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. : /
Volume XXV. —Mum her 4.
Edenton Base Scl | duled To Close By March 31, 1959
C. of C. Meet Called
For Monday Night,
Local Court House
» <
Members Are Urged
To Visit Office In
J Hotel Joseph Hewes
Gilliam Wood, president of the
|2etenton Chamber of Commerce,
fias called a meeting for all Cham
-1 ber of Commerce members which
will be held in the Chowan Coun
ty Court House Monday night,
January 27, at 8 o'clock.
“I am sure you are aware of
the fact that Harry Smith, Jr„
has been employed as the exec
utive vice president of the Eden
ton Chamber of Commerce,” says
Mr. Wood. “We are extremely
fortunate to obtain the services
of a person as well qualified as
Mr. Smith. Miss Ann Harless has
been employed as his secretary
and they both stand ready to as
sist you whenever they can.
“So that we can all see and
know Mr. Smith better, there will
be a meeting of all Chamber of
Commerce members on Monday
night, January 27, at 8 o’clock in
the Court House. In your own
interest, plan to attend. I will
look forward to seeing you there.”
The Chamber of Commerce
telephone number is 3400, so that
members can call the office. “Or
better still,” says Mr. Wood, “drop
by the office on the first floor of
the Joseph Hewes Hotel and be
come acquainted with your
Chamber of Commerce folks.”
Rotary Club Entertains Edenton
5 6 Aces’ Tonight In Parish House
Edenton’s Class A State;
football champions, their coaches 1
and managers, will be guests of j
the Edenton Rotarians at a ban- j
quet to be held in the Parish j
House tonight (Thursday) at 6:15
o’clock. The meeting was chang-1
ed to the night hour instead of
1 o’clock due to examinations be- j
ing held at the school.
It was expected to have Jim I
Tatum, coach of the North Caro- \
lina Tar Heels, as the principal
speaker, but Mr. Tatum had a |
previous engagement in South 1
Red Men And
Pocahontas Os.
Area To Meet
An eastern district meeting of
Red Men and Degrae of Pocahon
tas is scheduled to be held in
Edenton Friday, February 21.
when Chowan Tribe of Red Men
and Chowanoke Council of the
Degree of Pocahontas will be
A business meeting will be held
in the Red Men hall starting at
2 o’clock, after which a banquet
and dance will be held in the
r American Legion building.
Music for the dance will be
furnished by the Windsor Rock
ettes. -»
A large number of Red Men and
Degree of Pocahontas members
from the eastern part of the
are expected to attend the
Great Need For Polio Funds Is
Pointed Out By Tom Ridgeway
Some physically handicapped
j boys and girls in Chowan County
I may grow up bearing the brunt of
I ■ a critical nationwide shortage of
trained in the care of the
I ' **Tbey may be denied specialized
| care they need because there are
j not wwwflh physical therapists,
I medical-Social workers, occupa-
I and other spe
p tb cialists to serve every hospital in
I Pl TOis l ”2t'u«ion i, descnW
* .
| Band Concert s
A band concert by the Edenton
1 1 Junior-Senior High School Band
, will be held Thursday night, Jan
uary 30, at 8 o'clock in the Ele
mentary School auditorium. The
proceeds will be given to the
March of Dimes.
The concert will be under the
direction of Miss Lula Williams,
band director, who hopes a large
crowd will turn out not only to
hear a good concert, but at the
same time help a very worthy
Farmers Urged
To Give Facts
In Farm Census
Chowan farmers have been ask
ed to cooperate in the state’s an
nual 1958 Township Farm Census
this month by C. W. Overman,
county agent.
Mr. Overman says that the cen
sus will be taken this month as j
farmers list their 1958 taxes. Tax j
listers are cooperating in the cen-j
sus to get the vital information j
which agricultural leaders can use
in working out plans for agricul- j
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I Carolina. Instead Ed Keseler, j
; line coach will be the principal:
speaker, who'will, be accompan-)
1 ied by Ernie Williamston, execu
-1 tive secretary of the UNC Educa
l tional Foundation, who will meet ;
j with alumni of the University of
j North Carolina after the meet- \
: ing.
A feature of the meeting will
! be a film of the Carolina-Duke
j football game, which should be
I of interest to the Aces as well as
' Rotarians.
