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Returns Home
Mrs. J. E. Wood returned Wed
nesday from Front Royal, Va.
Return Home
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wood,
whq spent a few days in Raleigh
last week, have returned to their
home here. While there their
daughter, Mrs. John Ed Pittard,
of Oxford was their guest and
also Mrs. Milo Crawford of Chap
el Hill.
Sunday At Nags Head
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Brickie and
Jack Badham spent Sunday at
Nags Head.
Visits In Elizabeth City
Mrs. Annie Davis returned on
Tuesday after a visit of several
days with her daughter, Mrs.
Marsha Meads and Mrs. Sharber
it) Elizabeth City.
Wilson Visitors
Mr. and Mrs. Brame Morrison
of Wilson spent the week-end
with Mrs. Brame’s mother, Mrs.
E. W. Bond.
In Florida
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Stallcup are
spending several weeks with
their daughter in Florida.
Visit In Danville
Mrs. Marvin Jackson and R. L.
Chesson spent the week-end in'
Danville,. Va., with Mrs. Jack-j
son’s brother, J. H. Chesson, who
is critically ill.
Norfolk Visitors
Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Goodwin'
of Norfolk were guests Sunday of
her aunt, Mrs. Joseph Haste.
In Hospital
W. W. Byrum, Sr., is a patient
at Duke Hospital, Durham.
fa Chapel Hill Hospital
Dr. Wallace Griffin is a patient
at the hospital at Chapel Hill.
Raleigh Visitors
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Overton of |
Raleigh were the week-end guests
of her aunt, Mrs. M. P. Whichard.
Visiting In Raleigh
Mrs. John Small returned to
Raleigh with her daughter, Mrs.l
R. D. Overton, where she will!
visit her husband.
Sunday Visitors
W. E. Hathaway of Elizabeth
City, Mrs. G. A. White and son,
George of Hertford, visited Mr.
and Mrs. S. J. Sutton Sunday.
Visiting Father
John Ward of Orlanda, Fla., ar
rived Monday to visit his father,
Ernest Ward.
Returns From Kinston
Mrs. J. M. Jones has returned
after visiting her sister, Mrs. W.
S. Sutton in Kinston.
At District Meeting
Mrs. J. L. Chestnutt left Tues
day to attend a district meeting
of the American Legion Auxiliary
in Greenville.
Chapel Hill Visitors
Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Sanford 111,
of Chapel Hill are expected to ar
rive Friday to spend the week
end with Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Dix
on. On Monday they will leave
for Chatham, N. J.. accompanied
by Mr. and Mrs. Dixon to visit
Mrs. L. A. Bailey.
Smilhfield Visitors
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Hobbs
and children of Smithfield, Va.,
were the week-end guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Smith.
I: Recordsinthe-Groo ve
:: MA For “Hep " Fans!
Rock ’n roll, be-bop, dixieland
newest and best. Come 'n listen!
Griffin’s Musicenter
Visit In GatMvill*
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Wood, Jr.,
Nellie and Emmett Wood spent
Sunday with Mrs. Wood’s moth
er, Mrs. Emmett Riddick in
Hair* From Portsmouth
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Knox and
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Gar
ner and children of Portsmouth
were guests of their parents, Mr.
and Mrs. B. L. Knox-Sunday.
Sunday Gu*sts
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Castelloe
of Windsor were the Sunday
guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. L.
■ ■ ■ -O * -
Sunday At St. Paul’s
Ernest Ward and son, Gene
Ward spent Sunday in St. Pauls
with Mr. Ward’s son and daugh
ter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Willard
Returns From Convention
J. E. Wood returned Wednes
day from Washington, D. C.,
where he attended the National
Peanut Convention.
At Camellia Show
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Elliott and
family spent the week-end with
Mr. and Mrs. Parker Helms in
Rocky Mount, where they attend
ed the Camellia showing of the
Eastern Carolina Camellia Socie
' ty. o
Sunday Guests
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Garrett and
daughter, Deborah of Norfolk,
spent Sunday as guests of Mr.
I Garrett’s mother, Mrs. John Gar
Week-end Visitors
j Mr. and Mrs. James Dail of
I Norfolk spent the week-end as
I guests of Mrs. Dail’s mother, Mrs.
John Garrett.
Visit In Hertford
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Thomas
I and daughter, Donna Rae, Mrs.
Pencie Copeland, Faye, Richard,
Melvin Copeland of Edenton, Miss
Annie Spruill of Merry Hill, Mr.
and Mrs. Julian Tadlock of
j Woodville spent Sunday in Hert-
I ford visiting Mr. and Mrs. Gil
j bert Garrett.
