North Carolina Newspapers

    FRIDAY FEBRUARY 5. 1926.
Mi*?cs Addie Kate and Gertrude '
tcid left for Atlanta, last Friday.
Mr, Claude Pless has resided bin '
pork here with the Henson Motor ^
i" . d gone to Fla. to work. He
eft -t Monday.
Dr. J. Wellborn left for Atlanta
:1- M nday for a health examination
irtd treatment.
The I>. Y. P. XJ. will present a play '
i\ . school auditorium next Satur-lj
laj ht, admission 15 and 25 cent
Messrs James Herndon and P. C.
Cobb of the North Ga. Agricultural j
i" - at Dehlonega were visitors in
>u n Wednesday of last week.
? !i. W. H. Stroud who has been in
11 ot Springs Arkansas for the past >
few weeks, returned home last Satird
greatly improved in health.
Mr. Sylvan B\itt purchased a new
or.i coach last week.
Jhr Economical '
hwm :
During that tii
50,000 testimot
to the Chevrolc
pany by owners
dous avalanche
rlirafpc fKo ntiKl
of the car and il
1?1926 ??
at New Low Pri<
the public in gre
ever before?
The Touring Car -$510
The Roadster - -$510
The Coupe ... $645
The Coach - . - $645
Ail pricet /. o. b.
Sales and
Capt. H. L. Carroll who has been
in Atlanta for the past ten day:{
returned home last Sunday.
Mr. A. B. Butt who has been very
sick for the last month, does'nt seem
to improve very much. His condition
is considctod serious.
Miss Ulma Coker has been on the
sick list for the past week.
Mrs. Blanche Nuite and little
daughter Kathleen are spending
this week in Athens with Mrs.
Suite's son, Charles who is a student
in the University.
Mr. and Mrs. Erastus England left
for their home in Cairo, (Ja. after
a week visit to their parents here
Mr. Harry Kite is spending a few
days in Atlanta.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. B B. Fite
Monday of last week, a fine baby
girl, which they have given the name
of Beverly Jean.
l^c's- wau.
E. Gambill. President ^
National Automobile " \
ilcrs Association, in- - \
c;s prcatc; t collection [ '\
eatintonial letters ever j \
civcd in one year bv | \
automobileconipanv St ?-y \
hi* illirslrxcinn it >1
imiun u.fmif ftfio ti /ru|?h.
Chevrolet had
ts greatest year,
me more than
lials were sent
t Motor Com.
This tremenof
evidence inic
:s performance.
/rolef offers the
oved Chevrolet
ces?thus giving
ater degree than
The Sedan - *$735
The Landau .$765
Vz Ton Truck - $395
I Ton Truck $550
Flint, Michigan
r, N. c
Dr. Holtzendorf of Atlanta is hero 1
doing dental work this week.
! Dr. E. C. Wellborn of Young
Harris is also doing dental work here
' this week. j
Mr. l.arry Lcdford who has been
working in Ha. tor a while returned
home last Thursday ,'
Mr. B. H. Stone ?& visiting his j
parents at Oxford, On.
Mr. Herbert Tabor cf Gainesville
Ga. has been writing quite a bit of
insurance in our town the past few
! days.
Col. W. E. Candler is having hi.
home remodeled, when it is finished
it will be on? of tire prettiest homes
in our County.
Miss Anita Lunsford, a student in
the High school spent last week-end
with home-folks in Cleveland, Ga.
Mi*. D. D. Kite returned to his
position in Parlor, S. C. the middle
of the week.
Mr. Grady Davis of Miami. Fla. is
spending a few weeks with his parents,
Mr. and Mr-. J. 1). Davis.
??Ir. Forest Ahernathy of Marble
visited relatives anil friends here
during the weekend.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Watkins entertained
a nun or of Young folks
with a singing Wed-osday night.
