North Carolina Newspapers

i Volume XXlV.—Number 47.
I Bobby Belch Victim
Os Freak Hunting
Accident Saturday
Huge Crowd Attends
Funeral Monday at
L Baptist Church
A pall of gloom settled over
Edenton late Saturday afternoon
when news rapidly spread that
». Robert Medlin Belch, 15-year-old
lon of Mr. and Mrs. G. Medlin
■* Belch, died in Chowan Hospital.
The youth was rushed to the
hospital after he was mortally
wounded in a freak accident
while hunting near his home in
Westover Heights. An artery was
severed ip his side and he did
not regain consciousness after
reaching the hospital.
Young Belch, a member of the
sophomore class at Edenton Jun-
ior-Senior High School, was very
popular among students and
teachers. He took an aGtjiVe part
in scholastic and extra curricular
activities. He played football
with the junior .varsity team and
served as publicity agent for the
. Aces’ squad and was a former
member of the band. He was a
member of the Edenton Baptist
Church, where he was active in
the Sunday School and youth
Surviving the victim are his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. Medlin
Belch; a sister, Claire Belch; his
paternal grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. L. W. Belch of Tyner and
his maternal grandparents. Mr.
- and Mrs. J. E. Poe of Mt. Gilead.
Funeral services were held at
the Edenton Baptist Church Mon
day mornjng at 11 o’clock with
the pastor, the Rev. R. N. Carroll,
Officiating, assisted by the Rev,
Frank Cale of South Boston, Va.
; Burial was in Beaver Hill Ceme-
F tery. The funeral was the largest
attended in receftt years, with the
spacious Baptist Church filled to
.*1 capacity and standing room being
W at a premium. The Junior-Senior
* High School closed from 10:30 to
12:30 to allow students to pay
their last respects to the popular
boy and at least 90 per cent of the
students attended the service.
Pallbearers were Bruce Jones,
C. A. Phillips, Cecil Fry, Dr.
Richard Hardin, Jesse Harrell and
Joe Thorud.
Constitution Is Completed For
Edenton’s Chamber Commerce
A committee composed of John
A. Holmes, Marvin Wilson and I
John Graham have completed and j
presented to the Edenton Cham-I
ber of Commerce a constitution j
t which was approved by the direc-'
tors at a meeting at the Munici- j
pal Building Thursday night. The j
| committee was praised for the I
g^ vl work detailed in their project and 1
, i the manner in which it was pre-1'
sented. It was decided by the di-j;
f rectors to have copies of the con-1'
Btltution mimeographed and mail-j1
ed to the general membership be- 1
Group Os 4-H Club Members
Are Honored At Achievement
' Program Held Monday Night
County and district winners of
4-H project work and demonstra
ttions were honored at 4-H Ach
ievement exercises which were
•7 held' at the Chowan Community
Building on Monday night, No
; vember 18. '
i Ronald Perry, president- of the
County Council, was in
lEhai'ge Os the program. The de
pllptional conducted by Kay Lowe,
. Os Advance 'Local Club, present
ed the theme of “Thanksgiving”
which was narrated by members
of the Rocky Hock School Club <
wh<f were Mary Ellen Ober, San
dra Harrell,/ anice Bryant, Avis
Bunch, Glenda Bunch, Gene Har
rell, Billy Nixon, Carroll Tynch
>«nd Ray Smith. Devotional mus
-2 ic was rendered by the 4-H Chor
t. us, directed by Kay White, of the
h Center Hill Local Club. Sunny
' • presented a talent act to enter
1 1 No Trouble At All]
V. r'
Though the Edenton Junior
- Senior High School Band was not
i scheduled to attend the football
t game in Greenville last Friday
1 night, at the last minute it was
i agreed that the band would be
allowed to make the trip.
Mrs. Clyde Hollowell, transpor
tation chairman, was notified
: about the decision at about 1:30
1 o'clock Friday and that about 14
! cars would be needed. Mrs. Hol
lowell tat once began using the
' telephone and in short order she
had enough cars promised so that
' the band went to Greenville and
provided thrilling music from the
bleachers for a thrilling game.
