1 4 ,1 , . - p : : : - : SNew, Series, Vol. ii. MURPHY, N. C. TUESDAY NOVEMBER io, 1S91. SfcT No. 13. -' . - ; : . - i . , ' " ' . ..v BUSINESS CARDS. rVRS. J. W. & W. O. PATTON PHSICIAJTS AND STJBGEONS, Murphy, N. C. Offer their professional-services to the teoTvlje of Murphy and surrounding coun try.' - jiilytfww-ly f. w. coorER. : - K. I"6PER QOOPEIl & COOPER, Attorneys at law and Sealers in Beal Estate- B. It- COOPER, - NOTARY PUBLIC. MriiriiT, S. C. Promptattention given to the examinrv tn of land titles and the collection of VimB. Pr?ctic in the Superior courts Vl2th district, and in the Supreme LV. r s"ederal efleral courts. ATTOENEY AT LAW. Mckphy, - N. Carolixa. Practice in the courts of the 12th Judi cial District and in the Federal Courts at AsheviLSe. The collection of claims and the exam ination of titles to real estate given prompt attention. JgDMUXD B. NOllVELL, ' A TTOBNEY A T LAW Hurpltv. North Carolina. g Investigation of .Laud Titles and Corporation Jaw a specialty. -Oflice in Wayficld A Brittain Block. BEX POSirV. M. W. 11KLL. POSEY & BELL. . ATTORNEYS AT LAW, J 8-t V, s s s 2X. O. Will practice in State and Federal Court. AUbusiness entrusted to us, A-ill be transacted with fidelity and dis patch. J. If. DILLAHD, ATTOENEY AT LAW, aruRPiiv, n. c D R. B. B. MEKOXKY, JIURPHY, North Carolina. attend calls, day or Will promp night. Kcsid ence, Peachtree street. TK. G. G. WIIITCOM1J, PEACTICLNG PHYSICIAN, :o: 3ICKPKY. N. C. :o: DR. W, h. McCOMBS, Kksioest Dentist, MURPHY, NOIITII CAROLINA. Having had several years experi ence in dentistry, and being well frepared to do any work in my line, offer my services to the people of Murphy "and surrounding country. Promising to do their work, in the Lest manner, on the most reasonable terms. -jj- A. ZIMMERMAN, SOOT, SHOE & HARNESS HAKES, 3IURPHY, X. C. First-class repairjwork d:ne at moder ate prices. The patronage of the public respectfully solicited. B RITTAIN & VAUGHN, MEAT MARKET, MURPHY, N. C. ' Fresh beef and mutton kept on hand at all times. Patronage rcspectf if lly so licitHL Promnt delivery. In basement of Mayfield brick building on Valley Hirer avenue. HI J Iff i k.MnlatMrifEW FbiJJI mint bwannblT. br ' 4lkr MX. roanr or aid, nM tu mnr 1 1 1 U 111. I IT. ihi rk- E. to lrnC RMbrirarib' - thfiotwnttu time ot n4 tmtn (! Hula oiixrii-o. W tn ftiniih jro lh y&mmtiu HtKH. 'TRUE Ar CO.. AMlt-STA. JUUK. TIN SHOP. I am now prepared to do all kinds of Tin. work repairing and manu facturing. Special attention given to Guttntig and Hoofing. Shop over ; iheHardware Stere. E. T. KISSELBERG. '- -', f ? r'- Murphy, N. C. Bbaold roar Vop, nuit i litthtoM bo taken Tt-ftiCKT with UMBbrmnaaa i (iijrsleliia could aw MM. fjtmartitbMBowrfaliad. Ontor MOW from yvnrdraX rbtxuto. rnixsloc Anmplepowtor by mail far Ito. m u. sasti NvMiifAn c&, ubujca, .. m VflMnlai mt7ta nl tl t hl WlltMlflwillM1. lift fnc Bnl'tjffigh t wwk fr w, hf Am mm fare. Amite, 1 1 Wi ana jm, mn, iwram. vnio. MFU. Olkmlih..iIL Will i-xytmt MiMnnirtr(IM.II6t nomli. To nwd thm rrk and H U boma, tKimr fwm at. Eca b finntiwm mmilf fmbx Aram MM f iiaaaar.Allaaca. Waahow j-aahow mmi Wart yim. Can trsrk la ura Hom rail Dm ttraa. Bif moaajr far irark n. Paflara aakaowa ameaffboa. MBW and wmwiaraiL PailVul- PERSONAL AND SOCIAL. People Yon Know and Don't Know What They Are Doing Items For the Ladies. - "E. Br'Norvel! attended Swaiii superior court last week. i The falling leaves now keep the ladies busy sweeping the front yards. A. A. Canipbelle left Friday for Chattanooga and other points on business. S.,Winslow Davidson visited, his daughter, Mrs. Mclver, at Brvson City, last week. tapt. -t. liranuretii lett tor a business trip to Cincinnati and other points Wednesday. Rev. J. O. Shelley left yester day morning for Asheville, to be in attendance at Conference, which meets there