North Carolina Newspapers

- -
Volume XXI.— Number 50.
* Legion Proposes
John Holmes For
N. C. Commander
Ed Ilond Post Votes
Unanimously For
At it.- fogujar iheoting Thursday,j
Dccmnbef H. Kdwanl (1. Ilond Post
No. IP of tin* American Legion vot-J
<*d iin.iiiiniously to place in nomi- :
nation for tin position of Coin- ’
rnaiidor of tin* North Carolina lie- I
partnient of tin- Ajnorion-rv Legion .
for tin- term 11 1 (>sfl th.- Mann- of
John A. Holmes.
Mr. Holmes. Superintendent of
Krl ♦ •nfon City Schools and a \» t -
eran of World War 1. i- at pres?
ent. (’oinmander of tin- G.
Ilond Post, and is also Division
Commander of tin- First Division,
State Regent Guest
At Meeting Os DAR
Choral Group Sings,
Group of Christ- J
mas Carols
T!i.- Fdenton T*• ■ 1 ',"ii-i \ < '•vrj»t'*r ■
of th.- X.SiD.A.K. on \VVfltros-l
day. IViViniuT K- it thb hopji* of|
Mr.-. A. It.
Mrs; (•. A. K■ *i iiodlo. S' i».- !b-
Grcnt. gavv* up inspiring t .* ill< bn -
I*.A.l*. Work whieh is bring married
on in N’ ■*rt !i Carolina and «• fh* • r
shit<.v>. Shr* gavo ;jn inir ay-!
* '’"lint of Ivor n-n ml \ isit t«> (*r«>><-
rmrr. th • ■ North (’:ir“jina -•‘hobl.
a hirlv i.' p.trt'ollv .-u ptmrl* <1 1»v flu*'
l>.A.i:. M' K,tm,ol,y ,1 1,,-r;
talk with :i rhrillengo t<> inemhirs to!
Uphold right - under tin* eon-'
stiliit ion. -:n«l to. 1m . - I># i.-* 11 \
thankful for lif. jp , kind where ’
freedom reign-.
A rhbral group Tirol, r 'tli»• «ji-iw
fion <»! Mrs. Mary I Grow ping,
sane a nunil» r of 'Christ nia » minds.
n**ljri«»us refre-hment- w.i. -or-
Ve(] by tin- ho-toss.
Jaycees Sponsor
Turkey Shoots
Affairs Planned Fri-,
day and Saturday
Dee. 17 and 18
Kdontpn’s Junior Fhambbr of,
( 'omnuTiv Svil-1 sponsor a ('hrist mas
lurkoy shoot. wlijfh will !»*• hold j
Friday and Saturday nights. I)y-1
comber 17 ami IS; startirig at 7'
Tip* hoots \v ill Ik* In hi a: F. F. j
Ward's firm on tin- Suffolk high-*
way. Shell- will W furnished for/
the* sllOCft ami you may use your ,
t’Wll gun. 'Five Ja.yrer- are hoping <
many will attend tile shoots. ;
Agent Employment Security
Commission Scheduled Be In
Eden ton Second Wednesday
At Various Places In
District to Be of
In September tlii' Social Security
Act was changed bringing protec
tion to approximately pii million
more America ns, including self-em
ployed farmers, under the old-age
and survivors insurance system.
Persons interested in learning
more about these provisions or in '
filing a claim for benefits should
get in touch with their nearest dis- j
trict office.
The district office rif the Social !
Security Administration. 220 \V.
Brambleton Avenue, Norfolk 10. i
Va„ serves all counties east of the i
Chowan Hirer,', while tile office at j
116 South Franklin Street. Rocky I
Mount. V. serves all counties!
immediately smith and west of the |
Chowan River. d"' \ |
A representative from Norfolk
Wt* -> *■ m
t.onipKsjnf-f the Mortlnastern sector
of North Carolina. He has provi
mi.dy served five terms as Com
mander "f the local Post:, six terms
n> its adjutant, and two terms as
Pistnet Commander.
Talent Show Will
; Be Staged Tonight
Performance In Ele
mentary School at
8 O’clock
I night tThur.-day) in th.- Kd'-n
: »u Kl«'m*‘nt:*ry School auditorium'
jth * Tri-Hi-Y Club *.f the Kdenton 1
1 Junior-S. ni.irUigh School will pr**-1
-••iC a talent -how. Tin- proceeds 1
'of tin- -how will go hpo th*- K*l» , n-j
-tun swimming pool fund.
