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jlume XXI. —Number 40.
Local Machinery m
Set Up For General
Election November 2
Chairman L. S. Byrum
Announces Precinct
Registrars Will Be on
Duty October 9,16,23
And 30
Machinery for the general election
scheduled to be held Tuesday, Novem
ber 2, has been set in motion, with
L. S. Byrum, chairman of the Chowan
County Board of Elections, announc
ing the voting places, registrars and
judges of elections in the six precincts
of the county.
Mr. Byrum announced that regis
trars will sit at the various precinct
voting places for the purpose of regis
tering voters Saturday, October 9, 16
and 23, from 9 A. M., until sunset and
that they will again sit at the polling
places Saturday, October 30, from 9
A. M., to 3 P. M., for the purpose of
challenging any voter.
On election day the polls will be
open from 6:30 A. M., and close at
6:30 P. M.
In East Edenton Precinct the vot-.
ing place will be in the Court House.]
Miss Sarah Jones is registrar and W.J
M. Wilkins and Floyd Cayton, judges.'
In West Edenton Precinct the vot
ing place will be in the Municipal
- lilding. Mrs. George C. Hoskins is
fistrar and George S. Twiddy and
The voting place for Rocky Hock
Precinct will be Henry Bunch’s store.
W. H. Pearce is registrar and W. H.
Saunders and Henry Bunch, judges.
For Center Hill precinct the voting
place will be Elliott Belch’s office.
Ralph Goodwin is registrar and R. H.
Hollowell and E. D. Byrum, judges.
In Wardville precinct the voting
place is Herbert Peek’s store. T. A.
Berryman is registrar and Herbert
Peele and Melvin Copeland, judges.
For Yeopim precinct the voting
place is Harry Perry’s store. T. J.
Hoskins, Sr., is registrar and T. J.
Hoskins, Jr,, and J. A. Webb, Jr.,
Jayoees Sponsoring
Fire Prevention Week
Call Attention to Big In
crease In National
Fire Losses
Edenton’s Junior Chamber of Com
merce is sponsoring Fire Prevention
Week, which is being observed this
week, and point out that “Fire Safe
ty Is Your Job, too.”
The Jayeees call attention to the
fact that losses from fires last year
totaled $864,863,000, an increase of 6.1
per cent, or $50,000,000 over 1952’s to
tal of $815,134,000.
In order to conduct a campaign of
education and precaution, the Jayeees
are distributing various sorts of lit
erature emphasizing the importance
of doing everything possible to pre
vent fires. A fire prevention film is
being shown this week in all of the
Edenton white and colored schools.
Chief cause, not only of home fires
but of all fires, continues to be match
es and smoking—as it has been for
years. To prevent such fires, the
Jayeees advise these simple safety
1. Provide plenty of big ashtrays—
the kind that won’t tip over easily—
and use them!
2. Never throw a cigarette or match
from a car window. Use the car ash
tray instead.
3. Never smoke in bed!
4. When emptying ashtrays, be sure
every match and butt is out.
i 5. Never toss a lighted match away.
Hold it for a minute after blowing
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Parker Helms Named
Supt. Os €hurch School
At Methodist Church
Parker Helms has been named su
perintendent of the Methodist Church
School for the new Church School
year and will take over his duties
Sunday morning. Mr. Helms succeeds
Gerald James.
Jesse Wilson has been named assist
ant superintendent and Harry Lassi
ter will be assistant to Mr. James who
will serve as secretary.
~Edent^^phowajTCounty, North Carolina, Thursday, October 7,1954.
Civic Calendai
Edenton Junior Chamber of
Commerce, Edenton Woman’s
Club and the Business and Pro
fessional Woman’s Club will spon
sor a pancake breakfast and sup
per in the Penelope Barker House
Saturday, October 9, from 6:30
to 10 A. M., and 5:30 to 8 P. M.
First Congressional District
Democratic Rally in Elizabeth
City Thursday, October 21.
