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j Raleigh lt is most fitting that l
i( i{us year’s State Fair featured
. „§orth Carolina’s rapidly expand
o industry,
insh Jhe growth of this state’s poul
,tpy industry is an example of,
what North Carolina farmers can
«4o in the way of diversification
£ivshen the chips are down.
| .The sale of poultry and poultry
Kucis brought cash receipts of|
1,125. million dollars to North
lina Rimers in 1957, which
10 .times what it was just a
! I|w yaars ago.'
f is happening in poultry is
ig |ist one part of a revolution we
• d* going through in the field of'
; livestock and livestock products.)
■ 5 North Carolina is moving out
‘' (font in the Southeast in livestock
; production, and there is no reason
!f We‘cannot outstrip the Mid-
Western states in the next
i ,1957, for example, income
n livestock products in North
olina was over $267,000,000,
ch ' represents a very large
t of our total farm income.
5 , year, indications are that
stock receipts will reach about
million dollars.
hese figures are astounding
;n we consider the fact that it
been only a few years since
considered cattle, swine, and j
>2 >oultry as insiginificant parts of
~ jut farm economy in North Caro
i lina.
jj alone do not tell the whole story.
JAs we produce more and more
; poultry and cattle, we increase
iiur production of corn And other i
- grains.
\ Preliminary estimates, for ex-;
| imple, show that we will have a j
* record production of com this.
I year—about 825 million bushels,,
* which is some two million bush-,
jwlg more than the previous rec- j
I»rd production in 1956.
■3K The additional grain that is
gp&eded for our poultry and live
stock will help take up some of i
Jthe slack that is left by reduced j
Jpbacco and cotton acreages caus-j
i«d by increased yields per acre
other factors.
There is also another important i
-jbhgle to our livestock expansion,
jgfeat ig, encouraging. As our Bve- 1
Begins I
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• stock production expands, it
brings demands for packing and
| processing plants. A great many
' poultry processing plants have
sprung up over the state in re
j cent years, and major wheat
packing plants are showing more
and more interest in North Caro
lina. The new Swift plant at Wil
son is a prime example of this.
It is true that our farm econo
my in North Carolina has been
at a low ebb for several years, but
when we think about what is
happening in the poultry and
livestock industry we have every
i reason to be hopeful about the i
| future and do everything possible)
to continue the rapid development
of these areas of agriculture.
N. C. Farm Bureau
Meets In Raleigh
The board of directors of the
N. C. Farm Bureau Federation
will hold a regular quarterly
meeting October 17 at 9:30
A. M. in the Sir Walter Hotel in
Raleigh to set dates for a state
wide conference on national
farm problems, and to survey
progress of the organization’s ef
forts to strengthen its member
ship in 1958.
! The board is expected to ap-.
prove plans for a meeting of
members to discuss national farm
I legislation and other national is
sues to be held sometime in No
vember, according to Federation
President Randolph Eagles of
I Each County Farm Bureau is
expected to send voting dele
gates to the state meeting to de
| cide on recommendations to be
presented to the American Farm
,Eureau convention in Boston be
ginning December 7, 1958.
Accident Facts ]
I I ,
Raleigh All told, traffic acci
[ dents in the Tar Heel State claim
>ed 1,063 victims during 1957, ac
| cording to a special study by the
l Motor Vehicles Department. The
. 1957 tally was four per cent be-
I low comparable figures for the
' ; > . V
- ■' ■■ .. " ,; ~7< .VT/ IT* l 4'*
im I 1 rmh, j-i_rj-i_-uu-j-\r^r»r.j-jnj-Tjpj-irLni-j-u-ij-Lrirr-i-ii--if-i t -a' *
If Receives “Whig Os GoM* i],
I ■
v : v '"'7V . *■? %
' ; L ktP > '
jig j ■ .
