North Carolina Newspapers

Volume XXV.—Number 22.
Primary Election
Is Scheduled To Be
Held On Saturday
Only Three Contests
For Chowan County
Chowan County Democrats will 1
have an opportunity to cast their I
• ballots tor their favorite candi
dates in the Democratic Primary
Election which will be held Sat
urday, May 31. j
Polls will open at 6:30 A. M.,
and close at 6:30 P. M., Eastern,
Standard Time.
Tor Chowan County offices 1
there are three contests, for Sher- I
iff, Clerk of Superior Court and'
County Commissioner from the
Fourth Township.
In the Sheriff’s race there are
three candidates, J. A. Bunch, in
cumbent, Earl Goodwin and Her
man White.
With E. W. Spires declining to
be a candidate for re-election,
there are five candidates seeking
this office. They are Mrs. Lena
Leary, assistant Clerk of Court,
John F. White, West W. Byrum,
Jr.‘, Tom Shepard and Ernest I
White, Jr.
For County Commissioner from
the Fourth Township to succeed
veteran Joe Webb, there are three
candidates, Joe Webb, Jr., Ben
bury Wood and Dallas Jethro, Jr.
Os course, Chowan voters will
have an opportunity to vote in ■
another contest. This contest is'
for the two State Senators from
the district, with the candidates
being J. Emmett Winslow of
Hertford, A. P. Godwin, Jr., of
Gatesville and J. William Cope-)
land of Murfreesboro. I
Local candidates who face no 1
opposition include Albert G. By-1
rum, Representative in the North j
Carolina General Assembly; Mar-|
vin Wilson, judge of Recorder's
Court; Weldon A. Hollowell, pro
secuting attorney of Recorder’s
Court; Gilliam Wood, W. E. Bond,
Carey Hollowell and Raleigh
Peele for County Commissioners. I
Cancer Drive
Nets «1,536.80
Mrs. Kermit Layton, chairman
of the cancer drive in Chowan
County reports that contributions
amount to $1,536.80. The drive
was sponsored by the Edenton
Woman’s Club.
According to Mrs. Layton’s re
port the total contributions were
made up as follows:
Edenton Woman’s Club, $848.97;
Negro Home Demonstration Clubs
sponsored by the Negro Woman’s
Club, $146.62. White Home Dem
onstration Clubs, $293.13. all
school, county and town coin cans
and tag day, $203.43; VFW Auxi
liary, $44.65.
Mrs. Layton expresses her
thanks and appreciation to all
who helped to canvass as well as
those who made a contribution
during the drive.
The Peoples Bank & Trust
Company will be closed all day
Friday, May 30 in observance of
Memorial Day, a national holi
Chowan Cooperative Produce
Exchange Market Is Scheduled
To Open 1958 Season June 2nd
The Chowan Cooperative Pro
duce Exchange Market will open
its 1058 season on Monday, June
2, according to Secretary Carey
Evans. The auction will begin at
1 o’clock P. M.
Francis Hicks of Edenton will
be the market manager. The
market is located six miles north
of Edenton 6n Highway 32. Both
auction sales and cooperative
sales will be made.
Growers who have signed up
produce cooperatively should start
deliveries as early in the day as
possible. This will give the man
ager a better chance to place it.
It is very important that these
growers notify Mr. Hicks at least
a day in advance the kind, varie- 1
ty and number packages they ex
pect to have so that he can plan
accordingly. . 4 •
„ tn
!•* \
Ip - “"f "’I
wM A
1 I M A
Members of the Ocean High
way Association, meeting at Nags
Head Friday and Saturday, elect
ed Ernest J. Ward, Jr., as presi
dent of the association.
4-H Club Group
In Charge Os
Divine Services
Chowan 4-H Club members had
complete charge of two morning
worship services in observance of
4-H Church Sunday. One service
was held at the Rocky Hock Bap
tist Church on Sunday, May 18.
The other service was held at the
Center Hill Methodist Church on
Sunday, May 25.
Twenty-three 4-H Club mem
bers took pert on the program or
assisted with the service at Rocky
Hock. Sixty 4-H Club members
attended the service. There was
a total attendance of approxi
mately 400 persons at this church.
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Pre-School Clinics Scheduled
To Be Held In Chowan County
The District Health Department
announces a series of pre-school
clinics in Chowan County which
will begin June 3 and continue
through June 26.
All parents are urged to bring
their children who begin school
in September to these clinics for
a physical examination. Parents
are also requested to bring the
child’s birth certificate, if avail
able, to the clinics.
i Transferred ]
t J
John W. Wheeler, resident en
gineer for the North Carolina
Highway Commission, has been
transferred to Manteo. where he
will be in charge of construction
of a new highway at Nags Head.
