North Carolina Newspapers

    Volume XXI. —Number 42.
Edenton Band Will
Play For Orphanage
Game In Raleigh
Local Group Will Also
Participate In Parade
This Afternoon
Edenton High School’s Band has
been honored by being among quite a
few high school bands of the State to
play at the seventh annual Orphanage
Bowl football game in Raleigh to
day (Thursday).
The game will be played in Riddick
Stadium at N. C. State College, with
the gridiron teams of Oxford Orphan
age supported by Masons in North
Carolina, and the Methodist Orphan
age scheduled to clash at 8 o’clock.
The game is sponsored by Sudan Tem
ple with the proceeds divided between
the two orphanages.
Director Ernest Gentile and mem
bers of the band will leave Edenton at
11:30 o’clock Thursday morning and
will be treated to a steak dinner in
the State College cafeteria. They will
participate in a parade at 3:30 o’clock |
and after dinner at 6 o’clock will play.
for the game in the stadium.
Chowan County Vote j
Overwhelmingly For
Know-How Program
Only Six Out of 162 Vote
Against Continuing
' Chowan County joined the remaind- 1
er of North Carolina Friday in voting
overwhelmingly in favor of continua-1
tion of the Nickels for Know-How
program. I
The vote in the referendum was j
considerably reduced due to Hurri-j
cane Hazel, so that a total of only 162!
votes were cast in the (ounty. Os this
number 156 votes were in favor of
continuing the program and six votes |
Some communities showed very
little interest in the referendum in]
spite of the extensive publicity pro-j
gram that had been staged.
“This is difficult to understand,”|
says County Agent C. \V. Overman. I
“when so many people fail to exercise
the privilege to vote. t
“With the vast majority of votes
cast in Chowan County in favor of the
program, no doubt indicates that a
very large percentage of those who
did not cast their vote, probably much
of which was due to the storm, are
also in favor of the program.”
Aces Meet Ancient
Rivals Friday Night
Team Will Journey to
Hertford to Play Per
quimans Indians
Edenton’s Ares and Tarboro battled
to a 27-27 tie in Tarboro Monday niprbt
in a samp which was forced to be
postponed from Friday night due to
Hurricane Hazel.
The Aces started moving early in
the game when, after taking, the kick
off, marched 81 yards in three plays.
Sonny Wright got loose for 20 yards'
on the first play. Milan Stilley, after
the second play was nullified, made a
spectacular 61 yard jaunt to score and (
Ray Rogerson’s kick was good for the
extra point.
Tarboro next went 84 yards on the
kickoff and scored from the 15 yard
line, with the try for the extra point,
Late in the first quarter the Aces
drove 62 yards for a score with a
pass from Holland to Rogerson add
ing 26 of the vards. Try for the ex
tra point failed putting the Aces ahead
13-6. Tarboro tied the score 13-13
near the end of the half in a 54-yard
march and scoring the extra point.
Tarboro went ahead in the third
quarter after partially blocking a punt.
Tn three plays a touchdown and extra
point was scored,-but the Aces then
marched 67 yards with Holland driv
ing 10 yards and Rogerson convert
ing to again knot the score at 20-20.
The Aces went ahead near the end
of the final quarter when Holland
scooted 68 yards to score, aided by
splendid blocking by Jimmy Harrison.
The extra point was good, putting
the Aces out in front 27-20. How
ever, Tarboro executed a neat triple
lateral play which took the Aces by
surprise and in less than two minutes
remaining Lilly scored a touchdown
and made the extra point which tied i'
the score 27-27. Ii
In me top pnoiograph at lett is seen water surrounding J. N. Pruden’s home, Penelope Barker house and the Willis Warehouse. It will be noticed that
portions of three chimneys of the Barker house have been blown away. At top right is seen the roofing leaving the W. D. Holmes building. Bottom
left is seen water as it is rising on Broad Street toward the Police Station. Bottom right is seen fish houses at the foot of Granville, where the one owned
by Richard Elliott was leveled to the ground.—(Photos by Chief of Police George I. Dail).
District Democrats
I Will Meet In E. City
| Thursday Afternoon |
I Affair Scheduled fa 0~.
j gin In School Build- j
ing at 5 P. M.
j |
Democrats from the First Con-
I gressional District will stage one of'a
|series of Democratic rallies in Eliza-!
jbeth City today (Thursday).
| The rally is scheduled to begin at 5 !
