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    Easter Seal
Society Active
In Year 1957
Greater services to crippled
children - than ever before in its
history marked the strides made
by the Chowa nCounty Easter
Seal Society „in 1957, it is an
nounced by Ernest Ward, Jr.,
Ward said that 18 crippled chil
dren and 1 handicapped adult re
ceived direct services in Edentor
by the Chowan County Easter
Seal Society. With the funds that
remain in Chowan County, the
Society assists crippled children
and adults in every way possible
so they can make their adjust
ment to life witjji their physical
limitations and handicaps.
As the 1958 Easter Seal cam
paign gets underway. Ward point
ed out, “Our job is far from fin
ished, and our goal is far from
achieved. The Chowan Countv
Easter Seal Society looks ahead
in 1958 with the determination to
,help erippled people in increas
in«lv preater numbers with the
funds that will be raised during
thi? year’s appeal.”
Ward said that the Chowan
County Easter Seal Society is one
of 1,655 Easter Seal affiliates of
the National Society for Crippled
Children and Adults, having
chapters in all 48 states, District
of Columbia, and three territor
ies. During 1957, Easter Seal
funds helped finance 1,400 centers
and programs offering direct ser
vices in rehabilitation to 132,392
children and 26,114 adults.
$68,900 Allocated In
Chowan For Roads
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atively small since practically all
such funds were committed prior
to July 1, 1957. Allocations of
these funds at this time has not
delayed secondary road improve
ment work since construction
crews normally work several
months behind the allocation of
Availabilities for the 1958-59
fiscal year total $16,000,000. SB,-
000,000 is available from Federal
aid Secondary funds granted to
the State on a 50-50 matching ba
sis by the Federal Government,
$6,000j)00 from GepecwL Better
ments, -end ‘hr T1 o i°'<
Betterment Fund for sertmtfnry
roads approved by the 1957 Gen
eral Assembly.
The county-by-county alloca
tions were revealed in a 40-page
document sent to each member of
the State’s 100 County Boards of
Commissioners. This document
included explanations of the al
locations, methods of preparing
county secondary road plans and
procedures for the adoption of
such plans each fiscal year.
The manual also contains a
synopsis of the Legislative Act of
the 1957 General Assembly which
adopted secondary road proced
ures for the Highway Commission
and excerpts from the;; Statutes
governing such highway work.
Enclosed in each manual for
the information of County Com
missioners is a copy of the Sec
ondary Road Policy adppted by
the State Highway Commission,
a breakdown of the allocations
for each county and a summary
of allocation factors for the Sec
ondary Road Plan. g
The $16,000,000 availability for
1958-59 was allocated -| to each
county in two ways. Ooe-half of
the available funds or $8,000,000
was distributed on the basis of
the relative need of each county
for the’ paving of its tyral sec
ondary roads which serve 50 ve
hicles or more per day, A com-
JX - n - aruVV ’WW nr qr .rrw -
- >
:‘ • < v ‘-
$0.90 OSC
U4/S Q t £m ptet
Otpdiict d U. 1 A.
„ Seh«M*r. 0*
9 > «rw» Groi. .;i«| P«# >
•:%* " .
Marriage Announced ' j
- KJjg
i • ~ ? IS
* • " v 1 ft- Wm£.
: !
I #
... j_~. ... . ■ _ .... - HHj
AVaX. OaalA miK. J. L. AtsfUey aZUIOUIICe iue XllcUaaaye OA liielf
daughter. Miss Carolyn Ashley, to Robert L. Bunch, Jr., son
of Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Bunch of Edenton. The wedding
took place Saturday, March 15.
prehensive State-wide survey of
such facilities revealed that a to
tal sum of $123,956,000 \»auld be
required to pave the 9,330 miles
of such secondary roads rated for
paving. $8,000,000 represents 6.45
per cent of the total amount
needed over the State for such
paving. Allocation of this $8,000,-
000 for each county represents
6.54 per cent of the total sum
which would be required to pave
the rated rural secondary roads
of that county. t
The remaining $8,000,000 was
allocated to each county on the
basis of the number of miles of
unpaved rural secondary roads in
1 the State which did not carry 50
vehicles per day and were not
rated for paving. 24,137 miles of
1 these unpaved roads were listed
in the secondary road survey.
