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KL ; i ' . „ j
Volume XXVII -Number 24
sl,673.63Raised In
Chowan Red Cross
Fund Raising Drive
Officials Are Assured
. Blood Bank Will Be
; Maintained For An
other Year
John E. Shackelford, chairman
of the Red Cross drive in Cho
wan i County, reports that the
1960 drive for funds brought sl,-
673.63, Although this represents
only 65 percent of the goal, lo
cal officials have been assured
it is> sufficient financial help
to maintain the blood bhnk in
.this bounty for another year.
A breakdown of. the drive
shows this money was raised
by contributions from the fol
lowing sources;. Edenton Busi
ness, $864.66; Edenton residential
solicitations. $466.38; county so
licitations, $189.?g; colored solici
tations. $117.84; civic organiza
tions, $35.00.
The Red Cross wishes to ac
knowledge the assistance of the |
following persons tor their help
in soliciting funds:
Business solicitations, done by
the Edenton Jaycees, by George
A. Bynun, Allen Boyd Harless,
Jr„ Tom Ridgeway, Tom Shep
ard. Toney Miicy, Scott Harrell,
Ralph Outlaw, Johnny Woolard,
Rudolph Dale and Kenneth Wor
Edenton residential, Mrs. Jess
Harrell and Mrs. Allen Boyd
Harlfess, Jr., co-chairmen; Mrs.
Kitty McMullan, Mrs. O. B. Pot
ter, Mrs. J. B. Harrison, Mrs.
Warren Twiddy, Mrs. James
Bond,- Mrs. Jane Holmes, Mrs.
Kermit Layton, Mrs. Laura Fer
guson, Mrs. S. F. Hicks, Mrs. E.
L. Nixon, Mis. Inez Hollowell,
Mrs. John Graham. Mrs. A. B.
Harless, Sr., Mrs. Dick Hines,
Mrs. Bruce Jones, Mrs. Maybelle
Sexton. Mrs. Thomas By rum,
Mrs. George A. Byrum, Mrs.
Wesley Chesson, Mis. Graham
By-rum. Miss Ginny Jones, Mrs.
George Lewis. Mrs. A. B. Fair
ley, Mrs. Phyllis Riley. 'Mrs. C.
Raines. Mrs. Nancy Powell, IMrs.
Dot Pavlieh, Mrs. Charles (Mor
gan, Mrs. Janet Oliver, Mrs.
Shartie Faircloth, Mrs. Virginia
Weils, Mrs. Emma Bunch. Mrs.
Earl 'Harrell, Mrs. Bessie Wal
ton and Mrs, Olivia. S. Wynn,
e County solicitations, Mrs. E.
{l. Elliott. Mrs. Bristoe Perry,
Mts. Cameron Boyce, Mrs. Sarah
Harrell, co-chairmen; (Mrs. Mel
vin Byrum, Mrs. Preston Monds,
Mrs. Will Ashley, Mrs. Joseph
Bjjum, Mrs. Leroy Boyce. Mrs.
Carlton Goodwin, Ms. C. B.
Vfhitc, Mrs. Troy Toppin and I
Mrs. W. H. Winborne.
..Colored solicitations, G. E. Til
let, chairman; Mrs. J. H. Hor
tOJfe. Mis. Clara Simmons, Mrs.
Ophelia Jones. Mrs. J. B. Ses
sfefis. Mrs. Bessie Walton and
Aft* G. E. Tillett.
Training Course
‘ ‘For Qub Leaders
House furnishings and home
management leaders will meet at
thd Advance Coqununity Build
ing Tuesday afternoon. June 21,
at 2:30 o’clock for leader train
ing in “Planning Family Living
Is A Family Affair."
Pauline Gordon, house and
house furnishings specialist, and
Mamie Whisnant, home manage
ment specialist, both from N. C.