Four awards will go to tin* w 11V
• in ? lie shovvb first and Sfcond
.pri/.- to each of tip* High School
; n*l Kb-meptary Scdidol groups.
Gold medallion- will be pnx-oh't-e'd
| * 1 r-t pri/.-- svimi'-j-s with silver.-me
id.ilb'oii- gi/ing t<» second pri/a-win-j
nor-. 11. \. Camp**n ha*- ,agr.***d to
.•• ng • ■ 1 •• • - *>f tb*- wbin.-rs
.••it Die. re.'<jailio’n's.
Among tho.-*- w ho u iH part icipate
ji tb. show ar*- David Wiley, Fo
ley Wiley, Charl.mne Carnell. Mary
Ib 11 ’ . Faiuela Ashley, Cluulc Dar
p*‘t. ’Ferry- Wright. Rav Ward.*
Fat-y Mooney. Yickey IJoyd. Bar •
barn Spme.-r. petty Rowell. Mary j
, I.«-gg'*»tt Drowning. K\**lvn Bunch.j
Anna F'artin. Fri-.*illa Duncli. I Iron- 1
da M -oia y. Linda Leary. Arthur ,
VC/;.-. D* nnie Harr.-11. Fag** Cav- \
.ton and Jazz Band.
Turkev Shoot By
Oak Grove Club
S ll> >n• r.-< 1 liy t It- •> < k (|pn < j
Homo Dem.iivstration Club, a tur-:
; key -hoof will b.* held Satinvl.TV. i
D'-ivinb. r In. from 2 to 10 I'. M.!
’’l'll.- -hoof will he held at the Dak
Grnvr ConvnVunity Buihiitig.
1 - .. • -
Christmas Program
Sunday At Yeopim 1
“'Flu- Life of Christ." a Christmas I
)>r** will ho pre.-ento*l in tire
Yeopim .Baptist Church Sunday!
1 night. December 19. at 7:3() o'clock.
Music will be under tho diroot inn .
of th* pa-tor. tjie R**V; Fhilip H.
Qiii'lloy, who invites tlir* public tr*
may he contacted in Kdenton at tin.-,
I'niploymeiit Security Commission
office monthly '.on t li*- second Wed
nesday at 0:00 A. M.: in ■ Hertford :
at t.ho Welfare IVnartmet!t month
ly en the. second Tuesday. at 10:00
A. M.; in Ibiza herb City at tin- em
ployment S e c u r i t y Cominission ,
weekly on Tuesday at 100)0 A. M.:
and ill Mantro. at the Community
: Tliiildinir monthly on the third Wed- j
: nesday at 0:00 A. M.
A representative from lioeky
Mount may . be Contacted in Alios-I
j kie at 11:00 A. M.; in the Municipal J
Building on the second and fourth:
! Frida vs; in Columbia at 11:00 A.
Im.. in the Agriculture Building on
i tile third Tuesdays; in Miiffrees- '
ilioro at 2:00 P. M.. at the Town '
: Hail on the fourth Friday: in Ply-'
i mouth at 10:20 A. M., at the Court
I House on the first and third Mon-*
jdays; and at Windsor lit 11:00 A.
!M„ at tin Court House on the see
-1 ond and fourth Mondays.
Kdenton, Chowan County, North Carolina. Thursday. December lb, 1954.
160 People Attend
j Chicken Barbecue
Held At Oak Grove
Proceeds Used to Li
quidate Indebtedness
On New Building
j Over 1 f*o people enjoy, d a d«-
| |ieious har*rwe dinner at ; tin* Oak
! (Irove Community 2*tii 1 *U jjvr mi Kri
j»la\ night., Tin- Oak < 1 rove limn--
| Pemmist ration <Tnh, ns.-Vt'od by
Home Agent Miss Hattie Sint: I**-
f-taTv, staged tin- harbeeue t•» help
toward completim; the expense of
the tn-w copiai'inity building. T.ho
Uarb< -cuing "f Dm chick- ns w;i> con,
1 jricted .a- a demonsti I'Totr f..r coin-!