’ Each - county received approxi
mately $331 for each mile of its
jl tMWWed r*
Highway Director W. F. Bab
cock said in his letter to County I
Boards of Commissioners that,
‘ county officials would be given |
! the opportunity of completely re- (
viewing the secondary road plans
f for their county prior to the j
1 adoption of the county plan on j
' July 1. County Boards may make
■ written recommendations con- ■
* cerning any changes they feel j
f might be desirable in the county ]
plan submitted by Division En
-1 gineers of the Highway Commis-
1 Babcock stressed the value of
such recommendations on the
J part of locally elected officials i
’ who are jn close contact with the 1
Our aim lias always been to give our John Deere Equipment. Thus when you
•customers quick, efficient, low-cost service bring your equipment to us <or recondi
on their John Deere Tractors and Equipment. tiemng, our mocnamcs will lcr.o no fame
To assure this service, we insist that school deciding v/iiat sto bo none or how i0 J; 0
never end for. our servicemen. They Udo work that nn y
With new improvements being made • • V,^ c ® ciny worn parts with genuine
constantly in/the John Deere Line, it's a John Laei* farts.
must that our mechanics attend frequent *cs, schooling cur macnarucs n ear.,
service schools. As a result, our men are better serdc® .. . more economical sen .
thoroughly trained in servicing methods for you- J us icr a Ireo estimate. Coins m
recommended by the manufacturers of the next time you re in town.
% V-: *',: '■ *-
Hobbs Implement Co., Inc.
\ GUY C. HOBBS, Mgr. “Your John'Deere Dealer” EDENTON, N. C.
#•l**. .'JIWiHMW.*.’JWAgr-- ■ ;7Y -:• 4®;L.>s» „'%■, f .. .3 {.,
people of each county. The High
way Director pointed out that the
Department of Secondary Roads
and .his office would give every
consideration to the recommenda
tions of the various County j
Boards of Commissioners before,
formally approving each county
plan. Final authority for the
adoption of each secondary road
plan rests with the Highway
“We feel,” said Babcock, “that
the new procedure allowing
County Commissioners to express
their feeling on secondary road j
matters will be of tremendous
value in bringing our entire high
way operation closer to the peo
ple and in making it more respon
sive to the needs and will of our
Guest Speaker At
The Rev. Paul Carruth, execu
* tive director of Christian higher
I education for North Carolina
I Methodists, will preach in the
I Edenton Methodist Church Sun
day morning, March 23, at 11
| o’clock. Mr. Carruth was sched
j uled to preach here early in Feb
j ruary, but was unable to fill the
; engagement due to a death in his
; family.
| Mr. Carruth will speak about
! Emphasis Methodists have launch
,ed on strengthening their eol-
I leges and Wesley Fourtdation
work with students in state-sup
ported schools. .
i The public, is. cordially invited
' to hear Mr. Camitft: ’ ‘
Panel Feature At
Meeting Os PTA
Continued from Page 1, Section 1 j
presided over the meeting which,
was opened with a devotional by
Chaplain Matthew A. Curry. The
salute to the flag was under the
direction of three Edenton Girl j
Scouts, after which Mrs. John
• Ross presented a brief history of,
the national PTA association as
j well as the Edenton organization.
Next on the program was the
Rev. George B. Holmes who sub
mitted a very interesting church
school report. Mr. Holmes pre- |
sc nted statistics showing that one
out of nine school . children in j
Edenton are not attending any |
church school, which is above j
the national average. He said that;
of 999 questionnaires sent out. it
v/as shown that 322 ale affiliated |
with some church schqpl, 104 are
affiliated.- but. do not attend reg-I
ularly and eight were not affiliat- j
ed with anv church. Sixtv-fivej
of the questionnaires were not re-,
turnc d.
Mr. Conggr then turned the!
meeting over to Mrs. Whitten,;
who was in charge of the panel
Among the questions presented,
were: i
What amount of fire insurance |
is carried on the Elementary.
School building and is it above
the ’minimum? The answer to J
thir question was $345,000.
Will you permit school trustee j
| meetings to be open to the pub- J
lie? This answer was in the af- '
firmative and that anyone is wel- j
come to attend.
What js the latest information;
about the fire condition at the!
Elementary School? It was stat-1
j ed that the state fire marshal and
■ a member of the State School i
j Planning Board had recently
I made an • inspection and stated
j that the school does not meet
present standards, but did when
the school was built. The report
also stated that the building is
j not jn such condition as to war
j rant condemnation proceedings.
A number of improvements were
-| recommended such as removing
the first row of seats in the au
ditorium allowing more room to
the doors leading to the outside,
covering the ceiling with fire re
sistant material, replacing wood
en steps with steel or concrete
when repairing is necessary and
that inaccessible areas be protect
ed with a fire detector system,
•stir. Holmes pointed-ti-ut that most
of these recommendations have
been made or are being planned.
