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Volume XXV.—Number 27.
State Highway Commission
Agrees To Build Two Access
Roads To Harvey Point Base
. ■<
One Will Be New Road
Leading From U. S.
17 About Eight Miles |
North of Edenton
The State Highway Commission 1
announced Friday of last week
that new access roads to the Har
vey Point Naval Air Station will
be constructed at a cost of ap
proximately 1% million dollars.'
announcement was made by
Director W. F. Babcock, who ex
pressed the opinion that work
will be started on the project
within three or four months. The
decision to build the roads fol
lowed a conference of Navy and
highway officials.
Present plans are to finance the |
two roads from federal funds to
be matched on a 50-50 basis by
state funds.
The two access roads include an
existing road from Hertford to
Harvey Point about seven miles.
This road will be widened and re
surfaced to take care of heavy
traffic and is estimated to cost
half a million dollars. . It also in
cludes building a new bridge over
a creek on the outskirts of Hert
ford, for which Governor Hodges
recently allocated $75,000 from
highway surplus funds.
The other road, and one in
which Edenton is vitally concern
ed, will be a new 24-foot highway
about eight y miles long, starting
from U. S. *l7 at Light Nixon’s
Fork, about eight miles north of
Edenton and running into the
Hertford-Harvey Point road some
where near Burgess.
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J, E. Richardson
is Sent Back To ?•
Methodist Church
Appointments by Bishop Paul
N. Garber at the annual session
of the North Carolina Methodist
Conference held in Wilson last
week had little effect on charge
of pastors in this section.
The Rev. J. Earl Richardson'
was rtturned to the "Edenton (
Methodist Church to begin his'
fifth year as pastor.
There was no change on the
Chowan Charge, where the Rev.
Frank Fortescue was returned.
Rufus Smithson, a Chowan Coun
ty boy, was assigned to the Cres
well Church.
The Rev. C. Freeman Heath
was returned as superintendent of
the Elizabeth City district for his
sixth year.
cme calendar j
V- ?
The board of directors of the
Edenton Chamber es Commerce
Will meet this (Thunder) morn
ing at 11 o'clock at Hotel Joseph
Edenton's Lions Club will meet
Monday night, July 7, at 7 o'clock.
Ed Bond Poet No. <4O of the
American Legion and the Legion
Auxiliary will hold a;iplpt meet
ing in the Legion building Thurs
day night. July 10, at s 8 o'clock
lor the purpose of Installing offi
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Stores Closed ]
According to the Chamber of
Commerce, practically all of
Edenton's places of business will
be doaed Friday of this week in
observance of Hie Fourth of July
holiday. The staves, however,
drill be open as usual an Satur-
Saturday's iote j
*. . .WWW Will in II ■■■ ■ 1.. .11. -
Bunch Goodwin
Rocky Hock 78 138
Center Hill 90 80
Wardville ............. 61 123
- .« «
f ■ _ rara
tXMTC CXMflMOflßlOlfm
7 _ ' """"
f • New Sheriff
• w- ——
mt •' -
Leading by 90 votes, Earl
Goodwin in Saturday's second
primary election unseated J. A.
Bunch for Sheriff of Chowan
County. Mr. Bunch has served as
Sheriff for 23 years.
George Brothers
Purchase Edenton i
Chevrolet Agency
Nick and Bill George 1
Take Possession ofi
BBH Motor Company
Monday Morning
Announcement was made late
last week that N. J. (Nick)
George and his brother, William
J. (Bill) George, had pitffbased
the *RBff Company, local
Chevrolet Agency.' The change
in ownership went into effect
Monday morning.
Negotiations for purchasing
the business were in progress
for several days and had been
completed save the final word
from General Motors Corpora
,tion approving the franchise.
I General Motors on Wednesday
' approved the franchise change,
iso that little else remained ex
cept taking an inventory, which
was completed over the week
Both of the George brothers
have distinguished themselves in
athletics. Bill is a member and
outstanding defensive player for
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New Commissioner^
i r > t
In the Democratic second pri- *
mery election held Saturday. Dal. I
las Jethro, Jr., again led Benbiiry
Wood tor the office of County |
Comardeslooer from the Fourth j
Township. Jethro polled 64 vefss
with Wood trailing with 58.
