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Volume XXL—Number 31.
3L-g— ■■ - 11 ■■■
Malone’s 5 And 10c
Store Total Loss In
Worst Fire In Years
Considerable Damage Is
Also Done In Elliott
Company Store
Malone Plans to Reopen
With All New Stock
And Fixtures
One of the most disastrous fires in
Edenton in recent years occurred
shortly after 6 o’clock Friday after
noon when the W. E. Malone 5 and
10-cent store was gutted, with the
result that the entire stock of mer
chandise and fixtures were a total
loss. The building, which is owned by
John Bond, was also badly damaged.
Great quantities of smoke spread
into the Elliott Company store, as well
as the Hughes-Parker Hardware store,
with considerable damage done to the
merchandise in the Elliott store. Very
little damage, however, was done in
the hardware store.
The fire was discovered about 6:15
o’clock by Mrs. Irma Allsbrook, who
passed the store and noticed smoke
coming from the front ventilators and
then saw the store filled with smoke
and flames in the rear. Mr. Malone
was at home eating supper at the
Origin of the fire is somewhat of a
rstery hut Mr. Malone is of the
„• ,inion that it started under the floor
in the rear of the store by electric
wires and due to the draft, soon
spread to the elevator shaft. His ren-!
son is that the joists under the floor
where the electric wires go under the
building were burned to some extent.
While the floor itself was not burned
due to the suction of the flames to
ward the elevator.
The actual loss caused by the fire
was not determined earlv this week,
but Mr. Malone informed The Herald
that his loss of stock and fixtures will
reach nearly $30,000. Os course, the
building was also badly damaged but
an estimate of the loss was not made.
Mr. Malone expressed his apprecia
tion for the work done by Edenton,
the Edenton Marine Corps Auxiliary
Landing Field for sending men and
equipment, as well as others who of
fered their services during and after
the fire, as well as the many expres
sions of sympathy on the part of
many friends.
The entire stock of the store has
been sold to a Norfolk salvage con
cern and was moved Tuesday. Mr.
Malone stated that he plans at once
to make necessary repairs and reno
vations to the building and will, as
soon as possible, reopen his store with
an entire new stock of merchandise
and fixtures.
Revival Begins At
Center Hill Aug. Bth
Preacher For Meetings
The Rev. C. R. Pierce |
Os Greensboro
Revival meetings are scheduled to be
gin at the Center Hill Baptist Church
Sunday, August 8, and continue
through Sunday, August 15.
The Rev. C. R. Pierce of Greens
boro will he the speaker for the series
of meetings which will he held each
evening at 8 o’clock.
The Rev. L. C. Chandler, pastor of
the church, extends a cordial in vita-.
tion to the public to attend all or any
of the services.
4-H Pullet Show And
Sale Set For Aug 25thj
Chowan 4-H pullets were vaccinated
for fowl pox by Assistant County
Agent Robert Marsh on Thursday of
last week. Most of the pullets are I
ooking very well and the 13 contest- i
i nts are looking forward to the 4-H
/ullet show and sale which will be,'
held on Wednesday, August 25, at 1 ,
P. M., at the Edenton armory.
Edenton Jaycees Hosts
For District Meeting
Edenton’s Junior Chamber of Com
merce was host for the quarterly
meeting of the Tenth District which
was held in the Edenton armory Wed-11
nesday night. |i
A very interesting meeting was held ( '
which included Jaycees from Elizabeth i
City, Hertford, Windsor, Williamston,']
Plymouth, Columbia and Ahoskie. i
Civic Caiendai
Town Council will meet in the
Municipal Building Tuesday night,
August 10, at 8 o’clock.
Chowan County Commissioners
will hold their September meet
ing Thursday, September 2, in
stead of Monday, September 6 due
to the observance of Labor Day
on the latter date.
A revival meeting will begin at
the Center Hill Baptist Church
Sunday, August 8 and continue
through Sunday, August 15.
Women’s Society of Christian
Service of the Methodist Church
will meet Wednesday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. B. G. Willis at
Merry Hill.
A revival meeting is scheduled
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Lightning Strikes
Tobacco Barn On
Farm Os A. C. Boyce
Community Is Target of
Electrical Storm on
Monday Night
Edenton and Chowan County were
the targets for a rather severe elec
trical storm Monday night but fortu
nately not much damage was done.
