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The Official Organ of
Jack Morris Was
Drowned Near Marble
Thursday Morning
\ Mr. Jack Morris, for a number oi
years a traveling salesman of the
Wofford-Terrel Co. was drawned in
on old lake just this side of Marble
sor?et?me ^Thursday morning. Mr.
Morris left Murphy about eight thirty
for Macon County to make his regular
calls for his company. About
ten o'clock the Ford Runabout which
be drove was found overturned in
the edge of an old hole left when top
j soil was taken to put on the highway
(I from Murphy to Andrews. There
was considerable water in the hole.
The wreck was diacovered by Mr.
Fred Johnson, who quickly brought
word to Murphy. President E. C.
! Hyatt of the Wofford-Terrell Company
immeditely went to the scene
of the accident to remove the body
and bring it to Murphy.
According to those who viewed the
wrecked car. it apears that fo- some
reason Mr. Morris lost control of the
machine and ran off the road into
the hole. Some think that ptrhaps
the steering gear; was locked. However,
the enact cause of the accident
had not been determined at a later
hour Thursday.
Mr. Morris' makes his home in j
I Copperhill, Tenn. He has been travel, i
ing for Wofford-Terrell Company for i
four or five years and was a veryf!
popular and successful salesman. Im-I
mediately after word was brought to !
"Murphy of the accident the Corner
was dispatched to the scene to make
an investigation to determine, if by
. hance, foul play was responsible for
the wreck.
New Civic Club Organised Here? J
Firat Regular Meeting Next | t
Tuesday Night I e
Tho Asheville Lions Club was host -5
Tuesday night at a sumptuous ban- ^
quet to the Murphy Lions, a civic v
organization just being completed, j r
The banquet was held at the Dickey 1
House, and some nineteen members ! 1
and prospective members were present.
This was the first get-together s
meeting since the new organization 1
was started last week. Only ttiree
members of the required number to *
secure the charted are yet to be secured,
The first regular meeting ix
will be held next Tuesday night, and '
in the meantime it is expected that
these members will be scured.
J. L. Brown, secretary of the
Asheville Lions, and H. Tracy Adorn. 1
of Winston-Salem spent several days *
in Murphy last week in the interest j
of the organization here. oir. Drown
represented the Asheville Lions at, '
the banquet Tuesday night.
Features of the meeting Tuesday
night were short speeches by Dr.
Creel, pastor of the Fryson City Bap..
tist Church and President of the'
Bryson Ciy Lions; J. L. Brown, W.I
M. Fain, A. C. Richmond; and man-:
dolin and -guitar mnsic by Wade Pow-1
ell. "Fokay" and Will Mathis. I
Telegrams were read by W. M.(
Fain from the Asheville Lions and
District G. H. Gas tings of WinstonSalme,
as fololws:
Asheville Near. Feb. 24,1926.
Hon. W. M. Fain, Mayor Murphy
N. Car. Greetings Asheville Lions
wiH back Murphy every way possible, j
Lions Club of Asheville '
- - * " - *?? 1 tOOft
Winston-Salem, in. uar., ??*?. ?,
Mayor W. M. Fain, President Lions (
Qlub, Murphy, N. Car., Congratulations
on organization of Lions Club,
and wish for you success in your new
undertaking. We can accomplish a
great deal when banded togehter for
a common purpose. Would be glad
to aid in any way about charter
"Right. G. H. Hastings, District Gov.
Resolution were passed expressing
appreciation to the Aaheville Lions
for the suptioas treat to Mr. Nettie
Dickey for her generous hospitality,
and to J. L. Brown personally for
his efforts in making the banquet
possible. The mfeetiag' lasted a little
more than an hour and a pleasant
one: it was.
Th? Lions Club is expected td
fill a long-felt need of a civic organ:xation
here that would allow the
business and professional men of the
i m
Murphy and Cherokee
1- w
I ' <2fc<^S ^
ICwuWH. W. W tM ~
Covering Clay County
With a Heavy |
Sod of Grass
Hayc9vi!le?Mr. Sams, County)
\gent at large, for N. C. State Col-i
ege, visited Clay County, and this,
vas his advice, cover the bulk of
Jlay County with a heavy sod of.
trass. According to his advice and
inder the direction of the County j
tgent, nine (9) pasture demonstra- j >
ions were started with the folowing ;
nen: J. C. Zimmerman,
;ins, Crawfords Creek abovt- Ha>c." ,i
ille, Frank Herbert Hayesville Comnuntiy,
Carlton Ledford and Erwin
Citchen Elf communtiy, J. O. Smith
)owning Creek community.
