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•V v A rAiikintf offtrifll
saidl973 would be remembered as
the year when there was no
of shortages. It appears
that this will also bethe case in the
Republicans start lining up for
vjuddus offices.
The biggest news last week
cfcpatjhnn Washington, D. C.,
U. S. Sen. Sam J. Ervin, Jr.,
awipunced that he would not seek
another term. Henry Hall Wilson
j: ojf Monroe is already a candidate
:i and Atty. Gen. Bob Morgan is
pretty certain that be will be a
j: contender 'in the Democratic
: Primary.
: i The greatest impact along the
Public Parade and throughout
: Northeastern North Carolina will
be the candidacy of State Sen. Phil
Godwin of Gates for the attorney
y general’s post.
Sen. Godwin, a former speaker
,«f the House of Representatives
':■ and this area’s brightest political
star, told this writejr emphatically
; that “if Bob Morgan announces
I’m definitely going to run for
Attorney general.”
[ Atty. Gen Morgan has been
Quoted as saying he would not
resign to make the Senate race.
are many political
observes who firmly believe that
gen. Goodwin’s uncertainty about
running for lieutenant governor
then attorney general two years
ago kept him from being in
Raleigh now.‘Phil Godwin would
do a good job in either position, not
only bringing honor to this section
of the state but by serving with
foresight and dignity.
The, interesting sidelight would
be that Gates County, one of Tar
Hedia’s smallest, would have two
** members on the Council of State.
Secretary of State Thad Eure
would welcome the opportunity to
have Phil Godwin quartered near
him. ,
Setting Good Example s
Two area industries are among
tfesee who are feeling the pinch of
* ~<the ' petroleum shortage.
Grampian Marina, and *
Fiberform both are experiencing
difficulty in obtaining a sufficient
quantity of resin to meet
production requirements.
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'** , ■'" A --
Given Mrs. Leary
IL Mrs. Lena M. Leary, Chowan
■ County Cferk of Superior Court,
I has been presented the
PfSrjtorioug Award Certificate
f frooLtbe Department of State in
* ' rs AH
< • *, ‘Tfe- -'' 4 SX" \
**••■*♦■ I-Lit * * ‘a Iff
• • jakr.iy ■•..'jg i f •
: jP? l iurt&ks' r* ■
. J j
Woman Designs, Makes Gifts
Mrs. Annie Laurie Lawson was
ready for Christmas, partly
because she spent Thanksgiving in
the hospital.
Mrs. Lawson, a woman of
unlimited creativity, but limited
means, was admitted to the N. C.
Memorial Hospital in Chapel Hill
in mid-October. Shortly
thereafter, she discovered the
wealth of do-it-yourself material
in the Hospital’s Occupational
Therapy Clinic.
From then until her discharge
on November 29, Mrs. Lawson
used her imagination and every
Slade Recognized
Thomas Slade, a split end for the
Edenton Aces, has been named to
the second string 3-A All-East grid
team by the News & Observer in
Slade is a senior who was a co
captain of the 1973 team which
posted a 9-1 record for Coach
Jimmy Addison. He is 5: 9 and
weighs 138 pounds.
volunteer participation in the
Passport Application Acceptance
Miss Frances G, Knight, ;
director, Passport Office, noted in
a letter to Mrs. Leary that the
certificate is “wdated for a good
reason—because the service you
render is - unending; it
encompasses the past, the present
and the future.”
Miss Knight expressed
appreciation for “the dedication
and service you have contributed
the performance of your
passpoft wore.
Donald Geers of the Passport
Office said the clerks accept the
riMiitfmirffratitv and do this work for
tKg d00q46 of fitfir community
; throutfv voluntary action-ttm not
d mandatory runcuon oi
office- ••„ ... u \
g^''Tt«t T^aßm!M^': ''Mrs Lmty’ii
s«rvtee “certainly examplified
spare moment to make more than
50 Christmas decorations for her
home and gifts for her eight
children and 21 grandchildren.
These gifts include 12 stuffed
caterpillars and worms, two
needlepoint pillows, a Santa Claus,
samplers, a belt, a candelabrum,
and an Indian doll complete with
Among the last gifts that Mrs.
Lawson made was a crocheted
hat. She began making the hat on a
lodm, but soon grew discouraged
with its slowness. There was no
crochet hook available, so Mrs.
Lawson crocheted the hat on her
One of Mrs. Lawson’s most
delightful gifts is a fruit bowl
bordered inside with smiling
faces. She described the laughing
.. man .on ihe bottom of the bowL.
‘The man is laughing because he
doesn’t have any more fruit.”
The homemade gifts also
include a teddy bear with pipe
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SIGNS OF THE TIMES-Motorists in Edenton
and Chowan County are growing accustomed to
scenes like those pictured above. Gasoline
supplies are growing shorter-much more rapidly
than the demand. While name brand stations
were forced to close because of not having
Incoftne Limits ForFHA Loans Liberalized
Families who previously were
not eligible for rural housing loans
through the Farmers Home
Administration may now be
eligible according to Melvin E.
New State License Sales Scheduled
The 1974 green-and-white 1974
North Carolina license plates go
on sale in Edenton on Tuesday.
The (dates are available ,at an
office in the Trailways Bus Station
on North Broad Street.
Surrounding area residents may
obtain plates at the office from 9
AJt. to 5 P.M., Monday through
Friday. Mrs. Larry Dowd is
-wggrt C.
Volume XXXIX.—No. Edenton, North Carolina, Thursday, December 27, 1973. Single Copies 10 Cents.