Robert Marsh, president, urges
' a 100 per cent attendance.
Eastern Star Observes
‘Fellowship. Night’ At
IVleetingMonday Night
Edenton Chapter No. 302, Order j
of the Eastern Star held a very!
delightfully meeting Monday
night when Fellowship Night
was observed and the station of
Adah honored. A large group of
visitors from nearby chapters at
tended the meeting including a
large delegation from the Ply
mouth Chapter.
Mrs. Margaret Stanton, worthy
matron, presided over the meet
ing, during which Dan Reaves
presented a very interesting and
informative address on Adah.
Brief but- interesting remarks
were made by a number of visit
ors, complimenting the Edenton
membets for their magnificent
lodge room and the work they are
Following the meeting refresh
ments were served in the dining
tion for years has been giving
March of Dime s fellowships and
scholarships to talented young
men and women to help them fin
ish their training, Mr. Ridgeway
added. ,
“But unfortunately, the task
force supported in training by the
March of Dimes isn’t large enough
to offset the nationwide shortage
caused by skyrocketing demand
for modem rehabilitation services.
“Without trained hands and
minds at the bedside and wheel
chair to translate theories into ac
tion, modern rehabilitation is
nothing more than an empty
dream for those who have been
injured by disease and accident. ’
General E. C. Dyer Visits Edenton Base
L «r*
HHp! *
Brigadier General E. C. Dyer, USMC, and Mrs. Dyer speni neuncuof, jai.uaiy io. in i-den
ton. General Dyer is the Commander, Marine Corps Air Bases, Eastern Area and Commanding
General. Marine Corps Air Station. Cherry Pcint. N. C. Above, lunching in the Fireplace
Room at the Edenton Officers' Club, clockwise around the table, are Mrs. W. B. Rosevear.
General Dyer. Mrs. Frank H. CoLins, Colonel W. B. Rosevear, U. S. Army (retired). Colonel
J. L. Neefus, USMC, Command’ng Officer, Marine Corps Air Station. Cuantico. Va., Mrs. Dyer
and Colonel Frank H. Collins, USMC, Commanding Officer, Naval Auxi.iary Air Station, Eden
ton.—(Official Marine Corps Pholo).
Area Conference 'm!^'Meet
In Edenton Today!
One of 18 Meetings to
Be Held Through
out State
Educational leaders throughout:
North Carolina began a series of!
18 conferences on January 151
and will end February 13.
Mrs. Ethel Perkins Edwards, j
North Carolina Education Asso-1
ciation executive secretary, an-j
nounced that the conferences will
be directed by members of the
Headquarters Staff of the North
Carolina Education Association.
NCEA leaders expected to at
tend the meetings will number
more than 2,000. These leaders
will discuss important issues and
challenges confronting education
and the teaching profession.
The conferences opened with a
general session at which issues, of
concern to all NCEA members
was presented. These issues in
clude: (1) the role of the profes
sional organization in improving
the services of the public schools;
(2) the areas to be included in a
legislative program for the 1959
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Youth Sunday
At Presbyterian
Church Jan. 26
This coming Sunday, January
26, will be Youth Sunday in the
Edenton Presbyterian Church, and
the entire morning worship ser
vice will be conducted by the
young people.
George Nixon will be in charge
and Emily Shaw, Jerry Nixon and
Eddie Nixon will lead in prayer.
The sermon will be read by Joe
Mitchener, Bobby Ashley, Eddie
George, Vicky Cayton. John
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Two Aces Chosen To
Play East-West Game
Edenton’s Aces, 1957 Class A
state ■ football champions, are
again honored, it having been
announced that two senior mem
bers of the squad have been in
vited to play in the East-West
High School football game in
Greensboro in 'August.
The two players selected are
Bruce White, hard-charging full-,
back and Henry Overton, star
During the week a high school
■ coaches’ clinic will be held in
Greensboro and the two boys will
spend the week at Greensboro
preparing for the game.
Coaches BilPßillings and Honey
Johnson, mentor of the Elizabeth
City Yellow Jackets, will help in
coaching the eastern outfit.
on, (Jliowan County, JNorth Carolina, Thursday, January Zd, 1958.