1 Due to the prevalence of'flu, it
was deemed advisable that the
' band not perform on the field at
1 half time. It did, however, add ;
' greatly to the game.
Mrs. Hollowell is very much j
' elated over the response she had
for furnishing cars. She had no
refusals and the cooperatioh she j
experienced was very gratifying
1 to her.
The band will again accompany
: the Aces to Greenville next Fri
day night when they play Farm
; villa for the Eastern Class A
> championship.
Methodist Men
Entertain W ives
i The Methodist Men’s Club will
■ entertain their wives at a dinner
• meeting to be held tonight
• (Thursday) at 6:30 o’clock at the
■ .church, when it y is hoped every
! member and his wife will be pres
‘ ent.
> The dinner committee is com
! posed of A. L. Brinson, Larry
’ Knox and Erwin Griffin, who
• promise a delicious meal.
Ed Bond Post No. 40 of the
American Legion will meet in the
, Post home Tuesday nijfht, Novem
. ber 26, at 8 o'clock. Commander
I Troy Toppin is very anxious to
have a full attendance.
fore the next general meeting,
j Gilliam Wood, president of the
organization, reported that he had
| received applications from sev
j oral men interested in the man
-1 ager’s position and consideration
! of possible interviews were in the
| Directors in attendance for the
Thursday meeting were Gilliam
Wood, John A. Holmes, Dr. Rich
ard Hardin, Tom Hopkins, Philip i
McMullan, Marvin Wilson, John
Graham, Shelton Moore, Wilmer
Malone and Warren Twiddy.
ant home agents and R. S. Marsh,
assistant farm agent, recognized
county and district winners and
presented their awards.
Chowan 4-H’ers who were hon
ored as first place district win
ners included Kay White, food
preparation; Billy Goodwin, elec
tric; Georgia Skinner, home im
provement; Barbara Jordan, poul
try; Billy pood win, safety, and
Carlton Perry, cotton and tobac
co (1956 crop).
Emmy Ruth Overman placed
second in the District Junior Com
Meal Program and Judith Evans
was third place district winner in
! Junior Canning. Barbara Jordan
and Joe Hollowell were district
winners in poultry marketing
demonstration. Scott Ober and
Gene Harrell placed Second in the
Wildlife demonstration.
Being declared , a district win
ner is quite a 4-H honor, since
there are 16 counties in the East-
Eden 12 'howan County, North Carolina, Thursday, November 21,1957.
rc—- - - s
Ms Contribute To- Various Agencies j
i||Jl i* w
The first campaign for fund raising for the
fiscal year 1953 has been conc.uded
at the Edenton Naval Auxiliary Air Slatioir. A
total of $1,368 was raised tor the following
United Fund type charities: Red Cross, Boy
Scouts, Girl Scouts, Salvation Army, Medical
Research and Chowan Charity Fund. Two more
fund raising campaigns will be conducted at the
Naval Auxiliary Air Station, one dur ng the
period January 6 through February 14, 1958, for
the recognized national voluntary health agencies
David Fletcher, Defensive Star Gene Ward To
Os Edenton Aces, Is Invited To Participate For
Play In 1957 Shrine Bowl Game National Honor
The Herald received informa
tion early this week that David
Fletcher, a member and outstand
ing defensive star on the Edenton
Aces’ football team, has been se
lected to play in the Shrine Bowl
game to be played in Charlotte
Saturday, December 7.
In this game outstanding high
school seniors in North Carolina
oppose seniors from South Caro
lina in a charity game with the
proceeds going to the Shrine's
Crippled Children’s Home at
Greenville, S. C. The game is
one of the largest attended in the'
country and college scouts from
all over the nation usually attend
to scrutinize prospective players.
Last year the Shrine Bowl game
netted $125,000 for the Crippled i
Children’s Home.