Chowan Tax Listing Planned
List takers from Chowan County
will set at locations in four
townships during the period from
January 2 through February 2 and
property owners and taxpayers
are required to return their
property for 1974 taxation.
Dallas Jethro, county coordina
tor, said that for the first time
this year a person can have 10 per
cent of the value of his house used
as the amount of personal
property within the dwelling.
Earlier he had announced that the
figure would be 20 per cent but
discovered that was too high.
Jethro said those residing in
rental property must list personal
property in the usual manner.
People are required to list all
real estate, personal property,
etc., owned on January 1, 1974.
All property must be listed this
year and it must be done in the
township in which it is located.
After February 2 a 10 per cent
penalty will be added for failure to
Jethro released the following
listers, location and hours in the
various townships:
Spill Discoved
A leak at George C. Moore
Company has allowed several
thousands of gallons of fuel oil to
get into the Town of Edenton
sewer lines. The freak mishap was
discovered around 4 P.M.
Christmas Day and workmen
stayed on the job throughout the
It was reported that 3,500
gallons of No. 5 fuel oil was lost.
However, the town has pumped
more than 8,000 gallons of
substance from the lines.
James Martin, director of
utilities, said the primary interest
was to contain the oil in the system
until it could be pumped out. He
said workmen have been quite
successful in doing this and
predicted that very little had
escaped into Albemarle Sound.
The town employees are being
assisted by workers from the
industrial plant in cleaning up the
oil spill.
Howell, pounty FHA supervisor.
Howell stated that the increase
in annual adjusted incomes of up
to $9,600 would make FHA home
loans available to more rural
should contact the Department of
Motor Vehicles in Raleigh since it
takes about two weeks to obtain a
Mrs. Dowd points out that “to
renew a plate you must have a
renewal card” and she cautions
against the misplacing of it when
it is received. She also asks
individuals to open the envelope,
read the instructions, and
complete the application
(according to instructions) before
presenting tt for a pew tag. This
v \ ■ long lines from forming»
Listers: Pattie S. Byrum,
Myrtle W. Hare, Gray L. Goodwin,
and Sadie H. Hoskins.
Monday through Friday, 9 to 5
Saturday, 9 to 12 o’clock.
Every day first floor Hotel
Joseph Hewes Building.
Lister: Wayne Bunch.
Monday and Thursday nights
from 6 to 9 o’clock at W. E. Smith’s
January 2—9 A.M. to 5 P.M., W.
L. Miller’s Store.
January B—9 A.M. to 5 P.M., W.
E. Smith’s Store.
January 15—9 A.M. to 5 P.M., M
& R Service Center.
January 22—9 A.M. to 5 P.M.,
Archie Nixon’s Store.
January 29—9 A.M. to 5 P.M., M
CONTEST WINNERS--Three Holmes High School students
received awards in the 27th annual Voice of Democracy contest
sponsored locally by W. H. Cofield Post 9280, VFW. They received
cash awards and medals for thgijr participation Slvvia Kehayes,
left, was first place winner and Michell Roberson, right, was
third place recipient. Ben Bunch, who took second place is not
pictured. The winners are shown with, left to right, Ronnie
Sawyer, commander; Kenneth L. Stalls, Holmes High principal:
H. E. Bass, contest chairman and first district commander, and
Mrs. Sandra Boyce, drama-SDeech instructor
gasoline to sell, self service pumps outside of
town were doing a booming business. One station
has been closed since Monday and others are
operating on a limited schedule when gasoline is
available. Quantities being sold to each customer
is being limited by most stations.
Allowances are given in
adjusting incomes for dependent
children and five per cent
deduction for payroll
withholdings. Gross incomes can
be more than $9,600 with these
adjustments and the family still
eligible for the loan.
Loans for essential and modest
housing are made by the agency in
rural areas and towns of up to
10,000 population. Funds can be
used to build a new home, buy and
repair an existing home.
Repayment terms are scheduled
in accordance with a family’s
ability to repay and may be
scheduled up to thirty three year
According to Howell, 82 families
have received loans from ids
office dvofog the yew to bqild or
buy .y&|{l9ik
& R Service Center.
February 2—9 A.M. to 12
o’clock, W. E. Smith’s Store.
Lister: T. D. Berryman.
Every Saturday at L. C. Briggs’
January 5,12,19, 26 9 A.M. to
5 P.M.
February 2, 9 A.M. to 12 o’clock.
Ryland—Rella Jordan's Store,
Janury 10, 24.
Byrum’s Service Center,
January 17, 31.
Lister: Ward Hoskins.
Place of Listing—H. W.
Brabble’s Store, 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.,
January 3,4, 8, 11. 15, 18, 22, 25, 29
and 31.
February 2 9 A.M. to 12
Myer# Will Face
Robbery Charges '
A suspect wanted for the
September 18 armed robbery of
Bank of North Carolina’s
Northside Shopping Branch here
was arrested in Gates County
Thursday morning shortly after he
allegedly robbed BNC's Hertford
The FBI said Johnnie Alton
Myers is being held in Tri-County
Jail in Elizabeth City in lieu of
$50,000 bond. Myers was arrested
some 30 minutes after the bank
robbery was reported in mid
The suspect led scores of law
enforcement officers from various
agencies in four counties on a high
speed chase which often exceeded
100 miles per hour James C. Wago
ner of Ahoskie, a supervisor for
the State Alcohol Beverage Control,
spotted the red Chevrolet Myers
was driving near Acorn Hill. He
cut-off the car as the motorist was -
attempting to turn around in Am
driveway. , • \’i -M
Although armed, theaspecNfid ||
not resist arrest.
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