North Carolina Newspapers

Volume XXVIII.—-Number 33.
Arrangements Are
Made To Continue
Hotel In Edenton
County Commissioners
Sign Lease to Haugh
ton Ehringhaus For
Indefinite Period
According’ to action taken by
j the Chowan County Commis
sioners at a special meeting Fri
day morning, operation of Hotel
Joseph Hewes will continue for
an indefinite time. i
f The Commissioners success
fully negotiated with Haughton
Ehringhaus, who has agreed to
operate the hotel. Mr. Ehring
haus stated that continuation of
the operation is largely due to
the efforts of H, A. Campen and
Henry Quinn, who secured 10
Edenton merchants who agreed
•to underwrite the purchase of
the hotel furnishings at a cost
of $2,500. They stated that!
more merchants would have
joined in underwriting the pur
chase. 1
Mr. Ehringhaus, under the!
terms of the lease, will have ac
cess to all of the hotel building
except that portion used by the
county for various office spaces.
It is also agreed that if and
when additional space is needed
to provide county offices, Mr.
Ehringhaus will at once turn it
over to the county.
, At present the hotel house*
offices for Sheriff Earl Goodwin,
Tax Supervisor W. P. Jones, the
Chamber of Commerce and the
district Soil Conservation office,
which moved to Edenton from
Greenville. It is also proposed
to move the Welfare Department,
Health Department and Chowan
Courity school offices to the ho
tel - %. i
Mr. Ehrlbghatis has operated
j the hotel since the property was
w purchased by the County Com
missioners about a year ago, and ’
a great deal of sentiment exists!
in Edenton that it would be next
to a crime to abandon hotel fa
cilities in Edenton. ]
At Friday’s meeting of the
Commissioners, W. N. Spruill,
district engineer for the State.
Highway Commission and High-!
way Commissioner Gilliam Wood !
were present to consider with! 1
the Commissioners secondary
road work in Chowan County.
I 20 Years Agol
> C7
j As Found In The Files Os |
The Chowan Herald
Reason for rejoicing in Eden
ton resulted when conspicuous
detour signs were removed at
Broad and Church Streets at
the intersection of Route 17 and
the Albemarle Sound bridge road
a few miles from Edenton as
well as a large sign on North
Broad Street calling attention to
‘ a detour sign a few blocks furth
er. The detour signs were caus
ed by washing away and repair
ing just this side of William
After wrestling with figures
until after 1 o'clock in the
. morning. Town Council set a tax
rate of SS cent*V which was a re
duction of five cents.
Extreme carelessness on the
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Hospital Auxiliary Enrolls 310
In Recent Membership Drive
Mrs. Richard Elliott, president
of the Chowan Hospital Auxili
ary, has announced that the re
cent membership drive netted
a total membership of 310.
. The next meeting of the Aux
iliary is scheduled to be held the
third Friday in September and j
officials of the organization an
ticipate another successful year.
Members enrolled during the
recent drive were as follows:
Mrs. Bernice Ivey, Mrs. Worth
Layton, Mrs. Ed Hare, Mrs.
.Ralph Williams, Mrs. Martha
Ward, Mrs. Lloyd Bi inch, Mrs. j
H. C. Goodwin, Mrs. Lee Small,
< Goodwin, Mrs- WjUace |
Service Officer]
- •..¥
• - -■ •
IsEpp& f...
Jlllf x
fe, v'.-x
In the addition of a forest ser
vice officer to their farm de-
I partmeni staff, Peeples Bank &
I Trust Company has added Ben
\Vilbur Privott, jr. Awarded
Ford Foundation Fellowship
Wilbur J. Privott, Jr., of Ty
ner has recently received a Ford
Foundation fellowship which will
enable him to study full-time
during the coming year toward
his doctoral degree in chemical
engineering at North Carolina
State College.
Privott received his B. S. de
gree tn chemical engineering
from North Carolina State Col
lege. He has received the “Out-i
standing Snfbotnore, Award” of
the American institute of Chem
ical Engineers, and the “Senior
Edenton’s Rotary Club will
meet this (Thursday) afternoon
at 1 o’clock in the Parish House.!
The program will be in charge!
of J. P. Ricks, Sr., and Presi- j
dent Richard .Atkinson urges a
,100% attendance.
j Revival Speaker ]|
§! ** ■§
Revival services will begin at,
Ballard's Bridge Baptist Church]
Sunday, August 20, and con-'
tinue through Sunday, August ]
27. The pastor of the church, 1
the Rev. Carl Hart, will be the
speaker for the meetings.