State College, will train these
eladers, according to Miss Pau
line Calloway, home economics
agent <
Billings Ig Attending Special
J Course At Louisiana College
*.? . _____________
William Billings of fidenton is
cum of SO participants in the
summer institute at fetology and
clients try at Northeast Louisiana
State College, Monroe, La.
the nine-week institute is de
signed to tiring high school
teachers up-to-date on current
triads end recent advances in
► ;«bWogy and chemistry and to
! Softball League
Opens June 21st
1 Four Teams Comprise
j Circuit; Two Games
Each Night
Coach Billy Hardison announces
[ that the Ede.nior. Softball League
i will swing into action Tuesday i
, night, June 21.
There are four teams in the
s circuit including the Varsity
1 Club, Jaycees, Red Men and
. P & Q. Two games will be
. played with the first game start
| ing at 7 o’clock and any team
, failing to field a team by 7:15
. will forfeit the game. There will
be a time limit of one hour and
45 minutes for each game a.nd
the team leading at the end of
, this time will be declared the
, I winner.
Each team will be required to
pay the umpire SI.OO at the be
ginning of each game, and each
1 team must have a roster so that
no players can play for more
than one team. All players
must be residents of Chowan
County and each player will be
required to furnish his own
equipment except the catcher’s
1 equipment.
Following is the schedule:
June 21 —First game, Varsity
vs. Jaycees. Second game, P &
Q vs. Red Men.
; Thursday, June 23 First
game. P & Q vs. Jaycees. Sec
ond game, ' Varsity vs. Red Men.
Tuesday, June 28—First game,
1 Red Men vs. Jaycees. Second
game. P & Q vs. Varsity.
1 Thursday, June 30—First game,
1 P St Q vs. Red Men. Second
I game. Varsity vs. Jaycees.
Tuesday, July s— . First game,
Varsity vs. Red Men. Second
game, P & Q vs. Jaycees.
Thursday, July 7—First game.
P & Q vs. Varsity. Second
game. Red Men vs. Jaycees.
Tuesday, July 12—First game.
Varsity vs. Jaycees. Second
game, P & Q vs. Red Men.
Thursday, July 14 First
game, P & Q vs. Jaycees. Sec
ond game, Varsity vs. Red Men.
Tuesday, July 19 —First game.
Red Men vs. Jaycees. Second
game, P & Q vs. Varsity.
Thursday, July 21—First game,
P St Q vs. Red Men. Second
game. Varsity vs. Jaycees.
Tuesday, July 26—First game,
Varsity vs. Red Men. Second
| game, P & Q vs. Jaycees.
Thursday, July 28 First
game, P & Q vs. Varsity. Sec
ond game, Red Men vs. Jaycees.
Tuesday, August 2 First
game. Varsity vs. Jaycees. Sec
ond game, P & Q vs. Red Men.
Thursday, August 4 First
game, P & Q vs. Jaycees. Sec
ond game. Varsity vs. Red Men.
Tuesday, August 9 First
game. Red Men vs. Jaycees.
Second game, P & Q vs. Varsity.
Jordan Will Speak
On Behalf Os Lake
The Rev. Alfonso Jordan of
Raleigh, a native of Chowan j
County, will speak at the Cross i
Roads Community Building Fri- [
day night, June 17, at 8 o’clock.
Mr. Jordan will speak in be
half of Dr. I. Beverly Lake, one
of the two candidates for Gov
' er.nor in the Democratic run-off
election on Saturday, June 25.
; All Chowan County citizens are
'urged to attend the meeting. -
colleges will address the classes
and field trips are also planned.
Dr. Aaron Seams ter, chairman
at Northeast’s biology depart
ment, is directing the institute.
Dr. William K. Easley, chairman
of the Northeast, chemistry de
partment is in charge of the
chemistry section of the pro
gram. - i
Participants are enrolled in
hath Che biology and chemistry
courses, which carry a total of
six semester hours of credit on
Edent f % howan County, North Carolina, Thursday, June 16,1960.
To Medii Bull
Scholarship Fund
Class Chose Project
And Made $265.09
Contribution, Boost
ing Fund to $1,006.13
The senior class of John A.