Home Demonstration Women
Plan Christmas Festival Nov. 26
On Tuesday, November 26, Cho- l
wan Home Demonstration Club j
women will stage a preview of j
the coming holiday season sea-!
turing do-it-yourself Christmas
ideas. This “Christmas Festival”
will be held at the Chowan Com
munity Building from 7 to 9
o’clock and the public is cordial
ly invited to view the exhibits
during that time.
Marine Birthday
Party Big Success
The celebration of the Marine I
Corps Birthday, held at the Eden-1
ton Naval Auxiliary Air Station '
recently proved to be a great sue- j
cess, in the true tradition of the
Marine Corps. There were three
celebrations on the station, one
for the enlisted personnel,, an
other for the staff jjon-commis
sioned officers and the last for the
commissioned officers.
During the evening, Col. A- R-
Stacy, commandirig officer of Ma
rine Aircraft Gfroup Fourteen,
with Col. F. H. Collins, command
ing officer of Naval Auxiliary Air
Station, and General Christian F.
Schilt, who was the guest of hon
or for the Marine Corps Birthday,
visited all three of the birthday
celebrations and presided in the
traditional cake-cutting cere
mony. i
BPW Club Will
> Meet Tonight
The Edenton Business and Pro
fessional Women’s Club will meet
tonight (Thursday) at the Penel
ope Barker house at 7 o’clock. A
program on orientation will be
presented by Mrs. Lena Leary.
The dinner will be in charge of
the finance committee with Miss
i ciiiu me o.ner 110 m i«iay j through June 13 for
l the Navy Relief Society. Pictured above, Mayor
, Er, esi P. Kehayes (far right), Philip McMullan,
(lett) and Eugene Ward (second from left), acting
’ is representatives for the Red Cross. Boy Scouts,
l Girl Scouts and Chowan Charity Fund, met in
> the office of Colonel Frank H. Coilins. station
i commanding officer, recently to accept checks
> from Second Lieutenant Allan E. Bloom, chair
man of the fund raising drive (second from
i right).—(Official U. S. Marine Corps Photo).
( It is quite an honor to be in
vited to play in this game and
Young Fletcher will leave Satur
day. November 30, to be gone for
a week for the purpose of coach
-1 j ing and instructions at the hands
of prominent coaches.
Because all of the revenue goes
to the crippled children’s home,
local fans will be asked to donate
the expenses for Fletcher to play
1 in the game. The expenses
; amount to approximately SIOO
Richard Baer, prominent Shriner,
;: has agreed to head up a commit
•l tee to raise the amount. He says
! not only Young Fletcher but
! Edenton as a whole is honored by
I having a boy to play in this game
! and feels confident that football
i fans will be glad to make a con
tribution to cover his expenses.
| After 9 o’clock several items
; will be sold by the clubs in
j charge. Refreshments will be
I served by the Enterprise and
Beech Fork Clubs during the 2-
hour visiting period.
Displays to be furnished by
clubs will include: Stuffed toys,
Gum Pond Club: aprons, Chowan
Club: door decorations, Oak
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20 Years Ago
! As Found In the Files of
The Chowan Herald
j Edenton High School’s football!
team eliminated Apex in the
\ semi-final game for the Eastern
Class B championship.
Mrs. J. B. Spellman of Raleigh,
a former Edenton spoke
to the Edenton Rolarians.
Jimmy Earnhardt offered to
Stand the expense of any white
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j Sights Set¥totern Crown ]
After winning the regional
class A football championship
over Erwin Friday night by a
score of 19-6, Edenlon's Aces are
scheduled to play foT the Eastern
Championship Friday night.
Opponents for the Aces will be
FarmviUe High School> winner
over Red Springs in a very close
contest. The two teams finished
the game deadlocked at 6-6, but
Erwin gained the most yardage
during the game, thus being de
clared regional champions.
The game will be played on the
East Carolina College stadium
gridiron, beginning at 6 o'clock.
