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1 PUBU^KtQpft
Volume XXV.—Number 1,
1 Annual Jaycees*
V DSA Banquet Will
[Be Held Jan. 29th
I! Joe Conger, Jr., Nam
ed Chairman of Out
\; standing Event
Wednesday night, January 29,
' liks been set by the Edenton
Junior Chamber of Commerce
for its annual distinguished ser
vice awards banquet. The ban- 1
quet will be held in the dining
room of the Masonic Temple be
ginning at 7 o’clock.
Warren Twiddy, president of
the Edenton Jaycees, has ap
pointed Joe Conger, Jr., as
chairman of this year’s affair. I
yix. Conger received the dis-i
j.tinguished service award
• year. j
The Junior Chamber of Com-!
merce is a constructive action
organization of young men who j
devote a portion of their time
to community * service in the
| public interest, developing young
men as leaders in their com- \
1 “We feel that one of the most \
; effective means by which the i
role of young men in the com-1
munity may be emphasized is I
through the presentation of a'
..distinguished . soryir? i a'ssMtU’
says Mr. Conger.
Mr. Conger also sets forth the
following rules for nomination
of the distinguished service
award honor:
1. The DSA is presented to ,
an outstanding young man fora
community leadership and
munity service during the jjGH
• year. Jt
2. Any young
,35 years, is cligibl|^|
” 3. Nominees '
members of tig
Oio year® ; 8 I ’.5- " i
(b) E M Pi »'•* \
oils (ft H'
An v A'; y v " S’: -' J “" * V.':
Fa. m
Will ne fcffff
en k 958
> h wm- 1
a BV cvkilJ
and of MB',
’ of County®#'
l j u itHF
rt carrying :'^K
All agencies coopej
survey. I
obtained is
‘ and usee only
f< of compiling ac
r on l and use - crop
ai ■ #4 livestock num
OtfßAPlßver. director *>f tie
Extension Ser-*
gjff' advised firmers not to con
the annual North Carolina
Farm Census with the
rxmirrinun ** said Veaver
Quaker City Man
Desires To Make
Home In Edenton
A retired officer of the Provi
; dent Tradesmens Bank and Trust
j Company of Philadelphia has ad
vised Town Clerk Ernest J. Ward,
; Jr., that he wishes to make his
; home in Edenton.
I This gentleman is single and
, would like to make his home with
a family that could provide him
I with meals in an atmosphere of
| family life. He has an excellent
{character and is a member of the
’NvrHiejjisQn Lodge No. 369. A. F.
i & A. M., American Society of Ap-
I praisers, Kiwanis Club of Phila
j delphia and Philadelphia Board of
Mr. Ward advises that he has
talked to this gentleman on visits
I that he has made to Edenton and
1 is very impiessed by his excel
i lent character references, courte-
I ous manner and sincere desire to
| become a part of the community.
Anyone wishing to meet this
; gentleman to discuss his plans
i aye requgdqd to contact Mr. Ward
A 'file 'He expert
’o arrive in Edenton the second
week in January.
Masons To Install
Wfvmity Lodge No. 7. A. F
HR M., will held a stated com-
tonight (Thursday) al
; 8 o'clock. At this meeting offi
cers for the year 1958 will be in
' stalled, so that William Adams
outgoing master, is very anxious
; to have a large attendance.
Hjons Club Will
lumc Meetings
' ‘.'■.tons QJ-ibwiU n
jf - . HKectings Monday night.
Wf fi, at 7 o'clock. Medlin
HgHT president, urges every
HHHber of the club to be pres-
BHHtf the first meeting of the
ii Farm Census
:• n t iit right
one of the state’s
Hiding agricultural figures who
H|k cited the importance of the
jjljHkiai farm census. Otl?eiv % m-
L. Y. Ballentine, state
of agriculture; D.i W.
dean of agriculture at N.
HHHfe College: A. G. Bullard,
visor of vocational ag
. education; Horace God
i■PßW/A^Q•ach^^/usl/at(il,: «>
i jßfcenhower, state diryqtOr, of tjif
'• HCirTe Wdhiiihistt-fetktt
B. Caldwell, state Grange
Bp-; R. Flake Shaw, late exec
*uHeyvice president qf the N. C.
Farm Bureau, apd many otheps.