Zackie Harrell Wins
4-H Peanut Contest
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pounds per acre. This yield com
pared very favorably with the av
erage yield in 1956 of 2,305
pounds and a yield of 1,638
pounds in 1955. Other 1957 con
testants were: Robert Skinner,
Sid White, Jr., H. Ivey Ward,
Jack Perry, Carroll Goodwin,
Jimmy Ward, Ronald Perry, Mil
lard Joyner, Ronnie Toppin, Dick
Lowe, Carroll Tynch.
Zackie Harrell, top winner,
told how he grew his acre of pea
nuts and expressed his apprecia
tion to members of the Edenton
Rotary Club for sponsoring the
contest. Bristoe Perry, local
leader of the Advance Local 4-H
Club, also expressed his appre
ciation on behalf of the parents
to the Rotary Club for such a
worthwhile project.
Ray White and James Boswell,
Edenton seniors, attended the
meeting as Junior Rotarians.
Edenton’s Lions Club will meet
Monday night, March 24, at 7
o’clock. President Medlin Belch
requests every member to attend.
■-■. ■ , ----- -.-.1., .
Engagement Announced \
-t yj
IH Rk'
jyfl &
\ rWm
M ini Wk
Miss Linda Moielle Downum of Philadelphia and Edenton
is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Allen Fitzgerald Downum of
Edenton, who announce her engagement to Ensign Fredric
Colby Byrum, USNR. son of Mr. and Mrs. James Rodney By
rum of Edenton. A June wedding is planned.
OES Officers
Are Installed
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ficer, who had Mrs. Daphne Yon
of Coinjock as her installing mar
shal, Robert Spence of South
Mills as installing chaplain and
Mrs. Ruby White of Hertford as
installing pianist.
The chapter held a brief busi
ness meeting prior to the open in
stallation, after which visitors
were admitted to witness a very
beautiful and impressive cere
Mrs. Margaret Stanton, retir
ing worthy matron, was high in j
praise of her corps of officers for;
the past year and before relin
quishing the gavel thanked the
officers and members for their
wholehearted support and coop
erating during her tenure of of
fice. She was also high in praise
of the new worthy matron, Mrs.
W. A. Harrell and the new offi
cers, and predicted a very pleas
ant and successful year for the
The officers installed were: i
Worthy matron, Mrs. Pearl Har-1
rell; worthy patron, W. A. Har- .
rell; associate worthy matron, i
9 j
j • r / _j \ I'
Erase Tummy *' •
L "fib*’ * I
Bulge _ W
1 Instantly f |
Flattens your jL ¥
Giu.t you suppotl
Holds you up
j anSner* girdle
A Oossani Original!
Plush-backed elastic bands foHow the body's
natural structure—gently mold you a "size smaller”
without bones or stays. Nylon net elastic. Medium
24-32, long 24-34. White « 1A 0( -
Answer* Zipper Girdle I
White only, 25-34 medium, 26-36 long. j
v • . *3
g{ H -j
Jf'W m/ Bj HI |
Mrs. Helen Wood; associate wor
thy patron, C. W. Overman; sec
retary, Mrs. Ruth Overman;
treasurer, Mrs. Mary Leary; con
ductress, Mrs. Geneva Harrell;
associate conductress, Mrs. Mar
garet Bell; chaplain, Mrs. Fran
ces Wilkins; marshal, Mrs. Anita
Tarkington; organist, Mrs. Grace
Byrum; Adah, Mrs. Edith Buff
lap; Ruth, Mrs. Betty Lorance;
Esther, Mrs. Myrtle Hollowell;
Electa, Mrs. Minnie Kennan;
warder, Mrs. Ola Williford; sen
tinel, D. M. Reaves.
Following the installation cere
mony refreshments were served
in the dining room.
Friends will regret to learn
that four prominent citizens,
West W. Byrum, William S. Pri
vott, C. P. Wales and Dr. Wallace
Griffin, are patients in hospitals.
All were suddenly rushed to
a hospital late last week, Mr. By
rum being a patient at Duke Hos
pital in Durham, Dr. Griffin in
! Memorial Hospital at Chapel Hill
\ and Mr. Privott and Mr. Walej
being confined in the Chowan
I Hospital.
iSSa" " 1 -
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The Easter Seal sal* will be in
progress in Edenton through Eas
ter Sunday, April 6.
The Eastern Carolina Fire
men's Association will meet in
Edenton Tuesday, April 8.
Revival services are in pro
gress this week at the Center I
Hill Baptist Church and will j
come to a close Friday night,,
March 21.
The Junior Class of Chowan
High School will present its an-1
nual play in the school audi- !
lo'rium Friday night, March 28, at
8 o'clock.
National Library Week is be
ing observed in Edenton this
week. The Cupola House Mu
seum will be open free through
Friday. March 21.
A Japanese Festival will be
held at the Parish House Sun
day morning, March 23, at 3:30
The Chowan Hospital ■ Auxili
ary will meet Friday afternoon,
March 21, at 3 o'clock at the nurs
es' home. 1
The Fidelis Wives Club will
hold a bake sale Friday, March
21, in the Albemarle room of the
Post Exchange.
