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' Don't miss this buy cheap goods," chance to ' My entire line of JacKets and Ladies' Skirts at and If you once. : want -one come at Mrs. A, J, GURLEY. . asmsmmEsns!. IT GIVES THE BfiST ACSUUS The SMITHSONIAN MOLDS I ANY osmotk Dr. B. B. MERONE'T. SOTICE. Nortli Carolluiv Cherokee county: By yif tuo of a jnortgrticee xecuted to me by James F. Jolinauii nnd wife, Cor nelia Johnson, on the 11th day of No vtimber, 11)04, ami recorded in office of reRiote of deeds of said county in boo No 1 of real estate mortiritges. deeds of trust, etc., ou pages 4M to 3o." inclusive Hnd tlie pwer and nuthorlty tliurein frtven, I will on the Slid day of April. 1DUH, at the Court liouso door In Murphy sell at pubilo outcry to the hiphest bid der for cftsli tlie following described piece and parcel of land lying In Notla Towuship, it being the snme land deeded by Z. O.' Early to s..id J as. p. Johnson by deen Tcovded in book No 12 01. page SOI in oflioe of reaister of deeds of said comity; Ueginning ou Henry Loudoi milk's corner, it beiug a white oak) then with branch a n.w. direction to a lo cust stake; then a t.w. direction o a ' spnnUh oak : then nortji to E. U. Bar ' bcr's line,; then east to a rock corner; theria nw di'ectton to a cheetnot oak stump ou the jiide of a mountain; then w Willi the tot of the ridge with Henry JLOviilermilK's Hue to the beihnning cor ner, eontaining 40 acres. This sale will be made to satisfy the debt secured by am mortgage. , lerms ot sale casu. This February 20, 1IKKJ. , EDMUND a nopvell; " , . ' - Mortgagee, Seal bids will' be ticcired until May lst, 190(1, by the Secretary for the build log now occupied by Cherokee Lodge 140, A. F. & A. M. Said building to be , removed on thirty days notice and the I.odgo to have the free use !of the ball until tlu'y comjiSiite a new building. Tliin building originally cost over ono thounaiid dolllara And would be a bar gain to any one needing it. The Lodge r!ene8 the right to rcjuot any And all bids. AddrcKH all communications to W. (Jl.i I V, .'firet.iiy, Murphy, N. C Ill f L L IE C IE If 1.1. I 1 rtoftinph fi'-i"f m e hl.i tlB 1 ,.1 I tomtit HaMi, I sn net friifr equuspea i Irjyfii'V t fippr fiprt. (i. r ai.il I' .1 i'-pMi, lr.i!fl .nil Dlftpr.ni- r tvcceuul teictiing. rk tttvti bvtttfo St.ra 9oir4k I ll! V K!iV t taio forty. man olJ i in this rlio has vo years si ll ! Sollt urn V,-,t lifsy. I I I GUOGER BLOWETU UIS . j, OWN HORN. From the Waynesville Courier. - Mr. Gudger lias issued a two page circular, kiler to enlightnn his con- J.it(ttentiiitfwtiom he calliM'iny peo. pie," and ' iddreaeesSt to "Slf dt-ar Friend", wlom lie undertakes to con vince that he in entitled to a third nomination for uonsresg. - -' While we are hot disposed to crit icise harshly Mr. Gudger's letter, we d teel it is misleading and should he reviewed a little in the light of plain facts, -so that the people may listen more attentively and dintingumh the true note of hiB .own horn thai ho 'do bloweth." "; f :; !: ; '' :-xy. , v-The firat note that "he Uiotetb," is VFree itural Delivery," as if all the credit were -due him for establish ment of free rural delivery, routes in the 10 ih congersssioaal uistrict du ring his term of service. Why, Mr". Uadger knows and he ought to kiiow that "My dear Friend" and "my peo plh" know that the Post Oflico De partment, under a general law, has absolute control ot the matter, and that alt a congressmen can' do is to tile the petition's of the people in the department and urge that the. route or routes be established.- No doubt Mr. Gudger did what he could. But the record shows' he did not have good success,' as this district has fewer rural routos'than any other district in the State. And it is a notable and shameful that the states of Ohio and Indiana get as much of the free rurol appropriation ' as the eleven states which comprised .South ern '.Confederacy,, Evidently the Buckeye and ' lloosicortGrressrnen have a greater pull wWi Post Master General Cortelyou.aud his subalterns than have the T&V Heels and other southern .congressmen.. But Mr. Gudger is not to blame for . this; he has done-what he could. There is no use, however, of his. "blowing his born" about something that there is so little in.. ' - : '.The second distinguishable note that "he tooteth" is "Seeds and books." Yes, seeds that the govern ment buys and books that the gov