Farmers will be asked such
questions as total .acreage for eagh
• tract ovef- threq acres, number of
acres from which crops were har- 1
vested in 1957, number acres of,
idle crop land, improved pasture,
data on individual crops, cattle,
hoes and chickens.
The reliable, factual informa
tion .provided at the cqurtv and
townshp levels by the yearly sur
vey is ms great help to local {arm |
leaders in working out plans for
county and community aericul- \
Pl*? . "i: l Si- J
IlHb' wv. \i& ■G' yiSii rfv
Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, January 2,1955.
Below Appear a Few Items of News Each Week During 1957 as
Chronicled- In The Chowan Herald
January 3 Mr. and Mrs.
George Goodwin lost their home
by fire at Hancock Station. Dr.
B. B. McGuire pointed out the
importance of good civil defense. ,
January 10—Town Councilmen
requested the Chowan County
Board of Elections to call a spe
cial election to vote on the ques
tion of extending the corporate
limits of Edenton. Mrs. Joe Thor
ud was elected president of the
Edenton Woman's Club. A new
siren was put in operation on top
of the Municipal Building to des
ignate the location of fires.
January 17—W. C. Hollowed,
Jr., was killed by a falling tree
as he was driving a bread truck
in Hertford. J. P. Ricks purchas
ed the Bishop Laundry. Eden
ton’s per capita fire loss for 1956
was figured at 43 cents.
January 24—It was reported
that $25,000 had been earmarked
for reactivating the U. S. Fish
Hatchery. Freshmen at high
school inaugurated Delores Long
Week to aid an unfortunate class- 1
mate. Letters were received an-1
nouncing that the Edenton USO
was scheduled to be closed.
January 31—Joseph Coqger, Jr.,
was winner of the Dujinguished
Service Award by the Edenton
Jaycees. R. K. Hall, Edenton’s
vqteran fire‘chief, died. Mrs. H.
,H_oJJ'Acell was ipstaljed presi
dent of the Chowan County Coun
cil of home demonstration clubs.
February 7 Sewage disposal
plant was recommended at Cho
wan High School. Dr. Edward
Bond was named chairman of the
local Heart Fund. Robert Marsh
was elected president of the
Edenton Rotary Club. Miss Ra
chael Wilder was chosen DAR
good citizen in Edenton. Jail ex
penses of $780.43 for one month
reached a new high.
February 14—Charles Chappell,
Ray Evans and Sid White, Jr.,
were winners of the 4-H corn
growing contest. Edenton Boy
Scouts filled various municipal
offices for a day. Thieves enter
ed the P & Q Super Market and
JAM away with about $1,500.
BwVbrClarv 21-r Philip S. McMdl
- ?v£s elected president" of tne
fcdenton Colton Mills. . District .
J4>{C{ds<thet* in Edenton. Tov>n
Council voted to change zoning
•West Eden Street. Tom Hopkins
succeeded J. Edwin Bufflap as
chairman of the Chowan County
Chapter of the National Founda
tion for Infantile Paralysis.
February 28—State jail inspec
tor was very outspoken regarding
a new jail, for Chowan County.
Dan Morgan of Elizabeth City
joined Percy Dail in operation of
the D & M Superette. Legion
naires started drive to elect John
A. Holmes department command
March 7—Clyde Boyce won the
annual peanut growing contest.
Possibility developed to call
$450,000 bond election for build
ing program in county.
March 14—Board of Public
Works asked for change in town's
charter to staggering
terms. Edenton Lions celebrated
'* 20th anniversary. Jane
DuLaneM , j Mqoney ;
won high ratlngslata piano festi
va Greenville,! fi j*j
March 21—Dr._0. L. Holley was
honored.for 4(5 years of servicers
'physjqian in Edenton. In a spe
cial election, extension of Eden-
limits .received 54 votes
to 36 votes against. Town Coun
cilmen requested change in char
ter to change terms of office, ex
cept the Mayor, to four years.
District Student Council met in
Edenton. New Eastern Star offi
cers were installed at a public
March 28—Chowan County was
| among 28 others applying for
] drainage relief in Eastern Caro
j lina. UNC Glee Club delighted a
1 large • crowd at the Elementary
'School auditorium. Local BPW
Club was host for district meet-'
: ing. * Many of Edenton's mer
chants joined in staging a Spring
1 Festival of Values.
. April 4—Miss Effie Matalon, a
Greek exchange student, spoke at
the Rotary meeting. Superior
Court was halted long enough to
memorialize the Pruden family.