Mrs. W. H. Winborne, Mrs. A.
S. Bush, Mrs. Thomas Asbell, ■
Mrs. M. T. Barrington, Mrs.;
Gladys Smith, Mrs. M. W. Jack- '
son, Mrs. C. W.' Overman, Mrs.
J. D. Swindell, Mrs. T. B. Wil
liford, Mrs. T. W. Jones, Mrs.
|L. E. Bunch, Mrs. L. E. Daven
port, Mrs. Jesse Harrell, Mrs.
Charles Swanner, Mrs. John M.
Elliott, MrS. W. J. Berryman,
Mrs. John Harrell, Mrs. Jimmy
Partin, Mrs. M. A. Hughes, Mrs.
R. E. Forehand, Jr., - Mrs. Inez
Moraii, Mrs. Joe Conger, Sr.,
Mrs. A. M. Day, Mrs. W. S. El
liott,- Mrs. J. N. Elliott, Mrs. G.
E. Cullipher, Mrs. W. A. Everett,
j Mrs. R. F. Elliott, Mrs. Clarenoe
White, Mrs. H. T. Layton, Mrs.
Laura Gopdwin. Mrs. Walter
Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, August 17, 1961.
\ ress Made Fori
l Access Area
iO 4 rowan River
Wildlife Option Taken
For 5-Acre Tract of
Land at Northeast
! End of Bridge
1 A letter from Rod Amundson
of the N. C. Wildlife Resources
Commission to R. Elton Fore
hand, chairman of the Recrea
tion Committee of the Edenton
Chamber of Commerce, indicates
water sports enthusiasts will
1 shortly have a new, state-main
tained boat access area on the
Chowan River.
Amundson said an option has
been taken to purchase the ne
cessary land. He expects work
to begin as soon as routine ap
proval is received by the De
partment of Administration as
the necessary funds are already
set up in the current budget.
The new river access area will
be at the northeast end of the
Chowan River Bridge, U. S. 17
South. It is estimated 25,000
cubic yards of fill will be need
ed in the 5-acre tract and that
construction will take about 2
Highest Scholastic Award” from
Tau Beta Pi. He has co-author
ed the winning student research
paper in a contest sponsored by
the Southeastern Region of the
American Institute of Chemical
Privott is a member of the
American Institute of Chemical
Engineers, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau
Beta Pi. and Phi Eta Sigma.
The fellowship winner is the
son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur J.
Privott;, Route I, Tyner. He is
married to the former Marjorie
Harrell of Edenton.
Selling Magazines
Group Making Effort
To Raise Money
For Band
Beginning today (Thursday)
■the John A. Holmes High School
Band members will begin sell
ing magazines to help raise funds
to support the band this year.
For the past several years the
junior class had these sales, but
this year Superintendent Hiram
J. Mayo has given the sale of |
these magazines to the band. j
Band members will begin their j
calls today (Thursday) and con
tinue through Friday, September
1. Herbert Hollowelll, president
of the Band Parents Association,
asks the support of all in help
ing, to have a band of which the
entire community may be justly •
Chief Police Dail
Hospital Patient
_______ /
Frie'nds of Chief of Police
George I. Dail will regret to
I learn that he suffered a severe
heart attack in Chowan Hos
pital Tuesday night. Mr. Dail
has t%en a hospital patient for
about a week, more or less for
a rest, but his condition was not
so encouraging following the at
tack Tuesday night.
i - - ■ ... i .1
Dr. A. F. Downum, master of
Unanimity Lodge No. 7, A. F. &
A. M., announces that a stated
communication of the lodge will
be held tonight (Thursday) at 8
o’clock. All members are es
pecially urged to. attend and
visiting Masons are cordially in
Chowan Tribe No. 13, Improv
ed Order of Red Men, wiH meet
Monday night, August 31, at 8
o’clock. Edgar Rogerson, sa
chem, urges a large attendance.
William H. CoffieM, Jr., Post
tNi 0280, Veterans of Foreign
■ Wars will meet TuMdav niakt
illegally practicing law in Washington, D.C., pulls a no-head
act before cameramen. Three of his former clients sit in
death row.
Forest Service Officer Is Added
By Peoples Bank & Trust Co.
