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    rftlDAY FEBRUARY 12. 1929.
tt?n/ LISSfM
r-C <3,0OO,
| ^
Cow Works Three
Year's IV1
\' INETY days of hard labor <?n tl
^ keep one perron in milk for a y
of 1 nuil Econi mica. At Imur It ti
tin l.OCM pounds of mtlk necessary
cheese hotter and i??- cream ceosoaJ
While this fact tnny bo merely it
r! v i' is of vital ltTi|Kirt?noe to the
f- livinp For while the 4.WJR po
tl.?- time one ha* fipurcd up tlic cost
du Ion. i here really Isn't *erj mut I
li.? rt-aFf tlie Income i*r tt?vr is in gp
r-" f. pares si:- *vlnp tl.r.t when a c<
i find when th< yield is ti pled
1 r. .meats !>: - * | . ? v? r J:t it is
: .- ?cnt to tl in I j
tt... c? ws ctitilil supply four f-.uillie
f <
t" {:ivc way ro more s<Se:.title tnclls"
r.r abundance ??f fresh \v;:t?r at all
tn-i a properly hnlarcod gwn mile
v l <! v, rttril * T.
W. R. Anderson, County Agent.
Hayesville Feb. 8.?Mr. H. K
Kiswongtr, Entemdon Horticulturist
I r Western North Caroline spent
lays in ("lay County this week
an instructor in the Community
Orchard Schools. The first school
ras at Brasstown, on the property
53 ow belongs to the John C.
'an pbell Folk School. There were
wenty people there to study the
est orchard practices. The first
rork was given in practical manapclent
of prapes ?how to make them
thinp of beauty and a source of food
upply. This waa done by lecture
""PHE r right ingi
prepared, mi>
milled, make ef
Proof that a shove
not enough is s
above illustration,
of- the intricate p
the Royster Fertil
I -K
rL *
I Murphy
R} Tns, FANMY / < A *CC
6 M|""L ||||l|[||
Months to Give
[ilk for One Person
gra, ;
III I Yearly MHK Requirements I
. W^j Per Cnpita^ 1
^1' * 'HL.JJ'X.. oP~?. JIbi
e part of tlio average dairy cow will
far. according to tlie Larrowe Institute
ikw three months for her to turn out
to provide the fluid and canned inilk. j
I'd per capita per year,
ileresting to tlie person consuming tlie
dairyman who depends upon this milk
unds of rnllk produced by the a%erngc
incuts of a family of four persons,. by
of tlie feed that has gone 'nto the proIt
left. Tlie only way to permanently J
eater milk production per unit, govern- I
iw's milk yield Is doubled the profit is j
tlie profit is increased almost five-fold
entirely possible by better feeding and
d of tlie average cow to a point where
< with milk. To do this, however, tlie
ictIced ??n many dairy farms will lm\?
is. Comfortable quarters for tlie cow*
limes, a plentiful supply of good hay.
a are some of tlie tilings that go kit
and actual demonstration. showing
the management and care of grapes, j
The same wont was aono with an old .
orchard, showing how to make it a
medium of food supply and a source 1
of income.
The second school was taught at .
Ed Murphys, Curtis Community,, j
The instructions there were a bit
different in nature. Like at Brasstown,
Those who were vitally interest*
d in fruit production were there, hut
their intetests were in commercial
orchards, so their needs weie met.!
The instructor began with the selection
of the whip, training of ho tree,
transition period, light fiuit production,
and the heavy yielding orchard,
teaching ami demonstrating what
should be done at each period.
The second day the schiol was
"T I
edionts, properly g
Led, cured and k
Tective fertiliser. r
:1 and a screen are Ej
ubmitted in the R
which shows one fe
rocesses in one of |
izcr plants. f.
rf N. C.
H WlNt>5> AMD RAIN -TiWN )
VEERS CITY " y___?' >
~ ^ I'
opened at Mr. W. E. Lowe's orchard,
Elf Community. The work had been
announced and ;.ll interested were
here roidy ?o r?udy a s"p; ial phr.s:of
orchard work. At this time the
study was the selecting cf nursery
stock of both reaches and apples,
rating them through to the heavy
?, n^r>T etnffo TV,., loot ?.V 1 - -
Ei\in Kitchen's. The instruction
there was how to make the produc
inj: orchard give a pood income.
I call these an orchard school, fo
that was what they were. T
were not pruninp demonstrations o
propapanda meetinps for orchard ex
pcrimcnt work. They were literally
to learn and po home and apply knowlepe.