Holmes High School, for the
school year 1959-60, chose as its
project to contribute to the Rob
ert Medlin Belch Scholarship
Fund. The senior class of this
year made a contribution of
$265.99, bringing the total of this
fund to $1,006.13.
I The scholarship fund was
started with an accumulated
amount of S7OO. The scholar
ship fund may be used by any
boy graduate of the John A.
Holmes High School, who en
ters the school of medicine.
The scholarship fund was
started in memory of Robert
Medlin Belch, son of Mr. and
Mrs. G. Medlin Belch, who would
have graduated with the class'
of 1960. Anyone wishing to
make a contribution to the fund
may do so by mailing it to, or
leaving it at, the office of the
principal of the John A. Holmes
High School.
Personnel Os ASC
Office In Midst
Os Largest Job
Great Deal of Work
Necessary In Order
To Determine Vari
ous Acreages
At this time of the year the
local ASC office is in the midst
of one of the largest single jobs
that it is called upon to do
throughout the year. To get
some idea of the magnitude of
this job, there are 195 tobacco
farms in the county with 545 al
lotted acres. Also there are 627
cotton farms having a total of
2,979 acres and 651 peanut farms
with 6,279 acres to be measured.
County ASC employees travel a
lot throughout the county this
month and do a lot of walking
over the farms in the county in
order to get these acreages de
These measurements are made
in order to check compliance of
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John Grooms Is
New Representative
For Social Security
J. A. Morrison, manager of
the Norfolk Social Security of
fice, announces the appointment
of John Grooms as the new field
representative for Chowan and
Perquimans counties. 'With the
announcement of the appoint
ment of Mr. Grooms as repre
sentative for this area comes the
assurance of adequate service to
the residents of these two coun
Mir. Grooms will be in Eden
' ton weekly and in Hertford once
I a month to give assistance to
f those persons who wish to file
for social security or who have
problems in connection with so
cial security. Mr. Grooms’ sched
ule is as follows: Edenton, ev
ery Thursday, 10:30 A. M., at the
1 N. C. Employment Security Com
mission in the Citizens Bank
. Building, Room 212: Hertford,
I the second Wednesday of each
month, 10:00 A, M., art the Per
quimans County Court House.
■ IJ
20 Years Ago
Aa Found (n the Files of
The Chowan Herald
IV- . - ' <»
William D. Holmes, after be
ing in critical condition for
several weeks, passed away at
, his home on Granville Street.
A dozen travelers, including
| fear' of the state's prettiest and
moat intelligent girls, on tour
las publicity representatives of
the Carolina Motor Chib, inant
: a day and night at Hotel Joseph
Hawes as guests of G. H. Hard
in*T .
! Local Legionnaires respond
ed f® Governor Clyde Koty In j
Attending Girls’ State
/ .
Here is pictured Milly Price and Mary Ann Hare, who
week are attending Girls' State at Woman's College of the Uni
versity of North Carolina. Both girls will be seniors at the next
term of John A. Holmes High School and were sent to the college
by 'he local American Legion Auxiliary.
Edentoir s National Guardsmen
Cited For Parade Performance
“Terrific!" That was the em
phatic description of one ob
server of the 2nd Battle Group.
119th Infantry. North Carolina
National Guard performance in
the parade of troops of North
Carolina’s 30th Infanty Division
last Saturday morning during
annual summer training at Fort
The performance of the 2nd
Battle Group, 119th Infantry
was so impressive that the
Battle Group was the unani
mous choice for commendation
as outstanding unit in the divi
sion review by a board of of
ficers composed of regular army
advisors to the National Guard
and officers from the 82nd Air
borne Division, crack regular
Jobs Now Open
For Prison Guards
130 Will Be Recruited
By N. "€. Prison
Immediate job openings for
prison guards in this vicinity
are announced by Milton E.
Bass, manager of the Employ
ment Security Commission lo
cal office.
