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Volume XXV.—Number 34
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'. Above if pictured the new armored car just added by the Peoples Bank & Trust Company to
deliver bulk currency and silver between the bank's various branches. Pictured with the truck
are. left jo right. Henry Smith, Jr., secretary of the Chamber of Commerce; John Kramer,
executive; vice president of the Peoples Bank & Trust Company. Edenton; Gilliam Wood,
president' of the Chamber of Commerce; W. H. Stanley, vice president and cashier.
Bank it t Trust Company, Rocky Mount, and Chief of Police George I. Dail of Edenton.
Meeting Os Cub
Scouts Scheduled
To Be Heid Aug. 26
Program In Form of
fffeld Day With Dens
'.<£ In Charge
T]jie August Cub Scout Pack
ribetipg will be held Tuesday
night, August 26, at (P o’clock in
the rear of the Junior-Senior
P* meeting will open with a
ceremony by Den No. 8, and Den
NgL, .9 will have charge of the
clqsipg after which,
aUtarda will be presented.
The program will be in the
foirn of a with various
events sponsored by the dens.
events will include: High
Jump, Den 6; 40-yard dash, Den
3; relay race, Den 8, and broad
juiftp, Den 9.
Bach den will manage their
owh event and supply all props
a ncj ribbons. A blue ribbon will
be Wwarded for first place, a red
ribbon for second place and a
whke'ribbon for third place in
eacji event.
Sabres To Close
0n Labor Day
Practically all local stores,
financial institutions, profes
sional offices and town and
coubjy offices will be closed on
MoiWay, September 1, in ob
servance of 'Labor Day, Ralph
Parrish, chairman ,of the Cham-
of Commerce Merchants
Copunittee, announced Tuesday
of ithis week. Closing is in ac
comance with the holiday sched
ule adopted by the merchants.
ijlost local Stores will also be
cloked the following Wednesday
afternoon, September 3, as
(civic calendar’'
» ’
Dr. Mara H. Lovelier, faculty
member . of the Sbulheastern
Baptist theological Seminary at
Wake Forest will fili tthe pul
pit, at ! the Edontoh Baptist
£hkrch Sunday .mottling and
night, August 24 in the absence
St the pastor, the R*v. R. N.
Tie August Cub Scout Pack
-‘ry-g will he held Tuesday
Cotibttted on Pago 3 Section I
* - L‘
Children Entering School For '
Jpirst Time Must Register With
, Prijticipal Swain August 26-27
■nestjfSwain, principal of the
EftptOiMr; Elementary School,
calA attention to jrtmtts Os
children entering school for the i
tbhe this year that they
•rg required to register their
children in his office before
uiM|£ children entering school
Edenton’s Schools
Faculties Filled For
Term Os 1958-59
14 New Teachers In
High and Element
ary Schools
With schools in the Edenton
Administrative Unit scheduled to
open Tuesday morning, Septem
ber 2, at 9 o’clock, Superintend
ent John A. Holmes stated Mon- I
day morning of this week that,
all teachers'Tiave. been secured -
and that preparations are going
so that everything is
expected to be in readiness for ]
the opening.
Os the 44 teachers in the
Junior-Senior High School and
the Elementary School, 14 of
them will be newcomers on thei
faculty. The new High School
teachers include:
Archie B. Fairley, Jr., who
succeeds N. J. George as science
teacher. Mr. Fairley is from |
Raleigh and is a graduate of J
Duke University. He is now do-!
ing graduate work at the Uni- |
versity of North Carolina. He j
Continued on Page 3 —Section 1
New Students Are Required To
Register In Office Os Principal
Monday ■ Tuesday, Aug. 25 - 26
Students who have moved into
the Edenton City School District
during the summer and who have
been assigned to the Edenton
Junior-Senior High School (grades
7-12) should register at the school
office Monday or Tuesday, August
25 or 26, between the hours of 9
to 12 and 1 to 5. It is imperative
that all necessary transactions be
completed on these two days.