Edenton school officials made ev
ery effort to have the game play
ed on Hicks Held, but it is under
stood that Sam Bundy, principal
of the FarmviUe High School,
would not agree to anything but
/ -.4 -■ - f
Gene Ward, assistant secretary;
| of the Edenton Building & Loan i
(Association, will leave today
j (Thursday) for Norfolk, where lie
will board a plane for Chicago. I
I Mr. Ward will represent North I
| Carolina in the 28th annual
! American Savings and Loan Insti-1
| tute Speech Contest, in which
' contestants will be entered from
, all over the nation for national
! honor?.
| Mr. Ward qualified for this
j honor when he was declared as
! state winner in a contest held at
i Greensboro February 22, 19;>7.
He spoke later at the 54th annual
convention of the North Carolina
Savings and Loan League held at
Virginia Beach, and has delivered
his speech at several club meet
ings in Edenton. He expects to
return to Edenton Wednesday,
November 27.
Red Men Consider
New Drum Corps
Members of Chowan Tribe of
Red Men at their meeting Mon
day night considered the possi- '
I bility of organizing a drum corps
j or tom-tom drum outfit.
At next week’s meeting, on
j Monday night, Donald (Pop)
j Campbell will attend the Red
! Men’s meeting to further discuss
i the idea. If organized Mr. Camp
| bell, who has had wide experi-
I ence, will teach the-group, and
J some of the members are very
enthusiastic about organizing the
According to an announcement
j made by the Rev. Roger A.
Walke, Jr. v headmaster of the
Virginia Episcopal School at
Lynchburg, Va., 22 boys made the
honor roll, which requires 90 per
cent general average and over.
Among the boys on the honor
roll is Johnny Kramer, son of Mr.
and Mrs. John A. Kramer.
playing the game on neutral
grounds. .So the Aces will be
obliged to travel some 60 miles
whUe FarmvUle is only about 15
miles from OreenviUe.
Advance reports are to the ef
fect that FarmviUe has a light
but fast and scrappy team, so that
Coach BUI Billings is taking his
boys through the pace this week
in order to be at top form for the
shot at the Eastern championship.
The boys were pretty well tired
out after their scrap with Erwin
Friday night but barring any
accidents during practice sessions,
all of the Aces should be in first
class physical condiion for the
Another large crowd of Eden
ton supporters is expected to ac
company the Aoea to Greenville
Awarding Os Prizes
Saturday Climax To
‘Festival Os Values’
Group of Edenton’s
Merchants Offering
Many Bargains
Edenton’s Fall Festival of
Values will come to a close Sat
urday, November 23. with a cli
max being the drawing for priz
es Saturday afternoon at 4
o’clock on Broad Street.
During the event, which start
ed Friday of last week, people
registered in tire 24 cooperating
stores, and these tickets will be
placed in a large receptacle from
which the winners will be
drawn. Hundreds of dollars of j
valuable merchandise will go to j
the winners.
The cooperating stores are: I
Scott & Ackiss Recapping C 0.,!
Hughes-Parker Hardware Com-!
pany, Malone's 5 and 10c Store,:
S. Hobowsk.v Department Store, 1
Harrell Gas Ik Coal Company,
Twiddy Insurance & Real Estate,
Inc., Albemarle Furniture Com- j
pany, Edenton Furniture Com-!
pany. Byrum's Gift Shop, Ralph l
E. Parrish, Inc., Western Gas
Service. Leggett & Davis Drug
Store, The Jill Shoppe, P & Q
Super Market, Mitchener’s Phar
macy, Quinn Furniture Com
pany. Sears Catalog Sales Office,
Belk-Tyler's, Rose's 5-10-25 c
Store, Cuthrell's Department
Store, Western Auto Associate
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Elizabeth City Chosen Site For
Proposed Mental Health Clinic
Last Thursday night, the exec- 1
utive board of the Mental Health :
Clinic selected Elizabeth City as j
the site of the new mentalJieaßh !
center. The Pasquotank County
Commissioners have offered the
second floor of the old Blades
home there on Main Street. The
Commissioners of Chowan County :
had also offered a suitable build
ing for the clinic.