The direct res-Its of the*
schools w.-.ere men who believe ir
food orchard management -amc t
schools are that two :ty men prom
issed to po into their own orchard:
and apply these practices. This mean:
that 1805 trees in Clay County wil
he cared f> r this year, undei mud
better orchard management.
This is just one lesson, an-i we an
looking forward to ? jr second les.-r-r
in May. Now in cn.-o you forget von
instructions, the County Agent is or
the ground an ! will prompt you when
you forget. The County Agent wil
direct and supervise the community
demonstration orchard which t'u
other orchards are built up around.
How Doctors Treat
Colds and the Flu
To break up a cold overnight 01
to cut short an attack of grippe, influenza,
sore throat or tonsillitis, physicians
and druggists are r.ow recommending
Calotabs, the purified and
refined calon.ol compound tablet tha*
gives you the effects of calomel and
salts combined, without the unpleasant
effects ef either.
One or two Calotabs at bed-time
with a swallow cf water,?that's all
No salts, no nausea ncr the slightest
interference with your eating, work
or pleasure. Next morning your cold
has vanished, your system is thoroughly
purified and you arc fee*inv
fine with a heartv apmiite for breakP.I.
..L.l ' 1 _ _
iusu vn;:'. y j ? no danger.
Or* a family containing
full directions, only 35 cent). At an>
drug stor- . (adv)
No Extensions For Filint
Information Returns
Heretofore tux pa ye s have ?>eei
urged to file their income tax return
early. The filinu ?.f returns this yea
is delayed, pending the enactment o
the new revenue act now bef?>r- th
Senate, which, as it passed the House
contains changes in regard to rate
and other -features. However; Uteris
nothing to prevent a taxpayer a
this time from closing his hooks an
computing his net income. Sue
! computations will not he nffectei
by any provisions of the new acl
The actual preparation of the rctun
itself, after the computation, requires
I in a majority of cases, hut a for
minutes. Therefore, it is advised thn
all figures and data be as-omhlct
pending receipt of blanks by taxpaj
ers. When released, blanks will h
sent to taxpayers and also may b
obtained at the office of the U. ^
Collector- at Raleigh, North Carol in.*
Forms 1091) and 1090 used for mal
ing information : ei urns; also pannei
ship returns. Furm lOCn, are noavailable
at the office of the.U. J
Collector of Internal Revenue an
branch offices. Sucji returns are r<
quired of persons "in whatever capi
city acting" who made to a singl
person during the year 1925 a paj
diamond ?j(tp& brand
iik y.?r I^nM for Cm-CKES TER S A
diamond hkand pills <q *ko n?yv\
Cot d metallic boxes, ?e?1?l with B' r\\f.
Ribbon. Taki so o:nra. b?r rf 7iir\/
nntit uk for CHl-CHf i.Tf-B A Y
VMUhsii HRI NO rii.i.s, for tweutv-fiT
yeats rfpirdfl BesA.Ssfest, A'.wayi RrliiMi
sold by all druggist!
ssl everywhere s
r. murphy, r, r
wuv ijny tuat tprcm8le
i nour uncle oscar lives
^ ^boqmtcywn^^ -?
s'l' 11| M
Ccv/g Lur ? C
S^4^y v''~.
\ mlPr1
;^r_ J
, "
IF Till", spongy saiks wlrtcl; ! iv ;
j * tliey would cover it clt> l? ? ." > ! y ;7
. by experts of the l.nrrowe Institute ? f .
, of flesh functioning normally. over :
each hour ffhlcll. served t?? rows it: I
mean .*<110 three gallon pailfuls every f:?
1 A cow needs air (oxygen) to pu:v
?, feed and turn it into heat I .>
I well-ventilated ban: n pi? : f suj.jd;.
h e. Tecily mixed dairy and y.
, milk making Tt i- this of
(winter tnorths tli t I-- I . :? ? ty ; mUsp
for mur-h ?if fV?? r. -
f went of $1,000 or more, or to a married
person a payment of $2,500 or
more. Such payments include sal.
S rent, interest, "or other fixed or tie
I terminable gains, r ofits and income."
i While no extensions m:.v be jrrant
I ed for filing Information Returns, you
j may make application, lefore the
I ' filing date of March loth, direct to
; : the I*. S. Collector at Raleigh. North
I j Carolina, for an extendi*-., to fiie
Income Tax Returns, provided you
, i give pood and sufficient reasons for
such extension.
According to pre.*? reports. North
Carolina automobiles puH into the
state treasuiy more than $11,000,;
j 000 for 1925. These make the road
system of North Carolina possible I
The Time Provei
This is a year of
o irresistible than
the largest sellin
<. are lower in pri
i. ' in value.