, niiinit \ e foujis;
Poultry, Specialist M . G. “Andy**
' Andrews supervised tin* dempnstra
* * imi. Visual aids specialist, Landis
Bennett, assisted ::nd took pictures
•of tin* various o per: it ions. Filey'
* plan }<» use some of the-*-
in a tuw Fxtension Bulletin which
w ill e\i»|ain how fd b:n’n»cue chick-:
* n for both conummily and family
'l’li* ini'!] old \‘. om--n .*f. the com
munity cooperated in the enterprise
!alld e\e. lletlt . omi.-iat i«»ll -tefl.
■: Kighty-.-jx* fry ; *:g si/.* chickens
i w»• r• * cut into halve-. The halves
i wei*** placed on‘the wire with skin -
s*d.* no i<> tart with. As seen as
they were s, -a-ivd tin y were turn
ed and mopped with barbecue s iMCe.
Tjie - truce wa - prepared hv the la - J
j *b* > according to the roPonTmeirdod
J recipe. Turning and monping eon-'
11i n t ied until fh< ehickVnf; W'‘Y/» well
! done.
The flintier a- -OT-e.d ill tin
meeting room of tin* Community
Building. Soft Christmas musicj
furnished lyy an electric r card
plaver rul'd ed an excellent back
ground for the occasion. Facto plate
was decorated with a burning 'small
| r«-d candh >tuok in a marslunallow.
i Hot rolls, butter and a salad went
well with the delicious chicken. A.
varied enuyer- at ion with happy;
- -miles -.rul'd laughter indicated that'
• •veryteie was having a good time.
Among those participafing in the
barhccue pj-.-parati<m were Mr. and'
.Mrs. Percy Nixon. Mr. and Mrx
• F.ltM-rt P*-*-|e. Mr. and Mr-. Jimmi*
, Bunch. Mr. and Mrs Limveod Pan**.!
jM r. md Mrs. Carlton PrivUt. all,
jof tile Oak ( i j'i »vc lion*. p.-onm
-♦ration Clu’o. and many others.*
.M i If a?*;. Singletary. Hob Marsh.
Jand Charlie Ovi rmati were there
j helping and eating. t<«*». Such an
; occasion help- to build good coin-.
| munity -pipit and the U\ten-ion
1 Agent:- recommeiul it for other
! rt.itmminities.
Chowan High Glee
Club Will Present
Christmas Concert
The (ib-«- Club of Chowan High
S« •h o o.| wi 11 pn•s i*n t it -a nun nl' <
jChri-tma- concert iii the Chowan <
High School auditorium.- tonight ;
I (Thursday), at K «/clock unilcr the *
leadership and direction of Miss ,
. Cce.’lia \Villonghhy. i
Much time and effort has been ;
put forth to make, this a delight fid
evening of Christmas singing. The j
public is coidiaMy invited.
VFW Auxiliary Plans J
Hold Christmas Party
Members of th,> William H. Cos v
field.. Fast. No. '.'/sm.'M-ans of
Foreign Wars, and the VFW Au
xiliary pill hold a Christmas par- <
ty in the \’KW homo Saturday i
night. December'lS, from !) ob-loeh 1
b> midnight.
Gifts v\ ill b«' ('ych;»nged hy ‘lie
ladies during the evening.
Combined Choral Groups OfEdenton ,
Schools Present Candlelight Service
Many Gather In Elementary School Audi*
' torium Sunday Evening - to Hear Splendid
Program of Christmas Music
( nmbinvfl cliornl irroups of th«j
. Edontorx schools presented do- 1
lightful eruidh light Christmas Carol
Service Sunday aftornoon at 5
; o'clock, whon tin 1 soarious aiidi- j
Morium was almost filled.
Mrs. M iry l.oggcfl di
lfM-tod the groups, with Miss Alary;
la gyrott Riownilijr ;ua*ompanist and I
Carrollls Speaker
In Honor Os Bosses
About KM) Attend Af
fair In Dining Room
At Masonic Temple
An enjoyable affair \y:is held
Thur-day night it the Masonic.
Temple, when approximately 100
persons attend' d the anHual llbsses*
Nigjit Christmas Party staged by
the- Kdenton Huviness arid Profcs
. sion.'l Wom-'i/s Club.
Mrs. Ad* laid' Che.--on,■■;
pit-bb d and the party nppipvd with
tlyo singing of Amenta, led hy W.
'j. Daniels, 'File invocation was
. given by (Jus Hilghc-s. (lifts w.*r**
tin n cpien' d and fo|j«vp’ng ‘i
-ion <d’ horn blowing ami gaiety, -t
•dvlioimis turkey ilinni !* with all the
; ♦rimming.- was served by members
«»f the Kastern Star.