The most costly damage occurred on
!the Strawberry Hill farm of A. C.
Boyce, where a bam filled with to
bacco was burned. It is believed that
the building was hit by lightning.
Many leaves, limbs and wires were
torn down by the strong wind as tor
rents of rain fell to put a halt to all
activities in town.
Col. Peyton Speaker
At Lions Meeting
Club Directors Vote to
Sponsor Highway Saf
ety Program
Although there was no set program
arranged for the meeting of the Eden
ton Lions Club Monday evening, there
were several developments which
proved of great interest to the mem
bers present.
The highlight of the meeting was a
brief talk by the new commanding of
ficer of the Edenton Marine Corps Air
| Station, Colonel Montford K. Peyton.
“I have been most favorably impress
ed with the genuine hospitality, as
well as the spirit of friendly coopera
tion which I have found in this enm
'munity,” said Colonel Peyton. “You
have one of the finest towns that T
Ihave been privileged to live in and T
lam certain that Mrs. Peyton and the
Ichildren have the same feeling,” con
tinued the speaker, who was the guest |
of Major Louis Ferguson, a member
of the club.
“During my travels in this and
other countries, I have come to have a
greater realization of and appreciation!
for the splendid work which the Lions
are doing, especially among the phys-1
ically handicapped. T note with inter
est your activity in behalf of the es
tablishment of a swimming pool. I
pledge to you and all citizens of your
i good community my fullest coopera
tion in your laudable undertakings,
/both religious and civil,” concluded
Colonel Peyton.
i President Earl Harrell extended a
I cordial welcome to Colonel Peyton and
assured him, that the Edenton Lions
would be happy to render their full
cooperation to him and his command.
I Dr. A. M. Stanton, chairman of the
/Red Cross blood program, urged all
Lions who could do so to give blood.
“This blood is badly needed. The
quart you give may save someone’s
life,” said Dr. Stanton. “Over half of
the blood donated the last time came
from Marines at the local Air Station
and we hope our civilian population
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Edenton’s Rotary Club will meet
i this (Thursday) afternoon at 1 o’clock
|in the Parish House. The program
will be in charge of John A. Holmes,
who is taking the place of Dr. W. I.
I Hart. President Gilliam Wood urges
a full attendance.
Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, August 5,1954.
Jurymen Drawn For
Superior Court Term
Beginning Sept 13th
Judge Q. K. Nimmocks
Os Fayetteville Sched
uled to Preside
Chowan County Commissioners at
their meeting Monday drew 50 names
from the jury box, who will be sum
moned by Sheriff J. A. Bunch for jury
duty at the September term of Cho
wan County Superior Court. The term
will begin Monday morning, Septem
ber 13, with Judge Q. K. Nimmocks,
Jr., of Fayetteville presiding.
Those chosen for jury duty include
the following:
V. E. Jordan, Robert White Good
win, M. F. Bass, David Lee Hollowell,
Jimmie C. Keeter, J. Lester Griffin,
R. D. Dixon, Jr., J. Paul Holoman,
Jack Stallings, M. J. Evans, John A.
Hobbs, M. F. White, J. Paul Bunch,
R. C. Lane, Johnnie Chappell, John M.
Elliott, Jr., Elisha B. White, Edward
Wozelka, Noah Goodwin, Jr., Mack
Hendrix, George H. Privott, Elton
Boswell, L. P. Chappell, Thomas H.
Shepard, C. C. Nixon, Carlton Privott,
Lonnie R. Harrell, Elwood D. Harrell, 1
P. C. Ashley, Jr., J. T. Parrish, For-,
res Ervin Lane, J. C. Nixon, O. N.
Jordan, Harry A. Perry, Gilbert Har
rell, Eugene Jemigan, C. Trotman
Leary, K. W. Smith, L. W. Privott,
I W. D. Elliott, Leon W. Byrum, John
I Thomas Layon, J. S. Bunch, J. Roy
Winslow, Alma Byrum, J. E. Ashley,
• C. A. Bass, G. O. Chappell, Dallas
■ Jethro, Jr., H. E. Lane.
