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Voliame XXTO.-Number 8.
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Safety Week Will
Be Observed Week
Os Feb. 29-March 5
Mayor John Mitchen-i
er Calls Upon All Ci-j
tizens to Promote
Safety During Week
Sponsored by the Edenton
Woman's Club. Safety Week
Will be observed in Edenton
February 29 through March 5,1
with Mrs. Tom Hopkins serving
► chainnan of the Safety Com- ;
During the week the fourth
graders will make posters on
home safety and pupils in the
fifth and sixth grades will
write essays on home safety..
First and second prizes will be
awarded in each group. Posters
will be displayed in various
merchants’ windows.
Each afternoon during the
week will have two members
who will observe bicycle riders.
Twenty tickets for refreshments
at Mitchener’s and Hollowell’s j
will be given to children who
best obey bicycle rules. A quiz
program will also be broadcast
over radio station WCDJ in
Edenton each afternoon from 4
to 4:30 o’clock and two tickets |
to the Taylor Theatre will go;
to the winners in this contest. {
Mayor John Mitchener has is-,
sued a proclamation in eonnec-l
tion with Safety Week in which*
he calls upon all residents of,
Edenton to join in a vigorous!
and organized effort to promote j
greater safety for everyone in.
Edenton. He also urges all pub
lic officials and officers to
unite in a concerted effort to
eliminate existing dangers, im
pressing drivers of motor ve- 1
hides with the necessity of driv
ing carefully and seeing that
tthe objectives of bicycle safety
,Confl»wd «b Page 4—Section i ;
Bread Sale Friday];
The broad sale scheduled to
be held Friday night of last |
week by the Edenton Lions Club
was postponed at the last
minute. The sale is scheduled!
to be held Friday night of ihisj
week, February 26, beginning at
6 o'clock.
Medlin Belch is chainnan oft
the bread sale and requests all'
who will take part »o meet
at the J St B Motor Company
in time to begin *he sale at |
6 o'clock.
20 Years Ago
As Found in tbe Files of
The Chowan Herald
About SO Chowan County l
farmers gathered at the Parish
House as guests of the Edenton
Rotary Club when W. Kerr
Scott. Commissioner of Agricul
ture. was the principal speaker.
Dr. Ralph McDonald, former
gubernatorial candidate. was
speaker at a public forum in the
school auditorium sponsored by
Ed Rond Post of the American
Judge John W. Darden of
Plymouth denied newspaner re-1
ports to the effect that be was]
making att effort to create dis-i
cord between Plymouth and
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"' r "” r ■ i
r' -V ' * ' "V ■ <
■r .*i
Honored At ECC
At East Carolina College.
Greenville. Cl nton O. Davis of
Edenton has been selected "Mr.
Representative Student Teacher
For 1960.'*
Buxton White Urges Edenton
Men To Support Improvement
Project Os Local Woman’s Club
Proposed improvement of the
Court House Green and a park
way at the foot of Broad Street
has caused interest outside of
Edenton. A letter on the sub
ject was received by The Her
ald late last week from Buxton
White of Elizabeth City, Albe
marle Gardener.
Mr. White's letter follows:
"Congratulations to Edenton
and Chowan County on their re
cent show of progressive acu
men. Your struggle for indus
trial development to bring b;g
ger payrolls, typical cf eastern
North Carolina today, is com
mendable and should pay off.
"However. I wonder whether
you fully appreciate your most
valuable heritage. There is old-
John E. Shackelford
Seeks Office Solicitor
For Recorder’s Court
John E. Shackelford on Mon
day morning announced that he;
will be a candidate for solicitor
of Chowan Recorder’s Court in
the May democratic primary
Mr. Shackeiford is the new
est Edenton attorney and was
recently appointed tax attorney
for Chowan County by the!
County Commissioners.
William Privott is at present
serving -as solicitor, having
been appointed to the position
by the County Commissioners
when Weldon Hollowell, serv
ing as solicitor, was appointed
judge of Recorder’s Court to
succeed the late Judge Marvin
Edenton’s Band Parents As
sociation will meet Wednesday
night. March 2, at 8 o’clock ini
the band room. Mrs. Kathleen'
Skiles, president, requests all
members to be present.
