North Carolina Newspapers

    Volume XX.—Number 46.
Steps Are Taken Byi
Town Council To
Widen Rider’s Lane
Two Concerns and Town
Agree to Buy 10-foot
Strip of Land
Delegation Present In
Regard to Widening
Oakum Street
After many months of complaining
and appealing for relief on Rider’s
Lane, a definite step to remedy the
situation was taken at the meeting
of Tovm Council Tuesday night, when
an agreement was made that the
Coastland Oil Company, the Blades
Lumber Company and the Town of
Edenton share equally in the purchase
of a 10-foot strip of. land from Dr.
L. A. Deese for the purpose of widen
ing the street and making it pass
able. Dr. Deese previously offered
to sell a 10-foot strip of his property
which extends the entire length of the
narrow street at a price of SI,OOO, so
that the two concerns and the town
will each pay one-third.
Speaking in behalf of the arrange
ment was John W. Graham, who re
ferred to efforts being made to se
cure new industries and that the two
concerns vitally affected by the inade
quate transportation facilities are en
titled to some consideration. At a
previous meeting the Town offered to
improve the road if the two concerns
purchased the strip of land and deeded
it to the town.
It was pointed out that Harrison
Spruill, who lives at the entrance of
the street, had placed a heavy iron
post at the corner of his property to
prevent passage over his lot which
makes entering and leaving the road
even more hazardous.
When the purchase of the land is
made, the Street Department has been
instructed to proceed to improve the
road so that two vehicles can safely
At the meeting a delegation of citi
zens living on Oakum Street was on
hand in connection with the proposed |
widening of Oakum Street between
Church and Queen Streets in order
to relieve a critical traffic problem.
The Street Commissioner reported
that the distance is 362 feet and that
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St Paul’s Bazaar Is |
Scheduled Tuesday
Many Articles Will Be
Sold and Dinner Also
Final preparations for the fifth an
nual bazaar sponsored by the ladies
of St. Paul’s Auxiliary are being com
pleted. The bazaar will be held at
the St. Paul’s Parish House Tuesday,
November 17, with the doors opening
at 10 o’clock. Mrs. L. A. Patterson
is general chairman of the Bazaar and
she and her committee chairmen are
expecting to have a larger assortment
of hand made articles this year than
ever before. A display of a few of
the articles to be on sale will be held
in Preston’s windows over the week
Mrs. Charles P. Wales and Mrs. S.
M. McMullan, chairmen of the food
tables, request that members of the
Auxiliary who contribute to these ta
bles, please bring the perishable foods
to the Parish House by 9 O’clock on
Tuesday morning, the day of the ba
zaar. Home canned things de
livered on Monday. The Parish House
will be open November 16, from 10
A. M., until 5 P. M., with someone on
duty these hours to recehfe all ar
Mrs. Patterson asks that anyone
who wants to nlace an order for plants
-and shrubs and who has not been con
tacted please call Mrs. W. B. Rose
vear at phone number 51 so that their
•order may be filled.
A turkey dinner will be served at
7 o'clock the night of the bazaar at
which time an auction sale will take
place. Dinners will be delivered to
homes of people who cannot attend at
6:30, by members of the.Y. P. S. L.,
and anyone desiring tickets for taker
out dinners may contact Mrs. Carroll
Kramer at phone number 85-W, or
254-W, no later than noon on Tues
day, November 17.
A meeting of the American Legion
Ljfcuxiliary will be held Tuesday night,
r November 17 at 8 o’-lock at the horaej
of Mrs. M. L. Bunch. All members
| are especially urged to attend.
Two Found Guilty Os
Attempting To Evade
Employment Laws
Two colored men Simuel Johnson
and Haverd Johnson, Route 3, were
tried before Justice of the Peace F.
W. Hobbs Monday night on charges of
attempting to evade the employment
security laws in that while filing
claims for unemployment insurance in
the local employment office for the
week ending September 13 and Sep
tember 30, they had worked and fail
ed to report their true earnings.
Both were found guilty and sen
tenced to pay a fine of S2O each and
cost of the action.
There are further stiff penalties for
such convictions for not only are the
guilty parties ineligible "for any fur
ther unemployment payments during
the remainder of their benefit year
but any benefits received after com
mission of-the fraud must be repaid
before they can ever draw unemploy
ment benefits in the future.
