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Walter B. Jones, Jr.
Jones Plus Jones
Walter B. Jones, Jr., took his seat
in the N.C. General Assembly this
week, nearly 18 years after his
father became a member of the
U.S. Congress. Even before Mr.
Jones, Jr., was selected to serve in
the General Assembly there was
talk of his following his father to
Washington, D.C.
The untimely death of Rep. Sam
Bundy and the timely appointment
of Walter, Jr., won’t hurt his
chances of eventually becoming a
U.S congressman. In fact, we have
learned on good authority where
one learned journalist accused the
father of helping his son get the
nomination. This bespeaks well of
both Jones, Sr., and Jones, Jr. for
if the son wasn’t worth helping the
father hadn’t done a very good job
of raising the boy.
Anyway, this didn’t start out to be
a ringing endorsement for Walter
B. Jones, Jr., as the next represen
tative from the First Congressional
District. But it really isn’t a bad
Walter B. Jones, Jr., is a political
animal, as much so as his
namesake. He is well traveled and
well known in the 22-county district.
He has been a strong Jim Hunt-
Jimmy Carter type Democrat. He
worked long andhard for-both. Ha
is closely identified with one of the
stronger candidates for Governor
of North Carolina in 1984.
But let’s don’t miss the fact that
he also has an outstanding Mother.
Mrs. Walter B. Jones, Sr., is the
former Dottie Long of Edenton. If
there is anything she is more of a
fool about than her puppies it would
be her husband, son, daughter,
grandchildren and Edenton, pro
bably in that order.
Right now the N.C. House of
Representatives is a better place
because the late Sam Bundy serv
ed. It is a better place because
Walter B. Jones, Jr., was chosen to
serve the deceased member’s unex
pired term.
“This appointment is a dream
come true,” he wrote in a note to
this columnist, “and I will work
very hard to be a good represen
tative. ’ ’ Seems like we heard words
of those sorts some 18 years ago.
They have proven to be true.
If history repeats itself, sobeit!
There have been a number of
happenings along the Public
Parade of late which justify special
recognition. In other words, special
congratulations are in order, and
they are mentioned here in no par
ticular order.
But first off there are two reasons
why Alton G. Elmore should be con
gratulated. He aspired to the chair
manship of Chowan County Board
of Commissioners only a short time
after he was named to the State En
vironmental Management
The EMC is the strong arm
behind protection of our natural
resources, specially in the field of
waste management, and with the
amount of water in these parts it is
important to have someone who
can be objective on the commis
sion. Lt. Gov. Jimmy Green pick
ed Alton for the post and it was a
good selection.
By the same token, we didn’t see
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Bloodmobile Feb. 15,12 Noon -6PM at Chowan Hospital. Quota: 150 pts.
Harless Is Sworn In As Councilman
The Edenton Town Council held
its regularly stated monthly
meeting on February 8 at 8 P.M.
The meeting was called to order
by Mayor Roy Harrell and the
minutes from the four meetings
held last month were approved.
The first action taken by Council
was the swearing in of Allen B.
Harless as Councilman for the
Third Ward by the Clerk of Court,
Lena Leary.
The swearing in was followed by
committee reports.
The first committee to report was
the Finance Committee. It had
three requests to make of Council.
The first request was that the lease
agreement between Owen Block
and Supply Company and the Town
be cancelled. This action was pass
ed unanimously.
The second action requested by
Volume XLVII - No. 6
is scheduling a dedication ceremony to take place on Sunday,
February 13. The dedication is for the hospital’s newest wing.
Open House
The Board of Directors and Staff of Chowan Hospital invite you to
attend an OPEN HOUSE to observe the completion of the first phase
of our hospital construction. This will be on Sunday, February 13 from
2 until 4'P.ftt. *-
The tour will include the newly constructed Intensive care Unit,
Emergency Room, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Respiratory
Therapy and the 10 new patient rooms.
We hope you will join us in celebrating the opening of this new area
which has been constructed to help provide better service to the peo
ple of this area.
Marvin A. Bryan
Hospital Director
Chowan County District Court
Was In Session; Chaffin Presided
The Chowan County District
Court was in session Tuesday, with
the Honorable John T. Chaffin
George Mark Amick was found
guilty of an Inspection Violation,
driving while license revoked, fail
ing to wear safety helmet and no
liability insurance. He was given a
nine month sentence. He appealed.