Walter Jones Opposes Herbert
Bonner In Representative Race
Walter B. Jones of Farmvillel
on Friday night formally an- j
nouneed his candidacy for the;
House of , Representatives in
Congress from the First Dis
trict <rf'North Carolina. He will
oppose Herbert -C. Bonner, in
i cumbent. in the Democratic pri
! mary election to be held in
I Mr. Jones, 46. has represented
.Pitt County in the North Caro
lina General Assembly for three
terms. During the 1959 session
he unsuccessfully spearheaded a
proposed change in the State
Highway Commission, a move
ment to increase it to 14 mem
bers. He also supported the
firemen's pension bill and a J
proposal fur increased funds for
tuluTil n ini* hi
enton, Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, February 25, 1960.
Congress eking
More MMcy For
Sewage Projects
Blatnik Bill Asks Ap
propriations Increas
ed From 50 Million
,To 90 Million Dollars
In Senator Everett Jordan’s
column elsewhere in The Her
ald this week he reports on a
bill on municipal sewage dis
posal projects going to the
White House.
Edenton was amon; the first
to file a request for federal aid,
but due to the initial delay in
deciding on a site for the sew
age disposal plant, Edenton lost
out on a substantial appropria
Edenton is among 46 towns
for proposed sewage disposal
projects estimated to cost 33.5
million dollars. The Blatnik Bill
would increase federal aid for
these projects ‘from 50 million
dollars to 90 million dollars.
Senator Jordan says that if
President Eisenhower vetoes the
bill, he is hopeful that enough
votes can be mustered in Con
gress to override his veto.
Senator Jordan’s column ap
pears on page four, section two.
er colonial history in Edenton
than in Williamsburg. Os
course, it took Rockefeller to
make a shrine of Williamsburg:
you might have to do it your
selves. unless you.find an angel,
such as Mrs. Latham. Dare
County, without agriculture or
manufacturing, has shown what
can be done to capitalize on his
toric resources (with federal and
stafl? aid).'~r ‘ : * '
“In third place, exceeded only
by textiles and tobacco, the
tourist industry brings $350 mil
lion to North Carolina each year.
The tourist’s dollar is the clean
est money any community can
find. They come to look and
spend. No mateial assets go
Continued on Page 3—Section I
County Council
Meets March 2nd
Chowan County Council of
Home Demonstration Clubs will
meet on Wednesday afternoon,
March 2, at 2:30 o’clock at the
Rocky Hock School. Final plans
for thp 25th Federate District
meeting to be held in Edenton,
April 12, will be made. Plans
will also be made for the ob
servance of National Home
Demonstration Club Week.
Mi's. Bert Tyson, field consult
ant for the northeastern section.
American Cancer Society, has
been invited to be the speaker.
All County Council mem'bevs
are urged to be present for this
Edenton Wqman’s Club will
meet Wednesday afternoon,
March 2, at 1 o’clock at thej
Edenton Restaurant. Mrs. Wes
ley Chesson, president, asks ev- |
ery member to make a special!
effort to attend the meeting.
cons. He has been a teacher of
the men's Bible Class forlll0 1
years. He is also a member of
the Moose Lodge, Junior Order
and a Rotarian, being a past
president of the Farmville Ro
tary Club. He is a graduate
of N. C. State College and serv
ed as Mayor of Greenville for
two terms.
Mr. Jones is well known in
Eden ton. He is married to the
former Miss Doris Long, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Long
off Edenton, and is the father
of two children. He has offi
ciated at many Os the Edenton
football games and is at present
connected with the North Caro
lina High School Athletic Asso-|
ciation, being in charge of as
signment of officials for athletic
jramat played in the northeast
trn gjftfru q£ tfe* ftetfc
Edenton Band Going To Washington
r .
