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    Contribute To The March Os Dimes
Volume XXL—Number 2.
Solution Os Rider’s
Lane Problem Now
Nearing Realization
Report Made at Meeting]
Os Town Council Fri
day Night
Acquisition of 20 Feet
Awaiting Return of
Lease By F)r. Deese
Meeting Friday night of last week i
instead of Tuesday night of this vveek '
Town Council was faced with little
business at the January meeting. I
Though the meeting did not get start- j
ed until 9 o'clock due to lack of a
quorum until that time, the business
at hand was completed by shortly af
ter 10 o’clock. ■
Mayor Leroy Haskett reported that
the Town, Blades Lumber Company
and Coastland Oil Company had en
tered into an agreement to pay SSOO
each for 15 feet of Dr. L. A. Deese’s
property along Rider’s Lane and that
Dr. Deese will give an extra five feet
for the purpose of constructing a road,
capable of handling the traffic.
The deed has been sent to Dr.
Deese at Fort Bragg and upon its
return proper officials will contact the
State Highway and Public Works
Commission in an effort to have the
State take over the road.
The narrow lane has for many
months been the source of complaint (
and trouble in that it is not wide
enough for cars to pass and does not
hold up under the traffic of log trucks
and gasoline transports.
George Alma Byrum reported that
a committee met to consider a plan-j
ning program, hut that the group was
now waiting to secure maps of Eden
ton and surrounding area in order to
more intelligently consider any plans.
J. Edwin Bufflap also reported that
a sidewalk on the Court House Green
had been changed and that a sun dial
had been erected in the center of the
Aside from approving the month’s
bills and reports from Chief of Po
lice George I. Dail and Fire Chief
R. K. Hall, little other business was
The Bank of Edenton will be closed
all day next Tuesday. January 19, in
celebration of the birthday anniver
sary of Robert E. Lee. Important
banking business should, therefore, be
transacted accordingly.
Double Bed, Mattress,
Porch Chair Wanted
For Needy Families f
The “Help A Home” Committee of
the Woman’s Club has been asked to
furnish a double bed mattress and a
porch chair to two needy families.'
Thus far the members of the club
have been unable to secure these ar
ticles so if any interested citizen has
either a used mattress or chair that
they no longer need and would be
willing to donate to these families,
please call Mrs. Ben Perry at 696-J-2
so that they may be picked up and de
livered to the homes in need.
Canvassers Named, a Few of Whom Have Already
Made Reports; Co-chairmen Set Goal of at
Least $2,000 In Local Contributions
Bill Perry, co-chairman of the.
March of Dimes in Chowan County, |
reported early this week that the
campaign has been started and that!
already some canvassers are at work.
Those who will canvass in the drive
Industry—W. P. Jones.
Business houses—J. H. Conger, Jr.,
James Bond, Thomas Shepard, J. C.
Parks and Joe Swanner.
Residential canvassers—Cliff Keet
er. Parker Helms, John Parrish, John
Oliver, Jr., Hoskins Bass, Mrs. Mar
tha Crummey, Mrs. J. Edwin Bufflap,
Miss Dorothy Bufflap, Murriell By
rum, Bill Crummey. Ed Parker, Mrs. j
Elsie Lee, Mrs. Beulah Cale, Mrs. Hil
da Bass, Mrs. Virginia Oliver, Curtis
Twiddy, J. W. Alexander, Alfred j
Wright, George Ward, Mrs. Nellie •
Perry, Mrs. Betty Perry, Mrs. Ellie:
Mae Parrish, Mrs. Ella Gray Potts,
Mrs. Myrtle Hollowell, Mrs. Myrtle
Adams, Vic Fordham, Buck Langdale,
[| Investigation |
Following a letter from the edi
j tor of The Herald to Edward
Scheldt, Commissioner of Motor
Vehicles in connection with the
editor’s recent ridiculous arrest
and conviction for speeding, Com
missioner Scheidt has replied as
i follows:
i “Dear Mr. Bufflap: I want to
i thank you for your letter of De
cember 31, 1953, and I am order
| ing an investigation of the inci
-1 dent described by you. In the
meantime I want you to know
that I greatly appreciate your in
terest and cooperation in promot
ing highway safety.
“With kind personal regards
and best wishes, I am
“Sincerely yours,
“Edward Scheidt
“Com missioner.”
Civic Calendar
VFW meets in Poet’s home on
old Hertford Highway Tuesday
night at 8 o’clock.
VFW Post meets in VFW home
Tuesday night of next week.
Edenton Lions Club meets next
> Monday night at 7 o’clock.