Students who show up on Sep-!
tember 2 without having pre-reg- j
istered will’experience a great j
deal of delay since the office staff j
will be busy with other matters j
on the first day. It will not be
necessary for students transfer
ring from the Edenton Elemen
tary School ,to pre-register as
their records are already on file.
“Please call the school office, 3513
for any other questions concern
ing registration,” says Gerald
James, principal.
As previously announced, the
Edenton Junior-Senior High
and 27 between the hours of 9
and 12 A. M. and 1 and 4 P. M.
Children entering the • Edenton
school for the first time from
the second through. the sixth
grades will register on the
same dates and same hours.
Mr. Swain emphasizes the fact
that it is necessary for first
grade children to present their
birth certificate and immuniza
iistration. 'V. .. '
Music Director j
' | Jpf
! At the Rocky Hock Baptist
I Church revival August 24-3 L the
' Rev. Ralph Harrell will direct the
■ music.
School will open on September 2: j
School will officially open at 9
A. M., and close at 12 noon on
the first day. The regular sched
ule for the second day and
throughout the school year willi
be from 8:30 A. M., to 3:25 P. M.
The lunchroom will ooen on Wed
nesday, September 3, and the
price of 30c per student lunch has
beeh approved.
Opening day exercises will be
held in the new auditorium at
9:45 A. M. The new music de
partment, one of the most modern
in eastern North Carolina, has
been in use by the band since Au- 1
gust 1. These new facilities will
provide much needed space. Par
ents are invited to attend and in
spect the new facilities.
Linda Leary Wins
Second Place In
Strutting Contest
Edenton friends will be pleased
to learh that Miss Linda Leary,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs.. Leon
Leary, won second place in the
senior strutting division in the na
tional <4pen baton twirling contest
Helen Newperi of Winston-Salem
was first place' winner in this di
vision. * •
The contest included baton
twirling and strutting for the Dis
trict of Columbia. North and
South Carolina, Virginia, West
Virginia, Taiuteesee and Mary
land. j,
The £frampk>n batton twirler
was Mias Slygn Elder of Baalti
m°re -
denton, Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, August 21,1958.
(Contrary To Rumors Now Circulating
I Edenton Schools Will Op Sept 2nd
{ Contrary to rumors going the rounds, bpth the Edenton
{Junior-Senior High School and the Edetnon Elementary
[School will open as scheduled on Tuesday, September 2.
{This information was given The Herald early this week by
I Superintendent John A. Holmes.
1 With repairs and renovations being made at the Element
iary School, some rumors began circulating that the work
\ will not be completed in time for the school opening, so
| that the opening would be postponed. Other rumors were
Ito the effect that because of the Enementary School’s post
jponement, the High School likewise would open at a later
; date.
j However, Mr. Holmes stated Monday morning that steel
j for the steps at the Elementary School had arrived and that
jhe was assured by the contractor that the work will be com
jpleted in time for the opening.
j Mr. Holmes further stated that in event the work is not
completed, the school will open as scheduled. If
j necessary, he said, temporary classrooms will be set up for a
j few classes so that what work remains to be done will not
j interfere with the school opening.
i So despite the conflicting rumors, the Edenton schools
[will open Tuesday morning, September 2, at 9 o’clock,
[but after the first day the opening hour will be 8:30 o’clock
= ?ach morning.
Dr. Marc H. Lovelace Will Fill
Baptist Church Pulpit Sunday
In the absence of the pastor, the
Rev. R. N. Carroll, the pulpit of
the Baptist Church will be filled
Sunday, August 24. by Dr. Marc
11. Lovelace, faculty member of
the Southeastern Baptist Theo
logical Seminary in Wake Forest.
Dr. Lovelace is* a native of
North Carolina and was educated
in the public schools of the state.