\«• N>., W j -
Designated a Naval Aviator at Corpus ChristL Texas, on
September 26. Navy Ensign Larry T. Lowe, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Woodrow Low# of Route 3, Edenton. received Us ‘ Wings
of Gold" from Captain A. HL Wilson, commanding officer of
the station. Ensign Lowe has been assigned to the WUdbey
Island Air Station, Seattle. Wash. Ha was designated 18
f months alter entering the flight program, end six .months a Hit
| arriving at the Corpus Christ! station lor the advanced pha~e
of flight training. j
preceding year. Injuries also ]
sh.owed a drop, the study reveal
ed. Injured in highway mishaps
were 19,602 persons, a two per
cent decrease from 1956. Report
ed during the year was a total
of 47,705 vehicle mishaps.
| Proeeedimr* I)
The Board of Countv Commis
sioners met Monday. October 6,
1958, at 10 o’clock A. M. Mem-
I bers present were W. E. Bond,
I chairman. J. A. Webb, C. J. Hol
' lowell, J. R. Peele and Gilliam
Wood. I
The minutes of the previous
meeting were read and approved
and the following bills were or-'
dered paid: I
Margaret S. Raper, court re
porter. salary, $125.00; J. L. Chest
nut, Postmaster. $1.00: Peoples
Bank & Trust Co., withhold tax
dept., $461.80; Thos. G. Burke,
janitor services ASC office. $18.00;
#oe Lee, witness fee. $1.00: Eden- 1
ton Graded School, temporary
loan. $2,500.00; Alex Martin,'
$10.00; Peoples Bank & Trust
Co., school building coupons and
commission. $4,010.00: Mrs. Pattie
C. Brown, refund 1957 fire dis-|
trict tax account annexation.
$3.63; Howe Fire Apparatus Co.,
payment on purchase of fire
truck and interest on 1959-50 nav
ments, $1,786.40; Fire District
Fund, temporary loan. $1,200.00:
District Health Dent., bill v'tal
statistics. $34.00; E. W. Spires, bill
of cost September term Superior
. Court. 1958. $384.25: Pat’ie S. Bv
, rum. s<i 40: Ortho>->°d'c P i: mc. ao
propriat'on for mdigents. Septem
■ her, 1958. $15.00: H. S Small.
'■ rent, $25.00; Twiddy Insurance &
Reel Estate, Inc., $60.00; District
Health Dept, appropriation Octo
ber, 1958, $906.98; Sheriff J. A.
Bunch; travel expense' for Sep
tember, 1958 and bill and services,
$430.75;- C: W. 1 Overman, county
agent, telephone bill, $14.40; Mai
| dred Morris, telephone bill for
i home agents’ office. $6.80; East
ern Office Equipment Co.. $3.63;
Onn ; e S. Charlton, home demon
stration supplies. $1.70; P & Q
i Super Market, groceries. $5.00:
1 D& M Superette, $23.49; Elliott
Company. $13.81; Norf. & Car.
Tel. & Tel. Co., (welfare dent.).
$9.80; Herbert Small, rent. $55.00;
Mrs. Carolyn C. MrMullan. travel
welfare dept.. $39.48; Mrs. Hazel
Elliott, travel welfare dept.,
, $46.83; Mrs. Frances C. Evans, ad
vance for oostaee. $20.00: William
Mayo, janitor services welfare de
(partment. $2.50; Edenton Office
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ertion, emotional upaeteor day today stress
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Ad No. 116-41 lines * j
' fum te |Uß.«o: Grotty Saiwtorilmr.
| board and treatment for Clayton
j L. Wynn, $18.00; Bertram Byrum,
L-care of prisoners, $434.36: Town
I of Edenton, E Si W Dept., $91.39;
{Western Gas Service. Inc.. $7.21;
1 State Commission fro the Blind,
j $89.74; Paramount Lnemical Co.,
$13.25; Economy Typewr : ter Co-
I Inc., $12.00; Hubert B. Williford.