Mrs, Mvr'io Cut hr* 11. \\Hi» was in
eharg'i. of tliM program. n-k<\d Mrs.
I.epa 1.e.-iry to call the roll -o mnn
hers of tin club could introduce
flicir gueshs. K. W. Spire-. -.;».*• b
ing in behalf of the gpe-t-. tlriirk.-'
• d the 'members for tin-iv invit'ition.
The program \\as then turned over
To M White, who intro
duced tin- principal speaker, the
Rev. 11. N. Carroll, pastor of tin
Kijonton Daptist Clmrch.
Mr. C-irfpjl delivered a mo-it in
teresting -arid inspiring talk on
“The M- aning of Christmas. ’’ “We
ijo n<o know when tip* ol>s"rvanec
of (Tliristnias was ongihated.V he
said. “It did nnf- begin with the
birth of Christ. Tin l first festival
l was observed about 100 year- later
and probably originated rn the Ro
man Cathnfio Chprch to take away
! some pf th* pagans, who were oh
serxing an evil and rowdy event
'round the same time as we now
citserv** Clui.-tmas.
" I b r«> - - iio scriptural feachmes
t.v observe Clinstnias or P-i-t.*r. but
. T think wa- should celebrate tin
birth of .Christ eai-h day. Cjifi-t
- mu - ha- a different aneaninig for
J different' people. Ch'ildr*-n like
• Christmas- for tin* gifts Sa-nVa .
bring.- th*m. For tlie- bu-ines- nn*n.
'it m- an- more money. It i- a good
time for distilh-r- and pick pocket.-.
\nd t.» -onn it nn-a n- * burd. "i 1
.and expense.
“Christmas -hould he , day of
retnimlani-e of tin- manger, the t
Chr:- # Child, and tin* \ngels. It
-hould he a time of worship, a .-pe
ci.d day of r»*ferenee t" fejjou
niTii. so |i\ iside petty differences
and -haring with our fellowman. It
i- a tinn- to manifest our love for
(• oil. It should h.* a- pec ial day of
examining op r own: lives and ri sea.
-on t*> liav.* our fives and minds
cent* !, d on ('hrht."
M rs, Jane Hnlnu's <i. lighted the
group with a pi.*eselvt'?iti«iii of
Chri-tmas r* adihgs, after which
sin- was joined in tin- singing <>f
“Sjlent Night/ 4 The party was
concluded with 'everybody -iaging
several Cliristinns songs. An *n
joyalde program of organ music
was pres-nted tin* even
ing by Mrs. .lack- Mooney.
-• ./ •. .. " ■f' -V / ;
I Early Next Week]
Dm- to tho (hri-.tinas holidays
Th,- Herald is planning to appear a
day earlier next week. I'stiaUy K<>-
intr lo press Wednesday, the pap<-r
« ill no to press Tuesday next week,
so that all advertising and liens
articles must he in the office not
later than noon Monday.
'Bobby Smith narrator. Tin* pro- ;
| gram was very tnu'rh nnjoyrd by
tb<* largo audience and brought a |
groat doll of favonihie rommont.
I The* program includod:
! “O Litth* Town of Petiilolu ni.” j
| B:ulw*r.
“Lot All Mortal Klosb Knop Si
llom-f.” Crouch Carol, by Sonioi
| Open House
V ; /
Mom hers of the li«Mli-«»f
i Church cxlciul a cordial imitation
to the people of Kdenton to attend
* open house at the parsonage oil
West Gale Street tonight (Thurs
ilay) from S' to in o'clock.
'File occasion i- planned to gi\e
the people of the coiniuiinity an op.
• port unity to meet and become ac
i <|iiairtwl with the'. Kei. and Mrs.
.1. Karl Uichard-am.
Contributions For
Stocking Fund Lag
i • •
Apoeal Is Made For
Clothimc, Toys and
Food i
St; l/rpll's I*. ri b lb"'-- i lillf ' i
r . with act'ivit v. T!i«*' v "Ui*g i" *»»*1«•
■MD* bp -y making hiindn'd.-...« Fbtb- j
red -*.»<•!'ing- for s;ib* «.n I >.-<•«*m- j
' , b.-r ] s and -*1- Coil) I -pi lee.tors are J
befng T'iadc fio* pla«--m«'nt ill a
. numb.-r '*f husin«*ss e-taldisluiTents
, iu the ••minty and other mat* rials
- •;!•*• hi*rng gat her*-d for u-i- in Till
ing th* ("ariisf ran ; hdx* -. Within
•i f# -,v v • /■ ryicir*' U.-aeu-* ■
hi rs will coiUmrt a'! -1 or**.s fi»r e. *n. |
tributi'dis .»f clothingi toys and!