Turn About
Edenton Boy Scouts, annually,
entertained by the Rotary Club,
sponsors of the troop, believe
that turn about is fair play. The
Scouts extended an invitation to,
the Rotarians to be fheir guests
at a banquet Thursday night, Feb
ruary 13. at 7 o'clock in the Scout
The Rotarians have accepted
the invitation, which will take the
place of their usual mid-day
meeting. ..
Small Crowd At
Meeting Os PTA
Mrs. R. T. Whitten, program
chairman of the Edenton Parent-
Teacher Association, was very
much disappointed at the PTA
meeting held Tuesday night in
the Elementary School.
The principal speaker for the
meeting was Everett Miller, as
sistant superintendent of public
education for the State of North
Carolina, and only about 50 par
ents attended the meeting.
Mr. Miller’s remarks were very
worthwhile, and Mrs. Whitten
regrets that more PTA members
did not attend to hear him.
Prospects Appear Encouraging
For Better Fat Stock Show And
Sale Scheduled For March 26th
Chowan County expects to
have its largest and best Fat
Stock Show and Sale in history
on Wednesday, March 26. James
Patterson, Extension Animal
Husbandry Specialist, from State
College, visited all 4-H steer pro
jects on Thursday, January 9.
He was accompanied by Bob
Marsh, Assistant County Agent.
The steers visited are looking
very well and one prime and
several choice steers can be ex
pected for entry in the Fat Stock
Show and Sale, according to Mr.
Mr. Patterson is a former 4-H
Club member from Macon Coun
ty. North Carolina, and he fed
out several steers during his
club career. He specialized in
Animal Husbandry at State Col
lege and is well qualified to ad
vise boys concerning their 4-H
steer projects. Mr. Patterson en
! couraged the boys to begin work
ing with their steers by brushing,
currying and rubbing them. As
soon as the steers are accustom
Here Jan. 30
Masons of the First District are
scheduled to hold a meeting in
Edenton Thursday, January 30.
with members of Unanimity
Lodge No. 7, as hosts. An after
noon meeting will be held in the
Masonic Temple and at 7 o'clock
a supper will be served in the
dining room.
A feature of the meeting will bt
exemplification of the degree of
! Di molay by a group from Nor-1
| folk. A large number of Masons
I in the district, as well as members j
of Unanimity Lodge are expected i
to attend.
Negro Woman
| Wreck Victim|
I Rena Roberson, 47-year-old col-i
o: eu Woman of Plymouth died j
'i early Sunday morning in Chowan
I Hospital as the result of injuries
i sustained in an automobile wreck
1 which occurred near the bridge
I over Pembroke Creek on N. C
j Highway 32 south.
The victim was an occupant of
! a car driven by Henry C. Cosa:
iof Plymouth, in which James
Moore of Amsterdam, N. Y., and
Lillie Mae Davis of Roper were
I also passengers.
According to Highway Patrol
-1 man D. O. Williams, who investi
gated the accident, the four Ne
groes were going to Edenton.
where Moore was scheduled to
catch a bus for Amsterdam. The
( driver failed to negotiate a curve
j and ran off the highway into the
I swamp.
j Cosar was arrested and charg
i ed with manslaughter.
ed to being handled, they should
be halter broken. This is best
accomplished by putting a strong
halter on the steer and tying him i
to a firm post in the stable |
where he is kept. The halter
should be left on for a period
of from one to three hours at the
beginning of the training period.
After the steer is used to the haj
ter, the club member and his dad;
should begin leading him, being
careful that the steer never gets ■
the advantage of him and breaks:
away. Most steers will calm
down and lead all right if they
become accustomed to the halter
before an attempt is made to
lead them.
Four-H club members whose
steer projects were visited by
Patterson and Marsh included
Dick and Yay Lowe, Carlton,
Ronald and Jack Perry, Leon and
Lewis Evans, Johnny and Bobby
Winborne, Tommy Harrell, Rich
ard White and Joe Hollowell.
Mr. Patterson plans to make an
other visit to the steer projects
some time in February.
Plans Complete For
Jaycee Annual DSA
Banquet January 29
j Outstanding Affair to!
; Be Held In Masonic
Temple at 7 P. M.
Plans are about complete for
the Edenton Junior Chamber of
Commerce annual Distinguished
Service Award, Bosses’ and La
■ dies’ Night Banquet which will be
! held Wednesday night, January
I 20, at 7 o’clock in the Masonic
; Temple.
