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    jEdenton Aces Down Farmville
TO Win Eastern Championship
pwUlawd from Pat* I—Section 1
' The Aces led in first downs
$ with 18 and Farmville was held
to eight.
At the outset it appeared that
that Aces would have an easy
time knocking Farmville out of
the race, but the Red Devils stif
fened and despite the pre-game
dope that they were three or four
touchdown underdogs, they threw I
a terrible scare in 'the Edenton
camp for it was anybody’s game
until Bobby Ashley’s touchdown
with only a few minutes remain
ing in the game.
Henry Overton’s toe was very
accurate and after each of the
' four touchdowns he kicked the
ball squarely through the up
Bruce White played one of the
best games of his career. He was
galled upon to carry the ball 31
times and netted 161 yards, gain
ing on every play from two to 17
Robert White also play a spec
tacular game, the little halfback
gaining practically every time he
carried the ball, one of his runs
covering 23 yards.
Bobby Ashley, though not call
ed upon as often as usual, gained
consistently, his runs including
| 23 and 24 yard jaunts, together
with his 33-yard gallop for the
' final touchdown of the game
which clinched the game.
Henry Overton manipulated the
position to perfec
tion, calling a good game and
kicking the ball for extra points
after touchdowns perfectly.
Billy Wilkins made a valuable
contribution to the victory in the
first quarter when fleet-footed
Corbett was in the clear, but Wil
kins closed in close enough toj
make a diving tackle at Corbett’s
ankle to bring him down on the
Aces’ 22 yard line after gaining
40 yards.
On defense Charlie Small, Da
vid Fletcher and Frank Johnson
were particularly outstanding,
while Donald Roche, Sid White.
Marvin Ashley, Jack Bunch and
Fred Britton also turned in gopd
Both the Edenton and Farm
ville bands were on hand to
jiish color to the game. Both out
fits played during the game and
Lt half time presented programs
on the field which won the ap
plause from both sides of the sta
-4 dium.
First Quarter
Edenton won the toss of the
coin and elected to receive, with
Bruce White returning to the
Aces’ 27. Bobby Ashley gained
three yards and Bruce White six.
On tlje next play Bruce White
fumbled but Bobby Ashley fell on
‘the ball for a first down on the
'3B. Bruce White then ripped off
13 yards for a first down on the
Farmville 49. Robert White gain
ed four, Bruce White three and
‘Hardison two and then Bobby
Ashley went to the 37 for a first
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i ' h>
...-Xa tnSsQ&SrSjft&rifliS
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down. Hardison gained four,
Bruce White two, Robert White
three, and on the next play Bruce
White rammed to the 25 for a
first down. Bobby Ashley added
two and on the next play Over
ton connected with a pass to Jack
Bunch in the end zone for the
first touchdown of the game. Ov
erton’s kick was good and the
Aces led 7-0. On Ashley’s kick
j Farmville returned to their own
25. In two plays Allen gained
nine yards and then carried to the
38 for a first down. On the next
play Corbett wiggled .through
the line, got out in the open and
raced 40 yards before Billy Wil
kins made a diving tackle from
the rear to bring him down on the
Edenton 22. At this point the l
Aces tightened up. Corbett was
held for no gain and then picked
up four yards. A pass was brok
en up and Allen was held to four
yards, so the ball went over to
the Aces on their own 14. Bruce
White gained four and Ashley
three. Ashley then fumbled and
Farmville recovered on the Aces’
19. Allen and Mall in two plays
gained five yards as the quarter
ended with the Aces leading 7-0.
Secpnd Quarter
With the ball on the Edenton 14
Dixon picked up four yards. Al
len then bulled his way to the 12
for a first down. After Dixon
gained two yards Mall crashed
through for a Farmville touch
down. A play through the line
for the extra point was stopped
and the Aces led 7-6. Robert
White returned the Farmville
kick from the 15 to the 29. Bruce
White crashed through the line
for 12 yards and a first down to
the 41. Robert White gained nine
yards and on the next play Over
ton was trapped in a pass play,
but eluded the tacklers and made
it to the Farmville 41 for a first
’down. Bruce White in two plays
added seven yards and Robert
White two, after which Robert
'White made it to the 30 for a first
down. Robert White gained two,
but Edenton fumbled with Farm
ville recovering on their own 24.
•In three plays the Aces held
Farmville to six yards, after
which they punted, with Bobby
'Ashley signaling for a fair catch
on the Aces’ 41. On *the next
play Ashley ripped off a 23-yard
jaunt to the Farmville 36 for a
first down. Bruce White added
three, Robert White two and Ash
ley five, but the Aces were pen
alized five yards. On the next
play Hardison fumbled and Farm
ville recovered on their own 43.
Allen snagged a pass which was
good for 18 yards, with the ball
on the Aces 39. Allen gained sev
en and a pass was broken up.
