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Volume XXV.—Number 28.
Irand Opening Os
Phthisic’s Super
Market Today
■ -
!Piiblic Invited to Reg
» tster to Be Eligible
* For Free Prizes
’' Menton’s newest grocery store,
Phthisic’s Super Market, is obser
"'Ving its grand opening today
(Thursday). The store is located
”Jn the Taylor Building, which has
' been remodeled inside and out,
presenting one of the most attrac
tive 1 and convenient super mar
kets in this section.
Officers of the new store are
Haywood M. Phthisic, president;
? Haywood McKay Phthis.c, Jr.,
vice president, and Mrs. Margaret
Phth isic, secretary-treasurer. The
Phtiisics say they will offer the
i finest in meats, poultry, produce
'and! all kinds of groceries, all
available by a modern self-service
system. They cordially invite the
general public to visit the store
.and! register for valuable prizes.
SHuidreds of dollars worth of gro
ceries and prizes will be given
away during the grand opening.
Arrangements have also been
made for a Ringo program over
radio station WCDJ Monday
through Friday at 10 A. M.
. Attractive bargains are also be- l
ing offered during the grand
opening, a few of which are list
ed on a page advertisement in I
this, issue of The Herald.
*989 Collected
Bn Back Taxes
william S. Privott, county tax 1
attorney, reported to the County -
Commissioners Monday that a to- <
tal Os $989.78 had recently been 1
collected byway of delinquent i
The amwni nsprgnw]£ed.
SI taxpayers with payments;»r <
taxes from 1941 to 1954. The pay- i
ments ranged from $5.18 to i
$191.54. 1
The County Commissioners are •
vitally concerned about collection 1
of back taxes and have instruct- *
ed Mr. Privott to proceed as rap- i
idly as possible to bring legal ac
tion) to collect taxes or the coun- ]
ty Will take over title to the prop- i
erty. i
— i i
f'-’t i |
M Bond Poet No. 40 of the 1
American Legion and the Legion 1
Auxiliary will hold a joint meet
ing lin the Legion building Thun
der night, July 10, at 8 o'clock
for the purpoie of installing offi
ce** for both groups. <
Vtoung people will be in charge i
6t the morning service at the ]
Presbyterian Church Sunday. j
Phthisic's new super market 1
wi)| observe its grand opening
toddy (Thursday).
Ah emergent communication
Os Unanimity Lodge No. 7, A. F.
ft!; A. M.. will be held tonight <
(Thursday) at 7 o'clock.
Jkycees of the 10th District
wilt hold their first district
(healing in the American Legion i
bulking Wednesday. July 16. at
7 o'clock.
Chowanoke Council No. 54,
Degree of Pocahontas, will meet
tohUrt (Thursday) at I o'clock
to lb* Red Man halL
Menton Rolarians will meet
this (Thursday) afternoon at 1
o'clock In the Parish House. ,
VfW Auxiliary will sponsor a
chicken barbecue diAner Satur
day- July 19. from 6 to 9 P. M.
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Edenton Girl Scouts Allowed To
BAe Swimming Pool At NAAS
' ... •-. &•_ ldl-,:A •
p , . . • r
•.ifts. Roland Vaughan, chair. I
nan of Edenton Girl Scouts, has
. been notified by Col. Frank Col-1
lias, commanding officer ,of the J
Edenton Naval Auxiliary Air
station, that Girl Scouts of
Wpißon will be permitted to use
OK Combat training pool at the
hours when the Girl
Snouts will be allowed in the
Sfii p” ST DaylS!r k SavtaS
**&*">: •‘-'’v'u.:'', -ml M M
W '• mjw-
SJ3! ■■ H
Mg ''
Ift M 111
; v A
k M
MRS. CORA HARRELL. "Homemaker of the Month," is a
talented seamstress. Her work is heat, well-constructed, and
properly fitted. Many of the garments she makes are oria'nal
ideas end these are developed into attractive outfits. Mrs. Har
rell has won recognition at the county lairs and was first place
winner in the Home Demonstration Club Fashion Show last
fall. She is a member of the Beech Fork Club.
