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Volume XXV.—Number 48.
Bid- A-Buck AuCJ.on Sale on Court House Green Saturday
Stage Now Set For
Christmas Party In
Edenton Dec. 4th
Parade Is Scheduled to
Get Under Way at
Ball Park Promptly
At 4 O’clock 1
An air of excitement prevails
among the small fry of Edenton
and Chowan County as the big
day draws near for the spectacu- (
lar Christmas Parade and Party
to be held here Thursday after
noon, December 4. Thousands of
spectators are attracted to this
annual event, which is sponsored ,
by the Edenton Business and
Professional Woman’s Club and,
Edenton merchants. This year
will be no exception if the weath- |
erman permits, for the mat
welcome will be rolled out fori
both the youngsters and adults. |
Mrs. Alice Twiddy, general,
chairman and Mrs. Beulah Bos-|
well, chairman of the parade, l
stated this week that plans have
been completed and everything
will be in readiness when the pa
rade gets under way at 4 o’clock.
They request that all participat-l
ing in the parade to'meet at the 1
ball park at 3 o’clock, except the
bands which will congregate at ,
3:15 in order that the line of
march be set up and final in-,
structions be given.
The parade vyill - leave Hicks
Field pormptly at 4 o’clock, 1
headed by State Highway Patrol
cars, followed by Mayor Ernest
Kehayes and other town and;
county dignitaries. Others parti
cipating in the line of march will
be a group of floats, walking units |
of Girl Scouts, Brownies. Cub
Scouts, decorated pets, group of,
horseback riders, several clowns, |
Edenton High School football |
queen and Grammar School
queen, bands and reindeers, will)
take the spotlight in the parade,
as he greets the little one with]
jolly ho-ho’s, waves and kisses. J
The parade will proceed south)
on Broad Street, turning left to
Water Street and on to the Court!
House Green, where the children’s
party will be held and Santa
Claus holds court to hear what
the kiddies want for Christmas.
Drivers of floats are requested
to keep moving on Water Street
until they reach the intersection
of King and Oakum Streets, while
walking units will disband on
Court Street in order to avoid
congestion and confusion. ,
A first prize of $25 will be giv
en for the best float, sls for sec
ond best float and $lO for third
place. A $5.00 prize will also
be presented for the best decorat
ed pet. The latter is a new at
traction this year. Mrs. Lala
Smith will be in charge of the
prizes and judges.
There Will be four lanes roped
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Home Demonstration Clubs’
Husbands’ Banquet Proves To
Be Very Delightful Occasion
Chowan County Home Demon
stration Clubs’ 12th annual Hus
bands’ supper held at Wards Com
munity Building Wednesday night
of last week was a very outstand
ing affair with the Wards Club
serving as hostess. The building
Was filled with club members,
their husbands and a group of
invited guests, with a delightful
program arranged for the oc
A sumptuous roast turkey din
ner was served, including all the
trimmings, so that everybody had
as much and more than they could
The invocation was by the Rev.
R. B. Cottingham, pastor of the
Warwick Baptist Church and C.
W. Overman led the group sing
Mrs. H. T. Hollowell made the
address of welcome, which was
►, responded to by O. C. Long, after
t. which the club women introduced
i their husbands and special guests
'' 4rere recognized by Mrs. L E. Hal
eey, Jr ,\
; -A very interesting feature was
I Close Thursday
' |
, Most Edenton business con
cerns, including the Peoples Bank j
, & Trust Company, the Edenton |
Building & Loan Association and!
Post Office will be closed Thurs-1
day of this week in observance of,
the Thanksgiving holiday.
, Business will be resumed as us-!
ual Friday morning and it is an
nounced that beginning Saturday
of this week most all of the
Edenton stores will remain open
until 9 o'clock Saturday nights
through Christmas.
Chowan Senior
Play Nov. 26th
Chowan High School Seniors
will present the senior play “Just
Ducky,” Wednesday night, No
vember 26, at 8 o’clock. The play
is under the direction of Mrs. Fred
Layton, senior sponsor.
The play, a comedy in three
acts, consists of twelve characters.