Mr. Bass says the drive to re
cruit guards in this area is part
of an effort taking place all
over the state to fill 130 new
guard positions in the Prison
Department. The new guards
will begin work on July 1 in 51
prison units scattered over the
After passing initial screen
ing, applicants will be inter
viewed on June 21 bv a com
mittee from the Prison Depart
Salaries for the jobs begin at
$3,132 and rise to a maximum
of $3,996 annually.
Mr. Bass .says all applicants
should be between the ages of
21 and 45, in good phyiscal
shape, with at least an eighth
grade education (high school
preferred), and have no police
record of arrests. All appli
cants will be required by the
Prison Department to pass a
short series of screening tests
to be administered by the ESC,
Bass said.
f :fj
i.nit stationed at Fort Bragg.
The 2nd Battle Group, 119th
1 Infantry, includes Combat Sup
port Company with headquarters
at Edenton. The 2nd Battle
Group is commanded by Lt.
I Col. B. A. Peterson of Ahoskie.
Combat Support Company's
commander is Capt. Richard T.
Duke of Wiiliamston.
For the parade the battle
; group was formed into two
march units, the first unit led
by Lt. Col. Herbert H. Taylor.
Jr., of Tarboro, deputy group
commander. Second march unit
was headed by Lt. Col. William
IE. Ingram, Elizabeth City, exe-
I cutive officer.
! Receiving the outstanding unit
I Continued on Page 4—Section 1
Scout Leaders In
;j Edenton Honored
l Group, presented Cer
tificates By District
Scout Executive
An interesting program was
held at last week’s Rotary
.meeting when a number ot
'Rotary Scout leaders were hon
Gene Trautwein, district Scout
executive, presented 50th Boy
I Scout anniversary certificates to
H. A. Campcn, John Graham.
I C. W. Overman, Philip MeMul
-1 lan and Jack Habit on behalf of.
• | the Albemarle District Commit
-1 tee and Tidewater -Council in
: appreciation for their work
i among Boy Scouts, Mr. Traut
. wein also paid tribute to the
Edenton Rotary Club for being
a sponsor of a troop for the
longest period of time in the
district. He also complimented
the work of O. C. Long. Jr., and
Jasper Hassell, Scoutmasters for
the Rocky Hock and Edenton
troop respectively.
In presenting the certificates,
Mr. Trautwein said, "these Ro
tarians fully demonstrated the
pillar of Rotary, ‘service above
self and their interest and es-
I forts was responsible for eon- j
tinued Scouting and spread of
, i the idea to other parts of the
Nancy Carson Will
Work On Television
Station WUNC-TV
Successor at Station
WCDJ Will Be Miss
Dolly Wright of Ed
IMrs. Nancy Carson will soon
sever her connection with radio
station WCDJ in Edenton to ac
cept a position as traffic co
ordinator for station WUNC-TV
in Chapel Hill. The station is
one of the few independent and
.educational stations in the coun
trp. She is scheduled to as
svme her now duties Monday of,
nett week, June 20.
Mrs. Carson has been associ
ated with station WCDJ in j
Edenton a little over two years,
where she has became very
popular. She broadcasts the
Nancy Carson show daily and
worked in Various other capa
cities at the station.
Miss Dolly Wright, a member j
of the 1960 graduating class of
John A. Holmes High School,
will succeed Mrs. Carson in the ,
capacity of secretary of the Co- ;
lonial Broadcasting Company, I
and will also begin her duties ;
Monday, June 20.
Miss Wright is the daughter of |
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Wright.
She was very active in school
affairs, being a member of the 1
National Honor Society, head
cheerleader during her senioi
year, president of the Future
Homemakekrs of America Club,
teenage representative for the I
Teenage Club Council and a 1
member of the Annual staff.
She is a member of the First 1
Christian Church in Edenton
and president of the youth
Miss Wright likes to toad,
draw and write poetry, and
with so many accomplishments,
she is expected to be a talented
addition to the WCDJ radio
Chowan 4-H Team
Wins First Place
In Peanut Contest
The Chowan County 4-H Club
Peanut Demonstration Team was
awarded first place at the North- 1
eastern District Federation in
Franklinton Thursday. June 9.