to-morrow. Mrs. E. Mansou,of Burlington, Vt arrived here Wednesday and will spend some time with her daughter, Mrs. Frank S. Paddock. Watsel Palmer, of Hangingdog, was in town Wednesday, and paid us a plesant call. He told us he was going in a short time to lmvassee, Ga where he will enter school. Watsel is a bright boy and we wish him success. B. Craigmilcs, of Bryson City, spent Thursday night in town with his parents. He left Friday for Atlanta, to view King Solomon. Joe informs us thai he will soon talci control of thn Mountain TTomo Journal, published at Asheville. j - T. and W. 1. Bowers, sons of our county Treasurer, II. W. Rogers, and John Carroll, a youth from the same vicinity, are in Texas, and write to their friends favorably in the main, as far as mony making is concerned, but the gist of their letter shows plainly that Cberolee is far superior in climate, water and scenery. Why don't our mon ied men, with all the naturral advan tages we possess, develop our county thereby giv ing business to the talented and energetic youths of our own beautiful countv. a Ramon's Iron Tonic is the best Blood Purifier. For sale at Dr. J. F. Abernathy's drug store. Ramon's Tonic Liver Pills are the best on earth ; 25 doses for 25 cents, at Abernathv's drug store. Election .Mews- Below we give the result of the elections held Tuesday: Flower, Democratic candidate. for Governor of New York, w as elected by about 30,000 majority. Russell, Democratic candidate for Govern or of Massachusets, was elec ted by about 10,000 majority. Boies, Democratic candidate for Govesnor of Iowa, elected by about 8,000 majority. jSIcKinly, Republican e!tndidate for Governor of Ohio, elected by about ,20420 majority.- ; y"4" - V- , Kansas, went Republican by a large majority. The Republican carried Pennsyl vania by about 30,000 nuajority. Maryland goes Democratic by about 15,000 majority. Five Dollars For A Loaf Of Bread. In order to attract attention to the wonderful merits of Sugar Coated Yeast, and at the same time do good, the Sugar Coated Yeast Co. offer a prize of five dollars -for the best loaf of bread made by any breadmaker of Murphy or vicinity, with Sugar Coated Yeast, which is now for sale by best grocers. Directions for use wrap ped around each ball. Terms of competition: One loaf of bread, with maker's name, to he sent to Gurley & Bro. Tuesday, Nov. X7th, by 2 o'clock. Awards will be made ati once by threw competent lady judges, and the result published. The competing loaves will be dis tributed to the worthy poor, unless I the makers want tnem. Who is the best breadmaker in Murphy ? TriumpTi Corn Plasters cures corivs, at Abernathy's drug store, . NEWSY LETTERS. WHAT OUR CORRESPONDENTS , HAVE TO SAY. BRASSTOWN NOTES. m, , , , . '. J HTnV 1IVH nnrmn mtrl mi tlOtH J last I contributed anything to your columns. Your ivell-known modesty and mine as well, would forbid mak- incr mention the various words of praise your efforts have elicited. The people of this favored section and adjacent territory have reached a new era of development. Judging from indications it will soon rush forward to the very van of civiliza tion and advancement. Brasstown is turning out a large number of teichers, doctors and preachers, most of whom possess the highest order of talent. As legisla tors, some of her sons have sat with the Solons of North Carolina with out discredit to any one. In fact, they have reflected honor on the State. Our farmers, m point of intelli gence, will compare favorably with any in the State. They are begin ning to recognize the fact that a much smaller boundary of laud en riched and well cultivated will pro duce more than a much larger boun- darv of poor land half cultivated. This is the secret of and the key to successful farming. They are also beginning' to appreciate .their inde pendence, and recognize the fact that theva.ro tlicjlnrds And not the i minions of any class. The man t ? t- i. : . 