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    Propagation School
Planned For Negroes
Extension Negro Horti
cultural Specialist
In Charge
x As a part of the rural progress
that is being sponsored in
Chowan County, a special propaga
tion school is planned to be held at
the local Negro County Agents’ of
fice on the comer of Oakum and
Church Streets Friday morning, July
30, at 10 o’clock. Thomas W. Flow
ers, Extension Negro horticultural
specialist, will conduct the school. The
school will be open to anybody inter
ested in receiving this type of infor
mation. It is suggested that all who
attend bring along a sharp knife, a
small sand box 16x24x3 inches to put
plant cuttings in. Plant cuttings
should also be brought which it is de
sired to root.
Besides the Propagation School,
Mr. Flowers will be in the county all
day Thursday, July 29, visiting the
various places where the work of
home beautification is to be carried on.
He will be at the Canaan Temple
A. M. E. Zion Church at 1 o’clock
Thursday afternoon, Warren Grove
Baptist Church at 2 o’clock and Cen
ter Hill Baptist Church at 3:30. Mem
bers from these churches will meet at
the places and get the information
that will be given the specialist.
Mr. Flowers will also visit a few
homes that will be carrying out the
home beautification program. He will
also attend the YMW Club meeting at
the Canaan Temple hall Thursday i
night at 8 o’clock. The public is in
vited to attend this meeting.
Weekly Devotional]
Column !
By Tames Mackenzie
Recently I had a most interesting
conversation with a man who had been
pastor of a church in Czechoslovakia;
up until the time Hitler and his Nazi
legions invaded that unfortunate lit
tle land. At present he is pastor of a
Czechoslovakian Baptist Church in
( Richmond, Virginia. He told me that
K' many of his former co-workers have
been imprisoned by the communists,
and have been tortured and “brain
washed” in an effort to force them
to renounce the Christian Faith. Nev
ertheless. they have proven steadfast
and true to their Saviour.
Since that time there has come to
my mind some advance publicity for
the World Council of Churches (a
front organization for the National
Council.of Churches) which is meet
ing in Evanston, Illinois this summer.
Who do you think is going to repre
sent the churches of Czechoslovakia at
that meeting? These courageous min
isters of the Gospel who have not
with-held from their Lord their last
full measure of devotion? No indeed!
The men who will represent commun
ist Czechoslovakia at Evanston this
summer are themselves communists,
who come here with the blessing of
their government, and who may he
trusted to do all in their power to
make this meeting of the World Coun
cil of Churches a sounding board for
communist propaganda. Frankly, it is
beyond my power to understand how j
any American churchman can extend
the light hand of fellowship to a
communist, especially when that man,
professing to lie a Christian, has tak
en the side of atheistic communism
against men who count the Gospel of
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Christ us more dear than personal)
comfort, or even life itself.
Communist and Christianity are in-)
compatible—that is, they are incapa-1
ble of existing together in harmony.!
It is impossible for a Christian to be
a Communist, or even a communist |
j sympathizer. Communism, founded
upon materialism, teaching that the;
end justifies the means, and that man
is incapable of intellectual freedom, is!
I diametrically opposed to Christianity. I
| Any Christian who seeks to compro- j
mise with communism, or materialism'
in any form, betrays his Lord just as j
J surely as Judas betrayed Him some'
I two-thousand years ago—and at much :
' lower price.
One American church leader has
asked American pastors to play down |
the communist issue in the interest of.
peace and harmony. Frankly, I in
! tend to spend eternity in heaven with)
these courageous Czechoslovakian
Baptist pastors who have been im- j
prisoned and tortured for their faith;
i (though I have grave doubts a be’it I
these communist collaborators who
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jwill defile Evanston this summer), and
it will be extremely difficult to face
I them thei’e if I fail to stand true with
I them here. Too much foolishness and
I compromise has gone on in the name
of peace and harmony. The truth of
| the Gospel is more important than
peace and harmony,
j Another American churchman (no
tice I say “churchman” and not “Chris
tian leader”) has expressed the hope
j these communists will be impressed
.with American democracy, and per
haps become converted to our way of
I thinking. Let us pray rather that
, they wander into a revival meeting
jsomwhere and get saved!