Mr. Wheeler, who has been
connected with the Highway
Commission, had his headquarters
in Williamston before being trans
ferred to Manteo.
• tion. Unsigned produce will
1 move through the auction. The
1 auction market is open to all
vegetable growers. Growers from
other counties, as well as Chowan
will be welcome, Mr. Evans says.
Snap beans, squash, May-peas
: and perhaps some other vegeta
bles are expected on the opening
day. (
Good quality produce in an at
tractive package is necessary to
get top price,, meet competition
and building a reputation. Pro
duce must have been grown for
quality. It must be harvested
right, and at the right stage of
maturity. 'lt must be mdved
promptly,, not left in the sun to
j deteriorate. Proper grading and
packing is necessary to have an
attractive package. 1 '
‘ “Let’s make 1058 our best year
for quality and sales,’’ Mr. Evans
1 says. S - , ,
48 WiH Luxate
From Local School
On Friday Night
Rev. W. M. Howard of
Greenville Will Be
Principal Speaker
Graduation exercises for Eden
ton Junior-Senior High School
will be held in the Elementary
i School auditorium Friday night,
1 May 30, beginning at 8 o’clock.
The principal speaker will be the
Rev. W. M. Howard, Jr., pastor
of the Jarvis Memorial Methodist
Church at Greenville, N. C. He
will be presented by Tommy Ke
hayes, president of the class.
During the program various
scholarships will be awarded, in
cluding Clyde A. Erwin, John
Motley Morehead, Parent-Teacher
Association and Edenton Woman’s
Club. These will be presented
in the above order by John A.
Holmes, Marvin Wilson, Tom
Hopkins and Mrs. Joe Thorud.
The class will be presented by |
Principal Gerald James and Su- 1
perintendent Holmes will award
the diplomas. ,
Forty-eight seniors will gradu-j
ate and receive their diplomas as •
follows: |
Robert Earl Asnley, James Hen
ry Boswell, Robert Joel Boyce,
Jr., Sandra Lee Boyce, Knapp
Charlton Brabble, Delores Char
lotte Bunch, Mary Elizabeth
Bunch, Patricia Anne Bunch,
Charlotte Lavenia Burgess, Page
Yvonne Cayton, Jesse Harold
Copeland, Maude Lee Corprew,
Sarah Elizabeth Davenport, Wil
liam Stokely Elliott, Jr., Bertha
Whilmena Ellis, David Brecken
ridge Fletcher, Willard Ray Hall,
William Thomas Harry, Jr.,
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Edenton Chapter No. 302, Order
of the Eastern Star, will meet in
the Masonic Temple Monday
night, June 2, at 8 o’clock. Mrs.
W. A. Harrell, worthy matron, re
quests all members to be pres
ent due to the fact that the chap
ter will celebrate its fifth birth
t The schedule of clinics follows:
1 White Oak June 3 at 8:30
l A. M.
: Edenton Colored boys—June 4
at 8:30 A. M.
'j Edenton Colored girls—June 5
1 at 8:30 A. M.
"I Edenton (white) boys—June 25
i at 8:30 A. M.
; Edenton (white) girls—June 25
- at 8:30 A. M.
Chowan—June 26 at 8:30 A. M.
Bobby Pratt
Honor Guard
Bobby Pratt, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert L. Pratt, has been
signally honored in Washington,
D. C., where he is employed by
the FBI.
Young Pratt is also a member of
a National Guard unit at Wash
ington and he has been selected
an honor guard at the burial of
unknown soldiers which will take
place at Arlington Cemetery on
Friday, Memorial Day. Bobby is
among 22 young men selected to
serve as honor guards at the Me
morial Day celebration.
20 Years Ago
As Found in the Files of
The Chowan Herald
At a meeting held in Plymouth
it was decided to stage a celebra
tion of the completion of the Al
bemarle Sound bridge Thursday,
August 25.
A huge celebration was plan
ned, featured ljy a public fish fry
to raise funds to wipe out indebt
edness of the Edenton High
School Band for new uniforms.
Thomas Chears. Sr., was seri
ously injured in an aufomobila
wrejt mhich occurred near Char
lottesville. Va.
Daughters of the Revolution
closed it* 47th annual convention
in Raleigh by making * visit to
Edenton, with the home of Mrs.
on, Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, May 29,1958.