1 .1 l. 1L llll I II I II U U U -III IT"" I IIU II II Til 'I II II III I ""IT "Til -1 Z Z " ZZ7. on muscular power".a!one will always be a servant of . others. Let this force be controled by brain power, and success is almost inevitable. The tobacco business is attracting considerable interest, and will soon assume immense proportions in this section. In this immediate vicinity there :has been raised this vear 35 barns of tobacco. From all indica tions, next year there will be ten times that amount, which will yield about 100,000 pounds of tobacco. Placing the modest estimate of 10 cents on the pound, it will yield the nice little sum of $10,000. All this in a radius of five miles, and no "gasing." Of course this, like all othercrops, is subject to accidents, but these are modest figures: 'Tis the intention pot to let this crop in terfere with other crops, as it will come in before and after the other crops are made. This is one of the best farming sections in the State, if men will go to farming right; Health! Why to he sick here is something strange, and scarcely ever a death, except old persons. We have marble enough to sup ply a large demand, and other min erals in prospect. We have two schools conducted under the anspieces of Miss Blanche Moore-an Mrs & JaVtin4 Sjbon we hope to see the Spires of twopeauti ful churches pointing the inhabitants to the Giver of gifts. ' To-day I attended an old-fashioned corn husking at Sir Robert Harper's. There were men and maids and ma trons there. 'Squire Moore, who is somewhat of a poetical turn, laid aeide his magisterial robe, and doubt less forgetting but that he was a boy, sung some old Scotch and Irish melodies, and other ditties, for the "bonnie lassies." If we had had music, I expect we would have seen him "change corners and swing part- ners" with some of them. I guess when his wife heard of k, a few "curtain lectures" will follow, and 'Squire Daniel will assume his judic ial robes. Our valJies, hills and mountains have been exquisitely beautiful for sometime, but are fading. .Nature's great artist has dressed them off in all imaginable colors, apparently in bridal attire. You,wbo have gone over the world to see sights, come to Western North Carolina and you can see them. Come and I will show you mountains eternal mountains pyramids grander than those of the valley of the Nile, wlose uncovered head have held sweet converse with the stars, 'around whom the wild lightnings have theil home and the untamed winds tluir eyrie, and where tme thnnderft e'cho back to their cavierns! Come, iu , 1 I - J and I will show you pvramida clues who have gazed tn the face eft the sun, perhaps, since the morning stars sang together and the birds first sang in Eden's sunny bowers ! Subscriber. 1TEM S FROM HAXOTXGDOG. On Sunday, Oct. 25th, there was a double wedding at this place, the con tracting parties being Ben Dockery and Miss Sarah J. Jenkins, Clemy Davis and Miss Sarah Nickelson, Kquire R. II. Lovinggood, officiating. The ceremony occarred at Mrs. Sarah Nickelson's house, and was witnessed by a large crowd of friends and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Dockery had a" reception Sun day afternoon at Mr. Eli Palmer's residence. A delightful meal was served to the guests, who vied with each other in wishing the bride and groom a - long and prosperous life. Mr. and Mrs. Clemy Davis' recep tion occurred on Monday -at Rev. W. H. Davis' residence. The table was loaded with good things, and the large crowd present were lavish in their wishes that time would deal gently with them and that they would finally, hand in hand, safely enter the pearly gates. Thomas Mills has .certainly the finest turnip patch in" this neignh bor hood. Tom says he may not he Uod for' some