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    FRIDAY FEBRUARY 12, 1?2 .
! t
Rev C. F. Conley filled hie regular
nppointment at Oak 'Iicve Oiurch
Saturday and Sundiy aihJ preached a
two powerful sermon? which every- e
, ;ie seemed to ehjoy. p
\ ?'
Our Sunday School is stl'! alive
and much interest Is manifested hy
the vonifitui ity.
Mr. and Mr*. L P." Payne made ti
? business trip to Murphy one day t
b?t week.
Mrs. B. H. Clonts has returned j?
from Gastonia and reports her father |d
T. J. Taylor, in a very critical con- ja
dition from heart trouble and other
ailments. i h
| ti
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Walker, Jr.
?pent last weekend with the latter'?
varents. Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Taylor. {
Mr. J. W. Foster has purchased
the T. J. Taylor place and has mov- ^
ed there. The price paid was |
Mr. Hiram Given? is on the sick Q
list' at this writing.
W. W. Barton has torn down his1 ^
eld grist mill and contemplates in- j
stalling a new grist mill, crusher and a
n \v/f ''
How To Quickly
Stop Bad Coughs i
It is often surprising how quickly the
heavies-:cough disappears when treated t
by a remarkable new method. v
Here is the method, based on the famous
Dr. King's NewDiscoveryJorCoughs:
You simply take one teaspoonful and '
hold it in your throat for 15 or 20 sec- d
ends before swallowing it. The prescription
has a double action. It not
only soothes and heals irritation, but
also loosens and removes the phlegm
and congestion which are the real causa
of the coughing. So the severest cough
soon disappears completely.
Dr. King's New Discovery is for
coughs, chest colds, bronchitis,, spasmodic
croup, etc. Fine for children, too
?no harmful drugs. Very economical,
as the dose is only one teaspoonful. At
all good druggists. YAsk for
A^J j
for F.coi
Sales and
Mr. Ralph Taylor of Unaka spent f
he weekend with homefolks.
Our mail carrier is trying to invent ,
red-hot road-roller and baker to,
timinate so much mud on the new !
raded road. We hope he may be j
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Davis announce j
he birth of a daughter on Saturday !
'ebruary 6th, 1026.
The death angel visited the home j
f Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Odell Thurs- ;
ay morning, February 4th and took ^
way their only daughter. Miss Millie
>dell. Mis?> Odell had been in ill j
ealth for sometime. We extend our
leepest sympathy to the bereaved
nmily and relatives.
Our school closed Friday after a
erm of six months.
Miss Helen Haaailton returned to
ler home in Andrews Friday.
~~? i
Mr. Bob McDonald made a bus-.
ness trip to Andrew* and Marble
Miss Lenna Hamilton and Miss j
Mice Bryson of Andrews were!
Soiling Springs visitors Thursday
md Friday.
Our Sunday is not progressing very
nuch now, but we hope to begin soon !
or summer is coming.
Folks, you better get busy and
?lant your garden for winter is alnost
Mrs. E. I). Howell left Sunday
or Englewood, Tenn. to spend
ever a 1 weeks.
Mrs. Frank Graves and children
?f Grape Creek were guests Sunay
of her father. Mr. Hud. Morrow.
Mrs. Jim Dockery i? on the sick
Mr. Henry Dodson will move his
aniily to Culberson one uay this
Mr. Wade Harper and Mrs. Allen ,
Roberts motored to Andrews Sunay.
7?> acres land, .15 in cultivation
175 acres land, 80 in cultivation
2:>5 acres land, 100 in cultivation ,
50 acres land, 22 in cultivation
84 acres land. 15 ir. cultivation j
Flour and torn mill a paying:
W. A. Bryson
~ '"I
lomtcal Transportation
Twelve great factories unsurpassed
in completeness
I of manufacturing and engineering
facilities! Two basic
truck models, each with a
durable, powerful cha**i
designed to combine economy
and reliability! Dealers
and service stations everywhere
stocked with parts to
render prompt low-cost
service! Ihc most economical
time payment plan in
existence! That's why
Chevrolet has become the
thirdlargestbuildcrof motor
trucks in the world!
S?e tis today. Let us prove
that you can save from the
start by buying a Chevrolet.
Chassis ceOy
mr^T SSO
3T0R CO.
(, N. C.
Lore for D<
By Albert Pa;
|<l*?(vs ^
Ha Crcfched Against the Pane of
OLD HAN NEOLEY wor llstenInfr
to the Marry children telling
of m wonderful motion picture
they had aeon the night before.
He was doing w?tr.o early spring cleaning
to the Marty garden on Vine
street. Ids little hlnek-nnri-tan lying In
a sunlit turner of the windy garden
and watching Ids master la; ily.
"There wnr the grandest d..g In that
picture play. Mr Negleylittle
Blanche Many w as en lalmlng. "A
h?ih\ had been kidnaped It. its carriage.
The dog knocked over tit*: kldnajters.
Then lie caught the huntile
of the liahy carriage In his teeth and
he pushed the carriage back to the
baby's home, a inlle or two. and he
dodged It in and out among the street
rathe ami?"