Mr. Sams advised renovaton of
rid pastures, by discing theni, then j
;eed wellard using the section har- i
ow. The grass mixture he advised !
vas Blue Grass (Kentuckey) Or:hard
Grass, Tall Meadow Oat Grass. I
Temothy and Herdge Grass, with j
hese grass use. White sweet clover,
ind Leapedeza.. In the- low soggy
ands he advises the trial of Dallis
jrass, about 3 per A.
Clay County's Farmers Co-operarive
Association capitalized itsself j
rith a $1,000.00, to do business with
for the next year. It has done business
for tv*o years, in a semi-organized
way. For the last six months
t has saved its members by its cooperative
efforts over $2,000.00, and
it only has sixty members.
County Agent
Wo wish the thanks, most sincerely,
the people of Murphy and surrounding
country, our frien Is and
relatives fcr fheir many kindness and
sympathy in the sickness and death |
of our son and brother Frank.
Mrs. Nettie Dickey and family.
town to get together and enjoy a
social function and the fellowship
that is natural feature. The Lion's
motto is "Fellowship and goodwill,"
ind Murphy welcomes any organization
that makes for progress, good
will and cooperation.
Those present at the banquet
were: Harve Elkins, Dr. E. E. SmithB.
W. Sipe, Dr. F.dw. E. Adams, E.
C. Moore, George EHis, J. W. David
T> w Crnir A P Richmond.
Dr. S. C. Heighway, Rev. T. L,
Sasser, J. L. Brown, of "Aaheville, Dr.
Creel, of Bryson City; W. M. Fain,
C. K. Hoover, J. B. Storey, R. L.
Shriver, J. H. Ftoaup, and C. W.
Oficers of Lions Club are: W. M.
Fain President, J. W. Davidson, First
Vice-President, E. C- Moore, 2nd
Vice-President, R. S. Parker, Third
Vice-President, B. W. Sipe, Secre,
tary, Dr. Edw. E. Adams, Treasured
C. W. Bailey. Tail Twister. J. B.
itorey, E. P. Hawkins, R. W. Gary
md W. W. Hyde, Directors,
: ?f)Ct
? County, and the Leadi
hirl of March W
.-jayjgjjji'j_Sbl ?':' iv\8'LL
Sad Death Claims
Murphy man
The Aecond prominent business
man of Murphy within a week was
claimed by death early Monday even,
ing, March 1st, when Mr. L. W. Frittain
was called to the great beyond.
Mr. Brittain was sick for only a short
time, a complication of disease being
the cause of his death. The fun- |
erni was held at the house Tuesday
afternoon at three o'clock by hi* pa*-;
tor. Rev. D. H. Rhinchart. Assisted by I
Rev. T. L. Sasser. after which interment
was made in sunset* cemetery.'
for the last sad rfCe>; *. ? - . . <
their respect to the memory of the
Mr. Brittain was hron October 7,!
1871 and was therefore slightly past j
fifty four years of age. He married
Miss Mary Gertrude Hayes on March
29th, 1890. To this union were bom j
seven children, two of whom preceded
the father to the grave. Mr. Brit
tain is survived by his wife; five chil-;
dren. $fary K?te Axlev, Gertrude C.
Dickey, Carrie Nell, Hugh Mark, and
Gnuy Arthur; two brothers. W. P. of
Pcachtree, Mark of Murphy, and one
sister, Mrs. E. S. Miller of Murphy, j
besides a great number of relatives
and friends.
Mr. Brittain has long been in husines
in Murphy. At the time of his
death he was engaged in the sale of
fresh ineats and groceries and had
under construction, in conjunction
with his son-in-law, Mr. Tom Axley.
a large business house on the corner
of Tennessee and Hiawassee Streets,
i Mr. Brittain was a member of the
Methodist Church and had served as
j.a stewart in his church for many
I year?. He was for a long time, and
until recently a member of the local
| Foard of Education. His counsel and
advise will be missed in the business
and civic affairs of the town as well
I as m his church.
| Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Moody oj
i Marble, visited her parents Mr. and
Mrs. S. F. Abernathy last week.
