North Carolina Newspapers

Volume XXIX.-—Number 12.
H IHI ■ I. ...
Two Fathers And Sons
Perish In Plane Crash On
Sunday At Elizabeth City
Kermit L. Nixon, Jack
Nixon,John Elmer j
Perry, Jr. and John
ny V. Perry Burned
Beyond Recognition
Chowan County relatives and
friends were stunned late Sun
day afternoon to learn that four
\f well known men were killed in
an. airplane crash near the Mu
nicipal Airport at Elizabeth City.
The wreck claimed the lives
d>f”Kermit L. Nixon, 45 and his
son, Jack Nixon, 20, both of
the Rocky Hock section, and
John Elmer Perry, Jr., 41 of
Hobbsville and his son, Johnny
V. Perry, 22 of Tyner. AH of
the bodies were burned beyond
The aqcident occurred about
3:30 o’clock Sunday afternpon
soon after the quartet boarded a
Tri-Pacer plane for a pleasure
According to reports, the plane
look off and Kermit Nixon, the*
pilot, apparently encountered
some difficulty for the plane;
moved from a climbing position'
to a stall position,’then mushed j
back down and dropped into
some large trgps and slipped to *
the ground after a wing had]
struck a tree and the plane burst!
into flames. I
Kermit Nixon was owner and]
operator of the K: L. Nixon]
Electrical & Plumbing Company
of Valhalla. His son was asso
tiated with him in the business.
The father is survived by his
Wife, Mrs. Josephine Nixon; his
mother, Mrs. Delcie Perry Nix
on; a son, David Nixon of Nor
folk; two daughters, Linda and
Patricia Nixon of the home; a
brtrthei*r t Gcbrgm-Nixop Os Gates?
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Atkinson And White
Speakers At Meeting
Os County Council
Joint banking accounts, safe
deposit boxes, new 4% interest
rate* functions of the- Trust De- j
partment, and banking proced
ures in general was the pro
gram presented by R. S. Atkin
son, Jr., vice president and
cashier, and R. Graham White,
vjee president and trust officer,
both of Peoples Bank & Trust
Company, Edenton, at the March
If om e Demonstration County
Gouncil meeting.
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20 Years Ago
As Found In The Files Os j
The Chow«n Herald
ih'll . -
...Chowan County's first black- 1
out was successful from every
angle and was carried out in
20 minutes with practically 100
per cent compliance.
Mrs. Charles F. Russell re
ceived a telegram announcing
the death of her brother, Chris (
Wadley, who lost his life when;
the destroyer Pope and the j
cruiser Houston were sunk by
the Japanese. j
' i At a 'meeting to check up on
defense activities and to organ-'
is* a county-wide salvage cam-!
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r - --_r r -j r x~ - «»'— —-- «« * ««w. <vwwwvv>v/haa4
Historic Edenton And Chowan
County Commission Scheduled!
To Hold Initial Meeting Mar. 24
The Historic Edenton and
Chowan County Commission will
meet for the first time for the
purpose of organization on Sat
urday, March 24.
The activities for the day in
clude a herring breakfast at the
Edenton Restaurant at 8 A. M.
At 9:15 the historical movie “Ye
Towne on Queen Anne’s Creek”
will be shown in the panel room
of the Chowan Comity Court
House. At 10 A. M., .a closed
business session wil} be held in
the panel, room. At 12 o’clock
noon a luncheon .will be held
in the James IrecM) House, ser
, • v Lgiiiiinrn of tho Edenton
f Now An Embalmer ]
i i
At commencement exercises
at the Cincinnati College of Em
balming, Cincinnati, Ohio, Fri
day of this week Robert J.
] Boyce, Jr., will graduate as an
| embalmer.
Mrs. Emily B. Coxe
Speaker AtMeeting
Os Local DAR Group
Speaks Very Enter
taingly About Gard
ening and Her Ex
Mrs. Emily Badham Coxe of
Darlington, S. C., author of
-“Mother oC-lhc ’Maid,”
members of the Edenton Tea
Party Chapter DAR and guests
at the Iredell House Wednesday,
March 14.