Phthisic’s New Super Market
Grand Opening On July 10th
•* . .
Announcement was made early
this week that Phthisic’s Super
Market will; observe its grand
opening Thursday of next week,
July 10.
•The store Will, however, open
Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, July 3,1958.
AH-Star Baseball
Game Scheduled
For Fourth Os July
Contest to Be Played
On Hertford Field
At 8 P. M.
The Hertford Junior Chamber
!of Commerce will once again ■
sponsor an Albemarle League j
All-Star baseball game to be |
played on Memorial Filld in j
Hertford the night of July 4, at I
8 o’clock. This game is being!
sponsored to promote interest 1
and support for all teams in the
Albemarle League.
The All-Star teams will be
picked by the players’ of each
team in the league. The North
All-Star team will consist of,
players from Camden-Currituck
and Elizabeth City. The South
All-Star team will consist of
players from Edenton and Hert
ford. The managers for both
the North and South teams will
be represented as coaches.
| Each player will receive an
! award and an outstanding player
will be selected. He will re
iceive a trophy.
| Advance sale tickets will be
l sold by members of the Hertford
I The Jaycees hope to promote
! more interest in baseball
throughout the five counties now
in the league.
Rotarians Install
Officers Today
’Edeatoitfs RwGfty “Club wfll
meet this (Thursday) afternoon at
1 o’clock in the Parish Houses'
The principal item of business i
will be installation-of officers, so|
that Robert S. Marsh, outgoing:
president, requests every Rotar
ian to be present
Robert L. Pratt, Veteran Police
Officer, Retires After Serving
In Edenton For Over 30 Years
Robert L. Pratt, a captain on
the Edenton Police Force, has re
tired with the effective date be
ing Tuesday of this week. Mr.
Pratt, oldest Edenton policeman
in point of service, has been con
nected with the Edenton Police
Department for 30 years, three
months and 22 days, and is con
sidered as one of the best men
on the force in way of police j
While Mr. Pratt has severed:
his connection with the Police De-'
Hector Lupton, Jr.
Is Supervisor For
Fidelity Company
R. Hector Lupton, Jr., ha* been
appointed supervisor of the R. A.
Hunter Agency of The Fidelity
Mutual Life Insurance Company.
The Company offices are at 809-
811 First Citizens Bank Building
in Raleigh..
A graduate of the University
of North Carolina, class of 1953,
Mr. Lupton entered the life in
surance business with the Hunter
' Agency in 1953 and has had no-
I table succeaa in the field of life
insurance sales and service.
Mr. Lupton was released from
j the U. S. Navy in June of this
year following three years of ac
tive duty. • .
opening, Thursday, July 10.
The new (Riper market is locat
ed in the Taylor Building, which
has been iamode led and redec
orated. Hie building is equipped
with air conditioning, a new
lighting system and new water
system has been instilled. The
I front of the building has also
I been remodeled, making the new
[store very attractive both inside
I AnH out. l ' v'■ 25*
ypw■ ' ' '
T 4. * *» *
Ilrv j ; w .‘. • <
1 -a, m V ,*.*.*.v#
§■ mUmt f >V,* \***<w>-
This week The Herald presents another instalment of the
"Citizens of Tomorrow" feature. In the picture are: Top row.
j left to right, Faye Parrish and C. Y. Parrish, 111. daughter and
j son of Mr. and Mrs. Yates Parrish; Donna Rae Thomas, daugh-
I ter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Thomas; bottom row. left to right,
j Audrey Worrell and Robert Worrell, daughter and son of Mr.
| and Mrs. Kenneth Worrell; Sharon Dunbar, daughter of Mrs.
L. T. Dunbar.
Outlook Bright For
Fiberglass Pools
Made In Edenton
Local Company’s Total
Output Engaged By,
Craft Glas, Inc., of
Wilmington, Del.
The entire production of f,ber- j
glass swimming pools manufac
tured by Edenton Industries, Inc.,
is contracted for, according to an
announcement made by R. P.