Edenton BPW Club Leaders
iMM l Wr wM JM
New officers of the Edenton Business and Professional Wo
men's Club were installed Tuesday night of last week at the
Parish House. They are, seated, left to right, Mrs. Ethel Simp
son. second vice presfceni; Mrs. Laura Ferguson, president: Mrs.
Alice Twiddy, first vice president and Mrs. Fanny Edwards,
treasurer. Standing, left to right. Miss Mary Lee Copeland, par
liamentarian; Miss Frances Marshbourne, recording secretary;
Mrs. Myra Mitchell of Ahoskie, district director, who installed
the officers, and Miss Inez Felton, corresponding secretary.—
(Evelyn Leary Photo).
Derwood Bray Os Robersonville
ill S ucceed Miss Lida Williams
As Director Os Band In Edenton
Gerald James, principal of
Edenton Junior-Senior High
School, has announced that Der- j
wood Bray of Robersonville has
been employed to succeed Miss
Lula Williams as director of the
school’s band.
Mr. Bray for the past two yearsj
has been director of the Rober
sonville High School Band, in
cluding a 72-piece concert band
and a 40-piece junior band. He
is a graduate of Elizabeth City!
High School, where he played a
trombone while a student. He |
later was a member of the Unit- 1
ed States Army Band in Wash- j
ington, D. C., playing the bari-1
tone for seven years. While in I
Ernest Ward, Jr.,
President Ocean
Highway Group
Predicts Bigger And
Stronger Organiza
tion Coming Year
Edenton and Ernest Ward, Jr.,
in particular was honored at the
j annual meeting of the Ocean Hi
way Association held Friday and
, Saturday at Nags Head when Mr.
Ward was elected president. He
! succeeds Lloyd Macklin of Myr
tle Beach, S. C. Mr. Ward has
I served as vice president of the
organization and has taken an ac
[ tive part of the group's activities.
I In accepting the presidency Mr.
Ward had the following to say:
“It is with a great deal of
pleasure tt«*t I accept the tiff ice
of president of the Ocean High
way Association and to you, the
members of the association, 1
thank you very much for this
“I am proud to be a part of an i
organization that has done so!
much for progress in the area it
has served for the past 23 years.
“The Ocean Highway Associa
tion had a small beginning in
1935 over a total highway dis
tance between New York and
Jacksonville of 1,074 miles. One
hundred twenty-seven miles was
unpaved and North Carolina had
many miles of one-lane roads.
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Student Council Officers
l- - ■- -
f A ...
In an election held last week new Student Council officers
for the year 1958-59 were elected at Edenton Junior-Senior High
School. The officers, pictured above, are, left to right, Zackie
Harrell, vice president; Beth Tolley, treasurer; Janet Bunch, sec-
Washington he taught instrumen
tal music privately.
Mr. Bray is a graduate of the
University of Maryland with a
BS degree in music education and
majored in instrumental music.
In accepting the band director-
I ship, Mr. Bray said he wa s look
-1 ing forward to coming to Edenton
and that he was much impressed
i with the order with which Eden
j ton students seemed to conduct
' themselves on both occasions
1 when he was in the school. He
I was in Edenton Tuesday to con
fer with Miss Williams regarding
j the Edenton band.
Miss Williams’ leaving is rea
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Mrs. Paul Hotoman
New President Os
i! Legion Auxiliary
l New Group of Officers
I Will Be Installed at
June Meeting
, Officers for the American Le
: gion Auxiliary were elected at a
- meeting held Tuesday night of
1 last week at the home of Mrs.
. Paul Holoman.
; The group of officers elected
were: President, Lillian Holo
> man; vice president, Iris Mills;
secretray, Mary Leary;
| treasurer, Mary White; chaplain,
• S Marguerite Lassiter; sergeant-at
i arms, Erlene Toppin; correspond
| ing secretary, Helen Perry; his
torian, Nancy Powell; child wel
! fare, Helen Perry; rehabilitation
chairman, Juanita Cozzens.
• Delegates to the State Conven
• tion were elected as follows: Mrs.
: j J. L. Chestnutt, Mrs. Paul Holo
-1 man, Mrs. R. E. Leary, Mrs. D.
i M. Reaves and Mrs. Troy Toppin.
i! The alternates are Mrs. Mack
Rogerson, Mrs. Robert Powell,
Mrs. W. A. Perry, Mrs. Leon
Leary and Mrs. Eugene Perry.
The new officers will be in
stalled at the June meeting.
County and town offices will
be closed all day Friday, May 30,
due to the observance of Memor
: ial Day, a national holiday.
