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In Chowan County
Home Demonstration Agent.
This is National Farm Safety Week.
Time to check your farm and home to
make sure that it is “Fall Proof.”
Any unsafe conditions, combined with
carelessness, leads to falls.
When you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to
slip on slippery waxed floors, trip in
dark or obstructed passageways, slide
on wet bathroom floors, or trip over
an extension cord.
Hazardous conditions and practices
should be eliminated from every farm
and home. It’s a good idea to begin
a safety improvement plan during this
11th Annual Farm Safety Week.
Congratulations! Jackie Morris and
Shirley Harrell! We are very proud
of you.
To those of you who haven’t heard,
these 4-H’ers won the State Farm and
Home Electric Demonstration Contest
which was held last week at North
Carolina State College.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Harrell and son
Gerald and Mrs. John Morris went to!
Raleigh Friday, July 23, to see Jackie
and Shirley give their winning dem-j
onstrations at the William Neal Rey
nolds'Coliseum before the entire 4-Hj
delegation. I
Club Schedule
Monday, August 2, 6 P. M.—Ad-!
vance Home Demonstration Club will j
have a “chicken fry” at the Advance
Club House.
Wednesday, August 4. 6 P. M.—
Gum Pond Home Demonstration Club|
will have a picnic at Rocky Hock
Friday, August 6, 6:30 P. M.—Cen
ter Hill Home Demonstration Club
will have a picnic at Sandy Point.
There will be a program planning
meeting Thursday, August 5, at 2:30
P. M. in the Chow-an Community
Building. Every club should send at
least two delegates to the meeting.
All county project leaders should also
be there.
There is great beauty in going)
through life without anxiety or fear.
Half our fears are baseless, and the
other half discreditable. —Bovee
W-.trk Day Shows Contipvons
From 3:30
Saturday Continuous From 1:30
Sunday 2:13, 4:15 and 8:45
Thursday and Friday, .
July 29-30
Alan Ladd and
Leo Genn in
Saturday, July 31—
Gcorse Montgomery In
Sunday and Monday,
August 1-2
Joan Crawford and
Sterling Havden in
Tuesday and Wednesday,
August 3-4
Double Feature
Jeff Chandler in
Sterling Hayden in
n ————
Fridav and Saturday,
July 30-31
Robert Mitchum and
Jean Simmons in
Admission 40c Per Person
Children Under 12 Free
Fridav and Saturday.
July 30-31
Robert Taylor in
Sunday, August 1—
Cary Grant in
. o-
Monday and Tuesday,
August 2-3
Walter Houston in
Wednesday and Thursday,
August 4-5
Bettv Grable in
Note: If your name appears in
this ad. bring it to the Taylor
Theatre box office and receive a
free nass to see one of the pictures
Miss Swindell Honor
Guest At Bridge Party
Mrs. A1 Phillips entertained at her
home Thursday night, honoring Miss
Carolyn Swindell, bride-elect of Au
gust 1.
A yellow, green and white motif j
, was carried out in floral arrangements
, and refreshments and Miss Swindell
was presented a gift of silver and a
, corsage of white carnations.
Guests included the honoree and her
i mother, Mrs. J. D. Swindell, Miss Peg
gy Williams, Miss Faye Dail, Miss
. Bo Be Evans, Miss Lilliam Leary,
■ Miss Laura Satterfield, Miss Charlotte
Bunch, Miss Suzan Bunch, Miss Ann
, Patterson, Miss Cora Ed Bond, Mrs.
Leonard Small, Mrs. Thos. Ward, Mrs.
Melvin Evans, Mrs. T. C. Cross, Jr.,
, Mrs. Joe Conger, Jr., Mrs. Nick
George and Mrs. Joe Thorud.
Mrs. Martha Baker
Dies In Norfolk
Mrs. Martha Emma Elliott Baker,
73, died at the home of a daughter in
Norfolk Friday. Deceased, widow of
George H. Baker, was a native of Per
quimans County, but lived in the Ty-
I ner section of Chowan County. She
was a member of the Ballard’s Bridge |
j Baptist Church.
Surviving are five daugnters, Mrs.
■■ Wilma Williams, Miss Minnie Baker|
jand Mrs. James G. McCormick of Nor
; folk, Mrs. H. Barton Hoffler of Sun
j bury and Mrs. John T. Blanchard of
Hobbsville; and three sons, George H.
Baker, Jr,, of Hertford. L. C. Baker
and James E. Baker of Tyner.
Funeral services were held Sunday j
| afternoon at the home with the Rev.
Ralph Knight, pastor of Ballard’s |
Bridge Church, officiating. Burial
was in the Baker family cemetery.