Tooh r scoffed Harris Marry,
with nil the skepticism of a big brother.
twelve years old. "That was Just
a fake. In real life a dog couldn't do
any stunts like thHt They faked It!"
"Maybe so," assented Did Man Negley.
observing little Blanche's crestfallen
elr. "or maybe not. But 1 have
known real-life dogs to do things
cucli braver and more exciting than
that. For Instance:
"A few months ngo all the papers
told the story of n dog that did a real
motion-picture stunt to save his master.
1 took Hie trouble to write to a
friend of mine In the city where it
happened and he swore it was all true.
He knows the man It imp|?ened to
city knows him and he vouches for It.
"A storekeeper \vm closing tip hi*
hop for the night. He went buck
Into his living quarters In-Had the
shop where he and Ills pet bull terrier
lived together. Between tfie shop :?nd
the sitting rootn was a door. The top
half of that door was ruade of thick
plate glass. It was more like a window
than a door.
"The man remembered something
he had left in the shop. lie vent
hark In there after it. As he went h?shut
this door behind him. The dog
was arlecp In the sitting room.
"The man found three burglars Ir.
the shop. They had gotten In so quiet
ly he had not heard them through that
door. They were at work on Ids till.
There was $490 In the till As the
shopkeeper came In the men were Just
nabbing that $400.
"They saw him and they nmdo a
Jump for him. He defended himself
as well as he could. But he was not
a big man and he was no mutch for
three. One of them got behind him
and knocked him over the head with
a gun butt or some other weajxm.
"Down he fell, half unconscious and
too weak and dizzy to get to Ids feet.
The three thieves made for the till
again to scoop up the $4fH> they had
been taking out of It. The storekeeper
tried to rail out for help, lie could
only monn.
inn iimii 11mi me nus'nfSs. ll
reached the keen ears of the hull ter
rier In the silling room belli ml the
shop. The sound of scuflling had already
waked the dog from his nap
Now when he "hciml Ids master moan
he galloped to the door. But It was
shut. The glass half was too high for
him to see through.
"The dog jumped on a table. From
there lie could see Into the shop. One
glance told him all he needed to know.
He went into action without stopping
to think.
"He launched himself through the
air. with all his might, straight at
the thick pane of glass thai III led the
upper half of the door. He crashed
against it, and he crashed through It.
"The splintered glass < iit lilm hor
rlhly. As he landed sprawling on the
floor of the shop he was ?ne mass of
hlood and cuts. It. * he didn't stop
for that- Men were * dihinir Ids master.
Men had attacked his master.
That was not on the free list. He wens
for the rot.her*.
"They didn't wait long. .It the
crashing of glass and at sigh! of the
charging and bloody monster, they
turned and ran for their lives. They
** a war hut the* laft the *400 and
(^-Owners :
r*MI TwhOM
Glass arvd He Crashed Through It.
! all the rest of the shop's valuable*. :
j They didn't get a thing, thanks to the
heroism of one dog. Are there many
better stunts in the movies than that
true adventure?
'Then, out West, near Coalings.
On I., hist winter a small collie was
I guarding a herd of valves when r?n
) enormous mountain lion sprang from
; a ledge and aelr.ed the noarest ealf.
The collie Intided on the Hon like a
j furry whirlwind ami attacked him so
i fiercely he made the lion drop the ealf
] and fight for his own life,
j "A man on horseback, half a mile
i away, saw the whole tiling and gal
loped to t?? rescue at fall speed. I5?t .
before h* got there ? g.illant little,
j collie had done ?h * 1 " *? out t?' ?!
| lie had rlvei. n the gutnf nioun
I tain lie? i n-: bad *he bum-h of
j Cltlves thai had been aft ked.
j "A collie is no t Tii .t I!11'?b?e :
J must have known what price l>? i*
. due to pnv f,.r attacking :> monster |
four times as big r.nd ?s i.:u: lor.nis
J us himself. Yet he hud not hesitated
By the time the horseman got there
I the lion win rnnnlmr away for dear
, life and the gallant lit Iwas
I lying dead In front of the llivk he
j had given ids life to save. Anything
j finer than that In the movie*?
! "Ever lo ur ??f the glorious St IterI
nnrd dog. llarry? !! lived in a iu??n
u?fary 'n *5"* Alps. In storms he was
sent out to rescue lost travelers lie
rescued dcren* of them. saving life
after Ufc. ??ne dny In ? storm *
traveler fell b:?n At-lf* ...... i?
the strength t" get ??ut. Kefore he j
could free?. to death Harry came ?
to Ms rescue.
"The trawler was so scared n:.d !
confused that he mistook ti e heroic;
dog for n wolf and killed him. Hot :
Harry kept n'lve long enough to drag
; to safety t! fool who had murdered!
htm. Perhaps there's a better dog In j
I the movies th;;n Harry?
"Ye.-, toe world Is full of dogs thnt
are finer heroes than any motion pie- ,
tare man ?-an put on the screen. Thou- I
j sands ?f them have laid down their
Uvea, eafor the hit::inns they
loved or for the live stock they .