L. H. Haskett announced he
would be a candidate for Mayor
in the May election.
April 11—Mrs. Inglis Fletcher
| was host to Pi Chapter of the Del- j
ta Kappa Gamma Society. Due
to opposition, Representative Al
bert Byrum announced he would
not introduce a bill in the General i
Assembly to change tenure of of-1
fice for town officials to four!
years and staggering terms.
April 18—Mr. and Mrs. McKay
Washington opened Agnes &
Kay’s Flower Shop on Broad
Street. Onc-shot ballots were
outlawed in Chowan County.
Edenton was given considerable
publicity in an issue of “Ford;
April 25 lmpressive Sunrise-
Easter service was held on the |
'Court House Green with the Al-1
bemarle Chorus making its first
public appearance. The Rev. Ed- i
ward Wells died at his home on j
West Queen Street. Edenton Ma-'
sons Past Master's
flight.. Fashion .show was
of PTA meeting.
Muj- 2—Delores Long died as
the rasult of Hodgkins Disease.
Edenton Varsity Club abandoned
its annual sports award banquet, j
Chowah home demonstration club;
members made tour of Chowan |
County. Warren Twiddy was in-j
stalled' as president of the Eden
ton Jaycees. Only three candi
dates in Edenton's municipal elec
tion were without opposition.
May 9—Medlin Belch and Al -
Phillips won the bridge marathon
sponsored by the Chowan Hos
pital Auxiliary. Edenton Junior-
Senior High School won the first j
track meet to be held in Edenton .
Ernest Kehaycs won over L. H.j
Haskett in the election for Mayor, j
Charlie Griffin won the sweep- j
stakes in the Woman’s Club
Flower Show.
May 16—St! Ann's Catholic-
Church began observance of its'
100th anniversary. Medlin Belch i
was elected president of the Eden-(
ton Lions Club. W. J. Yates wasi
named fire chief to succeed the
late R. K. Hall.
May 23—New Officers of the
Edenton BPW Club Were installed
in unique ceremony. Many visit
ors thrilled at the Armed Forces
Day program at Edenton NAAS.
Large crowd enjoyed the annual
Lions Variety Show. Possibility
loomed for building a home for
Edenton Girl Scouts. The Colon-:
ial Store closed shop in Edenton;
after being in operation for over;
30 years.
May 30—Dr. A. F. Downum was ,•
elected president of the Metho-'
dist Men’s Club. Frances Chap- j
pell and Joe Privott won district
honors in a school bus roadeo.!
Mrs. Roland Vaughan was elect- j
ed chairman of the • Girl Scout |
Board- Ernest: J. 'Ward; Jru' was;
fleeted president of * the Albe-.
marle-Pai»Jico Travel Council and
also, y-iee president of the Ocean
Hivyay'Association. *■
Ju*e ■,(>—New-'Brown .-store on
Windsor highway began a three*.
day open house observance. Thir
ty-six students graduated at the
Edemt#! Junior-Senior • High
School. Mrs. Jimmie.- Earnhardt j
was selected by the North Caro-;
lina Federation of Woman’s Clubs i
to serve as hostess at a regional j
banquet of Western States Con
ference Clubwomen in Asheville.
June 13—Col. A. Robert Stacy
took over command of Marine
Aircraft Group 14, succeeding
Col. W. A. Free at Edenton
NAAS. E. W. Spires paid tribute
to group .whose efforts.-pi gsgrvgd.
the old Cupola Hou
| June 20—Miss Louise Wilson
| and Robert S. Marsh were united
• in marriage at the Evans Metho
! dist Church. Chowan County’s
tax rate was reduced from 51.53
to SI.OO. Chowan County Com
missioners agreed to give SI,OOO
toward support of mental health
i linie. Barbara Jordan and E. C.
Toppin crowned health queen and
king at the Chowan County an
nual 4-H Elimination Day.
June 27—Valuable collection of
books was bequeathed to Shcp
ard-Pruden Memorial Library by
the late Mrs. Frances Tunstall
White of Statesville. Center Hill
Boy Scouts presented charier. J.
