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Volume XXV— Number 12.
$68,900 Has Been Allocll :ed!
To Chowan For Secondary!
Road Work Through 1959 j
t «
First Year’s Amount
Will Be $28,700 and
Second Allotment Is
Listed at s4osoo ;
An announcement made by the
State Highway Commission is to
the effect that $87,000,000 has
been made available during the
i current biennium for mainte
nance and improvements on coun,
ty roads in the state.
According to the county alloca-1
tions, the Chowan County Com-!
missioners were informed that
Chowan will be eligible to re
ceive $28,700 for work in 1957-
58 and $30,200 in 1958-59 or a to
tal of $68,900.
The Commission earmarked
$60,000,000 for maintenance on
the State’s 58,000-mile secondary
road network and allotted an ad-j
ditional $27,000,000 for improve- |
ment to county roads and bridg-1
Highway Director W. F. Bab- j
cock explained that the alloca- 1
tions to the various counties for;
road improvements were made on
the basis of the relative need of
each county as compared to the
total secondary road needs of
the State. Maintenance funds
were allocated to Highway Di
visions for distribution among the
counties of each Division on the
basis of traffic volumes, soil types '
and weather conditions.
Improvement funds available
for the 1957-58 year total $9,122,
989. $2,000,090 of t this amount
was made available by the 1957
General Assembly from existing
surplus $6,297,989 will beavail
ahte Jfettcrment
Funds and the remaining $825,06$
comes from Feaeral-aid Second
ary Funds.
Allocation of the 1957-58 funds
will be made available for im
provements to secondary
during the approaching construc
tion season. Babcock explained
that the Federal-aid Secondary
Funds for this fiscal year are rel-
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Ovid W. Pierce
Today’s Speaker
For Library Week
■ t.
With National Library Week
being observed in Edenton this
week, a feature of the observ
ance will be an address by Ovid
Williams Pierce, author of The
Plantation. Mr. Pierce will speak
at 8 o’clock tonight (Thursday) at
the Shepard-Pruden Memorial
Library and the public is cordial
ly invited to attend. -
Mr. Pierce has the reputation
for being an interesting speaker,
so that all who attend are assur
ed of being well repaid for their
time. ,
Chowan Tribe of Red Men will
meet Monday night, March 24, at
7:30 o’clock. Hurley Ward, sa
chem, is very anxious to have a
large attendance.
civic calendar)
Edenton Lions Club Variety
Show will be staged in the Ele
mentary .School auditorium Fri
day night. April 11, at 9 o’clock.
Ovid Williams Pierce, author of
“The Plantation", will speak in
the Shephrd-Pruden Memorial
Library tonight (Thursday) at •
Hie fourth annual Fat Stock
Show and Salt sponsored by the
Sion building Wednesday,, March
The Senior High School Chor
us win preseat the Lenten can
tata. "Penitence. Pardon and
* 9 O r -w
Santera of Edenton Junior
xneir annual ©snciiy
ncoooi auditorium* j
Senior High School Chorus Will;
Present Lenten Cantata On Palm j
j Sunday At The Baptist Church
i The Senior High School Chor-,
us of the Edenton Junior-Senior
High School is planning to pre
sent on the afternoon of Palm
Sunday, the Lenten cantata,
“Penitence, Pardon and Peace,”
-by J. H. Maunder,
j The performance was original
■ ly scheduled to be given in the
new auditorium wing of the
Junior-Senior High School build
ing, but when it became obvious
that Ihe completion of the new
i auditorium wpuld be delayed be
cause of the unusually severe
winter weather, the Edenton Bap
tist Church graciously offered the
! use of the church auditorium for
| the performance, which is plan
| ned for 5 o’clock Sunday after
j noon. March 30.
Miss Lula Williams will be or
ganist for the occasion and Mrs.
j Mary L. Browning, director. The
Zackie Harrell Winner Os 1957
4-H Club Peanut Growing Prize
Zackie Harrell is county win
der of the 1957 Chowan 4-H pea
nut growing contest. The an
nouncement was made at a ban
quet given by the Edenton Ro
tary Club, sponsor, Thursday
night of last week. Zackie pro
duced a total of 3,037 pounds of
jlumbo Runner peanuts on his
acre plot. He was awarded a
943 pourids on his 4-H project
acre, was second place winner.
