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In tfce Superior Oewt.
Before the Clerk
Mrs. Mamie D. Barker and
husband. J. Q. Barker.
Herbert and husband; F.!
Herbert. Iva Sanderson. George'
Sanderson. Beatrice Sanderson.'
Brookfe Pearl Sanderson. Hattie I
Sanderson. AUeta May Sanderson.
Wilma Sanderson, 01. Sanderson. I
Frank Sanderson and D. C. Coleman.
J. H. Colemar, Abbie Alexarder, '
IV. M. Peal. J. A Deal. G. C. Deal. !
Ida Brad*haw, Laura Green. Allen
Deal. G. C. Denton, Nannie Robinson,
H. A. Denton, Fate Bible, Jeff'
Bible, Sue Bennett. Herschel Bible,
Isabel Comer. T. G. Phillips. T. J.
C. Paillips. H. R. B Phillips. F. L.
Rble. Jessie Bible. Coleman Bible.
Unknown heirs of Nancy Coleman.
M. E. McCoy. J. B Witt. W. J.
Witt, B. W. Witt. M. T. Stewart. S.
A. Redwine. Betty Witt. Unknown;
Heirs of Mary ;tt. deceased. Sue 1
Barnes. Sattiza Hunt. W. H. Han-j
turn. . i.rniRier, .?arnes nar.cciK.
and All Unknown Heirs of Harrison
Han cock, deceased, John Hancock.
Fate Har.dcock. Mary Johnson,
James Hancock, Jr.. Heed Hancock.
Guseie Hamock ar.d all Unknown
Heir? of William Hancock, deceased.
Mr, and Mrs. Frank Orr, Chas. Hancock,
Mr. ai.d Mrs. H. A. Padeett
and all Unknown heirs of Richard
Hancock. Deceased, Alice Beckner.
Mildred McMahan. Luther Davis..
Unknown Heir- of Isabel Davis, deceased.
and all Unknown Heirs at law
of M. W. Hancock, deceased.
The defendants above named will
take r.otice that a Special proceeding
entitled as above has been commenced
in the Superior Court of
f Clay County for the purpose of j
partition by sale of certain real
estate in Clay County. North Caro-i
Jina,fully described in the petition
in this cause, and hem? a part of
the home farm of the late M. W.
Hancock, in which petitioners and
defendant*- are tenant- in common; I
and the said defendant? will further
take notice that they are required
to appear before the undersigned
Clerk of the Superior Court of Clay
County, North Carolina, :tt his office
in the Courthouse in Hayesvilh ,
N". C., on the 1st dav of Mm eh 111.:
d "I "
I at CI
fl I Beginning Monday
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B I or mere.
I STH .1 F
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half price.
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will find they arc woi
terns at reasonable pri
B I The first 25 wome:
fl | will receive a ticke
I I keg Ginghams for
[I Christop
f ? -LA*
and answer or demur to the petition
m said Special Proceeding or
cfce petitioners wiil apply to the
'Court for the relief demanded in the
This the 23rd day of January- li*2Q
Clerk Superior Court Clay County, j
N. C. <2.%4t-A&G>
I see Advertised in the CherokeeScout
that application for pardon of
Willard Barnett will be made to
the Commissioner of pardon and to
the Governor of the State of North
Carolina. I his wife do hereby file
a protest against Willard Barr.ett
pardon. I with many others do not
think that WilUrd Barr.ett has paid
the penalty for abandonirg his wife
and children.
<2o-4t-pd . Wife of Willard Rarnett
William J. Adam*,
vs. 1
Lillian Adams.
The defendant above named will!
take notice that an actio- entitled as
above has been commenced in the
Superior Court of Cherokee County.
North Carolina by the plaintiff the defendant for a divorce
from the bond1- of matrimony; and j
the said defendant will further take
notice that she is required to appear
at the office of the Clerk of Superior
Court of said County on the 4*.h day
of March. 1926. or within 20 days
thereafter, at the court house of said
County of Cherokee, ar.d answer and
demurer to the complaint on said
action or the plaintiff will apply to
the court for the relief demanded in
said complaint.
This 1st day of February, 1926.
E. F.. DAVIS, Clerk of
<26-4t-ndi Superior Court.
State of North Carolina
Cherokee County.
In the Superior court.;iah Howell, Plaintiff
Vs. .
!. F. Howell, Defendant.