Mrs. Cora Harrell Is Selected As
‘Homemaker Os The Month’ By
Members Os Beech Fork Club
If anyone deserves to be
“Homemaker of the .Month,” it is
Mrs. Cora Harrell of the Beech
Fork Home Demonstration Club.
By providing a well-managed
Christian home, she has proven
herself a good homemaker and a
respected mother.
; Mrs. vm* left fl'widow
when her youngest child, Susan,
was two years old, and the oldest
child at home, Janice, was six
teen. There were three others,
Sandra and Becky, and Fahey,
her only son. Two daughters,
Christine and Arlene, were mar
Being an extra good seamstress
has been a great asset with six
daughters in the family. She has
made ’many of her children’s
clothes, as well as doing sewing,
for other people. Cora can re- j
model an old dress or suit to look i
.like a completely new garment.
Modeling a two-piece navy dress
which she had made, Cora won
first place in the HDC Fashion
Show last September.
Mrs. Harrell finds time to de-:
vote to the Rocky Hock
Church, of which she is an active
member. She has served as su
perintendent of the nursery, vice
president of the Adult Ladies'
Training Union Class and has
been active in WMU.
As -secretary of the Beech Fork
Club, she serves tKe club faith
fully in anything she is asked to
do. She is publicity .leader, fami
ly life and clothing leader, and
as a leader she has given several
of‘the demonstrations at her club
meetings. Beautifying the church
ground is a propect with which
she has cooperated.
A well-rounded person, she is
interested in her neighbors and
her community. Mrs. Harrell is
a past president of the Rocky
Hock School PTA, is always will
ing to work in any way possible
for a better school and communi
ty. She likewise finds time for
good neighborliness, and lends
help to the sick and needy.
Mrs. Cora Harrell has made a
I accordingly. No suppervisor will
!be responsible for over seven
I Parents must sign permission
slips for girls who participate ift
the swimming program and re
turn to the leader. Any in
quiries are to be directed to Mrs.
George Ross, co-chairman, phone
3»8«. ■
the Girl Scout Committee is
very appreciative of the effort
by CoL Collins and his staff to
make the facility available to
the girls. It is the hope of the
Ede ly > Chowan County, North Carolfna, Thursday, July 10,1958.
wonderful contribution to her
club and community, and it is
with pride that the Beech Fork
Club presents her as their “Home
maker of the Month”.
New Pastor At
Warwick Church
Rev. A. B. Cottingham
Now Serving Con
The Rev. A. B. Cottingham is
the new pastor of the Warwick
Baptist Church and preached his j
first sermon Sunday before an
| appreciative congregation. Mr.
J Cottingham succeeds the Rev. Lee
Phillips, who recently resigned.
Mr. Cottingham came to War
wick Church from Tazewell, Ten
nessee, where he was pastor of
the Tazewell Baptist Church. He
has held pastorates in Alabama
| and Mississippi before going to
the Tazewell church. He is a
graduate of Howard College at
Birmingham, Alaßama ’and at
tended Louisville Theological
Seminary at Louisville, Ky.
Mr. Cottingham is a native of
Selma, Alabama. He is married
and has a six-year-old son, Ron
Red Men Plan
Wiener Roast At
Meeting Monday
Chowan Tribe of Red Men will
meet Monday night, July 14. Cas
well Edmundson, new sachem of
the tribe, announces that a wein
er roast will be held in the hall
starting at 7 o'clock with the busi
ness meeting scheduled to get un
der way at 8 o’clock.
Mr. Edmundson is very anxious
to have a large number of the
members turn out for the weiner
roast and meeting.