New Pastor Is Sent
To Catholic Church
i 1 1
The Rev. Francis Smith
t Assumes New Duties ,
At St. Ann’s
; I
’ The Reverend Francis M. Smith, re- 1
jcently appointed a director of the Dio- 1
! of Raleigh Missionary Apostolate. 1
has taken up his residence at St. Ann’s]
Church in Edenton. As director of the)
iApostolate, he will serve as pastor of,
St. Ann’s, and he will also have in llisl
i> care the Catholic missions and church-'
jes in Columbia, Plymouth, William
• ston. Windsor, and Ahoskie. Assist
ing him in his work will be the Rev-]
erends James Keenan and John Rich
Father Smith, Philadelphia bom.'
has been associated with the Catholic j
Diocese of Raleigh for the last ten |
I years. After he completed his studies
I I at Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary, Emmits
burg, Md., and after his ordination to
the priesthood in Charlotte, N. 0., he
1 served as assistant pastor in White
ville, Wake Forest, Durham and
Greensboro. He has also served as
l ]chaplain to the Catholic students at
Woman’s College of L T NC at Greens
-1 boro, and at Duke University. He is
• at the moment also Diocesean chap
lain to the various Newman Clubs on ]
? the various campuses throughout thej
■ State and Moderator of Parish Discus-]
' sion Groups. i
i •
li I
'J Sheriff J. A. Runch reported to the:
County Commissioners Monday tha j
I during July, 1953, taxes collected
amounted to $462.84. This amount!
brings total 1953 taxes collected to
date to $169,923.54. j
The 1953 tax levy is $184,515.05, so
1 j that unpaid 1953 taxes amount to $14,-
i 591.51. 1
I .
William Perry Praised For Work As Home !'
Service Chairman For Red Cross Chapter ji
Outstanding Service Recognized By Cherry Point I
Commanding Officer, Who Writes to Home j
Service Director of American Red Cross
William Perry has been congratulat
ed for his work as home service chair
man for the Chowan County Chapter
• of the American Red Cross.
In a recent letter from Brig. Gen.
A. W. Kreiser, commanding officer of
■ the Marine Corps Air Station at Cher
i ry Point, to the Home Service Direc
tor of the American Red Cross, Gen
eral Kreiser had this to say:
“I wish to express my appreciation
for the outstanding services rendered
by Mr. William Perry, Home Service
( Chairman, Chowan County Chapter,
American Red Cross, State* of North
Carolina, to the members of Marine
Aircraft Group-14, an organization of
this command, based at the Auxiliary
Landing Field, Edenton, North Caro
750 Service Men |
Attend USB Clubs
Over Each Week-end
Clubs Open Each Tues
day, Wednesday and
Thursday Nights
Edenton dSO’s are now in opera
tion Tuesday, Wednesday and Thurs
day from 5 P. M., to 11 P. M., with
active programing, and tentative plans!
are to have the units open as lounges I
Friday, Saturday and Sunday provid-1
ed senior hostesses can be obtained.
The change in days of operation be
came effective August 1. The USO’s
will be closed Mondays. |
The reason for the change is that it j
was felt by the USO committee after
investigating the situation that a
greater number of servicemen would
make use of the facilities during the
middle of the week as many are away
on the week-ends.
Since the opening of the clubs July
15th attendance has been good with
Mrs. R. P. Badham, staff-aide, report
ing an average of 500 boys each week
end at the Hotel USO, and Miss Hat
tie Jerkin, staff-aide, reporting ap-j
proximately 150 each week-end at the
| Brown-Carver Library USO. Both
(dubs have had dancing, games, tele
vision and refreshments for entertain
ment, as well as a number of junior
hostesses present.
Edenton Woman Held
On Charge Os Forgery
Mrs. Ethel P. Spence Ad
mits Writing Checks
I For $145
Mrs. Ethel P. Spence was arrested
.Friday charged with forging foui 1
/checks totaling $145. The checks were!
(drawn on three wives of Marines, Mrs.)
I Jane Wolver, Mrs. Norma Welch and;
,Mrs. Virginia Drivers, with the checks,
, cashed at the Jack and Jill store, Belk- •
,Tyler’s and Colonial Store.
| The checks were written in June and ,
‘July and the Edenton police conduct
jed an intensive investigation before
■ the arrest was made. Chief of Police 1 ;
George T. Dail said Mrs. Spence gave]
as her reason for forging the checks I
I was thfit she was trying to get money'
to pay for an operation on the eye of,
her five-year-old son.
i In Recorder’s Court Tuesday morn
ring Mrs. Spence entered a plea of
guilty and was held for trial in the
September term of Chowan Superior I
Court. Bond was fixed at SSOO.