He did point out that no oil has
been used on floors since 1936.
How much money is budgeted
for schools in Edenton? It was
stated that the state appropria
tion is and locally
Are fire drills being held in the
school, to meet State require
ments? The answet was yes, and
that inspections are required and
made twice monthly.
Why do you not have a quali
fied lunch room supervisor? The
answer was that lunch rooms are
now under capable supervision.
* Hot(- dre -School -trustees elect
ed? The answer: Elected at a
joint meeting of the school trus
■ tees and Town Council.
; How does it happen that most
' members do not have children in
I school? It was stated that all
I members of the board have had
| children in school at one time or
I another. The trite remark was
1 also made that most of the teach
ers have no children in school and
further that the trustees are too
What is the bonded indebted
ness of Chowan County? The an
swer was $425,000.
| Why is so little equipment fur
nished at the Elementary School?
i The reason was because of limit
| ed space and that children pre
j fei room for other sorts of
; games. The school was placed at
the wrong place to begin with.
| Why was Miss Mayo not given
j permission to teach French to
j fifth grade pupils? Piincipal Er
| nest Swain stated he would have
j an answer to this question at the
I next meeting.
How much money does Eden
, ton receive due to enrollment of
! children of military personnel? j
In five years the following j
amounts: $2,550.30, $2,805.02,
, $5,005.00, $13,162.00, $13,005.00, or i
j a total of $36,527.32. This money j
j was used to employ two teachers j
to reduce the teacher load, pur-,
chase two driver education cars 1
and the remainder went into the
j general budget.
What sort of program is plan
! ned for gifted children? The
j State School Board has not yet
I worked out a program,
j A number of other questions
; were asked and all in all the pro
! gram was very enlightening and
lno doubt answered some ques
-1 tions which lately have been
I more or less criticism of the
school trustees.
President Conger announced
that, as usual, the kindergarten
won the attendance prize, hut
that Mrs. Lloyd Bunch’s fifth
grade was second.
*■' 333, in ci h m i .uiammGm
EASE THROAT! Buy soothing,
sanitizing, OLAG Tooth Paste
at the drug store.
best in custom picture framing
see John R. Lewis at the Eden
ton Furniture Company. Com
plete line of moulding to choose
from. tfc
bedroom apartments. Twiadv
Insurance & Real Estate, Inc.
103 E. King Street. Phone 2163.
Man living In or vicinity of Erlen
ton to handle wholesale supply ac
counts. No selling or soliciting.
Approximately $700.00 a month pro
fit to.stqrt. With extra effort ac
counts can Wo* Handled on a i part- ,
time basis at first but must be will
ing to devote full time in near fu
ture for expansion accounts that
company will obtain. Business po
tential of $25,000.00 annual income.
Mus* be responsible, have a good
credit rating., and a reliable car.
You will neen a minimum of sl.-
450.00 to 52.900.00 cash to properlv
handle. This business offers sound
security and financial future. If
you can meet these requirements
give us your background and write:
Superior Placement
Service Company
BOX 318
pair all types of washing ma
chines, outboard motors and
power mowers. tfc
machines. New and used.
Edenton Office Supply, 102 E.
Water Street. tfc
Wheel Type and Crawler
Backhees. Dozers. Trenchers '
Crawler Tractors With
Loaders, Landscaping Rakes
—See or Call—
Hobbs Implement
PHONE 3112
Edenton. N. C.
Kleenex Sale Will
Be Held Tonight
, The kleenex sale sponsored by
the Edenton Woman’s Club,
[ which was scheduled to be held
• i Tuesday of this week, was post -
; I poned. The postponement was
. |agieed upon due primarily t’j
I weather conditions.
1 1 The kleenex sale has been
[scheduled for tonight (Thursday)
I when Woman’s Club members
, will make a house-to-house can
; vass between 6 and 8 o’clock.
Mrs. Ed Bond is chairman of the
sale, and urges Edenton people
to cooperate by buying a supply
of kleenex.
Plans Compete For
Fat Stock Show
*• ~ . - -
, Continued from Page I—Section 1
lonial Frozen Food Locker at no
cost to the buyer.