• coroner’s fee. SS.OQ: Leggett & i
Davis, $3.94; Hill Manufacturing
Co., $25.80; Dr. C. A. Davenport,
$15.00; Edenton Office Supply,
05: The Chodren Herald. s9l 40:
W. E. Spencer, bill for patching
plaster, $16.44; Ralph E. Parrish, >
i $5.25; Owen G. Dunn Co.. $23.29;’)
Governmental Guide subscription, I
$4.00; Commercial Prntine Co..
$5.10; M. G. Brown Lumber Co.. ]
jtfi 94; Mitchenec’s Pharma y.
$1.14; Bvrum Hardware Co..
$40.15; Edenton Furniture Co..
Pnoleu'm for Court House. $168.05:
Worre’l-Conaojidated Laboratbr
*es. $27 91: E W. Somes, serv'cep,
s7i 80- P A O Super Market. Inc.,
$2.59: State of N. C. Dept, of Con
servation & Development. sll9 50-;
u.tahes-Parker Hsrdw»»- e Co..
$9.55; Hoghec-Parker Hardware
Co.. $18.57: Norf. & Car Top*
T el. Co. services for J. B. Small.
Neero farm a®ent for Soflj
Conservation SeiuHre. tI.7R; |
ister of - |
'’'’imtanf $9 60- Clerk Superior
Court, * l 7 85: The Mitrhie Com-'
n anv, $7 50: salaries for
September. $4,029.80.
On motion of J. R. Peele, sec-
by* Gilliam Wood that Ber
, tha B. Bunch. Clerk to Board, be
I You cart ploy it at sight . HID-A-BUCKS GIVEN WITH THE PUR-
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MS* *• fN. hHltjt' ,, *hroothlng" guolHy found only In tho *
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i' wmmm / \ T \ ’■* t $ ~ w6h«>H t«»»on»l lot »< chow you how to ploy
PA R R ISH , Inc. (
fifljjj IB
y V ' or m nunc co
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ALL si||||mTS
Special.... $29.50 I
Plus 135 Bid-A'Bucks Given On Tins Purchase '
Bid-A-Bucks Given Fw Each 9
SI.OO Purchase Os Any Shoes 1
• _ 9*
| vu
1 C °On motion duly'seconded* 1 yiat
Negro Farm Agent J. B. Small be
furnished a kodak. ..
On motion of C. J. Hollowell.
seconded by J. A. Webb that road,
bridge and culvert refunding
coupons in the amount of $45.80
due November 1. 1958. be ordered
paid. ' ' j.V
I On motion of Gilliam Wood,
seconded by J. R. Peele, it
unaninjously agreed thqt the vat
ue on farmers’ stock peanuts .in
storage for 1959 be valued it $».«,
per bag; and gleaned goods at j
i $17.00 and 20% of the rate .«rUt]
) apply. V. ■ 1
I On motion duly seconded that j
the notice to apply for, beer Ji
! cense by Altama Lamar Redmon
be approved and filed.
On motion of Gilliam WOoi -
duly seconded by G.‘
that the State Deoartmeiu-of Ar
chives ' and History vbe. ctnvtatSEa
to send a' represents
to old records to .be turdad oNep
to that department' .-’«■■■ •*
Small, Negro Cbunty.
n e S. CharJtcm, • Negrrf.
Agent: Morrii,' %bcr|«
< Agent; Catherine Amaih
i ant Home Agepk C. W, Ovannan ’
I County Agent; R. S.- Mafsh. iw"
sistant County Affeiitt "Cfeowim
County Welfare Dept.. 1 X;
Bunch, Sheriff and Treaag^v
There being n 9< further business
the meeting was"adjourned.‘j ;
W. E. BOND, Chalftnah' •,
Wv: V'V'
: iii I
* S IS j. r. s. brown’s
i-H ; II
■ t JttmMWkUktt
> '" I *** V ■irrwvVirr Vin-n-r V——f ———- - - —I ‘- ft r.l 'll.. . .
riiilih Vi k -

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