Jerry White, with a production of
2,970 pounds, was third place
winner and Clyde William Boyce
with,a. yield of 2,511 pounds was
fourth place winner. Lewis -was
awarded $5 and Jerry and Clyde
Panel Feature
At Meeting Gs
Edenton PTA
Despite the inclemency of the
weather, a large crowd attended
the Edenton PTA meeting held
in the Elementary School audi
torium Tuesday night, which
proved to be both interesting and
enlightening. The feature of the
meeting was a panel discussion
concerning schools with members
of the Edenton school trustees an
swering ’ a group of questions
which were written on slips of
All of the school trustees were
on hand except the chairman,
Thomas Chears, who was pre
vented from attending due to his
health, so that the panel includ
ed John A. Holmes, Philip Mc-
Mullan, J. Clarence Leary, M. A-
Hughes and W. T. Harry. Mrs.
R. T. Whitten picked out the var
ious questions and directed them
to the various trustees.
Joe Congqr, Jr., PTA president,
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County Council Recommends
Signs At Community Buildings
1 The Chowan Community Build
ing will soon he easily identified
by the erection of a sign on the
front Home Demonstration
Club women m*(ie plans at their
meeting on Monday to have the
sign painted and erected. A pro
ject to have rfuch signs identify
ing each of the five community
buildings in the county has been
strongly encouraged by the Home
Demonstration County Council
this year.
The Chowan Club also planned
to ipake inside improvements by
purchasing a new floor covering
for the kitchen and having re-
£T«*ee e ri, e
I a
, incidental solos will be sung by
Jane DuLaney, Peggy Elliott,
Minta Hobbs, Jack Overman,
Tommy Kehayes, Gus Hughes,
Jr., and Billy Wilkins.
J. H. Maunder, composer of j
“Penitence, Pardon and Peace,”
was a well known composer of!
English church music, and for
many years organist and choir
master in one of the larger Lon
don churches. The text of the
cantata is scriptural, and its per
formance lasts approximately 35
The High School Chorus plans
no additional religious service in
connection with the cantata, and
emphasizes the fact that, as is
the case) with all school concerts,
the performane is completely
non-sectarian. There will be no
admission charge, and no offering
will be taken.
$2.50 each.
Awards were based on the fol
lowing: Yield 30 points, quality
30 points, following recommend
ed practices 10 points, proper
stacking of crop 20 points, and
project record 10 points. There
fore, the club member who had a
high yield did not necessarily be
come winner over one whose
Pields was somewhat lowly.
$12.58 per cwt. which was the
highest grade produced by any
club member. However, since his
yield was only 2,400 pounds he
was not in the top winning group.
Average yield of the 15 projects
in the 1957 contest was 2,329
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OES Officers
Are Installed!
I In an open installation held
. Monday night in the Masonic
Temple officers for Edenton
Chapter No. 302, Order of the
Eastern Star, were officially in
stalled for the new year. The
ceremony was conducted in the
presence of a large number of
relatives and friends of the new
officers. 1
Mrs. Annie Laurie Mullen of
South Mills, was the installing of-
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Hospital Auxiliary
Meeting March 21
The Chowan Hospital Auxiliary
will meet at the nurses’ home Fri
day afternefon, March 21, at 3
Mrs. Selby Harney will give a
talk on the Grey Ladies organiza
tion and its service to the hospi
tal. Mrs. Harney was trained in
the Marine Hospital in Norfolk.
Everyone is especially urged to
attend the meeting.
project, and the club
selected their most outstanding
The club voted to donate $5 to
the Red Cross. Health leaders
will help solicit funds for the
Cancer drive in 4pril. Club mem
bers were reminded of “The Wo
manless Wedding” to be present
ed in April at the Chowan High
School. Mrs. Roland Evans pre
sided during the business session.
Mrs. Drew Welch presented a
demonstration on “Fabrics—Syn
thetics and Blends”, using a kit
of sample fabrics to illustrate her
explanation on the various kinds
of fabrics available locally.
Blends, pried, oare, and use es the
fabrics were discussed.
- Mrs. J. D. Hobbs was hostess to
the group.
■<.c2 a- fr. * .
iton, Chowai) County, North Carolina, Thursday, March 20,1958.