The defendant above named wili
take notice that an action entitled as
above has been commenced in the
Superior Court of Cherokee County
' C A
I Dft
, the 15th, and lasting foi
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s at almost Don't let thi
Silk,. You
iderful pat- for a!' ln the
ces. goods.
n entering our Store Satu
t good for 4 yards of our
25c with a purchase of $
her's Lead
loods Store
N. C. against him and the purpose,
of the action is for an absolute
divorce from the bords of matrim ny j
on statutory grounds.
The defendant will further take!
notice that he is leqvired to personally
appear before tl.e Clerk of the
Superior court of Cherokee Countv.
N\ C. on the 3rd day of March 1926
and answer or demur to the said complaint
now on file in the Clerks
Office in the Court House <r the
Court will grant the relief demanded
in the Complaint.
This 1st day of Feb. 1 'J26.
E. E. DAVIS. Clerk
<26-4-t-jhmc) of the Superior Court
Default in the payment of the indebtedness
secured ir a certain deed
of trust, executed by the A. T. Dor sty
Lumber Company. to the undersigned
trustee, having been made,
and the creditor thereby secured ' ating
requested that 'he said tr-ustee
On the fiist Monday .-f March.
1920. in fror.t of the courthouse dour,
the same being the first day of said, tt 11 o'clock A. M.. the undersigned
trustee, by virtue of the
power contained in said trust deed,
will proceed to sell, at public auctio- .
to the highest bidder for cash, t!
certain land* of the *a;d A. T. D--rsc>
Lumber Company therein conveyed,
lying in Cherokee County, and de*? ri
bed as follows, to-wit:
Tract No. 1. Lying on the water*
of Moss Creek. Beginning on a white
oak, the beginning corner of No.
992 and runs with the ??id line South
40 degtees east ??.*? poles to a chestnut
corner of said No. 992; thence
with it* line North 4"> degrees East
r>0 poles to a sourwood; thence South ,
IS degree* West 120 poles to a
black oak; thence South t>5 degrees
West 41 pole* to a small hickory on
the line of No. 992; thence with said'
line North 40 degrees West 152 poles'
to a stake in the line of No. "?5!
thence with this line North 45 <i?giees
pole* to the heginni-v:
Containing seventy i?0> acres, more'
or less.
Tract No. 2. Al. <> a certain tr?
of land in said county and stati
containing fifty <"> ? acres more >,
less, hounded as follows: Bcginn
ina on a White oak tree standing
east of No. 4'17 in district No. >.
on the waters ?-f Kndder'* Creek and
L l^l^j
r 10 days, we will
purchase of $1.00
s Money-Saving event E
Hundreds of Bargains
latest Styles of Spring E
irday, the 13th,
best grade amos2.00
or more.
ing Dry
ia 'f
UT. Ml'.7PHY, N. C. ^
Ben Mintz is enlarging mid 'inproving
hie house l>y building two
additional boil toon s, and a por< h.
Mr*. Magpie Palmer is still ?onfined
to hei room, but slowlv improving.
Mr. Ose Powell visited friends at
Andrew* last week. Powell i? iin
much better health these last
Mr*. Culberson, who is ad\ anted
in year-, has been wek a long time.
A number of our people are
"down with told."
Mi-* WilN n. who lived near Malt- ;
by. had ?ome ki-.d of swellirjr in her j
leg. The Doctor hound th?- limb, j
Then her mother poured gasoline on j
the band*. t?> -often it. she -aid.
Ganprene wt up. The younp woman
wa? removed to a hospital 1 r removal
of the limb. We hear that
there il little hope that she will live
Mr. Hanivon Wilson. who li\e?
Swain County, carried hi- s? ?:?'
little boy to hi- fo*wer Graham
home t' bury him beside his brother.
? ! . Wilson. Wife, and one remain ,c
child came on f?om the huryirp
-it hi- father. Mr. I>ick Wilson.
They returned Inst week to Swain,
was badly burned some time apo.
died last week.
The b? reaved have our sympathy.
Mr. Oliver Style-' little pill, who
Miss Vester West, daughter of mu?
Pruce West, was successfully : orated
on for appendicitis at a . yson
City hospital last Saturdax -ight
The report is that -he is doii.*. well.
1 Past* r Woodard filled his Marble
pulpit list Sunday morning and
evening. He announced that Mr.
Folpei would preach in the Marble
Baptist Church next Sunday Mornin-.
and Mi. Smith at the evening
Jj|f/Flowers t
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j mall.
| runs North 45 degrees East li!l> pole*
fto a chestnut oak; thence South 4(
I degrees east i>2 polo- t? a stake
J thence South 45 degree. West 12C
' poles to a stake on the )i:.? of No.
j HP 1; thence with that li e North. ?
