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Volume XXV.—Number 10.
AnnualChowanF at
Stock Show-Sale
Scheduled Mar. 26
Feature Will Be Meat
Cutting Demonstra
tion By Extension
* Specialist
Robert S. Marsh, assistant
county agent, has announced that
the fourth annual Chowan Fat
Stock Show and Sale, sponsored
by the Edenton Junior Chamber
of Commerce, will be held Wed
nesday, March 26. The affair
will be held at the American Le
gion building.
Something new has been added
to this year’s show and sale with
John Christian, Extension animal
husbandry specialist scheduled to
give a meat cutting demonstra
tion during the lunch hour break.
Mr. Christian will cut out a
carcass from a U. S. Number 1
hog and also a carcass from a U.
S. Number 3 hog. Spectators will j
be given a chance to learn exact-1
ly what judges mean when they I
speak of the different grades of j
hogs. Mr. Christian will serve as j
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Mrs. W. A. Harrell Elected New
Worthy Matron By Eastern Star
At its meeting held Monday
night Edenton Chapter No. 302, i
Order of the Eastern Star, elect-j
ed new officers for the year, j
Mrs. W. A. Harrell was elected
worthy matron to succeed Mrs. •
Margaret Stanton,
i Other officers elected were:
Worthy patron, W. A.
associate worthy matron, Mrs. <
Thomas J. Wood-: associate wor- f
thy patron, C. W. Overman, sec
retary, Mrs. Ruth Overman;
treasurer, Mrs. Mary Leary; con
ductress, Mrs. Geneva Harrell;
and associate conductress, Mrs.
Margaret Bell.
The new worthy matron an
nounced the following appoint
ments: Chaplain. Mrs. Frances
Wilkins; marshal, Mrs. Anita
Tarkington; organist, Mrs. Grace
Byrum; Adah, Mrs. Edith Buff
lap; Ruth, Mrs. Betty Lorance; j
Esther, Mrs. Myrtle Hollowell;
Martha. Mrs. Clara Boswell; j
Electa. Mrs. Minnie Kennan;
warder, Mrs. Ola Williford and
sentinel, D. M. Reaves. Mrs.
Harrell also named the installing
officers as follows: Annie Laura
Mullen, Daphne Yon, Bob Spence
and Ruby White.
It was announced that the
new officers will be installed at |
an open installation ceremony
Monday night, March 17, at 8:20 ;
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New Service
isl Cart Added
At Hospital
This week the Chowan Hos
pital took on a “rosy” glow as
members of the Hospital Auxili
ary Volunteer Services launched
a new project. A service cart,
manned by Auxiliary members
wearing their official cherry
pink smocks, is pushed from room
to room daily from 10 until 11
o’clock. This cart, built by M.
G. Brown Lumber Company, un
der the supervision of T. L.
Ridgeway, hospital administrator,
is equipped with stationery,
chewing gum, life-savers and va
rious toiletries for the comfort of
the patient.
Thje Volunteer Services Chair
man, Mrs. George Hoskins, and
her committee members, Mrs.
Martin Wisely and Mrs. Geddes
Potter, are also busy contacting
local organizations to help man
the information desk during visit
in« hours each night froip 6-8.
This is purely a volunteer service
i to release the nursing staff for
official duties and this commit
tee hopes that all of the clubs
will be .able to furnish hostesses
when called upon. The Woman’s
j. Society of the Baptist Church
served during the month of Janu
ary, the members of the BPW in
February, and for the month of
Mareh the Woman’s Club will be
the evening hostesses,
j Seeks Re-election j
s. J
~ 19H|
f IMfl
Sheriff J. A. Bunch announced
early this week that he will be a
candidate for re-election in the
May 31 primary election.
[TimeTo Squawk! 1
Chowan County Commissioners
‘will meet Monday morning,
March 17, at 10 o'clock as a
Board of Equalization and Re
view. At that lime the Commis
'sioners will hear and act upon
complaints to the
of property as it appears on the
tax books.
Unanimity Lodge No. 7, A. F.
& A. M., will hold a stated com
munication tonight (Thursday) at
8 o’clock. Dan Reaves, master,
urges a large attendance.
Jaycee Candidate *]
Edenton Jaycees will propose
the name of Warren Twiddy as a
candidate for vice president of
the North Carolina Jaycees'
, Tenth District.