It was decided that Elizabeth
City held a slight edge over Eden
ton because of its larger popula
tion, its larger financial share in i
operation of the clinic, and be
cause of the benefits that will be ,
had by close association with the
new hospital and clinic going up.
Although Edenton was recog
nized as a better spot geographi
cally, the board finally decided,
after long discussion, on Elizabeth
City. The board strongly recom
mended that Edenton be consid
ered an extension site for part-
Jayeee Annual
Dance Nov. 27
Edenton’s Junior Chamber of
Commerce will hold its annual 1
Thanksgiving dance in the Eden-1
ton armory Wednesday night, No-!
vember 27.
Music for the dance will be pro- j
vided bv “The Notables” from
Suffolk, Va., with dancing begin
ning at 9 o’clock and lasting un
til 1 A. M.
Tables are being reserved for
the occasion and for reservations j
those interested are requested to
telephone 2472, 3595 or 2163.
Unanimity Lodge No. 7. A. F.
& A. M., will hold a stated com
munication tonight (Thursday) at
8 o’clock. William Adams, mas
ter, announces that the second
degree will be conferred, so that a
full attendance is desired.
I civic calendar!
The Red Cross bloodmobile will
again visit Edenton Monday. No
vember 25, from 9:30 to 3:30 at
the Edenton armory.
Cub Scout pack will meet Tues
day night. November 16. at 7:15 in
the cafeteria at the Edenton
Junior-Senior High SchooL
Edenton Jaycees will stage
their annual Thanksgiving dance
in the Edenton armory Wednes
day night. November 27, from 9
P. M„ to 1 A. M.
Twenty-four stores in Edenton
are observing Fall Festival of Val
ues which will close Saturday.
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$2.00 Per Year In North Carolina.
Edenton Aces Win
Over Erwin 19 To 6
For Region Crown
f Short Os Goal "j
; v~..— ;.r J
Last Saturday, November 16,
was designated as Band Day in
Edenton. The Edenton Band Par-
I enls’ Association and student
members of the band spent the
day canvassing merchants and
residents of Edenton. They hop
ed to receive enough donations to
assure the purchase of new or
chestral instruments as well as
sufficient funds to cover regular
! band expenses.
It was not possible to finish the
! job of contacting everyone on
; Saturday so the soliciting lor con
! tributions will continue this week.
! As the total of $450 collected Sat
: urday fell short of the hoped-for
1 goal, it is hoped that forthcoming
donations will be generous.
In order to allow Herald em
! ployees to enjoy the Thanks
giving holiday, The Herald will
appear a day cwflier next w«ek,
i being printed on Tuesday in
stead of Wednesday. Those hav
ing news stories or advertise
ments are urged to get them in
the office in time for the ad
vanced publication so that em
ployees will be able to take off
time work by the mental clinic
staff. This suggestion was made
because of Edenton’s location and
the enthusiastic interest shown by
the people Chowan Coup y in.
the mental health clinic.
Present at the meeting in Hert
ford were Thomas Maston, chair
man, Dr. T. P. Brinn of Hertford.
Dr. William A. Hoggard, Jr., of j
Elizabeth City. Dr. Ed Bond of
Edenton and Mrs. Paul of,
Elizabeth City.
Those counties involved, Pas- ■
quotank. Perquimans, Chowan,:
and Camden, have raised their;
share of the money to begin op-;
erations. One-third is the local
share and two-thirds of the cost
of the clinic comes from the state.
The executive board is now
seeking staff members for the
clinic. A fuilv staffed Mental
Health Clinic has a psychiatrist,
a psychologist, a psychiatric social;
worker, and a secretary.