Young People Will
Conduct Service At
Presbyterian Church
In the absence of the pastor,
I the young people of the Edenton
Presbyterian Church will con-
I duct the II o’clock morning wor
ship services this coming Sun
i day. John Earl Twiddy will be
i in charge, ami an original sermon
■ on The Second Coming of Christ
- will be delivered by George Nix
. on. Others taking part will be
! Henry Layden, Jerry Nixon, Jack
Sawyer and Bobby Ashley,
i The young people have con
t ducted the -,#orship service at
> the Presbyterian Church on sev
> eral occasions, and have always
> acquited themselves well. The
II public is cordially invited to at-
114 Chowan County
Industrial Plants
Get Safety Awards
Group of Plants Oper
ated 1,126,663 Man
Hours With Just Four
Disabling Injuries
A total of 14 industrial plants
and service-industry establish
! ments of Chowan County cur- j
■ rently are being presented Cer- :
tificates of Safety Achievement
by the North Carolina Depart
ment .of Labor in recognition of
their outstanding records in ac
icident prevention during the j
year 1957.
Presentation of the safety
awards was begun Tuesday by
Harry M. Tiilett of Elizabeth
City, Labor Department safety
inspector for this district, and
will continue until all awards
have been presented.
In presenting the safety cer
tificates to officials of the lo'cal
award winners, Inspector Tiilett
conveyed to both management
and workers the congratulations
of State Labor Commissioner
Frank Crane for their safety ac
complishments during 1957.
“These 14 Chowan County
plants operated a total of 1,126-
663 man hours during 1957
with only four disabling in
juries,” Tiilett said. “Several of
the award winners had perfect
safety records —no lost time in
juries at all during 1957.
“All of the award-winning
plants combined had an injury
frequency rate of just 3.5 dis
abling injury per million man
hours,” Tiilett continued. “Bal
anced against North Carolina’s
statewide all-industry accident
rate of 8.3 disabling injuries per
million ’rnan hours, the combined
record of' fhese Chowan County
plants represents a most unusual
and outstanding accomplish
Tiilett said the 14 f : rms quali
fied for the State safety honors
in one of three ways: (1) by
reducing the plant injury fre
quency rate of 40 per cent or
more last year, compared with
the plant’s rate the previous
I year; (2) by having a perfect
safety record, or no lost-time in.
juries, during 1957; (3) by main
taining an injury rate 75 per
cent or more below the State
average for the particular in
The large plant awards, which
are for establishments having 50
or more employees, are joint
awards sponsored by both the
North Carolina and United States
Departments of Labor, Tiilett
pointed out. Awards for the
smaller plants are from the
North Carolina Department.
All of the awards, large and
small, are signed by State Labor
Commissioner Frank Crane.
“Preventing accidents on the
job requires careful planning by i
top management and sustained
effort of teamwork between
management and workers,” In
spector Tiilett stated in present
ing Chowan County awards.
“These Certificates of Safety
Achievement are tokens of your
splendid achievement in pre
venting human suffering and
avoiding needless economic
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| da ", /»
t ■
■ ■
c "IffiiMfc * P**^ c 1
? feature*
penter. Randall Everett Carpenter and Ernest John Carpenter, .
, children of Captain and Mrs. Earl Carpenter. Bottom row. left
[ to right, Rabin Hendrix Jin rfuldx«m of
i j Question Mark
■ v.
I Mayor Ernest Kehayes . and
IJo h n Miichener. represenfng
; Edenlon's Town Council, appear
ed before the Chowan County
! Commissioners Monday relative lo
1 disposition cf the Edenton Naval
Auxiliary Air Station when the
Marines move out and the base is
Mayor Kehayes stated that he
' desired the Commissioners to ex
| press an opinion as to how Eden- j
ton and Chowan County could 1.
benefit most when the base is
closed. However, the Commis- ]
sioners made no commitments but '•
expressed the belief that Town
Council would do what is in the
best interest of the county as a
whole and that they would coop
erate in any way possible.
Town Counckmen
Concerned About
Base Disposition
Seeking Information
From Navy As To
Terms For Taking
Over Property
Town. Council disposed of a ,
goodly amount of business in rec
ord time Tuesday night and at
the conclusion of the meeting wit
nessed two films presented by W.
H. Mapp, a representative of the
Hampton Roads Tractor & Equip
ment Company. The films had
to do with garbage disposal by
use of trenches or other methods 1
with specially adapted heavy 1
equipment to do the job, as well ]
as other uses for various kinds of ■
work. The garbage disposal
problem has caused some concern :
I recently, but the films were pre
sented only to give an idea of how
the problem is met in other com
The Councumen gave approval 1
to Williford Jordan to sell two
taxicabs and transfer his fran
chise to Caley Rountree of Tyner.