He is a graduate of High Point
College and of the Southern Bap
tist Theolog'cal Seminary in
Louisville, Kentucky. Having
served pastorates in Kentucky
and Indiana, Dr. Lovelace was
Professor of Religion at Wake
Forest College for six years and
has served as Professor of Ar
chaeology since 1952 at the South- \
eastern Bant'st Theological Sem-]
inary in Wake Forest. Besides j
his teaching activities, he has!
been active in pulDit supplv and i
in oriental research both in this \
country and in Jerusalem.
Dr. Lovelace will preach at the
11 o’clock morning worship hour:
and at the 7:30 o’clock evening!
worship hour. The public is cor-1
dially invited to hear him.
5-Year-Old Boy Killed When He
Runs In Path Os Automobile
Gary Drew Whitaker, 5-year
old son of Chief Pharmacist Mate
and Mrs. Richard Whitaker, was
killed in an automobile accident
about 3:30 o’clock Friday after
noon. The accident occurred in
the Macedonia section about a
mile from the Macedonia Baptist
Church toward Route 32.
The boy, according to a report
of Highway Patrolman T. E.
Vaughan, who made an investiga
tion, was playing in front of his
home and darted into the path of
an automobile driven by Mrs.
Thomas Small. Patrolman
Vaughan said the accident was
unavoidable, the boy running in
front of the automobile before
Mrs. Small had an opportunity to
stop her car.
The boy was taken to the Cho
K. >
.jji iL
Above appears another installment of The Herald's "Citizens
of Tomorrow" feature. Top row, left to right, Ricky Aabell
and Kathryn Aabell. children of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. AsbeU. Jr.;
Randy HollowelL son of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. HoUewelL Bot
tom row. left to right. Jimmy Griffin and Regina Carol Griffin,
children tfc M. Griffin; Bert Speight con
g>- ■
] Guest Preacher *]
V r*
i .
At the Bactist Church Sunday.
August 24, Dr. Marc H. Lovelace
of the Southeastern Baptist Theo
logical Seminary at Wake Forest
will preach in the absence of the
pastor, the Rev. R. N. Carroll.
wan Hospital but was dead upon
The father of the boy was sta
tioned at the Edenton Naval Au
xiliary Air Station.
Besides his parents, the victim
is survived by seven brothers.
Richard, Bruce, Timothy, Michael,
Robin, Mack and Ronald Whita
ker, all at home. The boy was a
member of the Methodist church
at the base.
Funeral services were held at
the Williford Funeral Home Mon
day afternoon at 3 o’clock. The
Rev. Matthew Curry, base chap
lain, officiated and burial was in
Beaver Hill Cemetery.
Unanimity Lodge No. 7, A. F. &
A. M., meets tonight at 8 o’clock.
l Revival Services
I At Rocky Hock
Church Aug. 24-31
Rev. C. W. Bazemore,
Evangelist, and Rev.
Ralph Harrell, Music
In announcing plans for revival
week, August 24-31. at Rocky
Hock Church, the Rev. B. L.
Raines, pastor, joins his congre
gation in extending a cordial invi
tation and welcome to the public
of this area to attend these spe
cial services. The Rev. Ralph
Harrell will direct the music and
special music will be featured at
the night services. Mr. and Mrs.
Harrell are currently under .the
appointment of the Foreign Mis
sion Board and are scheduled to
sail for Tanganyika in about 60 1
days. Mr. Harrell, a graduate of I
Southern Seminary, is a native of
Rocky Hock and has been direct
ing the revival music for three
The Rev. C. W. Bazemore. as
sociate editor of the Biblical Re
corder, Raleigh, will bring the
Gospel messages through the
week. He is a native of Bertie
Countv, and for some years before
his call to preach, was editor of
the Bertie Ledger-Advance in
Windsor, and served also as school
orineipal in East Carolina. Tic
has served as a pastor of church
es in Virginia, and later was Pas
tor of Corinth. Woodville, and Mt
Sinai churches, in Chowan Asso
ciation. After several years as
missionary of the Roanoke Asso
ciation. he was in 1950 called to
his present work with the Bibli
cal Recorder. State Baptist paper
of North Carolina.