Mrs. Coxe, who was introduced
by her sister,' Mrs. C. A. Carr
of Danville, Va., spoke enter
tainingly on gardening. She re
lated experiences at her home,
Skufful Farm, where she has
. formal and informal gardens in
cluding a wide variety of trees,
shrubs and flowers.
She said that many of the
plants came from relatives and
friends in Edenton and she call
ed hers “the garden of Eden
She read several letters about
Winifred Hoskins, a signer of
the Edenton Tea Party resolu
tion, from her father, Richard
Hoskins and her suitor, Richard]
Thorne. Copies of these letters
I are to be- furnished by Mrs.
Coxe to the Cupola House Asso
Mrs. P. S. McMullan, vice
regent, presided at the short;
business session prior to the
program. Those attending view- 1
jed the -old iron collection on
loan to the local chapter.
Edenton Rotarians will meet
this (Thursday) , afternoon at 1
o’clock in the Parish House.
The program will be in charge
jof J. L. Chestnutt, and Presi
dent Richard Atkinson urges a
1100 per cent attendance.
aeen planned.
The commission, appointed by
Govertn,r Terry Sanford, consists
of 16 members. The purpose of
the commission is to acquire, re
store and maintain the historical!
sites and shrines of Edenton and
Chowan County. This is con
sidered by many local citizens
to be one of the greatest steps
made in recent .years to , assure
the preservation of historic
Edenton and Chowan County’s
rich heritage.
Mayor John Mitchener, W. E.
Bond, Chairman Os the ChOwan
County Commissioners; Mrs. Ed
it ward G. Bond and Mrs. W. J.
|P. Earnhardt, local people on
[the commission, wiU serve as
Edentar Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, March 22, 1962.
Pre-SchoolCliii It,
In Chowan Cm, ||
April Iftth To 1; |l
Very Important That]
Children Be Taken
To One of Four Held
In Chowan County
Dr. J. A. Johnson, district
health direitor, announces that
the District Health Department
schedule' of pre-school clinics
began March 19 and will end
April 25.
Dr. Johnson points out that
any child who is entering school
in September, 1962, should have
completed his immunizations
and have a complete physical
checflfop from his private physi
cian or attend one of the
The schedule of clinics in
Chowan County follows:
April 10 —Chowan High School j
at 9 A. M. j
April 11—Whitt Oak School I
at 8:30 A. M. I
April 12—Edenton white Ele
mentary School at 9 A. M.
April 13—Edenton colored Ele
mentary School at 9 A. 'M.
Revival Begins At
Macedonia Baptist
Church March 26th
The annual spring revival be
gins at Macedonia Baptist
Church Monday night, March 26
at 7:30 o’clock and continues
each evening at- 7:30 to close
with the 11 o’clock service on
Sunday morning, April 1.
The Rev. Carl Hart, pastor of
Ballard’s Bridge Baptist Church,
will be the visiting evangelist.
Mr. Hart is well loved by all
who know him. His preaching
is very effective and the Mace
donia congregation feels very
fortunate to have Him to bring
God’s message in this scries of
Good congregational singing
will be under the direction of
Woodrow Lowe and special mu
sic is being planned for each
service by Mr. Lowe and Ever
ette Ashley, director of the
youth choir.
The public is invited to attend
these services.
Robert J. Boyce, Jr.
Graduates In Ohio
Robert J. Boyce, Jr., will grad
uate from the Cincinnati Col
lege of Embalming, Cincinnati,
Ohio, Friday, March 23, in the
80th spring commencement of
the college.
Mr. Boyce graduated from the
John A. Holmes High School in |
1958. He began his studies ini
embalming and funeral directing]
at the Hollomon-Brown Funeral,
Home in Norfolk in September,!
1958, and entered Cincinnati
College in March, 1961.
Mr. Boyce will remain in
Edenton a few days with his
family and then return to Hollo
mon-Brown in Norfolk, Va.