W. Davis named director of pub
lic relations for the Bank of Eden
July. 4 Sgt. Billy D. Cham
bless, a Marine stationed at Eden
ton. was electrocuted when a tele
vision antenna came in contact!
with a 3200 volt power line. Lt.|
Robert E. Theofield, a Marine pi- 1
lot. lost his life when his plane,
crashed in the Albemarle Sound.
The Rev. J Earl Riehardsbn was
returned as pastor of the Metho
dist Church.
July 11—Edenton's tax rate was I
reduced from $1.30 to SI.OO. The'
Norfolk Southern Railroad budget
collapsed resulting in two men |
being drowned. A contract was’
let to con-truct curb and cutter in !
front of the Edenton Junior-Sen
ior High School. Robert Evans
released 25.700 bass in Chowan
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> As Found In (lie Files of I
The Chowan Herald
-A j
Sponsors of the Empty Stock-1
ing Fund reported that 120 chil
dren were made happy over
Christmas by a truckload of pres-;
ents being distributed the night
before Christmas.
Through a letter written by Or
ville Wright, pioneer aviator, the
Cupola House Museum firmly es
tablished its claim to possessing
two small parts of one of the orig
inal Wright airplanes flown by
the Wright brothers at Kitty,
Hawk. The parts in question
were picked up. W. D. Pruden.
Fred P. Wood and Fred B. Drane
found the pieces when boys sum
mering at Nags Head.
Enlargement of the U. S. Fish
Hatchery al Edenton was delayed
due to fussing of Congressional-
Chieftains at Washington over ihe<
national budget.
Passing all expectations, sales
at the Chowan ABC store;
amounted to $1,915 the day be
fore Christmas.
Chowan Tribe of Red Men
elected Asa Griffin as new sachem
of the tribe.
Mrs. O. M. Elliott and Quinn
Furniture were winners for hav
ing the most attractive Christmas
decorations in Edenton.
The Edenton Boy Scout Cabin
was damaged for the third lime
in recent months when windows
were broken out, doors broken'
-open and other minor damage
done to the building inside.
Frank Williams and George;
•'Wood, students at Augusta Mili-,
- tary Academy, entertained the
Edenton Rotary Club at Its week
ly meeting.
Postmaster C E. Kramqr re
ported that the Edenton Post Of
ftce hung up a record for delivery
of Christmas mail.
Ruth Goodwin and Buddie Kol
lowell won the two major prizes,
attractive and substantial bicycles
in a contest sponsored by the Leg
grit It Davis drug store.
Thomas C hears. Jr., and Miss
Frances Cushman of Chicago and
Charlottesville. Ve„ were united j
in marriage in Richmond. Va. i
%e|h wgri students at the Uni-j
New Peanut Varieties Showing
Promising Results In Chowan
J Four new peanut varieties were
j grown in Cbowai County in com
(! parison with standard varieties by
I, Thomas A. Cm prew s of Cross
Roads community. Two new
North Carolina strains, N. C. 7
j and N. C. 10, Va. 56-R. and Ga.
119-20 were compared with tht
! local Jumbo variety and the local
Jumbo variety planted in alter
-1 nate hills with N. C. 2.
I Southern stem rot and pod rot
diseases were prevalent in 11 ■
field during the season doing an
. undetermined amount of damage.
The N. C. 7, N. C. 10, and Va. 56-R
varieties showed considerably less
disease upon field examination in
September. This fact also ap
. pears to have been indicated by
yield and grade results. The Ga.
119-20 variety is apparently quite
early in maturity, since there was
considerably more shedding of
nuts at digging time than with the
other varieties. This shedding
would naturally affect the yield. '
i - :
Aces And Acelets Will Beoin ’SB
Conference Play Friday Night
> Edenton’s Ace s will open their
1958 Albemarle Conference bas
. ketball schedule Friday night
. when the Ahoskie Indians invade
i the locals' gymnasium with the
I girls 7 o’clock.
The Aces will journey to VVd
liamston Tuesday night to take on
the Green Wave in another con
ference game.
j The Aces have gained wins over
Elizabeth City and Belhaven.
They lost to the powerful Wash
ington Pam-Pack.
