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Volume XXV.—Number 43.
Edenton Mercl v ,nts Begin Bid-A-Buck Sales Promotion
16th District Os Fet X\ *ated
Woman’s Club Will Hold
Annual Meeting In Edenton
Three State Officers
Expected to Attend;
President Will Be the
Principal Speaker
The annual meeting of the 16th
District of Federated Woman’s
Clubs will be held in Edenton
Monday, October 27, with the
Edenton club as hostesses. Mrs.
W. J. P. Earnhardt, chairman, an
nounces that plans have been
made for an outstanding district
Three State officers are expect
ed for the event including Mrs.
R. T. Dent, president of the N. C.
Federation of Woman’s Clubs;
Mrs. Doc R. Oliver, second vice- 1
president, and Mrs. Jack Sharpe,
third vice-president. Interesting
talks will be made by these digni
taries who will be the speakers
for the day. Mrs. Julian Porter,
16th' District president, will pre
side over the business session.
The Penelope Barker house will
be the scene for a coffee hour
which will open the day’s activi
ties. The coffee-hour will begin
at 8:30. Registrations will be
held at this time. An art’ exhibit
will be featured at the Penelope
Barker house under the direction
of Mrs. T. B. Smith and Mrs. A. F.
Downum, both of the Edenton
club, and Mrs. John Bonner of
Elizabeth City, 16th District art
chairman, will assist. All clubs in
the district are invited to partici
pate in the exhibit. An added
feature will be a unique display
contributed by Mrs. Lloyd Grif
Following the social hour, dele
gates will move to the Chowan
County Court House for the busi
ness session, beginning at 10
o’clock. A later registration will
precede the business session dur
ing which time luncheon tickets
will be available.
This is the first time in the his
tory of the 16th District a Wo
man’s Club business meeting has
been held in a Court House. In
this historical background, Mrs. R.
J. Boyce, president of the Eden-
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Jaycees Sponsoring
Thanksgiving Dance
Sponsored by the Edenton
Junior Chamber of Commerce,
the annual Thanksgiving dance
will be held in the Edenton arm
ory Wednesday night, November
26, starting at 9 o’clock and
continuing until 1 o’clock.
Music for the dance will be
provided by The Notables of
Suffolk, Va.
Anyone desiring to make
table reservations are requested
to inform Gene Ward, telephone I
3317. t
Edenton Aces In Dime Novel
Style Finish Defeat Hertford’s
Indians In Last 60 Seconds 13-7
Edenton’s Aces defeated the
Hertford Indians in Hertford
Friday night by a score of 13-7
in a game which wound up
something like a Horatio Alger
story. The game was played be
fore a capacity crowd with
Edenton loaning three sections
of to help accommo
date -Ite crowd and even then
theregSbere as many or more
spectftjfcas obliged to stand along
the sidelines.
The; Aces scored near the end
of quarter when they
drove from their own 25-yard
line '• for a touchdown. Bubba
Hopkins, Robert White and Ted
Hardison alternated in carrying
the ball to the 11-yard line, from
where White wiggled through
the line, shook off three tacklers
and scored on a very thrilling
t play. Jack Bunch grabbed Lloyd
Lassiter’s pass for the extra.
m- a see-saw battle dur
ing -jthe second and third quar-|
ters,. with both teams afflicted I
Officers Named For Chowan’s
Drive To Fight Cancer Disease
A goodly number of people
interested in the fight against
cancer gathered at the Penelope
Barker house Wednesday night
of last week when a very in
teresting and informative film
was shown and comments made
by Mrs. Bert Tyson, field con
sultant of Greenville. The pic
ture vividly showed the action
of cancer cells and their devel
opment and brought out the im
portance of frequent checkups
before they make too much pro
gress. “The doctor’s office is
the cancer detection center,” em
phasized Mrs. Tyson.
Considerable interest has been
aroused in the fight against can
Aces Expect
Tough Game
With Ahoskie
What is calculated to be the
toughest Albemarle Conference
game for the Edenton Aces will
be staged in Ahoskie Friday night
when the Aces will lock horns
with the Ahoskie Indians.
Both the Aces and Indians will
enter the game with a clean con
ference record and last FT id ay
night Hertford was the first con
ference team to score against the
Aces, who played one of their
most erratic games of the season.
