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Volume XXV.—Number 11.
Edmund Harding Express B *
Belief Edenton Eligible To
Stage Historical Pageant
Washington Humorist
Meets With Chamber
Os Commerce Com-'
mittee Monday Night
Edmund H- Harding, Washing-!
ton, N. C., Tar Heel humorist, !
told a local group last night thatl
Edenton has sufficient historical I
background and interest to war- !
rant a successful historical pag- \
eant. The famous lecturer and
after-dinner speaker wrote and |
directed the 250th anniversary
celebration held in Bath in 1955,
which drew over 10,000 people to
the small community.
Chairman Jimmy Earnhardt of
the Chamber of Commerce Ad
vertising and Promotion Com
mittee said a group of interested ,
local people has been discussing '
the possibility of holding some ;
type of celebration or festival j
next fall. Harding was enthusi-1
astic in his comments and said
that while his busyjecture sched
ule would prevent him from per
sonally directing such a pageant,
he would be able to work with
the script writer and serve the
committee as an overall consul
tant. He heartily recommended
that the committee investigate the
matter further.
Chairman Earnhardt has sched
uled a meeting of the committee
for Monday night, March 17, at
8 o’clock, at which time a pro
posal will be drafted for consid
eration by the Chamber’s board
of directors.
Industrial Survey
Is Being Islanded j
The Edenton Junior Chamber |
of Commerce will cooperate with j
the Chamber of Commerce in,
gathering statistics and other in- j
formation for an industrial sur
vey, it is announced by W. P-j
(Spec) Jones, chairman of the |
senior Chamber’s Industrial Com
mittee. The Jaycees had under
taken the project some time ago
but changing conditions require
current information and the
group, under the chairmanship of.
West Byrum, Jr., will bring the
material up to date.
When tne survey is completed
the data will be compiled by the
Chamber staff into a brochure for
industrial prospects The com
mittee is also gathering data for
use by the Division of Commerce
and Industry, State Department
of Conservation and Development
in interesting prospects in the tri
county area.
[civic calendar]
Edenton Lions Club Varsity
Show will be staged in the Ele
mentary School auditorium Fri
day night, April 11, at 8 o'clock.
Ovid Williams Pierce, author of
"The Plantation", will speak in
the Shepard-Pruden Memorial
Library Thursday night, March
20, at 8 o'clock.
Edenton's Parent-Teacher As
sociation will meet Tuesday
night, March 18 at 8 o'clock in
the Elementary School audi
The fourth annual Fat Stock
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George C. Ward Is Selected As
“VFW Man Os Year” By Post
George C. (Casey) Ward has
been selected “VFW Man of the
Week” of Post No. 9280 in Eden
ton for the week ending March 8.
The local Post of Veterans of
Foreign Wars has instituted the
program of selecting a deserving
member each week for the award
of “VFW Man of the Week.”
In awarding this distinction to
George Ward, Commander Earl
White commended him for his
unselfish, devotional support to.
the Veterans of Foreign Wars and I
in particular for his loyalty to j
William H. Coffield, Jr., Post No. j
9280. I
George is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Julian Ward of Edenton and
4 native of Edenton. He served
with the Navy both in World War
Fishermen Provide Proof
: - * y~-
KA ; .
An envious group of fishermen gathered in front of Ben s
Friday afternoon to gaze on the above catch of bass made by
Francis Hicks, right, and his son, Francis, Jr. The five bass
lipped the •'jales at 18 pounds, and were caught within a few
hours in Pembroke Creek.
Tommy Kehayes Is Winner Os
Coveted Morehead Seholarship
At University Os North Carolina
Edenton’s Junior-Senior Highj
School and Tommy Kehayes in |
particular was signally honored
at Chapel Hill Wednesday of i
last week when he was among
35 North Carolina high school:
seniors selected to share in $175,-
000 worth of John Motley More-1
Young Ke-j
V-fayes was* 'rm jig- the 54 fmifiisLs
in the selection of winners of the |
scholarships following interviews |
at the University of North Caro-j
Young Kehayes is the first:
senior from the Edenton school [
to be awarded a Morehead schol- j
arship. Hugh Patterson achiev
ed this honor several years ago I
Campbell Choir
Sings March 14th
Friday night, March 14, at 7:30
o’clock Campbell College Tour
ing Choir will present a concert
of sacred music at the Edenton
Baptist Church. The choir of 44
voices is under the direction of
Charles Horton, head of the
Campbell Music Department.