Franklin Capehart was found
guilty of check written on non
existent account. He was given 30
days, suspended for two years, a
$25 fine and cost of court. He
Willie Lee Mabine was found guil
ty of NOL and DUI. He was given
90 days, suspended for 2 years, $250
fine and cost of court. He is not to
operate a motor vehicle for two
years, and must report to
Albemarle Mental Health. He
To Give Speech
Carolista Fletcher— Golden,
granddaughter of the famous North
Carolina novelist Inglis Fletcher,
will speak in Edenton on February
15 at the Municiple Building. She
will talk on the life and works of her
grandmother and the influence this
remarkable woman played in her
life as well as the lives of others.
The lecture is being sponsored by
the College of the Albemarle and
will begin Tuesday afternoon at
3:45. The public is invited.
the Finance Committee was that
the Town approve a lease agree
ment between N.C. Products Cor
poration and the Town for the same
properties and building that were
previously leased to Owen Block
and Supply. N.C. Products Cor
poration has purchased the assets
of Owen Block and Supply. It pass
ed unanimously.
The final recommendation by the
Finance Committee was that posi
tion of Community Development
Secretary be down graded from a
salary grade 6 to a salary grade 5.
This action was also approved
The Utility Committee made two
requests of Council. The first re
quest was to instruct the Mayor to
write a letter to Carolina Telephone
to ask them why they are dragging
their feet in putting their telephone
Regina) Morring was found guil
ty of trespassing. He was given 30
days, suspended for 2 years, SIOO
fine and cost of court.
Calvin Lynn Garrett was found
not guilty of injury to real property.
Jonathan Gregory White was
found guilty of DUI and injury to
real property. He was given a 9
month sentence. He appealed.
Eric Beal Cooper was found guil
ty of assault of a female. He was
given 9 months suspended for two
years. He mast not appear in public
with a malt beverage on his breath
Dyrel Nowell was found guilty of
two counts of writing a worthless
check. On the first one, he was
given 30 days, suspended for two
years, a $25 fine and cost of court.
He must pay S4O restitution to the
A&P. On the second account, he
was given 30 days, suspended for 2
years and cost of court at expira
tion of the first count. He must pay
S3O restitution to Macks.
Steve Michael Lassiter was guil
ty of non-support. He was given 6
months suspended for 5 years upon
payment of cost of court. He must
also pay $45 a week for support of
his minor child.
George Johnson, Jr. was found
guilty of resisting, delaying, and
obstructing an officer. He was
given 3 months, upon expiration of
that charge, he must serve 6
months for shoplifting.
Herman Roosevelt Holley was
found guilty of shoplifting. He was
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cable underground as promised.
The second action requested by
the Utility Committee was that the
cost of water and sewer tap fees be
increased. It was noted by the com
mittee that the fees have not been
increased since 1970. The increase
would be sls more for water tap
and S3O more for a sewer tap. The
action was approved.
The Tree Committee reported
that Mrs. Susan Creighton had
resigned from the Committee. The
Committee requested that Ms. Har
riet B. Flannery be appointed to the
Committee. Ms. Flannery has a
P.H.D. in horticulture. The Council
approved Ms. Flannery’s
The Council noted under new
business that there was to be a
special Council Meeting on
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Edenton, North Carolina, Thursday. February 1 0. 1983
Dinner Held For County Services Department Heads
The Chowan County Commis
sioners did something out of the or
dinary before their regularly
scheduled meeting on February
7th. They held a dinner with the
department heads of county ser
vices to receive a state of the
department address from each.
The department heads in their
speeches outlined for the
Commissioners—what the depart
ment does, what it hopes to do and
what it needs.
The first department head to
speak was Mike Williams of the Ex
tension Department. He broke his
department dow n into branches to
explain his department. The first of
the four branches addressed was
the agriculture. Mr. Williams ex
plained this branch as that part of
his department which helps the
farmer get more out of its farm
dollars. Among the projects it is
working or are variable produc
tion methods for farmers, a
seminar for young and small
farmers, classes in marketing, and
the use of pesticides.
The second branch addressed
was the community and residential
development branch which yearly
helps to sponsor the Peanut
Festival and Farm City Week.