ernment prints, both according to law, which Ihe government divides equally among the congressmen to each of whom is furnished a secreta ry to send them out to the people, all at the expense of the government. Why "blow his horn about these things? Do they not belong to the people? And is it not the dutv of a congressmen to have them sent to the people who may desire them t Kicmond 1'earson, it we misUKe not is tbe only congressmen from this distriot who ever publicly notified the penpla that it would be necessary to' obtain the indorsement of a mem- berof a political committee in order to get seeds., The third note that "he tooteth,'' is "Buck Shoals , and - Mud Creek." He in going to blast out Buck Shoals in French Broad riyer' for the pur pose, of draining the' low lands of Mud Creek, In order that every body j owning lands along tbe creek may produce more corn, tie Jtas actual ly introduced a bill to the- effect and boast of it. : lie ought to include in that bill another provision, in order that -other counties in the district ought have some of "the little things' which he "deems important." Every body is tiot favored with mud rreek lands, but there are, quite a tew who have bill sides and even mountain tide's; therefore hit bill, to be fair( rhould also provide for hillside ditch es for the farmers. Does Mr. (iudg er believe such a bill will pass? Does he think that any., intelligent man believe'a-il? Congress appro priates public'money for the improve ment of rivers and harbors in the get eral interest pi trade and com merce, bat not for tbe interest of few private individuals. This is tbe spirit and intention of tbe Constitu tion, so that thd produott of labor in the field, gactorr, and mine may Hnd the beet markets of the world at least poiaible expense, thereby increamng the nation's wealth. But the note that "he tooteh" not, is "National Aid to PtiDlic Hoads." It will", be ' remembered that Mr. Gudger and Mr. Km art devoted much time tff.he tlii-wnsnion of this qnes. Murphy, !flnfl rn t Ku 1at eattinairvn Hnf. mftv "K " j 1, a itflt r.rf!.i.la. L ..f itk.A kAHtn in luiib f I l,llui.l MDjr VI 1119 iiwi ii is broken or worn out. Or may , be it has served its day and no longer charms the people. Mr. jGndger knew and. the. people' knew that no political party, either . Stato or Na tional had declared in favor of such a scheme, and they knew that there as no) a shadow of a show or hope of securing such legislation. The scheme mnst have been abandoned for "he tooteh hot his horn" on Na tional Aid to Public Roads." The fourth note that "he bloweth" is confused one" a hard one for Mr. Gudger to "toot" -but evidently he would have , those who hear - the sound' thereof to interpret it as meaning that be redeemed , the d is- J trict from the republicans, in tbe campaign o 1902. v"I worked and you worked," be says, "and tbe Dem ocratic party came again into power by a small majority." Yes, 183, re deemed the district ! Redeemed it by the magio power of his influence and the wonderful manifestation of enthusiasm which his . candidacy aroused among the rank and . file of the democratic party 1 The truih is this district was already redeemed from the republicans by 3000 demo cratic majority before . Mr. tiunger was ever thought of for congrers, by reason of the constitutional amend ment, disfranchising over 4000 nero Voters In this district . in 1901, and the taking out of Madison county in the rame year with 1000 republican majority.- So the issue of 1902 was not a question of redeeming the dis trict but holding it. It is an indis putable fj0tfial M.-;Guder'8jeaii-, didacy and campaigns" have never aroused the Democrats to enthusi asm, so as to bring out to the polls the lull strength of the party. Apathy and indifference were appar ent everywhere from start to finish, and consequently the stay-at-home voto was large,- which accounts for the loss of votes to. the party in the district. The Stay at-home vote is always a serious element to deal with in a campaign. It therefore behooves tbe Demociatio party to rally and reclaim the ground lost. The party nvist have new hope and new vigor, which Mr. Gudger can not (rive. We, therefore, do not believe the party will make Mr. Gudger the next standard bearer of this congressional district. A QUARAITEED CURE FOE PILES Itching,, blind, bleeding, protruding piles. Druggists are aullioruPd to refund money if Paao