The public is cordially invited |
to hear this outstanding musical
Edenton Jaycees will meet to
night (Thursday) at 7 o’clock in
(the Penelope Barker House. Pres
, ident Warren Twiddy urges all
members to be present.
Fines Waived 1
No mailer how long books have
been overdue or how large fines
may be, they can be returned to
the library during National Li
bray Week, March 16-22 without
paying the fine. Many books are
now overdue and the library
needs them, so that an appeal is
made to turn them in.
II and during the Korean Con- 1
flict. He served on several ships, '
the latest being the aircraft car
rier USS Essex. The Department
of the Navy last week forward- :
ed George Ward his Distinguish- :
ed Unit Citation Medal for ac
tion against the enemy in Ko
rea, while serving aboard the Es- <
All members of Post No. 9280
are eligible for the “VFW Man of
the Week” award and nomina
! tions are accented at the regu- 1
I lar Tuesday night meetings. Fol
j lowing selection for the award, a
; certificate will be awarded and
i the presentation will be made on
; the “VFW Radio-Dance Party” i
j broadcast live from the VFW |
; i Post home from 3 to 3:30 each j
' Saturday afternoon. _ **
Edei t* Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, March 13, 1958.
but while most of his training
was in the Edenton school* he
won the scholarship while he was
a student at Virginia Episcopal
School at Lynchburg, Va.
Each award is worth $1,250 a
year, renewable annually, so that
Morehead scholarship is worth
$5090 to each hoy during his m
cfvfiraduatc at Caro'oYia. V
Morehead established the i
Morehead Foundation in 1945 and !
the first scholars were selected |
in 1951. A .total of 144 have
been selected in the past seven
Members of the trustees mak
ing the final screening at Chap-
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| In Azalea Festival 1
w r
Among the group of girls to
serve as maids of honor in the
Norfolk ‘ Azalea Festival is Miss
Patricia Bunch. Miss Bunch will
represent the Edenton Junior-
Senior High School. The festival
will be held April 14-20.
20 Years Ago j
As Found In the Files of j j
The Chowan Herald
l A
Due to moving to his farm on!
the Suffolk highway, William E.
Bond tendered his resignation as
Councilman from the Fourth
John W. Graham reported to
the Cupola House Association
that a new roof was needed on
the Cupola House.
As the Tesult of serious cutting
of a Negro in the Chowan Coun
ty jail, the County Commission
ers gave serious consideration to
the local jail situation.
Miss Clara Meade Smith was
elected as business manager of
the yearbook, "The Echo", at
Greensboro College.
Due to the uncertainly of com
pletion of the new auditorium at
i the Edenton school, the annual
I visit of the Oxford Orphanage
! Singing Class was cancelled.
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Elected State I)AR Regent j
v\ :• .
j.,] -\. shl :HHUt439nnHfe i .
m WsKmxi HHb
An Edenton woman, Mrs. William D. Holmes, Jr., was sig
nally honored in Ra’eigh last week when she was e ected
State Regent at the 58th annual Slate Conference ot the Nor.h
Carolina Society, Daughters of she American Revolution. Mrs.
Holmes will be installed at the Continental Congress to be
held in Washington, D. C„ in April.
Cliom an Cancer Drive Scheduled
Be Held During Month Os April
Mrs. Kermit Layton, Chairman
the-: 1958 Cancer Drive, spon
sored by the Edenton Woman's
Club, has announced that the
drive for funds will be held dur
ing the month of April. The .slo
gan this year, as in the past two
years, is “Fight Cancer With a
Check-up and a Check."