126 Receive Old Age
Assistance In Julyj
During July 126 persons in Chowan j
County received old age assistance j
when $4,132 was distributed. There
were also 12 aid to dependent children (
(cases receiving $443, together withlll2 1
(blind aid cases receiving $451 and 13
[aid to permanently and totally dis-'
iaided cases receiving $440. General/
j assistance in the amount of $52.23 was:
j given in six cases. ■
Other financial assistance included i
/three hospitalized in the county, sllsj
land two hospitalized outside the coun-r
ty, $37.03. 1
Service cases included one adult pa-! 1
rolee under supervision, one investi-]
jgation made for the local Draft Board,! 1
five child labor certificates issued and: 1
16 children receiving individual ser- j,
! vice.
■ | “Mr. Perry’s outstanding ability
■land resourcefulness in dealing with
•/the personal problems of the personnel
|of that organization are worthy of
. note. His professional knowledge and
’ tactful manner enabled him to process
■ these problems with dispatch. His
cheerfulness and sincerity have en
■ hanced the morale of the officers and
men of Marine Aircraft Group-14.
i “Mr. Perry’s performance of duty
I .has been exemplary and reflects cred
■ it upon himself and the American Red
, Cross.”
Later Dr. A. F. Downum, chairman
of the Chowan County chapter re
ceived the following letter from K. C.
Lattimer, director of field service.
“We are very proud of the fine ser-j
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|Fire Commission For
County Is Completed
With Bond Chairman
| Meeting Changed
Due to Labor Day falling on
Monday, September 6, the Chowan
County Commissioners voted at
their meeting Monday to hold the
September meeting on Thursday
morning, September 2.
Notice should be taken of this
J stepped up meeting in order to
■ present bills or other important
business in time for the meeting.
No Change Made
In Clubs’ Standings
In Albemarle League
Only Seven More Games
Remain In Regular
Colerain 21 10 .678
Elizabeth City 19 12 .613
jElrtford 14 17 .452
/Rocky Hock 13 19 .407
Edenton 10 19 .345
With only seven more games sched
uled in the regular Albemarle League,
no change in the standings occurred
during the past week. Colerain con
tinues to hold, a slight edge over Eliz
abeth City for the lead, Hertford gain
jing a slight advantage over Rocky
for third position. Edenton remains
|in the cellar position although a few
| points in percentage have been added.
I Fans were interested to note that
Gashouse Parker, former manager of
tlie Edenton Colonials, is now playing
[with Rocky Hock and that Albert
Lassiter, has been added to the Co
lonials’ pitching staff. ,
i The final league game is Scheduled
for Friday, August 13, when Eden- j
j ton and Rocky -Hock, will cross bats j
and Elizabeth City plays at Hertford, j
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S?!o Os Stock In
Development Corp.
| Stands At $35, Oi
j Report of Stock Sales j
men Listed As Still
! According to reports Wednesday!
morning in the neighborhood of $35,-1
1000 worth of stock has been purchased
in the Edenton Development Corpora- ]
tion, recently incorporated for the
(purpose of attracting new industry to j
! Edenton and Chowan County.
| The report of the stock salesmen is
(still incomplete, and it is hoped
enough people will purchase stock to
(reach the minimum goal of SIOO,OOO.
i In addition to those listed last week j
] the following have purchased stock in !
(the corporation during the week:
I Dr. Martin Wisely. .Dr. Roland H.
I Vaughan. T. B. Williford. Dr. Rieli
(ard Hardin. Dr. Frank Wood, J. I,
iChestnutt, Louis E. Francis, Mrs. i
(Louis E. Francis. Johnetta H. White.,
! Jess M. Wilson, Caswell Edmundson, ]
• Thelma M. Edmundson. Michael Ed- •
jmundson, Tom H. Shepard. W. J. P. j
(Earnhardt, Mrs. Carrie M. Earnhardt.'