, nr.-rsr " ' ■ . .n - “
I v Promoted To Captain In japan |
BE h] 1b
a Hk' ML. H
I SfsSfr f
HV 1 / IN- k|
After being promoted to captain at Regional Camp Drew,
Japan, George E. Hassell (right) of Edenton. receives the silver !
bars signifying his new rank from Colonel Rollin H. Smith,
post commander. Captain Hassell, who has be;n in the Far
East since May, 1957. is chief of the equipage branch of the
Quartermaster Supply Control Agency's clothing and equipmerl
division at Camp Drew. The 31-year-old officer was gradu
ated from. Edenton Hiqh School in 1944 and orig nal y entered
the Army in June, 1945. He is a 1955 graduate of the College
of the Ozarks in Clarksville, Ark. His parents, Mr. and Mrs.
George E. Hassell, live in Edenton, and his wife is with him
in Japan.—(U. S. Army Photo).
Very Busy Session
Chowan Superior
Court In Prospect
________ '•
One Charge of Murder
And Two Charges of
Manslaughter Listed
On Full Docket
With a calendar prepared by
; Clerk of Court E. W. Spires for
the spring term of Chowan Su
peripr Court, which convenes on
busy session is iii prospect. Judge,
Henry L. Stevens of Burgaw is
scheduled to preside over the
mixed term.
Among the criminal cases dock
eted are the following:
Joseph Chessons charged with
Henry Collins • Cousar, man
Roscoe Valentine, manslaugh-;
| Van R. Page, first degree burg- j
j lary and highway robbery.
Jesse Dillard, embezzlenjent. !
Norwood Koonce, forgery.
Melvin Carl Barrington, drunk
en driving, reckless driving and
speeding at 90 miles per hour. j
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Chowan Churches Planning For
Sunrise Service Easter Morning
Final plans have been made |
concerning the Easter sunrise ser- J
vice to be held in Chowan County
at the Rocky Hock Baptist
Church of which the Rev. B. L.
Raines is pastor.' This service
will be held at 6 o’clock Easter
The churches participating in
addition to Rocky Hock will be
Center Hill and Great Hope Bap
tist, the Rev. Hfciry Napier, pas
tor; the Center Hill Methodist and
Evans Methodist, the Rev. F. V/.
Fortescue, pastor, and the Mace
donia Baptist Church, the Rev. L.
Marina Plans 1
Open House
Scott Harrell and R. T. Har
rell announce that they will ob
serve open house at the Edenton
Marina which began Wednesday
of this week and will continue
through Saturday, March 22.
During the open house cele
bration, new 1958 boat motors
will be demonstrated, with rides,
arranged for the entire family.
A special marathon boat race j
will be held starting Saturday as- 1
temoon at 12:30 o’clock from the i
Edenton Marina to Colerain
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Edenten’s Rotary Club will
meet this (Thursday) afternoon
at 1 o’clock in the Parish House.
President Robert Marsh urges ev
ery Rotatran to be present.
Edenton Speaker }
As a highlight of the observ
ance of Nationay Library Week,
j Ovid Williams Pierce, author of !
"The Plantation," will speak at |
the Shepard-Pruden Memorial
i Library tonight (Thursday) at 8
I o'clock.
|C. Chandler, pastor. ( The pastors
i and members of the churches will
I have part on, the program. The
combined choirs of all the church
es will bring a special choir se
lection preceding the message by
the Rev. F. W. Fortesue.
Other special music will be pre
sented by the Rocky Hock Men’s
quartet and the Macedonia Choir
Organist will be Miss Beulah Ev
ans, who will play hymn selec
tions prior to the service. Flow
ers are to be provided by the host
church. The public is reminded
of this service and urged to make
plan to attend.
Citizens Urged
To Purchase
Easter Seals
A sure sign of spring was the
opening last Thursday, March 6,
of the 1958 National Easter Seal
Thousands of sheets of colorful
I Easter Seals flooded the mails
: during the week for delivery to
i most of the homes in Edenton, ac
j cording to Ernest Ward, Jr.,
! chairman of the 1958 Easter Seal
1 appeal.
Ward pointed put that this
year’s mailing will reach nearly
every citizen in the town to seek
support for the continuation and
expansion of Easter Seal services
for crippled children.