Merchants Committee Advances
Schedule For Holiday Season
The newly organized Edenton
Chamber of Commerce has recent-1
ly appointed a merchants commit- 1
tee composed of several Chamber j
directors. The committee has had |
several meetings and has discuss-1
ed at length a uniform schedule ;
for retail merchant members dur- j
ing the coming holiday season, j
In order to give the public am- !
pie notice of the the I
Postmaster James L. Chestnutt
Announces Christmas Mailing
Campaign For Timely Delivery
Predicting that the Christmas
mail this year will see an all
time record, Postmaster J. L.
Chestnutt announced his 1957
“Mail Early For Christmas" cam
paign this week.
With Christmas only a little
more than a month away, the
Postmaster says. “It’s later than
you think!” Most folks have a
tendency to wait until December
rolls around before they give
their Christmas mailing plans a
The Postmaster further sug
gested that right now is the time
to take the following steps: Check
your Christmas card lists very
carefully—make sure that each
address includes the full name,
street and number, city, zone and
He said, also, that it is a good
idea to stock up on heavy wrap
ping paper, sturdy corrugated car
j Outcome In Doubt Un-
I til Final Stage of
Fourth Quarter
Though not playing as sharp a
game as in previous contests,
Edenton’s Aces managed to defeat
j Erwin in a hard-fought game 19
J to 6 in Greenville Friday night
| to win regional honors and the
j right to play Farmville next Fri
j day night for the Eastern Class
| A football championship.
1 Erwin presented a strong,
| scrappy and well-coached team,
I with the outcome of the game
very much in doubt until Henry
Overton connected with Marvin
Ashley in the end zone late in the
fourth quarter to put the Aces
out in front 19-6.
Erwin scored in the first quar
ter after an Edenton fumble was
| recovered on the Edenton 40. The
Redskins chalked up two succes
; sive first downs to the Edenton
• seven-yard line. Tyndall in two
i tries carried to the one-yard line,
! from where he crashed through
the line for a touchdown. Th'
try for the extra point failed.
Erwin made three more threats.
An Edenton fumble was recover-
I ed by the Redskins on the Aces’
30, but they were unable to make
| any headway and were forced to
punt. Again near the end of the
half Erwin was given the ball on
: the Edenton 10 when interference
| was ruled on a pass. A pass was
i broken up as the half ended.
! When the Aces kicked near the
end of the third quarter the Red-
I skins moved from their 45 to the
j Edenton 30 by two first downs.
In the fourth quarter they carried
| Ij- tin- Ace ’ 12 La? V"re held for
- downs and wse ball went over to
; Edenton to end the threat.
! The Aces scored their first
j touchdown early in the second
quarter after Heniy Overton fell
nn an Erwin fumble on the Red
skins' 32. Robert and Bruce
| White. Ashley, Hardison and Ov-
I erton chalked up two first downs
j to the Erwin nine-yard lins, from
! where Bruce White crashed
i through the line, dragging a cou-
I pie of would-be tacklers with him
for the score. Henry Overton’s
j kick for the extra point was good
| and the Aces went ahead 7-6.
The ball see-sav ?d back and
forth until late in the third quar
ter when Bobby Ashley returned
an Erwin punt to the Erwin 40.
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committee realizes that ethically
I it should be planned well in ad
j vance so that proper announce
! ment and publicity may be
After careful thought, consid
eration. and keeping in mind
| towns in our general trading
areas, the committee proposed the
following program:
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tons, strong cord, and paper ad
hesive tape for use in securely
packing and wrapping Christmas
gifts. If you’d like to include
your Christmas card or letter in
side your gift package, just add
the appropriate First Class mail
postage to the postage for the
package itself; thus, insuring si
multaneous arrival of your gift
and greeting.
To help you plan your early
Christmas mailing, the Postmaster
suggested that you secure from
the Post Office Pamphlet No. 2,
which tells all about packaging
and wrapping parcels for mail
ing, and Pamphlet No. 3, giving
full details on domestic postage
rates and fees. Be sure to stock
up on plenty of stamps at the
same time.
Also, ask for free labels read
ing, “All For Local Delivery”
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