■ fluid that can ho n-*d f«- r tli* limp-'
ty Stocking Fund.
All persons 'v h" want h• I • thi
Christma- fi"m th-- I'mpiy. St«»<*k- V
mg Kurd are .asked *■» call file -Ref. <
GmMdn D. Ib'tinetT. r*'etor of St
IViul:*- < '-m.-.-'-i. r>Xi, pr hi:- ••
f:.-- phoiie 25.1.-.\\\ In
V , ; t
nr'-sid* nt nf VF’Sf. at “*/*- \V. No t
. ppb’cat i"M> '"ill h* •"•'•••pS-d aft.-r.
1* . mb.-r Is. If n--ary f.» •
kn«ev th< need- of th*- fritnili* s in t
ord. r to p roti. ri y prepare the box- ♦
c \ •
U *»pb* ..f Chowan County ar** '
a-k' d I" rib- any tot - they do not t
' ti.*«•• 1 to tlio !•“r»* Deoartnient as '•
soo'n a< pos-ihb*. in o'rd.T that di*-y i
ix,in be reprtired. Clothing and food
mail In- left at tin- 10-cfory or I’.ar- a
. i.-h H'»u-, : If tlie-.* thing- cannot i
b.- debver.Mi. .--ill Mr. Dennett <»r /
Mi-Tia. ! Malonv* and arrangement - «■
will be mad** for picking up con-.
' tribut ions. “Fleas.* d«* not wait.” I
.-ays Michael Malone, “the -o.mer j
welrivf .all ribu* ions and funds
in, tin- better 'prepared we wall be
to ma.ko this another wonderful
Ch.ri-tni.a- for 'those persons who
need <m.r help. As m.-inh-r- <>F
'Die Christ j ; *i:ri. family. \yc are re- J
-pon-ibl • for our less fortujiufe
hj-i tin-, n, rcg.Hr«ll<*ss of rac.* f r-nv.l
or color, W. so much
the int. r.-st shown thu- far this
y.-ar. although w.- have just about
one.thin! as much now as we hud ,
1 a-t year at th. same time.*’
Legion Dance Will
Be Held Saturday t
l.dwanl (J. Ilond Fos't. No. 10. )
"f Dr \m.T'ir:m L. gion will spon_
-or "ii. of it- c. gula r done.--'\
unlay night in th.- I • giop lint from -
f* to 12 o'clock. Dane*- will b»- t
held .-very Saturday night except
on Christmas day. s
M u sic for the'dance i- provid' d c
by tlie Clio wan Rainhfer- .and last 1
Saturday night in th. noighhorhooil r
of 100 'people aft-ehded, a
i High School Chorus.
“1-0. How a Rost* IT***r lHotuning,”
Prattorius, by Senior High School
“found Nous Emm lb awn."
Hush, by Junior High School Choir.
, “Honodiettis.” Gounod. Ivy Sonior ;
High School Chorus.
! “A Star Was His <'mdl<‘." d<*l
1 Kiogo. bv Klomoti.ary School Clan*-'
! US.
| “Allgels Wo Have. Heard 'en •'
j High.” Old French Carol. by Juie
er High School Choir.
“Gesu Bamhiiiii,” i Metre V on, liy J
| Masons Will Hold
Public Installation
Os Officers Friday
Public Invited to At
tend Ceremony at
8 O’clock
At hi emergent communication;
• f I’n'n.iinity Lodge No. 7. A. F.,
A. M.. . ailed for Friday night. 1 >**-
eei|di'*r 17. offi.-.*r- will l»e installed,
t ~ ;»'iblic iii-t.a.llaf ion ivr.-mony.'
'Fli.* lodge w ill rn»-ef at 7;MO «/c|o(4< ’
; o i ran-aet r. gillar hu-ite-s and :it
S o’clock-file public is invited to fie,
i»r» s. nt to -.-witness the in-t.'dlatioTi ]
Ossie r - to br- in-t:db 'l an- C. \V. '
( )v.-rmah, ma-t.-r; larnest K.-liax'es.
