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voimtte aaV.— Number 14.
, ft 77 •. T ¥l7*
Bryant White To} 6 * Winner
For Grand Champion Steer
Fat Stock Show And Sale
Event Considered Best
Ever Held In Cho
wan County
Bryant White’s "steer won
grand champion honors at the
Chowan County iourth annual
Fat Stock Show and Sale Wed-,
nesday of last week. His steer, j
an Aberdeen - Angus - Hereford
crp4s, Weighed 1,410 pounds and j
graded prime. The steer was'
bought by the P & Q Super
Market for 37 cents per pound,
or a total of $521.70. As ex
hibitor of the grand champion
steer, Bryant was awarded a
trophy, ribbon and $lO.
Jack Perry’s Hereford steer
Weighing 964 pounds, was re
. serve grand champion. This
steer was bought by John Mit
ehener for Colonial Frozen Food
Lockers for 28 cents per pound.
Jack’s animal was graded high
choice by John Christian, judge
from N. C. State College. Jack
Won a trophy, ribbon and $8 for
his reserve grand champion steer.
Ronald Perry, was proud ex
hibitor of the third place steer.:
Ronald’s steer, a Hereford, which l
graded high cilice, weighed 9021
pounds and was bought by M. D.
Baker for 28 cents per pound.
Ronald was awarded a trophy,
ribbon and $6 for exhibiting the
third place winner.
Jack Perry also won top hon- ■
ors In fitting and showmanship
of his steer. Jack’s hard work
ir. training his steer really paid
off, as he won a trophy, ribbon
and $lO cash for baing the best
steer showman.
liick Lowe won second place
in ’'‘Fitting arid Showmanship"
of steers and H. Ivey Ward won
this placer
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Easter Play At
Christian Church
On Sunday Night
A* Easter play will be present
ed at the First Christian Church
Sunday night, April 6, at 7:30
o’clock. The play will, be pre
sented under the direction of
Mrs, Fred Ashley, Jjkr., and Mrs.
Andrew Hawkins, with Mrs. E.
C. Alexander furnishing techni
cal assistance. The public is cor
dially invited to attend.
Those participating in the play
will be: D. G. White, Mary White,
A.'L. Alexander, Elsie Alexander,
lied Ashley, Jr., Mrs. Lee Sadler,
Luke Wright, Junius Britton,
Leslie Phipps, -Thomas Harris,
(Hhdys Ward, Marie White, Ger
aldine Whitehurst, Shirley Alex
ander, Janice Sadler,- Mrs. Wil
liam Crummy, Jr., Kathy White
hifrst, Legion Britton and Mrs. E.
Or Alexander.
Miss Ann Mayo
Elected President
Os French Group
Miss Ann Mayo, a member of
the Edenton Junior-Senior High
School faculty, was elected pres
ident of the French Department
of the NCEA, for 1958-59. She
■vyas elected at the annual meet
ing held in Asheville Friday of
last week.
Miss Mayo spoke at the French
ject “Teaching of French, in the
S-WJ** H »”' ***
un,o r p and*Whv
Patricia Bunch Maid Os Honor
In Norfolk Azalea Festival To
Be Staged Saturday, April 19th
A pretty Edenton High School
| senior has been selected to par
ticipate in the Fifth Annual In
, ternational Azalea Court to be
j held in Norfolk’s Municipal Gar
p dens on Saturday afternoon, April
Wm. Moultrie Guerry, general,
chairman of the 1958 Azalda
Week in Norfolk program, has
announced that Patricia Anne
Bunch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
John N. Bunch of Edenton, has
been appointed by the faculty of
her Edenton High School to rep
resent-this area as a Maid of Hon
or in the forthcoming festival at
This marks the first year that
Edenton has received an invita
tion to take part in the interna
Farm Apd Home Leaders Adopt
[Community Progress Contest
Farm and home leaders of Cho- i
wan County have adppted a com
munity progress contest for 1958.
The contest is sponsored by the
Peoples Bank & Trust Company
and Chowan County Agriculture
Workers’ Council.
A meeting of representative
community leaders was held at
the Advance Community Build
ing on Thursday night, March 20.
Every community in Chowan
County was represented by one
or more leaders.