I degrees We.-; to the beginning.
T art No. 3. Also that pan -f
| trait No. ">ll which runs on tin
! right hand side of adjoining Andy
' Earwuod's tract, containing or., acre
land bounded as follows:
Beginning on a white oaw and runs
j in a North direction with the dome?
I H. Bryson line to a stake at the wagon
I mau; inonce an eastern direction t
| a stake: thence in a Northern direction
to a stake; therce an eastern
direction to the beginning.
This February 3rd. 1926.
(26-4t-d&h) Tins'ee.
Entry. No. 1045
State of North Carolina
Clay County.
C. \V. Savaire and \Y. A. Savage
of Cherokee County, Enters five
acres, mure or less, of land on the
waters of Shooting Creek. District
No. 2. of Clay County. Beginning on
a stake corner of Tract No. 697,
Grant 14450 on the line of Tract
No. 6161 and runs with its line West
to the lire of No. 2:184; then with)
its line to the line of No. 5060; then*
with No. 5060 to the line of 697: j
then with its line to the beginning.
Entered -Ian. 29th, 1926.
Filed far.. 29, 1926. at 2 o'clock i
P. M., and registered Jan. 29, 1926.1
l.26-4t-s) Enter Taker.'
Mr. Dee Jenki: is out on crutches ,
Mrs. B. B. Palmer spent the weekend
% kiting her brother, George
Lovingood, on Hanging Dog.
Mr. Horn has n oved to Marble,
and occupied Mr. Dockery's house at
the spring until he builds on his
own lot.
Look out! The v i ,?key association
?with million? ?.? .ey. are moving
heaven and earth to repeal the
Volstead act: to weaken the eigh.
tet nth amendment, and to bring bark
high powered nkholic beer* and
liquors. They are j refecting organizations
to roniir.ate only "We
Men*' to both branches of congre*-*
in ire coming primaries. And Tney j
are undertaking to contrcl both par-J
ties. so as to fill as many offices?V
federal, state, tou. ty. city?with i
men "friendly" To whiskey as pos-i-j
bl?. Study your man ar.d your vote
in the < n ing j rimarie?. Watch
that you do ??'' vote for "Red-Ey?*dI.iooor".
Th?> say that prohibition
does not pi- hibit. Then why do
they work so hard. ar.d spend so
much numey. to defeat it ?
Speaking ?>f this charge, "That
prohibition die- not prohibit." we
heard a preacher say: "If prohibition
does not prohibit, no doubt it
i<- because so many of our 'best
citizens.' church-members. pood
people?so called, buy and drink tht
stuff, sinn the Tiger's bord. give him
a good character ir. court, sign petitions
to net him pardoned or paroled."
What about Congress?Women?
ITheie are three women in the present
congress. Two of them?a New
.Tersy democrat and a California tcpublic-an
are avowed "Wets"; and
both have ir.tro-iuced bills
"modify the Yolstead-Iavr and
"liberalize" it. And the whiskeypeople
claim the third gre-*woman.
Watta women these he?
Shame, shame, on a political wonrtn
who with the whiskey crow 1'
Anent the talk of repealing canital
punishment: If said law had been
abolished, what power, do you suppose.
could have ptevented "mob-,
law" in the case of the two men who
robbed and criminally assulted
poor eld Mrs. Mary Wright near
Charlotte last week? And what about
the two pai > of Young men in
(Seorgia who asla .1 a".:ton;obilist
i vide, anil then murdered nv.d jobbed
the two automobiles who had
accomodated them with a lift in their
car-? If C.-o.-o. v. i
? 11v* ? apivai
punishment laws. these would have
been four lynchi u in lit* a-gin.
Disbelief in capit;.! punishme-.t i
sentimental and gushy anyway. It
means non-law enforcement and
difcorrlei. It ni*.?.s| more and more
mu'dors, etc.. w. become :i
country '?f anarchist.