;J. C. Parks, P. S. McMullan. J. H.:
Bunch, Chowan Motor Co., O. B. Per
ry, Nell White Perry. G. M. Belch. 1
Paul L. Partin, W. D. Harris, E. J. i
Boyce, Belk-Tyler Co., A. L. Hawkins, '
William S. Elliott, R. P. Baer 11, Yates j
Parrish, Mr and Mrs. C. Y. Parrish, j
Raymond Mansfield, L. H. Haskett, I
H. .1. Cuthrell and Mrs. Myrtle P. i
Albemarle League
Schedule For Week |
Thursday, August 5 Colerain at
' Rocky Hock; Edenton at Hertford.
Friday, August 6—Elizabeth City at
Edenton; Hertford at Colerain.
Monday, August 9 Edenton at
Elizabeth City; Colerain at Hertford, r
Tuesday, August 10—Rocky Hock at'
Colerain; Hertford at Edenton. i
Wednesday, August 11—Hertford at :
Rocky Hock; Elizabeth City at Cole- 1
'rain. •'
$2.00 Per Year.
Nine More Are Appoint
ed From All Sections
Os County
Chairman Plans to Call
Meeting- of Group at
An Early Date
Chowan County Commissioners at
their meeting Monday appointed nine
more members to serve on the Cho
wan County Fire Commission which is
charged with the responsibility to
make a thorough study of fire protec
tion in the county and to subsequently
submit recommendations to the Coun
ty Commissioners to the end that the
- best possible fire protection is provid
' ed at the minimum cost.
The nine appointed Monday repre
; sents a cross section of the county
and includes Clarence Harrell, John
Kramer, Carey Evans, J. I. Boyce, A.
M. Forehand, T. A. Berryman, McCoy
Spivey, J. A. Webb, Jr., and Ward
j Three other members who were
previously appointed complete the
commission of 12 members. The other
- three are W. E. Bond, representing the
• County Commissioners; W. J. Yates,
; representing the Edenton Fire Depart
ment, and J. Edwin Bufflap, repre
senting Town Council.
,' W. E. Bond was named chairman of
I the Commission by the County Com
., missioners and he plans to call a
. meeting at an early date for the pur
. pose of organization and begin a study
. of the problem of fire protection in
. the rural section of the county.
•' The newly formed Fire Commission
is the outgrowth of a recent request
made by Town Council to the County
• Commissioners for an appropriation of
$3,020 to cover the approximate cost
of Edenton firemen answering calls in
the county. This arrangement is now
in operation, and may continue to be,
but it Was the opinion of the County
(Commissioners that a group represent-’
ling every section of the county might
(possibly advance a better program.
Revival At Anderson
Church August 8-13
Rev. Freeman C. Heath
Os Elizabeth City Will
Be the Speaker
The Rev. C. H. Beale, pastor of the
Anderson Methodist Church of the
I Chowan Charge, announces that a re
vival meeting will begin in the church
Sunday night, August 8, at 7:45
• o’clock and will close Friday, August
! The visiting minister will be the
jßev. C. Freeman Heath. Superinten
dent of the Elizabeth City District of
|the Methodist Church. Floyd White
will be in charge of the singing.
A cordial invitation is extended to
everyhodv to attend the services.
Pure Bred Swine Sale
Scheduled August 20
, Assistant County Agent Robert S.
Marsh reports there will be a pure
bred swine sale at the Hertford Live
! stock Market on Friday, August 20 at
1:00 P. M. This is the annual sum
mer sale which is sponsored by the
(Albemarle Pure Bred Swine Breeders’
• Association. Farmers of the Albe
marle and surrounding area will have
an opportunity to purchase pure bred
hoars, bred gilts, and open gilts at this
j A total of 30 hogs will be offered
for sale on this day. A weight guess
ling contest will be held with free priz
es offered. 4-H and FFA livestock
judging teams will compete for prizes.
The Ladies’ Auxiliary of William
H. Coffield Post, No. 9280, Veterans
lof Foreign Wars, will meet tonight
! (Thursday) at 8 o’clock in the VFW
| home. Mrs. Ellie Mae Parrish, presi
dent, urges every member to attend.
West Byrum, chairman of the Cho
:wan County Commissioners, was au
thorized Monday morning to pay
i $127.81 on the county’s debt. The
amount represents school building
coupons which fall due on Septem
ber 1. v

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