...Ricbacd -Atkinson, . vice presi,-, L
dent qf-Peoples Bank & Trust
Company, Edenton branch, ex
plained thh operation and results
of the community progress con
tests which have been in opera
' tion in Nash and Edgecombe
counties several years. Several
Mrs. Fletcher
Speaker For
Club Women
Mrs. Inglis Fletcher of Bandon
Plantation, well known author,
will speak to hundreds of home
demonstration club women as
their 23rd annual District Federa
tion meeting which will be held
at Chowan College, Murfreesboro,
Wednesday, April 9.
Mrs. Fletcher, author of many
books of fiction, fias a special in
terest in research' and writing
and speak on the subject,
“The Background of Historical
Mrs. Fletcher’s latest books are
“The Wind In the Forest” and
“The Scotswoman”.
—" 1 * ~ t 1 '
120 Years Ago
I As Found In the File* of
The Chowan Herald
J. G. Parry, Chowan County
game warder, called attention to
■ nd line and
was closed
Is Newest Enterprise In County
! ing Corporator!* whieh began op-
Edenton, Chowan County, Ndrth Carolina, Thursday, April 3,1958.
tional exercises.
Miss Bunch, 17, is editor of her
school annual; member of Nation
al Honor Society; chief majorette;
member of the Tri-Hi-Y; and re
cipient of the DAR Senior Citi
zenship Award.
She will serve as maid of hon
or to an international princess
frem one of the 15 NATO na
tions. Her escort for the corona
tion on Saturday afternoon and
the gigantic Navy Relief Ball that
night will be a first classman
from the U. S. Naval Academy at
Patricia Jane LeMay, 19-year
old daughter of Air Force Gen
eral and Mrs. Curtis LeMay, will
reign as Queen Azalea V. Her
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agriculture workers explained |
•tentative plans as set up for Cho-1,
wan County. The group then!,
voted unanimously to adopt the | (
contest for 1958 as a beginning, j
The group requested County .
Agent C. W. Overman to outline
the communities on a county map ,
according to the way they were j
set up under the old community .
leaders system in 1941. Follow
ing this the community leaders .
will agree on where community ;
boundaries should be set up for ,
tija. oLJfee J&ntest. AI
meeting will be called in each
community at which the contest '
will be explained by one of the
agriculture workers. The com
munity will then decide whether ,
it wants to enter the contest. If i
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At Post Office
Cost $21,196
According to information from
Congressman Herbert C. Bon
ner, a considerable amount of
money will be spent in improve
ments at the Edenton Post Of
In a telegram sent to The
Herald late last week, Mr. Bon
ner had this to say:
“General Services Adminis
tration advises me that Watson
Hart, consulting engineers of
Greensboro, N. C., has been re
tained to prepare plans and spe
cifications and the estimated
overall construction costs for air
conditioning and electrical work
at the Edenton Post Office.
“The cost of these improve
ments is estimated to be in the
neighborhood of $21,196, with
plans and specifications due by
July 15.”
Edenton PTA Will
Meet April 15th
Edenton’s Parent-Teacher Asso
ciation will meet Tuesday night,
April 15, at 8 o’clock in the Jun
ior-Senior High School cafeteria,
j The Elementary School Band and
(Chorus will present a program,
'followed by a social hour.
Itein value and is used in chick
|en feed, hog, feed and any kind
lof feed needing protein. The
plant is capable of manufacturing
three tons of the fish meal per
hour, with five tons of raw ma
terial making one ton of the fin
ished product. The fish meal is
: j«. < mmm : w • ns $ wm-&
s'*};.-:' WM I Jk pp
' "iflH E[ _ mF* ' ! W
"For Christ Is Risen and All the Earth's at Play."
Plans Completed For Staging
Womanless Wedding April 9
In Chowan High Auditorium
I Final plans were announced
j this week by the Chowan Home
Demonstration Clubs for the “Wo
manless Wedding” to be present
(ed at the Chowan High School
auditorium Wednesday night,
April -9, at 8 o’clock. The selec-i
tion of the cast has been com
pleted and it is learned that they
are practicing very faithfully.
