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    Volume XXXV—No. 40.
Bunch Assumes Position f i
g to
Chamber Members Billet
The annual membership drive for
Edenton Chamber of Commerce is in
full swing this week following Thurs
day’s banquet at Chowan Golf & Coun
try Club.
New officers assumed their posts and
left, speaker at Edenton Chamber of Com
merce banquet Thursday night is shown
with Mr. and Mrs. William R Bunch.
Bunch assumed the presidency of the or
ganisation at the annual event held at Cho
wan Golf & Country Club. Killian is an
official of Belk Stores.
Site public IJantde
Minimums and Maximums
Those who can remember what Eden
ton was like three decades ago are amaz
ed at the progress made along The Pub
lic Parade on many fronts.
But have they stopped to realize that
there has been no major expansion of
the town’s ability to secure good water
since 1932? This is what more than
half of the proposed water and sewer
improvements and expansion is all about.
The distance between minimum and
maximum has been shortening each year.
Unless something is done, and done soon,
you’ll wake up some morning with no
water for your coffee.
The intersection “improvement” pro
ject at the triangle on North Broad
Street has gone sour. It was bad enough
before the highway department splashed
out the warpaint and unpacked the traf
fic signals.
This week it has been turned into a
SIOO,OOO mess. Motorists are so con
fused after one tussle with the intersec
tion they go many blocks out of the way
to avoid a second encounter.
Lines indicate Broad Street, from
Church to the triangle, will become a
four-lane thoroughfare. This will mean
no parking on the street and make get
ting into the post office even more of a
challenge. Also, it will result in run
ning the Methodist and Catholic church
es to the suburbs.
After a dozen surveys over a 24-month
period, the highway department present
ed a plan which looked good. Town
Council bought it with State bond mon
ey. We thought it was going to be an
Additional survey teams came in,
property owners didn’t like where the
stakes were driven and further revisions
resulted. The end result leaves much
to be desired.
A reliable source quotes the highway
department as reporting a traffic count
on Broad Street of 8,000 vehicles per
day. Sure, that’s a lot of traffic and
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Arts Consultant Coming For Visit
Jesse C. Reese, Jr., of Winston-Salem
will visit this area this week and pre
sent an evaluation of this community’s
potential in the arts field.
Reese, executive director, The Arts
Council, Inc., will be here as a consult
ant through the N. C. Arts Co<£Bcil and
sponsored by Chowan Arts Council. His
address will be during a dutch luncheon
at 12 noon Friday at Edenton Restau
“What a Long Range Planned Arts
Program Can Mean to the Edenton-
Chowan Community”, will be his topic.
Mrs. Thomas Chears, local council
president, said she hopes that interested
individuals as well as representatives
the J9O people in attende an
inspirational keynote address from Ray
Killian of Charlotte, Belk stores’ per
sonnel and public relations executive.
William H. Bunch, cashier of Peoples
Bank & Trust Company, assumed the
presidency. He succeeds W. J. P. Earn
hardt, Sr.
Bunch called for continued support
and cooperation from the community
and pledged the chamber’s cooperation
with town and county governments in
moving the community forward.
The new president said housing is
still one of the most critical needs in
the area. He said this must be given a
great deal of attention if the community
is to continue to attract new industry
and enjoy expansion by existing plants.
The membership kickoff breakfast
was held Friday morning at Edenton
Restaurant with Carlton Jackson as
chairman. Jackson urged the volunteers
to make their solicitation immediately
so the drive could be ended within a
short period of time.
Again this year the membership goal
is $15,000.
It didn’t take Killian long to set the
tone for the meeting. He said Edenton
is “your share of America” and added
that the community will be what you
make it.
He discussed the rapid changes which
are taking place in the country, and even
in Edenton. He said steps must be tak
en now to prepare for these changes or
be left behind in the end.
“What this community is in five, 10
or 20 years from now will be a direct
result of how badly you want the good
things and how hard you work for
them,” he said. Then he added: “No
one is going to work for this except the
people right here in this room. No one
else is going to build Edenton.”
Earnhardt presided and thanked those
in attendance for their support during
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Loans Available
The drought and high temperatures
have damaged crops in three Eastern
North Carolina counties to the extent
that farmers can secure emergency
loans. Chowan is one of the counties.
Rep. Walter B. Jones of the First Dis
trict, announced from his Washington
office that Chowan, Perquimans and
Pitt counties have been designated as
emergency loan areas for farmers.
