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    pßegiilations Are Tightened op|
Discount Varieties Os Tohaccdj
|L Administration regulations for;
Sjfoe already announced 50 per cent'
'discount in price support loans 1
’for Coker (139, Coker 140, and
Dixie Blight 244 varieties of 1958-'
crop flue-cured tobacco are made
public hy the U. S. Department j
of Agriculture. At the same,
-time, the Department advised |
' growers that no special pool ar-1
rangements will be made for dis- \
count varieties of tobacco from
this year’s crop.
Flue-cured tobacco is grown
principally in Virginia, North
Carolina, (South Carolina, Georgia
and Florida.
Reduced price supports for the
“undesirable” varieties of flue
cured tobacco, in force for the
first time in 1957, were announc
ed for this year’s crop last No
vember. Strongly supported by
the flue-cured tobacco trade and
fftte-cured growers, the action
taken last year sharply reduced
production of the discount varie
ties and did much, to restore in
ternational confidence in the tra
,ijitionaFftavor and aroma of U. S.
, flue-cured tobacco, the Depart
ment pointed out.
Production of the three dis
count varieties reached a peak in
1956, causing a serious problem
in the flue-cured tobacco trade.
All segments of the industry join
ed to encourage their production
and urged the Department to ad
just lo4p rates downward on the
undesirable tobaccos. Beginning
with thp 1957 crop, the Depart
ment djjd so.
As a/j-esult, less than one-half
of 1 per cent of last year’s total
flue-cured tobacco production was
of the discount varieties, reflect
ing a *J|rong support of the pro
gram by .-the majority of flue-cur
ed tobifcCo growers, the Depart
ment explained. Most of the “un.
desiratSe’’ tobacco that was pro
duced "Was not grown intention
ally. £s'
Department officials said that
the saipe close cooperation on the
part of growers is expected again
thia n yaa l r. At the same time, they
praised the conscientious work
done in the flue-cured area by
State and county Agricultural
Stabilization and Conservation
(ASC) offices in explaining and
Sdministering the program last
Steps to be taken in carrying
out the discount program for the
1958 crop will include the follow
(1) The farm operator will be
asked to make a certification as
to whether any of the discount
variety tobacco is being produced
on his farm or on any other farm
operated by him.
(2) Each farm on which flue
cured tobacco is being produced
will be visited for the purpose of
variety examination. Additional
variety specialists will be em
ployed to conduct extensive
checking throughout the flue-cur
ed area.
(3) In any case where there is
a question as to varieties being
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produced, green-leaf samples'
tobacco will be collected ' fori
chemical analysis. "These dated
will serve as additional inform*»a
tion in determining discount VaJ
riety tobacco. I
(4) After discount variety to-!l
bacco has been determined to bf j
growing on a farm and the farrr ]
operator has been duly notified!
the farm operator or any othe’ j
producer on the farm may, widj-J
in seven days from date of rpiffyer,
ing of notice, make a writtervfe
quest to the ASC county omc*
for a review examination. Thirl
review exam ination will b'
made by a team of two different
variety specialists. A second qi£t
of green-leaf samples of tobacco,
will be collected during this visit
In addition, a color photograph
will be made of a representative
tobacco plant. Following the
view examination and second
chemical analysis the ASC couiji
ty committee will make its final
finding as to whether the pro-'
ducer has discount varieties. \
(5) A within quota “limited:
support” marketing card will be
issued for the farm in cases whefr
the farm operator is unable to <£lv
tablish that no tobacco of dis
count variety was produced ■c*
the farm or on any other farm he 1
operates. The within-quota liffijj
ited-support marketing card rrvbf 1
later be exchanged for a full-suf»
port marketing card if other VSP
rieties of tobacco from the
are available for marketing and
the farm operator has marketed
accounted for, or satisfactorily
disposed of the discount variety
tobacco. The farm operator a IS#'
must establish that there has beer
no commingling or substitution p f .
discount variety tobacco with]
any other tobacco.
(6) Discount variety tob&ceoi
will be identified on the auction
warehouse floor bv distingujSlS
ably different basket tickets. The
identification will apply
producer sales and to resales bv,
dealers and warehousemen. This
floor identification plan was de
veloned so that buyers may bid
I on the acceptable varieties with
' knowledge and confidence.
I - - - - -
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ed at the First Christian Church
Sunday night, April 6, at 7:30
May Day Festival will be held
in the Edenlon armory Thurs-,
day. May 1.
Room mother chairmen in the
Edenton schools will meet Thurs
day night, April 10, at 8 o'clock
to complete plans for the celebra
tion of a May Day Festival.