Reports are to the effect that this
program will offer an evening of
hilarious entertainment for every
j The public is urged to attend
this event, followed by a unique
Rural Churches Joiu For Union
Sunrise Service Easter Morning
Plans for an Easter Sunrise
Service to be held at 6:00 in the
\ rural Baptist Churches of Chowan
County have been completed.
The service will be. held at the
Rocky Hock Baptist Church, with
the Macedonia Baptist Church,
the Center Hill Baptist Church,
the Great Hope Baptist Church,
the Center Hill Methodist Church
and the Evans Methodist Church
joining together for the service.
The program will include the
invocation by Jesse Ray Mans
field of the Great Hope Church, a
men’s quartet from the Rocky
Hock Church, welcome by the
host pastor, the Rev. B. L.
Senior Play
Big Success
Performing like veterans, mem
bers of the senior class of the
Eden t o n Junior-Senior High
School presented their annual
play, “Strictly Formal” in the
Elementary School auditorium on
Friday night. A large crowd was
on hand to witness the play,
which was very much enjoyed by
those present.
The play centered around a
Junior-Senior dance with some of •
the girls without dates, so that
quite a few laugh-provoking sit
uations developed much to the
pleasure of the audience.
The play was not only a credit
. to the members of the cast, but
Miss Ann Mayor, N. J. George,
directors; Grace Whiteman, stu
dent director and Mrs. Alice
Belch, technical advisor. j
' Those taking part in the play
were Rosa Hollowell,. Linda
Leary, Patricia Bunch, Jack Ov
erman, R u t.h Stokely, Eddie
George, Jerry Holmes, Deanna
Holloweil, Carol Jethro, Page
Cayton, Tommy Kehayes, Ray
White, Ann Stacy, Imogene Rog
erson, Myrna Skinner and Billy
j - 1 ■■■■■
Edenton Chapter No. 302, Or
-1 night. April, 7 at ft o’clock Mrs.
“reception” at the Chowan Com
munity Building, located direct
ly across the road from the school.
The “wedding party” will greet
the guests at the “reception,”
, where soft drinks, homemade cup
I cakes, sandwiches, and candy will
be served—for a slight fee!
During the reception, the draw
ing will be made for a lovely,
three-tier wedding cake for which
chances will be sold prior to the
t The.wadding oast will include:
l -Bride, Lester Copeland; bride
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Raines, special music by the
Macedonia Baptist Church Choir,
and a combined choir of all the
churches, Scriptures and prayer
by the Rev. L. C. Chandler of
the Macedonia Church, message
by the Rev. F. W. Fortescue of
the Center Hill Methodist Church
and benediction by Warner Ev
ans of the Evans Church.
Special flower arrangements
will be given by the host church.
A brief prelude of Easter music
will be presented by Miss Beulah
Evans of the host church. The
music will be led by the Rev. H.
V. Napier of the Center Hill Bap
tist Church. The public is invit
ed to attend this service.
New Members
Join C Os C.
Four additional Edenton busi
ness firms have become members
of the local Chamber of Com
merce during the month of
March, President Gilliam Wood
has announced, 'they are Halsey
Hardwood Cofnpany, Inc., repre
sented by R. P. Baer; Jill Shoppy
represented by Mrs. Richard
Copeland; Betty Shoppe, repre
sented by Mrs. J. Graham Rob
-1 bins, and W. D. Townson Lum
ber Company, represented by
William Townson.
President Wood, on behalf of
the board of directors, welcomed
■ the firms to the Chamber organi
; zatioit. -
•J*— •> I
Overman Speaker
At Rotary Meeting
’N —1
ij County Agent C. W. Overman
was the principal speaker at last
i week’s Rotary meeting, when he
i used as his subject “Where Do
■ You Live and Who js Your Neigh
• bor?” Mr. Overman pointed out
the dependence of everybody on
■ agriculture so that there should
be close cooperation, between the
farmer and those who live in cit
ies. He also complimented the
Eden ton Jaycees and Assistant
t.for the very successful fat stock
| • Vivnm nn J T? nVinil
. | John Nixon ana Hooctx poyce,
[ firemen Meet j
Firemen from about 30 east
ern towns, representing the Easi
i ern Carolina Firemen's Associa
tion, will meet in Edenton Tues
day, April 8, for which Edenton
firemen will act as hosts.