Property must be listed during
January for the purpose of 1954
Edenton Rotary Club will elect
officers at the meeting today
i (Thursday) at 1 o’clock in the
Parish House.
Edenton Negro Junior Woman’s
Club meets tonight Thursday) at
8 o’clock at the home of Mrs. Sa
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Volunteer Nurses’
mm Will Meet
Nsxt Monday Night
Mrs. Arlene Jackson
Fallis Will Serve as
The Chowan Hospital Auxiliary has
been laboring for many years to start
a much needed volunteer nurses’ aid
Application was made to the Nat
f ional Red Cross and authorization has
been granted the hospital, with com
ppliments and praise for the effort.
It is most fortunate that the group
1 will have such a well qualified instruc
tor as Mrs. Arlene Jackson Fallis.
On Monday night at 8 o’clock in the
nurses’ home the initial meeting will
be held. Anyone interested in infor
mation is invited to attend, as well as
those who have registered for the
course. For further particulars see
Miss Katherine Brown or phone Mrs.
Martin Wisely at 372-J.
.J. L. Baker and Robert Goodwin,
j County Agent C. W. Overman and (
| Mrs. Imogene Cochrane will have (
I charge of the drive in the county,
while J. B. Small and Mrs. Annie '
Charlton, Negro county and home
agents respectively, will handle the
drive among the colored people in the 1
county. j
Mrs. Mable Collins is chairman for j
colored citizens and business houses
in Edenton and will name her can
vassers to make solicitations. ‘
W. J. Taylor will conduct a drive 1
in the county schools, while Gerald
James will give the children in the :
i Edenton Junior-Senior High School (
I an opportunity to make contributions.'
In the Edenton Elementarv School Er- 1
| nest Swain will head up the drive and j
ID. F. Walker will conduct a drive in
.the Edenton colored schools. f
Marines at the Edenton Marine i
Corps Auxiliary Landing Field are i
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Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, January 14,1954.
Bristoe Perry New
President Chowan
Farm Bureau For’s4
Officers Elected at Fish
Fry Held Friday
The Chowan County Farm Bureau
held its annual meeting and fish fry
at the Chowan High School on Fri
day afternoon. The attendance was
considerably smaller than was expect
ed, but the group appeared to have a
very enjoyable time. All 1954 farm
bureau members and their families
were invited, according to E. M. How
ell, secretary-treasurer.
Officers were elected for the 1954
year and are as follows: Bristoe Per
ry of Advance community, president;
Tom Asgell of Center Hill community,
vice president, and E. M. Howell of
Ryland community secretary-treas
The program for the meeting con
sisted of an illustrated discussion of
two 4-H Club members’ trip to the
National Congress at Chicago this
Fall. This was under the direction of
Robert S. Marsh, assistant county
agent. James Monds, State 4-H trac
tor maintenance winner, and Vandy
Parks, State com winner for 1953,
were the fortunate delegates. James
and Vandy showed slides illustrating
the trip. They told about many of the
events and their experiences. It was
indeed interesting. Following this a
film entitled “Working Together As
A Family Unit” was shown illustrat
ing how families should work togeth
er for the best interest of their fami
ly and for better fanrly living.
District President
Os Women’s Clubs
Guest Os Local Club
Entertains Members By
Telling Several Irish
Mrs. T. E. Brown of Murfreesboro,
president of the 16th district of Fed
erated Women’s Clubs, was guest
speaker at the January meeting of
the Edenton Woman’s Club held last
Mrs. Brown is well known by all
I Nox’th Carolina club women for hei '
entertaining talks and her keen wit.
Her program at the meeting was a ’
pleasant surprise to the group, in that
she told several Irish stories in dia
lect. Mrs. Brown was at one time a
professional story teller.
The business session was called to
crder by Mrs. Frank Holmes, presi
dent, and after reports were submit
ted by the standing committees the
members, were asked to participate
in a nurses’ aid course to be sponsor-j
ed by the Chowan Hospital Auxiliary-!
The committee in charge of the
Court House Green project reported
that this work has been completed, i
Rotary Club Elects !
New Officers Today
Entire Club Membership
Placed In Nomination
For Election
At the meeting of the Edenton Ro
tary Club this (Thursday) afternoon
at 1 o’clock in the Parish House offi
cers for the Rotary year will be elect
ed, but will not be installed until the
first meeting in July. The purpose of
the early election is to allow the new
president and secretary to attend the
Rotary Assembly.
At last week’s meeting the entire
membership was placed in nomination.
Hubert Williford was in charge of
the meeting and during his remarks
he read a number of interesting epi
taphs in various parts of the county
as well as an article on the death and
funeral of Joseph Stalin.
