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Volume XXV.—Number 21.
Over 150 Attend Annual
Banquet For Presentation
of Awards To Band Members
Regret Expressed Due
To Miss Williams I
Leaving Edenton
With over 150 in attendance,
the annual banquet for presenta
« tion of awards to members of the
Elementary and Junior-Senior
High School Bands was a splen
did success. The banquet was
held in the American Legion
\ building Monday night, where a
sumptuous turkey dinner was ser
ved by members of the American
Legion Auxiliary.
R. N. Hines, a former president
of the Band Parents Association,
acted as master of ceremonies and
called upon Percy Mclver for the
invocation. After the meal Mrs.
John Bunch, president of the
Band Parents Association, made a
very appropriate address of wel
come which was responded to by
Gerald James.
Mr. Hines introduced the spe
cial guests and Jack Mooney,
with Mrs. Mooney at the piano
led the group in singing “God
Bless America” and “Carolina
Moon.” A feature of the program
was several solos sung by Mr.
Mooney with Mrs. Mooney as ac
companist. His numbers especial
ly appealed to the younger
v group, who greeted them with
' thunderous applause.
The principal speaker for the
occasion was Dr. Kenneth N.
Cuthbert, who was introduced by
Miss Lula Williams, band direc
tor. Dr. Cuthbert is director of
music at East Carolina College,
Greenville. He went to ECC in
1951 and under his forceful and
* challenging leadership the music
department has grown with
amazing rapidity in every aspect.
Dr. Cuthbert paid glowing tri
bute to Miss Williams for her ac
, complishments in Edenton. Miss
Williams will leave Edenton- af
ter school closes to go to Europe
and this fact caused the reflec
tion of regret on the part of prac
tically every one present.
“We should be interested in
some of the finer things of life,”
said Dr. Cuthbert, “and that’s
where music comes in.”
He said many people spend a
lot of time at one thing or anoth
er, but asked what they get out
of it “Music,” he said, “is a
thing of beauty and often keeps
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Rabies Clinics
Begin May 26
Dr. G. L. Gilchrist, rabies in
spector for Chowan County, an
nounces that rabies clinics will
be held in the county from Mon
day, May 26, to Saturday, May 31.
He also states that he will vac
cinate dogs for Edenton residents
at his home in Westover Heights,
'any time during May.
. Dr. Gilchrist calls attention to
the public health laws which re
quire dogs to be vaccinated
against rabies and urges dog
* owners to comply with the law.
“Protect your dogs and your chil
dren from rabies by having dogs
vaccinated,” he says.
The vaccine being used will
protect dogs for a period of three
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Schools Receive Recon! Players
Ik' ' fi i
Ts i ,tor; Jf u -‘ili Ifelßi fll If* | ilit&Sfi -, y " t ' r ' l -j7 ~ t %\\ w
COIIBWI Jr w pTA piiiidnt who prMintid
| Chowan Speaker ]
In JSt f*m
Hifc j§§
Speaker at commencement ex
ercises at Chowan High School
Thursday, May 29, will be Ralph
F.‘ W. Brimley, director of public
relations and Foundations id East
Carolina College, Greenville.
Coach Brooks
Resigns Position
At Local School
Many friends will regret to
learn that Alton Brooks, popular
baseball and basketball coach and
head of the physical education de
partment has resigned. Mr.
Brooks resigned to accept a posi
tion at Lumberton High School
as head baseball and basketball
Mr. Brooks has been in Eden
ton five years and has been very
popular not only among the stu
dents, but parents as well, all of
whom regret to see him leave.
Not only did Mr. Brooks teach
and coach at the Edenton school,
but he contributed a great deal
of his time and effort ,to summer
recreation programs in which var
ious kinds of sports and enter
tainment was provided for the
youth of the community.
20 Years Ago
As Found in the Files of
The Chowan Herald
Chowan County Democrats re
elected ' B. Warner Evans chair
man of the County Executive
Committee. t
As a result of efforts of Rich
ard D. Dixon an exhibition of
early American art was put on
display on the wall of the Clerk
of Court’s office.
A new schedule of trash collec
tions was put into effect in an
effort to maintain a cleaner town.
Plans were announced for a
band concert in the Edenton ar
mory with the Edenton, Elisabeth
City, Ahoskie and Rabersonville
bands participating.