A dinner meeting at 7 o'doclc
■ at tha American Legion Buiid
, ing will climax the meeting, at
j which town and county officials
will be special guests.
Sunday Final
Day Os Easter
Seal Campaign
The 1958 fiaster Seal campaign
L in North Carolina ends on Easter
Sunday with many contributors
• yet to be heard from, according
! to Felix S. Barker, president of
the North Carolina Society for
! Crippled Children and Adults.
> Proceeds go to provide rehabili
? tation services for handicapped
t children and adults here in North
■ Carolina.
“The goal of the Easter Seal So-
ciety is to create better lives for!
1 more crippled children and adults
through a well-integrated reha
bilitation service,” Mr. Barker
51 declared. The Society’s efforts
■ are geared to treat the whole per
: son and restore him to the great
-1 est possible physical, mental, so
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Story Hours
At Library
J Story hours are scheduled to be
• held at the Shepard-Pruden Me
morial Library this (Thursday)
afternoon and another Thursday
. afternoon, April 10. Both affairs
will be held from 3:45 to 4:45
f o’clock.
1 Today’s story hour will be for
r children between the ages of 4
. and 7, with Mrs. Ed Bond in
charge, assisted by Mrs. Selby
[ Harney. The story hour on April •
. 10 will be for children between I
. the ages of 8 and 12.
- Large Audience Delighted W ith
[ Presentation Os Easter Cantata
Edenton’s spacious Baptist
I Church was filled almost to ca
pacity Sunday afternoon when
the Senior High School Mixed
Chorus, under the direction of
Mrs. Mary Leggett Browning,
presented the Easter Cantata
“Penitence, Pardon and Peace,”
by J. JI. Maunder. Miss Lula
Williams presided at the organ.
The program was expertly exe
cuted and very much enjoyed by
the large audience, many ot
whom showered Congratulations
and on all who par
ticipated. . / y
The cantata was in three parts
with Jane DuLaney soloist for
the first pert. For the second
part Tommy Rehayes, Billy Wil
kins, Minta Hobbs. Peggy Elliott,
Jane DuLaney and Gus Hughes,
Jr., were soloists. Jack Over
man and Billy Wilkins were sote
i ists for the third
$2.00 Per Year In North Carolina,
Term Os Superior
Court Completed
T uesday Afternoon
r \
I Seeking Office J
V- d
v w
On Tuesday John F. White
filed as a candidate for Clerk of
Court in the forthcoming prim
ary election in May. Mr. White !
has practiced law in Edenton i
since 1926 and served the county
in the General Assembly for a
number of terms.
Music Pupils
Win Ratings
Four Edenton music pupils par
ticipated in the district music fes
tival held recently at Greenville
and information received last
week was to the effect that all
four were given a rating of “Ex
Those in thfc Edenton group
were Roger Lamb, Bud Skiles and
Jo Ann Leary of the junior high
school and Brenda Mooney, rep
resenting the senior high school.
Miss Mooney, by reason of being
in the senior high school, is eligi
ble to participate in the state mu
sic festival which will lx* held In
Greensboro Saturday, April IZ.
The Edenton participants in
the district contest are pupils of
Miss Lula Williams and Mrs. C.
B. Mooney, and received many
I compliments for their accomplish
ments at Greeenville.
Albert G. Byrum
Seeks Re-election
Albert G. Byrum this week
made the announcement he will
seek re-election as Chowan |
County’s Representative in the |
North Carolina General As- j
Mr. Byrum served one term ]
and says he is very much im
pressed with the work of the |
Legislature and will devote his j
ability to the best interest of,
Chowan County and the State j
as a whole.
-v. ?
Edenton Lions Club Variety
Show will be staged in the Ele
mentary School auditorium Fri
< day night. April 11, at 8 o'clock.