Something new in hank farm
service is being offered in east
ern North Carolina. Peoples
Bank and Trust Company of
Rocky Mount announces the ad
dition of a forest service officer
to their farm department staff,
whose services will be available
to landowners in all of the coun
ties served by the bank. Ben
Allen, a veteran of twelve years
experience with the N. C. For
est Service and with Union Bag
Camp Paper Corporation, is Peo
ples’ new forest service officer.
"We felt that there is an in
creasing need to give greater
emphasis to the value of our
forest resources in eastern North
Carolina,” says W. W. Shaw,
president of Peoples Bank and
Trust Company. “We feel that
we are fortunate in securing the
services of Ben Allen, and that
he can be of great value to land
owners in our area in the con
servation of timber resources
and in the marketing of their
Barbara Layton Will Represent
Edenton In Good Neighbor Days
Miss Barbara Elizabeth Lay
ton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Kermit Layton, has been select
ed to represent Edenton at Good
Neighbor Days to be observed at
Norfolk and Portsmouth Friday
and Saturday. August 18 and 19.
She, together with 15 other,
young ladies in the area, will 1
be special guests of the Good
Neighbor Day Committee, with|
a very interesting program ar- ;
ranged for their entertainment J
The group will visit NATO head- i
quarters, the Naval Base, a trip
on board an aircraft carrier and
through the Botanical Gardens, ]
a boat tour of the Norfolk and
Rocky Hock Wins
League Semi-finals
Orioles Take Measure
Os Creswell 5-4 In
Deciding Game
Rocky Hock defeated Creswell
Thursday night 5-4 to win the
semi-finals in the Roanoke-Cho
wan League. Franklin Hollowell
did the mound work for Rocky
Hock, allowing four hits and
striking out 14. Creswell led in
the game 3-0 until the seventh
inning, when Zackie Harrell hit
a pinch hit triple and scored on
Ashley’s single. Rocky Hock
added two runs in the eighth and
finally won the game in the last
half of the 'ninth inning. Tark
ington, did the mound work for
Creswell, giving up 11 hits and
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Chowan Gets $27,946
For Intangible Taxes
Allen Paschal, executive secre
tary of the North Carolina Board
of Assessment, has announced
that checks totaling $9,475,021
wifi be distributed to North'
Carolina counties and munici
palities as their share of intan
gible taxes collected by the state
for the past fiscal year. Mr.
Paschal stated that the largest
amount. $1,299,638 win go to
Mecklenburg County and _ the
smallest, $2,298 to Tjurell Coun-
Chowan County’s share of fee
946. rY
timber. We invite landowners to
! use Ben wherever they have
need for a forest consultant.”
Allen is a native of Raleigh
and a graduate of Hugh Morson
High School and N. C. State
College with a degree in for
i estry. He has taken special
forestry courses at Duke Univer-!
sity and at the University of
Georgia. • He is married to the
former Evelyn Reins Jones of
Wake County and they reside on
Benvenue Road in Rocky Mount.
They have no children.
In addition to the forestry
work he will do in connection
with trust properties handled by
the bank, Allen’s services will
be available on an advisory basis
free to any landowner in Nash,
Edgecombe, Halifax, Warren,
Vance, Franklin, Chowan, Per
quimans, and parts of Wilson,
Pitt, Johnston and Wake coun-i
ties. For estimating, marking!
and selling timber, there will be
a minimum charge for the ser
• Portsmouth harbor and other ac
.' tivities.
. The girls will be escorted by
I seniors from the Norfolk Col
lege of William and Mary and
will be special guests at a din
' ( ner and dance party. Mildred
• Alexander has arranged to have
'l a special committee from the
Women’s Division of the Norfolk
Chamber of Commerce to act
las chaperones.
j Miss Layton is a student at
John A. Holmes High School,
! where she has been very active
in school affairs. She is a mem
ber of the Monogram Club, the
j Glee Club and is a majorette
and cheerleader.
Over 350 Attend
Go-Kart Races
Next Race Scheduled
For Sunday After
noon, Aug. 27
In the neighborhood of 350
people attended the Go-Kart
races held on the Edenton track
Sunday afternoon. A feature of
the races was a new track rec
ord established by Gene Ashley
who was driving a twine engine
Bill Easterling, president of
the Edenton Jaycees, sponsors
of the races, has announced that
another race has been scheduled
for Sunday afternoon, August 27.