Sponsored by the Chowan
Home Demonstration County
' —******- -
•' i*f -]<~| ■■ si ifi ii- |
& M Superette I
|T-Bone and Sirloin JIF F Y Jji I
STEAKS ib. 69c Ste ±;,g sc |
■Boneless Round ground I
(STEAKS lb. 65c HamburgerJ
I W^LSoTrAy^L^RES^UT^""" I /% QS* I
CKI Oto _ OVEN-READY „ . n f TD I
UULUIIJ, 5-lb. bag 25-lb. bag I
I 89c | can 10c IBS ic $2’ 19 1
■ - - |l3-° Z .^TSUnsdown i nstant 1 I I
I i msm Coco Creme CAKE MIXES I PREMIUM 1
b ox 27c I 29c I
|ede^ba Y I No -sr s l I
■ Herring Roe PEACHES JB?. STY ' 5
■ 2 cans can 2.9 c —— n ortl * * fjfe* ‘ c l
Quart Bottle rl^M CAH , 8 Peas and Carrots . . . . 21c|
■ RINSE JUICE Cut Snaps ........ 23c ■
I 37c 10C
| ■ j .t ii •. Hia |
■ mam a|
rmmmm ~ ~ _ ■
:B B b mm ll SI mm HI b H b
Br Be BB Bi flB agHf
8 mm ww I
I nunxiD 091- ■ -JR? • - m
| PHONE 2317 . + C ro u Dor If inn + FRIDAY & SATURDAY I
iB i?rki?Tkrnn/\ikr x r nK H rn I II 111 U n:-mn ■■ ■ B »
■ HiUJcjIN i * i. i -M lli# 1# 8 u|lll Hr E vrßfulv TiPT TVPPY B
j "Womanles* Wedding" ]
I will be held in the Chowan High'
School auditorium Wednesday
night. April 8. at 8 o'clock. 1
i Municipal and county officials
■ of thiat aHtf will meet this
1 (Thursday) morning in the Court
House at 10 o'clock to consider
hurrican damage.
Board of directors of the Eden
. ton Cbapaber of Commence will
I meet tonight (ThumdayV at 8
j o'clock at Hotel Joseph Hewes. |
The Rev. Paul Carruth. execu- j
' director of higher education '
! for Carolina Confer- ]
] ence, will be guest speaker at the
> Edenton Methodist Church Sun
; day morning, March 23, at 11
o’clock. ,
Spring term of Chowan Super
ior Court u£ll convene in the
Court House Monday morning, [
March 31, at 10 o'clock.
Senior aid Junior Councils of I
the Edenton Teen-Age CHib will
sponsor a napkin sale Tuesday,
April 8.
Rocky Hock Baptist, Center |
Hill Baptist, Great Hope Baptist,
Center Hill Methodist, Evans
Methodist and Macedonia Baptist,
churches will hold a joint Easter
Sunrise Service Sunday morning, 1
April 6, at 6 o'clock in the Rocky
Hock Church.
Edenton's Business and Pro
fessional Woman's Club will meet
tonight (Thursday) at 7:30 o'clock
in the Shepaxd-Pruden Memorial
I Member* of the Edenton Wo
mans Club wiß conduct a Mean
ex sale tonight (Thursday) be
' tween 6 and 8 o'clock.
Family Life and Career Week
will be observed al rite Edenton
colored high school March 24-28.
Sponsored by the William H.
Coffield Post No. 9280. Veterans
of Foreign Wars, dances are be
ing held in Ih* Post borne every
Saturday night.
i Chowan Tribe of Red Men*
! will meet Monday n’ght al 7i30
i Anriual cancer drive wjl( begin
April 1 with Mrs. Karmif Layton
as chairman.
Edenton Lions Club will meet
Monday night at 7 o'clock.
A family life fellowship sup
per will be held in the Edenton 1
'Methodist Church Friday night,]
[ March 21, at 6:30 o'clock.
I William H. Coffield Post No.
9280. Veterans of Foreign Wars. I
“Your Friendly Neighborhood Shop
at 812 North Broad Street
| * CALL
• Pauline Hicks or Dot Davis
/ Dial 2210' Edenton
Will meet night at 8
o wiOCB* • * r j
Spompled by WUHam H. Cof
fidd Port No. 8280, radio-dance
prograiflir will be held at the Post
home Saturday afternoons begin
ning at f o'clock.
*- j |
Clinton.O. Davis of Edenton, a
, student at East Carolina CoUege,
Greenville, is among a group of
student officers of the'Robert H.
Wright Chapter of the Student
National Association who will at
tend the state meeting of the
North Carolina Education Associ
ation in Asheville today (Thurs
day) and Friday.
Davis is state vice president of
the East Carolina Student NEA
| Chapter.
The automobile driver of cul-\
ture rarely becomes involved in
a collision.

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