Camoing Guide Book
For North Carolina
A description of North Carolina and
a list of areas in which camping is
permitted appears in a new book,
“The Handbook of Auto Camping and
Motorist’s Guide to Public Camp
grounds,” just published by Harper
jand Brothers. The book was written
by Mr. and Mrs. George S. Wells,
who visited North Carolina during the j
past year on a tour of National Parks;
and have recently had stories on the
Outer Banks and the Cape Hatteras I
National Seashore Recreational Area,
in national magazines and newspapers.
Birthday Party For
Virginia Dare Aug. 18,
A birthday party for the first child,
born of English parentage in the New
I World which was to become America,
will be celebrated on Roanoke Island j
near Manteo Wednesday, August IS. :
It was on August 18, 1587, that Vir-1
ginia Dare was bom. Now each year ;
cn August 18th, this first white child (
'horn in America is honored at a birth-j
I day party which in recent years has I
been special events at the showing of ;
Paul Green’s symphonic drama. “The;
Lost Colony”. Virginia Dare disap- j
peared with that colony.
Waiting until the last minute often brings trouble aplenty.
So— don't get caught in the time squeeze!
Right now . . . during the off-season while there's ample
time, give your John Deere Tractor and farm implements the
thorough check-over they deserve.
If parts are worn, replace them with genuine John Deere
parts. They're parts you can trust to give continued gocd
performance because they fit right. . . last longer.
If reconditioning is required, depend on the qualified
experts in our shop. They have the factory know-how that
assures the best possible service, quickly, efficiently, and
economically done.
Don't delay . . . let's talk over your service and parts
requirements the next time you're in town.
Hobbs Implement Co., Inc.
Lunch Basket Offers |
Motorists’ Time Saving'
A lunch basket, packed before leav- j
ing on a motoring trip, offers a pleas
ant convenient, economical, and time-j
saving way of eating meals along the
| road. There are numerous picnic j
areas beside the nation’s highways
where a family can enjoy its basket
lunches. This plan is especially prac
tical when there are children in the j
group because they are less restricted)
than in a dining room. The freedom |
of the out-of-doors atmosphere enables j
both children and adults to enjoy the j
release from traveling confinement !
Tasty, nutritious sandwiches are easy|
to prepare and carry. Thermos bot
tles are used for milk, coffee, and
fruit juices. A dessert of fresh fruit
and baker’s cake rounds out the way
side picnic menu.
Womnn Killed By
Axe In Bertie County,
Andrew Herrin, Negro, was arrest
ed in Bertie County Sunday charged
with brutally murdering Pearl Gaskins
in her home about four miles west of
Chowan River bridge. The murder oc
curred Saturday night at about 7
o’clock and Herrin was found in a to
) baeco barn about half a mile from
the scene. A four-year-old child of
j the dead woman was also critically
, wounded and was rushed to Chowan
Herrin ■ I'eges that he killed the
woman with an axe in self defense,
but did not intend to harm the child.
| He says the woman attacked him with
j a can onener and had stabbed him
above the eye. j
J Town Council jj
j Proceedings i |
. Edenton, N. C., July 13, 1954.
The Town Council met this day in
regular session at 8 P. M. !
Members present: Mayor Leroy H.j
Haskett, J. Clarence Leary, John
Mitchener, Jr., Clyde Hollowell, J. Ed
win Bufflap and George A. Byrum. ,
Motion was made by J. Clarence
, Leary, seconded by John Mitchener,!
Jr., that the Town turn the armory
over to the N. C. National Guard pro
vided that the N. C. N. G., agrees to
I make the necessary repairs to the ar-
I mory in a specified reasonable length
of time. Motion carried.
' Motion was made by George A. By
rum, seconded by J. Edwin Bufflap,
that the Town continue to answer fire
calls in the County for the 1954-55 fis
cal year for a fee of $3,020 to be paid |
during the fiscal year by Chowan i
( County. Motion carried.
| Motion was made by Clyde Hollo-
Well, seconded by J. Clarence Leary,]
I that the property lease with B. W. i
Evans for two additional years for
$15.00 per year provided that all tax
(es and back rents be paid. Motion (
j carried. j
Motion was made by J. Clarence
I Leary, seconded by John Mitchener.,
(Jr., that the permit to operate a taxi
icab now in the name of Raleigh Rick- 1
jard be changed from driver for Har
ry Crummey to Driver for Wilfordj
( Motion was made by George A. By-j
rum, seconded by Clyde Hollowell, that!
Clarence Jemigan’s application for li-j
cense to sell wine “off premises” by
I approved. Motion carried.
I I Motion was made by J. Clarence
;Leary, seconded by Clyde Hollowell,
| that the budget for the fiscal year be
j ginning July 1, 1954, and ending June
,30, 1955, be adopted as read at the
! regular meeting of the Town Council
June 8, 1954. Motion carried.
