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    rmPAV. FEBRUARY l?. ItM
Mr. Gus Parker started last Friday
morning: with his wife to the
hospital at Brynon City, hoping that
a noted surgeon there could do
something for Mrs.Parker. Her
internal sufferings are excruciating,
and cannot possibly be borne much
longer. Oh, how our sympathies go
out to the afflicted.
Mr. J. M. Barnes Is sick?an
a be ess in the head causing him
much suffering. Mrs. Barne? has
been confined to her bed for some
weeks now, and does no* seem to
mend much.
Lawyer McCall was in Marble on
the 16th.
Mr. Folger, pastor in charge of the
Murphy circuit, preached in Marble
Baptist Church ?ast Sunday night to
a not large but interested congregation.
Perhaps being before a strange
congregation, he was a little rash in
reproving some young boys for
what he thought was inattention.
Mr. Folger will preach regularly
here second Sunday nights. He had
with him his life time friend. Mi*
Dockery, drummer, who followed
him with a fine and instructive ad
They brought Mrs. Gus Parke
home from the hospital last Sunday
night, Doctors could do nothing?
they offer no hope. Her sufferings
To AH Women Sofferers
Jalong, N. C.?"I was weak and alt
rundown. Had nervous prostration;
stomach, back, hips
an<* ac^c^ i
^LX. also had high blood
Pt _ pressure. I wa3
ndcr a doctor's
T \ if care for five years
S , *y T anil took several
V * J kinds of patent
V- T'Tpi , medicine but found
rery little relief.
/- At last I wrote to
J /*" Dr. Pierce. I have
' _/ taken thrcf: bottles
* of the 'Favorite
Prescription" and some of the 'Pleasant
Pellets.' I m 46 years old and 1 am
glad to say I am as nimble and feel as
good as I did at 16. so I thank my
Heavenly Father that I found relief
through Dr. Pierce."?Mrs. Daisy C
Biddix, Box 51. All dealers.
Write Dr. Pierce, Buffalo. N. Y., for
free medical advice.
r ? - - 'i
76 acres land, 35 in c lltivation
IV5 acres land, 80 in cultivation
-35 acres land, 100 in cultivation
50 acres land, 22 in cultivation
s-i acres land, 15 in cultivation,
Flour and corn mill a paying
W. A. Bryson
wheel amazed that sui
could be achieved in
No matter what car i
to drive?Cake a ride
rolet and experienct
it will afford. Thous
it?and thousands kr
Quality at Low Cost.
See ua today. Ask foi
Prbn / o-1
1WW . '510 CWk
ImSmt . 510 MCan
. 045 1 ?'?
? *rare
terrible. Morphine has no
effect on her.
Mr. Geo. M. Kinsey, from An- j
drews, was on our streets Tuesday.:
Your correspondent is pleased
with the lawyers' recommendations
to the county commisioners: That
they build the new court house of
Cherokee maible; that they *^ ild
large and roomy?meeting the
future demands; that they build
beautifully, gracefully, as well as
for convience and comfort and use.
Mr. Scout: may we hope, too, that
they will build with due regards to j
, the court-room's acoustics? By all 1
means, Mr. Commissioner; build us
(a court room in which we can heai |
| understandingly?something we \
could not do in the old building,
j What is this, Mr. Editor, we see:
and hear so much about in North 1
Carolina wanting to repeal our capi- i
tal punishment laws, and about
personal disbelief in capital punishment
any-way? In spite of capital
punishment crime conditions with us
are bad. With the death penalty
removed would come increased
murders and criminal assaults, etc.,
' bring manyfold terrors to our people
The desire of so many people to
save arvn criminals irom legal death
punishment and their indifferent-^
o the fate of the criminal's victim,
s hard to understand. Just why
some men and women have heartpity
for the murderer, lor the
rapist, and no care for the victim
is un-knowable to those of us who
stand for law enforcement. Why
will or how can, men and women
make heroes of murderers and of
">rutes who do worse than murder to
women? So many Jurors object to
themselves because they oppose
sapital punishment. They never
stop to ask themselves Is their objections
just sentiment, or sound reasoning.
They do not stop to see if
there are not law- destroyers and
breakens- down of respect for law.
Flower Seed* to* You
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B different and very beautiful flowers
free. Hastings' 1926 Seed Catalog
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our farms. Hasting*' new 1926 Catalog
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card request brings It to you by return
| mall.
ie in the ?
d Chevrolet
9 its performance and so
hat you will step from the
ch power, speed and snap
a car that costs so little.
^ou are driving or intend
in the Improved Chev
! the positive revelation
ands nave already done
low the new meaning of
r a demonstration. j
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' 1 To. Truck - 550
705 ICtou Onbi
, N. C.
Lore Sor D
By Albert Pa
"If You Can't Be a Good Lot*
NOT sinre the measles epldemh
had any infection swept Vint
street so virulently its did tht
dog show virus ??n the day when tin
local papers first announced that tht
city's kennel club was to hold its an
nual aliow. six weeks lienc*.