“This sale will give the fiti
! zens of Edenton and Chowan
[County a wonderful-opportunity
i to buy high grade beef at a-rea
isonable price,” says Mr. Marsh. J
j “If you have been buying ‘choice’
-! beef and want a steer that will j
| cut cut a ‘choice’ carcass, you I
i can get it at the sale.”
| Persons who wish to buy a
[whole steer or part of one
•should con'.act the county
[agent’s oflice. E. S. White, ag
riculture teacher at Chowan
| High School or any of the fol
[low ignlisted Jaycees: Wesley
Chesson, Jr., Warren Twiddy,
j Jo 3 Conger, Jr., Thomas Byrum
|or Scott Harrell.
This will be the largest steer
I show in Chowan’s history, with
16 animals being entered. Club
i j members who will enter steers
'! are Di( k Lowe, Kay Lowe, Carl
j ton, Ronald and Jack Perry,
1 Leon and Lewis Evans, Johnny
i and Bobby Winborne, Joe Hollo
; well, Woodrow Slades, Jr., Jim
i my Hollowell, H. Ivey Ward.
Richard White, Tommy Harrell
trailer for two (2) months.
Phone Edenton 2979.
duplex apartment. Three rooms
and bath. Available April 15.
Apply 1025* N. Broad Street.
Phone 3786. ts
see Mrs. Braxton Gay, 431 S.
Broad Street. We have a large
selection of materials for every
need. We also tie springs and
fix cushion units. Phone 3245.!
' Price 5250.00. Can be seen by j
applying 215 E. King Street or 1
phone 2581 after 5 P. M. ltcj
E. L. Pearce. Phone 3839, I
Edenton. ltc
once! Ravvleigh Dealer in Cho
wan County. Write Rawleigh’s,
Dept. NCC-310-R, Richmond,
Va. Mar6,13,20,27p
Rewards in cash will be paid to
any citizen furnishing informa
tion on bootleg stills in Cho
wan County. Report violations
to ATU officers, Box 671, Eliza
beth City or to ABC Officer
Troy Toppin. All information
will be held in strict confidence
stery needs let Autry’s Uphol
stery on the Windsor-Edenton
Highway just outside of Eden
ton, pick up and deliver free.
We specialize in retying springs
and have a wide selection of,
tapestry, nylons and leatherette;
materials from which to choose, j
Phone 3832. tfc
Madam Appolo
palmist reader and
advisor, starts you
on the way to success and happi
ness. Bring your personal prob
lems to Madam Appolo. She will
tell you anything you wish to
know; answer all questions. Lo
cated in little house on Highway
158, in Harbinger, North Caro
lina, across from Parker’s Service
Station, going toward Nags Head,
North Carolina. Readings for
white end colored. Open daily,
including Sundays. Gives lucky
charms free. mar2o,27p
and Bryant White.
James Patterson, beef cattle
specialist of State College, visit
ed each of the steers on Friday,
March 14. He stated that nine
of them graded “choice” with ;
on 3 being “prime” and the other j
six being “good.” Os course, it
,j is possible for the grades to I
'change before the show but tire '
[final grades will not vary much
from Mr. Patterson’s opinion. 1
A total of thirty hogs are ex- j
pected to be entered in the show
and sale. Hog entries all*, open |
to adults as well as the. 4-H and
I’FA Club members.
The following progressive
firm's will sponsor a steer in the
show and sale this year: Co- j
lonia! Freezer Locker, John Mit-j
chener, Belk-Tyler’s, P & Q
Super Market, Leggett & Davis,
Edtnlon Tractor Company, Berk
; :ey Feed Company, Peoples Bank
! & Trust Company, Bank of
1 i Hobbsville, Edenton Construc
tion Company, Quinn Furniture
j Company, Hobbs Implement
j Company, Byrum Implement &
j Tractor Company, Murray Bak
| er, Colonial Motor Court and
'Ralph Parrish.
A lies supper for the spons
| ors, buyers, club contestants and
Jaycee committee will be held at
! New 3-Bedroom Brick House j
Central Heating .Deluxe Kitchen with j
Built-in Range and Oven. |
j *725.00 DOWN |
j Monthly Payments $87.43 including
! Taxes and Insurance
| 103 E. King St. Phone 2163 Edentcn j
shire boars. Glenn Bunch, Rt. |
1, Edenton, N. C. mar2o,27pd j
ers, See W. J. Jordan or call|
3114. tfc |
room 35-foot house trailer. Ex- j
cellent condition. Will sell
equity of over $2,800 for $395.!
Call 3482 Edenton for details,
“King of Swine”
Mammoth meat type OIC. Ser-;
! vice boars and gilts. Minton’s j
Ranch, Merry Hill, N. C.