Minutes Os Board j
I Os jt'uoiic Works |
Edenton, N. C., July 6, 1954
| The Board of Public Works met this
J day in the Town Office at 8 o’clock
|P. M., in regular monthly session.
Present: J. H. Conger, chairman and
1 JJgjl 60 - SECOND 1
TEXT: “No one is useless who
lightens burdens for someone else.”
—Charles Dickens. ;
The band stopped playing. A man
standing next to the bass drummer
1 said, j
| “You don’t make very good music,
with that drum.”
“No,” admitted the pounder of the
dram, “I know I don't* but T drown'
out a heap of bad music.”
j It may be the weather; it nay be
ia remark: it may. be a mistake wtv
I make that gives us a feeling of use- ;
| lessness. The work we are doing,
the life wo are living appears unim-
Ralph E. Parrish.
The following bills for the month
of June, 1954, were examined and ap
proved for payment:
Edenton Office Supply Store, $14.59;
Milbank Manufacturing Co., $180.00;
Universal Pole Bracket Corp., $34.45;:
Kennan & Corey, $23.85; Jackson’s
Tire Service, $19,73; John Habit,j
$14.00; Thurston Motor Lines, $21:07;|
■ Ralph E. Parrish, $7.53; Public Utili-
! OF
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laMnonaH ■■■ ■
'portant and futile. Then, after a 1
wearying straggle at a task, someone
I steps up and remarks that we aren’t
“making very good music.” It is a
crushing blow.
j However, no effort in a worthy
, cause is wasted. The path of world '
\ progress has been lighted by great
torches set'on fire by tiny sparks froe;'
'unremembered lives. It is not given.
I to all of us to accomplish great things. l
But no one can be stopped from mak- j
ling tiny sparks. If opr purpose is j
high, though we may not make very I
[good music, there are so many of us
i that, together, we may drown out f.
lot of bad music.
i ties Commission, $65.80; Howerton:
Gowen Co., $70.88; Wallace & Tier-'
; man, $2.21; Office Supply Store, |
$63,75; Coastal Office Equipment C 0,,!
$5,50; Eastern Office. Equipment C 0.,!
$7.50; Addressograph - Multigraph,
i $20.75; M. S. Davis, Jr., $00.00; Cho- j
wan Herald, $10.00; N. C. Board of]
1 Health. $16.00; Car.-Norf. Truck Line, I
j $5.06; Bunch’s Garage, $23.62; West- |
inghouse, $4.22; Hughes Bros., $155.00;
section two-
Superior Switchboard Co., $39.06; 11.
N. Hines, $18.00; M. G. Brown Co.,
$206.30; Morton Salt Co., $181.13; A.
L. Perry, $7.00; W. D, Holmes Co,
$10.25; Gray & Creech, $24.67; Byram
Hardware Co., $61.88; Edenton Ice Co .
$7.00; Badger Meter Mfg. Co., $278.40;
Hughes-Parker Hardware Co., $76.92;
Dewey Bros., $112.50; Grinned Co.,
$17.32; Calgon Co., Inc., $152.50; Gray
bar, $206.79; Electrical Equipment
Go., $1,816.52; The Texas Co., $22.89;
I Va. Elec. & Power Co., $6,480.46; Util
ities Commission of Elizabeth City,
$26.57; Postmaster, $44.44; Sinclair
Refining Co., $50.18; Norf. & Car.
|Telephone & Telegraph Co., $28.93;
i Kennan & Corey Co., $919.98; N. & S.
I Railway Co., $546.05; Clarence Spruill,
$22.00; Fred McGowing, $75.00; Las
siter, Leager, & Walker, $312.00;
Crain and Denbo, $6,407.33; general
salaries for June, 1954, $2,723.72; to
tal, $21,701.71.
Received for current water and mer
chandise, $16,819.58.
I, Amount of disbursements in excess
l of receipts, $4,882.13.
! There further business, the
j-Board adjourned.
| Young lady motorist: “It’s snow
ling and sleeting ar.d I’d like to buy
some chains for iny tires.” .
i “I’m sorry —we keep only gro
j Motorist: “How annoying! They
i told me this was a chain store.”
Bigger Figures
l _______
! It's getting so that school children
j will soon need an adding machine to
; do a simple sum in arithmetic.
•• I* V/ in
I A $169.50 VALUE
l $2.00 PER WEEK
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