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1 UNI ■—II I | | | 1 |
Washington As further evi-j
dehce of the Senate’s concern
with the economic situation, two
concurrent resolutions were pro
posed last week by Lyndon John
son, Democratic Majority Lead
er. I was glad to join in as co
sponsor of the resolutions along
with many other Senate mem
Relieve Economic Distress
The resolutions seek to spur
action on present military and ci
vilian construction projects in or
der to relieve unemployment.
Funds have already been appro
priated for these varied and wide
ly scattered projects, but it is
felt that actual work on these
should be speeded up.
Support by both Democrats and j
Republicans shows unwillingness I
by Congress to accept the Ad-'
ministration viewpoint of waiting
longer before taking action of this’
One resolution deals with ci
vilian construction and the other
with military projects. Except
for the designation of civil and
the wording of the two
is identical. They read as fol
“Resolved by the Senate (the
House of Representatives concur
ring), That since there is substan
tial and growing unemployment
in many areas of the country
since many of the productive fa
cilities of our economy are either
idle or only partially occupied 1
since there is a clear danger in
volved in permitting an economic
iHNiuiiHiiMimiiiiuiMMim iiinniiiiniiiininnir«Hi'“iiinniiiiinnHtuwiHMniminMim*iniiiiiiMMiiMii[»i
■» —
Mrs. John Hyneman and chil- 1
dren, Carol and Barbara of Cher- i
ry Point spent the week-end of
March 8-9 visiting with Col. and
Mrs. W. A. Freee in Westover
The wives of MABS held their
monthly coffee at the home of
Mrs. Dora Shoffner Thursday,'
March 6, at 1:30 P. M. Mrs. R.
M. Boudreaux was co-hostess
with Mrs. Shoffner.
Major and Mrs. A. T. Wood en- 1
tertained at a bridge party on
Saturday night, March 8. Guests
present were Maj. and Mrs. W. H. 1
Jackson, Lt. and Mrs. E. E. Gre-1
benstein, Lt. and Mrs. Sheldon
Emerson, Col. and Mrs. C. W.
Boggs, Mrs. E. H. Koehler and!
Mrs. Paul Leahy.
Mrs. Ronald Perkins of New
York City, N. Y., spent last week
visiting with her brother-in-law j
and sister. Major and Mrs. Geo. •
A hearty welcome home to
Squadson 225 who has just re- \
turned to Edenton after 6 weeks
in Puerto Rico.
! Vi\ TIME FOR |
! j
\: 36 MONTHS TO PAY • |
: 103. E. King St. PHONE 2163 Edenton, N. G. i j
■ | downturn to continue nnchecked
: | until it becomes unmanageable
11 and unresponsive to even a maxi
mum effort to take corrective ac
tion; and since here are many au
thorized and urgently needed civ
il (and military) construction pro
jects for which substanial appro
priations have already been
“It is hereby declared to be
the sense of the Congress that all
such construction programs for
which funds have been appro
priated should be accelerated to
the greatest practicable extent so
as to achieve the desirable objec
tives of reducing ,unemployment,
putting our productive facilities
to fuller use, and moving forward
i the date of completion of these
| projects which will contribute
' greatly to enhanced national pro
ductivity and continued economic
'< growth and prosperity.”
Expression of Congress
As Senator Johnson said in in
troducing the Resolutions, Con
gress is not the action arm of the
Government in this matter. He
pointed out that while we can
grant authority and make appro
priations, Congress cannot ad
minister the laws nor can we ac
tually construct the projects that
will put people to work.
He underscored the importance I
of the Reylutions when he said
that Congress can and should ex
oress our feeling that the action
arm of the Government, the exec
utive, should accelerate the pro
i Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Hendricks
! of Bluefield, W. Va., spent last
; week-end visiting with their son
; in-law and daughter, Lt. and
Mrs. Bob Noble.
NAAS welcomes Dr. and Mrs.