BOOK than any other encyclo
| pedia. You, too, can have
WORLD; BOOK. Terms to suit
most budgets. For information |
call Bill Goodwin, phone 2462.
' mar2opd
locality in Chowan County to
handle Nationally Advertised
Watkins Products. Company
celebrating 90th Anniversary in
business with amazing dividend
deals this year. Free insurance.
Good operator can earn SIOO a
week or more. No personal
signers required to secure cred
it. Corporate Bond takes care
of that. Must be of good repu
tation and have car. For full
particulars and personal inter
view write todav to Mr. Jessie
L. Robertson, Route 4, Box j
179-B. Ahoskie, North Carolina
or Mr. W. E. Manning. 2112 S.
Village Drive, Greenville. North
Carolina. Mar13,20,27c
General Contractor
Repair Work
of All Kind
Fred C. Gardner Co.
PHONE 3204
Edenton, N. C.
earnings and higher possible in
your own business. For man
over 25 and under 60 of good
character and credit reputation
we provide all needs except
$40.00 yearly Bonding fee. Will
need car or light truck. Com
pany Nationally Advertised.
Write today to The J. R. Wat
kins Co., P. O. Box 5071, Rich
mond, Va< Mart,l3,2oc
the Oak Grove Community-
Building on Tuesday night,
March 25, at 7:30 o’clock.
BPW Club Meeting
| In Library Tonight
j The Edenton Business and Pro
fessional Women’s Club will
I meet tonight (Thursday) at 7:30
j o’clock. The meeting will be held
jn the Shepard-Prudgn Memor
! ijl Library. After a short busi
; nes-'. session, the group will hear
| Ovid Williams Pierce, author of
i “The Plant -lion.” peak. This
will be in observance of Nation
,al Library Week. All members
i ere urged to attend this mect
! mg.
- -y /W
Newspaper Beys
I'wo wr 11-c.-tu’ilished rc itef
ivailaMe jmm dialely. I'iiis
is lKd play! Only boys eag
r t(. wo'k net 1 apply. Com
mission basis.
Tho Daily Advance
Citizens Bank Build’in
PHONE 321 S OR 3264
Beagle puppies. One new horse
drawn sower, one John
Blue duster, one 2-in. cultiva
tor. R. C. IVivntt, phone7l9l9.
| mar2oc
Weight, 1,100 pounds. Price,
$75.00. R. C. Nixon, Route 1,
Tyner, N. C. Mar13.20,27p
engine; good condition. Ideal
for fishing or pleasure. $350
cash. Contact R. P. Upton,
Edenton. Phone 3180 after 6
P. M. ltc
“A OFT? v MF”
Full or Pari Time
RoJinbh* Person from lb ! * •■ -n will ho
, sHect/wl to vorvi'*‘ •» of -Ad.
j frame" (Display Uni**' n*w in uso by
AAA rafc'l C'i»*oornti *ns ” , \\<>ll ns
sHlfitl. rut nil busln‘*!sse<*U • train: no
; special talent ner-'-wl. D.•poiv’-'bility
more important t'v>n age. Income
stm ts at opre. Initial accounts an* nb
: t-Hpe'l bv Unmpanv. Income to start
$346 0.9 per month artel up.
1. Must iiu\c references.
2. Must have automobile.
3. App. ten <lo> hrs. per week work
ing time.
4. Investment $995.00 to $1,995.00.
Company will assist to full time if de
sired. If handled on part time hrsls
wiH not interfere with position.
IMPORTANT! We SHl—'You Collect!
For yersonal inters and considera
tion for dealership in vour area, write
| details about self, including phone
j number. Send to
1301 Kroger Drive
Ferguson 21, Mo.
Mar13,20.27e .
rwmt madam
on Route 168 and 170 North, in
vites you to bring her your prob
lems. Madam Shawnee, Reader
and Advisor, answers all kinds of
problems. Give her a trial i. . .
Be relieved from sickness, wor
ries, troubles, marriages, business
' and love. An appointment is not
r necessary. Madam Shawnee is
i open seven days a week from 9
i A. M.. until 10:30 P. M. Remem- :
I her. if you’re not completely sat- j
i isfied, Madam Shawnee, located in ;
! her own home at Sligo, N. C., on
I Routes 168 and 170 North. Look \
■ for the sign of the Hand at Sligo.
. See Madam Shawnee now. Gives
lucky charms free. Reading for j
• white and colored. All welcome. ;
J mar2o,27pd

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