Mr. Bazemore will bring his
first message Sunday night, Au
gust 24, and conclude with the
morning service. August 31. Dur
ing the week services will he held i
"twice daily. The afternoon ser-j
vices will begin at 3 o’clock and!
•he evening services will begiin at
7:45 o’clock.
On Monday night Macedonia
church will bring special music.
Tuesday night will feature Bal-j
lard’s Bridge Choir and on Wed-j
nesday night Center Hill and
Great Hope churches will bring a
Special message in song."
Chowan Cancer Group Centers
Aetivities On Educating Public
Members of the Chowan Coun- '
ty Chapter of the American Can
cer Societj) met in the Penelope j
Barker house Friday night, when
the principal item of business |
was working on a proposed bud- j
get for 1958.5!).
Present at the meeting was!
| Mrs. Bert G. Tyson of Green-:
jville, field consultant, who was
j delighted to see all members of
[the committee, except one, on
hand. Mrs. Tyson emphasized j
j the seriousness of cancer and j
! thoroughly explained the pur- i
pose of the cancer drive, point- 1
| ing out the three principal ave- 1
nues of attack—research, educa- j
tion and service.
The local chapter, of which
Dr. Frank Wood is chairman and
Mrs. J. D. Elliott, crusade chair
man. plans to name a board of 1
directors which will include
representatives of various or
ganizations and rural communi
ties. Quite a few have already
agreed to serve on this board
and Mrs. Elliott is now Contact
ing others. This group will be
asked to meet Wednesday night.
October 15, at 8 o’clock, at which
time a cancer film will be shown
in order to impress them with
the seriousness of cancer.
The executive committee de
cided to center its efforts on
education during the 1958-59
campaign, it being pointed out
that many cancer cases can be
cured when they are small.
“What most people don’t know,’’
said Mrs. Tyson, “is that many
of those they loved might be I
alive today if they 'had only' j
known the early signs of cancer
and had gone to their doctors ]
The educational program of.
the local chapter will be in
charge of Mrs. L. A. Patterson,
first ice president, who will se
cure literature and films for
erucation, a goodly portion of
which she hopes can be used in
schools and various organiza-
Continuad on Pag* B—Section 1.
$2.50 Per Year In North Carolina
West Wm. Byrum
Dies In Hospital
After Long Illness
Claimed By Death ]
IXflHl H JfcFr
After being in critical condition
for several months West W. By
rum passed away in Chowan Hos- '•
pital Friday night at 8:15 o'clock, i
Peoples Bank And
Trust Co. Secures j.
New Armored Car|
Used to Deliver Bulk,
C urrency to Vari
ous Branches
An armored car, owned bv the!
Peoples Bank & Trust Company ]
attracted considerable attention!
in Edenton Thursday when it was
lparked at the local bank building.|
Armored car service manned by
two Rocky Mount police officers '<
during their off duty hours was 1
instituted* last week from the!
home office of the Peoples Bank;-
and Trust Company. The armor-j
ed car is a 1958 Chevrolet panel.)
truck specially designed and'
equipped, including firearms, for',
maximum protection of money I
Continued on Page 7—Section 1 ]
20 Years A<jo
As Found in the Files of
The Chowan Herald
' — ,»;•
The Edenlon-Mackeys Ferry
went out of existence with the
ferry boat Frances Harrington
making its final run across Albe
marle Sound. W. A. Everett,
one of the owners of the ferry,
who made the first trio on the
initial ferry when it was organiz
ed in 1922, was on the final voy
age across the Sound.
Miss Dorothy Jones ot Hyde
County was selected as "Queen
of the Albemarle" for the Albe
marle Bridge celebration, sched-,
uled for August 25.
Miss Clara Meade Smith was
chosen from more lhan a score'
of applicants to be Chowan
County's queen at the Albemarle I
Continued on Page 3—Section 1
Bread Truck Kills 4-Year-Old
Randy Swanner Tuesday In
Front Os Father’s Restaurant
For the second time within a
week a local boy has lost' his
life as the result of an automo
bile accident.