An Easter play will be present
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Members of the chorus are:
Page Cayton, Beth Tolley, Har
riet Bond, Jane DuLanay, Kay
Lowe, Peggy Elliott, Ann Owens,
Imogene Rogerson, Donnie Mitch
ell, Maudae Lee Corprew, Geor
gia Skinner, Myrna Skinner, Rosa
Hollowell, Safa Smith, Wanda
Singletary, Betty Privott, Joan
Garrett, Fay Cayton, Betsy Crad
dock, Yvonne Williams, Judy
Adams, Joyce Mitchell, Betsy
Ross, Jimmie Cozzens, Linda
Leary, Millie Willis, Minta Hobbs,
Janet Bunch, Brenda Mooney,
Dolly Wright, Virginia Jones,
Carolyn Perkins, Judy Israel,
Kathryn Wozelka, Millie Price,
Patricia Bunch, Ruth Stokely, Pa
tricia Waff, Jack Overman, John
Mitchener, Ray Ward, Gus
Hughes, Jr., Ralph Hawkins, Er
win Griffin, Edwin Byrum, Jim
my Rogerson, Billy Wilkins, Tom-
J Joseph Chessons Gets
> 15 to 17 Years on
Murder Charge
Judge Henry L. Stevens, first
j Superior Court judge to preside
j over a Chowan term of court
wearing a black robe, waded
through a crowded docket and
I adjourned the term of court Tues
day afternoon. Quite a few cas-
I es were continued, a number of
j which was caused by the illness
I of William S. Privott, who was
I attorney.
Judge Stevens opened court
j | promptly at 10 o’clock Monday
morning, with swearing in of
jurymen and selection of a grand
jury being the first order of busi
The grand jury was composed
of the following: John A. Bunch,
Ervin Spivey, Albert Bunch, C.
Lloyd Lane, J. C. Hendrix, Henry
Copeland, E. G. Blanchard, R. F.
Jordan, George W. Bennett, J.
Thomas Brabble, James Kermit
Layton, K. W. Smith, J. E. Perry,
. Jr., Thomas E. Francis, Frank
I L. Williams, Lester T. Copeland,
W. R. Eason and Vernon Halsey.
Judge Stevens appointed E. G.
Blanchard as foreman.
In charging the jury Judge Ste
vens said it was a pleasure to
come back to preside over a term
of court after an absence of sev
en years. “It gives me an op
portunity to renew the acquaint
ance of friends and to work with ■
vour very fine solicitor,” he said.
“Some of y.our very fine people
have passed away,” continued the
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Joe Webb, Jr., And
Bembry Wood File
For Commissioner
With Joe Webb, veteran Coun
ty Commissioner, recently an
nouncing he definitely will not
be a candidate for re-election,
two candidates this week an
nounced they will be candidates
for the office vacated bv Mr.
The two candidates are Joe
Webb. Jr., and Bembry Wood.
D And M Superette
Joins Chain Os Red
And White Stores
Announcement is made this
week that the D & M Superette
jon North Broad Street is joining
ilhe chain of Red and White
j stores, with a grand opening
J planned to be observed Thurs- ,
| day and Friday of next week.*
|ln connection with the change,
[ free prizes will be given away
j Friday and Saturday, April 11
and 12.
J The change is being made in
| order to better serve the people
|of Edenton and the Albemarle,
1 being associated with an or
ganization having 7,200 inde
pendently-owned stores in 44
states, the District of Columbia
and Canada.
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Dail be
gan the grocery business in 1946
and about a year ago Mr. and
Mrs. Dan Morgan of Elizabeth
City became part owners.
Easter Service At*
Assembly Os God
The Rev. R. O. Denton, pastor
of the Assembly of God Church,
comer of First and Bond Streets,
has announced plans for special
Easter services. A Sunrise Ser
vice is anticipated at 6:30 A. M.,
on the church lawn providing the .
1 weather is permissable. The
group will be favored with songs
1 by the Christ Ambassadors of the
■ local church, along with eongre- ,
' gational singing. The early morn
’ ing commemoration will be high*
1 lighted by testimonies and a time
. of worship and admiration, tol
, lowed by an address by tha
’ tor * .v;’4jß
, Sunday Schoo' will begin at the
, usual time of 9:45 immediaieiy ■
- followed by the n<. ming wot :■* : p. 4
» At this time communion wih he j
5 served and the morning sermoa |
- will be by Mrs. R. O. Denton, co
■ pastor.
r, ---The public is inv*t|g
v »,«. • -*■ iV-vv v « » . lb*. *•>

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