Study course for women of the
Methodist Church will be held at
the church Wednesday night, Oc
tober 13, at 7:30 o’clock.
Pictures of children will be tak
en free of charge today (Thurs
day) at Hotel Joseph Hewes from
1 to 8 P. M.
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Mrs. Barbara Rose
Held Supervisor For
Agriculture Census
[will Direct Force of 1()|
1 In Chowan and Per
quimans Counties
Appointment of Mrs. Barbara Win- 1 ,
slow Rose of Hertford as a crew lead
er for the 1954 Census of Agricul
ture is announced by Field Supervisoi |
Randolph Williams.
Mrs. Rose will direct a force of 10 j
enumerators who will canvass all
farms in Perquimans and Chowan]
counties. She reported October 4 to
the census agriculture field office at
Wilson for a week of training.
The crew leader is one of the key
people in the field operations of the
Census of Agriculture. It is her re
sponsibility to train the enumerators
and supervise their work; plan and al
locate work assignments; review the
work of the enumerators and take re
medial action where necessary, and to
conduct difficult enumerations.
After attending the training con
ference, Mrs. Rose will return to her
district where she will spend three
weeks recruiting enumerators, check
ing enumeration district boundaries,
and training enumerators in prepara
tion for the start of the census on No
vember 1.
Varsity Club Joins In
Drive For School Bus
Club Announces Dances
For Halloween and
Edenton’s Varsity Club on Tuesday
night voted to pledge S3OO towards
the purchase of a new school activities
bus for the Junior - Senior High
School and immediately took steps to
sponsor projects to raise the money.
The club, spearheading the drive
for a new bus, boasts only 15 members
but wholeheartedly pledged them
selves to raise S3OO toward the goal \
of $4,000 needed to purchase the ve-1
hide. Clarence Leary, Jr., chairman j
of the club’s bus committee, gave a
detailed report of progress on the bus
project at the meeting. He told of
the interest manifested by other or
agnizations in town and expressed de
light with the interest directed toward
the project.
Leary outlined two projects the
Varsity Club can use to raise the
club’s portion of the needed funds and
he and his committee, composed of
'Medlin Belch, A1 Phillips, Bill Cozart
and Bill Harry, were instructed to
proceed immediately with plans for
these two events. The first will be a
gala Halloween square dance to be
held in the armory on Saturday night,
October 30, from 9 until 12. A local
string ensemble will be employed to
furnish music for the dancing and the
armory will be attractively decorated
in a Halloween motif.
The club began to lay plans for the
annual Christmas dance, and Dick
Levin has been secured to once again
furnish the music for the dancing.
This will be Levin’s sixth appearance
at the Varsity Club’s Christmas
Reports were heard from various
other committees and the club viewed
pictures of the Edenton-Morehead
City football game before adjourning.
Chowan County Farm
Bureau Membership
Drive October 20-23
. President Bristoe Perry;
Says Goal Will Be
400 Members
“Together We Stand, Divided We
Fall,” “In Unity There Is Strength.”
“If you believe these statements you
believe in farm organization,” says
Bristoe Perry, Chowan County Farm
Bureau president, who says the fall
membership drive will be conducted
October 20 through 23. J
The annual Chowan County Farm
Bureau membership drive will be con
ducted during the four days, October
20 through 23. Community chairmen
and workers selected are as follows:
Gliden—E. G. Blanchard, Chairman;
workers to be announced.
Ryland—Edgar M. Howell, Chair
man; workers, Willie Joyner, Ralph
Hollowell, Lester Copeland and Roy
Center Hill—Joe Wiggins, Chair
man; workers to be announced.
Cross Roads—Tom Asbell, Chair
man; workers to be announced,
j Rocky Hock—to be announced,
i Enterprise and Edenton—J. Wallace
I Goodwin, Jr., Chairman; workers to
(be announced.