Mall then broke through to the 28
for a first down. He then added
three and a pass to Moye was
good for a first down to the Eden
ton 13. Dixon gained six and a
pass to Joyner netted two, after
which Allen skirted around end
for a touchdown. A pass for, the
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extra point was knocked down,
so that Farmville went in the lead
12-7. Bruce White returned the
Farmville kick back to his own
30. A pass to Bunch was broken
up, and Robert White ripped off
23 yards as the half ended, and
Farmville leading 12-7.
Third Quarter
Bobby Ashley kicked to start
the second half and Farmville
was penalized 15 yards for delay
ing the game. Ashley’s kick was
returned to the 20 yard line. In
three plays Farmville was held to
three yards so they kicked. Ash
ley took the ball and fumbled,
but recovered on his own 39.
Robert White gained a yard and
Bruce White seven and on the
next play Bruce White broke
through for 17 yards and a first
down on the Farmville 34. Bruce
White gained four and Robert
White clipped off 10 yards for a
first down on the 20. Bruce
; White added six and Robert
I White was' held for no gain.
' Bruce White then rammed
through a hole for 10 yards and
a first down to the four-yard
mark. Bruce White gained a
yard, the Aces were penalized
five yards, Robert White made a
yard, a pass to Jack Bunch was
knocked down and Hardison lost
two yards, so the ball went over
to Farmville. Gaining only two
yards in two plays, Farmville
kicked and it was the Aces’ ball
on the Farmville 30. Bruce
White on three successive plays
carried to the 19 for a first down.
Robert White then got loose for
10 yards making it a first down
jat the nine. Bruce White added
| two yards and his brother Rob
ert crashed through the line from
the seven for the Aces’ second
touchdown. Overton’s kick was
good and Edenton fans gave a
sigh of relief as the Aces went out
in front 14-12. Corbett returned
Ashley’s kick to his own 37 and
Allen gained three yanls as the
quarter ended.
Fourth Quarter
Allen gained five and Dixon
one and on the next Allen
worked his way through the en
tire Edenton team, got out in the
open and raced 54 yards for
Farmville’s third touchdown. The
try for the extra point was block
ed so that Farmville went out in
front 18-14. Bruce White return
ed the Farmville kick from the 16
to the 35. On the first play he
drilled through the line for seven
yards and on the next play Rob
ert White got away for eight
yards, making it first down on the
midfield stripe. Bruce White
fained three and Robert White
four after which Bruce White
made it first down on the Farm
ville 40. Bruce White added five
yards and Farmville was penaliz
ed five giving the Aces a first
down on the Farmville 29. Bruce
White picked up three yards, af
ter which Bobby Ashley got loose
for 24 yards for a first down on
-£chenlei| qjm
04/O 4/5qt •
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t •
the two-yard stripe. On the next
play Bruce White rammed
through the line for the Aces’
third touchdown. Overton’s place
kick was good, so that Edenton
fans went wild with the Aces
again out in front 21-18. Farm
ville returned Ashley’s kick to
their own 40. In three successive
plays Allen was held to seven
yards and on the next play Farm
ville was thrown for a loss, so
that it was the Aces’ ball on the
Farmville 36. Bruce White pick
ed up three yards and on a very
deceptive play Bobby Ashley
went through a hole to score un
touched for the fourth Edenton
touchdown which put the game
on ice for the Aces. Overton’s
kick was again good, so that the
Aces went ahead 28-18. Ashley
made a short kick and Farmville
fell on the ball on their own 39.
Corbett gained four and then
Corbett snagged a pass which was
good for 24 yards making it first
down on the Edenton 33. An
other pass was completed for sev
en yards, Dixon was held to two
and Allen then rammed through
to the Edenton 24 for a first down.
A pass to Corbett was good for
five yards, but Farmville then
fumbled with Overton falling on
the ball on the Aces’ 18. Bruoe
White ground out 13 yards tor a
first down to the 31 and he pick
ed up seven yards as the game
Starting lineup:
M. Ashley LE Walston
Johnson LT Weisner
Roche LG Thome
Small C Flake
S. White .RG Cash
Fletcher RT Dail
Bunch RE., Joyner
Overton QB Mall
B. Ashley LHB Allen
R. White RHB Corbett
B. White ,FB Dixon
4-H Club Honors
Several Members
The November meeting of the
Cross Roads Local 4-H Club was
held November 21 at the home
of Jack Bateman.
The president, Bonnie Lou
Welch, called the meeting to or
der. The devotion was led by
Mrs. Roland Evans and Tommy
Harrell. The club decided to
have its Christmas meeting at the
home of Joe Hollowell on Thurs
day night, December 19. The
members will also go Christmas
caroling after the meeting.
Several members were- honored
at County Achiement Day. They
were as follows: Joe Hollowell,
district winner in poultry pro
duction demonstration; county
winner in community relations
and public speaking; Betty Gay
Morris, county winner in can
ning; Bonnie Lou Welch, county
winner in senior dairy foods dem
onstration; Mary Lee Dail, coun
ty winner in food preparation; E.
C. Toppin, one of the county win
ners in tractor operation.
The club is very proud of the
achievements of its members.
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