Special Speaker At
Lenten Luncheon
The Rev. Gordon Bell Davis,
rector of Grace Episcopal
Church, Yorktown, Va., will be
the guest preacher at the Len
ten puncheon Tuesday, March
27, sponsored by Saint Paul’s
Episcopal Church.
The speaker is a native of
Beaufort, N. C., and is a gradu
ate of East Carolina College and
I Virginia Theological Seminary in
I Alexandria.
His particular interest in the
healing ministry of the church
and for this reason he is an
able pastor as well as teacher.
Luncheon begins at 1 o’clock
and ends promptly at 2 o'clock.
Parishioners are ’ urged to come
and bring their guests.
Edenton’s Lions Club will
meet Monday night, March 26,
at 7 o’clock at the Edenton Res
taurant. President Jdhn Mitch
ener urges every member to be
on hand.
Chowanoke Council No. 54,
Degree of Pocahontas, will meet
tonight (Thursdtar) at 8 o’clock.
Mrs. Virginia WBliams, Poca-
urges all members to be
Charter Members Os Lions Club
' t
I Ifjp IS 8 |j| pMg
1 IP I ’ ill >1
1 if J mmiwmmHm- P l l rllfflMPw
Recognized at ihe 251 h anniversary of the Edenion Lions Club |
at a banquet Thursday night were seven charier members slill ac- j
live. The group, pictured above, left to righl, Guy Hobbs, Wasl |
Leary. William Privoll, John Slickley, pasl international presi-1
dent, who made the principal address- W. J. Taylor, J. Clarence ‘
Leary and Hector Lupton. Graham Byrum, one of the Sevan char- ;
1 ter members, was not present when the picture was taken. The
group was honored at Monday night's meeting by being presented i
I beautiful plaques.—(John Ricks Photo).
Base Property To Be Sold
At Public Auction April 16;
10:30 A. M. At Armory!
Area Has Been Sub
divided Into 11 Par
cels; Information Is
A portion of the Marine Corps’
Outlying Field, Edenton, N. C.,'
is being offered for sale at a |
public auction to be held at
10:30 A. M., EST, Monday, April]
16, at the Edenton National
Guard Armory. i
2,369.82 acres in fee and 59
' buildings, has been subdivided
j into 11 parcels. Each parcel is
jto be bid upon individually. |
I However, bidders may bid sep
j arately on as many parcels as
I desired. The improvements con
] sist of administration, barracks,
i warehouse and other buildings
| and/or structures incident to the
operation of an air station.
The property is located 3Mi
miles south-southeast of Eden
ton, and includes the land sur
rounding the runways, which
was used in the support of the
station. Railroad facilities and!
N. C. Highway No. 32 are either j
adjacent to or in the immediate |
vicinity of all parcels. |
In addition to the above, 21
| buildings located on the prop
| erty transferred to the Town of •
Edenton for airport purposes are i
I offered for sale for removal i
! from the site. Each building is ]
to be bid upon individually.
However, bidders may bid sep-1
arately on as many buildings as
The sale will be conducted by'
the T. Lynn Davis Realty and;
Auction Company, Inc., 4459
Broadway, Macon, Georgia. Com-;
plete details may be obtained j
I from the auctioneer or from
General Services Administration,'
Utilization and Disposal Service, i
1776 Peachtree Street, NW, At-1
. lanta 9, Georgia.
Plans Complete For Annual
Livestock Show And Sale To
Be Held Wednesday, March 28
ml J
The Chowan Livestock Show,
and Sale will be held at the
American Legion Building on
Wednesday, March 28. Sponsor
of this event the Edenton
I Junior Chamber of Commerce.
Junior (4-H and FFA) swine
exhibitors may show an indi
vidual hog, pen of three hogs
and a pen of eight hogs. The
pen of eight is a new classifica-|
tion added this year. All hogs ;
must weight between 180-220
pounds and grade number 1 or 2.
Prizes in the Swine Depart
ment, Junior Division ade:
Champion Individual Ribbon
and SIO.OO.
Reserve Champion Individual
—Ribbon and $7.50.
Third Place Individual—Rib
bon and SS.OC.