Mrs. Layton reports that her
organization is about complete
and that a large number of vol
unteers are ready to go into ac
tion to help fight this cruel di
sease which last year killed 250,-:
000 Americans.
The Cancer Society fund rais
ing arid educational crusade,
Plans Are Now Under Way For
Edenton Lions' Variety Show
A considerable amount of tal-j
ent has been scheduled to appear |
in Edenton at the Lions Variety
Show. The show will be held on;
Friday night, April 11, at
o’clock in the Grammar School I
auditorium, and will feature two
professional groups, one a Dixiej
Land Jazz Band, and the other a '
vocal group that specializes in j
rock and roll. The rock and roll
group has appeared on television,
and ere under recording contract
to Decca Records. They are pres
ently assigned to the NAAS.
The Variety Show Committee
is headed by Jimmie Griffin, and
is being directed by WCDJ's
I Frank Roberts. Frank, popular ;
! Edenton announcer, has had con
siderable experience in the enter
j tainment world in radio, televLs
(ion and the stage. He was for
merly connected with Channel 15.
! Frank will also act as master-of
Winners In Woman’s Club 1958
Annual Art Show Announced
Twelve school children were 1 ,
awarded gold ribbons and one [
dollar prizes for outstanding art!
work in the annual Art Exhibit
sponsored by the Edenton Wo
man’s Club r March 8-9 at the
Penelope Barker House.
Winners of the dollar prizes
were six members of the Eden
ton Elementary School. Dale El
liott, first grade: Mary Lee
Spear, second grade: Wesley
Chesson, third grade: Dianne
Ross, fourth grade: Kate Shaw. |
fifth grade; Betsy Campen, sixth ‘
grade; Jerry Nixon, seventh,
grade, Chowan High School: sixth 1
grade group project, Mrs. Holton’s |
loom at the Edenton Elementary
which begins April 1, is seeking
to sustain the momen
tum Os the fight on these fronts:
Research, education and service.
Chowan's quota this year is
$2,000 and Mrs. Layton is hope
ful that it will be realized at an
early date.
The Woman’s Club will solicit
in Edenton, while Miss Maid red
Morris, Chowan home agent, will
head up the drive in the rural
section. Mrs. James Byrd will
have charge of the drive among
colored people in Edenton and
Mrs. Onnie Charlton will direct
the drive among the rural color
ed people.
ceremonics, using a format simi- t
lar to Arthur Godfrey’s Talent 1
Scouts. .-
There will be entertainment for 1
all ages, and it Will be definitely ]
a good clean family-type show.
Teenagers are assured of rock 1
and roll. If dixie, land sends you. i 1
piano music, accordian music,
western style music, pantomines. j
baton twirlers. comedy routines, j
you’ll find it at the Lions Variety |
The majority of the acts are,
[ local Edenton people or Marines j
stationed here. Frank stated that
while a considerable amount ofv
| talent is now scheduled to appear, j
he is still interested in aduition- j
ing others interested in appearing,
jin the show. He is interested in 1
j singers, instrumentalists and a’;
: short dramatic skit (either come- 1
| dy or serious).
Proceeds from the Variety I
; Show are used for the benefit of j
I the Lions work with the blind.
1 School. j
[ Chowan High School dollar
1 dinners were: Bernard Byrum.
third grade; Annette Bunch, fifth
grade; June Carolyn Chappell,
eighth grade. Nancy Louise Bass,
fourth grade in the Rocky Hock
School, was also a dollar winner.
Awards in the form of blue, red
and yellow' seals for first place,
second place and honorable men
tion were awarded the follow
I In the Edenton Elementary,
| Kindergarten. Dabney Forehand,
i, first: Jane George, second: Mar
i' ion Holmes. Honorable mention,
: j first grade, Dale Elliott, first:
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Petition Withdrawn
For Improvements
In Annexed Section
Property Owners On
Williamson Road and
Barker Street Balk at
C ost of Curbing
Town Councilman rapidly dis
posed of the business confronting
them at the March meeting held
Tuesday night and were able to
adjourn shortly after 9:30 o'clock.