Rountree was also granted a
franchise to operate the two taxi
Bids were opened for a new
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Jaycee District
Meeting July 16
Jaycees of the 10th District will
hold their first district meeting in
Edenton Wednesday, July 16. The
meeting will be held in the
American Legion building, begin
j ning at 7 o’clock.
An interesting program has
been arranged for the meeting,
with Marvin Koonce, state presi
dent, and Wes Conkling, national
director, scheduled to appear on
the program.
A feature of the meeting will
be a beauty pageant.
Jaycees from the entire dis
trict are expected to attend the
Edenton’s New Super Market
..'py-Vv.T. -■ .
—' ' i
: • • ■ ■A , j
, : ■ '’ll
• . ,A‘ j
Above is a picture of ihe new Phthisic's Super Market lo- i
cated in ihe Taylor Building on Broad Street. The building
has been renovated both inside and out. presenting one of the
most attractive stores in this section. The Phthisics are oh- |
serving their grand opening today (Thursday) and invite the
public from all over this section to visit and inspect the store. I
Shelton Moore Is Elected Vice[
President Albemarle - Pamlico |
Travel Council At Annual Meetj
Members of the Albemarle-
Pamlico Travel Council elected
H. J. “Ham” Dye. president for'
the coming year at their luncheon
meeting last week in Elizabeth
City. Mr. Dye is general mana
ger of the Suburban Gas Com
pany. He replaces Ernest Ward.
J., of Edenton.
Elected as vice president was
Shelton Moore, owner and opera
tor of the Eden Motel at Eden
ton. Re-elected as secretary
treasurer was George Attix, man
ager of the Elizabeth City Cham
ber of Commerce.
In accepting the presidency.
Dye said, “I came from a county'
where if the tobacco was cured
properly and the price was right
our economic situation was
settled for the year. Since mov
ing to Elizabeth City I have
learned the importance of tour-:
ists to our economy. I sometimes j
wonder if the local people are ful
ly aware of what the tourist in- 1
dustry means »o the Albemarle-
Pamlico area
“When I drive by a motel or
restaurant whose lot is full of out
of state cars I do not just see j
automobiles—l see that my com
pany will be -able to sell more
cooking gas. Even if that par
ticular operator does not buy gas
from me, the more business he
gets, the more employees he hires
and the better chance that some
Budget Adopted]
> r>
Chowan County Commissioners
at their meeting Monday morning
gave a final glance at the 1958-
59 county budget. No changes
were made, so that the tax rale
in Edenton will be an even dol
lar. Three cents to the rate wilL
however, be added to- taxpayers
outside the corporate limits of
Edenton which is for rural fire
Field Office Opened For Job
Openings At Harvey Point Base
Effective Thursday. July 10, the
Employment Security Commission
will begin operating a field office
’in connection with the construe- ■
tion of the Harvey Point Naval:
Base. The office will be located |
temporarily in the conference (
room of the Town Hall in Hert-j
ford, and Charles T. Skinner, Jr.,
will be interviewer in charge.
The field office, operated from
the Edenton Employment Office,
win be noen from 8 A. M.. to 12
. poon Monday through Friday.
Anyone interested in obtaining in
formation concerning job open
ings with contractors' may visit
$2.00 Per Year In North Carolina
- - - ------
of his employees are going to cook
with our gas.”
j; The gp>up had already gone on
record as having, for their main
project for the coining year more
highway signs directing tourists
to the “Albemarle Tour” and per
haps the publication of additional
brochures for distribution
throughout the country. In addi
tion to this. Dye said he would
try to push associate memberships
in the organization this year, all
over the area in an effort to ac
quaint regular businesses of the
value of the Albemarle-Pamlico
Travel Council and what it had
, already done for them.