New Service For Chowan Hospital Patients
Above is seen a service car: just pul in operation al Chowan Hospital by the Hospital Auxili
ary. By means of this new cart stationery, chewing gum. life savers and various toiletries are dis
tributed among patients. In the picture, left to right, Mrs. Geddes Potter, Mrs. Edward G. Bond.
Mrs. George Hoskine and two new mothers. Mrs. Martin Wisely, also a member of the Volunteer
Services Committee, was absent when the picture was made.
- *T3
111 .on, Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, March 6, 1958.
"*■ a
Aoove is o-ciured the vetcoming committee which met Congressman Herbert
C. Benner snd Captain K. J. Sanger of the Navy Department last week upon their
arrival from Washington, D. C., by plane at the Edenton Naval Auxiliary A'.r Sta
tion. Bonner and Sanger were the principal speakers at a tri-county con'erence
held at Hotel Joseph Hewes Monday of last week to discuss the economic situa
tion in connection with closmg bases at Elizabeth City and Edenton and building
Highway Officials Hint At
4-Lane 17 And To Shorten
Distance To Harvey Point
Nine Counties Repre
sented at Conference
Held In Court House
Nine Northeastern counties and
23 municipalities' were represent
ed at a meeting with members of
the State Highway Commission
and administrative staff held in 1
the Chowan County Court House
Thursday afternoon. Counties
represented were Cho.wan, Mar
tin, Beaufort, Bertie, Hertford,
Washington, Pasquotank, Per
quimans, Gates and Camden.
The highway group was head
ed by J. M. Broughton, chairman,
and Director W. F. Babcock, who I
explained the mechanics of the;
Highway Commission under the'
reorganization plan and to have a J
heart-to-heait talk about road
problems in the various counties. I
Mr. Babcock explained the var
ious funds by which new high- >
ways are built and present high- j
ways maintained and in the
course of his remarks pointed out;
that there has been a consider
able drop in revenue caused by;
less travel and fewer automobile j
licenses issued, the major blame j
being directed to the compulsory j
law of carrying liability insur-,
ance before issuing a license.'
Added to this drop in revenue Mr.
Babcock said highways from the
Piedmont section west have been |
badly damaged by the recent j
freezing weather and excessive |
rains which will cut materially \
into highway funds.
Throwing the meeting open to.
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Flans Are Complete For Annual
BPW Fashion Show March 13th
! Plans are shaping up for the!
Spring Fashion Show and din-j
; nor under the sponsorship of the j
Edenton Business and Profes7,j
sional Women’s Club! The show
i will be held Thursday night,
March 13, at the Junior-Senior
High School cafeteria, instead of
the Joseph Hevves Hotel as pre
viously announced. Dinner will
l be served at 7 o’clock.
| Mrs. Laura Ferguson and Mrs.
Alice Twiddy, co-chairmen for
j the affair, say that plans are to
I have the most elaborate fashion
I show ever staged before. Eden-
I ton merchants will give their
| full cooperation by having love
ly models to display their new- j
jest spring fashions, along with
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120 Years Ago
| As Found In tne Files of
The Chowan Herald
1 About 100 members of the
Chamber of Commerce and in
vited guests were thrilled to hear
a steady flow of oratory when
Governor Clyde R. Hoey spoke at
the annual banquet,
j Warren Harllee, second assist
ant postmaster general, sent out
a letter to the effect that it was
I not practical to make a reversal
; of the Edenton-Suffolk star route,
i Official transfer of all property
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a raigc oeamasler ter man? base at HarveV Point, lit the picture, le 1 to r ; ghi,
are: Lieutenant Commander Donald F. Dalton, public works officer, U. S. Navy;
Gilliam Wood, Caolain IC. J. Sariger, Mayor Ernest P. Kehayes, Marvin Wilson.
Congressman Bonner, Col. Frank H. ColHns, commanding oifi. er ol Edenton
NAAS, J. W. Davis, J. H. Conger, William P. Jones and Cot. A. R. Siatey, com
manding officer of Marine Aircraft Group 14.—(Official Marine Corps Photo).
. T
Revival Speaker }
Jr*'- "'v* •
• i
' : jS
For the revival meeting in the
Edenton Methodist Church Sun
day night, March 9, through Fri
day, March 14, the Rev. George
W. Ports, Sr., pastor cf the De
' catur Street Methodist Church of
Richmond, Va„ will be the visit
ing preacher.