They are: Mr. Maxwell, the head
of the house—or at least he thinks 1
so, Jerry White: Mrs. Maxwell, ,
the head of the house —or at least
she thinks so, Margaret Raines;
Betty Lou Maxwell, fourteen '
years of age and a great worry to |
her parents, Kay White; Berna
dine Smith, Betty Lou’s best
friend and also fourteen; Phyllis!
Byrum; Wilbur Maxwell, the thir
teen-year-old atom bomb, Gerald |
| Harrell; Hercules Nelson, Wilbur's
bosom pal, Frank Evans; Connie
i Maxwell, the daughter that is
| seventeen years of age, Ann Spi-
I vey; Craig Moore, Connie’s boy
' friend, Lloyd Gene Chappell; Mr.
| Moore, Craig’s father, Danny Nix
’ on; Del Marshall, a newspaper re- 1
| porter, Lloyd Wayne Evans; Aunt ]
| Mary, Mrs. Maxwell’s aunt, Bar- j
| bara Jordan; and Miss Blayne. the |
editor of the love-lorn column in
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v '
Chowan High School seniors::
will present their annual play, i
’’Just Ducky," Wednesday night. !1
November 26, at 8 o'clock in the]
school auditorium, (<
Edenton merchants' Bid-A-Buck 11
auction sale will be held on the
Court House Green Saturday ai- 1
ternoon, November 29, at 2:30
o'clock. A parade will precede
the auction sale.
Edenton Woman's Club will
meet in the Parish House Wed
nesday afternoon. December 3, at
1 o'clock.
A Thanksgiving service will be
held rt the First Christian Church |
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presented by Mrs. Lonnie Har
rell in way of a number of slides
of pictures taken during the year
in the various clubs as a review
of -1958. Mrs. Harrell very ably
explained each slide as it was
presented, which proved to be
very interesting as well as amus
ing .in some instances.
The speaker of the evening was
O. B. 'Copeland, Extension News
editor of Raleigh, who was in
troduced bv C. W. Overman.
Mr. Copeland said at the out
set that the Chowan County home
demonstration clubs were out
standing in the state and Compli
mented the farm and home agents
for their very efficient work.
The subject of his address was
“Steps Toward Personal Success,”
in which he listed a number of
traits which should be carried out
i These included:
Courage—“ Nothing ban replace
I courage,” he said, “stand up for
i what is right even if you are un- 1
popular.” {
[ Tact said the speaker, is being!
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Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, November 27, 1958.
I '' 1 MA
Edenton Aces Lose
Eastern ‘A’ Title
To Southern Pines
Championship Decided
By 1-Point Margin In
Hard Fought Game
Played In Goldsboro
By the slim margin of one i
point, Edenton's Aces lost the j
Eastern Class A football cham- 1
pionship to Southern Pines in a j
hard-fought game played in
Goldsboro Friday night. The (
Aces entered the contest sup
posed to be two to three touch
down underdogs, but put up a
good fight against a very good
Southern Pines football ma
chine to play on almost even
The Blue Knights capitalized
on a hard charging line which
broke through to block an Eden
ton punt thus setting up their
lone touchdown. Besides, the
linesmen charged through the
Edenton line time and again to
smother Quarterback Lloyd Las
siter before he could get rid of
the ball, which was very costly
to the Aces.
Southern Pines drew first
blood early in the first quarter
| when two linesmen crashed
.through to block Wayne Baker’s
punt, recovering on the Edenton
26. Cushman on the first play
raced around end to score and
Macintosh charged through the
line for the extra point.
Not to be outdone, the Aces
scored near the end of the same
quarter on a sustained 62-yard
march. The touchdown was
made when Lassiter passed to
Marvin Ashley, who pulled the
ball from the air with two
Southern Pines players trying to
knock it down. An attempted
pass for extra point was broken
up, so that the score was 7-6,
unchanged the remainder of the
The Aces put up a stubborn
defense on three different occa
sions when Southern Pines
threatened to score, once at the
5, 9 and 18-yard line. Little
Johnny Phillips again came in
for a good share of the defen
, sive stand, while Johnnie Fore
hand, Marvin Ashley and Wayne
Blanchard played an unusually
good game. The Blue Knights
< had their sights set on Bubba
Hopkins, who had a hard time
picking up yardage Robert
, White, playing his last game for
■ the Aces, was by far the most
i outstanding player for Edenton.