Winners Sunday afternoon
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Legionnaires Begin
Membership Drive
The 1962 membership cam
paign of Ed Bond Post No. 40 1
of the American Legion will be
■ under the direction of a three
man committee, according to
Post Commander Robert Powell,
when he announced post com
mittee appointments for fee
coining year.
The membership committee
will have as its chairman Alex
ander Deßlois, together with R.
E. Leary and Troy Toppin.
This committee will embark
immediately on a drive to sign
up all eligible veterans in Cho-
Revival Begins At
Macedonia Baptist
Church August 21
Rev. W. E. Pope of
Fayetteville Is Sched
uled to Be Visiting
Revival services will begin at
Macedonia Baptist Church Mon
day evening, August 21, at 8
o’clock. The Rev. W. E. Pope
will be bringing God’s message
to the people in each of these
services and Woodrow Lowe will
be in charge of the music. There
will be good congregational sing
ling at each service and also
special music by the choirs of
the church. The services will
continue through Sunday morn
ing. August 27.
Mr. Pope is pastor of Mount
' Gilead Baptist Church of Fay
etteville, N. C., having been
there since September, 1955. He
is a native of Clinton, N. C.,
and has held several pastorates’
,in the state before going to
Fayetteville. Mr. Pope may be
I remembered by some people in
this area as having been pastor
of the Columbia Baptist Church
from 1952 to 1954. He conies
here with plenty of experience
in revival work and people of
this area are urged to attend
these services.
Children Registered
Tuesday, August 22
For Entering School
All children who will enter
the first grade for the first
I time this year, may register in
I Principal Ernest Swain’s office
in the Edenton Elementary
School on Tuesday, August 22.
between the hours and 9 and 12
A. M.. and 2 to 4 P. M Ch !-
dren who were not enrolled in
(the Edenton Elementary School
I last year in grades two through
six will also register.
It. will be necessary for the
first grade children to bring at.,
time of registration a certificate
showing that they have had j
three polio shots and have been]
I immunized against diphtheria.;
| tetanus, whooping cough, and
smallpox. Parents are request
led to remember that it will be
impossible to assign children t<>
a classroom without this certifi
,$39,780 Earmarked
For Secondary Roads
In Chowan County
Allocation of $18,000,000 in
secondary road funds for road
work in the state’s 100 counties
was released last week, follow
ing last Thursday’s Highway
Commission meeting when the
roads body approved allocating! i
the money on the basis of the
number of unpaved secondary ] j
road miles in each county.
Thursday’s action actually in
volved allocation of $11.674.540
since the Commission had pre- i
viously distributed $6,325,460
among the various counties, us- !
ing the same unpaved mileage ;j
Commission officials stressed
the fact that additional funds
will become available for second-]
ary road work later during the
1961-62 fiscal year. Governor'
Sanford announced at last week's
news conference that an unused!
surplus of $7,000,000 will be ap
plied to secondary road im
provements through the Stale.
Distribution of the $7,000,000
will be made at a later date.
In last week’s allocation $39.-
780 was earmarked for second
ary road work in Chowan
Revival At Ballard’s
Bridge Starts Aug. 20
Revival services will begin at]
Ballard’s Bridge Baptist Church i
Sunday, August 20 and continue!
through Sunday, August 27.
The speaker for the revival
will be die pastpr of the church.,
the Rev. Carl Hart. Services.
will begin each night during the!
week at 8 o’clock and Mr. Hart'
states that the nursery will be i
open each night
The public is cordially invit- !
ed to attend any or aU of the
$2.50 Per Tear In North Carolina
Home Ec Teachers
of Albemarle Area
Meet In Edenton
Given Fellowship ji
Kpgp ■ JFI
Announcement was made late
last week that Wilbur J. Privott,
Jr., sen cf Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur
J. Privott of Tyner has received
a Ford Foundation Fellowship.
The Fellowship will enable him
to study full time during the
coming year al N. C. State Col
Wheat Referendum
Scheduled Be Held
Thursday, Aug. 24
Two-thirds of Vote Is
Necessary Before the
Quotas Will Go Into
Wheat growers will decide on
Thursday, August. 24, whether of
not. they want marketing quotas
for their 1962 wheat crop.
Any farmer who planted more
than 13.5 acres of wheat in at
least one of the years 1959. 1960,
or 1961 is eligible to vote in
the referendum,-., says County
Agent C. W. Overman and he
urges every eligible farmer to
vote. Two-thirds of these vot
ers must approve before quotas i
go into effect
important points to consider,
The wheat stabilization pro-.