Edenton’s Town Council will'
hold its March meeting Tuesday i
night, March 11, at 8 o’clock.
Holmes Kef u les Cri tieism A1 urn t
I Elementary School Fire Trap
Following comment to the es
! feet that the Edenton Element
|ary School is a fire trap and
{should be replaced by a new
!school building, Chowan County
Commissioners called in Superin
tendent John A. Holmes at their
meeting Monday for his views on
the matter.
Mr. Holmes informed the Com
missioners that after the Gen-1
eral Assembly passed a bill call
ing for periodic inspections of
school buildings, he asked Fire
Chief W. J. Yates to make an in
spection which was done and
that Mr. Yates found very little
wrong with the building.
Mr. Holmes further stated
that only last week a member
of the State School Planning
Commission and a representative
of the State Fire Marshal’s office
made a thorough inspection of
the building. According to Mr.
Holmes’ report, this inspection
also resulted in very little un
favorable criticism and although
Women's Club Art Show Will
Be Staged In Penelope Barker
House Two I)avs. March 8 And 9
The annual Art Show sponsors
; ed by the Edenton Woman’s Club
will be held Saturday and Sun
j day, March 8 and 9: The show
i will be held in the Penelope
| Barker house with hostesses be
ing on duty between the hours
of 10 A. M.. and 6 P. M., on Sat
! urday and from 2 to 6 P. M., on
Sunday. The hostesses will be on
! hand to greet art patrons and
parents of Edenton and Chowan
! County school children wishing
1 to see the art work displayed.
I Jlidging the show will be Mrs.
j Bertha Fanning Taylor, noted ar
i tist of Norfolk. Ya.. who will be
in Edenton on Friday. March 7.
to award ribbons for first, sec
| ond and honorable mention priz-
I os. Twelve prizes of one dollar
{ each will be given to the twelve
school children who. Mrs. Fan
-1 ning Taylor feels, have done out
standing art work.
Held annual for a number of
' years, the Art Show has proved
to be of great interest to the citi
zens of Edenton as well as - ex
citing for the school children. It
is hoped a large number will be
on hand to see the art work pre
| civic calendar!
Board of directors of the
Edenton Chamber of Commerce
will meet this (Thursday) after
noon at 5 o’clock at Hotel Jo
seph Hewes.
Edentcn’s Parent-Teacher As
sociation will meet Tuesday
' night, March 18, at 8 o'clock.
The fourth annual Fat Stock
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; a written report is awaited, Mr. j
Holmes said he was left to un-j
derstand that the school com- j
plied with the building code
when it was constructed, but is
not altogether in keeping with
the building code as it now ox
'ists. Mr. Holmes also stated ,
i that the fire escapes were re-j
| moved due to the fact that they {
{ were deemed more of a hazard .
| than a safty measure. I
The two inspectors informed
Mr. Holmes that the Edenton
- school is on a par with at least
50 per cent of the schools now
in operation in North Carolina,
iso far as being a fire trap. Mr.
[ Holmes also told the Commis
! sioners that if the building was
considered unsafe, >it would not
be used as a school.
The Commissioners took no
action on the matter, but only
wanted the situation explained
; due to a considerable amount of
| recent criticism directed at the
i 1 school.
$2.00 Per Year In North Carolina.
| New Agent
As of Monday of this week
Miss Catherine Aman took over
the duties as assistant homej
agent in Chowan County. Miss |
Aman succeeds Mrs. Jacqueline!
Lewis, who resigned.
Join Chamber
Gilliam Wo,id. president of the!
Edenton Chamber of Commerce,
has announced tlm e additional
business firms-have become mem
bers of the . local Chamber dur
;mg February. They are the Al
bemarle Peanut it Storage Com
pany. repri .-a nted by A. B. Har
; less; J. D. MeCotter, Inc., repro-
, Sent! 1 by .1 D. MeCotter, and the
j Edenton Finance Company, rep
; rcs'-nted by David Q Holton.
President Wood, on behalf of
j the hoard of directors, welcom
jed .the business firms to the
j Chamber organization.