\He gained the most ground and
I' with a little better blocking Tie
I most likely could have scored
one or maybe two touchdowns.
, Southern Pines was blessed
with four fast and dangerous
backs, Bobby Watkins, Bob Mac-1
| Intosh, Robert Woodruff and |
! Everett Cushman, any one of
[whom could cover a lot of
| ground in a hurry if given any
'chance at all. These backs, to
igctncr with a superb line both
*on offense and defense, present- j
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I -
Michael Malone Is
Elected To Honorary
Society At Duke
Michael Taylor Malone, son of
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Malone of
Edenton, is one of 14 senior mem
students at Duke University who]
j have been elected to membership
in Omicron Delta Kappa, national
leadership honorary society for
Liudents arc chosen for mem
bership on the basis of their out
standing leadership on campus,
both in academic work and in
extra-curricular activities.
The Rev. E. C. t lexander, pas
tor of the First Christian Church,
announces that a Thanksgiving
service will be held in the church
Thursday night at 7:30 o’clock.
. Mr. Alexander will be the speak
■ er and the public is cordially in
vited to attend.
j 4-H Council Officers For 1959 1
The above picture was made during the installation cere
mony for the i9»s oificer* of me Ctiowan County «n Council.
Left to rioht, Bryant White, assistant secretary: Judy Haste,
reporter; Georgia Skinner, secretary; Jack Perry, vice presi
dent; Kay Lowe, president, and Miss Catherine Aman, assist
ant home agent, the installing officer.
judge Win. J. Bundy
Presiding Over Nov.
Quite a Few Cases on
Calendar Disposed of
During First Day of
j Promptly at 10 o'clock Mon- !
day morning. Judge William J.
IBundy of Greenville took his
seat in the Court House and
| tailed upon Earl Goodwin, ('ho-,
j wan County’s new sheriff, to of
! ficially open the November term'
ot Superior Court. Mr. Goodwin
I performed this duty, after which !
!he called upon the Rev. R. N
iCarroll, pastor of the Edenton!
Baptist Church, to offer prayer.;
With all of those Summoned j
for jury duty accounted for. the ■
iCrand Jury was 'drawn, which
included the following: S; J.
Bunch, Henry P. Layden, Henry
S. Rogerson, W. Edward Good-]
jwin, E. F. Parks, Irving Trot- 1
! man Spivey, C A. Bass, B. P.
'iMonds, E. D. Byrum, Waiter M.!
Wilkins, H. M. Nixon, Lloyd Wil-.l
liams, Noah J. Goodwin, J+.,
Herman Layden, Jr.. J. J. Alex-j
ander, Glenn Bunch, O. N. Jor
dan and Alton L. Lodge.
Judge Bundy appointed Mr.;
i Wilkins as foreman of the Grand
i At the - outset Judge Bundy
asked how many had previously
served on the Grand Jury and
after seeing the number of hands
| son he didn’t think it was ne
i cessary for him to go into all of
[the details of their duties. He
] said only two months have
elapsed since the last term of
Superior Court and for that rea-
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Trees Ordered By
Town Os Edenton
Expected Any Time
Those Desiring Trees
Planted Requested to
Contact Town Office
At Once
Town Clerk Ernest J Ward, Jr.,
reported early this week that
trees ordered hv the Town of
Edenton were shipped Wednesday
of last week and that they are ex
pected to arrive any time now.
The town ordered 100 crepe
myrtle trees and 100 dogwoods
which will bo planted on town
property in front of houses in a
project sponsored by the Edenton
Woman’s Club to replace some of
the many trees which have been
taken down or died in recent
The Woman's Club requested
the town to purchase the crepe
myrtle and dogwood trees, it be
ing the opinion of the committee
that these varieties will help to
beautify the town and at the same
lime will not grow to such size
as to conflict with electric or
telephone wires.
The trees will be planted by
members of the Street Depart
ment and anybody desiring trees
to be planted in front of their
property is requested to call the
town office and let their wishes)
he known. What trees are not
spoken for will be planted Where|
it is deemed they will add most
to the attractiveness of the town.