Ointment fails to'cure in 6 to 11 days. ; 50 cents. Brady Items. : WifeofT.C. Fair who Jia beeu quite Isick, is slowly improving- A. B. Panther, who bas been sick for some time, is reported still on the mend. , T Rev. E. A, Deweese, who has been visiting relatives at 'Grand view, re turned yesterday and dielped to or ganize a n-uniay school at Boiling Springs. -That citizens are expecting 4 successful Sunday School at this place. ' ; . ;t- Farmers are behind with their work at this place considering tbe fine weather. . ' " ' The people are going to peel a lot of tan b.irk if prices are as good as reported. - '," Davis & Mulkey are. about to ocm plete a large water saw mill near Brady for the purpose of maim fact tir ing lumber and shingles, and will so licit orders for building material and shingles later. (. . ,' v,, , '.". ' .; :; -Judson ami Broadns, sons ,ot N. C. Christopher, postmaster at Rob binsville, are visiting relative at Brady,'"; ' V. ...'- "'. 'V Lumber business if flourishing at Una place. ' Hatbock, Col. Oliver II. Dockery, former eongrestmati and a candidate for governor of North Carolina, dieii today at the Johns Hopkins boppital from the effects of au operation for cancer of the bladder; performed on Monday! He was 77 years old. The remains were brought back to North Carolina for interment N. C., Tuesday, March After Chattanooga Lynchers. Th Department of Justice will take oflictal notice of the lynching, in Cliattatiooga, Tenn., of the negro Johnson, in whose case the Supreme Court i'''EiY United Slates last Sdn day 'gi aided - the right of appeal which acted as a stay of his execu tion.' Step have been takeu by the Department looking to an investiga lion.' of lhe matter. The United States district attorney for that sec tion will lie instructed to make a thorough investigation of the lynch ing, and if the facts abtained seem to war rani, t, proceedings under the Federal 'statutes will be begun against tile participants. Genera: Ji R. Penland, United States ! district . attorney, today re ceived arr-jjfrjonymous letter in which he was severely criticised for saying that he thought the lynching of the negro Johnson at Chattanooga- wan not justified and that the sheriff of Hamilton county had been negligent.! The lettei; mas mailed in this city and is well written. The district at-' torney is warned against proceeding! in the interest of the government. Green Goods Men Caught. - IUs rather unusual for the green goods mail to invade North Carolina, although Many a Tar Heel ban been buueood iu dealing with the fakirs at a distance. A pair of these rascals have beett operating in various towns and, one of them was caught at Asnevue viast Saturday, lie gaye his name 3 W. N. Levy, of Texas, and that of his partner as Dift'y. They had received $25 from a For Vt - Vii.f(fyLsfU6 iu ilefi' fclit "goods" last'; Wednesday. Failintj to do ' this,' Ivy was arrested and1 tried at Foreat City for false pretense- In default of $500 bond, he was sent to jail. He claims that he and Diffy have placed .$5,000 of the "goods" at Greensboro and $2,000 at Albemarle and $5,000 at Gastonia, b. -fore visiting' Forest'City. TO CUSE A COLD IH ONE DAT Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab lets. Druggists refund money if it fail to cure. E. W. Grove's signa lure is on each box. 25 cents. Cole & Rogers Shows. As heretofore staled, the Colo it Rogers Shows wM visit this city on Wednesday, .March 28th, end give two performances, one in the afte noon and one at night. A Graid Street Parade will also be j.iven at 12:30th ou day of the Show. These Shows dilTer from the ordinary, as they contain everything new. The Show throughout will be highly en tertaining, aad the many Clowns will keep the fun up to the top notch. The Acrobats, Gymnasts' and the Tumbling Feats, are said to be some of the best obtainable. R. L. Leatherwood Will Be Candidate. Former State Senator, Ii. L Leatherwood, of Bryson City, who is here oil legal business, yesterday con firmed the report that he would be a candidate for the Democratic nomi nation for senator from the district composed of the counties of Swain, Jackson, Transylvania and Haywood, . Mr. Leatherwood is a lawyer and has not only bad much experience as a legislator, having served in both houses of the legislature, but has a wide acquaintance among the publio men of the Slate. Asheville Citizen. ' Referring to the announcement that a colony of 500 Swede is to be established' soon in near Ashevillo the Wimiirfn Sentinel says: "People of this kini) are the ones North Car olina needs tor immigrant. The Swoils arc familiar with, agriculture and stock raiding and as a whole are law-abiding, industrious people. Advices 'received- from Buenos Ayres, Argentine Republic, stated that a Meat dealer in that pity had been arrested, charged with murder irg men, women and children and then selling their flesh as pork.