This team was made up oC
James Taylor, captain and David J
Felton, teammate, both from the
White Oak 7th Grade Club.
The title of the demonstration is
"The Fertility Requirements for
Out of the 17 northeastern coun- j
ties represented at the District
Federation, seven peanut dem
onstrations were given. The
team from Bertie County was
awarded second place and Hert-|
ford County, third place.
James and David will repre-i
sent the Northeastern District at
the state contest in Greensboro,
during 4-H Club week at A. & T. I
College on June 20 through 25.
Joseph Twine and Carl Cos-j
ton participated in the vegetable|
production demonstration. Oth
ers attending were: Oscar
Flemming. O. C. Holley. Bernard
Move and Charlie Boyce. *
$430.06 Is Raised
For Cerebral Palsy
Mrs. William D. Billings, ce
rebral palsy chairman for Cho
way County, reports that the re-[
cent drive netted $430.06.
Area captains in the drive
were Miss Ginny Jones. Mes
darnes Kirby Wright, John Shac
kelford, Clarence Britton. Ralph
Fowlkes, Fred Britton. Charles I
Morgan. Thomas Ward, Lewis
Leary, James Griffin. Bill Wil
kins and G. E. Tillett.
Fifty-three marchers partici- j
pa ted in the 53-minute march
to raise funds.
x 'i
Chowan County Commission
ers will moot in tpocial session
Monday. Juno 10. to compile the
county budget lor too fiscal
year IMO-11.
Edenton’s Lions Chib wiH
moot Monday night Juno M. at
9 o’clock.
William H. CoffioM. Jr- Post
No. SIW. Veterans of Foreign
Wars, will moot Tuesday night {
at • o'clock.
Edsntan Chapter No. M, Or
dar at the Saetam Star, will
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$2.50 Per Year In North Carolina
IjTown Councilmen
| Again Considering
Assessment Policy
Consumption Os
| Peanuts Now At
An All-Time High
More of the Better
Quality Peanuts
Is Urged
It is real interesting to note
; from the U. S. Department of
Agriculture's consumption fig
! ures that the consumption of
peanuts and peanut products
are now at an all-time high and
for the past three years this up
ward 'rend has been continu
! ous.
According to present reoprts.
it is quite likely that on August
1. which is the date for figuring
I demands for the new year, that
! the supplies of peanuts in carry
over position will be somewhat
limited. It is estimated that
the larger users of peanuts are
in a fair situation supply-wise
i and will in all likelihood have;
enough peanuts to carry them!
over in their manufacturing op
erations until the new crop be
gins to appear on the market.
This, however, does not take
care of the over-all picture
which influences many of the
smaller users who purchase
their demands as they arise in
smaller lots and are not in a
position to store and carry over
their manufacturing’ operation
supply needs.
It is the belief of some eon-1
Icerned with foieeasting supplies
that before the new crop bc
; gins to arrive a number of these*
small operators will begin to j
suffer to some extent by the
short supplies available to them. '
This is the supply picture |
aimed at for several years and I
was brought about primarily b>
two factors: The reduction ini
the size of the crop in 1959. as i
compared with 1958. coupled j
with an increase in consump-,
Being in this position supply-:
wise and anticipating that the
consumption trends wll con
tinue upward, it is to the inter
est of each grower in this area
to do everything within bis
power to produce more of the|
best quality peanuts possible, as |
it is evident prices will be bet- j
ter for the crop in the fall of
1960 than has been experienced
tor some time. This point is
being discussed now because
many things can be done be- j
tween now and harvest time j
that will immeasurably contri- '
bute to greater production and '
when the outlook for prices is
Hugh L. Patterson Is,
Commissioned Ensign!