Basal Langoni, who have been
transferred here from Cherry
' Point. Dr. Langoni is the new
dentist at the dispensary. They
arrived in Edenton on Tuesday,
March 11.
The Chapel Guild of NAAS met
on Tuesday, March 11. The new
-1 ly-elected officers of the Guild
1 are as follows; Mrs. Mathew Cur-
I ry, president; Mrs. George Dau
phine, secretary; and Mrs. Betty
Waldorf, treasurer.
| Lt. and Mrs. Dick Dennis have
j returned to Edenton after spend
ing several weeks in Massachu
Warrant Officer Gerald Chas
l man of DeLuth, Minnesota, was
| the week-end house guest of Lt.
i and Mrs. Sheldon Emerson.
Maj. and Mrs. W. H. Jackson
sq.ent last week-end visiting
■ friends at Camp Lejeune.
1 - Vlyw. —■
Tips to Improve Your Hood writing
• The race to keep ahead of the Russians haa resulted in a 1
greater emphasis on college education for Americans than ever
before. *
Several million Americans will be graduating from colleges
this June and hundreds of thousands Will be starting their college
educations in the fall. Thousands of scholarships will help many
young men to All the need for scientists and professionals. -
Yet, paradoxically, an over-*
whelming number of these stu
dents, and other adults, cAnnoi
write their own name legibly!
Mrs. Claire Slote, author of a
new McGraw-Hill book titled,
“Improve Your Handwriting,”
says, "The handwritten word is
a precious, practical craft- passed
down through the ages. More
than any other skill, it distingu
ishes- civilized man from the
What has happened to the
second “R” today? "Poor hand
writing annually is costing us
tens of millions of dollars in lost
business, and undeliverable mail
is heavy enough to sink a battle
ship,” says the Handwriting
Foundation of Washington, D. C.
"We are a nation of illegible
scribblers. Education has not
taught many of us how to write
Americans who can recite
everything from “Casey at the
Bat” to Shakespeare, and who
demonstrate on quiz shows what
knowledge they have acquired,
never could write down all the
facts legibly.
The Foundation, a non-profit
group of educators and business
men, is helping schools evaluate
their methods, so that the pres
ent trend toward specialization
does not neglect the cultivation
of legible handwriting. But even
The Officers Wives’ Club spon- j
1 sored a delightful and education- j
a] Fashion Show and Dessert-'
Coffee on Wednesday, March 5, at'
1:30 at the Officers’ Club. The
clothes and accessories were from
The Betty Shoppe of Edenton.
The theme for both the decora
tions and show was “From Larvae
To Butterfly.” Hostesses for the
event were Mrs. C. W. Boggs and
Mrs. R. T. Whitten; the decora
tions committee consisted of Mrs. i
E. E. Carpenter, Mrs. A. Miranda, i
Mrs. G. R. Waterstreet and Mrs. I
R. T. Whitten; the commentator I
was Mrs. C. W. Boggs, and the j
models were Mrs. William Bethel, j
Mrs. George Bowman, Mrs. j
George Ross, Mrs. Sheldon Emer- j
son, Mrs. John Barnette, Mrs. H. I
G. Gillis, Mrs. John Groover, Mrs. 1
E. E. Smith, Mrs.*' Hetty Black,'
Mrs. Reginald HavifU, Mrs. Steve
Schuster, Mrs. T. W. Whitten,
Mrs. L. D. Wydick and Miss Su- J
san Wydick.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Powell
of Kansas City, Missouri are visit- j
ing with their son-in-law and i
daughter, Capt. and Mrs. Bud
Lt. and Mrs. D. F. Skinner are
the proud new parents of a 7-lb.;
2-oz. baby girl born Friday,
March 15, at the Chowan Hospi
The next luncheon of the Offi-1
cers Wives’ Club will be held on
Tuesday, March 25, at ttle offi
cers’ club. Social hour 'Will be
gin at 1:00 P. M., and luncheon i
will be served at 1:30 P. M. Mrs.