,| I ” ■* ’* •* " nn«
The John A. Holmes High School Band has received and
accepted an invitation to participate in the 241 h annual AAA
Sateiy Petrol Parade to be held in Washington, D. C., in May.
The parade is scheduled for Saturday, May 14. The band will
leave Edenton early Friday morning the 13*h and return Sun
day nigh* the 15th, spending *hree days and two nigh‘s in
Washington. A full schedule of visits to museums and govern
ment buildings and shrines is being prepared, for the band
students. Letters have been received from Senators Erwin
and Jordan and Congressman Herbert Bonner, expressing their
interest in the trip, and their desire to meet with the band
when it goes to Washington. The Safety Patrol Parade, which
is sponsored by the American Automobile Association, is the
largest of i*s kind t 0 be held annually in Washington.
This is its 24th year and it has participants from most of the
50 siaes and Canada and Mexico. The parade lakes over five
hours to comnle'e and has over 30.000 marchers, including
70 to 80 bands. The event is entirely non-commercial, only
floats and units prepared and sponsored by safety organiza
tions are permitted.—(J. P. Ricks, Jr. Photo).
Local Criticism Registered In
Regard To Literature On Aging;
Fuller Writes To Gov. Hodges
Literature as published by the |
federal and state governments,
as well as social agencies, is
criticized as tending to place all
people who have retired or are
over 60 years of age separate
and apart from the rest of so
Such pamphlets and other
publications, by implication, in
dicate that such a group are of
no further use to society and "to
help such groups pass the time
away suggest recreation and
hobby programs including the
teaching of how u> play check
ers and to shoot marbles.
It is felt that such groups can
contribute a great deal to soci
ety, so that William D. Fuller
has written Governor Hodges
suggesting that such literature |
be revised to give a better in
spirational outlook for the fu- .
ture to all retired people.
Mr. Fuller’s letter to Gover
nor Hodges follows:
Episcopalians Plan
To Made Additions
At Parish House
Members of Saint Paul’s Epis
copal Church in Edenton will
meet Tuesday to consider neces
sary Parish House additions and
the general outlook of the
Beginning at 7:00 P. M., with
supper served by the church
women, the meeting will get
under way with a short film
presentation to be followed by
remarks ' from the rector, the
Rev. George B. Holmes.
Representatives from the ves
try and building committee will
present the necessary facts and
figures involved in meeting the
needs of a growing Church
School and youth program.
Members of the parish are re
quested to attend if at all possi
ble since the meeting is in con
junction with Lent and is as
important a subject as may
arise for some time.
Special Guests At Advance Dinner
I • .»» t W
Special guests attended a banquet at the Advance Com
munity Building last week when the Advance Home Dem
onstration Club served a dinner for Puroil customers of the
Advance section. The dinner was sponsored by Henderson
Goodwin. Included among the approximately 190 guests were
the above. lor Governor,
“A committee is being formed
in Chowan County to cooperate
with your committee on aging.
“One of the errors of govern
ment and social agencies in
planning for those who have
been retired for one reason or
another is to attempt to classify
such groups apart from the rest
of society and in all of the lit
erature these people.' by implica
tion. are considered dead, only
awaiting burial.
“As one who has been asked
to serve on the local committee.
1 object to all of such litera
ture and the use of the word
‘aging’ as separating us apart
from the rest of society. Actu
ally we all age from the day of
oUr birth.
I “AH of yonr literatures on the
subject should be revised and
| the language used should he
| along inspirational lines of con
tinuing interest in the future
Continued on Page 6—Section >
A1 Phillips INew
Varsity President
At a meeting of the Edenton
Varsity Club held last week A1
Phillips was elected president
of the club to succeed Jesse L.
Other officers elected were:
Dr. Richard Hardin, vice presi
dent; William Easterling, secre
tary, and Allen Harless, Jr.,
During the meeting a major
portion of the time was devoted
to discussion of tentative plans
for the club’s annual sports
awards banquet which will be
held this spring.