Ahoskie has the reputation of
being exceptionally strong this
year, boasting one of the finest
lines, especially the middle, as
well as a well-rounded team since
Jack Young has been coaching
at Ahoskie.
The Aces will put forth every
effort to win the game and still
fresh in their memory is the close
shave last year when the Aces
narrowly won by a 27-26 score.
The boys came out of the Hert
ford scrap in good shape and go
ing through strenuous practice
sessions this week, should be in
top form for what appears to be
a battle royal.
District Meeting
Os VFW Sunday
William H. Coffield, Jr., Post
No. 9280, Veterans of Foreign
Wars, will be host at a district
meeting to be held in Edenton
Sunday, October 26.
The meeting will be held at the
Post home beginning with a din
ner at 1 o’clock. The business
meeting will begin at 2 o’clock,
which will be presided over by
William P. Huggins of Sunbury.
with fumbilitis, but on the first
play of the final quarter Sulli-]
van cracked through the line
from the 2-yard mark and Mat
thews went over for the extra
point, although some players and
spectators questioned the deci
sion. At any rate, the Indians
were gaining strength, so that
the outcome appeared to wind up
in at least a 7-7 tie.
However, near the end of the
game the Indians recovered a
fumble on their own 40. Two
plays netted six yards and then
Jimmy White broke through to
throw the ball carrier for a 5-
yard loss, which proved to be
the turning point of the game,
for the Indians were forced to
kick. It was the Aces’ ball on
the Hertford 42. White and
Hopkins carried to the 25 and
Lassiter was thrown for a 6-
, yard loss tryin to spot a pass
| receiver. Then with about 80
seconds , remaining he passed to
IFred Britton. Britton juggled
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cer with education taking the
leading role in the Chowan
County chapter.
The county officers of the
i Chowan County unit are:
j President, Dr. Frank Wood;
first vice president, Mrs. L. A.
j Patterson; second vice president,
Mrs. Logan Elliott; campaign
chairman, Mrs. J. D. Elliott;
'treasurer, James M. Bond; sec
retary, Miss Inez Felton; publi
j city chairman, J. Edwin Bufflap.
! Members of the board of direc
tors are; Mrs. Kermit L. Lay
j ton, Miss Maidred Morris, Dr.
W. S. Griffin. Dr. W. I. Hart.
Dr. Richard Hardin, Dr. L. P.
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Inspection For
Cub Scout Pack
On October 28
Cub Scout Pack No. 15!) will
meet Tuesday night, October 28,
promptly at 7:15 o’clock in the
cafeteria at the Junior-Senior
High School. This will be annual
inspection, so that every boy is
expected to attend the meeting
on time.
Judges for the inspection will
be Chief of Police George I. Dail,
Fire Chief W. J. Yates, Mayor Er
nest Kehayes and Charlie Swan
ner, commanding officer of the lo
cal National Guard unit.
Parents of the boys are es
pecially urged to attend the meet
Rotary Governor
In Edenton Today
Hobart Steele, district Rotary
governor, will pay an official
visit to the Edenton Rotary
Club this (Thursday) afternoon
at 1 o’clock in the Parish
House. Governor Steele will
meet with President Ed Bond
and Secretary James P. Ricks,
Jr., prior to the dinner. After
the meeting, at which Mr. Steele
will speak, he will conduct an
assembly with all of the club’s
Dr. Ed Bond, president of the
club, urges every Rotarian to be
present in order to meet Gover
nor Steele.
Schools Sponsor
UNICEF Oct, 31st
Edenton Public Schools will
again sponsor UNICEF, the Unit
ed Nations Children’s Fund this
year. Boys and girls will be ring
ing doorbells or asking for contri
butions for UNICEF on October
These people will be trick or
treating for pennies, nickels and
dimes to help the Children’s Fund
provide medicine and food to mil
lions of sick and hungry children 1
all over the world.
About S2OO was collected last
year, and it is hoped the response
this year will be even greater.
20’Years Ago
As Found m the Files of
The Chowan Herald
~~— d
L. C. Burton. Chairman of the
Board of Elections, announced the
polling place in Yeopim Township
was changed from Jordan's Store
to R. E. Coffield's Store.