— -
To Top the Market with Top Yields...
B field* and uniformity.
and freedom firom disease. -
LAB TOiflFßlffPlll ■
For y6ur protection. ,
THE STANDARD with professional
E. L. PEARCE, Seedsman
Route 3 PHONE 3839 Edenton, N.C.
'_•..• v T - **
, ~ ■■ - ■
5=3 I
f—*L .
adults long out of school can
improve their own writing. Here 1
are four steps that will bring
immediate improvement:
1. Watch out fer tricky letters.
Close the loop in letters like "a".
"g”. “a". Don’t close up looped
letters like "e". "I". "f". Don't
loop non-iooped strokes like "t", ,
2. Be careful of "twin” num
bers. Don't make a "7” look like
a "1". or your "3" look like a
3. Srt properly when writing.
Keep erect With shoulders slight
ly forward, hips back la seat,
facing desk squarely. Keep belh
forearms on the desk, feet flat
; on the Coer, and place papr-r di
rectly in front of you at a slant.
4. Score yourself. Check yeur
lettc.r formation, slant, -spaces
i between words, alignment,
i gin 3 End arrangements, and
i overall nia’tnec-E.
! Ruth Brent, author of ‘Time for
j a Party,” Will present ihe pro
-1 gram. Nine different table set- I
i tings will be demonstration by j
Mrs. Brent. Mrs. John-.Barentte
and Mrs. J. H. LaVoy, hostesses,
will receive reservations which
must be in by Saturday, March I.
22nd. j
Lending their services to the'
Business and Wo- 1
; men’s fashion show March 13
! were Mrs. C. W. Boggs, who was
| the commentator, Mrs. E. E. j
j Smith, Mrs. Steve Schuster, Mrs. i
j R. C. Barrett, Miss Randy Nash
j and, Miss Anne Stacy, who were
j models.
i The wives of Squadron 211 held
| their monthly coffee at the Offi-
I cers’ Club on Tuesday, March 18.
Hostesses were Mrs. Simon J.
Kittler, Mrs. Larry Bagwell and
1 Mrs. Dick Connallv. The pro
; gram included a talk on “Safety
I Measures” by Capt. Charles New
-1 mark.
! Mrs. C. W. Boggs honored Mrs.
Sheldon Emerson with a surprise
| birthday party on Monday, March
111. Guests present were: Mrs. 1
Paul Leahy, Mrs. C. H. Koehler, j
; Mrs. B. Skinner, Mrs. George |
Parker, Mrs. A. T. Wood, Mrs. j
Larry Holdridge and Mrs. R. T.!
| Whitten.
i Little Matthew Jeffrey LaVoy,
son of Major and Mrs. J. H. La-
Voy was Christened Sunday,
March 16, at St. Ann’s Catholic
| Church by Father Hill. Lt. Col. j
1 and Mrs. Patrick Harrison of Nor- I
~- - ft'"' 1 , . -..-.ft#- iV •• . t 1 ■*,
folk, Matthew’s god-parents, and
their two children attended the
103 Persons Receive
OM Age Assistance
Mrs. J. H. McMullan, superin
tendent of public welfare, reports
that during February 103 persons
received old age assistance with
■ $3,446 being distributed. There
j were 13 cases of aid to dependent
children who received $759.
Twenty-eight cases of aid to per
manently and totally disabled re
ceived $1,120 and 13 aid to blind
cases received $5lO.
There were 13 emergency as
sistance cases requiring the ex
penditure of $217.59 and $457.18
for hospitalization, of which the
county’s share was $268.68.
