber of Com-
I merce will sponsor a cake and pie
t sale Saturday morning, October IT,
r beginning at 10 o’clock. T& sale will
- be held in the Hughes-Holton hard-!
ware ptore. ~ j '.
"Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, October 15,1953.
m PI
* * *
In above picture one-inch bluegills are being removed from a tank
to be released in Pembroke and Yeopim Creeks. At left is Gashouse
Parker and behind him W. M. Cozart. Right, front is Gibson Brickie
and back of him is Game Warden Robert Evans. In lower picture
Gibson Brickie is shown releasing the fish as Gashouse Parker looks
on.—(Evelyn Leary Photo.)
Emmett Elliott Dies
As Result Os .22 Rifle
Bullet Fired In Head
Prominent Chowan Far
mer Victim of 111
Citizens in Chowan County from
one end to the other were shocked
Thursday'moming of last week when
it was learned that Emmett Nowell
Elliott died in Chowan- Hospital short
ly before 9 o’clock as the result of a
self-inflicted bullet wound in his head.
A .22 calibre rifle was used.
Mr. Elliott had not been in good
1 health lately. He had been a patient
in a Norfolk hospital for a short
time and was scheduled to return, so
that the only reason for his action
was brooding over his health.
According to reports, Mr. Elliott
was unable to sleep and early Thurs
day morning he went to another bed
room, where his wife thought he went
1 to sleep. However, about 5 o’clock
she heard a shot and rushing to the
room she found him mortally wound
ed. Dr. L. P. Williams was summon
ed and Mr. Elliott was taken to Cho
wan Hospital, -Where he died without
regaining consciousness.
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AuxiHary Os Legion
Conducting Annual
Membership Drive
Committee Appointed to
Secure Members For
New Year
Jlrs. J. L. Chestnutt, president of
the American Legion Auxiliary calls
attention to the fact that October is
membership month for the Auxiliary,
so that all members are especially
urged to pay their dues during the
The Auxiliary is hoping this year’s
membership will be the largest in the
history of the organization and Mrs.
Chestnutt has appointed a committee
to work with her in securing members.
This committee is composed of Mrs.
L. S. Byrum, Mrs. Wallace Jones, Mrs.
John Graham, Mrs. Edmond Mills,
Mrs. Martin Wisely and Mrs. John
r Speight Skiles. An Auxiliary mem
bership card will entitle the holder to
enter the Legion Fair October 26-31.
Officials Os State
i Library Delighted
I With Edenton Visit
• Appreciate Hospitality
At Edenton Elemen
tary School
1 Ernest A. Swain, principal of the
I Edenton Elementary School, last week
1 received a very pleasant letter from
l Cora Paul Bomar, State School Li
' brary Adviser, and Celeste Johnston,
1 assistant, expressing their pleasure
• and appreciation of the hospitality
experienced when they visited the
1 school September 29.
; The letter, copies of which were
: also sent to Miss Myrtle Waff, li
-1 brarian of the Edenton Elementary
1 School Library; Superintendent John
A. Holmes and Homer Lassiter, Divi
; sion of Elementary Secondary Edu
■ cation, Raleigh, follows:
“Dear Mr. Swain: Miss Cora Bo
< mar and I appreciated the warm hos
: pitality which we received during our
1 visit to your school on September 29,
■ and we enjoyed being your guests at
• the lunch room. We noted with plea
■ sure the interest among the faculty
: in the library program and the wide
use of the library by both teachers
and pupils. Miss Waff is giving very
fine library service to your school.
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Over 200 Attend
, First Meeting Os
PTA Association
State Senator A. P. God
win of Gatesville Prin
cipal Speaker
i Edenton’s Parent-Teacher Associa
, tion, having held its first meeting Oc
r tober 12, at the Elementary School,
! boasted an attendance of over 200 in
terested persons.
i The meeting was called to order by
: Mrs. Roland Vaughan, president, and
. the' devotional was presented by the
s Rev. R. N. Carroll, pastor of the
. Edenton Baptist Church.
W. T. Harry gave the welcoming
. address, during which time he asked
, for a presentation of teachers by Ger
i aid James, principal of the Junior
- Senior High School, and Ernest A.
> Swain, principal of the Elementary
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Fair Will Be Held In
Edenton October 17
Civic Calendar 1
Legion Auxiliary meets Tues
day night, October 20 at the home
of Mrs. Gene Perry at 8 o’clock.
Edenton Jaycees will sponsor j
a cake and pie sale at Hughes & r
Holton Hardware Store Saturday
morning at 10 o’clock.
National Business and Profes
sional Women’s Week observed i
this week.
Third degree will be conferred
upon a candidate at the meeting i
of Unanimity Lodge, No. 7, A. F., (
&A. M., tonight (Thursday) at j
8 o’clock in the Court House.
Edenton Chapter of the East
ern Star will meet in the Court [ 1
House Monday night at 8 o’clock. ;
Home Achievement Day held s
today (Thursday) at the Chowan
Community Building.
American Legion membership * c
drive now in progress.
Ladies’ Auxiliary of the VFW 1
meets tonight (Thursday) in VFW !
home at 8 o’clock.
Annual Halloween Party on
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Local Woman’s Club i
loins In
“Help Home Project”;
Official of State Federa-'
tion Speaker at Meet- '
ing Last Week
- ( (
At the October meeting of the ;
Edenton Woman’s Club held last week
in St. Paul’s Parish House, Mrs. C. A.