Ernest' Jackson and Branning
Perry went to Charlotte to attend
a showing of the new model
A leaden' school -for Chowan
Home Demonstration Clubs was
held at the Court House with
Miss Elisabeth Williams of Ra
leigh as principal speaker.
Edenton Rotarians called off
their meeting in order to attend
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Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, October 23,1958.
Edenton Woman’s Club Speaker
' '''Sm
' rnwr'* mk
A highlight of the annual meeting of the lGth District of
Federated Woman's Clubs to be held in Edenton Monday, Oc
tober 27, will be an address by Mrs. Raymond T. Dent of
Spruce Pine. Mrs. Den! is president of the North Carolina
Federation of Woman's Clubs and will speak on the subject
'Opportunity We Have Through Education. Service and Dedica
tion, We Build.”
Annual Halloween
Party To Be Held
Friday, October 31
Affair This Year Willi
Be Held in Edenton!
Armory From 4 to 7
Plans for the annual Halloween
Carnival, one of the year’s most
outstanding events in Edenton,
are under way and the Woman’s
Club, sponsors of the party, prom
ises a gay time for the youth of
the town and county.
A corps of workers are making
plans and getting refreshments,,
prizes, and entertainment ready
for this gala event scheduled for
Friday, October 31.
Attention is called to several
changes to be made in this year's
carnival. It will be held in the
National Guard armory between
the hours of 4 and 7 o'clock. Sev
eral booths will be added. In ad
dition to the usual attractions —
fish pond, talking witch, movies,
witches brew, candy, apples, hot
dogs, pop corn, peanuts and for
tune tellers, there will be a rock
’n roll session, a white elephant,
booth, a coffee stand and a bake)
A small charge will be madej
at the various stops along the
Grand Champion Fair Winner j
ail don t LET YOUR r arn: pond If
■ TH TR P! I
This educational booth was chosen grand champion ex
hibit in the Chowan County Fair last week. Its theme was on
safety entitled "Warning—Don’t Let Your Farm Pond Be a
Death Trap." The exhibit was erected by members ot the
Gum Pond Home Demonstration Club. (
I midway.
Prizes will be awarded for the
I most original costume, the most
comical girl, the most comical
boy, and for the best costumed
boy and girl. Judges will be lo
cally selected.
Each little goblin is urged to
join the parade which will form
■ on the Church Street side of the
■ Elementary School downtown.
There will be adults to supervise
the youngsters on the inarch to
!the armory.
i The Halloween party is staged
.ieach year under the sponsorship
lof the Woman's Club and is al
ways eagerly anticipated by the
■ youth of the community. This
year’s party will have a larger se
; lection of entertainment than
■ ever and will have something to
i offer all age groups.
The chairmen of the event urge
all the youngsters to don their
■ costumes and join in the fun.
William H. Coffield Post No.
4 9280, Veterans of Foreign Wars,
’I will meet Tuesday night, October
128 at 8 o’clock. Commander Har
■ j old Langdale requests a large at
■ tendance.
'Project To Plant
Trees In Edenton
Making Headway
Decision Is Made to
Plant Crepe Myrtle
And Dogwood Trees
On North Broad St.
A committee from the Edenton
Woman’s Club and George Alma
Byrum and J. Edwin Bufflap,
representing Town Council, to
gether with County Agent C. W.
; Overman, met at the home of Mrs.
I Earl Goodwin Monday morning ;oi
consider a tree planting project
. sponsored by the Woman’s Club.
An appropriation of SSOO was
included in the town’s budget for
! beautifica.t ion. so that the Wo
j man’s Club adopted a project for
planting trees to replace mnnv
which have been taken down in
! recent years.
It was the general opinion that
! the most effective beautificationl
work could be done bv planting
trees on North Broad Street be
tween the Triangle Service Sta
! tion to Oakum Street. It was de.
| cided to plant in the neighborhood
'of 125 trees in this area With'
'crepe myrtle and dogwood being'
the favorite choice Mr. Overman
i was instructed to secure prices fori
I these two and it is hoped work!
lean be started on the project i
1 within a few weeks.