~ A junior baseball team was or
ganised in Edenton with four
teams, Yankees, Mill Team, North
Edenton and Rinky Dinks.
One thousand chairs were pur
chased for the new Edenton
school auditorium and between
200 and 300 old school chairs were
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7| jj Mn, Ghowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, May 22, 1958.
Joe Swanner. chairman of the
Chowan County blood program,
calls attention to the next visit of
the Red Cross bloodmobile. which
is scheduled to appear at the
Edenton armory Monday, June 2.
The quota for .the county will be
100 pints and Mr. Swanner hopes
enough Chowan County people,
both white and colored, will vol
unteer to donate a pint of blood
so that the quota will be realised.
The bloodmobile will be at the
armory between the hours of
9:30 A. M.. and 3:30 P. M.
Local Minister
Speaks Before
Lions Group
At their regular Monday night
meeting, the Rev. J. Earl Richard
son, minister, Edenton Methodist
Church spoke before the club on
the role of a pastor. West Leary
had charge of the program and
introduced the speaker. Richard
son spoke of the prevalence of
mental disorders and conflicts in
varying degrees, from those re
quiring psychiatric attention to
those which respond to pastoral
counseling. “The background of
a pastor who has completed sem
inary training always includes
practical training in counseling,”
explained the speaker, “and the
minister learns many valuable
techniques in counseling. Among
these is the ability to recognize
conditions that are beyond his
scope. In these cases the minis
ter is capable of making referrals
to persons or agencies which are
capable of treating these condi
tions. In many other cases it is
effective to lend a sympathetic
ear to a person’s problems.”
Richardson cited one problem
in getting people to confide in
ministers as the fear of being
“preached at”. He emphasized
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Edenton Escapee
Taken In Newark
One of three Negroes who slug
ged Jailer Bertram Byrum and
escaped from the Chowan Coun
ty Jail January 6, has been ap
prehended by police in Newark,
N. J., and Sheriff J. A. Bunch re
turned to Edenton Monday night
of this week with the prisoner.
Newark police picked up Frank
Rascoe on a minor charge and
discovered he was wanted for jail
break in addition to the original
charge for which he was arrested,
breaking and entering. Rascoe
was arrested by local authorities
in connection with a breakin at
the W. D. Holmes Wholesale Com
On the night of January 6, Ras
coe and two Negro cellmates,
Jasper Cobb and Stewart Burns,
escaped from the Edenton jail by
overpowering Jailer Byrum. Cobb
was later apprehended in Nor
folk. Burns, who hails from Ne
wark, has not been picked up.
C. of C. Directors
Will Meet Today
The Board of Directors of the
Edenton Chamber of Commerce
will meet this afternoon (Thurs
day) at 5 o’clock in the Hotel Jo
seph Hewes. Executive Secretary
karry Smith, Jr., said the meet
ing time is changed back to the
afternoon to accommodate many
directors who could not attend
morning sessions.
Mr. Smith states that several
matters on the agenda require
voting by the full board and urges
all directors to attend.
First Degree Tonight
At Masonic Meeting
Daniel P. Reaves, master of j
Unanimity Lodge No. 7, A. F. it
A. M, has called an emergent
communication., for ..tonight
flbureday) at 8 o’clock. The pur
pose of the meeting is to confer
the find degree, so that a large
attendance is desired.
Dr. M. Ray McKay
To Preach Sunday
At Baptist Church
Fills Pulpit While Pas
tor Is At Baptist
While the pastor, the Rev. R.
N. Carroll is attending the South
ern Baptist Convention in Hous
ton, Texas, Dr. M. Ray McKay of
the Southeastern Baptist Theo
logical Seminary in Wake Forest
will preach at the Baptist Church
on Sunday, May 25, at the morn
ing worship hour of 11:00 o’clock.
Because he has been guest
preacher on a number of occas
ions, Dr. McKay is well known
and has endeared himself to the
church membership. He is also
well known throughout the Bap
tist Stkte Convention, as well as
the Southern Baptist Convention,
both as a preacher and as an edu
cator. Since the opening of the
Southeastern Baptist Theological
Seminary, Dr. McKay has headed
the School of Preaching and has
been much in demand as an in
terim pastor, guest minister, and
According to the annual prac
tice of the church there will be
no evening worship service in fa
vor of the Baccalaureate Sermon
of the graduating class of the lo
cal high school and the public is
cordially invited to hear Dr. Mc-
Kay at the morning worship hour
of 11:00 o’clock.