The 1958 appeal, sponsored )£y
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Plans Are Now Complete For
Annual Fat Stock Show And
Sale Wednesday, March 26th
Peoples Bank And Trust Co. To
Sponsor Community Progress i
Contest For People In Chowan I
The Peoples Bank & Trust
Company of Rocky Mount and
Edenton have offered to sponsor
and furnish prize money for a
community progress contest in
j Chowan County. The offer has
| been accepted by the County Ag
j riculture Workers’ Council pend
| ing the acceptance of the people,
j Tom LeCroy, farm relations of
ficer, and Richard Atkinson, vice
j president of the Peoples Bank &
t Trust Company of Edenton, met
! with the Agriculture Workers’ \
! Council and explained the con
! test. They informed those pres
! ent that they have sponsored i
such a contest in Nash and Edge-1
; combe Counties for several years j
| and some of the excellent results i
. that have been attained.
| The Agriculture Worke rs’ j
j Council, using the information ‘
I from Nash and Edgecombe coun-
I ties as a guide, is in the process I
j of outlining tentative suggestions |
jto offer the Chowan County
Webb Will Not Be Candidate |
For County Commissioner!
Joe A. Webb, veteran Chowan
County Commissioner, stated'
early this week that he definite-!
ly will not be a candidate for re
election in the May primary elec
Mr. Webb is the oldest County
Commissioner on the Board, both
iri years and in service. "He has
served as Commissioner from the '
Fourth Township for 38 years.
; having gone into office in 1920.
In making the statement that
he will not be a candidate in the
forthcoming election, Mr. Webb!
expressed his appreciation and j
1 thanks to the voters in his town- j
ship for their support and confi- j
dence in him over the years and j
that although many vexing and.
! Napkin Sale j
Planned For
Teen Age Club
The Senior and Junior Coun
cils of the Edenton Teen Age
j Club are making plans for a i
! paper napkin sale to be held j
! Tuesday, April 8. The Junior!
j Council, along with club mem-1
bers will make up sales groups I
for a concentrated drive. They i
will be assisted and supervised j
under the direction "of the Senior j
Tom Hopkins, Senior Council
president, advises that the Senior
and Junior Council feel that an
annual money - making project
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A stated communication of i
Unanimity Lodge No. 7, A. F. & i
A. M., will be held tonight
(Thursday) at 8 o’clock. Daniel'
Reaves, master, urges a large at-,
tendance. 1
Fashions Galore Displayed At
BPW Fashion Show Thursday
f The Edenton High School case- j
teria was filled to capacity Thurs
day night to witness a glittering
show of beauty in spring wearing
apparel and coiffures displayed
by the merchants of Edenton. The |
Fashion Show, sponsored by the
; Edenton Business and Profession- |
al Women’s Club, was a hit from
beginning to end and thoroughly
■ enjoyed by those attending.
Adding a professional air to
the occasion by 12 years of ex
i perience, commentator Mrs. Ann
Boggs gave the models poise and
: confidence with her modulated,
I flow of descriptions and easy!
t manner. Another highlight of the i
evening was the voice of Mrs.
r Frank Elliott, who sang “Easter
Parade” and “Sweet and Lovely,”
$2.00 Per Year In North Carolina.
! communities. Each community
will have an opportunity to se- j
lect the projects it wishes to
work on. In brief, the suggested I
projects are outlined under five j
main headings: Educational pro
jects, recreational projects, com
munity improvement projects. <■
farm improvement projects, and ]
home improvement projects.
When a family works together j
to improve its home and farm i
conditions, a community coop- j
j erates in improving community !
j conditions, and counties cooperate I
in improving county conditions
1 the result is inevitable better
! farm and home living for all who
! participate. In addition to this it
provides a more pleasant atmos
phere for visitors. It is hoped |
j that Chowan County people will j
I accept the community progress j
i contest starting this year.
I Through its continuance for sev- :
jeral years great community pro
gress can be accomplished.
; difficult problems faced the Com
. missioners while he was a mem-;
| her, he enjoyed the work and I
senses some degree of pride and |
satisfaction in the fact that he 1
has been able to serve his county
for so many years.
The principal reasons for Mr.
Webb deciding not to be a candi
| date is that his health isn't up to |
■ P ar and that it js his firm convic- J
! t>°n that a younger and more ag- 1
gressive man should fill the of- j
i fice. Though Mr. Webb vaguely
i hinted that he will not be a can
j didate, a definite statement was
; made Monday of this week. Up
j to this writing no announcement
I has been made as a successor to
Mr. Webb.