Miss Claudia Suddcrth vi?ited rtlatives
in Marble and Andrews last
Misses Julia an 1 Edith
entertained with a party Saturday
Mrs. J. I. Davis returned Tuesday
from Asheville after spending several
days with her daughter. Mrs.
Marvin Lewis, who is sick.
Mr. John Hnli of Bras.-town who
purchased the farm of Mrs. Filo
Trull, moved into his home last week
Rev. Dock Barker of Andrews will
preach at the Peaehtrce Baptist
Church Sunday.
Mr. Filo Trull and family lef'
Monday for Englcwood, Tenn. where
they will make their home.
Mr. \V. K. Jchnson of Marble was*
here Saturday on business.
Mr. George Mauney left Thursday
for Miami, Kla.
Mrs. Frank Watkir.s spe it several
days last week with friends and relatives
in Aquone.
Mr. George Burger and Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Ballew of Gastonia, Mrs.
Alvin Roper of Bellvicw and Mr.
Fradus Burger of Winston-Salem
were called home Saturday on nccourt
of the death of their brother,
Mr. and Mrs. Ncal Hay and family
of Aquone spent last weekend with
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Watkins.
Messrs. Blaine and Wayne
Carringer of Robbinsville visit.*d
home folks last week.
On Sunday, Jan. 23rd, the death
angel visited the home of Mr. and
Mrs. I). C. Buiger and took away
their little son, Boyd. lie had been
sick for several day but did net
seem to be seriously ill until late
I Friday evenin K?gan to get I
worse. Ho was seventeen old.
Littll Boyd leaves a mother,
father, several brothers and siete:>
and a host of other relatives and
friends tc mourn his going.
Jesus has taken -*l beautiful hud.
Out of the garden of love:
Borne it away to the city of God
Home of the angels above.
Full blooming flowers alone will not
Some must be young and ungrown
So the f.'ail buds he is gathering too.
Beautiful gems for His throne,
Father and mother, weep not or be
But still on the Savior rely
You shall behold him again and be
A beautifu' flower on high.
is often caused by an inflamed condition
of the mucous lining of the Eustachian
Tube. When this tube is Inflamed you
have a rumbling sound or imperfect
hearing. Unless the inflammation can
be reduced, your hearing may be destroyed
do what we claim for it?rid your system
of Catarrh or lVnfncs* caused by
has /.on successful In the treatment of
Cataivn for i.^cr Forty Years.
Sold by all druggists.
F. J. Cheney & Co.. Toledo, O.
1 .j
Every able-bodied person in our m
jreat crowded cities should, at least jo
once in his life, climb to the top of , K1
Mount I e Contc, in the opinion of
Dr. Frank Bohn, economist, journalist hi
and nature-lover, writing in the Newjst
York Times of January 20th. These ' a'
mountains, which he describes as >?'
"one of the half dozen most le- w
markable natural scenes in his eonu- in
try," lie witliin 400 mile- of SI. a<
Louis, Cleveland. Pittsburgh and f<
Washington; 500 from Chicago and ! ^
Philadelphia, and 600 from New | S
York, Toronto, New Orleans and E
Palm Beach, and so he points out
could not be more centrally located 1?
in the Eastern States.
Dr. Bohn, who last month climbed
Mount Le Contc, going in from
Knokville. sees in the creation of the tl
propose*! Great Smoky Mountain* '
the prevention of "total and imme- b
diate destruction from the woodman's t'
axe." ^
Describing: his trip to the top of ^
Le Conte, he writes: "
"Climbing: in these lofty canyons
and among- these craggy summits is a
a unique experience. .Mount lc v
Conte, for instance, rises G.680 feet, e
A rough climb this is, to >?just f
enough for one big day from dnwn P
until dark. No climbing in nil tl
America is likely to give either sportsman
or naturalist more abundant sat- h
'faction, be Conte lies at the west- 11
ern tim of the mountain vtass. In f'
the centre the summit lino which *1
separates North Carolina and Tear- *1
essce nowhere for forty miles dosi
ends into a canyon which lies <-1
less than 5,000 feet below. There
are points upon it from which seven s
str.tes may be seen.