,' Advance—Town of Edenton —Bris-
I! toe Perry and Sanford Bass, Co-chair-
Imen; workers to be announced.
I Yeopim—to be announced.
The membership goal is 400 mem
bers,” President Perry says. “If we|
I believe in a strong farmers’ organiza-
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iEdenton Aces Play
1 E City Friday Night
I Many Beliece Aces Have
! Good Chance of Win
ning Game
1 Coach Bill Billings’ Edenton Aces
will get a real test Friday night
; when they are scheduled to meet the
Elizabeth City Yellow Jackets on the
latter’s gridiron. In the long string
of football battles over the years the
1 Yellow Jackets are far ahead, but this
year the Aces and fans as well feel
the Aces have a good chance to turn
in a score in the victory column. The|
Yellow Jackets, however, have con-'
trary ideas. |
’ The Aces will go to Elizabeth City
with an impressive record thus far.
They have won all of the four games
played, including victories over Roa
noke Rapids, Morehead City, William
ston and Spring Hope. The Aces have
rolled up a score of 107 points as com
pared with 19 points by their oppom
ents. The squad is in good shape, so
that if the boys play the brand of ball
they did in the first three games the
Yellow Jackets might be in for a sur
The high school band will accom
pany the Aces to Elizabeth City.
Guests Surprised and Delighted With Beauty and]
Attractiveness of Building; Member# of
Eastern Star Hostesses
i Over 1,000 people were guests of I
Unanimity Lodge, No. 7, A. F., &j
'A. M., and Edenton Chapter, No. 302,
Order of the Eastern Star, Sunday
afternoon from 2 to 6 o’clock when
open house was observed at the new
Masonic Temple on East Water and
Oakum Streets. Many of the guests
came from the rural section as well as
neighboring communities and they, as
well as Edenton people, were not only
delighted but very agreeably surpris
ed to see the beauty and attractive
ness of the building. Praise of the
highest order was profuse during the
afternoon for what the Masons and
Eastern Star members have accom
Guests were met at the door of the
temple, requested to register and then
were shown the various apartments of
the temple, which included the spaci
ous dining room, the kitchen and la
dies’ lounge on the first floor. In the
dining room over 250 people can be
served without being too crowded.
On the second floor visitors were
shown the George Washington chair,
the minutes of the first meeting of the
lodge on November 8, 1775, as well as
other relics. They then were shown
the men’s lounge, the preparation
room and then into the beautiful lodge
room, where the attractive altar and
Local Business And
Professional People
: To Be Photographed
; Arrangement Made For
Herald to Have Up
to-date Cuts
; With pictures and cuts of Edenton
l individuals now in possession of The
, Herald being considerably out of date,
j an arrangement has been made with
Allen Studios of Detroit, Mich., to
I take pictures of as many Edenton
1 business and professional men and wo-
men as possible.
The photographer will be at Hotel
. Joseph Hewes Monday, October 11,
, from 4 to 8 P. M. Many of Eden
ton’s professional and business men
, and women have been invited to be
photographed, but if any were inad
vertently overlooked, they are cor
’ dially invited to go to the hotel to be,
The studio will furnish The Herald
with cuts of the pictures taken to be
used at appropriate times.
There will be no charge for taking
the pictures and those persons photo
graphed as a result of this arrange
ment are under no obligation to sub
] scribe to the newspaper or purchase
pictures. However, each individual is
privileged to do either or both.
The primary purpose of this ar- 1
rangement with the studio for the
Herald is to have available for pub
lication up-to-date pictures of Eden
ton people whenever an occasion aris
*es, so that it is hoped many will be
One Killed In Wreck
On Monday Morning
, Two Cars Crash at Cor
ner of Granville and
Queen Streets
In a collision at the intersection of
West Queen and Granville Streets
] about 6:30 Monday morning, one man
, died a short time later and four oth- 1
\ ers were hospitalized.