- fii"!* w.rd*n; William . Ada.i’n.-, j
jiuii/U w;i)d**n ; K. If. 1 .c/ir>. 1 \
n r« r, nd I."’il - t Jeorg** Wilkins,;
-'•eret-ry. •
N w 'eTic : '-r |»4m»int• by t h.; new t
rna-t.r. who will al-.o !>• installed, j
in-led. : D-ni.-l Ib-av.s.*uinr d* a-.
• oh; Ibai'-t .1. Ward. Jr., junior
deacon: Tlion'ia.- Krain*i-, ■ .senior
-te-'.v i* 1: .1 m**> Doinl. junior st» w
■id ; Mcl\:i\ Wa-Kington, /ib a . and;
, William S. Frivott. marshal.
D. K. Gi'uit of Windsor, oast- dis- 1
. rict *loputy (irirnl Ma.-t, r. w ill
.in .-ha I g of th.- iii-talla’ i"Ti e.*r>'- :
|. ipoiiv.
Santa Is Likely To
Miss Some People
(iifts Sought for Old
Non-Family People
In County
Mr-. .1. H. McMuilfiri. .-uperinteh-: (
dept of -pul.ilic- welfare, re|)orts that [
the)*.- al’> 'jllit * I few* old non- j,
La'mily people in Chowaati Countyij
who will n.. doubt be mi--.d by;;
Sa nt a f bail.*- a}hl« -s com*-- j,
to their re-«aje
Mr-. McMullan i- afraid that So-• j
. ui.-e « ontrihutions arc lagging for <.
th* Kmpty Stocking Fund, not a.- •
many families will he tak*-n
*• ' thi- y- '.v. -o that if anyone who' <
wa.-li* -t" tak • . r.• **f an\ Md non-'F
family- people, -h- will ho g’ad to*,
i»i*«• xi•i• - tin nann-.s by t*-l**]»Jion- • *
ing SG.
Fo.ol. clotTiing. -lio.-. h.-ddingjl
and the like will h« 1 1» make a few i"
more j)‘*bpie happier if donated t-> j i
tin* Kmpty Stocking Fund "r T*yj
***vntn<;ting M rs. McMull
Most Stores Plan
To Close Dec. 27th
Start Monday, Decem
ber 20, to Open at
A' . tU’ding to .1 .* >- • lla i r 11.
\\ }•* hunts Com?
mitt**.*, th. majority of IM. rdon 1
a..r - will close on Christmas day
and r* main rlo-.-d until Tuesday
morning. December Howevi-r,
tin st«»re> will r*main open New
Ye.-.rV Day. Saturday. January 1.
Ml store. 4 except grocery -tor. s
will b.-gin to remain op.-n at nights
starting Monday. December 20, un
til !♦ o'clock through Christmas • v.*.
Tin- majority "f tin gr*.r.*ry
.-t*»re- will r.-main open until J
o’clock Wednesday and Thursday,
December 22 and 2T. but on Christ-j
litas ev.-. December 24. xvill clo.-e
at F» F. M.
Senior High School Chorus.
“Come With Torches, Jeanette,J
Isabella,” Old French Carol, by Kie-!
merit ary School Chorus.
“Noel Nouvelet.” Old French
Carol, by Junior High School Choir.
“Cod Bless the Little Things." I
1 Hatch, by Flemontary School Chor-|
1 “The Lord's Prayer,” Malotte, by j
Senior High School.
“O Holy Child of Bethlehem,”;
The auditorium stage Was beau-'
| lifuTly' decorated for the occasion. i
82.00 Per Year In North Carolina
Telephone Official
Presents Reasons
For Boost In Rate
! USO Attendance]
x /
At a m<‘**ting of tin* USO ('oin
mittee Monday night at llotvl Jo
seph llrwrs Airs. It. Ib Kadham.
assistant director, reported at
’ tendance during November was I,*
2JO and that 7f> hostesses serv*-d
200 hours.
.Miss Hattie Jerkin reported that
at the colored t'SO Club the at
tendance was 172 and I,M» hostess,
es sorved 100 hours.
11 wa- vof«sl to hold regular
monthly meetings the second Mon
day right in each month at 7:15
o’clock instead of the first Mon
Miss Ivsther lloh«»wskv w ns «*l«*ct
:ed to succeed Mrs. Gordon Bennett
as secretary.