Baer 11, president of the new firm '
here. The pools are being sold (
through Craft Glas, Inc., of Wil-1
mington, Del.', who has agreed to
take the company’s total output.
The plant is working-on a re
dueeST schedule for the next two
weeks while the molds are pre- j
pared fo i full production. Baer
i said two complete pilot models
j which she company developed
;on which the pool sections are
' made. The first pool has been
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partment, he has been retained by,
the Town of Edenton in the ca-1
pacity of a parking meter check
er. He will not have the authori-1
ty of making arrests and will be
working for the town in the rolt
of a private citizen.
To succeed Mr. Pratt on the po
lice force is John Wood, a former j
patrolman'who resigned to accept
! employment at the Edenton Na
val Auxiliary Air Station as a
fireman. Mr. Wood assumed his
' new duties Tuesday morning.
Roberts Leaves
Station WCDJ
Frank Roberts, popular pro
gram director of radio station
■yfCDJ, severed his connection j
with the Edenton station Wednes
day of this week. He left for
Pennsylvania to become associat
ed with the Miners Broadcasting
Network with stations at Lans
ford, Pottsville, Pittsburg and a
' license for another station in that
Mr. Roberts will be stationed at
station WLSH at Lansford but
: will eventually become assistant
manager of one of the network’s
J stations. He has been with WCDJ
’ over a year and has made many
friends in Edenton and this sec
tion. He will be succeeded as
program director by Boyce Wil
Bank Will Be Closed
Friday And Saturday,
Peoples Bank & Trust Company
i will be closed Friday and Satur
• day, July 4 and 5. The two-day
1 { holiday is in conformity with a
r proclamation issued by Governor
■(Luther Hodges calling for all
•[banks to close two days over the
•' Fourth of July holiday. Patrons
’ 1 of the bank are, therefore, urged
> to transact important banking
business accordingly.
■-VV . ....- . ✓
New Chairman
. .*—..—...—,
|V V'
■r •
m JM
wfffnT'rn lirrMßF
William H. Adams of Greens
boro, State Advisory Committee
Chairman, last week appointed
Richard S. Atkinson, Jr., new
Chowan County U. S. Savings
Bond Chairman. Mr. Atkinson
succeeds A. B. Harless who re
j signed.
i Legion And Auxiliary To Meet
Jointly Thursday Night, July 10
To Install New Group Officers
Troy Toppin, Commander of
Ed Bond Post No. 40 of the
American Legion, announces that
the meeting scheduled for Tues
day night of next week has been
cancelled and instead the Leg
ionnaires will meet jointly with
the Legion Auxiliary on Thurs
day night, July 10.
The purpose of this joint meet
ing is to install officers for both
organizations and at the same
time honor Mrs. J. L. Chestnutt,
who was recently elected presi
dent of the North Carolina Legion
The Legion officers, headed by
Woodrow Slades as Commander,
Chowan Cotton
Free Os Insects
Ten cotton fields, scattered all
i over Chowan County, were ex
amined on Monday for insect
infestation. There were no boll
weevils or punctured squares
found anywhere, according to
County Agent C. W. Overman.
The cotton fields are the the
most free, of detrimental insects
in ten years or more, according
to the observation.
Mr. Overman advises no dust
' ing or spraying at the present
time. There are some ladybugs
■ working in the fields. These in.
i sects in the field are the cot
■ ton growers’ friends because
i they eat eggs. of other insects
i and lice, holding down the
( population. Mr. Overman says
I each grower should examine the
' field and if he finds boll Weevil
present, he should dust.
Consumer Credit
Branch Os Peoples
Bank Is Now Open
Quarters of New Con
cern Located In Tay
lor Building on Broad
John A. Kramer, executive
vice president of the Peoples
Bank & Trust Company of Eden
ton, announces that the Con
sumer Credit Branch opened for
business on Tuesday of this
week at 210 South Broad Street,
next to the Taylor Theater.
Kramer said, “We are pleased
with our new Consumer Credit
quarters. These new quarters
will help us serve your install
ment loan needs faster and as.
sure you of private interviews
when you talk to us about your
installment loan needs.’’