’ o’clock this afternoon in the S, L.
Sheep School auditorium, when a few
short speeches will he made by can
didates for the United States Senate
and House of Representatives.
Following the program a fish fry
will he held at the Scott and Halstead
potato shed on the Weeksville road.
Congressman Herbert Bonner ad-.
varices the opinion that tins will bej
orie of the best Democratic rallies j
ever held in the district and while in
Edenton Tuesday expressed the hope
that many from Chowan County will
be on hand.
[ Lloyd Griffin, chairman of the Oho-!
wan County Democratic Executive
Committee, also predicts a very en
joyable rally and urges manv Detno
|erats in Chowan County to attend.
• ; _
To Triangle Tonight
I Mrs. Adelaide Chesson. president of
' the Eden ton Business and Professional,
Women’s Club, announces that the
i regular monthly meeting of the or
ganization will be held in the banquet
room at the Triangle Restaurant to-,
,night (.Thumdav) at 8 o’clock, in- !
I stead of *ho Barker Community House,
I due to the building being considerably
damaged during the hurricane last
I Miss Gold'o Layton and Mi«s Min- j
nie Hollowell. chairmen of Public Af
i fairs and International Relations, re-1
sportively, and their committees have I
arranged a most interesting program. I
Members of the club are urged to note'
the change of the meeting place and
to have a 100 per cent attendance.
Chowan High PTA
Halloween Party At
School October 29th
The Chowan High School Parent-
Teacher Association has voted to spon
sor the annual Halloween party at
Chowan High School Friday night,
October 29, at 7:30 o’clock.
Features at the party will include!
bingo, the cake walk, costume parade, 1
crowning of beauty kings and queens,
fortune telling, the fish pond, as well
as other, forms of entertainment.
The public is cordially invited to at
tend and enjoy an evening of merri
The Ladies’ Auxiliary, Veterans of
Foreign Wars, will meet tonight
(Thursday) at 8 o’clock in the VFW
| home. Mrs. EUie Mae Parrish, presi
dent, urges all members to attend.
Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina. Thursday, October 21,1954.
Hurricane Does Much Damage
In Edenton And Chowan County |
| Firemen’s Auxiliary ]
! Power set Saves
! Li f e At Mortal
| Pressed Into Service For
Oxygen Tent During
Hurricane Friday
Thanks to the auxiliary power plant
of the Edenton Fire Department, a’
life was most probably saved Friday
afternoon at Chowan Hospital,
j Mrs. John Martin Harrell, Jr., was
| a patient at the hospital and at about
the time she was scheduled to go un
der an oxygen tent the electric cur
rent was cut off in Edenton due to
Hurricane Hazel.
! The Fire Department was called and!
in no time at all the auxiliary power'
plant was transported to the hospital,
put into operation and Mrs, Harrell
under treatment, which nurses at the
hospital credit with saving Mrs. Har
rell’s life. Mrs. Harrell is now mak
ing satisfactory progress at the hos
Civic Calendai
First Congressional District
Democratic Rally in Elizabeth
City today (Thursday).
Saturday, October 23, last day
(o register in order to vote in the
general election Tuesday, No
vember 2.
Annual Halloween Party spon
sored by the Edenton Woman’s
Club, will be held Monday night,
November 1, starting at 6 o’clock
on the Court House Green.
General election Tuesday, No
vember 2, when polls will he open
from 6:30 A. M„ to 6:30 P. M.
Annual bazaar of St. Paul’s
Episcopal Church will be held in
the Parish House Tuesday, No
vember 16, from 10 A. M., to 5
P. M.
Varsity Club Halloween dance
in the Edenton armory Saturday
night, October 30.
Edenton Rotary Club meets to
day (Thursday) at 1 o’clock in the
Parish House.
VFW Post meets in VFW home
Tuesday night of next week.
Chowan Tribe, No. 12, 1.0.R.M„ i
meets Monday night at 7:30
Fund raising drive for the
Edenton swimming pool still in
VFW Post home open every
Friday and Saturday night for
member* and guests.
Edenton Lions Club meets next
Monday night at 7 o’clock.