Vine street had n??r gone dog-mat!
until after the last year's show. Sine*
then nearly every family on that prettj
residence street had acquired a tbor
ouglihred ami pedigreed dog of somt
breed or other; and each family sol
emnly believed Its own dog to he tht
tines; on earth.
Oltl Man Negley's everyday laltort
as lawn-eutter and furnace-tender hat
been varied by those ??* wholesale ex
pert adviser as soon n? It was learnet
he had once been a professional dog
breeder and a hanger-on at shows.
Now that there was a city dog sliov
in prospect, the old man was more Ii
demand than ever before. All Vim
street was consulting him. For. ibougl
Vine street was dog-daft. Vine streo
had little practical knowledge of dog
anil no practical knowledge at all o
dog shows. Kvery family wanted b
exhibit Its .nr? dog at the show am
no family had any cleat knowledge o
the right procedure.
Accordingly, one evening Old Mai
Negley was asked to stop In at Cola
nel )'rouse's, (where a group of neigh
liors had gathered) to answer some fev
thousand questions and to give wisi
counsel as to the show.
"To begin with." said the old dog
man. after serving patiently as a tar
get for queries for some minutes, "t<
begin with, this is to be a one-da;
open-air show. That's why I'm no
advising any of you to keen your dog
away from it?even Hie young do*
Hint are most opt to set distemper. A
Hfi open-nir show. If you'll use a ver;
few simple precautions, your do* is ii
:.o danger. At every show?especlall;
at a show that lasts more than on<
day- there's a certain amount of rlsl
that yorr dog may get distemper. An<
if he g* ts It. there's pretty near ui
even chance that he'll die.
"It was much worse before th
American Kennel club started It
splendid battle against distemper a
shows. an?l It'll he much better \vh?
the American Kennel club has com
pleted Its wise precautions. I'.u
there's still some danger that a do.
will come hack from n show with th
germs of his death upon him. *
"There wouldn't he any such dangei
either, if exhibitors were R|s?rtsiiie:
enough to keep their dogs away fror
shows unless the dogs were in flrsi
rate health, and not to show them any
where for months after there lias bee:
distemper In their kennels. The Amerl
can Kennel club Is making It dangei
our for crooks who do that.
"Here's an almost sure way to kee;
your dog from getting distemper at i
one-flay show: In the first plnce. don'
let him touch noses with any dog ther
. r drink out of a pan that any othe
dog has drunk ont of. I">??n't let hlr
sniff at the ground. In the exercla
ring or anywhere else. Keep him on
?f draffs.
"The iiilnule he get* home, put soin
grain alcohol on a wad of cotton woe
and sponge his Hps and nose and th
bottom* of his feet. Then brush hlr
thoroughly and rub some faked nap
thaline into his coat (or powderei
camphor balls) and then give him .
tabiespoonfu! of castor oil. I did al
tl.nt ..-It H ,.f mi- rfAiffl ,fta
shows and nope of them "got rtlstem
per from going there.
"Make your dog as comfortable a
you cun at the show. Just rememhe
ft's no fun for them. You take Mr
there so jw-ople will admire him am
so he'll maybe pet blue ribbons am
rash prises and perhaps a silver cnf
But there's nothlnp In It for the do
himself. He Is seared and confuse,
and tired, and he is risking his lifeall
for your glory. Give him as ens.
an ordeal as you can. Stay near hi
bench, flee he has plenty of fresh w?
?er nt all time.
"There is another thing: If yo
og-Owners |
I r, Don't Exhibit at a Dog Show."
* | can't he * food loser, don'^exhihlt r?t
? I a dog show. Every one can't win. If
, the Judge gives you a fourth-prize rib,
i hon instead of the fir^t-prize ribbon
, ; you think yon deserve, tnke it and say
. politely: 'Thank you. Judge.'
I "I'on't scowl over the bitter dope.
I and don't go around uftenvard saying |
, the judge Is n fool or a crank. The
. chances are twenty-to-one that he is
hone., and five-to-one that he is com,
petent. If you lose and you don't
know why. ask the Judge (after he
^ leaves the ring) if he will kindly tell
you the good and had points of your
, d??g. I'suulty ho will ho willing to do
I so. Take his criticisms without argument
and try t<? profit by them,
j "There Is a collie kenuel up in northern
New Jersey that has this printed
r "To Win Without Boasting; to
1 Lose Without Excuse*.'
e "Keep that niott.i in mind when you
( go to a dog show. Especially, don't
t kniH-k the dog that Is placed ahead of
j, yours.
f "A ilos show Is different from any
^ other kind of sport. For instance, at
j a hall game, or a horse race, or a ton
l nls uiutch or nny other contest, a tenyear-old
child run tell who wins. But
^ In a dug show the d>, i> i is .11 la
_ tiie Judge's brain.
"Of course, there are certain stand
v a nls of type that he'll stl-V t?>. An-1
p he'll pick out only the high-class i'og^.