: .. .
te.. ,-i
ing Newspaper in tin
' : ;. >
' i'f-'
.'t:V ,
^ J
| Street Work Goes
Rapidly Forward,
With the aid of brickbats from the i'
ruins of the recently destroyed court-1
house, street work in the Town of '
Murphy is going: raoidl-; forwa.d.
The street by Wofford-terrel, K. L.'
Townson property; thut one between!
Biyson'sj and Palmer's; and the street 11
leading to the McCall-EHis section i
nere completed last week and rolled i
down with a steam roller and put in t
good condition. This bnck are be- ?
ing placed on the street leading to ?
^^IcComhs section. This stretch t
the worst places in Conaheta drive ; ^
and on one or two other streets are , I
also being: repaired. When this work' 1
is completed, practically all the streets j i
of Murphy will be in excelent condi-; <
lion. I .
"Carry On"
Mae E. Abernathy
Some morning', shold you wake to
Your friend's have left you way
And all the world seem's cold, unkind
Just carry on!
lust plunge alone into the came:
And though you play for wealth orj
Or play for love?it help's the atfrne.
Juat carry on!
Just buckle dwvn when things art'
And play it fair, so when you go, j
Well pass the word that all may ,
You carticd on!
Mr. Made Stansbury of Almond. N.
C.( and Miss Maybell Sizemorc of
Judson, N. C., were married at the
;<>residence of T. N., Bates, Murphy,
I IN. C.. on March 3rd. 1926. Eak T. N.
Bates, afficiating.
Western N,
S. urns Won at
^24 County Fai
e placed in the ma
s week for over .- ?>
- to pay three fourth
:n list won at the Cherc
air in 11*24, accord in
:ent made by official
he fair Association fu
able to pay the othe
tsc premiums followinj
fall. The money wit!
> cse premiums was real
/. d above all expenses an
prei. ; -urred at the last count;
j fair, though the weather wa:
| vary u:..uvorable. Had good weathe
' prcvaild at the 1925 fair, there woul<
undoul 'iy have been sufficien
fundi? to ,?ay the entire premium lis'
of the year before, it wan said.
It will be recalled that the fair as
soriation was unable to pay the 1924
premium list at that time on account
of the shortage of funds, due to lo^
gate receipts, which in turn, was du<
to extremely unfavorable weather
Fair officials, in announcing the pay.
ment of three-fourths of this old
premium list, stated that they hoped
to have the full cooperation of every
citizen of the county in the planning
and carrying out of the fair this year.
It was stated that farmers, housewives
fruit and vegetable grower
and cattle and poultry ruiseis should
begin now to plan for the fair in the
fall. By united action, the 1926 fair
can be made by far the best cvei|
held in this entire section.
Cheap Feed Produced
By Good Pasture
Raieigh, N. C., March 1.?A good
inosture produce the best feed for
ili kinds of livestock and the feed
s secured more sheaplv than in any
ther way. Kven the man Fut o"'.
o\v, a few hogs and ".onie eoikj
win nnu a permanent pasture
0 pay well.
rurnish succulent food for ftves
from March until late Xo\ember,"
4ays S. J. Kirby. extension pasture
specialist for the State College of
Agriculture. "In almost every county
east of the piedmont section,
there are permanent pastures which
have prodauccd heavy grazing for
periods varying from one to 21 years
Almost any type of soil will produce
these pastures and some soils will
produce these pastures better than
any other kind of crops. The best
pasture lands a rather fertile soil
ranging from a sandy loam to a clay
ey loam of low to medium upland."
Woods cut-over land and cleared
land will produce good pastures and
ire easily prepared for seed, states
Mr. Kirby. The woods land may be
prepared by cutting out the underbrush,
thinning out the taller trees
and removing those trees which are
valuable for timber. It is necessan
to break and disk old brom-sedge
land before seeding. The cultivate*
land may be prepared simply by disk
i ing the soil. A better growth is se
! cured if the land has been
the fall before, but cultivated lan
should not be plowed for planting t
1 pasture just before the seeds ar
i sown.