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Considerable Property Damage Done But No In
juries or Fatalities; Town Strewn From One
End to Other With AI! Kinds of Debris
| Though not struck hv the full force
lof Hurricane Hazel Friday afternoon.
I Edenton and Chowan suffered severe
property damage and the entire sec
tion was left scattered with leaves,
limbs, fallen tree's, roofs of buildings,
fallen electric wire poles, twisted tele
vision antennas, and all kinds of deb
ris along the water front.
While warned of the gradual ap
proach of the hurricane, precautionary
measures were taken but the fury of
the wind drove almost everybody un
der shelter while the storm was at its
Strong winds started shortly after
noon, which grew stronger and lasted
until around 3 o’clock.
The tide in Albemarle Sound and
Chowan River quieklv rose under the
pounding wind, so that both resembled
a restless ocean. Water rose above
tthe county dock and extended to t!m
.i,e police station arid J. N.J
Pruderi’s home, the Penelope .Barker j
H-use end Willis Warehouse were
•surrounded by water.
A' 1 ’long the waterfront the waves!
carried in debris of all kinds and left i
many boats high and dry after the
tide rapidly receded following the'j
height of the hurricane,
i Mayor Leroy Haskett was called out
l of bed at 3 o’clock Friday morning
from Wilmington and advised of the
force of the storm. Mr. Haskett call
ed upon the Edenton National Guard
unit to he on the alert, so that when
the hurricane struck members of the
outfit kept moving throughout the city
and rendered a great deal of assist
ance in moving various things blown
about by the wind, as well as cutting
some trees to keep streets from being
blocked. They also helped to place a
temporary roof on the W. D. Holmes
Wholesale Grocery, which was ripped
off by the wind and part of it lodged
in a tree in the Cupola House yard.
Mr. Haskett is high in praise of the
service rendered by the National,
As the result of the high tide Wa
ter Street was impassable for a time
during the storm and Pembroke Cir- 1
cle took on the appearance of a lake.
Water covered much of Water Street
and with it came logs, boats and all,
kinds of debris.
The Penelope Barker house was an
especial target for the hurricane. The 1
tin roof was ripped off and portions!
|of three of the four huge brick ohim-l
• neys were blown down. The two chim-j
neys on the southern side of the house
are further damaged in that a portion
of each is twisted from the main part
of the chimney, one toppled over and
resting against the roof. The hurri
cane also blew a tree down on West
Church Street falling on the ill fated
St. Paul’s Churchyard fence, break- 1
ing one section of the fence, which
twice previously had been seriously]
damaged by hoodlums.
• • Many roofs were torn from build*.
. ings, some of which were the \V. I),
Holmes Wholesale Grocery, Chowan
Motor Company, Penelope Barker .
house, B. G. Willis Warehouse. Eden-j
ton Peanut Company. Edeuton Feed & \
Livestock Company, Snedic Food Pro- ]
| ducts, Inc., Albemarle Motor Co., and
I many others. Houses without number
i were left with from a few shingles
j missing to practically the entire roof
bare. Gilliam Wood’s boat harbor was
I also badly damaged, as was Emmett
Wiggins’ plane, boats and equipment
| near Pembroke Circle.
Fishermen were probably the hopv
' iost losers as the result of tho hurri
jcanc. At the foot of Water and Gran
ville Streets Richard Elliott’s fish
|. house was leveled to tho ground, j
i Along Chowan River serious damage
waS (lone to commercial fishermen, j
lAt Harris Landing Murray Tynch’s
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i Chowan High Seniorsl
Present Annual Plav;
J “Mystery at Midnight”
' Begins Tn Auditorium
i Tonight at 8 O’clock
The Chowan High School senior
f class will present its annual play this
Thursday night, October 21, at 8
i o’clock in the school auditorium.
x' “Mystery at Midnight.” a three-nct
r mystery by Mahle Conklin Allyn, will
t j he presented with the special permis
; sion of the Dramatic Publishing Com
1, panv.
l! “Mystery at Midnight” takes place
.'in the living room of the Mystery
>, Mansion, last winter from midnight
|, to 4:00 A. M.
| The east of characters are Energine
. Washington, (Sara Margaret Asbell),
. housekeeper of the Mystery Mansion;
i Barbara Cory, (Mary Sue Elliott), a
. * sweet young girl; Rasmus Washing
'ton, (George Jordan), a sleepy dark
iie; Rathhurne Wentworth, (Fred Lay
jton), owner of the Mystery Mansion;
Mrs. Wentworth, (Evangeline Cope
!land). aunt of Rathhurne; Letty Flan-
Iders, (Peggy Perry), a cute little flirt;
I Dick Lawrence, (Delton Bunch), a
handsome young lawyer; Oscar Jan
sen, (Norman Lee Bass), a strong
man; Mrs. Alma Cory, (Jean Evans),)
who gets her way; Mr. Cloyd Parker, (
(Jackie Morris), a fiance.