Story hours will be held at the
Shepard-Pruden Memorial Li
brary this (Thursdav) afternoon
from 3:45 to 4:45 o'clock for chil
dren 4 to 7 years old and another
Thursday afternoon. April lOi
from 3:45 to 4:45 for children 8r
■M&2 years old.
fepAn Easter Sunrise service will
at 6:30 o'clock Sunday,
fferil 6, at the Assembly of God
Mpbard of directors of the Eden-
Jbo Chamber of Commerce will
at Hotel Joseph Hewes this
afternoon at 5 o'clock.
feknlon's Parent-Teacher Asso-
JjMppn will meet Tuesday night,
sflUfU IS- at 8 o'clock in the case-
Mm at the Junior-Senior High
!• fjpvival services will close at
EM' Presbyterian Church Friday
Mbhi. April 4.
PA staled communication of
Lodge No. 7. A. F. 8c
M. I M., will be held tonight
| Thursday) at 8 o'clock.
services at the Mace
flonia Baptist Church will close
Saturday nigcht, April 5.
! Edenlon Chapter No. 302, Or
ftor of the Eastern Star, will meet
]&fonday night, April 7, at 8
4 Edenton Tea Party Chapter of
the DAR will meet in the Iredell
teuse Wednesday afternoon.
April 9, at 3:30 o'clock.
.Chowan County Commissioners
will meet in the Court House
Monday morning, April 7, at 10
- Town Council will hold its
April meeting in the Municipal
Building Tuesday night, April 8,
,|t 8 o'clock. ,
* Mrs. Inglis Fletcher will be the
principal speaker at the 23rd an
nual district meeting of home
demonstration clubs which will
bp'held at Chowan College. Mur
freesboro, Wednesday, April 9.
*The April meeting of the Cho
wan Cooperative Produce Ex
change will be held Tuesday
night, April 8. at 8 o'clock at the
Hfccky Hock School.
Northeastern Cancer Clin*
! p will be held at the Health De
3rtmenl in Elizabeth City Fri
y. April 4.
- .'The Easter Seal sale will be in
ptWgress in Edenton through Eas
ter Sunday. April 6.
:The Eastern Carolina Fire
•nan's Association will meet in
tflenlon Tuesday, April 8.
Edenton Rolarians will meet
this (Thursday) afternoon at 1
o'clock in the Parish House.
James M. Johnston will be in
Room 209, Citizens Bank Build
ing. April 7 through April 15 to
assist in filing income tax re
Sponsored by the Chowan
Home Demonstration County
Council, a "Womanless Wedding"
will be held in the Chowan High
School auditorium Wednesday
night. April 9, at 8 o'clock.
Posters in the Chowan Conser
vation poster contest will be
judged at Chowan High School
Friday, April 4, at 2 P. M.
Senior and Junior Councils of
the Edanton Teen-Age Club will
sponsor a napkin sale Tuesday,
April 8.
Rocky Hock Baptist, Center
Hill Baptist, Great Hope Baptist,
Center Hill Methodist, Evans
Methodist and Macedonia Baptist
churches will hold a joint Easter
Sunrise Service Sunday morning,
April 6, at 6 o'clock in the Rocky
y C ' + \? \ ,«* * • y * - * -
H > • ■ WH '•'■-A | * uJyt'' %
t- ~
CORNY EFFECT —lt may be corny but this funny face lends
a little something extra to the farm of Walter P. Schindler in
New Glarus, Wis. Schindler made the corn crib out of snow
fence material, using corn stalks atop as weather protection.
Hock Church. j
Sponsored by the WilHam H.
Coffield Post No. 9280, Veterans!
of Foreign Wars, dances are be
ing held in the Post home every
Saturday night.
Chowan Tribe of Red Men
will meet Monday n ght at 7:30
Annual cancer drive is now in
progress in Chowan County.
Edenton Lions Club will meet
Monday night at 7 o'clock.
William H. Coffield Post No.
9280, Veterans of Foreign Wars,
will meet Tuesday night at 8
Sponsored by William H. Cof
field Post No. 9280, radio-dance
programs are being held at the
Post home Saturday afternoons
beginning at 3 o'clock.
Community Progress
Program Adopted
Continued from Page 1. Section 1
the community agrees to partici
pate, community organization will
follow. The community organiza
tion will consist of a chairman,
vice chairman, secretary and a
publicity chairman. A commit
tee will be named for each of the
projects the community selects to
work on. Community action and
records will immediately get un
der way.
Contest projects are divided in
to five groups: Educational pro
jects, recreational projects, com
munity projects, farm projects,
and home projects. In each of
these groups there are listed sev
eral projects for the community
to select from. Additional pro
jects which are very much need
ed by the community may be
added. Each community will se
lect at least two projects from
each of the five groups, and a
minimum of twelve projects as a
total. No community will be
limited to twelve projects and
they may go as far beyond that
as they can reasonably concen
trate their activities.
The basis for judging will be on
progress basis. Each community
will keep a scrapbook record of
its activities and accomplish
ments. The Danish type of judg
ing will be used, this means that
communities will be placed in
blue ribbon, red ribbon and white
ribbon classes. The largest
amount of money will go to the
white ribbon winners. Every
community making reasonable
progress will receive some award.