The loans may be secured through
June 30, 1969. Many farmers need
emergency credit to continue normal
farming operations, the congressman
said. Emergency loans can be made
to finance crop production and other
expenses in continuing operations. Farm
ers can apply for loans at the county
FHA office at an interest rate of 3 per
To be eligible, farmers must be un
able to obtain credit needs from other
local sources. He must have suitable
experience and reasonable prospects for
success in farming operation he plans to
carry on with the loan. Too, he must
agree to repay the loan as soon as possi
ble consistent with repayment ability.
Registration Books Open Saturday
Preparation for the November 5 elec
tion is being made by Chowan County
Board of Elections and voter registra
tion books will open Saturday in the
six Chowan precincts.
Mrs. George C. Hoskins, chairman,
said registrars will be at the various
polling places from 9 A. M., to 6:30
P. M., Saturday and on the next two
Saturdays. Challenge day will be No
vember 2 but no one can register on this
from organizations within the communi
ty will take advantage of this oppor
tunity to hear Reese.
He will also be available for consul
tation Friday and Saturday.
Reese is considered one of this state’s
best authorities in his field. He has
been executive director of the Winston-
Salem council since 1966 and worked in
advertising in New York City prior to
becoming chief administrator for the
$500,000 art collection of Chase Man
hattan Bank.
He has helped form arts councils and
community centers in Virginia, West Vir
ginia, Georgia and throughout North
Eder ® fphowan County, North Carolina 27932 Thursday, October 3, 1968.
; w aLHL iEt tt S TtT - j
HOLMES HOMECOMING ROYALTY—Mitt Ginn* Jones, center right, was crowned
Homecoming Queen at John A. Holmes High School during halftime of the Edenton-
Scotland Neck football game. Hemecoming Princess Beth Katkaveck was also crowned.
Escorts were Tommy Bass, left, and Bud Holmes, right. Attendants were Patricia Flan
agan and Paul Gregory Amburn. Miss Jones is the daughter of Mr. and Mis. Bruce
F. Jones and Miss Katkaveck's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Leo Katkaveck.
Aces In Important Game Friday
Friday night’s game with Pasquotank
Central is a MUST for the Edenton Aces
if they are to remain in contention to
repeat as 2-A Albemarle Conference grid
The Aces defeated Scotland Neck,
18-13, last week while the much improv
ed Central team was being upset by
Williamston, 13-6. The only conference
game the Aces have lost was to William
Alfred Coston, a transfer from D. F.
Walker, gave Edenton fans something to
cheer about with his outstanding display
of running. The two TD’s the Negro
sprinter scored as well as his other play
earned him the Quarterback Club’s Back
of the Week honor.
Allen Baker won the honor of Line
man of the Week.
Youths Arrested
Two Chesapeake, Va., teenagers, one
a juvenile, got into the worst sort of
ditch early Thursday morning and are
now in deep trouble.
At about 1:15 A. M., Thursday, Dep
uty Sheriff Troy Toppin was awakened
by the pair as they attempted to get a
1968 Dodge station wagon out of a
ditch in front of his house.
The officer watched the youths from
his window and became suspicious when
they hid behind a bush every time a car
passed. One of them then attempted
to get the officer’s car.
Deputy Ton Din then went to talk with
the subjects. They had no identifica
tion and told the officer they were
camping at Arrowhead Beach with their
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The chairman said all voters who reg
istered during the new registration in
the spring will not have to register again. *
However, those voters who have moved
from one precinct to another and peo
ple who have moved to the community
since the registration and those who did
not register can do so at this time.
The precincts, polling places and of
ficials are:
West Edenton: Municipal Building;
Mrs. S. F. Hicks, registrar; Mrs. J. A.
Curran and Mrs. David O. Wright,
East Edenton: Court House; Mrs. J.
E. Cozzens, registrar; Mrs. W. E. Mills
and Mrs. Robert B. Waller, judges.
Center Hill: Rosser Bunch Store;
Ralph Goodwin, registrar; Norman Hol
lowed and Rufus Smithson, judges.
Wardville: H&H Grocery; H. R.
Peele, registrar; Mrs. R. L, Hendren
and Jennings Bunch, judges.
Rocky Hock: Community Auditorium;
J. E. Peele, registrar; Earl Bunch and
Clarence Barnes, judges.
Yeopim: Edenton Airport Tower
Building; Mrs. Jasper Hassell, registrar;
Mrs. Warren Twiddy and Grace Bunch
Webb, judges.