The most important item of
business was receipt of a peti
tion from property owners on
Williamson Road and Barker
Street, which requested withdraw
al of a previous petition asking
for drainage and a hard-surface
After the town took action on
the first petition and secured an
engineer to furnish plans and
specifications, the property own
ers were notified that the policy
of the town recently adopted was
to construct curb and gutter be
fore hard-surfacing any street,
rive property owners were also
notified that their share of the
cost to construct curb and gut
ter would be 53.06 per front foot
on Barker Street, 53.25 on Wil
liamson Road and $3.89 on Al
bania Street.
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Walter Cohoon Announces His
Candidacy For District Solicitor
Walter Cohoon this week an
nounced that he will be a can
didate for re-election for the of
fice of District Solicitor in the.
Democratic Primary election on
May 31.
"In making this announce
ment." said Mr. Cohoon, "I wish
to express my gratitude to the
good people of the First Solici
torial District for having honored
Rotarians To
Entertain 4-H
Bovs Tonight
Edenton's Rotary Club will not
meet at 1 o’clock today (Thurs
day) as usual. but instead will be
hosts to the Chowan County 4-H
Club peanut growers. The meet
ing will be held in the Parish
House at 6:45 o'clock tonight,
with President Robert Marsh in
The boys who participated in
the peanut growing contest will
be accompanied by their fathers,
so that President Marsh especial
ly urges every Rotarian to be
BPW Fashion
Show Tonight
A treat is in store for those
who like to keep up with the lat-:
est trend in fashions, when the j
Edenton Business and Profession-j
al Women’s Club stages its elab- 1
/orate Fashion Show and Dinner)
tonight (Thursday) at the Junior,
i Senior High School cafeteria,
i Starting off the evening's en- ,
j tertainment will be a dinner ser-1
ved at 7 o’clock after which a j
j bevy of beautiful models, from
j the youngsters on up, will be on
' parade to show off the newest
j spring fashions, for the merchants
\ of Edenton.
,1 There will be other highlights
» on the program, according to Mrs.
II Alice Twiddy and Mrs. Laura
j Ferguson, co-chairmen of the af
fair. Flower decorations for the
show will be furnished by Mrs.
j Elizabeth Flynn of The Bouquet
r ! Shop.
Open Installation
For OES Officers
Edenton Chapter No. 302, Order
i of the Eastern Star, will install
| officers for the year next Monday
! night, March 17, in the Masonic
I Temple. It has been announced
| that it will be an open installa
i tion, beginning at 8:20 o’clock
following a brief business meet
ing starting at 8 o’clock.
Friends and relatives are cor
i dially invited to attend the instal
$2.00 Per Year In North Carolina
Mrs. W. D. Holmes
Is State Regent For
N. C. DAR Society
r ‘ ~~ —: —v
Wins Scholarship j
Wednesday of last week it was
announced lhat Thomas Carl Ke
hayes, son of Mayor and Mrs. Er
nest P. Kehayes was one of 35
North Carolina seniors to receive
a Morehead scholarship al the
University of North Carolina.
me with the privilege of serving
them a- their Solicitor, and to
j thank them for their past gener
ous support of my candidacy. 1
earnestly solicit their vote and
support again, and hope and trust
that the duties of this office have
been discharged by me in such a
manner as to have met with their
approval and as to merit their
continued support."
School Trustees
Special (iucsls
At FT V Meeting;
Edenton's Parent-Teacher Assn- j
ciation will meet Tuesday night.,
March 13, at 8 o’clock in the Ele
mentary School auditorium.
A feature of the meeting will
be the presence of Edenton)
School Trustees who will serve as j
a panel for a discussion of school |
problems in Edenton. This will j
be a very important meeting, so j
that the president, Joe Conger, j
Jr., urges a large attendance.
Museum Open I* rcc
For Library Week
Announcement is made that the j
museum in the Cupola House'will!
be open free during the observ ;
ance of National Library Week ;
March 16-22.
The museum wilt bo open Mon-1
day through Saturday all week, j
Groups may make special ar
rangements in advance so that a
j member of the DAR can be avail-.
| able to answer questions and ex
plain items in the museum.