W. H. Easterling, who has re
cently moved to Edenton and
lives with his family at Morris
Circle, is cashier and manager.
E. L. Wells, Jr., a longtime resi
dent and banker of Edenton. is
assistant cashier and assistant |
manager of the new Consumer
Branch. Mrs. Hazel Habit, a na- j
itive of Edenton, is secretary.
| Installment loans for any
j sound purpose are solicited.:
i Personal loans for taxes, insur- j
a nee, hospital bills, appliances, j
furniture, consolidation of debts
and other needs; home improve-;
ment loans and new car
loans will be handled at the,
Consumer Credit Branch.
The Consumer Credit Branch j
will be open each week day j
from 9 to 4 and on Saturdays
I from 9 to 1.
C. Os 0. Directors
Will Meet Todav
» I
The regular meeting of the'
I board of directors of the Cham
ber of Commerce will be held ;
this (Thursday) morning at n j
o'clock in the Hotel Joseph j
Hewes. Executive Vice Presi- 1
dent Harry Smith. Jr., urges all
members to be present for this
meeting as the board has decid.
led to hold only one meeting
during the summer, and there is
considerable business to discuss.
Edenton’s Post Office will be i
closed Friday of this week in ob-1
servance of the Fourth of July|
holiday. There will be no mail J
deliveries, but, of course, mailj
will be dispatched and mail de-1
; posited in the boxes as usual.
who will succeed Troy Toppin, I
will be installed by John A.
Holmes, a past commander.
The Auxiliary officers will be!
installed by Mrs. Chestnutt, the
! new state president, with Mrs.
Paul Holoman as the new presi
Following the installation cere
monies a reception will be held in
honor of Mrs. Chestnutt, now!
holding the highest office in the
Legion Auxiliary.
Visitors from the First District,
are expected to be present for the
occasion and all veterans and
their wives are cordially invited
to attend.
20 Years Ago
As Found in tha Files of
The Chowan Herald
*n. IZ
The family qf Dr. M. P. Which
• ard moved to New Bern, where
l Dr. Whichard was elected full
; time health officer for Craven
i County.
John A. Holmes expressed op
t timism about Chowan County re
i ceiving a $296,000 WPA grant to
: provide a new school on the
Hicks Field properly and addi
tions to the colored school, and
; Chowan High School.
Wilbome C. Hollowell reported
. the first cotton blossom in Cho
. wan County.
Clayton Hollowell was elected
i Sachem of Chowan Tribe of Red
> Men.
i Little John Dobson narrowly
; escaped death when he was
I struck by a Texas Oil Company
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$2.00 Per Year In North Carolina
Earl Goodwin Wins
Over J. A. Bunch In
Contest For Sheriff
J Veteran Cop Retires!
' ™4fc —w
■ Sira
Jr> ' "'Hfwß
jMiBB * ' wßh
I gi *m
> >’
I / mM
rs / i’Lif/
I • e
i After serving as a pol.reman in
Edenton for over 30 years. Cap
lain Robert L. Pratt, has retired.
His retirement as a police offi
cer went into effect Tuesday of
; this week. He will, however, be
retained by the Town of Edenton
to check parking meters.
New Contracts
i At Harvey Point
Lieut. Comdr. Donald F. Dalton, f
I resident engineer in charge of
1 construction of the Naval Air!
I Station at Harvey Point, was no
i tified last week that recent con
tracts awarded amount to $1,810,-
The TT>n tracts awarded were asj
j follows:
j King-Hunter, Inc., of Greens-:
boro, $423,534 for communication
facilities; W. T. Byrns of Norfolk/
$249,950 for a control tower and
seadrome lighting: L. T. Zoby
Sons of Norfolk, JD64.370 for a
heating plant and distribution)
system, and Bay. Construction!
Company of Norfolk, $173,068 fori
a warehouse and supply storage
! facilities.
j| Supervisor
Announcement is made that R.
Hector Luplon, Jr., has been ap-1
pointed supervisor of the R. A.!
i Hunter Agency of The Fidelity j
Mutual Life Insurance Company
: with offices in Raleigh.