Home A<*enl Is
Proud Os Clubs,
Chowan Home Economics Agent j
Miss Maidred Morris, is probably |
the proudest agent in the state j
when she starts thinking about
the work the local club leaders I
have done this year in Chowan ]
County. The leaders have heem
responsible for six of the 12 club
programs this year, according to(
Miss Morris. They not onlv give
demonstrations but they also give
short reports at the meetings each;
For the local club meetings, the;
leaders are trained by tile home!
agent or certain specialists from
The leaders planned the Arh-i
ievement Day program which was j
i held in October and planned tliej
I annual Husbands’ Supper. Both J
| of these events were very success
; fill.
j Since November js annual re
port month for tne agent, the
'leaders have presented a demon-1
■ stration this month on “Takej
Time To Live.” Through the use]
iof a flannel board, ideas have
been presented to the women on
the wav they should live each 24
hours wisely. The club women
have taken an active part in the
discussion following the demon
Presenting the demonstration
this month were: Mrs. Wallace
Goodwin. Jr., Mrs. Gilbert Har
rell, Mrs, Cora Harrell, Mrs. Her
bert Dale. Mrs. H. M. Phthisir,
Mrs. Hallett Hobbs. Mrs. Jack
Evans, Mrs. Wallace Peele. Mrs.
Lewis Bunch and Mrs. Melvin
20 Years Ago
’As Found in the Files of j,
The Chowan Herald
d j,
The Rev. George W. Blount,
pastor of the Methodist Church, j
was transferred to Spring Hope
after serving three years and waS|
succeeded by the Rev. W. C. Ben-j
son, coming to Edenton from Mt. (
With $1,200 still necessary, lit-!
tie ororress wes reported in an
effort to our chase a bus for the
Edenton High School Band.
Coach David Holton's Edenton
Aces closed their football season!
in a blase of glorv by defeating
Burlington 13-0. The Aces rolled
up 207 points aqainst 28 by their
opponents. They won eight of
nine games, the only loss being
to Elisabeth City 7-0. |
A Union Thanksgiving service
was scheduled by Episcopalians
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$2.50 Per Year In North Carolina
$1,600 Worth Os
Items Will Be Sold
For Bid -A- Bucks
| Step Forward j
Members of Ihe Edenton In
-1 dustrial Corporation. Town Coun
cil and the Board of Public
Works met Monday night in the
Municipal Building to again con
sider the possibi.i y of securing,
a large knitting concern to lo
cate in Edenton.
The major problem confront
ing the group was the abiliiy to
provide and carry off water to
and from the p ant. Figures
were presented from two sour e-,
so that the group wrs more o
less on a quandary as to ihe
Amount of money necessa y to be
raised to land the enterprise
which, it was stated, would be
valued at upwards of a mil,ion
dollars and would provide em
ployment for hundreds of people.!
Town Council, in princip’e,
unanimously agreed to cail for a
bond issue to place before the
voters in Edenton when a mor’
accurate estimate of the cost is
secured from engineeis.
Rotarians Entertain
Aces December 4th
Edenton's Aces and their coach- 1
es will be guests of the Edenton
Rotary Club Thursday of next
week at the 1 o’clock meeting in
the Parish House The program
will be in charge of Frank
At last week's meeting Dr. Ed
Bond, president, announced that
the Rotary Club's Christmas par- 1
ty will be held Thursday night,!
December 11. i
New members taken into the
club at Thursday's meeting were
Durwood Bray and Murray D.
Members of the senior vlass at-;
tend the meeting as junior Ro
tarians were Jimmy Baker and
Luke Wright.
A special Thanksgiving service
will be held at the Methodist
Church Thursday morning at 10
o’clock. The service will include
1 hymns, prayers. Scripture and a ;
j brief meditation by the pastor, the:
j Rev. Earl Richardson.
Town and Countv offices will
j be closed all day Thursday of this;
week in observance of the;
| Thanksgiving holiday. Business
will be resumed as usual Friday '
Youngsters Present Interesting
Program At BPW Meeting: Club
Plans For Forthcoming Events
An interesting program on
“Parliamentary Procedure’' was
presented by the Junior Ameri
can Citizenship Club at the
monthly meeting of the Edenton
Business and Professional Wo
men’s Club held Thursday night j
at. the Penelope Barker House.