Commencement At
Local School Will
Begin Friday Night
Friday night, May 23, at 8
o’clock, commencement exercises
will begin for the Edenton Jun
ior-Senior High School, when
programs will be presented in the
Elementary School auditorium by
choral groups under the direction
of Mrs. Mary Leggett Browning.
The Rev. J. Earl Richardson,
pastor of the Methodist Church,
will preach the commencement
sermon in the Elementary School
auditorium Sunday night, May
25, at 8 o’clock. Members of all
denominations are cordially in
Members of the graduating
class will observe class night
on Thursday night, May 29, when
an interesting program has been
planned and some awards will be
presented. This program will al
so be held at 8 o’clock in the Ele
mentary School auditorium.
Graduation exercises, which
will round out high school ca
reers of members of the senior
class, will be held Friday night,
May 30, at 8 o’clock in the Ele
mentary School auditorium. The
principal speaker will be the Rev.
W. M. Howard, Jr., pastor of the
Jarvis Memorial Methodist
Church of Greenville, N. C.
Miss Colonial Os ’SB
Contest In Progress
A beauty contest to select “Miss
Colonial of 1958” in Edenton is
now under way, according to in
formation furnished The Herald
early this week.
Prizes and a trophy will be
awarded the young lady chosen
to reign during the Edenton Co
lonials’ baseball season.
All persons interested are re
quested to contact Frank Roberts
at radio station WCDJ, Edenton.
One-Shot Vote Law Will Not
Apply To State Senate Race
Voters in Chowan County, as in
all the First District, will be per
mitted to cast a ballot for only
one of the three candidates for
State Senate from this district if
they so desire. This ruling, how
ever, will not-apply to candidates
for county offices.
The above was revealed in a
letter to L. S. Byrum, chairman
of the Chowan County Board of
Elections, from R. C. Maxwell, ex
ecutive secretary of the State
Elections Board.
Chowan County is under G.S.
163-175, subsection 6, better
known as the One-Shot Vote
Law. This states that the one
shot law “shall apply to group
candidates for the same office
printed on the in any
County or Municipal primary held
in this State.” For example, if'
District Supervisors Receiving Oath
si • W 1 a
(.M il \ s I SB
Pictured are District Supervisors of the Albemarle Soil Conserva
tion District holding the Bible while Ralph Saunders, Clerk of Court
of Currituck County, administers the oath of office to the fourteen of
fifteen district supervisors. District Supervisors in North Carolina
have been serving since 1937 without taking the oath of office es re
quired by law. Chowan County Supervisors are L. B. Bunch. R. H.
Hollowell and Joe Webb. Jr.
DxAR Chapter
Hosts At Tea
The Edenton Tea Party Chapter
of N.S.D.A.R. were hostesses at
the James Iredell house on Wed-!
nesday afternoon honoring Mrs.
W. D. Holmes, Jr., newly elected i
State Regent. Other guests of j
honor were Mrs. Noah Burfoot,
State Corresponding Secretary of
Elizabeth City, and members of
the Betsy Dowdy Chapter of Eliz
abeth City.
Guests were received at the
door by Mrs. R. P. Baer and Mrs.
George Mack.
. Preceding the tea there was a j
short meeting of the Edenton and
Elizabeth City chapters presided
over by Mrs. Wood Privott, Re
gent. After Mrs. Privott’s wel
come, Mrs. Holmes and Mrs. Bur
foot gave interesting reports of i
thprecept meeting of Continental
congress in Washington, D. C.
The receiving line was compos
ed of Mrs. Holmes, Mrs. Burfoot,
Mrs. Towe, Regent of the Betsy
Dowdy Chapter and Mrs. Privott.
Mrs. John Kramer and Mrs. R.
P. Badham, former regents, pre
sided at the punch bowl.
Guest Preacher At
Episcopal Church
Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church
will be host to the Rev. Robert
Williamson Turner, Minister-in
charge of Saint Andrew’s-by-the-
Sea, Nags Head, Sunday at 11:00
A. M.
Mr. Turner is in charge of
Episcopal work in the outer banks
region of the Diocese of East
Carolina and came to this area
last year from Panama where he
served several churches and was
Archdeacon for two years.