The Chowan Ramblers will give a!
performance before the play. [
The play is being directed by Miss,
i Minnie Warren, senior sponsor.
The public is cordially invited to
] attend. A small admission will be
$2.00 Per Year.
Safety Magic Show
In Edenton Schools
Monday, October 25
Students of High School
And Adults Cordially
“Safety Magic.” a show which high
lights traffic and safety and good
safety habits will be presented in
Edenton Monday, October 25. The
1 show will be staged by Sgt. Carl Pike
in the Negro High School at 10 A. M.,
' and in the Edenton Elementary School
auditorium at 2 IV M. The show in
both instances is for high school ■•shir
j dents and adults are also especially
invited to witness it.
The old saying, “There’s a trick to
'everything,” is true in the case of Sgt.
| Pike’s “Safety Magic” show'. In his
case he uses his ability as a clever
j magician and experience as a police
| safety officer to impress students
with the rules of safety and good
Presently on leave from the Kent
! County Sheriff’s Department, Grand
Rapids, Michigan, Sgt. Pike appeared
on the stage before entering police
w'ork. As safety officer of the Jack
son, Michigan Police Department he
worked with school safety patrols and
developed safety programs that aided
in materially reducing the traffic acci
dent rate.
“Safety Magic” has appeared under
ATA sponsorship in 30 states before
over 300,000 school children. His pro
gram consists of a brief, fact-packed
talk followed by a truly mystifying
magic show in which each feat il
lustrates a point of good safety be
havior. It’s a performance which is
an enjoyable, education, a trick in it
Primarily intended for high school
students, Sgt. Pike has a special pro
gram designed for adults. Each is
different but both have the same pur
! pose . , . safety first to reduce traf
j sic accidents.
The minimum program is 45 min
jutes, and it can be lengthened to one
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Teachers And Rotary
Annas Will Be Guests
Os Rotarians Oct. 28
Ladies’ Night Observed
In Masonic Temple
Dining Room
Edenton Rotarians at last week’s
meeting decided to entertain all the
, white teachers in Chowan County, as
well as Rotary Annes at a ladies’
night banquet to be held Thursday
night, October 28. The affair will be
held in the new Masonic Temple, be--
| ginning at 7 o’clock,
j An enjoyable program is being
! planned, with the committee on ar
-1 rangemeiits including John A. Kramer,
IVV. T. Harry and W. B. Rosevear.
) The Rotarians in previous years us
lually entertained only the teachers
I due to lack of space in the Parish
I House. However, with the spacious
i dining room at the Masonic Temple
| now available, it was decided to en-
I tertain Rotary Annes along with the
I teachers.
j Hospital Auxiliary
j Will Meet Friday
Meeting Forced to Be
Abandoned Last Week
Due to Hurricane
Due to last week’s hurricane the
regular meeting of the Chowan Hos
pital Auxiliary was forced to be aban
doned. Due to the postponement, the
meeting will be held Friday after
noon, October 22, at 3 o’clock in the
nurses’ home.
The Auxiliary has extended an in
vitation to the women of Hertford to
be special guests at the meeting.
Program Chairman Mrs. J. L. Pet
tus announces that a choral group
from the Glee Club of the Junior-Sen
ior High School will sing under the
direction of Mrs. Mary Leggett Brown
ing. Tea will be served.
Mrs. J. A. Moore ’54-55
Seal Sale Chairman
| The Pasquotank - Perquimans - Cam-
I den - Chowan Tuberculosis Association
has announced the Seal Sale chairmen
| in the district for 1954-55.
1 The various chairmen are:
i Pasquotank Mrs. Charlotte G.
Perquimans W. Jarvis Ward.
Camden Mrs. Vincent Leary. >
Chowan Mrs. J. A. Moore.

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