The third branch was the Home
Economics Branch. The Home
Economics Branch is helping peo
ple in the county by holding classes
in helping consumers to make wise
food choices, housing and home fur
nishings, ageing plus financial
management with regards to the
home. The last branch is the Exten
sion Department. Mike Williams
addressed the 4-H clubs. The 4-H in
Chowan County is at present enjoy
ing record membership and will ex
pand into two new clubs.
The second department to speak
was the Emergency Medical Ser
vice with Gail Johnson acting on
Baptist Youth
Hold Annual
Balloon Sale
The Youth Council from Edenton
Baptist Church will be hitting the
streets of downtown Edenton this
coming Saturday. They will be out
there raising monies for the
American Heart Association
through its annual “ballon sale”.
These young people, though rare
ly faced with the immediate
dangers of cardio-vascular
diseases, are seeking your support
so that they will never have to face
these dreaded killers. The funds
they receive will go to the research
that will one day make heart at
tacks and strokes virtually non
The bright red ballons they sell
are to remind everyone of the im
portance of the heart and the
dangers of cardio-vascular
diseases. They would appreciate
your support.
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NEW COUNCILMAN SWORN IN—Allen Harless was sworn in
as councilman for Edenton’s Third Ward at Council’s regular
meeting on February 8. He is pictured above with Mrs. Lena Leary,
Clerk of Court, taking his oath of office.
behalf of its director. She reported
that the EMS has at present 54
members in three units of which 45
are EMT’s. The EMS presently
makes around one-hundred calls
per month or three calls per day.
There is, at present, a EMT course
taking place out of which the EMS
hopes to obtain ten new members.
They have just received a new am
bulance and hopes to purchase a
new boat soon for water rescues.
Sheriff Troy Toppin spoke next on
behalf of the Sheriff’s Department.
The Sheriff reflected on the
changes in his department since he
first became Sheriff. He was par
ticularly concerned about the
number of law suites being brought
against himself, the County and the
County Commissioners by inmates
in the jail. He stated that this was
a growing practice among inmates
and that the North Carolina
Sheriff’s Association hopes to be
holding courses soon to help
Sheriffs, County Managers, and
County Commissioners deal with
the situation.
Ann Spruill, Register of Deeds,
Local Unit Os American Cancer
Society Hosted Area Workshop
The Chowan County Unit of the
American Cancer Society hosted an
Area Workshop at Boswell’s
Restaurant Tuesday, February 1,
1983. Volunteers representing Ber
tie, Camden, Chowan, Currituck,
Gates, Hertford, Pasquotank, Per
quimans, Martin, and Washington
Counties met to share ideas on the
work for the ACS.
Featured speakers were
Katherine Boone of Ahoskie, Area
Public Education Chairperson;
Snooky Bond, Area Council
Chairperson; Joe Hollowell, Area
Crusade Chairman, Ruth Frinks of
Edenton and Shirleyann Phelps of
Washington County. Steve
Area Council Chairperson, Joe Hollowell, Area Crusade Chairman
and Katherine Boone, Area Public Education Chairperson were
featured speakers at the workshop.(Photo by Clay Roberts)
Single Copies 25 Cents
explained that her department was
responsible legally for registration
of all real and personal property,
power of attorney documents,
births and death records along with
many other needed services.
Hazel Elliott the director of
Social Services stated that her
department had 17 employees who
were responsible for the implemen
tation of social programs and the
care of the wards of the county.
Dallas Jethro the director of Tax
Department expressed high praise
for the computer system in helping
his department speed up the taxing
procedure and permitting his
department to aid in the identifica
tion of tax leans on property being
bought or sold.
Graham Farless, Director of the
Water Department stated that at
present the County has six
employees in the Water Depart
ment: the same number as it
started out with; and it now ser
vices over 2000 county residents.
The Water Department has four
over head tanks and three treat-
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Slaughter of Raleigh, Field Ser
vices Representative for the State
of N.C. gave a wrap-up of our year
to date.
Various group workshops were
conducted by Sarah White,
Business Chairperson for Chowan
County; Jean Sharpe, Crusade
Chairman of Hertford County; Tom
Patterson, Jail-a-Thon Chairman of
Pasquotank County and Pam Stall
ing, Crusade Chairman of Chowan
Patricia Downum, Area
Representative for this 13 county
region expressed thanks to each
volunteer for their dedication to the

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