Randolph (Randy) Kelly Swan
ner, 4-year-old son of Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph K. Swanner, died
about 10:30 o’clock Tuesday
morning in the Chowan Hospital
after h# was run over by a
bread truck.
According to Patrolman W. H.
Phelps, who investigated the
accident, the boy was in front of
his father’s restaurant on North
Broad Street when Clarence
Lassiter, 28, of Elizaeth City
drove his Wonder bread truck up
to deliver bread in the restau
rant. After the delivery Lassi
ter went to the rear of the
truck to straighten up his stock.
' He spoke to the boy before go
v —TS
V /
Leader In Affairs of
J Chowan County For
Many Years
West William Byrum, 67, ona
of Chowan County’s leading citi
zens, died at 8:15 o’clock Friday
night in Chowan Hospital after
being in declining health fcr
about six months.
A native of Chowan County,
he was the son of the late Wil
liam Henry and Jessie Virginia
Leary Byrum.
For many years he was promi
nent in religious, business and
civic affairs of the community,
as w 11 as a progressive farmer.
Mr. Byrum was president of
the Albemarle Peanut Company
since it was organized in 1932.
Prior to that time he was con
ineeted with the old Farmers
'Peanut Company and the Nor
folk Southern Railroad.
! He was appoint; d a County
j Commissioner by Clerk of Court
E. W. Spires on January 5. 1945,
tii sucrei d the late D M. War
ren and has served as chairman
of the board since that time, a
period of 13 years. He is a
past presid-. nt of the Virginia-
Carolioa Peanut Association and
a director of the National Pea
nut Council. He was also a past
president of the Edenton Lions
Cilub and past commander of
Ed Bond Post No. 40 of the Am
erican Legion. He was a mem.
her of the District Board of
H alth and chairman of the Fi
nance Committe ■ of the Edenton
Baptist Church. He also served
for several years as chairman of
the Board of Public Works and
was a former member of the
Edentin School Trusters. He
was connected with practically ,
even- civic and community ac
Mr. Byrum also served in
World War I a< a first sergeant
ir Company C. 322nd Infantry of
the 81st Division.
Surviving are his wife, Mrs.
Virginia Stephenson Byrum: a
son. West W. Byrum. Jr.; six
sisters, Mrs. E. E. Harrell, Mrs.
W. H. Hollow.. 11. Mrs. Maurice'
L Bunch. Mrs, W. A. Harrell,
Mrs. Henry Haste and Mrs: C. J.
Williams, all of Chowan County,
and one grandchild.
Funeral services were largely
attended Monday morning at 11
o’clock in tire Edenton Baptist
Church with the pastor, the
Rev R. N. Carroll, officiating.
Burial was in Beaver Hill
Active pallbearers were Jesse
Ham 11, Earl Harrell. Herbert
Hollowell, Jr.. Maurice L. Bunch.
Jr.. Clyde Hollowell and Thurs
ton Stallings.
Members of the American Le
gion served as! honorary pall
i Edenton Lions will not meet on
j Monday evening. September 1,
] (Labor Day week-end). The next
' meeting will be held on Monday,
September 8. after which they
| will resume their regular weekly
ing back of the truck, but when
he returned he did not see the
boy. Entering the truck, he be
gan to drive away, when the
boy was struck.
The boy was rushed to the
Chowan Hospital, but died in
the emergency room.
Besides his parents, the boy
is survive by a brother, Allen
Swanner; a sister, Wanda Kay
Swanner; his paternal grand
mother, Mrs. Charles Swanner,
and his maternal grandparents.
Mr. and Mrs. Perry White of
Bertie County.
Funeral serices were held
Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock
at the Baptist Church. The
pastor, the Rev. R. N. Carroll*
officiated and burial was s|fj
Beaver Hill Cemetery.

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