*'At the very top of I.e < -nte there
is a boy living alone in a cabin made 11
f ,-i: i The write*- saw in that cab- o
in a single volume, r.amely, Thoreau's 11
"WaUlen/* It had been read and 1
re-read and maikod over and over d
again. What 1 wish to describe here u
U a tre, which this bov had cut u
down te the purpose of splitting off *
slabs for a new cabin. The tree ia
ha! m fir. The species, whose
natural habitat at sea-level is up in "
Canada, i- the only variety whii'i
will grow here above 0,000 feet. This ^
particular giant which lay upon the CH
^ :
r xdif.3 i m
A.- i? ? ^* for CHICIIBft TflR S ,\
1.1A MO" D !I;AN> PILLS ?u * ? t? r.n './V. 11 ic Scale.! B'.ue<'SV,
Dru:-~? t tril Q-U C r ?:ll I-CUtB-THi ti \
i)IU.t>M> nil A M> PI I !.??. l-rlwr'v.f" *< .tJf-l.O 3 'V'-U- V.xr.-;n k<j
Akron, Ohio. January 31st
Wo avo having anno very cold
weather here just now. The weather
was 22 below zero the 2Sth ?<"
January and the ^nmv i- about IS
in< - es and it is still snowinjr.
I'm iness look? very favora- !e in
Akion now. All the rubber plants
ar. unninpr full time. We think it
s ife for an3 one to ?onu to
Akron who wants work.
Mr. U. T. Rudford, a former
citizen Unaka, \va- happily manned
to Miss Mnzie Fairclauth January
Mr. A. F. Clayton has just retiimcd
f:?r. Ohio. Hu?re
? . has : een for several days on business.
IT? will back to work short
ly with the Goodrich Tire & Rubber
Company where he has been enploycd
for the past seven years.
Mr. Lon Clayton, formerly of
Unaka. who has been employed b.
the Goodrich Tie Company for
some time has resigned his position
to become policeman in the city of
Akro^. We think he his a very eon.start
in that line as he captured a
stolen auto the second day of hi>
service f??r which r.o receive*! i reward.
Mr. H. E. Rose, a former citizer
of Cherokee Con ay. now a private
detective of the Akron Civil Servic
Board, has just. returned from
Philadelphia after raptnrincr two
hold up men who robbed the Akror
Dry Goods Store and escaped with
$12,000. They are now in the
County Jail of Akron. Mr. Ro.-o will
receive a handsome reward f<>r the
capture of these thieves. i
l*ovs. if you are lookine for a
job and one that pays well, come
to the city of Akron.
Signed A. E. R.
round, by actual count of its rings. Y
id come to age of 540 years. j V
"However, to get to the top one p
imbs through zone afte." zone of Its
ajestie oaks and hickories. To the I a
y of the forest-lo\er there are the)
eat tuhps. Some of these measure
uht or nine feet in diameter waist |
gh above the ground. The plain it"
atcment of fact which should move u
1 of us is that there grow here a ' c
renter variety of trees, and of hard- - t
oods than in any other known place
1 the world. The number totals ex-|v
stly 136. Asa Gray said that he [ u
?und a greater variety of trees c
ithin a day's tramp in the Great !0
mokies than are native to all y
"From the top of Le Conte one
>oks down sheer '1,000 feet upon
ppeais to be a billowy ocean of troe;jps.
On every hand great peaks
Land out on the horizon line. Six of s
hese, though each is more than t
,000 feet elevation, have not yet ^
een named. It is said that just
wo persons have followed the crest
or twer.ty-eieht mile? where it is (
ighese. This is our last hit of utter ,
'ilderness cnit of the Rockies. ,
"Yet climbing amid these scenes
t present is a most painful experince.