The agriculture workers hope
that every community in Chowan
County will enter the contest.
Every community is bound to
win because of the progress it
makes. People and communities
should begin at once making their
plans and starting work on pro
jects on the home, on the farm,
and in the community.
Final Meeting To
Make Plans For
May Day Festival
Room mother chairmen in both
the Edenton Junior-Senior High
School and Elementary School
are asked to meet Thursday night,
April 10, at 8 o’clock. The chair
men are requested to have had all
committee meetings held prior to
that time so that they will be en
abled to bring information re
garding material needed for dec
orating booths at the May Day
Festival along the line of crepe
paoer, balloons, etc.
This will be the final meeting
before the Mav Day Festival
which will be held Thursday, Mav
1, in the Edenton armory, so that
every chairman is urgently re
quested to be present. Teachers
are also invited and urged to at-
Merchants To Meet
In Raleigh May 18
Over 400 persons are expected
to attend the 56th annual con
vention of the North Carolina
Merchants Association which will
be held in Raleigh May 18-20.
One of tne principal speakers
will be John Hazen of Washing
ton, D. C., vice president of the
National Retail Merchants Asso
ciation, who will bring an import
ant message on "The Washington
Registration for (he convention,
which will have headquarters in
Hotel Sir Walter, will start Sun
day afternoon, May 13. An open
house for the merchants and their
guests will be held that evening.
In last week’s Herald the
name of Delores Barrow was
omitted from the list of National
Honor students who attended
the state contest held at Win
gate College. Her name should
have been included with the
group and the omission is re
gretted by The Herald.
Chowan Tribe of Red Men will
meet Monday: night, April 7, at
7:30 o’clock. Hurley Ward, sa
chem, is very anxious to have a
good turn-out of members.
(jeste lor
/ -M / / JViW
Good things come in twos ond threes, this Easter We re J M\| / j JF '1 | A
referring, of course, to the popular new costumes . . «; | Jr ' .Ijjjl |1
Co-op Produce
Exchange Called
To Meet April 8
The April meeting of the Cho
wan Cooperative Produce Ex
change will be held at Rocky
Hock School Tuesday night, April
8, promptly at 8 o’clock, accord
ing to Carey M. Evans, secretary
treasurer. All members should be
April 8 is the present closing
date for acreage sign-up under
the Cooperative. Members who
wish to sign-up vegetables, but
who have not to date, may bring
in or sign their forms at the meet
New members may also be ac
cepted upon payment of a five
dollar membership fee and ac
ceptance by the organization. It
is possible for new members to be
accepted and for them to sign up
at this meeting.
“We are particularly anxious to
have additional growers from
other counties as well as Chowan,
to become members,” Mr, Evans
Other matters pertaining to the
operation of the market during
the 1958 season will be consider
ed. “We will have some addition
al information on vegetables and
their production if time permits,”
says Mr. Evans.
Washington Couple
Honored At Buffet
Supper March 22nd
Miss Jane Welch and Bill Page
of Washington, N. C., whose mar
riage will be a June event, were
honored Saturday night, March
22, with a buffet supper given by
her great, aunts and uncles, Mr.
and Mrs. C. J. Hollowell and Mr.
and Mrs. R. K. 'Hollowell.
The pre-nuptial celebration
took place at the Chowan Com
munity House which was effec
tively arranged throughout with
arrangements of yellow and white
early spring flowers.
The buffet table was lighted by
white tapers in silver five-branch
ed candelabra holding epergn
ettes of jonquils, white carnations,
sweet peas and gypophelia.
Miss Welch was remembered
with a corsage of white carna
Approximately 60 friends and
relatives attended the affair.
Miss Welch is a granddaughter
of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Leary of
Tyner and Mrs. W. D. Welch of
Mrs. Haywood Phthisic was!
hostess at the regular meeting of ,
the Byrd Home Demonstration j
Club, held March 20, with nine j
members present.
The group sang “Believe Me,'”
followed by prayer. Mrs. George
Smith presented the devotional. ;
Mrs. M. ■ T. Barrington gave a
report of the County Council
meeting held at Center Hill Com
munity Building, following which
SQUARE DEAL ... the PREMIUM fertilizer . . .
HAvciilaLla in c.’l grades
for general crops.
McsLs sure ycur crops
receive all the plant foe J
they need, including
IfcSlL vital trace tinmen?:.
jj| •
See us for your sup pi /
■ ■ i c. SQJARu DaAL.
Leary Bros. Storage Co.
Phones 2141-2142 : Edenton, N. C.
j the club selected the member to
be known as “Homemaker of the
' Month”.
Mrs. J. D. Swindell gave a very
i interesting and instructive dem
onstration on “Fabrics, Synthetics
and Blends.” The meeting was
! closed by the members repeating
the Club Collett.
The hostess seived delicious re
freshments which were enjoyed
by all.

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