These youngsters really know j
how to conduct a business ses
sion. They explained their vari
ous duties, like veterans, showing
that they had not only been well
trained but fully understood par
liamentary procedure. Participate
| ing on the program were:
Meg Wiggins, president: David
[ Holton, vice president and pro
gram chairman; Gayle Oliver, sec
retary; Pat Byrum, treasurer;
Peggy Bvrum, sergeant-at-arms;;
Betsy Hardn. song leader; Pencie 1
Sutton, service chairmen; Elaine
i Parks, first aid chairman; Kate
Shaw, scholarship chairman: Jer
ry Townson, ground chairman;
Johnetta Davenport, courtesy
chairman, and Phil Harrell, presi
dent of the Elementary School
j Student Council, who explained
the functions of the Student
Council. Miss Mary Lee Cope
land, career advancement chair
! Parade Is Scheduled to
j Precede Auction Sale
i Which Will Begin at
! 2:30 O’clock
i ■
Plans for the Bid A-Buck auc
’ tion sale and parade were com
pleted Monday, according to Hen
ry Quinn, chairman of the Cham
ber of Commerce Sales Promotion
Committee He said the auction
will be held on the Court House
Green, on East King Street side,
at 2:30 P. M, Saturday.. Novem
ber 29.
i A parade, featuring the EJen
ton High School Band and 1959
models of automobiles and farm
equipment, will form at the high
school grounds at 2 P. M.. and at
2:15 will proceed down Broad
Street to the Green. Cars and
| farm equipment will be display
ed on Colonial Avenue, a lane on
the west side of the Green, dur
mg the auction. Quinn said that
N. J. George of the George Chev
rolet Co., was making arrange
ments with the car dealers and
| Scott Harrell of the Edenton
Tractor and Implement Co., was
planning a display of farm equip
ment. Dealers entering new cars
in the parade are Chas. H Jen-
J kins Motor Go., nowan Motor
I Co., and Geor? Chevrolet Co.
Farm equipm* .ill be display
ed hv Byru nplement and
Truck Co., Ecu > in Tractor and
Implement Co., ind Hobbs Im
plement Co.
; Free refreshment: will be sup
plied during the auction by Bar
row Bottling Works of Edenton.
! The auction of over $1,600 in
prizes will be conducted by two
; representatives of the Pet Milk
Co., which made the Bid-A Buck
promotion available to the mer
chants committee
i Twenty-three local merchants
; participated in the five-week pro
motion which .-farted on Octo
; her 23. They issued Bid-A-Buck
| coupons to shoppers for cash
! transactions made during the sale.
! The coupons can be used as “mon
ey" to hid on the prizes offered
I at the auction, including a refrig
erator, portable television receiv
er. and rotary lawn mower.
Twenty five other prizes will al
Iso be auctioned off Bid-A-Buc
] coupons will have no value aft
I the auction sale, and they will n
i be issued to the public by partic
I pating stores after the auction.
I Quinn reminded shoppers to at-.
1 tend the auction and use the Bid
i A-Bucks they have accumulated.
■ He added that all stores wiR he
; open until 9 P. M.. beginning this
Saturday and continuing through
I Christmas.
man. was in charge of the pro
Mrs. Laura Ferguson, president,
presided at. the meeting. Miss
Ma idred Morris gave the blessing,
after which the group sang ' Hap-
I py Birthday” to Mrs. Lala Smith.
The president thanked Miss Cope
| land and the public affairs com
mittee for the excellent program
and dinner, respectively
The club voted to select a "Club
Woman of the Year." The winner
! each year will receive a rotating
silver bowl with her name and
year engraved on it.
It, was announced that plans
were made at a meeting of the
Barker House Association to serve
a “Pancake Breakfast” at the
Barker House on January 11.
'Plans were also made to paint the
■ exterior of the building.
The following v ere appointed
to help with arrr-’gements for the
; pancake brea 1, ,t: Mrs. Goldie
■ Niblett, Miss ~ Felton and Mrs.
Laura Fergu:-o. Each member of
l the club wa- a xed to sell five
i tickets which will sell for SI.OO
t j per ticket.
The club voted to let the Girl
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