In ten years of
Super-Six perfo
have never beei
,1 A I ' ..II
AUU in an auvaii
ship and materi
1 alike.
p i ,
, Thousands turn
Essex Six in prii
i performance tfc
I And Hudson, \
cars, has no riv:
E. P. H
? v
% T
_ someth
t v,T77\i gosh /1 >i
picht ! h mew umfot
n. /, save him
p> ?ftn i topned wo
c vci* City Lot
"*-? "? UMKmrairmnb. u-wi' rrroNTMir >
? i iiMrxwwuA?aaMtjmc-vti
lUl.g it .. < W v..:,- vj
ii feet. ad online t?" iiii cstiiuat* itiii'Jc
Vniinul I' ? ii. v. 'i',, < , tn:i->
> ' ciiWo f? <! -J fresh air are rwjuinii
'iivkvis as i* ?:i?. and itrain, w?r.ld
t for * :.?!i < ?.w
f> h? r t :? . ' t<. and :;r-*iin!!at*
ir.t.w* and triilk. Add t? Jin
frist. i.tor, . ! ro:n:lt::?J" ti.d
u !:??* i. :ti- i! for : Mind. ?'
. .:U;V f.:riie- during the .on;:
f. i. ?-s to he thi- nmu ri.rliif
tie . :
and are the one tax which ..oboe,
seems jfreatly t*. oppose. Th:
figures have grown immensely in a
few years and the auto is the state's
biggest tax source.
l he exact sum collected $11,647,224.35,
comet* from the gasoline tax
automobile licenses and title registration
fees. It represents an i crease
of $2,221,557.84 over the collections
for the caelndar year 1024, when
about nine and one half million
dollars were collected.
More than six million dollars were
collected from the state tax en
gasoline during 1025. This money
goes to the highway commission and
is used in the construction of state
roads. The gasoline tax during 1021
totalled $6,080,046.08, which is
$1,550,008,01 more than the amount
collected from this source in 1024
n "Sixes" ? and YVorl
X "6" C<
"Sixes." The trend is more
i ever. Hudson-Essex are
S "Sixes." And today they
lt, iiiivi 111 i{u4iiij . );ic<iii:i
value leadership Hudson
rmance, quality and price
r so outstanding
itagesof design, workmanals
Hudson and Essex are
ing from "Fours" find the
ce, appearance, quality and
le car of greatest appeal,
among the higher priced
al in value or sales
hese Cars May he Purchased for a Lm,
tyment and Convenient Terms on Hi
ing to Be Anxious For i
iope THAT ^ |
:L?A I Jusr .
DlDN r 4,'ET < 4
sice our ) i
%> {
A6^ %ZJT :
il|l \o?j I
' v.n ? ?)
SM ?0?i-;
^ ../a.- |
when thn collections totalled $4,529.048.07.
License collections in 1025 we:c
$o. i 11J7.0L', as against $4,753.029.2*:.
Title registration fvr tot died
>144,170.85 in 1925 as ngaintd
$113,589.24 in 1921.
Murphy Pc-o-Ie Are Finding The
Ti c c? n?>t;?nt f a bid back.
The wear-net e tiied fe< lia*;
Hv'.Jache. nervousness.
1 lire-in;* nr. r\ disorders?
Arc often .dpns of failing kidneys
And .?o serious to be neglected.
Get rid of the.-c troubles!
I so Doan Pii! ?a unulant diuretic
to the kidneys.
Hosts of people Tceommend Doan's.
This i- .. typical care.
* '' '?'???. Sa Central
Ave., Ashevillc. ,\. wyS: "My back
was ..,1c and i;' I bent. 1 couldn't trot
P uitir.ut Jlorninjrs. I
. all dout led up with pain. 1 took
differed remedies without relief
After using flonn' Pills, mv ba. k
' ter mined n.c ,.t all.
Seven Years latter. Mis. Williams
sail: "noun's put my kidney, in
toed rde. and 1 am seldom troubled
60. , at all denle: s. Kiister-M-lbum
Co., Jlfrs., Lruffalo, \ ^
I The Lyceum panther for neat
; Tuesday niftht is "Lockhart and hi.
Scotch Lassies," whielt is a very pop.
J u'ar number. The local coinmitlee
Ianaucre? that the ti.kets have been
reduced to 50c for this numhr in the
(hope that a larjrc crowd will ye I to
hear thcni.
List Your Property
For Sale With
Id's Largest .Sellers
r\ A X TT
Hudson Coach
Hudson Brougham
Hudson7-Pass. Sedan
Freight mnd T*? Ejetrm
/m \
J Fir at
u lanes ^

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