Public signs of warning, nail- \
d to the most venerable tiees, in- 1
nrm the invader ho i- urum
roperty of a pulp wood company. In
lie?e towering heights the yesterdays
or several times ten thousand years
ave always been the -aire. Hut tolorrow
promises to he vastly (liferent.
Half a milien:um of nature's
r?il is presently to he cut down and
lirown into the hungnry mouths of
ic pulp mills. With the won-.llan Is
ut over, the gieat storms of rain will
uichiy wash the rocks hare of mil.
ilt and forest debt is v ill glut the
"Such has always been our de -lrucive
American - yst*?m over iv. * : f
ur vast forest areas. This pi 'i ; <>(
rightfulness is :ti mice a hligh' upon
e.ture and a cur e to our .lesi on- i
ants. Meanwhile every <h liar's J
orth we cut in the (Iron', Smokies j
'illrob future Americans of hydro-' \
loctric p wer in the Tennessee Vul- i
y." r
l)r. H'tlin see.- in the estnbli -hmont i
f a national park the criatiui of 1
playground that will he f the s
00,000 people of the !v< t what the i
I'ANTKD? Middle aged mm.. H : - \
tier can make > "> ' to $ 100 ? r mov t
eeklv in C'herokco County .ellim, I
hitmcr's guaranteed line of home \
ecessities- toilet article-, s ;ims ?
rices, etc.. to his neighlu vs. Team j
r car needed but goods arc 1'u - i-h1
on eiedit. Cherry of Alabama
lade $122.50 in five days. He had .
o experience when starting. We;
?ach you salesmanship FREK. \
nite us for full particulars to-day. \
he II. C . Whitnv r Compan.\ !
opt. 21, Columbus, Indiana
Instruction i
Typewriting, a
i essentials of a I
j Instruction in
Academy Subj.
" The secret of
man to be read
portunity come
George A
.1 . tone National Park is to the
Vest. Nature, lie says, has done ?t?
art. Now, he concludes, it is the
ask of the people of North Carolina
nd Tennessee to do their part torards
making available the first tnilon
of the purchase price, and thus
o enable the people of the ether
tates to come Tn with the balance.
>f the general interest of the naior.
he says significantly:
"Citizens in far-away California,
rho understand what these thing??
nean to the nation, have generously
iffered to contribute far more than
ne might expect from those who live
it so great a distance."
Mr. J. K. Marcus has born very
ick for the past week, but we are
;lnd to report he is better at tb
Messrs. J. X. Moody. J. I). Mall>nee,
Arthur Evans, and II. D. Akin
vere busino.-- vis'tors on fl. rginglog
last Ft iday.
Miss Annie Sword of Murphy was
the guest of Ms Fred Lovingood
last Saturday.
T'". aci'e; land, .15 in cultivation
175 ; cr-'s land, ^0 i.i cultivation
" "? ucr**: iai:d, 100 in cultivation
50 act or. land, 22 in cultivation
** ? a ' - and. i in cuhivation
Ho.s- .1 corn i ill u paying
W. A. Bryson
E. r. HAWKINS, of Murphy, N.
H., will pay $15.00 per cord for
Dogwood delivered to mill at Mur>hy,
cut to the following specificu,ions:
Ml wood aunt he full -I
nches in diameter at small end,
nus' be white ami sound. Larger
vood, which may be hollow or rodicat'ted,
must have 2 inches of white
iour.d wood around said hollow or
lefeotivo heait. Lengths from IS
o DO Inchc-. Positively cannot use
vood under 1 inches in diameter unlet*
bark. G:apevine or wood tht
ins been injued by bird peeks not
aiitod. i".. P. Hawkins, Muiph.v,
C. C. (22-6t-spd)
Davidson Building
Murphy, N. C.
n Shorthand,
nd the general
5usiness b ourse
College and
success is for a
y when the opl.

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