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~ y j
Good Neighbor
- -
jk Jk
Representing Edenton in Good
Neighbor Days in Norfolk and
Portsmouth the latter part of
this week will be Miss Barbara
Elizabeth Layton, daughter oi|
Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Layton. >
Ivy Lowe Is Named To National
Teen Board By Farm Journal
Miss Ivy Lowe, 12, will serve
an Farm Journal magazine’s
; Teen Board for the coming
l school year, according to Ger- !
| trude Dieken. Women’s Editor of
! the Philadelphia publication.
' Miss Lowe is the daughter of ]
! Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Lowe,!
i Rt. 3. Edenton. j,
She is one of the 100 out
! standing teenage girls from all (
j over the country chosen for their
| leadership in rural activities, in-' ■
' eluding 4-H Club and Future
• Homemakers work. Their job is
| to act as a sounding board for <
' Farm Journal’s Teen Editor, ! i
“Polly.” reporting on whet’s newj<
> in their schools and comm uni-i1
■* .
Mrs. Edna Reaves Is
Elected as President;
Plan a Professional
Study Program
Home Economics teachers of
the Albemarle area met in the
John A. Holmes High School in
Edenton on August 10 with Mrs.
Edna Reaves and Mrs. Loraine
Rogerson as hostesses. The pur
pose of this all-day meeting was
to work on a professional study
program for the coming year.
This group wilj meet once a
month in various schools and
will discuss the following topics:
September: "Future Homemak
ers of America Organization.”
October: ‘Civil Defense”.
November: “New Trends in
Teaching in the Areas of C.loth
: ng. Home Nursing, and Fami
ly Relationships”.
December: “Adult Education.”
January; “Opportunities and
Training for Employment in tha
Field of Practical Nursing.”
February: “Housing”—Safety.
March: “Techniques in Teach
ing Housing".
April: "Evaluation”.
The group divided into small
groups and will work in three
workshops throughout the year.
The following slate of officers
were elected:
“President. Mrs. Edna Reaves,
John A. Holmes High School;
vice president, Mrs. Vivian
Hughes, Weeksville High School;
secretary-treasurer. Miss Day
Howell, Manteo High School; re
porter. Mrs. Frances E. Warren.
Camden County High School;
program chairman, Mrs. Ra,mona
Wilson, Knapp High School; Fu
ture Homemakers of America
Advisor, Miss Carolyn Brinkley.
Plymouth Hi,gh School.
Teachers who attended wars
as follows: Miss Frances Newby,
Perquimans High School; Mrs.
Helen Lara bee. Central High
School; Mrs, Ramona Wilson,
Knapp High School; Mrs. Fran
ces E. Warren. Camden County
High School; Mrs. Loraine Rog
erson. Chqwan High School; Mrs.
Mary Ann Combs, Columbia High
School: Mrs. Lucy Kittrell, Sun
bUry High School; Mrs. Vivian
Hughes, Weeksville High School;
Mrs. Edna Reaves, John A.
Holmes High School; Mrs. Eve
lyn Willey. Gatesville High
School: Miss Day Howell. Man
teo High School, and Mrs. Mabel
Lacy Hall. District. Supervisor.
East Carolina College.
During the week of July 31-
August. 4. the teachers of this
area attended the Home Eco
nomics Conference in Greens
Edenton Jaycees will sponsor
another Go-Kart race on the lo
cal track Sunday afternoon,
August 27.
Revival services will begin at
Macedonia Baptist Church Mon
day, August 21, and continue
through Sunday morning, August
27. Services will begin each
night at 8 o’clock.
Edenton Lions Club will meet
Monday night. August 21. at the
Edenton Restaurant at 7 o'clock.
A stated communication ot
Unanimity Lodge No. 7, A. F. 8c
A. M„ will be held tonight
| (Thursday) at 8 o'clock.
Family Night will be observed
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ties, and what teenagers are do
ing and thinking about.
Teen Board members frequent
* ly are featured in the magazine.
The September issue in a story
] “How a Girl Can Get the Most
! Out of High School” Farm Jour
! nal prints some of the girls’ an
j swers that helped them earn po
sitions on Teen Board. Their
( thoughts are quoted in the mag
azine, which has a national read
' ership of more than three bul
lion subscribing families.
Miss Lowe is president-elect
of her class for 1961-d2, and has
served as president of the Stu
dent Council for the past year.
She is a member of 4-H.

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