! Final Exercises At
Chowan High Will
Be Held Tonight
Dr. Ralph Brimley Os
ECC Will Be Prin
cipal Speaker
Commencement exercises will
come to a close tonight (Thurs
day) at Chowan High School
when graduation exercises will be
held in the school auditorium at
8 o’clock.
The principal speaker for the
occasion will be Dr. Ralph Brim
ley, director of public relations
and foundations at East Carolina
College. He will be introduced
by Superintendent W. J. Taylor.
Members of the senior class
who will be presented their di
plomas by Principal R, H. Cope
land include the following: Paul
Blanchard, Alvin Bunch, Norman
Bunch, Jimmy Hare, J. R. Lane,
Phillip Morris, Johnny Perry,
Murray Tynch, Joe Wiggins, Jim- 1
my Hollowell, Margaret Byrum, I
Paige Forehand, Betty Ann Har-!
rell, Esther Hollowell, Lillian!
Hollowell, Shelby Howell, Caro
lyn Layton, Ruth Leary, Jean
Peele and Loretta Spivey.
Class night exercises were held
Friday night when members of
the graduating class presented a|
play “A Southern Rosary”.
The baccalaureate service was
held Sunday night, when the ser
mon was preached by the Rev.
Frank Cale, a former pastor of the
Rocky Hock Baptist Church.
__ !
Jaycees Will Sell
Insecticides June 5
Edenton Jaycees will sell insec- j
ticide Thursday, June 5. accord- j
ing to Caswell Edmundson. presi
dent. The Jaycees will make a
house-to-house canvass between 6
and 8 P. M., and hope many pen- j
pie will patronize them in their |
effort to raise money. - -1
Edenton BPW Club Installs
Group Os Officers For Year
Mrs. Myra Mitchell of Ahoskie,
district director, was a special
guest of the Edenton Business and
Professional Women’s Club at its
meeting last week, when she in
stalled the new officers for the
1958-59 term at a dinner meet
ing held at the Parish House.
The new officers installed in
cluded: Mrs. Laura Ferguson,
president; Mrs. Alice Twiddv,
first vice president; Mrs. Ethel
Simpson, second vice president;
Mrs. Fanny Edwards, treasurer;
Miss Frances Marshbourne, re
cording secretary; Miss Inez Fel-
Chowan’s Sales
Os Savings Bonds
$4,567.15 In April
A. B. Harless, county volunteer
chairman of the U. S. Savings
Bonds Program, reports that Cho
wan County’s sales in April
amounted to $4,567.15. He fur
ther stated that’for the first four|
months of this year E and H
bonds sales in the county totaled :
$29,733.71, which is 27 per cent
of the county's 1958 goal of $lO7.- j
North Carolinians bought near-1
ly $4 million worth of United j
States Savings Bonds in April—2 j
per cent more than a year ago—
the Treasury’s Savings Bonds Di- |
vision announced.
Mr. Harless also reports that i
last month’s combined sales of Se- j
ries E and H Bonds in the state J
brought the year’s sales total to.
over sl7 million. This amounts j
to 35 per cent ol the state's an-:
nual goal.
v >|
A Democratic primary election
will be held Saturday. May 31, 1
with polls open from 6:30 A. M.,
to 6:30 P. M. |
Edenton's Woman's Club will
meet Wednesday afternoon, June
4, at 1 o'clock in the Parish
Edenton Chapter No. 302, Order
of the Eastern Star, will meet
Monday night, June 2, at 8
Ralph F. W. Brimley will be
the commencement speaker at.
Chowan High School graduation
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$2.00 Per Year In North Carolina
C. of C. Announces
Fishing Contest;
Prizes Each Week
New Band Director j
yk JZ
> Following the resignation of
I Miss Lula Williams, as director
of the Edenton Junior-Senior
High School Band, Principal Ger
ald James has announced that
J Derwood Bray, band director of
I Robersonville High School, has
: been employed to succeed Miss
The regular meeting of the
Edenton Woman’s Club will be
: held Wednesday afternoon, June
■ 4, at 1 o’clock at the Episcopal
j Parish House. Mrs. R. J. Bovce,
president, urges all members to
attend. 1
J Edenton's Rotary Club will
meet todav (Thursday) at 1
o’clock in the Parish House. The
program will be in charge of Jack
| Habit, and President Robert S.
i Marsh urges a 100 per cent at
etendanee. ,
I ton, corresponding secretary, and
Miss Mary Lee Copeland, parlia
| mentarian.
The meeting opened with a
blessing by Miss Mary Lee Cope
land, after which a delicious meal
was served by the Women's Au
j xiliary of the Episcopal Church.