I Motion was made by John Mitchen-;
er, Jr., seconded by J. Clarence Leary,
and duly carried that the following i
resolution be adopted. (Resolution re- J
garding State maintenance of Rider’s
I Lane).
| Motion was made by J. Clarence
| Leary, seconded by George A. Byrum
;that $250 be appropriated to the Eden
• I ton Industrial Development Commit
tee. Motion carried.
| Motion was made by J. Clarence
Leary, seconded by Clyde Hollowed,
that the contract for legal services
with Lassiter. Longer, & Walker be
approved. Motion carried.
Motion was made by George A. By- I
rum, seconded by John Mitebener, Jr., I
that the Schedule B. License Ordin- j
lance with revisions as read at this |
meeting be adopted. Motion carried.
'j Motion was made by George A. By-'
rum, seconded by J. Clarence Leary,
that the bid of Bill Jones Texaco Ser-1
vice Station for furnishing gasoline, I
oil and other allied products be ac
cepted on the basis of his low bid. j
Motion carried.
1 Motion was made by John Mitchen
er, Jr., seconded by J. Clarence Leary, |
that E & W Department bills in the
amount of $21,701.71 be paid. Motion I
Motion was made by John Mitchen-'
er, Jr., seconded by George A. Byrum.
and duly carried that the following
Town of Edenton bills in the amount
of $4,105.57 be paid:
The Chowan Herald, $22.39: Public
Administrative Clearing House, $2.00;
The Chowan Herald, $37.75; Bynim
Hardware Company, $1.78; 8.8. H. Mo
tor Company, $34.77; Dail & Ashley
|Machine Shop, $11.95; Hirsch-Tvler
, Company, $81.15; Norfolk & Carolina
j Telephone & Telegraph Co-. $10.85; i
I Sinclair Refining Company, $50.71:(
Norfolk & Carolina Telephone & Tele- 1
graph Co., $6.50; Sinclair Refining
| Co., $1.91; Pay for Volunteer Fire
men. $42.00; Byrum Hardware Co.,
| $8.28; M. G. Brown Company, $19.08;
i Bishop Laundry, $6.00; Labor on Hose
'House, $106.70; The J. F. W. Dorman
I I Company, $12.10; Sinclair Refining
Company, $297.82; Texas Company,
$26.95; Texas Company of New York,
, $151.58; Jackson’s Tire Recapping,
|520.25; 8.8. H. Motor Company, $21.04;
!'Carolina Blue Printers, $49.59; Byrum
Hardware Company, $118.25; M. G.
, Brown Co., $283.03; W. H. Bunch’s
•Garage, $18.05; Aek Ack Exterminat
, ing Co., $15.00; Dail & Ashley Ma
Ij (Xn lATH£R M
I Iqlhmng cream ff
Sold In B,
Mitchener’s Pharmacy
| PHONE 100
I Fine Bedroom Suites |
f Solid Genuine Mahogany |
j Continental ''
j * Now On Display At The
;i Edenton Furniture Company I
chine Shop, $1.25; Edenton Ice Com
pany, $33.92; Blue Ridge Stone Corp.,
$87.75; Prominent Specialty Company,
$115.50; E. F. Craven Co., $277.10; E.
J. Smith & Sons Co., $423.50; Thurs-1
ton Motor Lines, $3.53; ESSO Stand
ard Oil Co., $13.58; Edenton Tractor
& Implement Co., $272.50; J. O. Litch- '
ford, $40.00; Richard Hayes, $15.00;
Carlyle C. Webb, $75.00; Norfolk &
| Southern Railway Company, $180.97;
(Jones Truck Line, $59.17; Hobbs Im
(plement Company, $24.27; Colonial Re
fining & Chemical Co., $78.75; Hamp-
s ,
i,CI L /
Call Elizabeth City 6783 ColL |
HCm II f J®
I ifLsk f ar
New “Total Power”
Esso Extra is breaking all
past sales records...far
outsells every other premium
gasoline because it’s
the best you can buy!
First in sales of both premium
■ 1 and regular gasoline in the area
where Esso products are sold
Your sign of “Happy Motoring ’
ton Roads Tractor & Equipment Co.,
$385.00; The State Magazine, $3.00;
Ocean Hiway Association, $250.00;
Bank of Edenton, $3.00; Byrum Hard
|ware Company, 65c; Lula White’s
Flower Shop, $5.34; Kennan & Corey
(Plumbing Company, $15.77; J. A.
Gardner, $2.50; Institute of Govern
ment Dues, $22.34; N. C. League of
Municipalities Dues, $107.23; The J.
W. Dorman Co., Inc., $247.47.
There being no further- business the
Council adjourned.
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