The group also considered beau
tifying the boulevard in front of
the police station by planting aza
leas, as well as a few shade trees
along the Court House Green.
Present at the meeting were
Mrs. Earl Goodwin, Mrs. John
Graham. Mrs. Scott Harrell, Mrs.
Jimmy Earnhardt, C. W. Ovor
j man, George Alma Byrum and J
; Edwin,Buff lap.
1 The two Council men will- pro- 1
[sent the recommendation at the*
i next Town Council meeting for
I official action.
New *59 De Soto
Displayed Friday
O. B. Perry, manager of the
Chowan Motor Company, an
nounces that the new 1959 DeSoto
automobile will go on display in
the showroom Friday, October 24.
Mr. Perry is very much enthused
over the new model and urges the
general public to visit and inspect
the new DeSoto.
"in keeping with a generation
of fine cars, the 1959 DeSoto was
designed as a ear of performance
and prestige,” says Mr. Perry.
"We feel that the 1959 DeSoto can
do everything a motorist can pos
sibly ask of it.”
Tots & Teens Store
In New Building
Tots & Teens Shop is now in
a new location having last week
moved from the Badham building
to the Goodwin building, a short
distance from the old location.
The Goodwin building has been
remodeled inside and out, so that
the store now is one of the most
attractive in the Edenton busi
ness district.
The interior oF'trie store pro
vides a better opportunity for dis
playing a larger stock of merchan
dise, so that Mr. and Mrs. George
Privott extend a cordial invita
tion to the general public to visit
and inspect the new store.
[civic calendar!
Twenty-two Edenton merchants
are cooperating in a "Bid-a-Buck"
sales promotion feature which
will begin today (Thursday)
and end Saturday, November 29.
Chowanoke Council No. 54, De
gree of Pocahontas, will meet to
night (Thursday) at 8 o'clock
with a dinner preceding the meet
ing at 6:30 o'clock.
Edenton's Junior Chamber of
Commerce will meet tonight
(Thursday) at 7 o'clock in the
Penelope Barker house.
Ed Bond Post No. 40 of the
American Legion will meet Tues
day . night, October 28 at 8
Cub Scout Pack No. 159 will
meet for annual inspection Tues
day night. October 28. at the
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82.50 Per Year In North Carolina
Unique Plan Will
Be In Progress For
Five Week Period
1 Poppy Day }
The Auxiliary of William H.
Coffield Post No. 9280, Veterans
of Foreign Wars, will stage a Pop
py Day on Saturday, November 3.
Members of the Auxiliary urge
everyone to honor the war dead
by buying a poppy on that day.
The proceeds of the sale of pop-
I pies will go toward relief work.
Senator Avclletl
Red Men Speaker
Plans have been completed for
the. annual banquet of Chowan
| Tribe No. 8, : Improved Order of
Red Men, which will, be held in
[ the American Legion building
j Monday night, October 27, at 7:30
o’clock. According to a prelimi
nary report made at the tribe’s'
I meeting Monday night, between
125 and 150 are expected to at
tend. The meal will be served
by members of the Legion Auxili
The principal speaker for the
banquet will be Senator Elton
Aydlett of Elizabeth City. Among;
the distinguished guests will be!
the Great Sachem of North Caro
lina. James F. Brooks of Char
lotte and W. E. Yopp. Great Chief
of Records of Wilmington.
The committee in charge of the
banquet has arranged an inter-’
estmg program, with Caswell Ed
mundson scheduled to act .as;
Ereat Pocahontas
A isitiii<r Edenton
Chowanoke Council No. 54, j
Degree of Pocahontas, will meet |
tonight in the Red Men hall.
A special guest at the meeting!
will be Mrs. Virginia Fisher of
Kannapolis. . Great Pocahontas. I
who will be making her official 1
visit to the local Council and
deliver an address during the!
A dinner will be served by
local Pocahontas members in!
honor of the Great Pocahontas, i
which will be served in the Red)
Men hall beginning at 6:30
o’clock. The business meeting!
will follow at 3 o’clock.
Mrs. Marina Crummey. Poca
hontas of Chowan Council, urges
every member to be present for
the occasion.