Red Men Oyster Roast
Changed To Jackson’s
Radio Repair Service
. • , —— j
Next M nd • D» tn'l
20, nt 7 "’.-lock Ch<Avan Tribe nf
: : M • • : !i :»• free oysfoy
•• -■ Tb-- o f.faii ■ ill h. hi hi at
i Tlio'ti'i'i-* Juck-oiiV R: id i" Repair
Slum bfi Wc.-'t Kdenton Street in
*.-f***id of th** :*.-:ii*''i‘ mill on j
I;Str«’ct ns prevjo:u?ly anridunoerl.
th D. Hbiipwelh sachem of t.l -
/tri.hc. urge- .-very m.-mbm* to !n*:
j present.
civic calendar);
I nanimity lawlcc. NT>. 7. A. F.,
.V V. M„ m ill have a |)iihlio instal
lation of officors for in thf
Masonic Temple Friday nitrht. He- 1
remSer 17, at ** o'clock.
Kdenton'- Varsity Chlh will hold \
its annual Christmas dance in the!
armory Saturday nieht. December!
25, hesrinninc at Spiff o’clock. j
Count v and Town offices will
close for the Christmas holidays 1
Thursday night, December 23 and
rf'ofvui Tuesday morning, D«*cemher
Christmas program. “The Life of;
Christ” will bo presented at th**:
Yeopiin Baptist Church Sunday
night. December 19. at 7:30 o’clock.,
Chowan d rib** of R**d Men will :
stage a fr«*e oyster roast Monday ’
night, December 2<t. at 7 o'clock at
Jack-on’-* Radio Kapair Shop on
West Kden Stre«*t.
Glee Club of (how an High,
School will present its annual;
Christmas concert tonight (Thur-- f
day) at s o'clock in the school au
Tri-lli-Y talent show tonight
(Thursday) at * o'clock in the
Kdenton Klementary School audi '
l'nanimit> lawlg**. No. 7. \. F..
A. M„ will hold a stated com
munication tonight (Thursday) at)
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Postmaster Chestnutt Urges
Use Os 3-Cent Stamp To Mail
All Christmas Greeting Cards
Postmaster .1. L. C.h< stnutt be-i
lie-, e. tlrat with a three-c. pt stamps
Christmas cards will win mor.
friends arid influence .more people
than if they ate mailed With a tvo
c.-pt stamp.
"First-i'ias> no.-tag.he explains
“is the best Yuletide insurance you
,<aii get. With it your greetings
. will be processed-: and delivered
:quicker. And they’ll be forwarded,
or returned, if it. becomes fteces- 1
{ “This eliminates any worry
about whether or.not your season’s!
j greetings were received. Vour own
: return address on the envelope will
help .others keep their address!
hooks tip to date. Then, too, Christ-!
mas cards sent with three-cent
! stamps may carry written mess-!
! ages, a custom everyone enjoys.”
None of these postal privileges (
jtny authorized at the third-class
! rates. Moreover, Christmas card
; envelopes smaller than 2N ” x 1” or
| larger than !»" x 12” require enii
c llation by hand, and must, carry
ifirst- class postage.
1 * ‘ ‘
I L. S. Blades, President.
Presents Figures at
Local .Meeting
While ;>o little pbj*** tipn In * beep
raised c*mternjhi! th** pr.*pos;d of
; tin* Norfolk & CaroJiiu! T b-phono
A T..'l»>graph (b*mp:my to in<-re.asM
( the t.-lephon** r.*tt.-s. .-..nip. r 1 1 j v:«* 1y
: few [>.*oj)h- .itti rid***'l :i spf*(.i;d m*'**t
ing of Town Council h<-ld 'l'lnirs
• day mnrning f*»r a conO-r.-ne*' with
■t» D*|>h• *ti • roiiinany offuTnisi
Pres.‘lit 'it th.- m*.-ting uxas I>. s>.
TKado-, Jr., rejuv'S'-nting th* t*-b*-
plnm* .-ohip;ipy. win* ]>?-.-<.-nt**d a
■*r- :* sett ing »*ut reasons why this
[.company should; he allow - .-/! .to in
cr.-as" its rates bv t.ho North Caiv
olh.n I’il/i.- Oiiumissinn.
In this rogar.L Mr. [Hades r**a*l
tli*- f«'ll"wing in*. pa.r«-*l pap**r:.