A native of Tennessee he has
before served churches in North
Carolina and has had a very ac
tive fifteen years in the ministry.
Store Hours
The retail merchants of the
Edenton Chamber of Commerce
will meet tonight (Thursday) at 8
o'clock in the Court House to dis
cuss Saturday store hours, accord
ing to Merchants Committee
Chairman Ralph Parrish. Mr.
Parrish urges all retail store
members to be present.
there are five seats on a board,
(such as the Chowan County
Commissioners), ‘and there, are
five candidates, a voter cannot
vote for just one and have it
count. He willhave to vote for
all five. In races where there is
only one seat, .and several candi
dates, naturally a voter will cast
his ballot for only one.
The State Senate race is by dis
trict and several counties are con
solidated. This makes it, accord
ing to a ruling by the Attorney
General’s office, a District pri
mary arid the one-shot law does
not apply. Therefore, for State
Senate in the First District, in
which A. P. Godwin, Emmett
Winslow and William Copeland
are the candidates, a voter may
cast Hit vote for only one if he
so chooses.
Chowan Finals
Begin Friday
Chowan High School Com
mencement exercises will begin
Friday night, May 23, when the
senior class will present their
class night program, "A Southern
Rosary.” The junior class will
also participate.
The Rev. Frank Cale of South
Boston, Va., a native of Chowan
County, will deliver the bacca
laureate sermon Sunday night,
May 25. The Glee Club, under
the direction of Miss Ceceilia Wil
loughby, will render several se
The eighth grade graduation
exercises will take place Tuesday
night, May 27. Kay Bunch is
valedictorian and Annie Ruth
Nixon is salutatorian.
On Thursday, May 29, the sen
iors will take the final step in
the commencement exercises. The
speaker will be Dr. Ralph Brim
ley, Director of Public Relations
and Foundations of East Carolina
College. Awards will also be pre
sented at this time.
Jean Peele, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Lloyd Peele, is the valedic
torian and Shelby Jean Howell,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar
M. Howell, is salutatorian of the
1958 graduating class.
Jerry White will be chief mar
shal for the commencement exer-j
cises with Sara Ann Bunch, Ann J
Fortescue, Fletcher Perry and
Patsy Privott as assistants,
i All exercises will be held at
8:00 P. M.. in the school audi
Chowan Democrats
Put On Committees
At State Convention
Seven Chowan County Demo
crats were elected to committee
posts at the State Democratic
Convention held in Raleigh on
A. B. Harless was placed on the
State Democratic Executive Com
P. S. McMullan and David Q-
Holton were made members of
the Congressional District Com
Marvin Wilson and Albert G.
Byrum were put on the Judicial
District Committee.
William S. Privott and John
Graham were named on the So
licitorial District Committee.
Varsity Club Elects
Cozart As President
At a meeting, of the Edenton
Varsity Club held last week Bill
Cozart was elected president, suc
ceeding Cecil Fry. Other officers
elected were A1 Phillips, vice
president; Bill Billings, treasurer,
and Nick George, secretary.
Mrs. Roland Vaughan has been
advised by the Pitt County Girl
Scout Council that Camp Hardee,
located pn Blount’s Creek, will be
definitely open to accommodate
Edenton Girl Scouts or Brownies,
from June 15 through July 26.
Any interested persons may
get full information by contact
ing Mrs. Vaughan.
Ed Bond Post No. 40 of the
American Legion will meet Tues
day night, May 27, at 8 o’clock.
Commander Troy Toppin is very
anxious to have a good turn-out
of members.
$2.00 Per Year In North Carolina
Albemarle League
Will Open Season
Monday, June 9th
Four Trophies
Cecil Fry, president of the
Edenton Varsity Club, announces
that this year the club will award
four trophies. These will go to
the most outstanding football,
baseball and basketball player
among the boys and the most
outstanding girl basketball play
These awards will be made at
the final chapel assembly Friday
morning. May 20.
Winners in the various groups
are selected by secret ballot by
members of the various squads.
Chowan WMU
Meets Today
Today (Thursday) the Chowan
County Women's Missionary Un
ion will hold its county-wide an
nual meeting at the Yeopim Bap
tist Church Vith the program be
ginning at 10 o’clock this morn
ing. The theme of the meeting
will be “Have Thine Own Way,”
and a very interesting and profit
able program has been arranged.