I First Degree Tonight
At Masonic Meeting
j Daniel P. Reaves, master of
j Unanimity Lodge No. 7. A. t. &
A. M.. has called an emergent
j communication of the lodge for
! tonight (Thursday) at 8 o'clock.
I The purpose of the meeting is to
confer the first degree, so that a |
j full attendance is requested.
Julius Roberts Killed And Four
Injured In Automobile reek
Julius Hilton Roberts, 45-year- 1
old Negro, was killed and four
others hospitalized as the result
of an automobile wreck which oc
curred about 6:45 Saturday night.
The accident happened a short
distance north of the Mexicana
on the Suffolk highway on a
straight stretch of the highway.
Roberts, who had as a passen
ger Shirley Winborne, 18, a fos
ter daughter, was driving north
when a car belonging to R. E.
Thornton with Roscoe Valentine
reported as the driver, came from
the opposite direction and crash
ed htad-on into the Roberts car.
[Honor Bestowed Upon
Edenton Woman at
State Conference
At the 58th annual State Con
i'ferynce of the North Carolina So
ciety Daughters of the American
: Revolution which was held in
j Raleigh March -4-6. Mrs' William
D. Holmes, Jr„ of the Edenton
1 Tea Party Chapter was clock'd
State Regent. Mrs, Holmes, who
will succeed Mrs. Rov H. Cagle
•'f Asheville, was elected for a
three-year term. She will he in
stalled as State Regent in Wasli
l.ington. D. C . next month at,Con-,
j tinental Congress,
j Mrs. Holmes has been a mem
| ber of the Edenton Tea Partv.
I Chapter. Daughters of the Anr ii
I can Revolution, for nine year...
' She has served her chapter a,
Regent and treasurer and na .
lust completed a three-year term
ias State Vice Regent. She i- a
j member of the 17th Century Co
ionial Dames and the Sons and
Daiighteis of Pilgrims, an organi
zation that dates back to the Pith
dentury. Her two daughters belli
belong to the Children of the
| American Revolution.
It is rather significant and fit
j ting that this honor should .come
[ to the Edenton Tea Party Chap
iter since this section of the state
is most historic in the fact that it
was settled by the forefathei
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jC. Os C. Plans
Parkins Study
“ v
A study of parking problems
in the area between B,'oad and
I Court Streets will be undertake:’'.
: by the Parking and Traffic Com
| mittee of the Edenton Chamber
;of Commerce. 'Chairman J. li.
Oul.aney has announced that a
[joint meeting was held with tii ■
i. Chamber's Merchants Committee
1 t" discuss present parking needs
I and future requirements.
i Dul.aney said that the Town
Council and the County Board ,f
! Commissioners w ill be requested
jto appoint committees to work
1 with the Chamber group. Th
! Town Council has approved the
[extension of East Eden Street
i west to property already owned
by the town in this area and tlw
overall parking, problem for fu
j ture development should ’ be
j. Adequate parking in the con
I tral business area is vita! to pro
| tect property values and la,
| sources. DuLaney said the joint
group will begin the '.survey itn-
I mediately following appbifitnient
[of town and county represent a-
J tiVes.
V not her Story
Hour Saturday
Another story hour for chil
dren between the ages »>f 4 mill
12 will be held in the Shepard
Pruden Memorial Library Satur
day morning, March 15. begirt
ning at 10:30 o'clock. The pro
gram will last one hour and all
children between the age.-, of 4
and 12 are cordially invited.
Mrs. Frank Holmes will be in
charge. This is a special feature
of National Library Week and
j there will be no story hour
Thursday. March 20.
' Roberts sustained a fractured
I skull and crushed chest and died
shortly after arriving at the hos
pital. The Winborne girl was cut
about the face and had a frac
tured pelvis.
In the other car were Mr.
Thornton, Roscoe Valentine and
Willie Joe Hathaway, the latter
two Negroes, who were reported
to be on their way to Edenton
from the Chowan River, where
they were working on a house for
Mr. Thornton, a local contractor.
Mr. Thornton was also cut
about the face and neck, a finger
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