1 Service cases included service
to 35 individual children, two
medical and health care cases,
two cases of non-support of chil
dren, 10 to adoptive homes, four
adult parolees under supervision,
( one family adjustment, one adult
mental problem and two voca
tional rehabilitation cases. There
were 117 interviews with assist
ance cases and 93 service cases
March 16-22,1958
Commissioners’ \
\■: A •
The County Commissioners met
1 Monday, March 3, 1958 with all
members present including Chair
man W. W. Byrum, J. A. Webb,
J. R. Peele, C. J. Holloweii and
W. E. Bond
The minutes of the last meeting
were read and approved and the
following bills were ordered paid;
Mrs. Ethel Baker, refunds on
4957 tax fire district, $1.21; J. L.
Chestnutt, Postmaster, postage
for County Accountant’s office,
$1.50; Thomas Gardner Burke,
janitor services, $18.00; Edenton
Construction Co., $80.02; Federal
Reserve Bank, withholding tax,
$742.30; The Peoples Bank &
Trust Co., bonds and coupons,
$5,080.19; Peoples Bank & Trust
Co., $5.00; Orthopedic Clinic,
$15.00; H. S. Small, rent, $25.00;
Twiddy Insurance & Real Estate
Co., rent, $60.00: District Health
[Department, $937.73; Edenton
Chamber of-Commerce, $100.00;
j Henry Bunch, salary list taker,
! $186.09; T. D. Berryman, salary
list taker, $144.15; Ward Hoskins,
salary list taker, $119.25; H. S.
Small, rent, $55.00; Carolyn C.
M/’Mullan, travel. $42.35; Hazel S.
Elliott, travel, $51.80; Martha W.
Bunch, postage, $40.00; Shirley
Holley, janitress, $3.05; Edenton
Office Supply, $12.91; Mrs. E. L.
Belch, member welfare board,
' $35.00; Lloyd E. Bunch, member
l welfare board, $35.00; 15. M. bar
ren, member Welfare board,
$30.00; The Chowan Herald,
$69.30; Agricultural Engineering
Extension, $2.60; Bank of Eden
tan, rent, $420.00; Bank of Eden
ton, service charge, $9.82; Belk
’ Tyler, $9i44; J. C„ Blanchard,
$20.42; J. A. Bunch, $51.63; Burk
head-DeVane Printing Co., $91.39;
Chowan Hosoftal: For Elijah
Morris $225.42, for Willie' Ryan
$43.26; Obici- Memorial Hospital,
for Cynthia Simmons, $5.00;
Coastal Office Equipment Co.,
$115.02; Cuthrell’s Dept. Store,
$36.57; Dept, of Conservation &
Development, $119,34; Edenton
Ice Co., $356.56; Gatling & Pierce,
73c; Heavy Mortar Co., heating
armory, $15.00; C. H. Jemigan,
$7.00; Leggett & Davis, $8.68;
Mitchell Printing Co., $3.33; Mai
dred Morris, home agent, tele
phone bill, $27.90; W. L. Miller,
$10.15; National Association of
County' Officials, dues, $30.00;
National Market Reports, $43.75;
Norfolk & Carolina Tel. & Tel.
Co.: For Welfare Department
$11.15, for J. B. Small $7.80, for
Register of Deeds SB.IO, for Tax
Supervisor $7.25, for County Ac
countant $7.40, for Soil Cohserva
tion Service $6.65, for Clerk Su
perior Court $15.10; C. W. Over
man, telephone bill and supplies, *
$24.75: P & Q Super Market,
$34.00; Ralph E. Parrish, $8.05; !
Parker’s Drop-In, $15.00; Per
quimans County Welfare Depart
ment, $15.00; Pioneer Mfg. Co.,
janitor supplies. $31.52; E. W.
Spires, $38.30; State Commission
For The Blind, $170.06: Town of
Edenton. $72.08; J. T. Twine,
$38.55; M. J. Tynch, $32.90; Ber
tram Byrura, board of prisoners,
telephone and janitor supplies,
$381.75; Worrell Laboratories.
$52.50: Haywood Phthisic, refund
1956-57 taxes. $28.07; General sal
aries for February. -$4,189.75;
Thos. G. Burke, $6.00; Edenton
Chamber of Commerce, adv. in
State Magazine. SIOO.OO.