Champion Pen of Three—Tro-
f Public Hearing 1
L i
| A public hearing will be held
Tuesday night, April 10. at 8
, o'clock in the Municipal Boild
i ing. The purpose of this hear
j ing is to consider any objection 1
to a proposed extension of the I
; Edenton fire district and adop- ]
* tion of a fire prevention code. ]
I The hearing will be held at
8 o'clock, so that any interested j
persons are requested to be
present to register any objection.
I False Fire Alarm Proves Costlv]
To Up County Fire Department
As the result of a false alarm]
sent in to the Center Hill- ]
.Cross Roads. Fire Department
j early Sunday night an accident
occurred which badly damaged
the department’s waler carrier,
and the driver miraculously es- ]
leaped serious injury.
| Following the alarm Melvin!
’ Evans mounted the truck which j
* carries 1,100 gallons of water 1
* and when near Valhalla it turn- j
! ed over on soft ground which, no i
Revival In Progress |
At Baptist Church;
Spring revival services began |
I at the Edenton Baptist. Church
Sunday and will continue]
I throughout this week to termin-1
; ate at the Sunday evening ser
: vice Sunday, March 25.
The visiting evangelist is the
; Rev. M. O. Owens, pastor of the
East Baptist Church in Gas-,
] tonia. Services will be held *
jeach night at 7:30 o’clock ex-j
cept Saturday.
The nursery is open for the.
i convenience of those who have i
] children five years old and un-1
1 der. !
I phy. ribbon and SIO.OO.
Reserve Champion Pen of;
Three—Ribbon and $7.50.
Champion Pen of Eight—Tro
phy, ribbon and SIO.OO.
Reserve Champion Pen of
Eight—Ribbon and $7.50.
In addition, the grand chain-j
pion and reserve grand cham
-1 pion individuals Will be selected
< irpm the champion of the Jun-'
: ior Division and champion of the ■
Adult Division. Both of these
animals will be awarded tro
phies and ribbons. <
Prizes in the Adult Division
include ribbons for the cham
pionship and reserve dhampion
individuals and champion and
reserve champion pens of three.
All hogs must weigh between.
180 and 220 pounds. Adults will)
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Mrs. Wood Privott
Installed As District
Director For DAR
Outstanding Meeting
: Held In Charlotte on j
! Wednesday of Last
Week i 1
Mrs. Wood Privott was in-1
stalled as district director of
District Eight at the 62nd annual
state conference of North Caro
lina Daughters of the American
Revolution last week in Char
The Edenton Tea Party Chap
ter was represented at the con-.
ference by Mrs. Privott, Mrs.
George Hoskins, local regent, and I
| Mrs. Frank McCrery, the dis
! trict secretary and treasurer.
| Mrs. Privott reports that the
! winner of the State Good Citi
] Zenship award was Miss Sarah
: Frances Moss, daughter of Mr. J
jand Mrs. B. G. Moss of Wash
j ingten, N. C. Miss Moss, a
I senior at the Washington High
School, represented the Major
Reading DAR chapter of District
! Miss Gertrude Carraway, hon-
I orary president general of the
DAR. spoke o" the “Value of
! Continued on Page s—Section 1
Jaycees Nominate
Officers Tonight j
| Edenton’s Junior Chamber of.
| Commerce will meet tonight!
j (Thursday) at 7 o’clock at the 1
* Edenton Restaurant.
At this meeting new officers I
j will be nominated and commit
| tees will be appointed for the
! annual Livestock Show and Sale
* which will be held at the
I American Legion building Wed
-1 nesday, March 28. The event
1 is sponsored by the Jaycees.
Bill Easterling emphasizes the
; importance of this meeting, so]
that every Jaycce is urged to at- ]
tend. {
doubt, saved the life or serious]
injury of Mr. Evans.
The accident occurred when;
the water carrier was obliged *
to follow another truck and Mr.
Evans was forced to make a
sudden turn to avoid hitting a
car which tried to pass the
Firemen complain about false
alarms being sent in, the Sunday
alarm being the fifth within re-
Conlinued on Page 4, Section 1 ]
! Revival At Rocky;
i Hock Ends Sunday
! Rev. E. Cleve Wilkie
Os Oxford Will Be
Final Speaker
A week of revival and mission |
I emphasis began at the Rocky ]
j Hock Baptist Church Sunday
| and will continue through Sun- ]
!day, March 25.