I)r. Robert Jordan
Auxiliary Speaker
Chowan Hospital Auxiliary held!
a very interesting meeting in the j
nurses’ home Friday afternoon'
when Dr. Robert Jordan spoke to.
the groun. His remarks were
very interesting and informative
having to do with medical ser-j
vices as applied to the Air Force;
in the space age.
During the meeting the. Aux.ili-i
ary adopted a project to purchase
an isolette for the nursery and a!
portable operating table.
Following the meeting refresh-'
ments were served with Mrs. J. J. j
Long and Mrs. Lester Forehand
serving as hostesses. 1
Labor Survey Now Beilin Made
In Edenton In Connection With
Expected Large Knitting Plant
Edenton’s Industry Develop-.
ment Corporation and the Eden
ton Chamber of Commerce are
now conducting a labor survey in
anticipation of a large knitting
plant locating in Edenton. It is
the purpose to secure as many
names as possible of white wo
men who are interested in being
employed by the new plant.
In the Edenton area those who
are interested are requested to
file their names at the N. C. Em
ployment office. 204 Citizens
Bank Building Monday through
fT~ 1 sS
j; Some of Frizes Now on
Display In Lobby of
'! Peoples Bank & Trust
Today (Thursday) 23 Edenton
. merchant: begin a rather unique
. sales promotion which is known
1 as Bid-A-Buek, which will ter
minate five weeks hence, Satur
. day, November 29 with a big Bid-
A-Buck auction sale.
The plan is for each participate
j ing merchant to give a Bid-A
-Buek with every dollar spent. At
1 the conclusion of the promotion
a Bid-A-Buck Auction Sale will
be held, at which many prizes can
be purchased at auction, using
| the Bid-A-Bucks as money.
It ,s tne hope of the participat
ing merchants that the plan will
| stimulate sales and at the same
time, with special prices on much
of the merchandise, a "banki *il”
if Bid-A-Bucks will be saved in
order to buy the prizes offerer!
without any ou* 1 yof money.
Aside fron .individual mer
i chants’ prizes • e auctioned off,
there are three major prizes, a
12-cubic foot Frigidaire refrigera
' tor valued at $419.95 as first prize;
a 17-inch portable television set
valued at $199.95 as second prize
and third prize, a 21-inch Jacob
son lawn mower valued at $119.93.
The participating merchants
land their individual prizes offer
; ed during the promotion follow:
Belk-Tyler’s: Four suit., A
| lady's, girl's, man’s and boy's:with.
; retail value of SIOO.OO.
Phthisic's Super Market: Five
' food baskets with retail value of
i $5.00 each.
j M. G. Brown Co.. Inc.: Unfin-
I ished Boston rocker with retail
: value of $12.65.
Tots & Teens Shop: Boy's sport
| coat and pants with retail value
! of $17.00,
Leggett & Davis: One Kodak
| with retail value of $14.95
Ralph F. Parrish, Tnc.: One 50-
i piece service for 8. Original Rog
, ers’ silverplate. American Ros
: pattern. Retail value 559.95.
P & Q Super Market: On
[ Smithfield ham, three SIO.OO gro-
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Band To Sponsor
Turkey Shoot
It was announced by officials
of the Edenton Junior-Senior
High School Band that the band
.will sponsor a turkey shoot in
I the near future. The purpose of
the shoot is to help raise some
I money on the band’s indebted
ness. The band this year went
in debt for about $6,000 for new
instruments. The date of the
j shoot will be. set later.
I \ Program At
Elementary School
United Nations Day will be
[observed at the Edenton E!o
--imrntarv School Friday afternoon,
October 24, at 1:30 o'clock
| when Mrs. Holton's section of
I the sixth grade will present a
■UN program at assembly,
j Ernest A. Swain, principal, in
vites any interested parents or
'friends to attend.
Friday from 10 \. M., to 2 P. M.
In the Col bia area listings
should be ma t the Agriculture
Building Wed. days from 10 A.
M.. to 2 P. M.
In Hertford listings will be re
ceived at the Court House Thurs
days from 10 A. M., to 2 P. M.
In the Gatesville area listings
will be taken at the Court House
Fridays from 10 A. M.. to 11 A. M.
' Any women interested are urg
ed to file immediately, as this in
formation is needed as soon as

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