- Mis name is Jose Modeiry and ha did a flourishing ' business until arrested. I'lia police found the remains of four teen human beings in his meat mark et. ' ' - 27. 1903; Pale, Thin, Nefvous? Then your blood must be in a very bad condition. 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All kinds of job printing done at this office on short notice at rock bottom prices. I"m A Hale" brJ."c! ir" r c"LoilV"liiaTa -tr rl AIM aianulaoturera of fl O C CJ J ?iOrC antea-RE. b c tX Llj x I O ttttRRy l ECTOiUU I Q . t JUl m? mM . I1, A .vauP TKUP .8 8 . 'C . u w g .5 to r. . H 'C " u C u u s ? No, 386 7 r -fa''vwilHauM,.w- CANDLER'S DEPARTMENT STORE EVERYTHING IN GENT'S FURNISHINGS ii. in Buggy Harness, Good Stuff at V agrn names", hanie strings, 1 ac' bands bell cnJars, blind bridles, check lines my check lines are all made up 10 feel most lines are only 13 1-2. Halter, stallion bridles, pistol hostlers, cartridge belts, wagon whips and lashes. Best line buggy whips in town from 10c to $2.50. Leather ltggius, good ones. Saddle pockets, saddle girths. I make the Best McClelflan Saddle Cash can buy. I guarantee each one other styles of saddles. W hen you mistake in hunting up m m STANSBURY By People's Bank. FURNITURE, COFFINS AND CASKETS Have any kind of Furniture you might want at reasonable prices. Drop in and Iook around. 3 I BOUGHT SHOES 8- Early in,. the fall before they advanced and can sell you good hoes cheap. Have a few overcoats left which I will sell at bargain prices. , . Rugs, 25 cents. each. Plenty of BRUSSELS and WOOL CARPE TS HILL FURNITURE CO. LADIES ir. La Franco's I COM ROUNDS 'WlaMlfaiiaiii'iHllirUaisI ) TWlla.B itf G ltSlstSJslSJ Safe, Quick, Reliable Regulator Superior to nhor remeillei .o.t at liieh frleea. Cuie ruamntreil. Siiri-Mi.fiilijr n-ril liy over !IOO,eoe Waaien. Prlre, 44 CrMa, il'iif ai.ia or ir ma.1. Teatim'inl.u a iMNikita free. Br. LarrarM. riilladelpkla, V. NOTICE- Goldman Bryson rulers and locates W acres ot vnennt land in the county of Cherokee, State of North Cnroliim, In (I in ti let No, 5, on the witters of llr-avrr-dam, Known as Hooper creek. hrtin lilnit on a bl.tek oak the s.w. corner of Fain and llnrshsw land, nnd runs ets tcrly with their line to a double chest nut to Held in(f land; tlicn a southerly course with said line to a flu acre tra-t of Mid land; then Willi the line of the line ot the (Ml acre tract to the bculnning, JOI DMAS UKY.SCN. To whom it qtay otmcern: Take no No. 27. p 3 5 o-c -S S oq 70 -t o f - z P o 3 n Jj a I - -i Cu 22 O a o o p 3- 1 3 O - fD P 3 o.n 3 o o -1 O P X3 'J) X. r o i on-' jr. u n ft a o v KING BEE, $3.50 ViCI lilAXHER Comfort Comes With First Day's Wear, i r n i -4 1 i i in in iii .caasy. Single and Double, Reasonable Prices not to hurt or civo way. I have need leather goods you wiil make no tice that a warrant of survey will issue for the abovo 'described land on or after tho 28th day of March, KKKI, If no pro tost is filed with me forbidding the inme. This Feb. 2(1, 1900. . ; T. C, McDowAf.p, Kntry Taker. .'" -' NOTICE. - ; : North Carolina Cherokee county: K. C. Culberson vs II. C. Oulberson. By virtue of a decree of the superior court of Cherokee county entered in tlio -nbr.vo entitled cause at spring tene, Irilitl, of said court ordering tlio lands hereinafter described to h sold to sut isfy the payment and costs in said cause, we the iinilri signed coinmissioners wilt on the 2utl day of April, 11KHJ, expose lo ale at tlie court house door in Murphy the following lands: Tracts No. 72. Til, III ami parts of tracts No. 82, T3 and "ill, whluh are particularly describad iu deed made to A. JI. Arp bv U. K. Dickey, tie ceased, find recorded iu deed book 1, f53 in olHt-e of register of deeds of sui.l said eoiut v. ' Terms of sale cash. This February xo, tKA . K'IMUVI) n. N0KVELL, V. 1'. AXLKV, tiouaiiiiseionera. (Jtmmi lii'i''!li;ti-j. fc.'3. - n

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