Richard S. Atkinson, Jr., Named
! As Chowan U. S. Savings Bonds
; Chairman, Succeeding Harless
» Richard S. Atkinson, Jr., Eden
ton banker, is the new Chowan
. County U. S. Savings Bonds
. Chairman, succeeding Boyd Har.
j less,, resigned. The arfnounce
i ment was made at the Edenton,
.[Rotary Club Thursday afternoon j
1 by Wade Hawkins, Raleigh. East-1
| ern North Carolina area manager j
j for the Treasury’s bond program.)
. I The appointment was made by
| State Advisory Committee Chair-,
i man William H. Andrews of
i! Greensboro.
Atkinson is vice president ofi
r the Peoples Bank and Trust
* | Company, Edenton. He came to j
r, Edenton on February 1, when
• the ,Bank of Edenton merged
( 7=S 7iG^^ANCER m^\
i Dallas Jethro, Jr. Tops
Benbury Wood For
Commissioner From
| Fourth Township
In a second Democratic primary
election held in Chowan County
Saturday, Earl Goodwin defeated
J. Alvah Bunch, incumbent, for
Sheriff of Chowan County. Mr.
Bunch has held the office for a
period of 23 years and h s defeat
came as somewhat of a surprise.
With favorable weather tha
vote was rather surprising with
1,992 voters casting their ballot
during the day. This vote com
pares with 2.025 in the May pri
mary election. The general opin
ion was that Saturday’s vote
would range from 1,200 to 1,800.
Goodwin had a majority of 90
votes in the county’s six pre
cincts, polling 1,041 votes as
[ against 951 votes for -Bunch.
Bunch carried only two of The
precincts, these being East Eden
ton and Center Hill. His heavi
est vote was in East Edenton
where he led Goodwin by 74
votes, 364 to 290. In the first pri
mary this precinct give Bunch a
139-vote lead over Goodwin. The
, other precinct going to Bunch was
j Center Hill with a scant 19 ma
i jority, 99 to 80. The vote was
| very close in the Yeopim precinct,
with 62 going to Goodwin and 61
to Bunch.
Goodwin’s strongest precinct
i was Wardville. where he was a
. twto to one favorite. Os the 184
votes cast in this precinct Good
win received 123 and Bunch 61,
a majority of 62. Goodxvin also
rolled up substantial majorities in
I West Edenton and Rocky Hock.
The West Edenton count was 359
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—4- 3'v
W. T. Harry Family
Moving To Virginia
Having deposed of his interest
! in the 8.8. H. Motor Company, lo-
I cal Chevrolet dealer, to Nick and
I Bill George, William T. Harry
j and his family will soon leave
Edenton to make their home at
Floyd, in the western part of Vir
ginia. Mr. Harry has accepted a
'position as principal in the Floyd
I School which has in the neigh
| borhood of 700 pupils enrolled.
I Mr. Harry before coming to
I Edenton from Suffolk as manager
of the 8.8. H. Motor Company,
taught school in the eastern part
t of Virginia.
1 W'hile in Edenton the family
has made many friends, being ac
; tive in religious and civic affairs.
I Mr. Harry at present is a mem
ber of the Edenton School Trus
tees. a past president and active
member of the Edenton Rotary
) Club, a member of Unanimity
1 Lodge No. 7, A. F. & A. M., a
! member of Ed Bond Post of the
1 American Legion and a member
I of the official board of the Meth-
I' odist Church.
Cotton Blossom
A. C. Griffin, Route 2, was the
first to report a cotton blossom
|in Chowan County. Mr. Griffin
,! found a number of blossoms in a
' | cotton field Sunday. June 29, and
■ 1 brought one of them to The Her
-1 aid Office.
with the Rocky Mount bank.
A member of the Edenton Ro
tary Club, Atkinson is also ac
tive in other local civic organi
zations. Prior to coming to
Edenton he was Rocky Mount’s
“Young Man of the Year” in
j 1957.
j Hawkins complimented the
| county through Harless because
, of the outstanding record of sales
•of U. S. Savings Bonds. The
county exceeded its quota in
! j in making the announcement
■ Hawkins pointed out that the
{bonds program is continuing
. “with full steam ahead" and that
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