Hugh Lester Patterson, son
of Mrs. L. A. Patterson of Eden
ton. was commissioned an En
sign. SC. USNR. according to
Captain E. L. Foster. LTSN, tCom
manding Officer. NROTC Unit,
and Professor of Naval Science
at the University of North Caro
Ensign Patterson has also re
ceived his AB degree from the
University. While attending the
University he was a member of
1 numerous organizations and re
ceived many .cutstanding honors
within the unit ad on the camp
us. Patterson has been ordered
to report for duty to the Navy
. Supply Corps School at Athens.
Sponsor Needed For Varsity
Team In Local Little League
r es i ■ . I I.
I The Little Leaguers known as
the “Varsity" team are looking
l tor a sponsor. The Jaycees.
1 Lions and Rotary teams have
sponsors, but the fourth team
t under Coach Billy Hardison
i| needs one. j
1 The team which has won two
| of its three games this early in
• the season includes Lowell Spi- J
(j ray. Mika Overton, Ronnie Her-,
.trail, Dave Holton, Rudy Now-,
| Vexing Problems Hold
Town Fathers In Ses
sion Until Midnight
1 Faced with a number of time
, consuming problems. Town
. Councilmen at their June meet
,l ing Tuesday night, were held in
| session until shortly after the
midnight hour.
One of the major problems
facing the Councilmen was again
consideration of adopting an as
• sessment plan for construction
of sanitary sewerage and port
jable water systems. Some time
. ago an assessment program was
} adopted but was junked when so
! much opposition developed and
' legal entanglements were cited
I by local lawyers. So at present
the town has no assessment plan
and it is deemed necessary to
have one by both Town Council
and the Board of Public Works.
George Alma Byrum. chairman
of the Finance Committee, pre
sented for consideration the plan
as adopted in 1955 and later re
scinded which reads as follows:
“That the Town of Edenton
adopt a policy for assessment of
jeost of providing, constructing
and establishing extensions of
sanitary sewerage system and
portable water system in said
town and that the actual cost of
the establishment and construc
tion ot such extensions shall be
assessed upon the lots and par
cels of land in said town abut
ting directly on the lateral mains
for said extensions, according to
the extent of the respective
frontage thereon, by an equal
! rate per foot of such frontage,
and that the assessment to be
levied in connection with such
work may be paid in in
[stallments covering a period not
[exceeding the limitation provided
by law. and that such resolutions
shall designate by general de
scription the improvement to be
made, and the street or streets,
or part or parts thereof, where
on the work is to be effected,
and the cost thereof to be as- ,
sessed upon all abutting prop
Alter a lengthy discussion it
was decided to delay action in
order for the Councilmen to
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» .
Thief Os Police Dail
Now Hospital Patient
Friends of Chief of Police
George I. Dail will regret to
know that he is now a patient
in a hospital at Washington,
N. C.
Mr. Dail was stricken with
what was thought at first to be
a heart attack while spending
some time at his cottage along
the Pamlico River about noon
Sunday and was taken to the
hospital for examination. It was
determined that he had no heart
ailment but the exact trouble
was not discovered. He is be
ing further examined and is ex
pected to be removed to Chowan
Hospital when his condition
warrants moving him.
Mayor John Mitchener ap
pointed Sgt. Leo Lavoie acting
chief of police until Chief P'!
is again able to resume his
In recently announcing the list
of cart hostesses at Chowan Hos
pital for June and July, the
name of Mrs. J. H. Curran was
inadvertently omitted. The hos
tesses for these two months are
Mrs. Curran. Mrs. Nick George.
Mrs. Warren Twiddv, Mrs. L. F.
Ferguson. Mrs. William Billings
and Mrs. J. F. Phillips.
som. Field Lassiter, John Gra
ham, Cam Byrum. Scott Harrell,
Frank Craig, Cino Colombo,
Louis Harrell. Sandy David,
George Holmes. Fred Keeter,
Joe Leary, Phil LaMiter, Jerry
’.Mathias and John Sutton.
The Rev. George B. Holmes
is coach and Jimmy Dale is as-
I sis tant coach.. Their next game
.will be this {Thursday) after*
jnpon at $ o'clock.

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