Second High Honor
In Electric Contest
Marjorie Harrell and
Billy Goodwin Also
Shirley Harrell, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Lester Harrell, Route 1, has
been named second place territorial
winner in the 4-H Farm and Home
Electric Contest. In addition to re
ceiving a two-day,, all-expense trip to
the State 4-H Farm and Home Elec
tric Congress, which was held re
cently in Raleigh, Shirley was award
ed a lovely engraved gold watch as
second place winner in the Virginia
Electric and Power Company terri
Shirley has taken the Farm and
Home Electric Project for three years
and during that time has learned
much about electricity and how it may
i be used more effectively in the home
and on the farm.
j Marjorie Harrell, also daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Harrell, and Billy
Goodwin, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
I Goodwin, were county winners in the
I 1 Farm and Home Electric Contest and
also received expense paid trips to
the Farm and Home Electric Con
gress. All three winners are members
of the Chowan 4-H Club.
Christmas Saving
Club Deadline Will
Be Next Monday
Bank of Edenton Will
Distribute In Neigh
borhood of $73,000
The Bank of Edenton’s 1953 Christ
mas Saving Club closed Monday of
this week, but the bank will accept
payments on club accounts until next
Monday, November 16, in order for
members to realize the full amount of
their clubs.
As the result of this year’s Christ
mas Saving Club, in the neighborhood
of $73,000 will be distributed. The
checks are expected to be mailed on
or before November 26.
BPW Club Will Meet
Thursday, November 19
, The Edenton Business and Profes
sional Women’s Club will hold its reg
ular business meeting Thursday night,
November 19, at the Barker Com
munity House, beginning at 8 o’clock.
,An interesting panel discussion on
“The Equal Rights Amendment,” will
be presented by the Legislation com
mittee, with Mrs. Anne Jenkins as
Mrs.. Evelyn Jackson, president of
the clubr urges a full attendance for
this meeting.
According to the report of Fire
Chief R. K. Hall Edenton firemen an
swered five calls during October.
Four of the fires were in Edenton and
j one in the rural section, when an au
tomobile caught fire. Little damage
resulted as the result of the fires.
Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, November 12,1953.
■ I
A Wake Forest College majorette, who’s well known to the folks
around Edenton. has been selected as a member of “Who’s Who In
Baton Twirling” in the United States. The first Wake Forest coed
to receive this honor, she is Marietta Perry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
M. M. Perry of 116 West Queen Street. A sophomore this year,
Marietta was a majorette her freshman year and for four years while
attending Edenton High School. She is one of 700 college majorettes
who are members of the National Baton Twirling Association to be
selected for the “Who’s Who” list. Marietta is a business adminis
tration major. She is a member of the Student Council, the French
> Club, the social standards committee of the Woman’s Government
Association and the Delta Kappa Nu Business Club.
Junior Class Staging,
Play Friday, Nov. 20
In School Auditorium
Rehearsals Are Started
For “Professor, How
Could You”?
Directed by Mrs. Mary L. Browning
rehearsals are now in full swing for
the Junior Class production of “Pro
fessor, How Could You?” The play is
being given as part of the money-rais- 1
ing program to finance this year’s
Junior-Senior Prom. The play will be!
presented in the Elementary School!
auditorium Friday, November 20, at
8:00 P. M.
The plot revolves around a v ar.g
professor of a small college. w>-', is
offered the deanship of the college.
However, the board wants a married
man for dean, and the young profes
sor cares nothing for modem givls.
He ask his friends to find him a wife,
and soon finds himself with three fi
ancees. How he gets out of the pre
dicament to the satisfaction of all
concerned promises to be a good
evening’s entertainment.
In the cast are Mike Malone as,
Keats Perry, the young professor:
Mary Leggett Browning as Vicky!
Randolph, the bane of his life; Evelyn |
. Bunch as Grandma Perry, an obliging,
soul; Mickey Barrington as Grandpa)
Perry, an innocent hystander; Tay By-1
rum as John Anplebv, a helpful friend; |
Carolyn Ashley as Priscille Morley, a,
sweet young thing; Allison Campen i
as Tootsie Bean, a plump spinster;
Robert Kennan as Butcher Boy Bean, j
her big brother; Anna Partin as Val-;
erie Whitman, a Southern charmer;
and Bobby Smith as Boggins, the
sporting butler.
- Don’t miss this delightful evening’s
: entertainment November 20, at 8:00
• P. M.
Civic Calendar
Red Cross Bloodmobile will be
at the Edenton armory today
(Thursday) from 10 A. M., to 4
P. M. The quota is 150 pints of
blood. Give a pint of blood to
) help save a life.
The Woman's Society of Chris
tian Service of the Methodist
Church is sponsoring a chicken
salad supper this (Thursday)
Dutch dinner for the Pasquo
i tank-Perquimans-Camden-Chowan
1 Tuberculosis Association tonight
(Thursday) at 6:30 o’clock at Ho-.
i tel Hertford in Hertford. .
Next Monday is deadline to pay
on Christmas Saving Clubs at I
Bank of Edenton.