"1 be Norfolk " x*. Caro [in a T* ; h*-
. ph«.»n<» X* T' legraph. (.'*»., .whi« li *»p.
(‘rat-os in your borne localky- r*--
» 2 retthat • "■ con. i »‘c* ssa ry
be ask th*-- North •C i!*olina T'i ilit ie-j
r rnn • •
ah'*n* I** rate-. The Companv
bb tli* s t p. rli ■i *- you would IJ U* -
.e. kfuAV ‘vhy.this has becorhh jioc
• • s:i rv and. 11 u-.r-f...r*-. ' w*.• a r<• tak
ing thi- rn./ins to diar«- with you
• our prohb-m.
, "M fir-t w^i n't to point out to
von that th.- Tcl»‘:plu : m** Coinpany
ha- only asked for two small in
■ creases n: the pa-t thirty-tw** years,
/wtoieh. iogether. resuTtefl at tin*
tim* of th*- rat*, incre'ise. in n- net
- in of **nh bout $37,000
•nnually, and that th** teh*phone
' suhscrilver ’public in th.- f'-rritojev
■' s< rvi do now -. *.. i jn * ton past
ie.’ ■ b vip fifed x' iy from the
low rat*-- charged and .the Com
pany*- economical management.
Although "" v - v " had only
MW'II rat*' in.-r.-rises in the pa-t
thirty-t\y.*> y.- ir-. fly’'-- ar.- -. \.-r,*d
"th.-r T.-bnhon.- Corninrijes jn
North (’arobn : w hich Ir v, had f-iv»-
or six; rai.- in.-r 19 18.
Tb* - inerv-a'.-e- **» ofh**r T*h nh*>n**
Conuia ?d..*s : n th* S* *.- •;r.- •-♦i
'm it--«T to a mount », \*t. ’mb bb.n s
of • I«» 11: * I < -"m pa rod t o our rat*-.s
W' we, 11 It *l*. *•' i.-i -d ;i - -ihov.-
• ••I hy* only >“7.00U irimnllv.
as of 1 )«*c.*nih*-i - ’’• 1. F* Id. the Teh*-
' nhene .Cc.mnany ha*l 4*la’nt in :-.-r
--ii'P of v sp;;,:; j:. ind -"f Sep*
’••mb. r .“.O. 1!»'.!. ‘ had lOfr,-
- SIS.M-o plant, m "-*-i • b*. . hr 19 1B
; ’!)•' < ’•impany had 5.792 st tjons. In
I S-'i.?* in].*er. 19b 1. tie ('ompaTvy had
! .10.TT.’I .-tat... 11-. or. 1 tobal.of 1.981
j stat ion- gaim-d. ’lb* ex pand and
; impr-nc !' .. ; litie- during this
• peril.**!', of tim* . :t wa- n. ; c*‘s-iry
i to issue -lock aiul. bond.-, ina-miieh
this expansion could not have
Ib* n accompli-hed /through aiul by
tho -mail iivcr. a.-e of.' r i?. - above
1 mention.**!.
: “Th Nurt h 1 1 1 ITtilit i**-?
| < 'omrui-.-ioti. w Inch will have the
res)»on<ihilit.y of passing on
| the-.- rates, • ha- adopt.-*! \arioiiM
(Continued from Fag** Five)'
"8.-eail-. of all these reasons.’ 1
the Post piaster added! “it's import
ant not to 1“ •penny wise and
pound r..olisTi Wh.-re t'hrislmaj
cards are Von." rued. Most people
• realtor this, evidently, for the vol
ume of fir.-1 -class and air inai!
stamps being sold ha- increased."
• Lqiially important is the n. ces
-1 spy feip early: mailing. Christmas
cards addressed outside the state
.'should be mailed not later than to
day (Thursday!. Local delivery re.
■ quires mailing at.least a week he
; j fore Christmas.
Postmaster Chestiiutt. urges ev»
jervoiie to tie their Christinas cards
•Jin two separate bundles, with each
! address facing the .same. way. Them
attach the postal labels marketl
: “All for Local Delivery” and “All
| for Out-of-Town Delivery." These
(helpful tags are available at the
Post Office, without cost, -ad % v ill
l. shorten delivery time greatly.
Parcel post, of course. should ha
mailed even earlier. Tile Postmas
ter recommends Deem.:,,a- to fog
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