, The dead man is Earl Bliss, 59, of
Brooklyn, who died Monday afternoon 1
as the result of head and internal in
juries. His brother, Jess Bliss, 68,
J suffered severe injuries about the!
'head. Others injured were Le Grande!
Somerset, 47 of Whiteville, principal
of the Negro school at Hertford, and
Geraldine Jones and Mildred Daniels,'
students at the Elizabeth City State
Teachers’ College.
According to police, the two white
men were traveling north on Granville
Street and crashed into the side of i
Somerset’s car at the intersection. |
Both cars were badly Wrecked, with j
Somerset’s car turning completely!
over and landing on its wheels.
The two Negro girls were released
from the hospital Monday, but Bliss
and Somerset were still patients up
to Wednesday.
1 pedestals were made by Hubert Willi
ford and the oak Venetian blinds by H.
•A. Campen.
After inspecting the building the
visitors were served refreshments in
the dining room by members of thtf
Eastern Star, where also Warren
Glocke, who is stationed at the Nor
folk Naval Base, rendered an organ
recital through the courtesy of the .
Milton Music Company of Norfolk.
Little Patsy Mooney also sang several
numbers which delighted those who
The Eastern Star Chapter was very
well organized to handle the crowd i
and assigned to pouring punch at vari
-1 ous times during the afternoon were
Mrs. W. P. Goodwin, Mrs. John Skiles,
' Mrs. C. W. Overman, Mrs. D. M.
Reaves, Mrs. Thomas J. Wood, Mrs.
Daniel Reaves, Mrs. W. A. Harrell,
1 Mrs. W. J. Daniels. In charge of the '
plates were Mrs. R. H. Kennan, Mrs. '
J. N. Oglesby, Mrs. T. B. Williford, '
Mrs. C. T. Griffin and Mrs. Watson
Bell. Directing the visitors at the
table were Mrs. Daniel Reaves, Mrs. '
! W. J. Daniels and Mrs. Thomas J.
Wood. Miss Drothy Bufflap saw to 1
i it that plates on the table with re
> freshments were refilled.
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Edenton PTA Plans
Membership Drive
Week Os Oct. 11-16
C -X
Here In Person j
Aunt Jemima, nationally known
pancake advertising medium, will be
on hand at the pancake breakfast and,
supper to be served in the Penelope
Barker house Saturday.
Pancake Breakfast
And Supper Will Be
Held On Saturday
Aunt Jemima Will Be on
Hand to Assist With
A pancake breakfast and supper will
he served in the Penelope Barker
■ house Saturday, with breakfast sched
uled to he served from 6:30 to 10 A.
]M., and supper from 5:30 to 8 P. M.
I The affair is sponsored jointly by the
Woman’s Club, BPW Club and the
■ 'Jayeees with profits realized going
toward completing restoration work on
• the building. Tt is hoped the remain
j der of this work can be completed be
fore the Garden Tour which is sched
uled to be held again in the spring,
j A feature of the breakfast and sup
per will he the presence of Aunt Je
mima, advertised nationally in connec
tion with pancake flour,
j Tickets for either one or both meals
can be purchased from any member of
the three sponsoring organizations.
Voting Places Set
Know How Election
j County Agent Overman
Emphasizes Import
ance to Vote
On October 15 farm people will vote
on continuing the Nickels For Know
How program. This program is re
sulting in a wonderful benefit for ag
ricultural research and the agricul
tural program in general for North
Carolina. The program is paying
very high dividends according to in
formation received from North Caro
lina State College.
Voting places for the Nickels For
Know How referendum on Friday, Oc-1
tober 15 are selected in convenient
reach of all farm families. They are:
Gliden Community—-Briggs Store.
Lonesome Pine Service Station and
Hinton Morris Sendee Station.
Ryland Community—H. R. Peele’s
Rocky Hock Community Henry
Bunch’s Store and Earl Smith’s Store.