The Acelets have an experienc
ed squad which took Belhaven 74-
I 70. Seniors Imogene Rogerson.
| Ruth Stokelv, Rosa Hollow-ell and
i Linda Leary make Coach Coteen
: Ward’s starting unit an experienc
ed group. Junior Linda Spencer,
i has seen her share of battle.
Sophomore Guard Norma Blanch
; ard rounds-nut the probable start
49 Families Are
Helped By \57
Stocking Fund
i p
The Young Churchmen ol St.
Paul’s Episcopal Church wish to j
j thank each and every one who j
participated in the annual Emp
iiy Stocking Fund to bring;
Christmas jov to children in the'
I area.
This year the firemen repaired
I more toys than ever before and
| this also indicated the generos-
I ity of many who were kind j
| enough to contribute these!
j items.
Forty-nine families were as-j
j sis*ed with food, clothing and
jtoys, with all receiving candy
! and other items for the entire
j family.
j "Most persons contributing
wish to remain anonymous," say
'the Young Churchmen, "so please
I accept our thanks and deep ap
preciation for your assistance.”
H. A. Campen In
I Critical Condition
H. A. (Izzv) Campen, who has
been a patient in Chowan Hospi
tal. was taken to the North Caro
lina Memorial Hospital in Chapel
Hill last week
Latest reports are to the effect
that Mr. Campen is critically ill.
but that condition improved a
| trifle Tuesday night.
Edenton Rotarians w-ill meet
i this (Thursday) afternoon at 1
. o’clock in the Parish House. « Last
i i week’s meeting was called off, so
, I that President Robert Marsh urg
| es every Rotarian to attend to
day’s meeting.
Per Year In North Carolina
Yield and grade results wen
quite striking. Final results wen
computed by a Federai-Stat
grader and were as follows: -N. C
7. yield 2.589 pounds per acre
sound meat kernels 70’y, exlr;
large kernels 39”., pric<
12.24 cents per pound, value pe
acre $316.89.
N. C. 10, yield 2.553 pounds pe
acre, sound meal kernels 67’; . ex
•L a large kernels 36'7 , grade*
p. kv 11.57 cents per pound, vaiu
per acre $295.38.
Va. 56-R. yield per acre 2,45'
pounds, sound meat kernels 67'.
■ vtra large kernels W7r. grader
price 11 17 p -r pound, value pe
are 8274.45.
Ga. 119-20, yield per acre 1,91>
pounds, sound .-moat kernels 61'»
extra large kernels 23'.. grader
price 9.7!* -cuts per pound, valui
per acre 8177.98.
N. C. 2 and Jumbo runner,
grown in alternate hills, yield pe:
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ers. Senior S .ndni Boyce' 'is the
number one i>-placement. A flock
of freshmen p . ed by Sara Relfe
Smith, promis,. to produce a win
ning team in years to come.
The Aces are. paced b\ Junioi
Sharp- r i id Ulaym-ik-T Bit
l.v Cook Griffin. v\ ho promises to
be a candidate for honiiis in con 1
ference play. Griffin is averaging
13 points a game. Henry Over
ton. only senior on the probable '
starting team, is averaging 12
Along with Griffin and Overtor
are Juniors Elton Bass. Jack
Bunch and Robert White. Senior
Donald Roche will also .sec action
Bobby Ashley, Marvin Ashley
Jack Overman. Billy Wilkins
John Mitchcne- and Claude Bar
nette. plus Billv White, round out
the squad. All 'he buys have se n
sonii action.
Negro Killed
Bv .22 Rifle!
Though the Christmas h'rtli i
!days in Edenton and Chowar
County were very quiet, a mur
'd*, r disturbed the peace Sunday ;
Joe Sessoms. 16-vear-old col '
I‘. . 1
ored youth, is now confiiu'd in ,
11lie Chowan County jail charged
'with the rnurcter of Edward!
Fleming, 24. also colored. Sc<-
soms is awaiting a preliminary,
hearing probably Tuesday f•'
next week- in Recorder's Court;
on a charge of murder.
I Acciirding to information gath- I
iered by Shi’riff J. A. Bunch. !