Annual Chowan Countv 4-H
Club Achievement Day Monday
night, December 16, at the Cho
wan High School auditorium at
7:30 o’clock.
Edenton Business and Profess
-1 ional Women’s Club meets Thurs
day night, November 19, at 8
o’clock in the Penelope Barker
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James Monds Winner)
Os Highest Honor Ini
4-H Tractor Contest'
Awarded Free Trip to
4-H Club Congress
In Chicago
To say that James Monds is the
happiest bov in Chowan Countv is to
state James, son of Mr. and
Mrs.' B. P. Monds of the Center Hill
community, is 1953 State winner in
4-H tractor maintenance. As State
winner, James will be awarded a free
| trip to the National 4-H Tractor,
Maintenance Club Congress in Chica-'
go, November 29-December 3.
This is James’ third year in the
tractor maintenance project, and his
" - : ::
I faith and perseverance have really
paid off. This is the first time a 4-H
Club member from the Center Hill
community has ever won a free trip
to the National 4-H Club Congress.
Announcement of James success
was made by L. R. Harrill, State 4-H
Club leader, Monday of this week.
In his tractor project, James stud
ied manuals concerning the proper
care and operation of tractors, took
charge of the maintenance and up-i
keep of one of his dad’s tractors, and
kept records of operation costs. He
gave several demonstrations to his fel
low club members on the proper main
tenance of a traitor. James kept the
tractor timed properly, changed oil as
needed, lubricated the tractor, check
ed the ignition points and plugs, kept
the tires properly inflated, and prac
ticed safety.
James was county and district win
ner in his tractor project in 1951 and
1952. He also represented Chowan
County at the State 4-H tractor opera
| tor’s contest in Raleigh in 1951 and
1 1953 He and his parents are to be
'congratulated for his accomplishment
and achievement.
Mr=. J. Paul Holoman, Mrs. Her
bert TTollowell, Mrs. Will Perry and
Mrs. J. L. Chestnutt attended a first
I area meeting at Columbia Tuesday.
Mrs. Chestnutt. who is president of
the Edenton Auxiliary, took part on
the program.
Edenton - Chowan
County Designated
Critical For Housing
Jimmy Earnhardt, Jr.
Will Be Commissioned
An Ensign On Friday
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. P. Earnhardt
left Edenton Wednesday for Norfolk
where they boarded a National Airline
plane for Newport, R. 1., to attend the 1
commissioning of their son Jimmie
Earnhardt as an Ensign in the U. S.
Navy on Friday.
Young Earnhardt has spent four
months in the officers’ candidate
school at the Newport Naval Sta-\_
tion. He will return home with hist*
parents Saturday to spend a 10-day'
leave, after which he is scheduled to
be stationed on the destroyer Maole
and will be eligible for command at
sea. His home port will be Norfolk.
Edenton’s Aces Will
Bring An End To ’s3
Grid Season Friday
Local Outfit Meets Ply
mouth Panthers In
Underdog Role
Coach Ben Perry’s Edenton Aces
i will bring down the curtain on the
1953 football season Friday night |
I when they travel to Plymouth to play
' the - Panthers of Plymouth High:
j School.
As in most of the games this sea-1
J son, the Aces will take on the roll of.
underdog, being the less impressive
i j team so far as comparisons are con
cerned. However, the Ahoskie Indians,
six to eight touchdown favorites, dis
-1 covered in the Aces a stubborn and
rugged outfit which they defeated by
the scant margin of two extra points
I after touchdown.
I Plymouth has a strong team and
■ j the Aces know it, so that they will |
' enter the game determined to put up
! •> good fight and the hope that the l
dope bucket will again be upset. I
Coaches Ben Perry and Alton Brooks
1 are taking the Aces through strenuous!
• nraetice sessions in anticipation of a,
j hard fought game.
The Aces played their best game j
of the season on October 30 against,
Ahoskie, and fans hope they will re
: peat this performance in Plymouth on
Friday night.
So far as victories are concerned,
the Aces have not ha<j such an im
pressive season, but for the most part
the boys have been young and inex
perienced, so that prospects should be
brighter for next season. Consider
ing the size and experience of the
boys, they have done very well against ,
the teams they have played. i
The season’s record up until the ]
Plymouth game Friday is six losses j
at the hands of Roanoke Rapids, Cho- :
wan College Freshmen, Elizabeth City,
Hertford, Ahoskie and Goldsboro.
Victories were gained over Columbia
and Tarboro and the Williamston
game resulted in a 6-6 tie.
Members of this year’s squad are:
Chan Wilson, Sid Campen, Ralph
Hall, Gerald Lassiter, G. A. Hollowed.