Edenton Team
Winner Jayvee
1958 Tourneyi
Edenton’s Junior Varsity has-.
ketball team out-scrapped every
body to win the third annual
j Jayvee basketball tournament
; held in Edenton last week by
[defeating a strong Wallace-Rose
! Hill team 37-31.
The Aces lacked height in
j every game, but made up for'
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C. Os C. Directors
Will Meet Today
Harry Smith. Jr., executive vice
president of the Edenton Cham
! her of Commerce, calls attention
I to a meeting of the board of di
! rectors which will be held this
(Thursday) afternoon at 5 o'clock
|at Hotel Joseph Hewes. All di
i rectors are especially urged to at-
I tend.
I with Miss Agnes Chappell at the
Edenton concerns participating'
lin the fashion show and their
models were as follows:
| The Betty Shoppe—Mrs. Ann
i Boggs, with Mrs. Laura Fergu
i son as commentator for her; Pat
■ Haste, Alma Smith, Patricia
Bunch, Mrs. Doris George and
Ann Stocy.
The Jill Shoppe Elwanda
Gibbs, Barbara Spencer, Crystal
Haste, Mrs. Clara Bunch.
Rose’s 5, 10 & 25c Store—Joyce
i Layton, Alma K. Griffin.
Tots & Teens—Nora Hicks, Joe
I Bunch, Nancy Twiddy, Joe Leary,
Debbie Wilkins and Sandra
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ft '
This Year’s Affair to
j Be the Largest In the
History of Chowan
i County
j According to Robert S. Marsh,
j assistant county agent, plans are
| now complete for the fourth an
| nual Chowan Fat Stock Snow
iand Sale.
The event, sponsored by the
Edenton Jaycees, will be held at
j the American Legion building on
Wednesday, March 26. Judg ng
j will begin at 9:30 and the show
j vVill start at 11 o’clock,
j During the lunch hour break
| from 12 to 1 o’clock noon, John
! Christian, meat specialist from
| State College, will give a carcass
! cutting demonstration . He will
cut a carcass from a U. S. No.
1 and also a U. S. No. 3 hog.
This promises to be a very in
teresting demonstration.
“Chowan farmers who produce
j Logs should find this depionstra
jtion very helpful,” says Mr.
| Marsh,
The sale will begin at 1 P. M.
j Any person attending the sale
may bid on the steers and hogs.
| Terms of the sale are "C. 0.8."
[(Cash on the barrel head) ac
! cording to the Jaycees. A per
son may buy a'whole steer, half
j a steer or a quarter. The steers
] will be butchered at the Co-
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Annual Senior
; Play Will Be
Held March 28
. . , - * • rv
The annual play of the senior
j class of Edenton Junior-Senior
i High School will be presented in
i the Elementary School auditori
um Friday night, March 28, at 8
o’clock. This year's play will be
: “Strictly Formal,” by William
Davidson. Directors of the t>lay
are Miss Ann Mayo and N. J.
George with Grace Whiteman as
student director.
Rehearsals are being held and
from advance reports the play
should provide a delightful even
ing of entertainment.
Senior? taking part in the play
include: Rosa Hollowell, Linda
(Leary, Patricia Bunch. Jack Ov
j erman, Ruth Stoklev, Eddie
I George, Jerry Holmes, Deanna
I Hollowell, Carlo Jethro, Page
Cayton. Tommy Kehayes, Ray
White, Anne Stacy, Myrna Skin
ner. Imogene Rogerson and Bil
ly Harry.
Lions Candidate
| Guest Local CluL
Edenton Lions were visited on
Monday night by Don Glisson,
Tom Wilson, and Jim Valentine
of the Nashville Lions Club.
President Medlin Belch intro
duced the visitors. Glisson spoke
to the club on the importance
both to the individual and to the
community of being a Lion. The
speaker is a candidate for Dis
trict Governor, Lions Interna
It was pointed out that being
a Lion gives a man the oppor
tunity to serve his fellowmen in
ways that benefit both the per
son served and the one who seiz
es the opportunity to be of ser
H. L. Edwards was presented a
Certificate of Membership by
i President Belch.
20 Years Ago
Ae Found In the Files of
The Chowan Herald
Chowan County cotton and to-
II bacco farmers turned in an over-
I! whelming vote 150 to 6 in favor
of marketing control of these
s crops.
It was announced that the
: Daughters of the Revolution
. would meet in Edenton May 27
i for a national convention visita
tion more or less in honor of the
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