Prior to the installation of of
! ficers, the district director asked
j the out-going officers to stand
! and be recognized. She praised
J the group for their outstanding
| work during the year and then
! urged the club to increase their
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Cast Your Ballot |
Edenton Jaycees are joining
with Jaycees of the nation in
helping to get voters to the polls
next Saturday. May 31. The
Edenton group urges all eligible
citizens to cast a ballot in the
election and in order to remind
them that an election is taking
place, an attractive poster will be
erected at the foot of Broad
Major Regulations Formed For
Bobby Belch Scholarship At
Meeting Os Board Os Governors
The board of governors which
. has been given jurisdiction over
, the Robert Medlin Belch Medical
; j Scholarship met in executive ses
sion on May 15 at School Con
-1 fererice Room, for the purpose of
1 formulating the major regulations
j under which the scholarship will
j be administered.
j The principal of the fund is toi
I be invested in away that will in-!
'sure maximum safety and in
come will be used to supplement
and encourage, and, it is hoped, 1
! as the fund increases, eventually j
provide the major- financial aid
necessary for a young medical,
j student from Chowan County.
The benefits of the scolarship
I will be available to any applicant
I who is a citizen of Chowan Coun-1
ty and has been accepted by an
j accredited medical school. De
| tails of the application may be ob-
I tained from any member of the
j governing board.
1 It is the hope of the governing i
; Already Mounting In
terest Says Scott
A fishing contest with weekly
prizes for the largest fish caught
in waters adjacent to Edenton and
Chowan County is announced by
Scott Harrell, chairman of the
Tourist and Recreation Commit
tee of the Edenton Chamber of
Commerce; Prizes valued at $2.50
will be given for the largest, by
weight, bream, large mouth bass,
speckled perch (crappie), white
perch and striped bass (rockfish).
Grand prizes, the amounts to be
announced later, will be awarded
on September 2 for the largest
fish caught in each class during
the season.
Harrell said the contest will
close each Monday at noon
throughout the summer. Mem
bers of the committee will judge
entries and announce the winners
in each class the following Wed
nesday. An award certificate will
be presented to the winners en
titling them to fishing tackle, bait
or boat supplies 'contributed by
Beli’s Store, Byrum Hardware
Co., Edenton Marina, Hayman’s
Boat Rentals, Western Auto As
sociate Store and Hughes-Parker
Hardware, of Edenton.
These places have been desig
nated as official weighing and re
porting stations and will supply
contest entry blanks. On Sun
days and holidays when stores are
closed, reports may be made at
Edenton Marina ana Hay man's.
Harrell said a great deal of in
terest has developed in the con
test, and he hopes that all fish
ermen will report catches and en
ter it. He added that any person
unable to make a report may des
ignate another to have the fish
weighed and to fill out the entry
blank. The winners of the week
ly contest will he entered in the
season contest, Harrell stated.
Freddie Byruni On
Ship Returning Two
Unknown Soldiers
Ensign Freddie Byrum, son of
Mr. and Mrs. J, Rodney Bvrum,
disbursing officer on the Blandv,
informed his parents that on the
way home from Naples, the Blan
dy had the honor of returning a
World War II European unknown
soldier to the United States. An
other unknown soldier from the
Pacific Theater was brought back
to Norfolk, from where the Blan
dy will transport the World War
II unknown soldier and the Ko
rean War unknown soldier up the
Potomac to Washington, D. C.,
where they will be laid to rest in
Arlington National Cemetery: on
Memorial Day.
"We are proud of the part bur.
ship will play in the return of the
unknown soldiers to our nation’s
capital,” Ensign Byrum wrote his
parents. Incidentally Young Bv
rum says an article "Known But
To God” in the Mav issue of
Reader's Digest summarizes the
history of the unknown soldier
and the destroyer mentioned in
the article is his ship, the Blandv.
1 ; board that interested individuals,
(both local and otherwise, will
1 1 contribute materially in a con
; certed effort to increase the schol
■ arship nucleus, and thereby its
; ability to benefits its recipients.
This particular geographic area
! has been singularly lacking in
ij educational aid in the local level.
' and the establishment of this
medical scholarship marks a most
heartening step forward: one mer
! iting enthusiastic support.
The board of governors consists,
at present, of John A. Holmes,
, Superintendent of Edenton City
j Schools; Gerald James, High
School Principal; Mrs. Frances
Hollowell of the Junior-Senior
j High School Faculty; G. B. Pot- ■
ter, Chairman of the County
Board of Education; Ernest Ke
haves. Mayor of Edenton, Marvin
Wilson, Judge of Recorder’s Court,
and Dr. Richard Hardin, Edenton
i physician.

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