thii1rs, Ut when it I ml I i. " comes to raising turnips lie can't be beat. - - B. F. Sneed . commenced his school at upper Hangingdog Acade my on Nonday, November 2d. Mr. Sneed is a fine teacher and will un doubtedly build up a good school. Your corrispondent learns that Chas. Bates, who sometimes writes for The Scout, is going to attend the school near Notla Station taught by James Lovinggood. Allen Lovingggood, son of T. B. Lovinggood, who has '.been in Ala bama, for sometime, h visiting his parents at this place. Allen was married while away, but did not bring his bride with him. Pressott & Woodbury, who are running a large saw mill at this place, are making things hum with a vim that echoes on the mountains and re-echoes in the valley. Key. R. D. and J. A. Deweese, from Georgia, recently closed a suc cessful revival at Oak Grove Church, These gentlemen are both excellent preachers, and did some good work here. , .W- F. P. hiwassej: a The condition of tl&'tecatHer has Jbeen very beautiful ir. .hering corn, and it appears rioallei crop lis good. :y'-':fZZZ'i "- '--Ttii r 'op-riiini i "ifciy iojijifflf into a spirit ; of irMus'trrl&li leads them to erect new; houses' m place of the old ones. - ;- I - ,-. "Richard to rn and A. pa Loyd knelt at love's holy shriuerjrvewed in the presence of Judge Black well to be all in all to each dther through the journey of life. Several of our citizsns- attended the exposition in Atlac ;a last week. Dr. McClnre's wife happened to a painful accident the other day, a broken arm being the result. Miss Fannie Jacksoii was absent from school a few days Ifcst week on account of sickness. -- I 0. T. Kimsey is proprietor of the iiutvt ai preeeut, auu uuj are IS sain to be excellent. ''' l A cordial invitation istended to all who wish an education to come to Hiwassee, for we have ote of the finest schools in this mounttin coun try.. Young men, a good education and plenty of energy and the world will feel your power iu the' ages to come. ; ' - ' ' ; -,'';: :'"3us. ' - FROM CUFTOSr, TJS The Scout cotnS; regaiar) j it is greeted with a happy heart and many smiles Texas,'at the present, is as dry as a whalebone. It hasn't rained iu this part of the State to amount to anything in about three months. Water is scarce, and stoek will suf fer if it doesn t fain soon. Corn is worth 50 cents per bushel. The crop was cut short by a six week's drouth in June and July. Cotton picking is progressing rap idly. If it remains clear another week most of the ci op will be gath ered. What do yon think about a man picking 540 pounds of cotton in one day? Mr. Buck Griffin, of Hill county, picked that amount and quit work before night. I am well pleased with the "Lone Star State," but my mind often runs back to the place of my birth. I was surprised the other day by the arrival of two of . North Caro lina's promising young men, John and William Rogers. They have come to try their fortune among the kind and hospitable people of Texas. Crops will soon be gathered, and then the public schools will begin. They usually open about the first of November and lasts all winter and epring. Jxo. W. Henry. DOTS FROM CLAY. Miss Carrie Penland, after spend ing a few weeks among friends in Faanklin, has returned home. J. VY. . Harrison, of Greenville, Tenn., and Miss Blanche Wiggins, ot Graham county, entered school here last week. ' " '' Cherry & Scroggs are making some improvements on their store build ing, and R. M. Hall has greatly im proved his property near town. W. H. Price, one of Hayesville's promising young men, died in Bry son City of fever on October 21st. George Davis, an excellent young man, died on Shooting Creek, Oct. 26th, after a long seige of consump tion. There was a union Sunday school picnic at Hayesviile, October 24th The Hayesviile Methodist and Bap tist and the Downing Creek