W arren Twiddy Is Proposed As
Viee Presidential Candidate For
Tenth Distriet Os N. C, Jayeees
| Caswell Edmundson, vice presi- 1
t dent of the Edenton Chamber of I
1 Commerce, has announced that
j Edenton Jayeees will offer Presi
. dent Warren Twiddy as a candi
date for vice president of the
j North Carolina Jayeees’ Tenth
In making the announcement
Mr. Edmundson pointed out the 1
outstanding service rendered by|
Mr. Twiddy making him one of j
the most outstanding young men
1 in this section of the state.
Edenton Jayeees are proud to |
I j announce Twiddy as a candidate !
: < for this important Jaycee office. |
: I He is an energetic young man, I
1 having at heart the welfare and
]SO Jurymen Drawn
|To Serve In March
Term Chowan Court
' Judge Henry Stevens
I Os Warsaw Is Sched
uled to Preside
Chowan County Commiss nn
; ‘is oil Monday picked 50 names
‘‘f men from the jury box, who
will be summoned to serve as
jurors in the March term of Cho
wan Superior Court
The term will convene Mon
day. March 31. with Judge Honi'v
L. Stevens "of. Warsaw scheduled
t" preside. At present there are
1" criminal cases on the ctiien
oar. one a murder charge and a
charge of involuntary manslaugh.
ter. Tlie. murder charge i,
Sedged against Joseph Cite;,on
in connection with the murder of
Edward Fleming, while Henry -
C oil ins; Cpusar faces the in volt in -
tary manslaughter charge in com
neettOn . with the death of Renu
Those selected for jury duty,
j including three Negroes, are as
j follows:
i Thomas E. Francis, C. Lloyd
Lane, Henry Copeland. V. E. Jnr
idan. R. F. Jordan, William Good
win. Sr.. George S. Goodwin,
| Henry Jordan. Ralph bail. Bert
'ram M. Hollowed. Jr.. Lester T,
.Copeland. Dallas Jethro. George
.E. Privptt. Haywood Thomas
Holloweli, E. J. Goodwin. Charlie
T. Nixon. Jr.. Irving LX Spivey,
C. C. Nixon, John A. Bunch, I’.
.C. Ashcy. Jr.. Henry Bunch. Eu
gene Baker. Charlie Fain, O. R.
Satterfield. James Kermit Lay
j ton. Willie T. Boyce. K. W.
Smith, C. Yates Parrish. Jr.
I Mack Jordan. Carlton W, Good
win, H. H. Lane, E. G. Blanch
■ ard. G. Albert Keeter. Vernon
j Halsey. J. C. Hendrix. W. R. E; -
| son. J. E. Perry. Jr, J. Thomas
! Brabble. Marcel Ward. Clarene
E Benibry. Jesse F. Harrell, T.
, Bernbry H. Wood, .George W
Bennett. Thomas J. Jackson.
Frank Lenox Williams. Georg"
P. Holland. Clifton Mitchell, Les
lie E. Blanchard, Albert Bunch.
Earl G. Harrell.
GirlSrout \\ eek
March 9 To I.“>
Edenton Girl Scouts will join
their sisters throughout the ns
tion in observant" of Girl Scout.
Week March 6 to 15 inclusive.
Beginning Sunday, March 0.
the girls and their leaders will
attend the church of their choice
in uniform.
Monday. March 10 at 4 P .VI,
through Saturday at noon, the
i Brownies and Girl Scout- will
[conduct their annual cookie s.‘i 1'•
with a door-to-door canvass. Thiy
is the only means of raising funds,
to further Girl Scouting in lit;
j community and tie public is urg
ed to support the girls in thi,
During the week, as the- vari
ous troops met. parents may at
tend to observe Girl Scouting in
action. The sen: r girls are pie
pa.’ing annouivements to o
heard on the radio. They will:
assist- in the hostess program' 'at.
the hospital daring the month "f
A court of awards is planned
for a Inter date when approxi
mately 100 Girl Scouts will re
rent awards ; nd advancement.
betterment of the community and
1 the principles of the Jayeees up
permost in his mind, so that he
is well qualified for the district
vice presidency.
Mr. Twiddy was born in Eliza
beth City in 1923. He attended
the graded schools and graduat
ed from the Elizabeth City High
j School in 1940. In 1942 he gradu
| ated from Mars Hill Junior Col
i lege and in 1948 he graduated
from Duke University with a BS
i degree. He served four years in
j the U. S. Coast Guard. 7Tfter
, graduating at Duke he was presi
i dent of the Durham Floral Sup
' plv Company and later worked
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