Coston’s running was about the bright
est spot in the game before a homecom
ing crowd at Hicks Field. Coston put
the Aces ahead late in the first stanza
with a spectacular run. On third and
three, he turned to the right side, got a
couple of blocks and shook off would
be tacklers in his 38-yard jaunt to pay
dirt. A pass for the conversion failed.
His next score came in the fourth
quarter and he went 21 yards, again
through the thick of things, to cross the
John Sutton scored the other Edenton
TD. He dashed 28 yards on a handoff
from Quarterback A1 Partin for the
score on a sensational run.
The best play for the visitors came
at the hands of an Edenton mistake.
Partin fumbled on a roll out and Joey
Josey, a tackle, picked up the loose ball
on the 14 and went 84 yards for the
Tom Cross, who shared fullback hon
ors with Coston, had a fine night on of
fense as well as defense. Jay Swice
good and Baker were also bright spots
on defense.
Radio Gets Unsolicited Assistance
Local business and professional men
will become radio personalities Tues
day to focus attention on the 1968 Cho
wan Cancer Crusade.
Alton G. Elmore, crusade chairman,
has arranged for 24 men to assist the
staff at WCDJ from sign on until sign
The arrangements were made with
Pat Flanagan who agreed to accept the
unsolicited additional personnel in an
effort to aid in the funds campaign. Jim
Ricks starts the day off at 6 A. M., and
Dr. Richard Hardin will say the good
byes at 6:30 P. M.
Working in. between will be: William
Reeves, Dr. Richard Hines, Jr., Dr. J.
H. Horton, Tom Surratt, John Becker,
Bill Gardner. Rov Harrell. Tack Habit.
|C 'JF . '/aw
■Op«T CRUSADE—Pat Flanigan o f WCDJ. Handing, goat ovar tha acrfet
far Tuaodayi apodal promotion for tha Chowan County Cancar Crusada with Alton Ck
ST?*' ST**™* P«<»Pfa will Join regular radio announcan throughout
tha day In calling attention to tha naad to to tea I2JOO locally for cancar.
Single Copy 10 Cents-
Prison Term
Given Negro
For Assault
James E. Brickhouse, local Negro
charged with assault with a deadly weap
on on a young white motorist, was sen
tenced to 12 months in prison Tuesday
in Chowan County District Court.
Judge Fentress Horner of Elizabeth
City presided.
Brickhouse gave notice of appeal and
his bond was fixed at S3OO.
Judge Horner again levied fines
against defendants who failed to show up
as result of a citation or were late to
Willis Harry Morris, charged with
speeding, was given a fine of sls and
costs and $lO additional fine for failure
to appear on time.
Another defendant, charged with pub
lic drunkenness, was ordered to pay a
fine of $25 for failing to appear in
In other cases called by Solicitor Wil
ton Walker, the following action was
Eveline Overton Smith, drunk driving,
60 days, suspended upon payment of
SIOO fine and costs. Notice of appeal
Raleigh Lee Smith, interfering with
an officer, SSO fine and costs. Notice
of appeal entered.
Addie Moore Webb, speeding, SBO
fine and costs.
Walter W. Modlin, indecent exposure,
nol pros.
Leon Depree Outlaw, forgery, nol pros
with leave.
Steve Modlin, indecent exposure, $25
fine and costs.
Lloyd Thomas Forehand, breaking
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Takes New Post
son of Edenton has been named manag
ing director of the Williamston Chamber
of Commerce. He assumed his duties
Robinson, formerly executive vice
president, Edenton Chamber of Com
merce, resigned that position several
years ago to devote his time to writing.
In his position here he succeeds Irv
ing Dodge who resigned last May to ac
cept a similar position in Marion, S. C.
The Robinsons plan to move to Wil
liamston in the near future.
Chuck Benson, James Bond, and Bill
Also, George Alma Byrum, Ed Pur
year, Charlie Overman, West Byrum,
Dr. Edward G. Bond, AI Phillips. Jesse
Harrell, Wesley Chesson, Walter None
man, Earl Jones and Mrs. R. Elton Fore
hand, Cancer Society president.
Elmore said the people will “actually
work with the announcer in any way
possible, such as reading the weather,
news, etc.” Too, as time permits they
will put in a plug for the Cancer Cru
During the month of October volun
teers are attempting to raise $2,500 for
the crusade. Elmore has already begun
the special gifts solicitation and other
events are planned.

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