Sessoms and Fleming were en
gaged in an argument about i
| Sessoms driving the automobih ;
!of his grandmother, Emma Che?
son. on the highway. The shoot
( ing took place at Oscar Cot
j field's pop shop near Valhalla,
•where Sessoms shot Fleming
with a .22 calibre rifle.
iHurley Ward New
Red Men Sachem
' Chowan Tribe of Red Men at
tits meeting Monday night elect
led officers, with Hurley Ward
'elected sachem to succeed Albert
;Cullipher. The other officers
-elected were: Prophet. Albert
Cullipher: senior sagamore. Cas
well Edmondson: junior saga
| more, Lcrov Harrell: chief of rec
ord't, J. Edwin Bufflap: collec
tor of wampum. Jack Barrow:
keeper of wampum. William E.
Barrow: keeper of the wigwam,
W. T. Elliott: trustee for a three
year term. J. Edwin Bufflap.
These, and the officers appoint
ed by the new sachem, will be
| insuvlledT at next Monday night’s
! meeiWg^
Acreage Reserve
Signup For 1958
Starts January 13
C hairman Urges Far
mers to Contact
i ASC Office
I The signup for the 1958 Acre
ige Rcsorvt Program for spring
) ceded crops will start on Janii
; try 13. A. G Griffin, Chairman of
! he Chowan County Agricultural
! Stabilization and Conservation
| Hommitt •••. has announced. Tha
i losing dale is March 7.
"Allotment" acres of spring
■ cheat,- corn, upland cotton, rice, :
md. tobacco are eligible for the
; 1958 Acreage Reserve, the chair
j nan stated: these are the same
j Tops which were eligible in 1957.
i The new program seeks to re
j novo from 11.5 million to 14.5
i nillion acres ol these allotment
j 'Tops from production during the
I coming season
j While there are still a few
| weeks before the beginning of the
j ignup under the program. Mr.
I Griffin urges farmers to get in
l.’ouch with their county ASC of
riu soon it they are interested in
I aking part in the 1958 Acreage
; Reserve Program. I
i As was announced in the eai*'
all in connection with the-Ac'
; -tge Reserve program for the
:: ‘cr . ht at crop, each ’’ 1
j taking part in the progran hit
j spring-planted crops must hd’ :i
Soil Bank base” established ''"-w*"
t. and this must be done before
i program agreement nwv be
ugned by the farmer The Soil
. Bank base will be the total ciop
HTcage figure for the farm, based
orimanly on the farm’s prodoc
; 'ion history during 1956 and 1957,
The total harvested acreage in
; 1958 must he reduc'd below *b
I base by the number rif acres pi.v
■d in the Soil Bank.
Farmeis who already have a
j 5i«4 Bank h i-- for ,•!
•heir farm under the Conserve
* - ion Reserve or the 1958
| wheat Acreage lfo>f»y* will uty ■,*
the same base in pai tieijWnng*jß|^&
i - fbri
j spring-planted crops,
!'• sen ’ y.i t-m rates for
•v. bat
t for nuyt crops than - hripkrßß
which wet in effect in
) Farmers'y. o pe- land in the 19Wf|fl
j urogram .v -i! be raid a 10 per
' premium ihove the 1958 compon-
I *w4idn -. established for their farm
■f they put thi identical
the 1958 program.
| The nexi Northeastern Candifcilß
Clinic will be held Friday
noon. January 3. at 12:30 odnK'iß
: at i.‘:e Cancer Center, Elizaßp* 3
Unanimity Lodge No. 7,
;8 i A. M., will hold a stated MMhjfl
municaiion tonight (ThursßKlJyE
at 8 o'clock, al which time*)#
ficers for 1958 will ’ e
Chcwan Tribe of Red
'vih meei Monday night at
o'clock, at which lime
ticers will be installed. -*'4e3H
Edenton Chapter No.
der of the Eastern Star, will IHh
Monday night January 6. ■HHHH
o'clock m the Masonic
Edenton Lions Club will
Monday night at 7 o'clock.
William H. Coffield
9280, Veterans ot Fore : gn W, *
will meet Tuesday night **£■-
Edenlor. Tea Parly
DAR. will meet in the
house Wednesday as W
January 8, at 3:30 o'clock, M&Sleijrl
Edenton Jaycees will BBMHB
their annual distinguished gplipil
vice awards banquet
night, January 29. at 7 o
the Masonic Temple.
Chcwan County
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