Edenton's Junior Chamber of
Commerce will meet tonight
(Thursday) at 7 o'clock at the
Edenton Restaurant. President
West Byrum, Jr., urges every
Jaycee to be on hand.
Guardsmen Make
Splendid Showing
In Mustering Test
Men Report Within 2“
Minutes and Guard
ing Important Places
10 Minutes Later
Edenton’s National Guard unit
did a bang-up job Thursday
night of l?s* week in connection
wiih Operation Hornets Nest,
Some delay \va« experienced in
sounding the alarm, but about
8 o’clock 12 blasts alerted the
local National Guardsmen who
immediate'y went into action
Within 25 minutes 82 men
reported at the armory and only
10 minutes were required for the
men to be dispatched to guard
vital commun cation points and
power facilities. They speeded
to tie Chowan River bridge. Al
bemarle Sound bridge. Pem
broke Creek bridge, the Eden
ton electric and water plant, the
telephone office, with some re
maining at the armory. Shortly
before 10 o’clock the Guardsmen
were recalled to the armory.
Major Cecil Fry and Captain
C. W. Swanner were very com
plimentary for the manner in
which the Guardsmen responded
and carried out the operation,
especially coming at a lime
when a storm was in progress
A number of members of the
Edenton unit live out of the
county, but they reported to
other stations when they heard
the alarm.
Rotarians Hosts To
4-H Peanut Growers !
At Today's Meeting
Edenton Rotarians will be ’
hosts today (Thursday! to 3hc
group of 4-H Club bovs who
participated in the 1959 4-U
Club peanut growing contest
The meeting will bo held a<
usual at 1 o'clock, in the Perish
House with fathers of jSic boys
also guests of the club.
An interesting program has
been arranged so that Presid* it
Jimmy Earnhardt is very an\ -
cus that every Rotarian will be
on hand to greet the young p. li
mit growers and their fathers
Preaching Mission
At Methodist Church
A preaching mission will he
held at, the Edenton Methodist
Church March 6 through March,
11. Guest speaker for the mis
sion will be the Rev. Kermit i
Wheeler, pastor of the First
ti odist Church at Raoford
N. C.
Services will be held each]
night throughout the week .1 ’
8 o'clock and the public is cor- j
dially invited to attend.
Heart Sunday Will Be Observed
In Edenton On Sunday. Feb. 28
The Chowan County Heart
Fund drive will reach its peak
next Sunday when Heart Sun
day volunteers will ■■• nduct .
door-to-door collection in the
residential area. In a recent
proclamation Mayor John Mueh
encr officially set February US
as Heart Sunday here.
The local canvass will bo one
of more than 10.000 being con
ducted by more than 1.500,000
volunteers at approximajelv the
same time from coast to coast,
according to William Bond, Jr..
Heart Sunday chairman.
In this area, the Heart Sun
day collection will begin at 1
Red Cross Fund Raising Drive
Seheduled To Be Held In Mareh
John E. Shackelford, chairman i
of the 1960 Red Cros fund rats
ing drive, is making plans for
the drive, which will be in pro
gress during the month of
Mr. Shackelford states that
this year's quota will be 52,000
and that he is hopeful the goal!
will be reached this year. Last j
year it was necessary to haw
a supplementary campaign to
meet the county's quota in or
der to maintain the services of
the blood bank. 'Tty*, year,"
m* Mr. SteckaUord. *>• are
52.50 Per Year In North Carolina
Need Is Pointed Out
For New Buildings
To House Libraries
New President
Eder.ton's Varsity Club last
■week elected A1 Phillips as
president. He succeeds Jesse
L, Harrell.
Griffin Speaker At
Lions Club Meeting
Tells About Settle
ment of State Dur
ing Colonial Times
Lloyd Gnlfm >f Edenton and
Raleigh. >ke to the Edenton
Lions at their regular Monday
evening met ting on February 22.
Mr Grist ia is executive vice
pnsdta: and secretary of North,
I Carolina C: irons Association.;
Inr Jte was introduced by!