President John Kramer urges a full
attendance to participate in the elec
tion of officers.
Fire Chief R. K. Hall reports that;
firemen were called out six times dur-;
ing December. Two of the fires were
in the rural section, but no damage
was reported by any of the fires.
Ben Douglas Speaks 1
At Meeting Os Lions
Club Monday Night
Commends Mrs. Inglis
Fletcher For Her Valu
able Writing
Ben E. Douglas, director of the
North Carolina Department of Con
servation and Development, address
ed members of the Edenton Lions
Club at their regular meeting Mon
day night. Mr. Douglas explained to
the club what the Department is and
what be hopes the department will do
for the Slate. He pointed out that
the department is encouraging tour
ist trade, commercial fisheries, the
erection of new factories, helping the
industries that are now here, increase
our forestry resources, parks for the
State, mineral resources, and water re
sources. Mr. Douglas stated that
North Carolina now spends $175,000
for advertising and he feels that this
amount should be increased because he
believes that every dollar spent for
advertising brings ten into the State.
Mr. Douglas commended Mrs. Inglis
Fletcher fo.’ her wonderful books that
have done so much for the tourist
trade in this section of the State. He
concluded by urging every citizen to
cooperate with the Department of
Conservation and Development in
making North Carolina a greater
State in which to live our lives and
to provide our children with the same
things we nave been so fortunate to
West Byrum was in barge of the
program and David HoKon 'V reduced
Mr. Douglas. 1
Other guests at the :i eer’ng were 1
J. H. Conger, L. K. Thomas and J.
M. Thor lit
Erlenton’s Per Capita
Fire Loss For 1953 Is
fibred At 30 Cents
Property Involved Was
$369,500, But Loss
Only $1,571
Although confined to his home by
illness, Fire Chief R. K. Hall sent his
annual report for the Fire Department
I to Town Council Friday night. The
report was very encouraging in that
'it contained the information that
Edenton’s per capita loss by fire, bas
ed on 5,000 population, was only 30
cents during 1953.
Other data in the report was that J
during the year firemen answered 68
alarms, of which 22 were out of town, t
In fighting fires the firemen were out |
41 hours and 30 minutes, laid 4,700
feet of hose, raised ladder 84 feet and
j used 30 pounds of chemicals.
Property involved in Edenton was!
' $369,500 and damage was held down!
to $1,571.
1 Captain Dick, while not present, was i
highly praised by the Councilmen for
the splendid work he and his firemen
have done during the year.
Groun 0f Officers For
Pocahontas Installed
Mrs. Hilda Bass Is Now
Pocahontas of Chow
anoke Council
Officers for Chowanoke Council,
Degree of Pocahontas, No. 54, were
installed at a meeting held Friday
night, with Mrs. Elsie Lee, deputy
Great Pocahontas, officiating.
Elective officers installed were: Po
cahontas, Mrs. Hilda Bass; Wenona,
Mrs. Margaret Phthisic; prophetess,
Mrs. Virginia Barfield; Powhatan, J.
Edwin Bufflap; keeper of records,
Mrs. Edith Bufflap, collector of wam
pum, Mrs. Naomi Copeland, and keep
er of wampum, Miss Dorothy Bufflap.
Officers appointed by the new Po
cahontas include:
Guard of the tepee, Mrs. Myrtle
Tynch; guard of the forest, Mrs. Beu
lah Cale; scouts. Mrs. Myrtle Hollo
well and Mrs. Bommie White; war
riors, Mrs. Martha Crummey, Mrs.
Ruth Chappell, Mrs. Anne Spruill,
| Mrs. Ellie Mae Parrish; runners, Mrs.
; Myrtle Adams and Mrs. Mamie Park
-1 or: counsellors, Mrs. Ida Bell Tynch
. and Mrs. Virginia Oliver; pianist, Mrs.
! Elsie Lee. 1
[N. Elton Aydlett Os
Elizabeth City Seeks
Seat In State Senate
j Hat In Ring |
0' i
Today (Thursday) N. Elton
Aydlett, mayor of Elizabeth City,
announced that he will be a can
didate for one of the State Sen
ate seats for the First Senatorial
District in the election to be held
in May.
Two More Extension
F?rm Schools Held
i Today And Friday
> All Farmers Urged to
1 Take Advantage of
i Information
Two more Extension farmers’
schools will be held in the Chowan
| County Court House, one today
(Thursday) ana one Friday. Two j
previous schools were held Tuesday
and Wednesday.