Center Hill Community B. P.
Monds’ Store.
Cross Roads Community Melvin
Evans’ Store.
Advance Community—Grover Cale’s
Store and Quinton Bass’ Store.
Enterprise Community—J. E. Ash-1
ley’s Store. I
Edenton Community Agricultural
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Postmaster Emphasizes
Early Mailing Overseas
Postmaster J. L. Chestnutt this
week reminds citizens that Christmas
parcels for members of the armed
forces serving overseas should be
mailed between October 15 and No
vember 15 in order to insure delivery
by Christmas.
Parcels must be packed securely, ad
dressed carefully and be mailed within
the time specified above. Mr. Chest
nutt also warned that no perishables
such as food should be mailed.
$2.00 Per Year.
iVirst Meeting of New
Year Will Be Held
Tuesday Night
President W. T. Harry
Will Outline Work For
Current Year
Edenton’s Parent - Teacher Associa
tion will hold its first meeting of the
new school year Tuesday night, Oc
tober 12, at 8 o’clock in the library of
the Junior-Senior High School, and an
interesting and varied program has
been arranged for this first meeting.
President William T. Harry will
preside over the meeting and John A.
Holmes, superintendent of schools,
I will he in charge of the program for
j the night.
, l A highlight of the night will be a
social hour to be held immediately
following the meeting. Mr. and Mrs.
Sidney Campen, co-chairmen of the
Hospitality Committee, will be in
charge of the social hour.
President Harry will outline the
program for the PTA for the current
year and will report on a meeting of
the executive hoard held last week.
I The theme for the Parent-Teacher
' Association for 1954-55 is the same as
last year, “Better Homes, Better
Schools, Better Communities.” Com-
I menting on the theme of the organiza
tion, President Harry said, “The
North Carolina Congress of Parents
and Teachers is primarily concerned
with the welfare of children and
youth. So are we of the Edenton Par
ent-Teacher Association. The PTA
r Congress recognizes a good home as
the basic unit of value in our social
• structure and thev emnhasize the im
■ portanoe of its physicial, mental, so
" cial, moral and spiritual integrity.
J They realize that an ever-growing and
■> ever-strengthening school program is
1 essential to meet the needs of all our
‘ children and strive toward the build
' ing of broader and stronger schools
’ within our own communities. Recog
nized also is the inherent strength
■ and importance of a sound religious
faith and PTA emphasizes the place
■ of the church in the American way of
life. Then, too, the PTA realizes the
community is the composite of the
■ homes:, schools and churches within its
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Rotarians Join In
| School Bus Drive
Each Member of Club
Is Requested to
Raise sl2
At Thursday’s meeting of the Eden
ton Rotary Club the Rotarians joined
in the movement to secure an activi
ties bus for the Junior-Senior High
After the need for a bus was em
phasized by President Gilliam Wood,
it was decided that each Rotarian
either contribute or be responsible for
| the collection of sl2 which will net
approximately S4OO.
The meeting was devoted to club
business so that no program was pre
Deputy Collector In
Citizens Bank Building
At Monday’s meeting of the Coun
ty Commissioners it was agreed to
rent a room temporarily in the Citi
zens Bank Building for Joseph E. Rog
ers, deputy collector for the N. C.
Department of Revenue.
Mr. Rogers has been working in
George Twiddy’s office in the Hotel
I Joseph Hewes building, who has add
led his brother, Warren Twiddy, to his
business, so that he can no longer
spare the space used by Mr. Rogers.
The Commissioners hope in the near
future to remodel the building re
| cently purchased from T. C. Byrum
so that important offices will be on
I the first floor thus eliminating the
necessity for users to climb stairs.
PTA At Chowan High
Will Meet October 12th
The October meeting of the Chowan
High School Parent-Teacher Associa
i tion will be held in the high school au
ditorium Tuesday night, October 12,
i at 8 o’clock. All parents are urged
to attend.

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