Phillips gave a report on the district j
meeting held at Movock and told the
club members of the several awards
and prizes won by the local club.
Plans for the annual Halloween par
[ty were outlined by Mrs. N. J. George,
playground chairman, who announced
that the party will be held this year
on October 31, at the playground.
The club voted to sponsor the “Helpj
'j A Home” project and Mrs. Ben Per-,
ry was appointed local chairman. Mrs.:
Gerald James was welcomed to the
club as a transfer from the club at j
Gibsonville, N. C.
i Mrs. W. J. P. Earnhardt introduced
t Mrs. John Bonner of Elizabeth City,
•, corresponding secretary of the State
Federation, who spoke on the sub
ject of “Unity-Vision-Service,” which
g is the Federation’s theme for the
f year.
B Nelson W. Stevenson, consultant of
the State Welfare Department, pi'e
sented the program of the “Help A
5 Home” project to the club, explaining
to the group how the project will sup
' plement the work of the Welfare De
-1 paremtn. Mrs. W. J. P. Earnhardt is
the State Chairman of the “Help A
Home” project.
Town Councilmen
' In Lengthy Session
j On Tuesday Night
Rider’s Lane Problem
Consumes Big Por
tion of Time
With a full agenda, Town Council
men held a lengthy session Tuesday
night, with the Rider Lane problem
I consuming a considerable amount of
the time. Three colored people living
on the road complained that dust has
become a nuisance, Harrison Spruill
again complained that speeding trucks
damage his property and make life a
virtual torment at his home. Besides,
representatives of the Blades Lumber
Company and the Coastland Oil Com
pany were on hand to see what might
' be done in widening the road and put
* ting it in passable condition the year
* round.
After lengthy discussion a motion
was made and passed that if the two
7 concerns would buy a 10-foot strip of
1 land from Dr. L. A. Deese at a cost
3 of SI,OOO the Town would do all it
> could to put it in passable condition
and when funds Were available to
£ hardsurface the road. In the mean
-1 time the Street Department was in
- structed to put oil on the road to
- eliminate the dust.
. Horace White made a request that
T the town put into force a plumbing
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$2.00 Per Year.
Cross Section of Activi
ties Will Be Demon
strated By Scouts
Three Troops Will Parti
cipate In Edenton’s
Boy Scouts from all over the Albe
marle will gather in Edenton this Sat
urday, October 17, to stage a “Scout
ing in Action” Fair. The fair will be
a show window of Scouting. The pur
pose of the show is to acquaint the
public with some of the activities and
skills of Scouting. Sixteen troops
will put on different demonstrations
simultaneously from 11 A. M., untd
5:30 P. M. Each troop will have a
tent in which to put on their demon
Scouts have been preparing for
weeks in order to give the public a
good cross section of their activities,
such as: Cub Scout family activities,
Cub Scout advancement. Cub Scout
crafts and games, Boy Scout camning,
cooking, building, arts, crafts and col
lections, first aid, seamanship, and an
exhibit of jamboree souvenirs. All of
the above demonstrations will include
plenty of action so that the public can
actually see what the Scouts do.
Troop 170 of Rocky Hock will dem
onstrate knol tieing.
Troop 154 of Center Hill will dem
onstrate wood work.
Troop 156 of Edenton will demon
strate cooking.
T. F. Lowry, chairman of the camp
ing activities committee, will be the
overall chairman with S. S. Campen of
Edenton in charge of the Edenton
fair. Hubert Williford is in charge
of physical arrangements and Charles
j Overman will be in charge of judging
and awards.
This same fair will be shown in
Elizabeth City on October 24 on the
Court House lawn from 11 A. M., un
til 5:30 P. M.
The public is cordially invited and
there will be no admission charge.
Legion’s Chowan
j County Fair Little.
Over Week Away
Officials Predict Bigger
Fair Than Ever
With only a little more than a
week off, plans for the American Leg
ion’s Chowan County Fair are rapidly
being completed and from present in
dications this year’s fair will eclipse
all previous fairs. Members of the
Legion have been working like Tro
jans on the new exhibit building on
the Legion’s property on the Windsor
highway, so that everything will be in
readiness for the large number of ex
hibits and booths expected.
This will he the first year the fair
will be held on the new Legion site
and far more room is available for
parking and attractions than was the
case at the Edenton armory. Ample
space is also available for exhibits
and various entries in the fair.
The Pen Premier Shows will be the
midway attraction, which boasts the
reputation of being the largest truck
show on earth. A free attraction to
thrill fair visitors will be Billy Out
ten, who will dive into a tank of wa
ter from the top of a 110-foot ladder.
Many other shows and attractions are
scheduled to be on the midway.
Premium lists have been widely dis
tributed in Chowan County and early
next week a 24-page fair edition will
also be sent all over this and adjoin
ing counties.
Willis McClenney, manager of the
fair, as well as W. J. Yates, are ex
pecting this year’s fair to be the best
ever staged by the Legion and, of
course, extend a cordial invitation to
everybody to attend.
Holly Homeplace Sale
Postponed To Oct. 17
Due to the death last week of E. N.
Elliott, brother and uncle of Mrs. W.
H. Winborne and children, the sale of
the W. A. Holley homeplace lands has
been postponed until Saturday mom- '
ing, October 17, at 11 o’clock.
The sale will be conducted at the
premises under the same terms as set
forth in the previous notice of sale.

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