Thi will be one of the most j
| outstanding Jaycee meetings of.
; the year to which the local Jay- *
' cees look forward to with much j
pleasure and anticipation.
The distinguished service award
is held in strict secrecy until it
; is announced at the banquet, the
selection being made hv a secret
co mm i t tee from nominations
| which have been presented to the!
j committee. The award is based on ;
community leadership and com
munity service during the year; I
as well ag evidence of leadership!
ability and .evidence of personal)
or business progress.
| Previous DSA presentations
• went to James P. Ricks. Jr., in
j 1954, Luther Parks in 1955 and'
Joe Conger, Jr., in 195(5.
President Warren Twiddy will
serve as master of ceremonies at
the banquet, which will be served
bv members of the Order of the;
Eastern Star. The invocation will
be by Luther Parks, followed byj
introduction of special guests bv'
Gene Ward. The principal ad-:
dress for the occasion will be;
made by Bob Cox of Chapel Hill..
national vice president, who will
be introduced by .Caswell Ed
mondson, vice president. Edgar
! J. Gurganus of Williamston, past!
.president of North Carolina Jay-;
I cees. will present the key man
j award and the rookie of the year
I award. The highlight of the ban
quet will be the DS Award which
i will be made by Bob Cox. The
! meeting will close with the Jay
cee Creed, led by James Price,
i vice president of the 10th District.
Joe longer. Jr., is chairman of
: the banquet a..J hopes every Jay
! cee will attend.
* '1
Speakers For
Series Courses
An opportunity to hear out
standing speakers in the field of
religion will be afforded interest
ed persons in Chowan and Per
quimans Counties Sunday through
Tuesday evenings, January 26
, through January 28. First Meth
odist Church, Hertford, will be
host to the annual Christian
Workers School, with the host
minister, the Rev. J. A. Auman.
as dean of the school. Classes be
gin each evening at 7:30 and end
at 9:30 o’clock. Six hours of
• study are available with five
) hours necessary for credit.
j Among the courses being taught
L j is “Understanding the Bible” led
by Mrs. R. E. Brown of Raleigh,
j Mrs. Brown is the widow of the
late Raleigh District Superinten
dent, Methodist Church. Mrs.
I Brown has an outstanding repu-j
• tation as teacher and lecturer, i
■ The textbook for the course will j
I I be “Toward Understanding the |
1 Continued on Page 3—Section 1 !
A meeting of Edenton Chamber
I of Cpmmerce members will be
! held in the Court House Monday
> night, January 27, at 8 o'clock.
> An area conference of the North
i j Carolina Education Association
' | will be held in the library of the
"Edenton Junior-Senior High
); School this (Thursday) afternoon
J at 3:30 o'clock.
; j An eastern district meeting of
r Red Men and Pocahontas is ached
i uled to be held in Edenton Fri
, day. February 21. A business
i j meeting will be held at 2 o'clock
r in the Red Men hall and a ban
- quel and dance following at 7
. o'clock in the American Legion
- building.
s Edenton Rotarietu will meet to-
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$2.00 Per Y ear In Moith Carolina
Information Given
| Out This Week By
Navy Department
Information Given
| Out This Week By
| Navy Department
| Higher Pressure ] Opportunity to Use
s. j Property
According to R. N. Hines, su- -
perinlendent of the Edenton E ec- Colonel Frank H. Collins, corn
trie & Water Department, on or manning officer of the Edenton
before March 1 the water pressure Naval Auxhiaiy nr Station,
in Edenton will be increased to 60 early this week was notified by
pounds. the chief of information of the
Due to this change, Mr. Hines avv Department that the Eden
j urges citizens to check all piping ,on base will be disestablished
j to see that it is in good repair, for :, bout March 31. 1959.
the E& W Department will not The reasons for the disestab
be responsible for any damage -ishment of the base are as fol
j done by the increased pressure. lows: First of all the previous
long range plan lor Edenton en
-1 Hpnrm<r vs ' ,,n d the relocation of Marine
1 £? Corps activities here in 1959. fol-
Fnr , by ,. oxtcnsivi ‘ in »*-i-niza-
A BJI 1 IMICI Illcll t:on Os th- field for Navy use
O ■ i w i ~m as an auxiliary in the Norfolk
Set rOr r el). 1 I ;,:r h;,SI, However.