Sunday schools united in one grand picnic. There were quite a number of essays and recitations, interspersed with music, which the large assembly greatly enjoyed. An excellent ad dress was delivered by Rev. J. W. Lawing, followed by B. M. Martin, who is truly a good orator and never fails to attract attention when he takes the floor. AIL who were pres- lent seemed to greatly enjoy the oc casion. Z. H. C. SHOOTING AFFRAY IN GRAHAM. , On the 27th ult., a serious acci dent, and one that may jrpve fatal, occurred at a logging camp on the Tennessee river, this county, in which a young man by the name of Quiet, of Calhoun, Tenn .was sht by-Alex. Jens,-! thiJ county. It seems, from what ; we can learn of the particulars, that Jenkins had been book-keeper for Mr. Sherman, the man who had charge of the log ging contract, and in settling with Sherman claimed $3 more than Shei man thought was right. The differ ence soon brought on hot words, and finally Sherman struck Jenkins with his fist, whereupon Jenkins drew his pistol and fired at Sherman, the ball glancing his ear and striking Quiet in the breast, ranging toward the left shoulder. Jenkins is still at large. Whisky had a great deal to wun tne row. r. M. Mrs. W. B. Nelson writes us that a meeting conducted by Revs. Corn and Hocksct at Shoal Creek will be long remembered by tne people. It has reunited the church and awaken ed a warmer and purer love in our hearts, and we shall ever feel grate ful to these faithful servants of the Lord foV the beautiful and instruc tive sermons they have given " nsl May they continue zealous in His service to the: end of Iifereceiying as their reward a home .forevermore in His Kingdom. I m T m a m - nut nan. LI TheE.T.O TO Texas, Arkansas, California, Washington, Oregon, States and Are at this season lower than they have ever been before, affording every one an opportunity to vist the west. OTTIR, SOLID TK,JLISrS To IlM333mjn)3iLi.s Make CLOSE CONNECTION for all POINTS. Remember, that I am the only authorized and salaried soliciting Passenger ycnt of the E. T. V. & G. Ry. Co. in East Tennessee; that we furnish first-class cars and that our schedules are quick West fewer changes are necessary than to come to see you at your home and matter of any portion of the country; ing of your baggage to destination, so as to avoid all trouble and delay. If you, contemplate a trip, write me, stating your nearest railroad station, where you wish to go, and how niauy you will have in your party, and how much baggage you will have, and I will write you, giving you the lowest price on tickets by tho shortest, best and quickest route. JOHN L. MILAM, District Passenger Agent, KNOXVILLE, TENN. B. W. WRENN, C. A. BENSCOTER, Gen. Pass. & Ticket Agt. Asst. Gen. Pass. Agt. KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE. Cooper Corner . OTHERS FOLLOW. GREAT BARGAKS j Given Six Days in Evary Week. Facts and not Fiction are ; being ;daily demonstrated by those who have tried and convinced themselves that we are the peoples-great money savers. y ; .; We buy all Kinds of produce al highest mar. Ket prices and pay cash or goods. - A. L. COOPER &. CO. . A GREAT DROP! PRICES VERY LOW . . At The We are receiving new Goods daily, and have , made some remarkable cheap -purchases, and will give our customers the benefit of them. We will buy any-thing from a sparrow to an ox, and sell goods lower than ever before.- Fine Jewelry and Stationery a Speciality. than Ever Before -i CRVSyem . 3E3T 3T Kansas, Golorado, Missouri, and ail other Western Territories and reliable; that by taking our line to the by any other; that it is no trouble for me bring tickets, maps, rates and descriptive that I will attend personally to the check i Ii Leads f mtL ulluiii VI 7".vi V f 1 , 'I ' '.3k, - j .-. m i ...

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