1 j At tne service ioingnt (Thurs-1
I day) at 7:30 o'clock the speak-'
j ers will be the Rev. and Mrs.
1 Ralph Harrell. Mr. Harrell is
! a native of Chowan County and j
] he and Mrs. Harrell were mis
] sionaries in East Africa, now on
I furlough after service in Tan
i! ganyika.
• | Friday and Saturday nights
the speakers again will be the
•Rev. Ralph Harrell and Mrs.
; Harrell. |
> Sunday morning, March 25,
j the speaker will be Dr. Rogers
M. Smith of th e foreign mission]
| board of the Southern Baptist
■ Convention. He recently re-|
; turned from a two-month tour
■j of Southern Baptist mission ]
fields in Africa after a previous
. visit to Europe, the Near East,!
■' the Orient and Latin America, j
:! For the final service of the
; meeting Sunday night, the Rev.
E. Cleve Wilkie of Kinston will
be the speaker. He is district
i promotional director of the De
■ partment of Stewardship Promo
i tion of the Baptist State Con-
I vention in North Carolina.
The Rev. Thurman W. Allred,
i. pastor of the church, is acting j
I I as song leader for the meet-1
ings.* ■
$2.50 Per Year In North Carolina
Edenton Named One Os
Five Cities To Participate
In Improvement Contest
SIOO Reward
Due to recent persistent false
fire alarms being sent in. ihe
Chowan County Board of Coun
ty Commissioners and Edenton
Town Council are offering a
SIOO reward for information
leading to the arrest and con
viction of ihe person or persons
responsible for these false
In recent weeks five false
alarms were sent in to the Cen
ter Hil!-Cross Roads Fire De
partment. one of which Sunday
night resulted in a serious ac
cident. Anyone having infor
mation is reques*ed to contact
W. E. Bond, Chairman of the
Commissioners, or Mayor John
Officers Installed
For Eastern Star
Mrs. Annie Goodwin
New' Worthy Matron
Os Local Chapter
In a very impressive cere
mony in the Masonic Temple on
Monday night new officers for]
Edenton Chapter No. 302, Ol
der of the Eastern Star, were;
installed. The installing officers j
were Mrs. Maude Reaves: mar-]
shal, Mrs. Daphne Yon of Coin- j
jock chapter: chaplain, Obie]
Reynolds of Indian Ridge chap
ter; organist, Mrs. Lucille John- 1
son of Hertford chapter: warder, 1
Mrs. Edna Reaves, Edenton
chapter, and sentinel, D. M.
I Reaves, Edentyjj chapter.
] The officers installed included
! the following: Worthy matron,
Mrs. Annie Goodwin; worthy pa
trol, W. P. Goodwin: associate
matron. Mrs. Clara Boswell; as
sociate patron, Elton Boswell:
secretary, Mrs. Ruth Overman;
treasurer, Mrs. Mary Leary; con
ductress. Mrs. Grace Byrum: as
sociate’ conductress. Mrs. Kath
leen Skiles; chaplain. L. E.
Francis; marshal, Mrs. Clyde
Hollowell; organist, Mrs. Caro
lyn Swindell; Ada, Miss Frances
Marshburn: Ruth. Mrs. Helen
.Wood; Esther, Mrs. Ola Willi
ford; Martha. Mrs, Emma Per
kins; Electa, Mrs. Ethel Haskett;
warder, Mrs. Blanche Moore;
i sentinel, Mrs. .Eula Mills.
A large number of members
;of nearby chapters attended the
j ceremony, after which refresh-
I ments were served in the dining
1 room.
Cancer Chairman Appeals For
Funds To Fight Dread Disease
Mrs. Warren Twiddy, 1962
Crusade Chairman for the Cho
wan County American Society,
announces the American Cancer
Society will open its annual
Crusade here on April 1 on a
hopeful nntc.