VpyrtKbt b> thr M<-Vnuirhl PyntllrM*. Ino.>
Ancients Hatched Eggt
by Artificial Meant
Although hot-air and hot-water incubators
wore not known In Europe
until the last decades of the Fight'
eentb century, the Chinese and Kgy|> '
! tlons practiced artificial in< ul>ath ii o? !
j fowls" eggs thousands of tears ago i
I The ancient Egyptians built enormous ]
j ovens of semi-dried I.ricks, often oov]
erlng an area of as much as
j square foot. Similar egg ovens are In
! use In Egypt today, the craft having
| been handed down through the oen- ;
turles. from father to son. Through",
the center of the egg oven runs a i
: passage which opens up on ea h side ;
1 to circular vaults. In which the c? tu il |
hatching Is done. Fires arc kept alight j
in each vault, and all surplus heat and j
smoke escape from a large hole In the ;
roof. Paring incubation the porous egg j
.. ^ ii f'Ulll HIUOlllll OI U\\g<-n j
::nd aliows the osyiipe of other gase*. :
livery day the shell grows more hrltI
lie. so that when ilie time comes fur j
the live chide to break forth It has no '
difficulty m doing so.
In Her Father*9 Footttepn j
Claire Ktinnes. favorite 'laughter of [
the late Gorman Industrial magnate. .
line Inherited her father's mercantile !
instincts Although only twenty-six 1
years of use. she hag established and I
is conducting in Berlin's West end a ]
store where she sells automobiles xnd
i Industrial machinery. She declares I
: ihat she is lumpiest when with motgr I
nw and machinery, and that while j
! she is now upending on a small capital
she hopes to huihl up her hnslnesa
until It ranks with the largest of Its
sort in the German capital. As a
mere girl she was sent by her father!
to Sontl America to represent him In I
oil negotiations there. She attributes I
her l:ubit? of self-reliance to bet I
father'* iMln'n#
Mrs. R. L. Peoples and little daughers,
Bobbie, Margaret, ami Irene,
rom Ducktcwn are visiting Mrs. *
Weepies parent?, Mr. and Mrs. S.
T. Allen at Postell.
Miss Ida Swanson visited Miss
iattie Stiles Sunday afternoon. <
Mrs. Mary Allen is on the sk-k
ist this week.
Miss Minnie Fergcrsoff returned '
o her home at Peaehtree Saturday.
Mr. A. T. Ledford. from Athens.
Tenn., was a visitor on Shoal Creek
ast week.
Mrs. Thresa. Taylor from Suit
dsited her Parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.
f. Allen Friday.
Mrs. Jane Ma>-on visited her
laughter-ir.-law, Mr?. Je??ie Mason.;
n Upper Shoal Creek, Sunday.
Mrs. R. L. Peeples and children
and Miss Eliza Allen spent Satur- [
lay afternoon with Mrs. Mary Allen
School clored at Shoal creek Eri-;
Jay after a EUceesfu) term taught
Cry for
MOTTIFTv I PI to her' <"
Castor Oil. !'.'.reg??rict Teething
oreparcd to riiievc Infants ;n ;
Aids in the assimilation of Food, pi
Natural Sleep withe
To avoid imitations, alwa; ? !o??k i r ;li
Proven directions <111 ?.-'..-h pickatI
I MTTmmv
I munrni
I ypewriting. <
essentials of a
Instruction in
Academy Sub
The difference b
failure is the littie t
and the little money
George ?
by Miss Minnie Feigerson of peachtree
and Mr. R. L. Koenum of Suit.
Mrs. R. P. /illen visited Rev and
Mrs. Tom Crtxvder on upper Shoal
Creek. Saturday.
Mrs. lsabell Allen is on the si? k
list this week.
Mr. John Stiles from Persimmon
Creek is viaRint; his son, S. A. Stiles
at Postell.
Mis?e> Exis and Hazel Pope and
Glenn Taylor from Suit Spent
Thursday nigrht with Miss Tcmpa
lone* an Upper Shoal Creek.
Mr. S. Y. Allen and daughter were
Durktown visitors Tuesday of last
Messrs. Clifford McNabb, Ben
Beaver, b'trt Hearer. and Henry
May, from Suit. were visitor* at
Shoal Creek school Thursday.
Messrs Walter and Henry Elre-J
From Ducktown visited their grandparents.
Mr. and Mrs. John Mason.
Mr. Jim Woods from Suit took
J..,-... .. ;.u it. v- V 11 1
family Monday.
ia is a harmless Substitute for
Drops and Soothing Syrups,
inns ami C hildren all ages of
Wind Colic
To Sweeten Stomach
Regulate Dowels
omoting Cheerfulness, Rest, and
?ut Opiates
iyji i* C/G **/*/
iwiii 5 everywhere recommend it.
in Shorthand.
rnd the general 5
Business Course j
etween success and
ime, the little effort,
it takes to get ready.
L Hubbell

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