Davidson Building
Murphy, N. C.
f&i, Cjps
More Thari
A DayrJ&$?APaici
Goes to State a
The steam transportation line:
paying taxes at the rate of $42,0
four, Sundays and Holidays i:
approximately $365,000,000-00 p
While this budget covers Fed
pal taxes, it is a significant fa<
munity in which you live is af
this great total. In other word
pai l by the railroads goes ini
and every time you bay a raili
ment ot' freight you are contril
your community and the prosnThese
tax funds are used to i
of all branches of our Governr
roads, to operate schoola and t
For many years past the amou
the steam railroads has exceec
the owners of railroad securitii
Remember these figures ai
relatively small taxes paid by t
are operating over roads built, J
road taxes and which are comp
for your patronage. Be fair to
ing the American people the gi
in the history of the world?an
In 1925 the A ?f. K. Railroad paid taj
amounting li c?i?r mm million dollar*,
ncrx tub' tenta'iy rmwer than the divider
I s:d to ita rtr-ckholdtrt.
A thin u. Oa.? (flp?cw.)?tlm j^. B
pie IB the Routta realite the H*
moras drain * there bn been oa tit
Booth'* wealth through the ***, K
food and grain buying during the ^ Bl
fifty year/ What's the greater >H* B
of it la the fact Chat moit of at, B
money comes directly out of It* tvu B
pocket." said H. G. Hastings. *f At- H
lanta. Chairman of the FaHft tu B
Marketing Bureau of the Atfcsfc B
Chamber of Commerce. ||t
"For fifty years or more the do* B
and towns of the Cotton Belt few B
oeen rurnisnwg rooa and grain to tfc
farmer instead Of our farinefre
the cities and tcrwns. While the gtha
and towns bar* had the boat of tkW
unnatural business. It haa really t*.
poverished both country and dty."
"As nearly aa can be at*.?rtali<
my own elate of Georgia baa iptsi
in the last 25 years not less than
and one-half billion dollara for fog
and a rain from the North and W?t,
rea7 hard cash money that ought te It
sticking in our farmers' potketa Tki
monev If gone never to return
"It la no ovgr-statement or exaggeatlon
to aay that twenty.flTe mlUtof* of the Month's money haa tm
that way In the laft fifty years R
was good, hard worked for tira
money. What we have been doing b
pending our liver growing roltoa
trading It off for bread and meet ti
no profit to oureel wo*.
"No use to 'cuss' the power* that
be In Washington or the trust#, fcrtfl
bank* or speeulators. TUay at*
h?T? had a part but a mighty sod
part In comparison -with the part w
curative* have played The way to
atop that drain on our pocket# 1* to
top buying food, gratn and foraftfl|
and produce those neceaaary Items teWM
home acres. 3^
"Thr time to atart U now Plea^l
for 1925 are being made. Before Jfl
plow ie stuck in the ground. foot^H
grain and forage acres ahould he w^H
aside. Those acres should and rew^H
be first instead of last conslrteratwt^B
When these are fixed, then thr fanne^fl
can go ac far as he likes with (ottoe^B
tobacco or other cash crop safely. Fffi
"Give the home garden a chance
thl# food production. It's a wcr.derf^H
helper in cutting store Mils In haa^
for the folk# that will give it u squv^H
deal Instead of the usual 'lick an^|
a promise,* mostly promise. Btsrt ImH
rooa rrcKiuctMn procession ?u
and a mouey procession will start t?
war# your pocket" <Sp
Advises Nervous Women
Greensboro, N\ C.?"It gives ir.c i
. great deal ? f pleasure to testify to tk
t benefit 1 lave n
ceived thru takn
Dr. Pierce's Fat
orite Prescr:pt?
I liad a very ba
case of fcniini
weakness and th
this I became i
rundown in heal
I got very we
and nervous. 1 w
" barely able to 1
4 f aroond when 1 li
l Ran taking 5
Pierce s Favorite Prescription and it"
l eve r c i all my weakness, my neti
and iny kidneys were aci
'Favorite Prescript*
; made ntc tctl like a new woman."?Ml
C.X. Si iw, jS Maple St., (PrnxnS
All medicine dealers. Tablets ?r liga
- k \
wi yMft
! by the Railroads
nd Ipcd Governments
? of the United States are now
00.00 every hour of the twenty
eluded, the gigantic iotai of
er year.
eral. State, County and Municirt
that the welfare of the competed
to the extent of 75X of
s, 75c out of every dollar taxes
to state and iocal treasuries,
oad ticket or ship a consignnuting
to the development of
erity of your state and nation,
defray the operative expenses
nent. They are used to build
o support public institutions,
nt of money paid in taxes by
led that paid in dividends to
PS. ;
id compare them with the
he bus and truck lines, which
ind maintained partly by raileting
with the steam carriers
the railroads?they are affordeqtest
transportation service
id at the lowest cost.

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