20 Years Ago
As Found in the Files of
The Chowan Herald
r '
| Chowan County Ccmmiss'onerr
announced reduction of the
county tax rale from 51.30 lo
J. A. Woodard died at hi j
home on Court Street after a
long illness.
i The Chowan County Board of
Education registered a complaint
with the County Commissioners
that a considerable amount of
poll tax had not been paid and
1 Sheriff J. A. Bunch was in
-1 strucled lo crack down on the;
[John F. While appeared at the j
County Commissioners' meeting
registering a complaint about the
social security set-up. "The bull
1 should be taken by the horns in
> reference to ihe social security
I set-up," said Mr. White, "and it
- might just as well start in Cho
> wan County."
> St. Paul's Episcopal Church
was presented another plaque, a
r gift of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander
i Wilbourne Weddell of Richmond.
I Va. Mr. Weddell was U. S. Am
i bassador ao the ArgentimJftphoss
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I office and register for this type
of work. Future plans call for
j the moving of the office from
Hertford to a site at the base.
I In announcing the establish- j
ment of this field office, Milton
j Bass, manager of the Edenton of
; fice. stressed that persons desiring
j employment at the base should
i apply to the field office rather
, j than direct to the base at Harvey
! Point. He stated that little hir
. ing was being done at this time,
. | but that it appeared more hiring
■ would be done within the next
; 1 few weeks.
New Band Director
Outlines Plans For
New School Year
Durwocd Bray Ip Well
Pleased With New
Band Room
The first meeting for the 1958-
59 year of the Executive Board of
the Edenton Junior-Senior High
School Band-Parents Association
was held Wednesday night of last
week at 8 o’clock at the Junior
| Senior High School. The first
! regular meeting of the year for
j the Association was held at the
j Junior-Senior High School Wed
-1 nesday evening, July 9, at 8
The new Band Director, Dur
wood Bray, was presented to the
Association and outlined his aims
for the band. Mr. Bray states
Edenton can very v.ell be proud
of the new band room now avail
able to the Junior-Senior High
School band. It is his opinion
there is none better in this sec
tion. Mr. Bray has a very Well
oiganized plan to equip and train
a band to equal the facilities.
The Band-Parents Association
unanimously gives the r support
to back Mr. Bray in this endeav
or and it is their hope that the
people of Edenton will also. Any
parents interested in enrolling a
child not now in the band should
contact Mr. Bray at the Junior-
Senior High School.
Legion- Auxiliary
Will Meet Jointly
Ed Bond Post No. 40 of the
American Legion and the Legion
Auxiliary will meet jointly to
night (Thursday) at 8 o’clock in
the Legion building. The purpose
of this joint meeting is to install
officers for both organizations and
honor Mrs. J. L. Chestnutt. who
was loc-’jitly elected pres dent of
the North Carolina Legion Au
Legion officers will be install
ed by John A. Holmes and Mrs.
Chestnutt will install the Auxili
ary officers.
Troy Toppin, outgoing com
amnder of the Legionnaires, is
very anxious to see a large num
ber of members of both organiza
tions present for the occasion.
\ F\\ Chicken
Dinner July 19
Members of the VFW Auxiliary .
will sponsor a barbecue chicken
dinner Saturday. July 19. The
dinner will be served in the Post
home from 6 to 8 P. M., for which
tickets are now on sale. The la
dies are very anxious to have a
generous patronage for the affair
which is an effort to raise money
for their organization.
Locates In Texas ”)
411111 *
IliKf J|
jßp’ n Ip WA jn|
Dave L. Ward, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank J. Ward, on June 8,
became minister of education at
the First Baptist Church at Na
cogdoches, Texas, of which Dr.
.William H. Crook is pastor. Mr.
j Ward was formerly associate min
■ Lster of education at Highland
' Baptist Church, Louisville, Ky.
| During World War II he spent
four years in the Air Force, serv
ing as interpreter in French Mo
rocca and did liasion work with
the French Air. Force. He also
! did intelligence work in Japan.
He marriad. Miss Jo Pittard,
! daughter of; Dr. and Mrs. C. R.
Pittard of Albany, Georgia.
j —-- ,

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