rising prices, higher wages and
the increased cost of procure
| C. G. Holland, Fisheries Com- merit, maintenance and opora
j missioner. announces that purstt- tion of modern, more complex
lant to the authority vested in it aircraft and equipment have
by the statutes of North Caro made mandatory a general re
lina, the Board of Conservation duefion in the overall naval
and Development will hold a pub- aviation establishment for con
hc hearing in the court room of ,inued operation under the cUr
the Chowan County Court House rent level of funding This re-
Fndqv morning, February 21. at duetion includes numbers of air
-10 o clock. craft, personnel and associated
This meeting is in regard to bases. Since the modernization
opening or keeping closed Ihe ter* of Edenton for continued use
ritory west ot the Norfolk South-1 Continued on Page 2—Section l
ern Railroad bridge for taking!
fish with gill nets including the J ~~~
two and one half inch bar. Pro- Q /\»
ponents and opponents will be X 63 T*Sf\ffQ j
given an opportunity to be heard I . ®
As found In the Files of 1
Mm . The Chowan Herald
airy Smith, Jr.. I ;
SnpqLpf Mayor J. H. McMullan received
" optUlKt I a letter to the effect that Sir An
— thony Eden, prominent member of
Edenton’s Javcees will meet to I the British Parliament, has ec
night (Thursday) at i o chick ir cepied the honorory citizenship
the Penelope Barker house. Pres conferred upon him by the Town
ident Warren Twiddy urges every of Edenton.
member to be present. Dr . j. A . Powell eonounced lhat
Harry Smith. Jr„ executive vice j he was planning to establish an
president of the Edenton Cham ; emergancy hospital in connection
ber of Commerce, will be thr offices jn , he Cilizcns
principal speaker at the meeting. ] Bank Building, with Drs Martin
f'SUNDAY FIRES j Wisely and Roland Vaughan as
i associates.
Edenton firemen were called Gill nelters in this area, after
! out twice Sunday, first at about 1 entering a protest, were hopeful
! 12:30 A. M.. when they rushed to that the ban on shad fishing
, the home of Haughton Ehringhau--; would be removed,
ion the Indian Trail Road in the Dr. F. H. Garriss, health offi-
Yeopim section. Damage was cer. reported seven cases cf
confined to a mattress and bed. measles had developed in Chowan
At about 11:30 A. M., the fire- County,
men were called to the home ofj The Chamber of Commerce de-
Mis. Maui ice L. Bunch, where an j cided to hold its annual banquet
oil heater flooded. Very little ! early in February,
damage was done. 1 Continued on Page 3—Section 1
Suspended Sentenees Drawn Bv
Young Men In Extortion Plot
{ Higher Pressure]
According to R. N. Hines, su
perintendent of the Edenlon E ec
tric & Water Department, on or
before March 1 Ihe wafer pressure
! n Edenton will be increased to 60 <
Due to this change, Mr. Hines 1
! urges citizens to check all piping 1
to see that it is in good repair, for :
the E & W Department will not
be responsible for any damags
j done by the increased pressure.
Public Hearing;
For Fishermen I
Set For Feb. 21
!„. . . 1
C. G. Holland, Fisheries Coin- \
j missioner, announces that pursu- t
j ant to tile authority vested in it ;
by tile statutes of North Caro ,
hnn, th.e Board of Conservation (
! and Development will hold a pub- a
lie hearing in the court room of i
the Chowan County Court House ,
Friday morning, February 21, at c i
10 o’clock. ~
This meeting is in regard to 1;
opening or keeping closed the ter-jo
! ritory west of the Norfolk South-j
■era Railroad bridge for taking I
: fish with gill nets including the'*
! two and one half inch bar. Pro
i ponents and opponents will be
given an opportunity to be heard J
Marry Sinilli. Jr..
Jayvees* Speaker ,
- j
Edenton’s Javcees will meet to ! t
night (Thursday) at 7 o’clock ir <
the Penelope Barker house. Pres i
' ident Warren Twiddy urges every <
member to be present.
Harry Smith. Jr , executive vice ! ]
president of the Edenton Cham- j ,
ber of Commerce, will be thr I •
| principal speaker at the meeting'.'