On motion duly seconded that
SIOO be donated toward Fat Stock
On motion of J. R. Peele, sec
onded bv J. A. Webb that Golden
A. Frinks* be granted permission
to apply for a beer license to op
erate Mexicana on Highway 32.
On motion of W. E. Bond, sec
onded by J A. Webb that Peo
ples Bank & Trust Co., be used
as depository for withholding tax
of county employees.
On motion duly seconded and
carried that W. W. Byrum, chair
man, be authorized to pay bonds
and coupons in the amount of
The Board of County Commis
'sioners will meet as a tax board
of equalization and review March
17, 1958 at 10 o’clock A. M.
Mr. John A. Holmes, Superin
tendent of Edenton Schools, was
called in. by the Commissioners
to voice complaints which had I
f ,y ' -» > ''
• A' - •••
V /
-1 Melrose I
■ v>vy? - *
- *"< li* ' ▼ „■ -'A -3 -
. _ I
* -£ nrl I
I I ' •• v \ - j,,r^ , ■~f \
been clirectfed to’ the ElemfehttttY
School concerning fire hazard.
Mr. Holmes pointed out to the
Commissioners that the school
had been inspected by the prob
er authorities and they informed
him that- the building met the ne
, cessary state requirements, .how
ever written report is pending.
The following names were
drawn to serve as jurors for the
April term of 'Superior Court:
! Thomas E. Francis, Lloyd Lane,
; Henry Copeland, P. E. Jordan,
R. F. Jordan, William GoOdwin.
Sr., George S. Goodwin, Henry
: Jordan, Ralph Dale, B, M. Hollo
l well, Jr., Lester T. Copeland, Dal
las Jethro, George E. Privott,
; Haywood Thomas Hollowell, E. J.
Goodwin, Charlie T. Dixon, Jr..
Irvin D. Spivey, C. C. Nixon,
John A. Bunch, P. C. Ashley, Jr.,
Henry Bunch, Eugene Baker.
Charlie Fain, C. R. Satterfield,
James Kermit Layton, Willie T.
Boyce, K. W. Smith, C. Yates Par
rish. Jr.. Mack Jordan, Carlton
W. Goodwin, H. H. Lane, E. B.
Blanchard, G. Albert Keeter, Ver
non Halsev, J. C. Hendrix. W. R.
Eason, J. E. Perry, Jr., J. Thomas
Brabble,'. MarceUe Ward, Clarence
E. Bembry. Jesse F. Harrell, T.
Bembury H. Wood, George W.
Bennett. T. J. Jackson, Frank
, Lenox Williams. George P. Hol
land, Clifton Mitchell, Leslie E
! Blanchard, Albert Bunch, Earl G.
The following reports were ac
cepted and ordered filed: C. W.
Overman, County Agent; R. S
Marsh. Assistant Countv Agent:
,T. A. Bunch. Sheriff; Treasurer:
J. B. Small. Neero County Aeent;
Onnie S. Charlton. Home
Agent; Maidred Morris, Home
Agent; Chowan County Welfare
There being no further business
the me ot ir" T w n s adinurned.
w W BYRUM. Chairman
Clerk To Board
* deft .on Feed & I
Livestock Ccmpany j
PHONE 3515
l» | >
'j V l *-' H.XI r
"[GjB ..... ...
j 63 x 134
• l
100x150 |
On 17* South
Pine Grove|
I Terrace
I 100 x 200
I On 17 North
• 1
K ■
Wood Lawn
I 100x200
I Oil Rt. 32 North , l
|. i idt ;;
IW. Queen
I Street
66 x 170
High and
, Desirable
0 jo/’Vif— it ’fit, 4 „
r. I?
A •
| " PHBCTE 2211 j.
r 1 - $ ami * 1
«' *37 w-. « Vi f '
| 'Jt: L * * J

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