Robby Pratt, Ray Rogerson, Cecil
Miller, Clifford Overman, Robert Ken
' nan, Charles Knox, Ralph Chappell,
' Lin Bond, Ted Wright, Bobby White
man, Wayne Keeter, Asa Dail, Billy
Hardison, Johnny Speight, Sherwood
' Harrell, Tay Byrum, Stuart Holland,
Jerry Downum, Bill Bass, Jimmy Har
* rison, Robert Earl Edwards, Robert
[ Twiddy, Alfred Wright, Billy Bunch,
Milan Stilley, John Whitson and Fred
• Wood.
;/Sanitarian Sneaker
J At Rotary Meeting
K. J. Eyer, sanitarian for the Pos
| quotank-Perquimans-Camden-Chowan
! Health District, was the principal
5 speaker at last week’s Rotary meet
‘ ing. He was introduced by R. H. Ken
; nan, who had charge of the program.
“Sanitation is a broad subject,” said
Mr. Eyer. so that he was able to
j touch only briefly on the various
* phases of sanitation.
i District Governor At
Lions Club Meeting
Sam Holton, District Governor of
I District 31-F, was the guest of the
Edenton Lions Club at its regular
. meeting Monday night. This was an
I official visit of the new district gov
i emor to the Edenton Club and he
. spoke briefly on the Lions code of
’ ethics.
i Billv Bunch was the guest of Earl
$2.00 Per Year.
Announcement Made By
ODM In Washington
Permits Relaxation of
Mortgage Credit Re
The Office of Defense Mobilization
announced Monday of this week that
i Edenton and all of Chowan County
'has been designated a critical defense
housing area.
This is the first time a locality has
been designated “critical” since the
Office of Defense Mobilization began
scrapping housing, rent and other con
trols in March.
The designation does not qualify
Edenton for federal rent control, hut
will permit relaxation of mortgage
credit restrictions on new privately
financed housing in the area.
According to the Office of Defense
Mobilization the survey indicates that
no standard housekeeping accommoda
tions are available for the families of
military and other personnel coming
into Edenton. It was found that con
siderable migration into Edenton has
taken place since the Edenton Marine
Corps base has been reactivated as an
Auxiliary landing field connected with
the Cherry Point Marine Corps air
‘Fabulous Follies Os
Large Crowd Friday
Sponsored By Jaycees,
Woman’s Chib and
BPW Club
| Almost a full house of spectators
! gathered in the Elementary School au
| ditorium Friday night to witness the
presentation of “Fabulous Follies of
j Fifty-three,” a home talent show writ
' ten and directed by Mrs. Frank
| Holmes and sponsored by the Busi
ness and Professional Woman’s Club,
the Edenton Woman’s Club and the
Junior Chamber of Commerce.
The entertainment was well receiv
ed by the large audience and before
the curtain fell Mrs. Holmes and Mrs.
John Kramer were presented beautiful
bouquets for their talent and efforts
in connection with the show. Mrs.
Holmes directed the show and Mrs.
Kramer directed the various dances.
I The show opened with a chorus in
cluding Evelyn Jackson, Mary Hardin,
| Nellie Jones, Juanita Stokes, Betsy
! Chesson, Helen Kramer, Kathryn Co
zart. Lib Layton, Kathryn Goodman,
Marguerite Perry, Kit Forehand and
Jackie Ricks.
Next was an old fashioned walk in
cluding Corrinne Thorud, Molly Wise
ly, Peggy Holmes, Ruth Vaughan,
Lena Harrell, Laura Satterfield, Bev
erly Harrell, Grace Sawyer, Bill Co
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Edenton Group Hurt
In Automobile Wreck
Mr. and Mrs. Haywood
Bunch and Daughter
Five Edenton people figured in an
automobile wreck as the result of
which three were hospitalized and-two
escaped with minor bruises. The ac
cident occurred Friday night about
8:30 o’clock near Bethel when Mr. and
Mrs. Haywood Bunch, their daughter,
■ Janet, Araminta Hobbs and Paul
I Twiddy were returning from Raleigh
• where they went to see an ice show.
'< The accident occurred when a col
ored man drove on the highway from
a side road, too near Mr. Bunch to
stop in order to avoid a collision.
Mr. and Mrs. Bunch and daughter
' were hospitalized but Araminta
1 Hobbs, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy
’ Hobbs, and Paul Twiddy, son of Geo.
s S. Twiddy, were shaken up and bruis
• ed in the crash.
l Mr. Bunch sustained a fractured
-1 knee as well as internal injuries, while
s Mrs. Bunch’s knee was fracturd. Their
f j daughter’s arm was broken and other
• j wise bruised considerably. According
1 to latest reports all are progressing
I satisfactory.

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