! ]
Edenton firemen were called
i out twice Sunday, first at about) :
M2:30 A. M.. when they rushed te
'the home of Haughton Ehringhau--!
ion the Indian Trail Road in the
Yeopim section. Damage was
confined to a mattress and bed. I
At about 11:30 A. M„ the fire-1
men were called to the home ofj
Mrs. Maurice L. Bunch, where an j
oil heater flooded. Very little;
damage was done. I
In a session of U. S. Eastern
District Court held in Raleigh
Wednesday of last week, three
Washington County young men
were given suspended sentences
for the parts they played in send
ing an extortion letter to Mrs.
Irene Dunbar of Edenton and Mrs.
Cedric Davenport of Washington
William Lawrence Tarkington. •
25. who engineered the plot to se- ’
j cure $2,500 each from the two wo
. men, drew a three-year suspended
! sentence, while his brother..
1 Thomas N. Tarkington. 21. and
I Fred Tyson, 21, accessories, drew:
! Federal Financial Assistance
Granted To Edenton Schools
Congressman Herbert C. Bon
ner informed The Herald early
this week that he received a let
ter from Rail I. Grigsby, assistant
commissioner of the Department I
of Education and Welfare, to the
effect that favorable action has
! been taken on a request for fed- i
eral assistance for Edenton
According to Mr. Grigsby the
! tentative entitlement for the fiscal!
| year is $17,341.03 and that $13,- !
, 005.00 has been certified for im- 1
mediate payment. The cheek
should be received by Superinten
i dent John A. Holmes within the
! next week or so.
fight polio ...
Edenton Will Be Given
Opportunity to Use
Colonel Frank H. Collins, com
manding officer of the Edenton
Naval Auxui-aiy. n r Station,
early this week was notified by
the chief of information of the
Navy Department that the Eden
ton base will be disestablished
about March 31. 1959.
The reasons for the disestab
lishment of the base are as fol
lows: I.rst of ali the previous
long range plan ior Edenton en
vsion.d the relocation of Marine
Corps activities here in 1959. fol
lowed by extensive moderniza
tion of th ■ field for Navy use
as an auxiliary in the Norfolk
air base complex. However,
rising prices, higher wages and
tii - increased cost of procure
ment, maintenance and opera
tion of modern, more complex
aircraft and equipment have
made mandatory :> general re
duction in the overall naval
aviation establishment for con
tinued operation under the cur
rent level of funding. This re
duction includes numbers of air
craft, personnel and associated
bases. Since the modernization
of Edenton for continued use
Continued on Page 2—Section l
20 Years Ago j
As Found In the Files of !
The Chowan Herald
Mayor J. H. McMullan received
a letter to the effect that Sir An
thony Eden, prominent member of
the British Parliament, has ec
cepted the honorory citizenship
conferred upon him by the Town
of Edenton.
Dr. J. A. Powell announced that,
he was planning to establish an
emergency hospital in connection
with nfi offices in the Cilizcns
Bank Building, with Drs. Marlin
Wisely and Roland Vaughan as
Gill netters in this area, after
entering a protest, were hopeful
that the ban on shad fishing
would be removed.
Dr. F. H. Garriss, health offi
cer, reported seven cases cf
measles had developed in Chowan
The Chamber of Commerce de
cided to hold its annual banquet
early in February.
Continued on Page 3—Section 1
18-month suspended sentences.
The Utters gent to the two wo
men shortly after Christmas, de
manded $2,500 from each or else
their daughters would be killed
during tlie year. The trio was
caught in a trap set by Federal,
state and county officers when
two of the young men went to
the Albemarle Sound bridge to
pick, up the money.
They pleaded guittv but Wil
liam Tarkington at the trial said
"I would have died myself be
fore I would have touched their
The amount certified for pay
ment is determined from the ten
tative entitlement for the fiscal
year computed on the basis of in
formation and estimates contain
ed in the application. Additional
1 payments will be subject to such
; adjustments as may be required
by actual data in place of esti
mates and by the availabalitv of
' funds in relation to total entitle
ments for financial assistance.
Edenton has been granted this
financial assistance due to feder
ally employed people living in the
area whose children attend the lo
cal schools.

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