Beginning at 9 o’clock this (Thurs
day) morning Extension specialists
will explain how to get additional in
come out of woods.
Thursday afternoon the specialists
will discuss chickens and turkeys.
A 9 o’clock Friday morning the top
ic for discussion will be beekeeping.
All farmers are urged to attend the ]
remainder of these important inform
ative meetings.
iFire Consumes Frame
I House On Oakum Street
\ Edenton firemen were called to the
| home of Maggie Simpson on North 1
i Oakum Street Sunday afternoon about
14 o’clock, when the three-room frame
.house and all its contents were con-
I sumed by fire.
The house, occupied by Maggie
Simpson, her daughter and son-in-law,
was enveloped in flames when the
firemen arrived, so that there was no
opportunity to save anything. !
Board of Directors Represent Various Groups;
Cost of Pool Estimated to Be $25,000 Aside
Frm Two Bath Houses
A special call meeting was held at ;
the Municipal Building Monday night
for the purpose of organizing a cor
poration comprising representatives
from local civic organizations, in the
interest of the construction and main
tenance of a community swimming
pool in the Town of Edenton.
Elected to serve on the Board of
Trustees are the following:
Jesse L. Harrell, representing the
Lions Club.
J. H. Conger, Sr., representing the
E & W Board of the Town of Eden
A1 Phillips, representing the Varsity
E. J. Hobbs, Jr., representing the
American Legion.
Luther Parks, representing the Jun
ior Chamber of Commerce.
Murray Byrum, representing the
Veterans of Foreign Wars.
1 Mrs. Cecil Fry, representing the
$2.00 Per Year.
Elizabeth City Mayor Is
First to Announce
Active In Public Affairs
In Elizabeth City For
Many Years
N. Elton Aydlett of Elizabeth City
this week announced that he -will be a
candidate for State Senator for the
First Senatorial District in the Demo
cratic primary election to be held in
May. The two Senators for the dis
trict are A. P. Godwin of Gatesville
and J. William Copeland of Murfrees
In making his announcement as a
candidate Mr. Aydlett said:
“It is my sincere purpose and desire
to represent the people of this entire
district in the next General Assembly
of North Carolina to tne best of my
ability. With 25 years’ experience in
public affairs, I feel that I am quali
fied to do so.”
Mr. Aydlett was bom at Harbinger
in Currituck County October 25, 1902,
and received his high school education
at Poplar Branch. He entered the
University of North Carolina in 1921,
graduating with an L.L.B. degree in
1 1926, and was admitted to the Bar of
North Carolina the same year. He
was associated with Judge Walter L.
Small in the practice of law until
Judge Small’s appointment to the Su
perior Court Bench in 1928. He mar
-1 ried the former Pantha Houser of
; Rutherford and has one child, Patricia
I Ann, who is a graduate of the Uni
i Mr. Aydlett was Clerk of Superior
Court in Pasquotank County from
1928 to 1946 and is now a partner In
the law firm of McMullan & Aydlett,
as well as Mayor of Elizabeth City
since 1951. He has also been Demo
cratic Chairman of Pasquotank Coun
ty since 1943. Among his other con
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Mrs. Moore Expresses
Thanks For Presents
Sent For TB Patients
The Rehabilitation Committee of
the Chowan County TB Association of
which Mrs. J. A. Moore is chairman,
i wishes to express to the people of
Edenton its due appreciation for the
kindly cooperation shown in the send
ing of packages for TB patients at
Christmas time.
j Many people saw these packages
| displayed in the Albemarle Case win
| dow and know how generous the out
-1 pouring of gifts was.
1 With the help and advice of Miss
Hulda Wood of the Health Office,
these packages were assembled, divid
ed and distributed to sick people in
sanitoriums and at home awaiting
They brought happiness and the as
surance of not being forgotten to
some who might otherwise have had
llittle of Christmas cheer.
Edenton Woman’s Club.
Mrs. Lena M. Leary, representing
the Business and Professional Wo
man’s Club.
George Twiddy, representing the
Rotary Club.
John A. Holmes, representing the
city school unit.
W. J. Taylor, representing the coun
ty school unit.
Mayor Leroy Haskett, representing
the Town of Edenton.
Jesse L. Harrell is president of the
corporation, with A1 Phillips as vice
president, Mrs. Cecil Fry, secretary
treasurer, and Evelyn Leary, publicity
chairman. The site committee is com
posed of J. H. Conger, Sr., chairman,
P. S. McMullan, John A. Holmes, Gra
ham Byrum and Jesse L. Harrell, ex
On motion of J. H. Conger, Sr., sec
onded by Murray Byrum, the certifi
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