, But one Judge may like one muni doc
and another Judge may like another:
one mu.v win over the other at oj;e
show. while the second doff may win
over lite first, at the next show.
t "I think that's what makes dogs
showing so exciting. It is more like
s gambling than nearly any other sport.
t For Instance, I have seen a dog get
r third and fourth In his classes at half
n u doiien shows; and then, under some |
v other Judge. get winners, hen ting all i
p the dogs that had been heating him !
j. right along. It Is all as that partlcu-1
lar Judge happens to see It.
"Fo If yo:i lose at one show, you i
may win at the next. And if yonr
p dogs don't win at all. just remember !
t "There are only a few shows In the j
year. Hut your dog is your chum and
guard nntl housemate for 365 days In
t the year. And it Is a million times
hotter to have a dog that Is a loyal
^ and who Is no good In a show!
*? :?n to have the finest show-dog on
? earth who is no good as a pal.
"Yes, it's nice to win blue ribbons, i
Put it's not worth losing a good dog'? I
" life for. And it is not, anywhere near]
' i a-# nice as to have n dog (mongrel or '
thoroughbred) that is yonr friend and !
j companion and loves you. That's the '
chief u?e of a dog.
"If yonr dog Is 11 companion nntl n ,
guard for you and Is clever and obedleiit.
It doesn't matter whether lie is a
" show-sped men or not. He's worth his
keep, and he's worth being proud of."
e {Copyright by Iht McXaught Syndicate, Inc.>
Motorist Finally Cot
t Information of Value
"Well, you?p'tu?go past Jim Socke
ery's place and on'ard to whur a big
?1 hlck'ry tree was struck by llghtnin'
e Inst year." directed a slab-sided gent,
a who had been Interrogated by n niotor?
1st. "Keep on till you come to a dry
a creek, then dip down and go on to
r whur a feller was plowing and quit;
II him and his wife had been quarreling.
- ! anal lilio no Oil run .? ?
i- other feller?some says he was her
brother-in-law, or south'n of the port
? but I don't know, myself?anyhow the
!* feller stopped plowing right there,
t loped to the house, and some says he
i g<>t his gun ft?d shot hlsself, and othd
ers 'low W chased after the runaways
>- and tuther feller shot him, or he shot
g tuther feller for running ofr with his
-1 wife for not running faster with her,
- or suth'n' that-a-way, I don't peralzely
v know what; but, anyhow, come to? |
s p'tu?think. I reckon you'd better go
i hack shout a mile and detour, 'count
of jhis mad being repaired down J?Mu
der."?Kansas City Star.
Bureau of Health Education ,
N. C. State Board Of
A patient in a dentist's office
aid, "Dieter, I don't see why 1j
ave so much trouble with my teeth. \
think I have been as careful and |
s faithful for the past fifteen years j
bout keeping my mouth clean as
nost people are." The dentist re lied,
"Yes, I see you have been,
>ut it was the first fifteen years
nd not the last fifteen that caused
our trouble."
The baby teeth act as pathfinders
or the permanent teeth, and guide 1
he second teeth into their proper 1
>!aces. If you want to keep the *
>aby teeth in good condition until (1
t is time for them to come out, you
nust give them the best of care.
Brush them often and always at
right before the little one goes to
>ed see that their teeth are absolutely
It is said. A habit once formed
"fifty (fit
MOTHFR! Fietcher'* Castot
Castor Oil, Paregoric, Teething
prepared to relieve Infants in j
Aids in the assimilation of Food, p
Natural Sleep withi
To avoid imitation*, always look for th
Proven direct?o.i> , i each package. ]
j~ Instruction i
i Typewriting, <
Instruction in
Academy Sub;
The difference b
failure is the little t
and the little money
George /
s hard to break," so start the habit
?arly of keeping the teeth clean.
Vs the dentist so aptly said, "It's
he first fifteen years" that count. j
Sarly habits ard baby teeth wirt
letermine most surely the amount
>f trouble the teeth will cause in
ater life. Every child is entitled
,o a square deal.
Remember that decay, holes in
he teeth, can be pervented by keepng
the teeth clean, and remember
hat if the baby teeth are kept f
sound until they come out the second
eeth will come in straight and
iound. If the second teeth a:e
lever allowed to accumulate decay
ng food and tartar along the gum
r.argins and between them they
will remain sound and straight.
Decayed teeth cause as much or
more "growing pairs" in children
and "rheumatism" and "heart
jesease" in older people as all other
causes combined.
Don't wait to 'lock the stable until
after the horse is stolen" and
"it's much better to be safe than
Berry." Be fair with the children
and give them the right start.
ia is a harmless Substitute for
: Drops and Soothing Syrups,
arms and Children all ages of
Wind Colic
To Sweeten Stomach
Regulate Bowels
romoting Cheerfulness, Rest, and
out Opiates
e signature of C*xxJA/yV<eXiJZt.'iPhysicians
everywhere recommend it
in Shorthand,
tnd the general
Business Course
College and
etwecn success and
ime, the little effort,
it takes to get ready,
L Hubbell

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