“By the end of the year, about
1,100,000 Americans will be
able to say they have been cured
of cancer.” says Mrs. Twiddy.
“and this is nearly seven times
as many people as were cured
of the disease in 1937.
“That's the bright side of the
Three More Exhibitors Join List
To Participate In Trade Fair In
Edenton Scheduled April 5 - 6
Throe more exhibitors have j
' joined the growing list of many j
] other prominent Edenton busi-)
nesses who will have displays;
lin the Edenton armory during j
the Edenton Trade Fair, April i
6th and 6th. They are The
Betty Shoppe and The Jill
Shoppe who will cooperate in
preparation of a single booth
for the benefit of fair goers in
side the armory and the Colonial
Motor Company, Clarence Brit
ton and Claude Griffin, proprie
tors, new car dealers for Buick,
1 Oldsmobile, Pontiac and GMC
I trucks. One of the Colonial Mo-
I tor Company’s cars to be sea-
■ State Winner Will Be
’ Announced at Meet
ing to Be Held May
18 at Winston-Salem
Members of the Edenton Wo
man’s Club were elated early
, this week when they learned
that Edenton was named one of
live North Carolina cities to
; compete in the state communi
i ty improvement program.
The Edenton club entered the
' contest, basing its entry on the
club’s work in cooperation with
the town and county to preserve
• and restore historic sites. The
major projects of the club were
• erection of a Confederate plaza
: at the foot of Broad Street and
i beautification of the Court
House Square. The plaza has
been completed and work on
the Court House Square is ex
pected to be started in the near
Edenton will compete with
1 Clayton, Mooresville, Spencer
and Statesville to represent
North Carolina in the national
judging. The state winner will
• be announced at the closing ses
sion of the N. C. Federation of
| Women’s Clubs Convention to be
| held in Winston-Salem on May
j 18. The state winner will autri-
I matically become eligible for the
SIO.OOU national prize.
The contest is sponsored joint
ly by the General Federation of
Women’s Clubs and the Scars-
Roebuck Foundation to improve
economic, social and cultural
] conditions of the communities.
; The local entry consisted of
la scrapbook with a detail ac
. I count of the club’s program from
'June. 1960. to June, 1962. and
,! included pictures and newspaper
and magazine clippings to illu-
I strate the accomplishments. Mrs.
I ] ft. J. Boyce was chairman of
the entry assisted by Mrs. J P.
. Ricks. Jr.. Mrs. W. H. HoliowcH,
. Jr., and Mrs. W. J. P Earn-'
. I hardt.
A public hearing will be held
in the Municipal Building Tues
day night. April 10. at 8 o'clock
;!o consider extension of the
Edenton fire district and adop
tion of a fire prevention code.
Edenton Chamber of Com
merce will sponsor a Trade Fair
in the Edenton armory April 5
and 6.
The Historic Edenton and
Chowan County Commission will
hold its first meeting in Eden
ton Saturday, March 24, with a
full day’s program.
Continued on Page 3, Section 1
1 cancer problem,” she said. “On
the other hand, there are many
thousands who die of cancer
• needlessly. About 87,000 men.
I women and children will prob
ably die in 1962 who might have
been saved by earlier and bet
ter treatment. A greater effort
■ must be made to urge people to
1 j see their doctors in time.”
To emphasize this point. Mrs.
' Twiddy announces that the fa
-1 miliar slogan of the American
Cancer Society. ‘Fight Cancer
. Continued on Page 5. Section l
jtured at the Tdenton Trade Fair
j will be a Buick with a V-(S en
i ginc and with the style that cap
j tured at the Edenton Trade Fair
! Car-of-the-Year Award.
, According to H. A. Campon,
chairman of the entertainment
committee for the Edenton Trade
Fair, the Fashion Show will be
conducted and supervised by
Mrs. Richard Copeland of The
Jill Shoppe, and Mrs. Henry
Cuthrell of Cuthrell's Depart
ment Store. The Beauty Pa
geant will be under the direc
tion of Anne Jenkins of Anne’s
Beauty Shop.
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