Mr. Kirby states that the lan
J should be well fertilized with stab
| manure. "100 to 400 pounds of ac
J nnosnhato and from 200 to 3(
j pounds of some organic nitrogi
(material like cottonseed meal
tankage. Seed mixtures to use ci
' be secured on application to t
. country agent or to the r?astu
' specialist and seeding should be do
I between February 15 and April 1.
Photo shows County A pent W.
Anderson of Clay County standi
in the fine herd of Poland Chin
hoes helonpine to Witt Penland,
Elf Community. The herd com
) ses eight sows and sixty-four ni
Record in Clay County show th
the dairyman receives a? much
return from feeding skim milk 1
hogs and dairy calves a.* he recei'
for cream shipped.? Extension N<
: * I
orth Carolina
L. D. Axley Succumbs
to attack of Pneur
monia T uesday
i I Tuesday evening nXr?..?
. ?0 ?uHk wvtn 0'?
: | clock Mr. Luther Axley of the Bern!
s section succumbed to an stack of
>. Pneumonia after an illness of about
U a week.
For several days before he died,
. his life was despaired of. His sister,
r Mrs. Nina Hubbel, a trained nurse,
p wns called from her home in Georgia
a membe-B of his family, who were
ce y i'l at the same time.
i? 'l'ne funeral services were held at
y 'he Ha} list Church Wednesday afternoon
at three o'clock, by the pastor,
r Kiv. T. L. Sasser, after which inters
1 ment was made in the Sunset cemetery.
t Mr. Axley was a very quiet man,
and one who always attended strict
ly to his own business. He lived In
' the Heal section of Town and devoted
t most of his time to farming activiT
tics. Just befre moving to town he
' lived on the Axley Homestead just
up Hiawassee River.
He is survived by his wife, three
children, James, Frances and Louise,
one brother, Tom, and two sisters,
.Nina and Hattie, together with a
large number of relatives and friends.
His passing was the third prominent
citizen of the Town, and head
of a family, to he called to his reward
within a week, all of which has
served to cast a gloom of sorrow over
the entire town.
? Dairy
Week in 1
Clay County
Hayesville?The week of March 812,
will be dairy week in Clay County.
During this week the office of
the county agent, is running a sysj
tem of Dairy Barn School" "
' struct,UI. will be given by Mr. F. R.
F.rmun, Extension Dairy Specialist
and the County Agent. The instruction
will be along the following lines:
Production of grain and roughage
cSwHufin^?B?.JCStt .dairy cattle, how
cattle, and how we may obtain these
Mr. Farman will discuss three of
these subjects and the county agent
will discuss three. Mr. Farman will
discuss the graiif and roughage that
we can produce on our farms, that
will return us most as a dairy ration.
He will discuss how to feed these for
a balance ration to get high production.
He will give a demonstration
in selecting dairy cows that produce
a profit. The county agent will discuss
permanent pastures, the building
new ones and renovating old
ones. The financial returns that
Clay County dairyman are now receiving,
according to the records.
The agent will discuss a system
through which cows may be had.
These Dairy Barns Schools will be
' held at the following places at the
state time.
Brastown Community, Wm. Clay1
ton's Tuesday, March 9, 1926, 9 A.
Crawford's Creek, Fletcher Haw1
kins Tuesday, March 9, 1926 2 P. M.
d Hayesville Community, Otto Walo
j droup's Wednesday, March 10, 1926,
e j 2 P. M.
j Hiawassie Township, Wark Wead
| vcr's Thursday, March 11. 1926, 9
le|A. M.
idl Elf Community, Erwin Kitchen'?
10 | Thursday. March 11. 1926. 2 P. M.
in Sheeting Creek Cem. Frank Rodgnr
er's Friday, March 12, 1926, 9 A. M.
ftr Elf Community, Carlton Ledforde
hr Friday, March 12. 1926, 2 P. M.
no, County Agent,
S| 1 Murphy High Lose to
Cooperhill Quint
R i
ne J The Murphy High School bosketa
| ball quint turned back by the fast
of | Copperhill basketball team on the
pri latter'* court in Copperhill on Tuesg?
day night. The final score vras 19 to
at 31. The boys played neck and neck
in for three fourths of the game, but in
to one quarter, Copperhill slipped
ve< through enough field goals, before
wp the locals could break up the play, to
run up a lead that could not he over9
l0?""- i . , ..

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