Mrs. Thomas Asbell, president of j
the Union, urges all members toj
The principal speaker for thei
meeting will be Miss Ernelle!
Brooks, who is a medical mission
ary home on furlough from Ni
Choral Concert To
Be Held Mav 23rd
The Music Department of the
Edenton Junior-Senior High
School will present its annual
Choral Concert Friday night. May
23, at 8 o’clock in the auditorium
of the Elementary School. The
program which is entirely secular,
will feature the senior high school
chorus, the junior high school
choir, and several small vocal en
sembles and soloists. The school's
concert band will appear in
guest performance and a combin
ed band-choral number with the
senior high schorus. Mrs. Mary
L. Browning will act as choral
director: Miss Lula N. Williams
as band director.
There will be no admission
charges and the public is cordial
ly invited to attend.
[civic calendar^
Edenton Lions will sell peanul
brittle Monday evening. May 26.
instead of holding their weekly
Ralph F. W. Brimley will be
the commencement speaker at
Chowan Higjj School graduation
exercises Thursday night. May'
29, at 8 o'clock. i
1 U. S. Army Mobile Recruiting
! Trailer will be stationed in Eden
j ton today (Thursday) and Friday
for the purpose of counseling and
processing applicants.
St. Paul's Episcopal Church will
be host to the Rev. Robert Wil
liam Turner, minister-in-charge of
St. Andrew's-by-the-Sea, Nags
Head, Sunday of this week at II
A beauty contest to select "Miss
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Edenton Girls’ State Appointments
F * .
Above is pictured Miss Arminl* Hobbs amt Janet Bunch.
1 two Edenton juniors who have been selected to attend Girls'
State in Chapel Hill June 13-11. The girls will Study govern
ment with their trip sponsored by the American Legion
* -* - *-v; .*•' •—* - : • * m
] Edenton Colonials to
Play First Home
Game June 10
| According to present plans, the
Albemarle League will officially
open the 1958 baseball season
Monday, June 9, with four teams
comprising the circuit. The con
tenders will be Edenton, Eliza -
beth City, Hertford and Camden,
j T. P. Forehand of South Mills
is president of the league and C.
C. Banks of Hertford is vice pres
j ident.
For the Edenton Colonials Ed
Grebenstein will be field mana
ger and Jim Nash will be busi
ness manager. Prospects appear
bright for fielding good teams in
the four towns, so that at the out
set it appears that competition
will be keen and that baseball
fans will have an opportunity to
witness some good baseball this
The Colonials will play their
first game Monday night. June 9,
at Hertford and will play the
opening home game the follow
ing night on Hicks Field with
Hertford as their opponent.
The Colonials’ schedule of home
games will be as follows:
I Tuesday, June 10, Hertford:
Friday, June 13, Elizabeth City;
Monday, June 16, Camden: Thurs
day. June 19, Hertford: Tuesday,
i June 24, Elizabeth City; Friday,
April 27, Camden: Monday, May
30, Hertford: Wednesday. July 2,
Elizabeth City: Friday, July 4.
open; Tuesday, July 8, Camden;
Friday, July 11, Hertford; Tues
day, July 15, Elizabeth City;
Thursday, July 17, Camden: Mon
day, July 21. Hertford; Friday,
July 25, Elizabeth City; Tuesday,
July 29. Camden: Thursday, July
31, Hertford.
All games will begin at 8
o'clock and an equal number of
games will be played away from
Coach Grebenstein is very
much encouraged over the ma
teria] reporting for berths on the
team and is very optimistic of
fielding a very strong outfit. He,
as well as other team officials,
are hoping that fans will support
the Colonials by their attendance
especially at home games.
Legion Post Members
To Attend Church In
Body Sunday, May 25
The Edward G. Bond Post No.
j 40, of the American Legion will
meet in a body at the Macedonia
Church Sunday, May 25, for me
morial services. The members of
the Post are requested by Com
mander Troy Toppin. to be in
front of the church at 10:45 to
march in together. The Rev. L.
C. Chandler will bring the me
morial service.
| All members are urged to at
] tend this service.
The Ocean Hiway Association
i will hold its twenty-fourth annual
i meeting at Nags Head Friday and
I Saturday of this week. Among
j those attending the meeting will
j be Grayson H. Harding. Ernest J.
' Ward, Jr., Shelton Moore and
I Harry Smith from Edenton.
Ik m

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