Wes: Lean
i>f ifwS history of
n Ci to recount (he
seiUi re ': * : :.u State durum j
wvorua* » uu's He rvea.!oci that ’
Continued on Pacjo S—Section I
civic calendar]
Edenton unit of the North
Caro'ina Education Association,
together wi'h the two Parent-
Teacher Associations, will spon
sor a dinner Tuesday night.
March 1. at 7 o'clock in the
Masonic Temple.
District meeting of the Twen
ty-fiith Federated District of
Home Demonstration Clubs will
be held at John A. Holmes High
School Tuesdr’. April 12.
Continued on Page S—Section 1
P V. and continue through *
P M Each volunteer will call-
Hi art Fund contribution enve
ieiv for the ,v '.tor's cvnverti
> on. i Aftv: Lull.', coins or check
have been inserted, the enve
lope may be sealed before be
ing returned to the volunteer.
Vohintcc s wa! leave special
’mail-m envetooes for families
'that are away from home dur
.mg the collection hours, the
Heart Sunday chairman said.
, The envi lopes are pre-addressed
to Heart Fund headquarters
Continued on Fatjt B—Section 1
hoping that citiiens of Edenton. |
as well as tl.e rural section of,
the county Will respond to the!
appeal for funds so that a sup-'
pigmentary drive will not be no-J
Mr. Shackelford states that;
tire fund raising campaign will
enter around personal contact j
with a house-to-house canvass,
March 13 has been selected
as the date for Red Cross Sun
day. when clergymen will be
asked to make reference to the
Red Cross cnmpaifix in their,
weekly aerats. »
j Group Plans to Or
ganize “The Friends
Os Library” as Fea
ture of Library Week
A committee representative of
the town and countv has been
formed to celebrate National Li
brary Week during the week of
April 3 to 9.
A program is being develop
ed which'will include' a promi
nent speaker. Robert Lee Hum
ber of Greenville. N. C.. irdivid
ual and panel discussions each
day during the week over radu
station WCDJ participation in
essay contest by students of the
va. ions scnoois: and other ae
tiv.ties to. focus attention on the
importance cf c.<oks and the li
braries to the entire community.
At the meeting of the com
mittee there was discussed the
question of a continuing pro
gram throughout the year which
will feature the increased use
of books and the needs of the
libraries. Two possibilities of
this continuing program were
discussed and agreed upon, as
i follows:
Fust, the organization of a
group to be known as "The
Continued on rage 6—Section 1
Falstm k Slum
S‘t For Man'll .‘>o
The annual Chowan County
Fa,stock Show and Sale, spon
sored by tno Jun.or Chamber of
C< mmerce. wilt tx i Wednes
day. March 39. at the American
Legion Building.
Ten steers Will be shown for
sale this year by 4-H C.ub boys
1 and girls.
Anyon, wishing to show hogs
are asked to coht.irt Assistant
County Agent Harry Venters or
We.lace Goodwin. Jr... chairman
of- the fatstoek show.
Members Os Edenton
Band Awarded High
Ratings In Contest
The' drum major and major
ette • corps of the John A.
Holmes High School Bafid. who
attended the State ... o ..mi en
semble contest at Duke I'm
veisny Saturday, both brought
back to Edenton high ratings .n
the event.
*1 he majorette' ensemble. Caivl
Phipps. Baibara Layton. Judy
Fiaot:. Dianne Goodwin. Caro
lyn Twiddy, Mary Anne Over
ton. Karen Hoilowcll and IV.s
icilla Bunch was awarded a rat
ing of Excellent. /
The majorette duet, Pr -.nla
Ranch and Dianne Goodwin, al
so won a rating of Excellent.
The band's drum major. Vein
Goodwin, won the highest rnt
,ng g wen. that of Superior. H s
performance was commented on
as being one of the most per
feet during the entire dav of
Friday wight Waller B. Jooac
of FarmviU* announced that ha
will be a candidal* for the
House of Representatives in
Congress from the First Dis
trict of North Carolina, lie will
«*WBn V* MWr« Ul %

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